Hidden Ace
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 19
Preceeded By Anger Management
Followed By Proposition
Hidden Ace is the 19th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up when I can get to it.


The episode starts with a recap of Zakaros controlling his new powers and destroying the darkness that controlled it. It then moves to Billy and Zakaros shaking hands and the Brawlers flying off. But in the distance, Atrion is watching the Brawlers fly off and commending Zakaros on controlling his powers. However, this presents a problem for him but there may be a solution to this as he chuckles and disappears with the moon rising.

As the Brawlers are flying back to their headquarters, Dan is introducing Zakaros to the rest of the Brawler's friends who came earlier. Zakaros is back to his old self and says it is great to meet them, although he wished it was under better circumstances. After a few minutes, Zakaros says he has something to say to everyone and everybody quiets down. He says he must apologize for what he has done, both on New Vestroia and to them. He felt ashamed for what happened and felt like he had failed and hopes the Brawlers will forgive him. Amazon comes in and says he doesn't know about the rest of these guys but on behalf of all the Bakugan on New Vestroia, they forgive him. Marucho agrees happily and says don’t worry about it – friends stick together. Dan asks what happened exactly on New Vestroia and Zakaros tells the whole story, showing flashbacks of the battle. At that moment, Shun then stands up and angrily wants an explanation on how Atrion revived his mom. Zakaros is wondering what Shun is talking about and Marucho shows him some screenshots of what went on after Zakaros went out cold. Zakaros sees Jin, Floria, Professor Clay & Shirori Kazami with Atrion and Tivala and says that Atrion is now using dead people as his servants. Shun says his mother was never dead but in a coma but the question is – how to they break them out of it. Fabia, Nurzak, and Mira all ask at the same time but Alice gets involved and tells everybody to calm down, especially at Shun, saying that Zakaros is not the only one going through a tough time. Zakaros is taken back by Alice defending him, puts his hand on her shoulder and says thank you to Alice, which makes her blush a little. Zakaros then walks over to a window and says he knows of a way but if he uses it, their loved ones will die. Zakaros explains that a BakuGod can mentally link with someone who was revived by a God but once they break free, they die - God and person alike. Everybody is shocked but Zakaros says that there might be another solution but he does not even know if it exists anymore. He then uses his hands to project an image of large building with gardens and statues. He says that in BakuTopia, there was a place called the Bibliocore, the Core of Knowledge and Learning, which contained all of the knowledge of the known civiliations and cultures in the world as well as artifacts from different times. But what was unique about it is it was not exactly located on BakuTopia but in another location via excessing a portal on BakuTopia. However, it was probably destroyed when his home was destroyed at the same time. At this point, Kilan Leoness pops out and asks if Zakaros remembers that the only way to access the portal to the Bibliocore was to use a special metal card. Zakaros knows but he also says that if the portal was destroyed, the cards would be as well. Leoness tells him that he might be surprised as Gran Panzer comes out, struggling while holding up a very ornate card. Zakaros immediately picks it up, which relieves Panzer, and looks it over, saying that if this key is real in his hands, then the Bibliocore must be still there. Shun says they need to go immediately but Zakaros says even with the key, it is not simple to get there. He will need to find its location in the stars before going there – he mentions that in the stars, there is a map that leads to the Bibliocore but it only shows once every 1000 Earth years but on BakuTopia, you could do at any time. Munikis then comes out and says not to worry, it will appear in the next few days so they can go soon. The Brawlers get excited and say that will be their next stop. At that moment, something is moving around in Zakaros’ robes that everybody notices. Suddenly, a Darkus Bakugan pops out and lands on a nearby coffee table and opens up, revealing a wolf like warrior in ball form. As it looks around at everybody, he says “Where am I?, Who are you all? And where is my master Atrion?” The last question shocks everybody as this Bakugan continues to look around and stretch.

Meanwhile, Atrion’s ship is stationed in another dimension. On the flat part of the ship; Jin, Floria, Professor Clay and Shiori are brawling against each other in a four way battle to train themselves, while Atrion watches from a balcony nearby. At that moment, Tivala appears and Atrion asks if she completed her mission and she says she has and reveals that she stole some of Spectra’s BakuArmor without them knowing. It then shows a scene where Tivala sneaked in after Spectra left. Atrion says good work and with these new additions, the Brawlers don’t stand a chance against his servants now. He says they will take care of it later as he continues to watch.

