Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods

Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods is a fanon created by Zachattack31. After watching several different animated series, he came up with this concept of a future Bakugan season that combines the current series and the BakuTech Bakugan. This story takes place one year after Arc 2 of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.


After the defeat of Mechtavius Destroyer, things have never been better on Earth. Bakugan Interspace is running again and better than ever, due to the combined efforts of Marucho and Spectra, who decided to stay on Earth for a while. Dan and Shun are sharing the responsibilties of leading the Battle Brawlers and also share the title of number #1 brawler. It seems as though they have vanished evil for good.

But alas, things are never what they seem. One night, a large meteorite crashed into Bayview; destroying one of the Bayview towers and landing in the nearby harbor. The Battle Brawlers arrived on the scene first and found somebody with a intricate staff floating in the water unconsious. Drago notices the being's staff as having the attributes & symbols of the Bakugan species. Who is this mysterious being and why is he here? This begins our tale.

Battle BrawlersEdit

  • Dan Kuso - One of the two leaders of the Battle Brawlers. He has learned from his past mistakes and is a role model to all of the Battle Brawlers.
    • Galaxy Dragonoid Pyrus (Drago) (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Rifflblaster (BakuShot)
    • Caliblade (BakuBlade)
    • Dragonkor (BakuArmor)
    • Skorhawk Pyrus (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Zoompha Pyrus (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Teknocore Pyrus/Aquos/Haos (Ultimate Weapon)
  • Marucho Marukura - the Aquos Battler for the Battle Brawlers. He is the tech genius of the Battle Brawlers as well as the youngest. He is also as tall as the rest of them now.
    • Stealth PreyasAquos (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Spearcrusher (BakuShot)
    • Wavenami (BakuArmor)
    • BlitzstarAquos (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
  • Shun Kazami - One of the two leaders of the Battle Brawlers. Now a full fledged ninja warrior, he passes on his knowledge to the new battles of Interspace.
    • Cyclone Skyress Ventus (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Airbrid (BakuShot)
    • Taloncrest (BakuBlade)
    • Shuristar (BakuArmor)
  • John - the new Subterra Battle Brawler. He is the adopted son of Nurzak and is also new to Bakugan brawling and therefore is good friends with Laura.
    • Stone Wildrock Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Blunderix (BakuShot)
    • Grenblast (BakuBlade)
    • Arsenmor (BakuArmor)
    • Comacheon Subterra (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
  • Laura Claude - the new Haos Battle Brawler. She is Linus Claude's younger sister and new to Bakugan brawling.
    • Arrow Aphrodite Haos (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Athenbow (BakuShot)
    • Gryffshar (BakuBlade)
    • Gladitron (BakuArmor)
    • Comacheon Haos (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
  • Spectra Phantom - the Darkus Battle Brawler. He decided to stay on Earth for a while to get things back in order for Interspace as well as becoming closer with his friends.
    • Nova Helios Darkus (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Megapulsor (BakuShot)
    • Lighterak (BakuBlade)
    • Dynablaze (BakuBlast)
    • Vestorik (BakuArmor)
    • Frigatetor Darkus (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Replimaxus Darkus/Ventus/Subterra (Ultimate Weapon)


