Bakugan rebellion

Naga has returned with some new help and he succeeds in taking over the world. It's now up to a new team of Bakugan Brawlers to save the world.


10 years after the Bakugan Battle Brawlers saved the world and stopped Naga. One day the Brawlers each recieve a message challenging each of them to a battle in the park. When they arrive they find that Naga has returned and this time he's got some new help. Naga, now much stronger than he was before opens a rift sending the brawlers into the future, where Naga manages to capture the Brawlers and take over the world. Now 5 years have past and everyone in the world have been completely tricked into thinking Naga is the good while he's established 7 generals to help him run the 7 continents. Who can stop Naga and save our planet.



Bakugan SaviorsEdit

Ryan Apollos: The founder of the Bakugan Saviors. Before founding the Saviors he had a dream that he would one day become a General in Naga's Bakugan Officers. He abandoned the dream when he found out the truth. He is a Darkus Brawler.

Darkus Ragon: Ryan Apollos' Guardian Bakugan. Not that much is known about him at this time. However, in The Revolution Begins it is revealed that he respects those that fight fair.

Courtney Gains: She has always been suspicious of Naga's actions and has been a fugitive of Naga's Bakugan's Officers for 5 years. She is a Pyrus brawler

Pyrus Warius: Courtney Gains' Guardian Bakugan. Warius confirmed Courtney of her suspicions and stood by her side ever since.

Kayla Carter: A refugee with psychic powers that enable her to read minds. She ran away when her abilities caused her to read Naga's mind and saw the evil inside him. Her parents are high up in the Bakugan Officers in Europe and won't accept her abilites, which contributed to Kayla running away. She is a Ventus brawler.

Ventus Monarus: Kayla Carter's Guardian Bakugan. She was the first thing, person or bakugan, to completely understand Kayla's abilities.

Alexis Ward: She is know around the world as the Outback Water Jet as she is the fastest swimmer in Australia. She is an Aquos brawler.

Aquos Abis Omega: Alexis Ward's Guardian Bakugan. He and Alexis met when Alexis was at a beach collecting sea shells.

Caden June: Well versed in all martial arts and is very focused. He never fights dirty and believes that you must fight with honor or you don't deserve to win. He is a Subterra brawler.

Subterra Hynoid: Caden June's Guardian Bakugan. Just like Caden, he also believes in fighting with honor.

Darren Mills: A former Bakugan Officer. How he joined the Saviors is not known yet. He believes that in order to win you must do what ever it takes to do so. He is a Haos brawler.

Haos Hammersaur: Darren Mills' Guardian Bakugan. He and Darren are real close friends and he always agrees with everything Darren says as well. It is hinted that he is able to sense other Bakugan within a certain distance.


Kelvin: The co-main antagonist in Bakugan: Rebellion. He is seldom seen in aside from his shadowy figure. He shares the same views as Naga, which is more than likely what led to him and Naga joining forces. He has been corrupted with an overwhelming need for power. He also is Naga's brawler if the need arrises.

Naga: The co-main antagonist in Bakugan: Rebellion. He bears a deep hatred for all who oppose him. He tried once to take over Earth, but was defeated by the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He managed to survive the encounter and laid in wait to launch a second attack. His second attack worked with the help of Kelvin and he took over the world. Now he looks to take out the only thing that could possibly defeat him, the Bakugan Saviors. He also is, in a way, Kelvin's Guardian Bakugan.

Other CharactersEdit

Battle Brawlers

Dan Kuso: The Battle Brawlers leader. He was the last one of the Brawlers captured. He is a Pyrus Brawler.

Pyrus Helix Dragonoid: Dan Kuso's Guardian Bakugan. Also known as Drago. His whereabouts are currently unknown after the Battle Brawlers were captured, but it is believed that he was locked far away from Dan and the other Brawlers for an unknown reason.

Runo Misaki: A girl whose parents own their own cafe. At this point in the series her and Dan have officially become a couple. She was the 4th Brawler captured. She is a Haos brawler.

Haos Blade Tigrerra: Runo Misaki's Guardian Bakugan. She is kind and often protective.

Marucho Marukura: A rich kid who is also incredibly smart. He was the 3rd Brawler captured. He is an Aquos brawler.

Aquos Preyas: Marucho Marukura's Guardian Bakugan. He is shy and comical. He often tells jokes, some of which aren't that funny at all.

Shun Kazami: A ninja who's mother fell into a coma. He was the 5th Brawler captured. He is a Ventus brawler.

Ventus Master Ingram: He is Shun Kazami's Guardian Bakugan. He is very obedient to Shun and very caring and understandable of him.

Julie Makimoto: She was previously Dan Kuso's #1 fan but she later became just a friend when she began a relationship with her childhood friend Billy. She was the 2nd Brawler captured. She is a Subterra brawler.

Subterra Hammer Gorem: He is Julie Makimoto's Guardian Bakugan. He is kindhearted and very protective of Julie.

Alice Gehabich: The granddaughter of a famous scientist. She used to have an alter-ego named Masquerade who had originally helped Naga before Dan defeated Masquerade. She was the 1st Brawler captured. She is a Darkus brawler.

Darkus Alpha Hydranoid: He is Alice's Guardian Bakugan. He has 3 heads and each one has a diffenent voice. At first he was used by Masquerade and was power hungry. When Masquerade left Alice's body, Hydranoid became Alice's bakugan and his power hungry personality seems to have disappeared along with Masquerade.


Season 1Edit

Episode # Episode Name
1 The Revolution Begins
2 Makings of a Deal
3 Canuck Amuck
4 Showdown in A-Town
5 Beantown Beatdown
6 Iditarod Marathon
7 Parental Guidence
8 Desert Domination
9 An Unlikely Enemy
10 A Battle Won?
11 TBA
12 TBA
13 TBA
14 TBA
15 TBA
16 TBA
17 TBA
18 TBA
19 TBA
20 TBA

Elements In Bakugan: RebellionEdit

  • New in Bakugan: Rebellion is the Bypass Ability cards. They are extremely rare and it's considered very lucky to even have one bypass card. The bypass cards were introduced in the first episode during Ryan and Darren's battle.

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