First Rounds
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 12
Preceeded By Unexpected Arrival
Followed By An Ultimate Surprise
First Rounds is the 12th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. The next episode will be up on August 25th, 2011.


The episode starts in New Vestroia, where several Bakugan are seen stampeding all over the place. Amazon is seen trying to tell the Bakugan to calm down and that they will be all right, even though he keeps on getting pushed around. Wavern, as she flies overhead, notices the stampeding Bakugan in the distance and flies over. She then sees Amazon and asks what is going on. Amazon says that Zakaros told him that something terrible was going to happen soon and told him to evacuate all of the Bakugan within 100 miles. He also said to ask Wavern to get the Brawlers for help. Wavern says all right; she will hurry and get them but asks if Amazon needs help first. Amazon says not to worry; he has the situation under control here and he has some friends who are also gathering any stray Bakugan as well. Wavern says all right and she opens a Dimensional Tunnel and flies through. As it closes behind her, Amazon says she better hurry before it is too late to save anybody.

The scene now shifts to where Atrion and Zakaros left off – 15 feet apart from each other in the middle of a stare down. Atrion says that it has been a long time since they have seen each other face to face. Zakaros says yes it has been but asks how did he survive the explosion of their home, let alone the aftershocks. Atrion says that he almost did not make it but he was able to board a damaged battleship and fly it into another Dimension - the same as Zakaros apparently. He was able to survive but he had to watch the destruction of everything and everyone he knew of. At first, he was sad but he realized he now had a golden opportunity. Now that all the BakuGods were gone, minus himself, he could rule all the Bakugan as well as all known Dimensions in the universe. However, he did not expect that Zakaros had survived the explosion as well but says it does not really matter; he will eliminate him so that his plans of conquest can proceed without delay. Zakaros asks what happened to him, with Atrion showing a confused look, saying he never used to be like this until he was given Dio Sivac. Dio Sivac then comes out and says he has done nothing - he is only a loyal Bakugan serving his master. Zakaros says nice try but he is not easily fooled by Sivac's ploy of innocence as Flare Dragaon comes out and says that Zakaros is right - Sivac is lying through his fangs. Zakaros also says that when he defeats Atrion, he is coming to destroy Sivac; something that the Elders should have done in the first place. Sivac then acts all scared and pretends to run away but stops & says that actions speak louder than words. Atrion then says enough of this talk – just because they were friends once does not mean that he will show him any mercy. Zakaros says that he does not expect him to since they are no longer friends. Dio Savac laughs and says that this will be fun while Destroy Munikis comes out and says that he will wipe that smile off of Savac’s ugly face. Zakaros then summons all of his Bakugan behind him and Atrion does the same. Zakaros and Atrion then go into their fighting stances with the staffs and a stare down begins. Then, a large, golden lightning bolt strikes the ground between them but neither side budge and after the bolt disappears - Atrion charges, starting the first round. Zakaros then orders Gran Panzer to form a Rock Wall which he does and blocks off Atrion’s forces. Atrion orders Rock Golem to break it down, which he does. But Zakaros and his Bakugan are gone and as they look around, a large tsunami created by Saint Aquas cowers over them. But Atrion’s Adolphino breaks it in half with his tail. Atrion says that Zakaros will have to do much better than that to defeat him but Zakaros says that this battle is just beginning as he and his Bakugan charge this time as lightning strikes down behind them.

The scene shifts to a large group of Bakugan and Mechtogan watching the battle from afar with Amazon standing in front of them. A few of the younger Mechtogan want to go fight but Zenthon, Silent Strike and Accelerak stop them and say that from what Amazon told them, this strange being does not want anyone in danger. So, the Mecthogan move back and continue watching. Then, one of the young Bakugan asks Amazon why they had to leave their homes and run away. Amazon explains that there is a large battle going on and someone did not want the Bakugan to be caught inside of it but he told Amazon that he and his Bakugan would protect their homes with their lives. The young Bakugan says that person must be really good if he is willing to protect their homes, let alone themselves. Amazon then looks on in the distance and says that he is. At that moment, Master Ingram, Shadow Wing, Minx Elfin and Swift Sweep appear behind him. Ingram says he evacuated all the Bakugan in the East, Shadow Wing says he evacuated the Bakugan in the West, Elfin says she evacuated the Bakugan in the South and Swift Sweep says he evacuated all the Bakugan in the North. Amazon says good and that he is going to the battlefield – he then asks Zenthon, Silent Strike and Accelerak to protect the Bakugan and they say they will. Zenthon, Venexus and Faser Titans say they will protect the Bakugan as well. Amazon says all right and he runs off straight towards the battle as the scene moves to the battlefiend again. Zakaros and his Bakugan are still battling against Atrion and his Bakugan with neither side backing down since, they are even in terms of power, strength and the mind. At that moment, Zakaros strikes a blow that lands Atrion on his back. Atrion's Bakugan try to hurry over and protect him but Zakaros' Bakugan hold them back. Zakaros walks up to him, kicks his staff away and says he does not know what happened to him but he must do what needs to be done. Atrion pleads for mercy but Zakaros says why should he show mercy when Atrion openly stated that he would not show any to him. Zakaros says that this is the end and fires a blood red beam from his staff. But just before it hits Atrion, Tivala appears and ricochets the blast with her own staff. She quickly fights off Zakaros as Zakaros backs off. At that moment, Atrion's Bakugan break free from Zakaros' Bakugan and stand behind their master. Zakaros recognizes Tivala, since she was a member of the DarkGods, and asks why she is protecting Atrion. She says that she is Master Atrion’s loyal servant and will sacrifice her own life before he kills her master. Zakaros says that while her loyalty and commitment to one is very commendable; where she chooses to place it is not. Atrion then arises, picks up his staff and tells Tivala to back off, saying that he does not need her to fight his battles for him. He then orders her to complete her own assigment before unexpected company arrives. She hesitates but obeys her master and vanishes. Atrion says "Now that's out of the way, let us continue this battle."

The scene now shifts to Interspace where the Brawlers are talking and hanging out together. Spectra then comes in and says that he is almost finished with a couple new pieces of equipment that their Bakugan can use. Dan gets all excited and asks what they are. Spectra says he will be surprised but it should help them in the battle against Atrion. Suddenly, a Dimensional Tunnel opens up and Wavern in her ball form lands exhausted in front of the Brawlers. Drago immediately flies down, helps Wavern stand and asks what is wrong. Wavern catches her breath and says that it is Zakaros. Marucho asks what is wrong with Zakaros as the other Brawlers listen in. Wavern says that Atrion has arrived in New Vestroia as the other Brawlers are in shock. Wavern says that Zakaros asked Amazon to evacuate all the Bakugan in the area while he asked her to come get the Brawlers for help. Dan says they better kick it quick and tells Drago to open a Dimensional Tunnel fast. Drago immediately does and everybody runs into the tunnel with Dan yelling out “We’re coming Zakaros!” (End of episode)

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