In this season of Bakugan Dan and his friends must go on a planet called Harrivan and save the bakugan that the Anti-Brawlers put there,and the planet that they plan on destroying.

Brawlers In Book OneEdit


Pyrus: Dan Kuso: Inferno Drago (Gave energy back)

Haos: Runo Miskai: Slash Tigrerra (Lost energy) (Given Back to the Warriors after got back)

Haos: Baron Leltoy: Bright Nemus (Lost energy) (Given Back to the Warriors after got back)

Aquos: Marucho Marakura: Deep Preyas & Aqua Elfin & Deep Angelo/Diablo (Lost Preyas) (Got preyas back) (Gave energy back)

Aquos: Maria June: Atlas Akwimos (Lost energy) (Gave energy back)

Subterra: Julie Makimoto: Slam Gorem (Gave energy back)

Subterra: Mira Clay: Quake Wilda (Gave enerfy back)

Ventus: Shun Kazami: Samarai Ingram & Storm Skyress (Lost Skyress but got back) (Gave back energy)

Darkus: Alice Gehabich: Lead Hydranoid (Lost Hydranoid but got back) (Gave energy back)

Darkus: Ace Grit: Grave Percival (Gave energy back)

Perfect Core: Joe Brown: Perfect Wavern (Lost Wavern but got her back) (Gave Core Back)

Minor MembersEdit

Ventus: Doe: Hakapoid (Left in chapter 19)

Non-Brawler: Jake (Left in chapter 19)

Non-Brawler: Alex Chang

Pyrus: Spectra Phantom (Tricked them and quit)


Ventus: Trevor Nickola: Windbrush Sangaring

Pyrus: Matt Garren: Flame Falconeer

Aquos: Mylene Pharroh: Squirt Macubass

Haos: Miguel Marichi: Mega Kraxis

Subterra: Chellsea Harrita: Kix Bumptran

Darkus: Shadow Prove: Mirad Hades/MAX Spyder

Ventus: Lync Volan: Ultra Aluze

Bakugan DestroiersEdit

Subterra: Hydron: Bronze Dryoid

Pyrus: King Zenoheld: Farbros

Haos: Volt: Lightful Boriates

Darkus: Micheal: Vladitor

Professor Clay

Brawlers In Book TwoEdit


Pyrus:Dan: Blazing Drago (Evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Pyrus: Spectra: Shining Helios (Evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Haos: Runo: Zap Tigrerra (Evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Aquos: Maria: Waterfall Akwimos (Evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Subterra: Julie: Gigantic Gorem (Evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Ventus: Shun: Windy Skyress & Warrior Ingram (Both bakugan evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Darkus: Ace: Percival Darkness (Evolved due to being exposed to the lake of Glory)

White One: Joe: Exelerated Wavern & Mega Garvarion (Both evolved due to being exposed to the Lake of Glory)

Non-Brawler: Alex: Does not brawl.

Resistance AlliesEdit

Pyrus: Chan Lee: Fortress

Haos: Baron: Nemus

Aquos: Marucho: Preyas,Angelo,Diablo and Elfin

Aquos: Klaus: Sirenoid

Subterra: Billy: Cycloid

Ventus: Doe: Hakapoid

Darkus: Alice: Hydranoid

Non-Bralwer: Jake

Wooden: David: Martraon

The New Soldiors of VestroiaEdit

Pyrus: Meta Dragonoid

Haos: Splight

Aquos: Krackentorial

Subterra: Vandarus

Ventus: El Condor

Darkus: Goblinball

Wooden: Jangone

Metal: Megack

Sluge: Gretdro


Ventus: Trevor: Winged Sangaring

Darkus: Masquerade: Dark Alpha Hydranoid (The copied Hydranoid's DNA and edited it)

