Korborn's Gifts
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 22
Preceeded By Old Memories
Followed By Back Door
Korborn's Gifts is the 22nd episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up when he gets the time to do it.


The episode starts with the Brawlers, plus Skyress and Helios, calling out to the rest of their teammates but to no avail. Ultimate Atrion just looks on as Floria asks what they shoul do since Tivala is gone. Atrion says to not worry about her but in order to prevent Zakaros from coming back, he needs to destroy the Gate. He then says "Ultimate Ability Activate - Dark Dextra!". It fires a blast at the Gate but the Brawlers try to neutralize the blast. However, it is too strong as they back away and the Gate crumbles into a large pile of rumble. The rest of the Brawlers are shocked and angry as they focus on Atrion as he says 'No more distractions - let's get brawling."

The scene now shifts back to the Bibliocore where the rest of the group is admiring it. Spectra says it is so advanced - he has seen nothing like it. Zakaros then says for them to wait when they get inside. Tivala then yells to them, saying they are not finished yet and she attacks Zakaros. Spectra and Shun go to activate an ability but they remember their Bakugan are back on the other side. Zakaros then steps forward and blocks her as they go into hand to hand combat. But after a brief scuffle, Zakaros gets the best of her and she is knocked down on her back. After feeling the pain, Zakaros offers to help her up but she refuses. Zakaros then acts sternly and says that the fight can wait - doesn't she realize where they are. Tivala says she does but she never spent any time at the Biblicore. Zakaros says whatever the reason, this place is the last of their civilization - so no fighting until they head back. Zakaros calls for a truce for the time being and after thinking it over, Tivala reluctantly agrees. After that is over, Shun says they should head inside quickly but then Zakaros holds them back saying that something is not right. Shun asks how so and he says that this place looks the same as he remembers it, which means that somebody has been taking care of it – he suggests he leads as they head towards the door. Tivala says she will walk next to him - so there are no tricks and Zakaros agrees. They arrive at the doors as Zakaros puts his card in the door. The doors open wide, revealing a main hall as high as the skies with books, literature and in the distance, artifacts and technology of different times. At that moment, somebody walks from the shadows and says welcome to the Bibliocore – his name is Korborn and is the caretaker of this building. Zakaros immediately is shocked and brightens up and says the man’s name as Korborn recognizes him as well. They immediately hug each other and can’t believe the other person is real. Spectra and Shun just watch this spectacle as Tivala just sneers. Zakaros’ apologizes and tells them that this is Korborn and is a BakuGod just like him. Korborn then asks who they are – since they are not BakuGods; Spectra and Shun then introduce themselves. Korborn says it is lovely to meet them and notices Tivala, saying hello, to which she justs says hi but then, Korborn asks Zakaros where the BakuGods went – they don’t come anymore. He has been taking care of it for years but nobody has come. Zakaros is surprised and asks if he does not know and Korborn asks what. Zakaros says that the BakuGods are gone – BakuThia and BakuTopia were destroyed. Korborn says good joke but changes his expression when Zakaros says he is not joking. Korborn then sits down and says it explains everything. He then asks if he, Zakaros and Tivala are the last three BakuGods. Zakaros says no; Atrion also survived, which cheers Korborn up but quickly changes when Zakaros tells him that he is evil and Tivala is serving him. He tells Korborn that they are agreeing to be both neutral until they leave here. Korborn is saddened but Zakaros says Atrion revived four individuals, with Shun saying that one of them was his mother. Zakaros says they came here because there may be a solution to the problem. Tivala hears this but shrugs, saying to herself there is only one way to save those mortals and they won't do it. Korborn stands, brushes his long beard and says that there may be a solution and if there is anything else they need from here to help them to use them. Tivala then pipes in and says that the same rules should be applied to her as well, after all, she has her card as well. Korborn says yes, she is entitled to anything in the Bibliocore as well. Spectra and Shun immediately try to change his mind but Zakaros says that is the rule and it has to be followed. They reluctantly agree as Korborn says all right - now that everything is peaceful - let's go as everybody follows him down the long hallway.

