Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 20
Preceeded By Hidden Ace
Followed By Old Memories
Proposition is the 20th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. It will be up when he can get to it.


The episode starts with Zakaros sleeping but also tossing and turning in his bed. It now moves to inside Zakaros' mind where Zakaros is seen having bad memories of his battle with Atrion as well as past events. At the moment, the memories go away and Atrion is standing in from of him. Zakaros asks what he is doing here and Atrion says that he thinks it is time for them to talk as the screen zooms out with them talking to each other.

The scene now shifts to the morning at Marucho's house where all the Brawlers are eating breakfast with Kato trying to keep up with the food. Zakaros then walks in and everybody wishes him good morning but he appears to be tired. The Brawlers ask what is wrong but he says that he just did not have a good night sleep last night. After he sits down and has something to eat, he cheers up and everything appears to be normal. After a few minutes, Nurzak stands and says that he has to return to Gundalia while Fabia says she has to return to Neathia as well. They tell the Brawlers that if they need any help from either of them, don't hesitate to ask them. They both then turn to Zakaros and tell him that their faith rests in him to bring back their loved ones as Zakaros says that he will do everything he can and that is a promise. They both smile and say they must be on their way as Kato escorts them out. Zakaros says he needs to go meditate as he takes a plate of pancakes with him as the Brawlers look on, wondering why everybody is leaving. The scene now shits to the airpad on Marucho's house where Zakaros is sitting down eating with the wind blowing. He then calls forth all of his Bakugan and Leonwulf. They ask what is the matter and Zakaros tells them that Atrion requested a meeting with him. The Bakugan are in shock as Leonwulf asks why but Van Falco says it must be a trick. Zakaros says that he is following the honor code, which confirms that he might good in him. Saint Aquas asks if there were any conditions and Zakaros says to leave his Bakugan behind. Gran Panzer immediately says no and everybody agrees but Zakaros says that Atrion is leaving his Bakugan as well. Flare Dragaon says even though he does not like it, they will obey him but Leonwulf says that he wants to go - he thinks he can help. Zakaros is at first reluctant but agrees in case Atrion tries something underhanded. Zakaros then says he must return the plate as they all head back inside as behind a turbine, John and Laura were eavesdropping, saying that he won't be going alone this time.

The scene now moves to night, where all the Brawlers and their Bakugan are asleep. But in the shadows, Zakaros is floating by with Leonwulf, trying to keep quiet until they get out the door. As they get out the door, Zakaros sees John and Laura waiting. Zakaros asks why they are out this late and they said for him to cut the act - they overheard the whole conversation. Zakaros is surprised that his sense did not detect them but maybe it was him being tired. Zakaros says that he must follow the honor code, only he can go but John says he is breaking it by bringing Leonwulf. Zakaros says he has hidden Leonwulf with a power that Ation can't detect but it hurts him to be doing it. Laura says they can stay hidden and provide backup in case he needs help, since he wont' have his Bakugan. Leonwulf says that it might be a good idea as Zakaros closes his eyes and says all right. He tells them to hold on to his staff as they beam away. The scene now shifts to Wardington Park, where Zakaros, John and Laura have just arrived. Zakaros tells them to hide, saying he does not know what is going to happen. They both say all right and they hide in the bushes. Zakaros then hides Leonwulf in his robes & walks over to the nearby fountain and stands there. After a few minutes, Zakaros hears footsteps and transforms into his BakuGod form. At that moment, Atrion and Tivala appear in the distance and walk towards Zakaros. Zakaros asks Atrion why Tivala is here – this was not part of the agreement. Atrion tells Zakaros to relax, saying she is here to make a point. Plus, she has left all of her Bakugan as well so everything is still on neutral terms. John asks Laura quietly what the heck is going to happen and Laura says she does not know. Atrion closes his eyes and says that Zakaros should have told him that he was bringing company. Zakaros tries to hide it but Atrion says not to – in fact, he does not mind at all. He says invite them over so everybody is here. Zakaros says all right and John and Laura come out. After they get behind Zakaros, Atrion says “Let's get started then."