Pyrus: Matt: Flare Falconeer

Subterra: Chellsea: Mega Kung-Foo Bumptran

Aquos: Mylene: Chance Elico/Mega Macubass

Haos: Miguel: Light-Bright Kraxis

Darkus: Shadow Prove: Mirad Hades/All Mightly Spyder

Ventus: Lync: Mega Altair/Flying Aluze

Bakugan DestroiersEdit

Subterra: Hydron: Clydron

Pyrus: Zenoheld: Assail Farbros

Darkus: Micheal: Battle Ax Vlanditor

Haos: Volt: Alto Brontes/Laser Boriates

Ventus: Mckala: Snapzoid

Aquos: Mitchy: Siege

Book OneEdit

Chapter 1: The Start of Horible ActionsEdit

Runo and Dan are playing Checkers.

Runo: Check mate!

Dan: Check mate? No!

Runo: Dan, Don't be sad that you lost.

Shun: What is this?

Dan: Shun, Do you see that?

Ingram: It looks like Runo just beat you at checkers.

Dan: Uggh!

Runo: See Dan! Ingram knows what he is talking about!

Marucho: Yes but... *cut off by the teleporter opening*

Mira: Hey Guys!

Julie: Hey Mira!

Baron: Julie, I hate to say it but we aren't here for a party.

Alice: Whats wrong?

Ace: Well, There is trouble with a group called the Anti-Brawlers.

Dan: Whats wrong on New Vestroia?

Mira: It isn't there... But on a planet called Harrivan.

Runo: What is going on?

Wilda: The Anti-Brawlers went there and dumped all of the bakugan there in Ball-form.

Julie: Oh no!

Tigrerra: Lets go!

Ingram: What do you mean?

Baron: We are all ready to stop this!

Marucho: Lets go!

Drago: Wait! Are the Anti-Brawlers still there?

Baron: They are gonna set a bomb that whipes out bakugan and leave.

Dan: If we hurry we can stop it!

They all run through the portal.And see a member brawling a girl.

Trevor: You haven't beat me and you aren't going to!

Sangaring: You can't win this! Just go back now!

Akwimos: You wish!

Maria: Ability Card activate! Swim,Danger,Tsunami!

Sangaring: Do it Trevor!

Trevor: Counter Ability activate! Airwalk!

Maria: No!

Trevor: Ability Activate! Total Wipeout!

Akwimos goes back into ball form.

Maria: No!

Trevor: I told you brawler! You can't win! *teleports away*

Alice: There is life on this planet!

Mira: Hi I am Mira Clay Me and my friends want to welcome you to the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance.

Maria: Thanks! We Accept! We have been trying to beat these guys but we can only beat Miguel and Shadow Prove.

Dan: Shadow Prove is here?

Maria: Their team is: Trevor, his is the leader and the one I just brawled,Matt,Mylene,Miguel,Chellsea,Shadow,and Lync.

Runo: Vexos!

Maria: They broke up.

Julie: No,Lync,Mylene and Shadow Prove are some of the old members of the Vexos.

Maria: No way!

Akwimos: This isn't good!

Dan: But it is the time to brawl!

All: Lets do this!

Shadow: Looking happy Brawlers!

Miguel: big deal just beacuse they added a new Member!

Runo: We can beat you!

Miguel: I would rather date you!

Runo: Get away!

Maria and Runo and Shadow and Miguel: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Shadow: Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl! Darkus MAX Spyder stand!

Miguel: Runo, You will love me! Bakugan Brawl! Kraxis stand!

Runo: Never! Tigrerra stand!

Maria: Get Ready! Akwimos Stand!

Shadow: Ability Activate! Wild Claws! *Hits Tigrerra*

Miguel: Ability Activate! Element Glow!

Kraxis: At your service! *Hits Tigrerra*

Tigrerra: No! I can't take these hits much longer!

Runo: Don't Worry! Haos Bakugan Trap! Calsnaut! Double Ability Activate! Hyper Velocity Fang! Plus Gillion Cords!

