An Ultimate Surprise
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 13
Preceeded By First Rounds
Followed By Awakening
An Ultimate Surprise is the 13th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up on September 1st, 2011.


The episode starts with a recap of Wavern arriving in front of the Brawlers exhausted and telling them that Atrion had arrived on New Vestroia and is battling Zakaros right now. Zakaros asked her beforehand to come get the Brawlers to help while Amazon handles the evacuation of the Bakugan in the area. Everybody then hurries through the Dimensional Tunnel with Dan saying "We are on our way". As the Tunnel closes behind them, Kato comes into the room and wonders where everybody went to.

The scene now shifts to the Dimensional Tunnel, where the Brawlers for flying towards New Vestroia, with Dan, Shun and Marucho taking the lead. Marucho is worried about Zakaros and hopes that he is all right. Dan tries to cheer up him by saying that Atrion won't know what hit him when the Brawlers get there. Suddenly, a large gust of wind is felt and it blows the Brawlers back a great distance. Shun asks what was that and the Brawlers see a large Ventus Bakugan in the distance. They also see, on its shoulder, a dark haired lady wearing robes, holding a staff and having features similar to that of Zakaros. Spectra asks who she is and she says her name is Tivala and this is her Ventus Bakugan - Slash Petrakor. She also says she is a BakuGod and a servant of Atrion, her lord and master. She also says that if they want to help Zakaros, they will have to battle her here and now. Spectra and Marucho both say that you can't battle in a Dimensional Tunnel - it could destroy all Dimensions in the universe if they battle in here. Tivala just smiles and orders Petrakor to attack again, which she does, and blows them all over the place again. Dan says that they have no choice and everybody sends out their Bakugan to battle her. Tivala says that even though she appears to be outnumbered - they are no match for a BakuGod!

The scene now shifts to New Vestroia, where the battle continues between Zakaros and Atrion and their respective Bakugan. They are exchanging blow for blow until Atrion uses a power drain technique out of nowhere that drains Zakaros and his Bakugan of most of their power. Atrion laughs and says that this was too easy. He says this battle is over and will finish this once and for all. He then fires a blood red beam at Zakaros but before it hits him, Carlsnaut comes out and defends Zakaros. Atrion is shocked and asks Zakaros what is that Bakugan. At that moment, Zoack, Legionoid, Pythanus, Triad El Condor and Triad Sphinx all come out to protect Zakaros and his Bakugan while they regain their strength. Atrion is even more shocked and asks what are these abominations of Bakugan. Zakaros says that the Bakugan race has changed much over the years and these new friends of his are called Bakugan Traps. Atrion is surprised and even more annoyed as the Traps attack his Bakugan and are making them take damage. Zakaros then says there is more and reveals his Battle Gear and equips them to his Bakugan. With the Battle Gear, Zakaros' Bakugan knock back and damage Atrion's Bakugan with ease. Atrion retaliates by getting rid of the Traps and Battle Gear but Zakaros then brings out his Mobile Assault Vehicles and with them, Zakaro's Bakugan have another edge against Atrion's Bakugan and they push them back more. Atrion is ranting loudly at what Zakaros is doing, saying it violates the BakuGod battle code, but Zakaros reminds him of an important lesson that their instructors told them to never forget, "It is always good to learn new things" which enrages Atrion ever more (quietly saying that he always hated that lesson). Zakaros and his Bakugan finally regain their full strength and they release their vehicles. Zakaros says they are back to where they started and Atrion says they might as well continue the fight and they charge at each other again.

The scene now shifts back to the Dimensional Tunnel, where the Brawlers are struggling heavily against Tivala and her Bakugan Slash Petrakor. Dan is wondering why the heck they can't defeat one Bakugan when they have so many on their side. Nurzak then points out that strength does not come from numbers alone. Tivala says that they should listen to him but even so, her Bakugan is special and cannot be defeated by the likes of lesser lifeforms like them. Spectra says big deal - just because her Bakugan is different from their own Bakugan does not mean it can not be beaten and she should not underestimate them as lesser lifeforms. He then orders Helios to fire his strongest attack, which he does, but it does not damage Petrakor at all. Petrakor says if that is the best they can accomplish, she might as well finish them off right now. Petrakor then fires an attack but out of nowhere, Shun pulls out his Bakugan Trap Hylash, which has further evolved into Zeon Hylash, and reverses the blast back at Petrakor, making her take damage. Tivala is shocked and asks what happened and Shun says that he just threw their attack back at them. Shun then tells everybody that if their attacks don't work - use their own attacks against them. Dan says okay and pulls out his Bakugan Trap Scorpion, which has also further evolved into Fire Scorpion. Tivala says enough of these abominations and orders Petrakor to fire her strongest attack, which she does. But Dan activates Fire Scorpion's Ultimate Reflector ability and it fires back Petrakor's blast at 100 times the power. It hurts Petrakor so much that she retuns to her ball form. Tivala is amazed at what they just did and says to herself that maybe her master should not underestimate these lesser lifeforms. She then tells the Brawlers, who are congratulating themselves, that she has been defeated and as promised, they may pass since she is a lady of her word. But she tells the Brawlers to remember this - the next time they cross paths, things will go differently. Dan says the Brawlers will take her on anytime as they fly by. After they are out of sight, Tivala says that the Brawlers should be wary, since she only used one of her Bakugan in this battle. She also smiles and says that the human was right - things will go differently as she disappears from the Tunnel.

The scene now shifts back to New Vestroia, where Amazon has just arrived at the battlefield and is watching from a close distance. As he watches the battle, Amazon says that this battle is way bigger thatn what happened last year. Suddenly, a burst of energy lands in front of him, scattering debris but missing him by inches Amazon starts to get a bit nervous and says he better back it up before he becomes a fish fry and starts to run to a safer location. As he does that, the scene moves back to the heavily damaged battlefield. Zakaros and Atrion are still fighting in hand to hand combat while their respective Bakugan are still fighting each other as well, with neither side giving in to the other. After a while, Atrion closes his eyes and says he has enough of these sillly games and distances himself from Zakaros. Their bakugan also stop fighting and rejoin behind their respective masters. After a few moments, Atrion asks Zakaros a simple question - does he remember about the forms that a BakuGod can become in due time. Zakaros says that he does but what does that have to do with his current situation. Atrion smiles and says that because of his resilience, he is going to have fight one now. He holds out his hands, makes some signs and says a chant that Zakaros recognizes - a chant of transformation! Suddenly, there is a lot of black lightning and bright light which blinds Zakaros and his Bakugan. After a few minutes, a large being made of different parts of Atrion's Bakugan with Atrion's face appears in front of them. Van Falco asks what has he become and Atrion says "Let me introduce you to my greatest power - Ultimate Atrion!" Amazon, after having watched the transformation as well, says that dude is one mean looking sucka. Zakaros and his Bakugan are in complete shock as Zakaros thinks to himself "How do we win now?" (End of episode)

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