The scene now shifts back to Bayview where the rest of the Brawlers are sleeping, along with Dan snoring. Suddenly, Paige and Linus come bursting through and say that Laura and John are gone. The Brawlers look through Marucho’s house but can’t find them. Kato then comes in a night shirt and carrying a teddy bear, saying that they should go to the conference room - they need to see something. The Brawlers then go to the conference room where the screen is lit up and showing that Zakaros is standing in front of Atrion and Tivala, along with John and Laura behind him. Everybody is wondering why Zakaros is with Atrion as Paige assumes that Zakaros is giving John and Laura to him. But Spectra says hold on and let’s see what happens as they watch for a little while. Shun wonders where the rest of Atrion's team is, thinking of his Mom, but Dan says it may be just a meeting between them but that doesn't mean that they can't get involved in this either. Marucho then tells Kato to prepare the airship to flight - they can watch this from there. Kato says it is already prepared as the Brawlers get on and the ship flies off, everybody wonders why Zakaros did not tell them about this.

The scene now shifts back to the park where Zakaros asks Atrion why he called him here. Atrion says he asked Zakaros here for one reason – he wants to invite Zakaros to join him. John and Laura are shocked, as well as the rest of the Brawlers who are watching, but Zakaros tells Atrion he can’t be serious. Atrion asks Zakaros to look around – he, Zakaros and Tivala are the only BakuGods left in the universe. He says that BakuGods should not be fighting amongst themselves but should join forces. Zakaros closes his eyes and says that while he agrees with that; what Atrion wants to do is wrong and will not betray his values for Atrion’s goals. Atrion says that Zakaros was always a God who never gave up his human values and calls him a half-breed. Zakaros tries to keep himself under control but says calmly that he will not accept Atrion’s offer and if there is nothing else to discuss, they will leave now and starts to walk away. Atrion says that if Zakaros does not join him, there will be severe consequences. Zakaros asks how so and Atrion says for starters, he will take the lives of the two young ones behind him. Zakaros puts himself into a fighting stance and says he is welcome to try. Atrion says all right as the two charge and begin to fight in hand to hand combat. As they are fighting, Tivala grabs John and Laura by their hair and says that they will be coming with her but John and Laura stomp on her feet and she lets go. At that moment, Kato’s Airship comes around and the Brawlers lift up John and Laura. Tivala says they are not getting away and brings out her Bakugan but the Brawlers bring out theirs. Tivala orders them to attack but then, Spectra activates his BakuArmor and takes out two of her Bakugan. Dan and Shun then reveal their BakuBlades:

  • Dan - Caliblade - Equips Drago with a large double bladed sword with armor for his arms and head.
  • Shun - Taloncrest - Equips Skyress with sharp golden talons with armor for her underbelly and tail.

With these weapons, Dan and Shun take out her Ventus Bakugan, Slash Petakor. Tivala then, for a moment, feels fear and orders her remaining three Bakugan to protect her as the Brawlers corner them with Dan say “Ha, not so tough without your Master to look out for you.” Meanwhile, Zakaros and Atrion are still fighting but Zakaros manages to push him back with a fire blast but Ation continues to charge & attack again. But before it hits, Leonwulf jumps out and says "Stop, Master Atrion!" and he reveals himself to be a warrior type wolf Bakugan as he stops Atrion's attack. Atrion asks who is this Bakugan as Leonwulf shrinks himself into a human sized Bakugan, asking why doesn't Atrion recognize him. Atrion tells Zakaros that he broke the honor code but Zakaros says that he also did so the honor code is invalid now. Leonwulf then tells Atrion that he is his Darkus Bakugan, not Dio Sivac. Atrion does not seem to be moved but inside the mind, the good Atrion is surprised but smiles while saying, "So, there was a mistake." Atrion then blasts this Bakugan back, turning back into ball form with Zakaros catching him. Leonwulf wonders why his Master attacked him as Atrion says he was not prepared for this battle. He says they will meet again soon as he disappears with Tivala and her Bakugan doing the same. Zakaros just stand there and the airship appears brightly behind him. Dan says come on and Zakaros does a backflip onto the ship and they fly away. The Brawlers said they saw everything and tell Zakaros that they admire him but he should have told them about this. Zakaros says it was the BakuGod honor code and he had to honor it, no matter what. He says thank you and that this final battle will be sooner than expected. Dan says that no need to worry - they will be ready as they let out a cheer as the airship flies in the moonlight. (End of episode)

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