This is a list of episodes for the RP series Bakugan: Power of the Hearts.

Episode 1: A New LightEdit

Summary: Young Zindigan scientist Bendo has been living in the dark all of his life. He doesn't want to work as a scientist any more, but it is all he knows. But then, when a mysterious Bakugan is found by him, the two form a partnership. They enter a brawl with one of Bendo's fellow scientists, and a fierce battle is started.

Episode 2: The Code of RiplemixEdit

Summary: As Bendo and Phos celebrate their victory over Saber and his Bakugan Halogon, an alarm sounds, and they are called to duty. A prototype Mobile Assault has escaped. And it has a mind of his own. Bendo is determined to retrieve it, but he is tortured by strange visions along the way, making the journey much tougher than he could have imagined. When the beast is captured, Bendo is told it is the creature that murdered his parents. Bendo loses control, and uses Phos to destroy it.

Episode 3: Power PlayEdit

Summary: After Bendo and Saber are saved by Xian brawler Slax and his Bakugan Crawlobra, Bendo is challenged to a brawl by Slax. Phos believes that it will be easy, but the tables turn quickly, and Phos is put in a serious disadvantage against the vicious Crawlobra.

Episode 4: Death From AboveEdit

Summary: After the unbelievable tie between Phos and Crawlobra, an army of fearsome Bakugan known only as Terozons begin attacking Zindiga, under the command of a mysterious masked being, who is determined to find something known as the Zindigan Heart. Phos, Halogon, and Crawlobra must put aside their differences, and work together to destroy the invading army. The three make progress, but are soon overwhelmed. Soon, two new Bakugan appear, and destroy enough of the Terozons to send them retreating.

Episode 5: ArmageddeonEdit

Summary: As the two new mysterious brawlers identify themselves as Zarin and Farinx, another alarm sounds. A Bakugan the size of a Mechtogan is shown attacking Zindiga. As Phos and Bendo engage it, the mammoth monster identifites himself as Armageddeon, an ultimate weapon. Phos believes that sacrificing himself will kill them both. But instead, they both live, and Armageddeon is unharmed. He claims to revive his master, Mercuritris, and destroy Xia and Zindiga. He leaves Phos alive, to "let him feel the pain" of seeing his own failure.

Episode 6: Race Against TimeEdit

Summary: As Armageddeon searches for the holding chamber of Mercuritris, Bendo, Farinx, Zarin, Slax, and Saber prepare for war. But before they can, Bendo is visited by a mysterious woman who tells him that Armageddeon will find Mercuritris within two Earth days, unless he is stopped. As they gear up for the chase, a strange Xian named Elitus swoops in, and captures Crawlobra. She also claims to be a servant of Mercuritris. Slax refuses to leave without his partner, so the team set their sights on reclaiming Crawlobra.

Episode 7: A Force of DestructionEdit

Summary: Slax, Zarin, and Bendo decide to investigate Elitus's found lair while Saber and Farinx chase down Armageddeon. When they find her, she unleashes three Crawlobra clones on them. Phos and Eaglator defeat them with some effort, and they chase down Elitus. They find the real Crawlobra in a tank, mutating into a distorted creature. Elitus tells them if they cut off the mutation, Crawlobra will die. They take no chances, and Crawlobra emerges from the tank two minutes later, and attacks Phos and Eaglator.

Episode 8: Roaring ThunderEdit

Summary: The new Crawlobra has been mutated into a Darkus Bakugan, and is unknown of what species he is now. Elitus explains that it is his "ultimate form", and that he is now Raze Ripper. Raze Ripper attacks, and knocks out Phos with one blow. Eaglator is wiped out seconds later. Phos is thrown back out, and he uses the same ability that he used to defeat Crawlobra the last time. Raze Ripper isn't defeated, but he is badly hurt. Phos proceeds to finish him off, but Slax stops him, and Phos uses an ability to knock Raze Ripper out. It returns to Slax, and appears to have Crawlobra's mind again. They all retreat, and Elitus makes no attempt to stop them.

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