Meanwhile, at that battle site, Dan, Marucho, John and Laura are battling against Atrion and his team after Atrion destroyed the gate recently. Dan says that he will pay for that but Atrion says he can’t tell him what he will pay for. Atrion then wonders if he should play with them some more or should he end them quickly. Jin then asks to take the lead with Ultimate Atrion saying all right - he was looking for some entertainment. Jin then orders Samuraxx to attack Drago and he and Dan begin their battle. At first, Samuraxx is winning but Dan then activates a Fusion ability called "Star Dragon" and Drago knocks Samuraxx back with force and he falls behind a canyon. Dan says that's game but Jin says not yet as he yells out "Samuraxx, Mode change!". Everybody wonders what they means as the scene moves to Samuraxx's ball form, which changes to a complete different form. Then, everybody feels a rumbling on the ground as Dan asks Drago what is going on but Drago says he has no idea. Suddenly, a large Chinese Dragon comes out of the ground under him and knocks him down. Dan asks what is that Bakugan and the dragon says he is Samuraxx but he is in his more powerful Dragon form. Dan says that's crazy - a Bakugan can't just change its appearance instantly but Jin says Samuraxx can and just did. He then orders Samuraxx to attack again as Drago fires back with his BakuArmor as the battle rages on.

The scene now shifts back to the hallway where Korborn is leading Zakaros, Spectra, Shun and Tivala to where there might be a solution for Zakaros as well as new tech for each of them. As they walk by, Spectra asks how the BakuGods obtained all of this knowledge. Korborn mentions that some BakuGods had the ability to travel into time and therefore were given the position of going back and forward in time to obtain artifacts for further knowledge. He mentions that Zakaros has that power but unfortunately, did not want to use it. Shun asks why and Zakaros says that in his mind, it is best to let time run its course. At that moment, they pass a large group of advanced technological weapons, including weapons of the past the Brawlers have used. Spectra then stops at two huge weapons and Korborn says that these weapons are from the future and for Bakugan. Spectra asks what they are called and Korborn says that the one on the right is called Teknocore and the one on the left is called Replimaxus. When the Gods obtained them, they were considered to be the ultimate Bakugan weapons but they required a Triple Node of power to activate. He mentions that these two machines can combine into a more powerful machine as well. Spectra asks if he can take these and Korborn says go ahead so Spectra absorbs them into his BakuMeter. Tivala then asks about these other two machines and Korborn says they are the same as the others - these two are called Skullbringer and Daedastructor. Tivala says she wants these and Korborn agrees. Tivala then takes them and says she is done following them - she will look elsewhere. After she leaves, Korborn then says they are almost at where they need to be as they arrive at a dark hallway with chains. Zakaros notices that this is the Forbidden Area, where only the Master BakuGod was allowed to go. Korborn takes the keys and makes them float to all the locks, getting rid of the chains. Then, all four of them go through the door and they see many books and artifacts on shelves but in the very middle of the room, there is an ornate burgundy book floating. Korborn says that book may hold the solution. Zakaros then says he knows that book – the Book of Wistora as everybody looks at it. Zakaros then walks forward to take it but Korborn gives him a warning - he says that if Zakaros does not follow the instructions of this book exactly, there will be severe reprecussions for him as well as those he is trying to save. Zakaros he is willing to take the risks as Korborn closes his eyes for a second. Then, his eyes light up white and holds on his hands, disabling the locks around the book. The book then floats to Zakaros and he puts it in his staff. Korborn then says they should get back as they leave the Forbidden Area. The locks then relock themselves with force as they walk away in the distance.

Meanwhile, Drago and Samuraxx are still fighting as Samuraxx has become much faster and stronger in his Dragon form. Marucho says this is not looking good as Dan tries to get Drago to keep fighting. Then, Helios comes next to Dan and says that Spectra left him a gift before they left. Dan then looks at his BakuWatch and notices a vehicle he has never seen before. Dan asks what it is; Helios mentions that Spectra had been studying the Bakugan Mobile Assaults for some time and was able to create some of his own. That is one of them - and it is called Skorhawk. Helios tells Dan to use it now before it is too late - Dan says okay and tells Drago to detach the BakuArmor. Drago does and Dan brings out Skorhawk, a stealth fighter like BMA. Samuraxx tries to keep up but he can't see it due to its unique stealth mode and can't keep up with it due to its speed. Drago attacks Samuraxx and knocks him down, reverting him back to his regular form. Jin looks upsets and apologizes to Atrion for his failure but Atrion does not look too worried. He says he can still pull it off, with a little help of couse as he orders Clay to get involved. Clay then releases his BakuArmor and says "Dradikor - Break!" At that moment, Dradikor breaks himself into 3 different parts, each part becoming a small dragon. The Dragons then attack Drago and his Skorhawk with Clay saying "Ability Activate - Torch Claw!" Two of the dragons then slice off the wings as the 3rd dragon attacks the cockpit. Drago ejects himself as Skorhawk nosedives. Skorhawk then gets absorbed into Dan's BakuWatch as the three dragons form back into Dradikor. Atrion says that was very impressive as Clay says no need for thanks. Drago wonders how a Bakugan can do that as Dan starts to get worried. Marucho looks at the broken gate and says "Zakaros, we need your help now." (End of episode)

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