Tigrerra: I can't do my ability!

Carlsnaut: *does its abiliy and hits Spyder*

Miguel: My ability can do that!

Kraxis: Sorry Tigrerra!

Tigrerra: Why would you care....Kraxis?

Kraxis: its me.

Runo: Who is..

Tigrerra: I have known him for a long time. But now his is evil!

Kraxis: I am sorry for that too,But I have to be on his side!

Maria: Ability Set! Water Spouts!

Shadow and Miguel: Counter act!

Tigrerra: Ahhh! *goes into ball form*

Akwimos: Noooo! *ball form*

Carlsnaut: *ball form*

Gauntlet: Runo and Maria life gauge 150.

Tigrerra: *thinking* How can he do that to me.

(To be continued)

Maria: So Me and Runo continue our brawl,but Tigrerra knows Kraxis and doesn't think she can brawl against him. Will she? Can She? I don't know I hope! Catch some heavy Brawling next time!

Chapter 2: Kraxis RealationEdit

(Fade in)

Maria: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Aquos Juggernoid Stand! Akwimos Stand!

Runo: Tigrerra Stand! Bakugan Trap Carlsnaut!

Shadow: You can't win this!

Miguel: Unless I do a favor!

Shadow: What favor?

Miguel: You'll see!

Shadow: Whatever! Bakugan Stand! *whispers* Wait untill they see who Professior Clay fixed. Mirad Hades Stand!

Runo: *gasp*

Miguel: Spindle Stand!

Shadow: What!

Runo: fusion Ability activate! Trick Noid!*hits Hades*

Maria: Triple Ability Activate! Sun Ray,Water Spouts, and Sunburn! *hits both*

Shadow: Double Ability! Triad Burn plus Mager Shade! *Hits Tigrerra and adds 300 gs.

Miguel: Skip me!

Maria: Gate Gard Open! Tricky Gate!

Miguel and Shadow's Bakugan go into ball form.

Miguel: Gate Card Set! bakugan Brawl!

Shadow: Wait! I know what your doing!

Miguel: She has to win!

Shadow: no! *replaces the bakugan in his hand with Kraxis*

Miguel: Man! Kraxis Stand.

Tigerra: Don't Throw me please!

Runo: Fine. Carlsnaut Come!

Maria: We can win this! Bakugan Stand! Akwimos!

Akwimos: Aquos Akwimos Here to help! *winks*

Runo: Lets hope you can.

Maria: Ability Activate! Water Whip! *hits Hades*

Shadow: Special Ability Activate! Dark Water Whipeout!

Akwimos and Hades go into ball form.

Gauntlet: Maria and Shadow's life gage at zero.

Maria: Why?

Shadow: Miguel needs to beat Runo.

Maria: Sucks for him because he isn't.

Runo: Lets hope not....

Maria: You can do it!

It becomes stormy.

Kraxis: Whats wrong!

Lars Lion: I have come to divide the Haos energy between Nemus and Tigrerra! *gives the energies*

Tigrerra: I feel something! I evolved! I am now Haos Slash Tigerra! Throw me in!

Runo: Tigerra Stand!

Tigerra: Ability Activate! Energy bang! *whipesout Kraxis*

Runo: yay!

Maria: You did it!

Dan: Congrats!

Marucho: Lars Lion, Why did you give your energy again?

Lars Lion: If we are destroyed the energies will be destroyed in good hands!

Julie: Does Gorem get an energy?

Lars Lion: Find Clayf....


Joe: Joe here! I am back in the game! The Brawlers find me in a very unsafe place,So Wavern comes back and saves me! Then, Drago thinks that the Perfect core is too much if he gets the pyrus energy.So Wavern gets it again. Marucho and I get in a brawl with Lync and Chellsea.It is really intese you have to be there!

Chapter 3: Wavern's Return!Edit

Dan: What kind of Brawl was that Tigrerra?