  • Zakaros - He is supposedly the last of his race - the BakuGods. While he is very old, he has the appearance to that of the age of Dan, due to his immortality. Zakaros is unique in terms of being a BakuGod because he is a hybrid - half human/half Bakugan. He was originally a Human from ancient times but fell into a Dimensional Tunnel. He met the first Bakugan and became fast friends with them. The BakuGod Elders noticed this and decided to make him on of their own. Because of this however, he had very few friends and was shunned by almost all of the other BakuGods. When the Great War broke out, Zakaros was the only BakuGod to not choose a side and instead evacuated all of the Bakugan on their original home, transported them to a new dimension and created the original planet of Vestroia. However, due to the large amount of energy he used and the shockwave from the destruction of his home, he fell into a coma and has floated in between dimensions for centuries. It was only recently that he landed on Earth. When he awakes from his slumber, he introduces himself to the Brawlers and tells them his story.
    • Flare Dragaon Pyrus - Zakaros' Pyrus Bakugan
    • Destroy Munikis Darkus - Zakaros' Darkus Bakugan
    • Kilan Leoness Haos - Zakaros' Haos Bakugan
    • Van Falco Ventus - Zakaros' Ventus Bakugan
    • Saint Aquas Aquos - Zakaros' Aquos Bakugan
    • Gran Panzer Subterra - Zakaros' Subterra Bakugan
    • Lansor Goldyp (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Terrix Gear Silvera (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Helmgund Silvera (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Battle Sabre Goldyp (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Zukanator Goldyp (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Nukix Gear Goldyp (Bakugan Battle Gear)
    • Carlsnaut (Bakugan Trap)
    • Zoack (Bakugan Trap)
    • Pythantus (Bakugan Trap)
    • Legionoid (Bakugan Trap)
    • Triad Sphinx (Bakugan Trap)
    • Triad El Condor (Bakugan Trap)
    • Cannongear (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Koptorix (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Zoompha (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Rapilator (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Raytheus (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Jakalier (Bakugan Mobile Assault)
    • Ultimate Zakaros Pyrus/Aquos/Ventus/Subterra/Haos/Darkus (Ultimate Form)
    • Leonwulf Darkus - Was originaly supposed to be Atrion's Guardian Bakugan, but Dio Savac got to him first. He is currently brawling alongside Zakaros.
  • Lindsata - She was one of the female BakuGods as well as being one of the most beautiful among them all. Many male BakuGods wanted to be with her but she took an interest in Zakaros because of his kindness and geneorsity towards the Bakugan rather than focusing on his own position. They eventually fell in love but during the war, she joined a side and tried to make Zakaros join her but he declined and saved the Bakugan instead. After the destruction of their planet, Zakaros believes she is dead now. While she has six Bakugan at her disposal, she prefers to use the Haos attribute.
    • Blan Shoult Haos - Lindsata's Haos Bakugan
  • Korborn - A BakuGod and the protector of the Biblocore. Since he was in the Biblocore, he survived the war. He is one of the lone surviving BakuGods.
  • BakuGod Elders - The Elders were considered to be the wisest of all the known species. However, they and each of their followers constantly quarreled over simple matters and is what started the Great War. They are now all deceased after the destruction of their home world.


  • Atrion - He was once Zakaro's best friend. But he became corrupted when he was chosen to wield Darkus Dio Savac. He changed and became a soldier to the DarkGods. But miraculously, he survived the explosion and is now on a conquest to control all dimensions. While he is a powerful battler in his own right, he prefers to resurrect fallen battlers and have them battle for him. When he does battle, he prefers to use the Darkus attribute due to his strong connection with Dio Savac.
    • Dio Sivac Darkus - Atrion's Darkus Bakugan
    • Gigan Taures Haos - Atrion's Haos Bakugan
    • Sky Manta Ventus - Atrion's Ventus Bakugan
    • Lava Cerebrus Pyrus - Atrion's Pyrus Bakugan
    • Wave Adolphino Aquos - Atrion's Aquos Bakugan
    • Rock Golem Subterra - Atrion's Subterra Bakugan
    • Ultimate Atrion Darkus/Pyrus/Aquos/Ventus/Subterra/Haos (Ultimate Form)
  • Tivala - She was one of the original BakuGods who became corrupted and joined the DarkGods. It was believed she was destroyed by their planet's destruction but she has survived as well and serves by Atrion's side faithfully as his second in command. She does not fear him but she does fear his Bakugan Dio Savac. She used to be very beautiful but due to being exposed to a large amount of Mag Mel's leftover Chaos Energy, she has become hideous and will go to any length to bring back her youthful appearance. While she has six Bakugan at her disposal like the other BakuGods, she prefers to use the Aquos attribute among her other Bakugan.
    • Slash Petrakor Ventus - Tivala's Ventus Bakugan
    • Steam Clawraxx Pyrus - Tivala's Pyrus Bakugan
    • Night Slitheraxx Darkus - Tivala's Darkus Bakugan
    • Bright Gladitor Haos - Tivala's Haos Bakugan
    • Deep Meglorius Aquos - Tivala's Aquos Bakugan
    • Subterra Swamp Crocosaur Subterra - Tivala's Subterra Bakugan
    • Ultimate Tivala Ventus/Pyrus/Aquos/Subterra/Haos/Darkus (Ultimate Form)
  • Jin - He was once the Captain of the Castle Knights and Fabia's fiance but was killed by Kazarina during the Neathian-Gundalian War. However, Atrion resurrected him and now serves as his third in command. He suffers from amnesia and therefore does not remember anything about himself or of Fabia.
    • Star Samuraxx Haos (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Torjutsu (BakuArmor)
    • Dradiblade (Dradikor BakuBlade)
  • Floria - She was Nurzak’s daughter. She was killed during a battle during Nurzak’s younger days. Atrion resurrected her and made her his Subterra brawling servant. Like Jin, she suffers from amnesia and does not remember her father or anything from her life.
    • Spike Grapliton Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Artillacor (BakuArmor)
    • Dradiblast (Dradikor BakuBlast)
  • Professor Clay – He is the father of Mira and Keith Clay. He was killed in the destruction of the Alternative along with King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron. He was resurrected by Atrion to be his fifth in command as well as the Head of Research. Like Jin & Floria, he does not remember his children or anything else.
    • Heat Dradikor Pyrus (Guardian Bakugan) (Mechanical Bakugan)
    • Magmaraido (BakuArmor)
  • Shiori Kazami - She is Shun's mother. Since her last appearance in season 1, she has been in a coma the past few years and had little hope for survival. However, Atrion woke her up but without her memories like the others and now faithfully serves by Atrion's side.
    • Wind Osperio Ventus (Guardian Bakugan)
    • Wingzen (BakuArmor)
    • Dradishot (Dradikor BakuShot)

