Ultimate Clash
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 15
Preceeded By Awakening
Followed By Family Reunion
Ultimate Clash is the 15th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up when I can get to it, hopefully soon.


The episode starts with a recap of Zakaros using the chant of transformation to transform himself and his Bakugan into Ultimate Zakaros. Atrion says that now that Zakaros has transformed into his Ultimate Form, the real battle is about to begin as they stare down each other. In the distance, Amazon is in even more shock at what happened and says that this could be the biggest Bakugan brawl of all time.

The scene now shifts to Atrion’s ship, where Tivala and the rest of Atrion’s team are in complete shock that Zakaros has transformed into an Ultimate Form as well. Tivala tries to act calm as usual but says that this was not expected by anyone, not even the Master. Professor Clay is amazed and starts to record some data on a pad. Jin is wondering if Zakaros had that power all along and if he played the Master. Shiori is wondering if they should interfere now that the conditions have changed but Floria says that they need to follow Master Atrion’s orders. Tivala silences everyone and says that they will follow their Master’s orders but they will need to be more cautious than before as they look on. Meanwhile, on the surface a good distance away, the Brawlers and their friends had to stop due to the bright light (Zakaro’s transformation). After it dispered, Drago asks what that bright light was. Helios then uses his mechanical eye to form some sort of long range scanner. He says that he detects two life signs in the distance, very large and very powerful. Wildrock is amazed and asks how he can see that far, since he can't. Helios says that he is a cyborg Bakugan and has optical sensors that let him see things farther than most Bakugan. Dan asks Helios if he detected any Bakugan as well. Helios says that is the confusing part, he can sense multiple Bakugan signatures but they seemed to be “mish-mashed together”. Marucho thinks for a moment and remembers that Zakaros told them about that a BakuGod can change into a more powerful “Ultimate Form”. Marucho tells the Brawlers and Dan says they better kick it before things get really out of control and something happens. They all agree and they head onward towards the battlefield again.

Meanwhile, back at the battlefield, Atrion and Zakaros are staring each other down as Atrion is thinking highly of how powerful Zakaros’ Ultimate Form is. But before he can say something, red lightning shoots out of Zakaros and he grabs his head in pain. Atrion says that is appears he can’t control it – typical for first timers. Meanwhile, inside his Ultimate Form, Zakaros himself is in some kind of orb, trying to control his body but is having great difficulty. His Bakugan, who are now voices inside his Ultimate Form, try to speak to him in order to calm him down but Zakaros’ anger is too great for them to break through to him. Suddenly, Ultimate Zakaros' eyes turn blood red and he goes on the attack. He attacks Ultimate Atrion, who dodges each attack easily. Atrion says that while his speed, power, & agility are impressive, he lacks in self control and has had enough of this game. He then starts to charge for his ultimate attack but while it is charging, he says that he never thought of Zakaros as a friend at all – he always hated him from the beginning they first met. Further enraged by this comment, Zakaros’ eyes immediately turn to black, his anger skyrockets and he charges his ultimate attack faster and obliterates Ultimate Atrion, splitting him and his Bakugan apart. However, Atrion and his Bakugan are not injured at all - just pushed back. Shocked, Atrion looks up and comments on Zakaros’ incredible power. However, at that moment, Ultimate Zakaros breaks apart and he and his Bakugan return to their original forms as well. Atrion looks at Zakaros, who is just standing with blazing red eyes. But at that moment, Zakaros' eyes close and he falls to the ground unconcious and his staff starts to crack. Zakaros’ Bakugan, who are seriously injured and drained of almost all their energy, are also down but more concerned about their master. Atrion comments that Zakaros is out of energy and laughs that he is the victor in this battle as the sky clears and is bright once again.

The scene now shifts back to the battlefield, where Zakaros is still laying unconcious with this Bakugan nearby, awake but barely. Atrion and his Bakugan are across from them but they look like nothing happened to them. Atrion says that he may have been defeated but that was only due to that sudden burst of energy Zakaros displayed. He clutches his staff and walks toward Zakaros, saying that although this is not the honorable way to finish this battle, he cannot have Zakaros interfere in his plans in the future. So, he raises his staff and charges a beam from it and fires it at Zakaros saying “Goodbye, old friend.” But just before it hits him, Amazon runs in and takes the blow although it is extremely painful for him. Atrion is shocked and asks who that Bakugan is – taking a shot meant for another. Amazon says his name and says he will protect Zakaros because he is his friend. He turns around and says bring it on and Atrion says all right; if that is what he wants. He then fires another beam at Amazon, which makes him close his eyes but still standing tall. Suddenly, somebody yells out “Ability Activate, Galactor Dragon!” and a red blast lands in front of Atrion’s blast, neutralizing it. Atrion looks around and says who dares and Drago appears, saying he dares. At the moment, the Brawlers and their Bakugan appear. Atrion just looks and smiles and says “Well, well, well – the Brawlers finally show themselves - this will be interesting.”

The Brawlers then start looking around and see the devastation of the battle that just took place. Then, Dan sees that Zakaros is unconscious, his staff cracked, his Bakugan seriously injured and Amazon protecting Zakaros. Preyas runs over to Amazon and asks if he is okay. He says he is all right – just a little black and blue. Marucho then asks what happened to Zakaros and Atrion then says that he transformed but wasn’t able to control it – such a shame. Shun asks if he is Atrion & he says he is. He also says that they must be the Battle Brawlers and has heard of their many accomplishments. Atrion then bows and says that it is really a honor to meet them. Dan says enough with the flattery – they promised to help Zakaros take him down and they will do that right now. Atrion says that while he would normally finish them off now, he has used too much of his power during his battle with Zakaros. He then says he has a better idea and says if they want to battle him so much, they will have to defeat this own team of Battle Brawlers first. Spectra then says what Battle Brawlers – there is only one of him and over eleven of them. Atrion just smiles and raises his hand. Meanwhile, at the ship, Floria tells Tivala that is the signal and they all disappear from the observation deck. At that moment, Tivala appears and the Brawlers recognize her from their battle from before. Then Jin appears, shocking Fabia and Linus. Then, Floria appears and Nurzak is in complete shock. Next is Professor Clay, which greatly surprises Spectra and Mira. And Shiori Kazami is the last to appear, which absolutely stuns Dan, Shun and Marucho. Atrion then says “Meet my own Battle Brawlers!” as all five raise their hands into a fist and say “Glory to Master Atrion!” (End of episode).

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