Maria: Yeah, How did you know Kraxis?

Tigerra: Well it all started back when I fell onto Earth. I was messing around with Runo's Baku-pod.Then the next thing I knew Kraxis appeared on the screen.I didn't know who he was. Then the time Runo was looking for me was when I met him in person. He acted very nice. We shade some laughs. But now he is evil!

Runo: Eww! You were dating Kraxis!?

Julie: He was Ugly!

Mira: Julie, that isn't the point of Tigrerra's Story.

Julie: oh...

Tigrerra: Yes I guess you can say I dated him. He knows I still like him. I can also tell that he still likes me.

Runo: Miguel likes me too!

Ace: But you don't like Miguel.

They hear a scream for help.

Marucho: Hey who are y....Guys come see this!

Dan: Umm.

Joe: I found Wavern! But then this guy with pink hair and a really ugly girl came and tied me up.

Maria: Lync and Chellsea!

Baron: Man! Master Dan, Did they use Joe for bait?

Dan: I think they did.

Lync: You don't understand the whole plan yet though!

Chellsea: Yeah try to beat us!

Joe: I can! Mira, Can I have a Haos Gauntlet?

Mira: I have one on me. I brought our old ship. I thought we might need it. It has guantlets on it. Here you go!

Marucho: I am in!

Drago: Wavern,You aren't strong enough to brawl,Here. If I am getting the Pyrus enery again,Take the Perfect Core.

Wavern: Okay Drago! Thank you!

Joe and Marucho: Gauntlet.....

Chellsea and Lync: Power strike!

Joe: Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Perfect Wavern Stand!

Wavern: I am back!

Thunder Comes.

Marucho: What!?

Frosch: I have come to divide the Aquos Energy with Elfin and Preyas!

Maria: Wait! Frosch sir, can Akwimos have some energy too? If we are all brawling to save all of the people and Bakugan there should we have some too?

Frosch: Beat me in a brawl right after this!....Sorry Marucho Wait for the energy after I brawl this alien and her Bakugan.

Maria: I can prove to you that I deserve it!

Marucho: Okay well anyways....Bakugan Brawl Preyas and Minx Elfin Stand!

Preyas: ready to fight!

Elfin: Aquos Elfin Version 2! ready to serve you Marucho!

Lync: Ventus Ultra Aluze Stand!

Chellsea: Subterra Kix Bumptran!

Joe: Ability Activate! White Whipeout! *hits Bumptran and adds 200 gs to himself*

Marucho: Double Ability Activate! Whirl Kick plus Ding-Dong-Ditch! *both hit Aluze*

Lync: Oh yeah! You think you guys are so tough! Ability Activte! Mega Air Lance! *hits Preyas*

Chellsea: Don't get so full of yourself Lync! That's how you always lose! Ability Activate! Bubble Bang!

Marucho: No way! Bubble Bang is an aquos ability!

Chellsea: Yeah! This is a natral bakugan,But it is the only one in exsistance!

Joe: Don't worry Marucho! Ability Activate! Infinity Blow!

Wavern: Infinity Core give me power! Ahh! *hits Aluze and it hits Lync while Aluze goes into ball form*

Gautlet: Lync's life gauge at 150.

Chellsea: I told you don't get full of yourself!

Marucho: Ability...Wait! I can't do anything! What did you do Chellsea!

Chellsea: Oh I didn't do anything Blame Joe! He is the one who beat Aluze!

Joe: What do you mean!

Chellsea: I played a trick card over your gate card! You can't win this brawlers!

Marucho: What is a trick card!?

Chellsea: A trick card is a card that you whisper into and then throw it and it does whatever you whispered.

Joe: What did you whisper!

Lync: She whispered that if any mechanical bakugan is beat that no abilities can be played!

Joe: Wavern, use the infinity Core and blow them up!

