Intergalactic Reunion
Season Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods
Episode Number 10
Preceeded By Sudden Departure
Followed By Unexpected Arrival
Intergalactic Reunion is the 10th episode of Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods. It was written by Zachattack31. Due to a possible conflict next week, this episode is airing a week early. If their is no conflict, then episode 11 will air on August 4th, 2011.


The episode starts with Atrion on his ship with Professor Clay kneeling in front of him. Atrion said that he just breathed life back into him and will now serve him. Professor Clay agrees since, like Jin and Floria, he has no memory of his past. Atrion then notices something bulky in Clay’s coat pocket and levitates it out with his hand, revealing a bright red Mechanical Bakugan. Atrion asks what it is and Clay tells him it is a Mechanical Bakugan he was creating for his King but he finished it. It is a Pyrus Bakugan named Heat Dradikor. Atrion then smiles, clenches it in his fist and dark lighting sparks from his fist. After a few seconds, he gives it back to Clay and and tells him to use it well. Clay says that he will and takes his place alongisde Jin and Floria. Tivala then enters and says that they have arrived at their last destination and Atrion smiles. In the distance is the planet Earth.

The scene now shifts to Wavern and Zakaros floating inside the Dimensional Tunnel. Along the way, Wavern tells Zakaros a little bit about herself as well as the stories between her brother Naga and herself. Zakaros says he is sorry for her and that siblings should never have to fight each other as should friends. It is then that they arrive in New Vestroia. Zakaros transforms into his BakuGod form upon arriving and Wavern and Zakaros’ Bakugan return to their true forms as well. Zakaros is amazed at how beautiful it looks and all of the Bakugan he sees all over the place. However, Zakaros says that he does not recognize any Bakugan from his time but he says that is expected since it has been centuries since he last saw other Bakugan. Suddenly, Zakaros sees some Mechtogan in the distance and asks Wavern what those Bakugan are. Wavern says that those are not Bakugan - those are called Mechtogan. Wavern says that after the events last year, the Brawlers released the Mechtogan onto New Vestroia in order for them to be free and to do as they please. Zakaros is even more curious about the Mechtogan and asks if they can speak like regular Bakugan and Wavern says they do. Zakaros says he would like to see them the Mechtogan later. He then tells his Bakugan to go look around and enjoy themselves while he goes and meditates for a while. Saint Aquas says that they will not leave him alone but Zakaros says that he will be fine and if he needs them, he will call them back with his staff. So, reluctantly, Zakaros’ Bakugan go to look around the planet and to introduce themselves. Zakaros then asks Wavern if she can take him to that place she mentioned earlier and they fly there together. It is revealed that Zakaros can form a pair of wings for flying. On the way there, Zakaros asks Wavern what happened to the original world of Vestroia. Wavern explains that all the Bakugan lived on one world but something happened that split Vestroia into six attributed worlds and caused the Core to separate into the Infinity Core and the Silent Core. And due to her brother Naga’s actions, Vestroia and the Bakugan were almost destroyed for good. But when Drago defeated Naga and absorbed both cores, he was able to reform Vestroia into one world again. Zakaros comments that Drago is a very honorable and caring Bakugan and Wavern comments that he is and more as they are continue flying over New Vestroia.

The scene now shifts to Bakugan Interspace where all the Brawlers are battling numerous opponents, coming out victorious every time. After a long day of battling, they all head back to Marucho’s house exhausted. At that moment, Kato comes in and tells Spectra that the help he contacted are waiting in the next room. Kato also mentions that Runo and Julie have been keeping them company for the time being. Spectra thanks Kato and leaves for a minute to go get them with Dan getting anxious on who he called. After a few minutes, Spectra then walks back in and Mira Clay is right beside him. Everybody is glad to see Mira again as she is glad to see them. She says that she was asked to come by Vestal as their representative to Earth and also wanted to be with her brother while he was here on Earth. She then that Wilda has since evolved into Subterra Tremor Wilda. Next, Fabia Sheen, Linus Claude and an unknown girl walk in. The Brawlers are glad to see Fabia and Linus again. Linus says he was asked to be Neathia's representative on Earth, so he was going to come anyway. He then introduces his little sister Laura, who is a Castle Knight in training and her Guardian Bakugan – Haos Arrow Aphrodite. Laura and Aphrodite both introduce themselves to the Brawlers and they all say welcome to them. Linus also reveals that Rubanoid has evolved into Flash Rubanoid. Fabia then says that she just came for a visit since she needs to get back to her duties as Queen soon. At that moment, Paige, Nurzak and an unknown boy walk in. Paige says that she was asked by Gundalia's representative on Earth, which makes the Brawlers even more excited. Paige also shows that Boulderon has evolved into Quake Boulderon. Nurzak then says that he has wanted to visit Earth for a while but also can't stay very long since he has to get back to his duties soon. He then introduces his adopted son John and his Bakugan, Subterra Stone Wildrock. John and Wildrock introduce themselves and the Brawlers welcome them as well. Runo & Julie then come in to complete the gathering. Mira then asks where this guy named Zakaros is after hearing Spectra’s story in which the rest of the group concurs after hearing the same story. Dan says that he, unfortunately, left for New Vestroia earlier than expected to regain his full power. But he says no sweat - that with all of their old friends as well as their new friends, they will help him take down Atrion for good. At that moment, everybody and their Bakugan yell out a loud cheer of agreement.

The scene now shifts to Atrion and Tivala standing in front of a hospital that appears to be in Wardington, Dan's old home town. Atrion tells Tivala that they must be swift with this one since they are in enemy territory. As the walk in, they are almost stopped by the hospital security but before the guards can take action, Atrion holds out his hand and everyone in the hallway freezes in their tracks. It is shown that Atrion has stopped time all over Earth! After a few minutes of walking, they stop at a hospital room where, lying on a bed, is Shiori Kazami – Shun’s mother! Atrion tells Tivala that she has been asleep for a long time but will now be awakened. He waves his hand over her and tells her to arise and serve him. At this moment, Shiori’s eyes open! (End of episode)

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