Family Reunion
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 16
Preceeded By Ultimate Clash
Followed By BakuArmor Backup
Family Reunion is the 16th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will come when he has the time to get it up.


The episode starts with a recap of Atrion summoning his servants to him – first Tivala, then Jin, Floria, Professor Clay and Shiori. Each of the Brawlers who know their respective persons are in complete shock at what they are seeing, thinking they were gone forever. Then, they raise they right hands into a fist in the air and say “All hail Master Atrion!” with Atrion saying behind them “Meet my Battle Brawlers.”

The scene now shifts back to the stare down between the Battle Brawlers and Atrion, Tivala, Jin, Floria, Clay and Shiori. The Brawlers are in shock at what they are seeing and ask how is this possible - nobody can bring people back from the dead. Atrion is surprised and asks “Didn’t Zakaros tell you that a BakuGod can breathe life into one as well as take life from one?” and Spectra says he might have mentioned it. Atrion then says that he revived these individuals because they showed promise but there is one added feature when a BakuGod is a DarkGod – when a DarkGod revives someone, the revived individual suffers complete amnesia and therefore becomes an exceptionally loyal servant. He says that these four individuals belong to him now and forever. Fabia yells out that is not true and she and Aranaut call out to Jin but he makes no sign of emotion towards her cries. Fabia and Aranaut then start running over to Jin, hoping that they maybe he will remember them up close but before they get within distance of him, Samuraxx comes out of nowhere to defend his master. Aranaut trys to get by, but Samuraxx is too fast and knocks him back. He says that he will protect his master Jin and will sacrifice his life to do so. Aranaut gets angry and tells Samuraxx to get out of his way but after a few hits, Aranaut is down with Fabia checking on him. Jin then orders him to attack Fabia and Aranaut and Samuraxx obeys. He takes a sword from behind his back and starts to slash but before it hits, Aphrodite and Rubanoid shield them from it. They both say that they will protect the Queen of Neathia and her Bakugan at any cost. Meanwhile, Nurzak is running towards Floria with Sabator right behind him. He is yelling out to her that he is her father, but Floria then says she has no father and only serves Master Atrion, which stops Nurzak in his tracks. Then Floria sends out her Bakugan Subterra Spike Grapliton and with a swing of his mighty spiked fists after being released, he knocks Sabator down hard. Grapliton says he will defend his mistress at any cost and will ensure her safety. Nurzak looks at Sabator for a brief moment, making sure he is all right, but as soon as he turns around, Floria is in front of him and shocks him with lightning, which knocks him back. She then jumps back to where she was and orders Grapliton to take them out. He fires a mouth blast at them but before it hits them, Wildrock and Bouldeon take the blow, saying that they will protect the Prime Minister of Gundalia with their lives, while Nurzak is still injured badly and shocked that his own daughter attacked him. In the distance, Atrion laughs and comments that this is getting to be quite the spectacle and it's not even halfway through yet as Tivala agrees with him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Professor Clay and Shiori Kazami are standing together as Mira, Spectra and Shun come running towards them. Mira & Spectra are calling to their father while running, telling him to remember who he is and they are his son and daughter. Clay says that he does have any children nor does he need any since he only serves Master Atrion, which shocks Mira, making her think he has not changed at all. Helios walks over and says maybe they need to bang his head to wake him up but Clay says they are more than welcome to try as he summons out his Bakugan – Pyrus Heat Dradikor. Wilda and Helios get themselves prepared but Dradikor, with his speed and strength, takes them both down with one hit. He says that even though he is a Mechanical Bakugan, he will protect his master and creator to the bitter end. Clay smiles as Mira and Spectra are shocked that his Bakugan is talking and alive even though he is a Mechanical Bakugan, especially Spectra. Helios wants to attack again but Spectra tells him to stand down for now because he does not want to fight his own father, as he himself does not know what to do. Mira is still in shock at the moment with Wilda asking what he should do. Meanwhile, Shun has stopped running and is yelling out to his mother in order to make her remember him, saying that he is her son. Shiori says that while he appears to be a nice kid, she only serves Atrion and will not be swayed by his words. Shun is shocked and starts to run forward again but then, a pair of large talons come out of the ground and grab Shun by the leg. Shun turns around and sees a pair of green eyes in the ground as he is picked up and raised in the air upside down. Shiori says “Well done, Osperio” and orders to toss him away. Osperio obeys and throws Shun high in the air but Skyress saves him before he hits the ground. Skyress asks Shun if he is all right and what should she do but Shun does not answer because he is in shock at what happened. At that moment, Shiori jumps on Osperio’s shoulders and orders her to attack Shun and Skyress. They fly and Skyress keeps dodging with Shun just watching. But then, Osperio appears out of nowhere and knocks Skyress down on the ground. Shiori orders Osperio to finish them off and she fires a beam at them but before it hits, Drago, Preyas and Ingram defend them from the blast. Ingram tells Skyress they will take care of Osperio while Elfin heals her and Shun. Skyress says okay as they go back into battle. As all three stare down Osperio in the air, Drago asks what kind of honor does a Bakugan have attacking someone who can't defend himself. Osperio says that she only does what her mistress commands her to do, even if it means death. Shiori then tells Osperio to attack and she attacks swiftly to continue the battle.

Meanwhile, a good distance away, Atrion and Tivala are still watching the battle and enjoying it. Tivala says that this is a marvelous spectacle but Atrion now has a concerned look. Tivala notices and asks him what is wrong. He says that this show has lost its touch and needs to end. He then calls back his Brawlers with a loud command and Jin, Floria, Professor Clay and Shiori Kazami each withdraw their Bakugan and join Atrion and Tivala in the distance. The Brawlers look on in the distance as Dan yells that they are not done and to give back their friends and family. Atrion says he is done and asks what family; they are his servants now and are bound to him as long as he commands them. However, there is a way they can save them, if they choose to do so. Shun immediately hears this and asks what that is – he will do anything. Atrion closes his eyes, then laughs and says that there is no way to save them, even a DarkGod does not know how to do it so he says “in Earth language, tough luck.” He says that even if they regained their memories, they would die yet again, so it is all in vain. Atrion says he will let them and their Bakugan go this one time but the next time they meet, things will go very differently as they transport themselves to their ship. Dan yells out Atrion’s name as the ship begins to fly away. Spectra orders Helios to fire a blast, which he does, but before it hits the ship, Gigan Taures appears on the rear of the ship and ricochets the attack as the ship flies through a Dimensional Tunnel & leaves. Meanwhile, on the ship, Atrion congratulates his team and says that he will remember the Brawlers from now on. Meanwhile, back on the ground on New Vestroia, Dan is angry at what transpired but then, Zakaros starts to open his eyes and starts to moan weakly. The Brawlers hear this and gather around to hear him say “I’ve failed.” (End of episode)

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