Wavern: I can't! *while they are talking all bakugan's power level are tropping*

Wavern,Preyas, and Elfin: ahh! *they go into ball form*

Gauntlet: Joe and Marucho life gauge at 50.

Wavern: I am sorry Joe,We can't win this! I have to get used to the Infinity Core!

Joe: It is okay wavern. No sweat!

Marucho: Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Preyas Angelo Stand!

Angelo: Preyas Angelo! Ready to brawl!

Chellsea: Big deal! Tuskor stand!

Lync: El Condor Stand!

Lync: Ability Activate! Wind-Subterra Impossible!

Gauntlet: Marucho Life gauge at zero.

Lync: We told you,You can't win! The more of you there are the more complicated it will be!

Chellsea: Good Luck! You'll Need it!

Joe: You can't tell us that!

Marucho: You don't know us at all!

Lync: Whatever! Losers! *they dissapear*

Frosch: Get ready Maria!


Maria: OK so ever since the brawlers found me things have been pretty wierd! Well In order for Marucho and I to divide the Aquos energy with Elfin,Preyas and Akwimos, Me and Akwimos have to beat Frosch in a brawl! Lets just hope I can do it! See you there brawlers! Bakugan Brawl! I think this is a win!

Chapter 4: Akwimos's Big Brawl!Edit

Frosch: Are you ready Kiddo?

Maria: Yes I am!

Marucho: Do you need back-up?

Maria: No Marucho,I need to do this myself!

Marucho: All right.

Julie: Just remember to have fun!

Alice: Do your best!

Dan: Good Luck!

Drago: You too Akwimos!

Gorem: Yes do well!

Wilda: Wish you luck!

Maria: Okay! Guantlet Power Strike!

Frosch: So you think you are worthy of the Aquos energy?

Maria: Yes. Verry Much so.

Frosch: Then Stop being so polite and prove it!

Maria: Whatever Slime Ball!

Frosch: That is more like it!

Maria: Gate card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Aquos Akwimos Stand!

Frosch: Mask Form Down! Bakugan Brawl! Me stand!

Akwimos: Hey You! Froggy Get ready to Brawl!

Frosch Oh! Believe me I was born ready!

Maria: Ability Card Activate! Sun rays!

Akwimos: You got it Sweet Cheeks!

Maria: come aquos bakugan Trap! Balexion!

Guantlet: Frosch Power level 300 Gs. Akwimos at 600 Gs.

Frosch: Activate! Fresh Water!

Guantlet: Akwimos at 300 Gs.

Maria: Ability! Water Fall! Plus Heavy Surf!

Frosch: Ahhhhhhh!

Gauntlet: Frosch power Level at zero.Winner Akwimos!

Frosch: You have been able to defeat me! Now what have you learned from our battle?

Maria: You can't be to polite or you will go nowhere.

Frosch: Correct!

Marucho: Now?

Frosch: I now divide with Aquos Energy 3 ways! Akwimos...Preyas...Minx Elfin! I give you my energy and make you Atlas Akwimos,Deep Preyas, and Aqua Elfin! Goodbye!

Julie: I knew you could do it Maria!

Maria: Thanks!

Thunder comes and surrounds.

Clayf: I give my energy to Slam Gorem and Quake Wilda!

Apolinir: I give mine to Pyrus Flame Drago!

Exedra: I give mine to Lead Hydrnaoid and Grave Percival!

Oberus: I give mine to Master Ingram and I make her Samurai Ingram!

Thunder stoppes.

Hydron: Don't get too Happy!


Mira: Okay now this is bad! Hydron comes to Harrivan with the new BTS system! instead of working with who he calls "Traitors" He is working with a Harrivan man named Micheal and Volt! When Hydron challenges Me, Alice and Ace to a brawl we just couldn't say no! So it looks like this could be trouble! Catch the insane brawling next time on Bakugan! See you there!

Chapter 5: Hydron Danger!Edit

Dan: Why are you here! I thought we finished you off in Vestal!

