Dan: It Seems weird we dont know why evil keeps coming right to us. i need to find out but before i could get to it mira and fabia showed up with the others!

Chapter 1: Corrupt Gundalians

  • inside the sacred orb

barodious: where are we?

kazarina: empereor!

barodious: kazarina! grr gill...

gill: emperor... i. was mad that kazarina got 2nd in command..

barodious: hmm... ok one last chance.. or else i will elementate you..

volt: who are you???

hydron: yeah....

zenoheld: hydron! why! wait where are we anyway?

stoica: hahahaahahaaaaa

mylene: oh great another shadow...

zenoheld: who are you?

emperor barodius: i am barodius

zenoheld: im king zenoheld

  • gwaaaaa!!!

zenoheld and barodius: what??

naga: i am naga!!! i was the ancient nonatribute bakugan! intill a dragonoid destroyed me!!!

barodius: drago!!!!

naga: i still have some silent core with me.. thats why im alive.. i can make your bakugan appear again...

naga: bakugan.. Corrupt Build!

dharak: im back! where is drago!!

naga: its time...

  • makes portal.

naga: everyone escape!!

  • naga: here..

airzel: huh??

naga: this is ventus typhoonian

naga: this is pyrus flaretor

naga: haos magicus

naga: aquos cyclonian

naga: isnt there suppsed to be a sub..

barodius: he betrayed us

naga: lync volan... would u like to be evil again... we will just take over the world!

lync: maybe.. sure..

naga: ventus. Herilan

naga: haos rabilt

naga: aquos Waveian

pyrus: fern

subterra: Quadoid

shadow: whaagts mineee

naga: darkus doomian

naga: bwahahahaha!!!

naga: come evils we shall destroy earth! and your rivals!

  • end

dan: back on earth mira and fabia showed up! its weird and they told us the vestals and gundians returned! then gill and zenoheld showed up and challenged me and shun! get ready bakugna brawl!

episode 2: Formation

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