flametor: grr, fern: grow!

zenoheld: hurry up! the kuso is here!

gill: cough* *stupid*

Chapter 2: Formation

dan: hey flare drago!

drago: ha...

shun: i cant believe ingram returned!

mira: hello dan

fabia: hello shun

fan: zomg shunxfabia!

xml123: hey! no fans in this story! or article..

fabia: gundalians returned

mira: zenohelds back.

fabia: here give this aquos hydro to marucho

mira: give ventus Stormbreaker to shun

zenoheld: not so fast!

dan: zenoheld!

gill: shun!

shun: gundalian!

all: bakugan brawl!

ingram: who is gill?

shun: a gundalian alien. we battled him a year ago after we saved vestal

flametor: ability... flaming field

ingram: wind power combat striker!

ingram: huh??

fern: Eyes Of Clearing!

fern: death Core!

flameter: blazing core

drago: flare burst!

fern: exodus magma!

stormbreaker: hurricane typhoon!

fern: noooooo!

zenoheld life force 60

zenoheld: time to give a surprise..

  • part 2 coming soon.

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