The Revolution Begins is the premiere episode of Bakugan: Rebellion. It introduces us to Ryan Apollos and follows him as he travels towards Nashville, Tennessee, looking for important information needed to begin the attempt to save the world from Naga and Kelvin.


The show opens 10 years since the Battle Brawlers defeated Naga, The original 6 Brawlers meet up at Runo's parents cafe, and while catching up they get a message from an anonymous person requesting a battle. When they arrive at the location the message told them to go, they meet a shadowy figure who tells them that "this isn't the time to fight." After saying this he activates a device and a portal opens beneath them and all 6 Brawlers fall in as the figure laughs.

Fast forward 25 years later and a biker is seen stopping at a rest stop at the Georgia-Tennessee boarder. The biker takes his helmet off and reveals him to be Ryan Apollos. As he rests he begins talking to himself, but it later turns out he's talking to his Bakugan, Ragon. He tells Ragon that from what he remembers is that in order to free the world, they have to destroy the 6 main bases Naga had set up on the 6 continents. Ragon suggests that they have to find the North American main base. However Ryan has no clue as to it's location, so he suggests they go to the Nashville Mega Library, the largest library in the Southeast North America.

After arriving just outside the city limits, Ryan Apollos stops and takes out a Darkus Gauntlet and begins working on it. After Ragon asks what he's doing, Ryan tells Ragon that he's disabling the gauntlets tracking chip. Ryan goes on to say that the second they enter the city the tracker chip would alert the cities Bakugan Officers and he would get captured before they can make it to the library. After this they head into the city, while at the same time somewhere in the city a bakugan announces to someone that a rogue bakugan has entered the city.

At the library, Ryan comes across some important information while on the computer about the North American main base. As well as some information that is even more important. As Ryan and Ragon leave the library a Bakugan Officer and Bakugan enter. The bakugan senses Ragon's location is near and tells his partner. They then follow Ryan to a park where Ryan sits down to take a break. As Ryan is going over the information he found on the computer he is approached by the same Bakugan Officer. After a little explanation the officer reveals himself to be Officer Darren Mills. Darren tells Ryan he is in illegal possesstion of a bakugan and he must come with him. To which Ryan says he has no proof. However Darren's bakugan, Haos Hammersaur appears and says that Ryan does have a bakugan. Darren then makes Ryan an offer, he challenges Ryan to a battle and if Ryan wins, Darren will give Ryan a 10 minute head start. However if Darren wins, Ryan must go with him, without a fight. Ryan agrees to the offer and Darren then says they will battle in one on one life meter format.

As the battle starts it becomes apparent that Darren speciallizes in counters to Darkus bakugan and abilities, of which Ryan uses. However Ryan reveals that he's prepared for such a situation and uses two abilities that bypass Darren's counters and Ryan wins the first battle. The second battle Ryan again uses combinations that outweigh Darren's strategies and once again Ryan wins ending the battle. Ryan then leaves for his head start, while Darren says to himself that he said he would give Ryan a head start but that didn't mean that the rest of the cities Bakugan Officers would.

After this Ryan is chased through the streets of Nashville by the Bakugan officers. As the chase continues Ryan realizes he's been going in circles trying to lose the officers. After realizing this Ryan goes into his backpack and pulls out a device and activates it as a countdown timer begins. Ryan tells Ragon that he's prepared for anything that happens. As he ducks into an alley he throws the device down and it fully activates releasing a smokescreen. As the officers head through believing they are chasing Ryan still Ryan comes out of the alley the way he went in, he had ducked into a side alley connected to the one alley after the smokescreen had activated. Ryan then leaves the city and heads east telling Ragon, that they need to find a hideout. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Ryan, Darren is disguised and closely following Ryan. As the show ends Darren claims, "I'll get you yet fugitive."

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Ryan Apollos
  • Darkus Ragon
  • Darren Mills
  • Haos Hammersaur

Episode BattlesEdit

Ryan Apollos & Darkus Ragon defeated Darren Mills & Haos Hammersuar in a one on one battle.

  • Round 1 - Ragon defeated Hammersaur (590 Gs - 550 Gs)
  • Round 2 - Ragon defeated Hammersaur (940 Gs - 600 Gs)

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