Hydron: Nope! And My father sent me to find Harrivans and save there life. Before....

Runo: Before what?

Hydron: Either me and my team or those Anti-Brawlers blow up the whole planet!

Dan: Not if I can help it!

Joe: Count me in!

Alice: No! Joe,Dan, If anything is lost....It shouldn't be the perfect core or the pyrus energy. Let me take this!

Mira: Me too!

Dan: But....

Julie and Ace: Just let them do it!

Shun: They can take him.

Maria: Yeah we are even Stronger now too!

Marucho: Dan?

Joe and Dan: Fine.

Hydron: Gauntlet!

Mira and Alice: Power Strike!

Hydron: Gate card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Dryoid Stand! Unlock Canistor! Ulitmate Formation!

Alice: He doesn't mean...

Mira: Maxus Dyroid?

Hydron: Yes it is!

Mira: Well we aren't afraid! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Quake Wilda Stand!

Quake Wilda: *causes earthquake* I am here!

Hydranoid: Throw me in Alice!

Alice: I dont know If I am ready for a brawl....What if it happens.

Hydranoid: If it happens it happens...Remember either way the brawlers made up with Maquerade.

Alice: I don't know...

Mira: Are you gonna brawl,Alice?

Alice: Umm...

Mira: Oh well until you are ready me and Wilda can take Him!

Hydranoid: Alice!

Alice: I am sorry I cant!

Hydron: Ability Activate! Element of Earth!

Wilda: Ahh! I need help!

Hydranoid: Alice Wilda needs me!

Alice: I know but...

Mira: Alice, It is fine We can handle it!

Wilda: Only to a certain point!

Mira: Bakugan Brawl! Verias Stand! And bakugan trap! Baliton!

Hydron: Oh I am so scared! Double ability activate! Insane Twist plus Subterra Whipeout!

Mira: What does that do!

Wilda: Oh no! AHHHHHH! *ball form*

Verias: Ahhh! *ball form*

Baliton: *goes into ball form*

Hydranoid: Alice!!!!

Alice: Fine! Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Hydranoid stand!

Hydron: This just gets easier and easier! Bakugan Brawl! Unlock Canistor! Ultimate Formation! Maxus Dryoid!

Mira: Bakugan Brawl! Wilda and Baliton Stand!

Alice: Ability Activate! Darkus Splash!

Hydron: What?

Alice: That whipes out any other darkus Bakugan. So say goodbye to your darkus Bakugan!

Dryoid: *Maxus peices fall off and go into ball form*

Mira: Good! Subterra Splash!

Dryoid: *goes into ball*

Mira: Gate card set! Bakugan Brawl! Verias Stand!

Alice: I see the plan! Bakugan Brawl! Mantris stand!

Hydron: Dryoid Stand!

Mira: Subterra Splash! Huh? We cant use it!

Hydron: Sorry! I enabled that!

Alice: Anything else?

Hydron: OH you will see Alice!

Alice: I will take that as a yes.

Hydronoid: Do it!

Alice: Ability Activate! Dark Tone!

Mantris: *Plays a cricket song and Dryoid goes into ball form*

Hydron: Not yet! Bakugan Brawl! Clydron stand!

Hydron: Total Whipeout!

Gauntlet: Hydron wins. No attribute energies take though.

Hydron: At least I still won!

Volt: Lets go!

Micheal: Hey!

Julie: *to Runo* Micheal is hot!


Maria: So today the brawlers and I are trying to avoid any Brawls. And we try to get any people on the planet to come with us! Then we are going to use My house for our base and also our mobile base is Mira's truck/house. Lets hope we can do it! Catch us nect time on bakugan! No Brawl!

Chapter 6: Bakugan No Brawl!Edit

Mira: I cannot Believe we lost!

Alice: What was that Clydron thing.

Mira: I didn't see what it looks like....

Hydranoid: Neither did I...