Other CharactersEdit

  • Runo Misaki - Runo returns to become a mentor for those new to Interspace as well as keep Dan in line.
    • Blade Tigrerra Haos (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Julie Makimoto - She also returns and becomes a mentor for those new to Interspace alongside Runo.
    • Hammer Gorem Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Mira Clay - She makes her returning debut to assist her brother while he is on Earth.
    • Magma Wilda Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Linus Claude - He has been assigned as the ambassador to Earth & Interspace on behalf of Neathia.
    • Rubanoid Pyrus (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Paige - She has been assigned as the ambassador to Earth & Interspace on behalf of Gundalia.
    • Boulderon Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Wavern - She serves as the ambassador to New Vestroia. As a thank you for saving his life, Zakaros brought Wavern back to life in a physical form without disrupting her connection to the Perfect Core.
  • Queen Fabia Sheen - Queen of Neathia.
  • Aranaut Haos (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Prime Minister Nurzak - Prime Minister of Gundalia.
  • SabatorSubterra (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Alice Gehabich - An old member of the Battle Brawlers.
    • Alpha Hydranoid Darkus (Guardian Bakugan)
  • Billy Gilbert - An old ally of the Battle Brawlers.
    • Cycloid Subterra (Guardian Bakugan)


  • BakuGods were the original creators of the Bakugan species - Code Eve & the Sacred Orb were two objects created by the BakuGods to represent them.
  • BakuGods are considered to be Ultimate Bakugan because the six Bakugan each possess is inside of them and have the six attributes required.
  • BakuGods have an Ultimate form when they combine with their six Bakugan but it is extremely dangerous to do it and requires years to master it effectively.
  • BakuGods can transform themselves into human form like Gundalian & Neathians. The only one shown to do that now is Zakaros.
  • BakuGods usually keep their Bakugan inside their staffs. A BakuGod's staff is the most important item they can have. It holds all of their power and secrets.
  • BakuGods are immortal and do not age. However, there are certain circumstances where aging may occur for some like being in contact with Chaos Energy as what happened to Tivala.
  • BakuGods also have the ability to breathe life into other beings as well as take life from them. This was shown when Zakaros revived Wavern as a thank you for saving him and when Atrion resurrected Jin, Floria & Professor Clay. However, when a DarkGod revives someone, they give them amnesia which is why Jin, Floria & Professor Clay do not remember anything.


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