The scene shifts back to the airship, where the Brawlers are staring at this Bakugan. Spectra asks Zakaors what is going on but Zakaros says he is just as surprised as they are. The Bakugan, meanwhile, is stretching out while saying that he should not have taken such a long nap. He then asks again where his master Atrion is and Zakaros asks who he is. The Bakugan says his name is Darkus Leonwulf as Zakaros is shocked as is Munikis. Munikis then flies down and says "Okay, if you are really Leonwulf, what's my favorite attack?" Leonwulf thinks for a sec and says "If I remember after it appears thousands of years of sleep, is it Dark Faminor?" Munikis then looks at Zakaros and says it is him - nobody else knows the answer to that question except him. Dan finally loses it and says what the heck is going as Runo pulls him back, saying not to interrupt. Zakaros then sits down and asks Leonwulf what happened to him and what does he mean by Master Atrion. Leonwulf says he is not sure but if he remembers correctly (now shifts to a flashback), he was battling some of his Darkus bakugan friends when Darkor summoned him and told him that he was to be the Darkus Guardian of Atrion. John then asks who is Darkor and Zakaros explains that in the BakuGod society, there were six BakuGods who were known as the Attribute Masters. They had no Bakugan of their own but were the best in their respective attribute. Each BakuGod was assigned a Bakugan by each Master and then were trained by them to further master their powers. Darkor is the Darkus Attribute Master and was his favorite teacher. Leonwulf then explains that he went looking for Atrion and found him swimming with some other Gods so he decided to hide in his robes and surprise him. He looked around and picked the one he thought was his, at least what he remembered, and jumped in. He got comfortable but then, somebody appeared and poured something on him. That is all he can remember and has no idea that he was in Zakaro's robe until something big hit him. Panzer says he is sorry - he could not lift up the card easily. The Brawlers are shocked by this new information, as is Zakaros, who tells Leonwulf that Atrion is alive but Dio Sivac is his Darkus Guardian. Leonwulf is shocked and asks why wasn't Sivac destroyed. Zakaros asks what he means and Leonwulf says that Darkor told him that he and his fellow Masters were going to get rid of Sivac because the Elders would not. Zakaros sighs and says that this changes things and it proves his suspicions. Laura asks how so and says that when Atrion was about to destroy him, he remembers him saying "This may not be the honorable way to do this". Zakaros says that DarkGods do not have honor and never follow it. Because of Leonwulf's testimony, it proves that Atrion is being manipulated but the question is, by whom? Shun asks if this Bakugan is trustworthy and at that moment, Munikis gets in Shun's face and says that Leonwulf is an honorable Bakugan and one of his best friends of old and he got the question he asked me correctly. Shun then backs away and he apologizes. While Leonwulf continues to stretch, Zakaros stands and says that the situation has not changed but if he can save Atrion, he will try and asks the Brawlers if they will agree. Dan says he is not sure but he's got his back as the rest of the Brawlers agree, even Shun. Leonwulf then starts to fly, unsteadly, and asks Zakaros if he can fight alongside him and Zakaros says of course. He then says he will get the location of the Bibliocore soon and save their loved ones first. And then, the last battle will begin. At that moment, Kato comes on and says they have arrived as the ship heads towards Marucho's House.

Meanwhile, back at Atrion’s ship, Atrion calls forth his servants and says that he is about to give them some new weapons to assist them in their fight. Jin says that they do not need any weapons – they have Master Atrion’s power and wisdom to help them. Tivala tells him to watch his tongue but Atrion brushes it aside. He says that while he is honored by their loyalty, he says that these will make them even stronger. He then gives Jin, Floria, Professor Clay and Shiori each a BakuShot, BakuBlast and BakuBlade. Tivala then tells them to say “BakuArmor combine” and all four of them do. Their Bakugan then appear equipped with their own BakuArmor. Atrion smiles and says that the real fight is about to being soon and dismisses them all, even his Bakugan. He then goes to his chambers where he sits in a chair and relaxes while closing his eyes. The scene then shifts to Atrion mind's where a person is being held up in the air by dark shackles but his body is glowing with light. At that moment, it zooms to reveal Atrion but it appears to be the good within him as he says "Zakaros, save me - I have planted the seeds that I can" but the chains tighten and he cries out in pain and agony. (End of episode).

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