Unexpected Arrival
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 11
Preceeded By Intergalactic Reunion
Followed By First Rounds
Unexpected Arrival is the 11th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. Due to a conflict tomorrow, this episode is airing a few hours early. The next episode will air on August 18th, 2011.


The episode starts with Atrion sitting on his throne with Shiori Kazami kneeling in front of him. Atrion says he has given her new life and will now serve him. Shiori says that she will, since she has no memory of her past like the others. Atrion then gives her a Bakugan - Ventus Wind Osperio and tells her to use it well. Shiori says she will and takes her place with others, who are standing under pillars of light. After Shiori takes her place, Atrion rises and says that he has breathed new life into each of them and are, from now on, his servants. All four say they will serve Atrion till their dying breath. And if any of them think otherwise, expect no mercy from him no matter how beautiful or skillful they are in battle. All four of them bow down and agree to do so in the name of Master Atrion. Atrion smiles and orders Tivala to head to New Vestroia, saying that he senses Zakaros is there. His ship then flies through a Dimensional Tunnel while Atrion sits back down on his throne, smiling.

The scene now shifts to the skys of New Vestroia where some Bakugan and Mechtogan are flying above as Wavern and Zakaros fly below them. At that moment, they approach a large meadow with a beautiful cystal clear lake next to it. Near the norther border of the lake is a large stone structure that looks like a diving board. Wavern says that they are here and they both land in the meadow. As they are walking towards the lake, Wavern says that she usually comes here when she wants to be by herself. She says that she must go for now but will return in a little while. Zakaros thanks her and he jumps on one of the large lily pads in the middle of the lake. Wavern then flies off and Zakaros starts to meditate. But after only a few minutes of meditating, Zakaros hears a loud splash nearby. He looks around a bit and at the diving rock, he sees an Aquos Bakugan diving off the rock, coming up out of the water, climbing back up the rock and repeating the process. Zakaros walks on the water over to the rock and watches some more. He then asks the Bakugan what he is doing and the Bakugan stops and says that he is training. Zakaros asks why and says that he wants to become as strong like that old man Drago. Zakaros asks what this Bakugan's name is and he says his name is Amazon. Zakaros thinks for a moment and asks if he knows a Bakugan named Preyas. Amazon immediately looks down and says that Preyas is his Sensei. Amazon then asks who Zakaros is and he says he is a BakuGod. Amazon is puzzled and asks what a BakuGod is. Zakaros then, in short, tells him the same story he told the Brawlers a while back. He even shows some of his powers but growing some flowers on a nearby barren piece of ground. Amazon is amazed at what Zakaros just told him and what he did. Amazon says that it is an honor to meet him but then asks why Zakaros is here on New Vestroia. Zakaros explains what is going to happen soon and what he needs to do to prepare. Amazon just shrugs and says things on this planet never seem to settle down. Zakaros asks how so and Amazon explains some of the things that happened last year, like Drago's intense training and the rampaging Mechtogan. Zakaros is confused and asks if the Mechtogan are evil but Amazon says they are not evil - in fact, one of his best friends is a Mechtogan named Accelerak. Zakaros says that he is intrigued by the Mechtogan and Amazon offers to introduce them to him. Zakaros thanks him but then asks Amazon if he knows any good meditation or relaxation techniques. Amazon says he does & will show him under one condition - when Zakaros goes back to Earth, he comes to him. Zakaros that it is a deal as they both shakes hands on it.

The scene now shifts to Bakugan Interspace, where John and Laura are brawling in order to show the Brawlers that they are worthy to be members of the group. The Brawlers, especially Dan and Shun, are commenting on how skilled and strong they are in brawling. Nurzak and Linus are smiling above as Marucho says that if they win this one, it will be their tenth win of the day. At first, they are having some trouble but out of nowhere, they pull a sneak attack combo to win the brawl. After that, John and Laura come up to the conference room, where the Brawlers are waiting. Shun steps forward and says that because their outstanding skill in Bakugan brawling; he would like to be the first to welcome them as the new Subterra and Haos Battle Brawlers. John and Laura are really excited as everybody smiles gladly. Nurzak then walks up and tells his son that he is very proud of him as John smiles gladly. Linus walks up and tells his sister that he is also very proud of her and Laura smiles gladly. Fabia and Mira also walk up and congratulate and welcome them to the team as well. Preyas then says he would like to be the first to welcome Aphrodite and Wildrock to the Battle Brawlers and they say thank you. Dan then says that now that they have all six Attributes on their team again - nothing will stop them from taking down Atrion for good. After everybody agrees, Runo and Julie say they ordered some pizza at the Coffee Shop in order to celebrate the new additions to the team. Everybody gets excited and they all walk out the door together.

Meanwhile, back on New Vestroia, Zakaros and Amazon are meditating at the lake. Zakaros comments on how impressed he is with Amazon's knowledge of techniques and Amazon says he learned everything from his Sensei. Zakaros also says to himself that these techniques are working as he feels himself regaining a bit of his power back after each exercise. However, he also realizes how extremely painful and awkward the exercises are. Zakaros thinks to himself, "You know, I wonder if Dan's Mother ever feels this kind of strain when she does that thing she calls yoga?" He also says that even though he is half-human - he may never understand some of the things humans now do for enjoyment. Suddenly, he senses a strong dark aura and stops. Amazon notices and asks Zakaros what is wrong. He says that the villain he spoke of, Atrion, is close by - even sooner than he had expected. Zakaros then tells Amazon that he needs to evacuate all of the Bakugan within a 100 mile radius because this place is going to be a battlefield soon. Amazon says that he will right away but asks what about the homes that some of the Bakugan have - they will be destroyed if there is a battle. Zakaros tells him not to worry - he and his Bakugan will protect their homes with their lives. He also tells Amazon to let Wavern know that she needs to get the Brawlers right away - he will need their help. Amazon says all right & starts to evacuate the Bakugan nearby. After Amazon is gone, Zakaros raises his staff and calls his Bakugan to him. After a few minutes, six colored streams of light fly towards Zakaros and his Bakugan appear in ball form. They all ask him what is wrong and if something has happened. At that moment, Atrion's ship comes into full view and Zakaros says "Yes, THAT!!" Van Falco then says "We have company" and Saint Aquas says "Everyone - look, at the edge of the ship!" They all look up on and they see Atrion standing on the edge of his ship. Then, Atrion jumps down and lands 15 feet in front of Zakaros. Atrion then says "Hello, Zakaros" and with a grin while Zakaros says "Long time no see, old friend". Amazon then looks back and sees that the sky has turned pitch black and lightning is striking the ground everywhere as he says "Oh no, we're in big trouble now." (End of episode)

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