Alice: Wilda, Did you?

Wilda: Huh? *lying* No.

Dan: Weird.

Marucho: I think we should hide out again but this time nobody leaves.

Runo: Okay.

Julie: Party!

Maria: We should use my house!

Ace: And get as much people there as possible and let them in on the plan!

Dan: So the search starts now!

Maria: *finds a teenage boy* Come here!

Jake: Wow man! Whats up!

Maria: Do you want to be safe?

Jake: What?

Maria: Dude,If you wanna be okay follow me.

Jake: Well Okay.

Doe: Hey Is that a bakugan you have?

Ace: Yes.

Percival: Percival is at your serice!

Doe: I have one too! But I brawl with Ventus Bakugan.

Hakpoid: Hey! Its me!

Ace: What ever just come with me!

Dan: Hey you please come here we need you!

Alex: Hey Man! What?

Dan: Do you brawl?

Alex: What is that?

Dan: Nevermind just follow me!

They all meet up.

Alex: What are we doing?

Maria: Just everybody follow me!

They now go to Maria's house and hide.

Jake: So what is "Brawling"?

Dan: Bakugan are beings and evil Brawlers are here to destroy your planet.

Mira: So we came here....

Julie: To save you guys.

Alex: Okay so who is from where?

Dan: I am from Earth.

Julie: Me too.

Maria: I am from here.

Mira: I am from a place called Vestal.

Ace: I am also.

Baron: Vestal.

Runo: Earth

Marucho: Me too.

Alice: Earth.

Jake: Here.

Doe: Here on Harrivan.

Alex: Me too.

Dan: Any other questions?

Jake: Nope we know enough.

Mira: Do you guys want Bakugan?

Alex: How do we get them?

Mira: They dumped all of them on here and Vestal.

Dan: What do you mean Vestal?

Mira: In Alice and I's Brawl with Hydron I heard Mylene and Chellsea. Only half of them are here, the rest are on Vestal.

Dan: Oh no!

Alex: I dont think I want one.

Jake: Me either dude.

Maria: Will you still help us?

Jake: I guess.

Alex: Sure Man!

Doe: What do we do?

Marucho: Right now we are hiding until we find a plan.

Dan: The hardest thing to do.

Mira: I think I have a plan.

Jake: What?

Mira: We go to New Vestroia. Spectra and Gus are there.

Dan: They wont even think we would go there!

Julie: Yeah! Without the Bakugan there we have no reason to be there!

Baron: Umm So why would we go there?

Mira: To plan.

Jake: Can we come to?

Dan: Sure Man! We can go tomorrow!

Shadow: *with Mylene and Matt* Party is Over Kiddies!

All: *gasp*


Baron: Hey! This time There is a lot of Brawling with Me, Julie and Maria. The others go to New Vestroia. We might be left behind but we can manage.They still dont know that they are going to New Vestroia. Well Wish us luck! Brawl!

Chapter 7: New What?Edit

Julie: Do you want a peice of me?

Shadow: Bring it!

Doe: Julie, We shouldn't brawl right now.

Julie: I dont care!

Dan: Julie!

Julie and Shadow: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Dan: What are you doing?

Baron: Dan, You and the others can go, I can stay with Julie.

Maria: I will too.

Baron: Really?

Maria: Sure.

Dan: Okay guys! Good Luck Julie!

Runo: What?

Dan: *unlocks the portal with his Gauntlet* Guys lets go!

Mylene: Going Back to Earth are we? *Tries to go through the portal but Maria stops her*

Maria: Lets Brawl!

Mylene: Not Now! Out of my way! *pushes her to the ground and goes through the protal*

Maria: Ahh!

Baron: Noooooooooo!

Julie: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl!

Maria: Julie,Dont use Gorem!

Julie: Okay! Griffon and Zoack Stand!

Shadow: Not using your energy bakugan? Why not?

Baron: Who knows maybe your bomb needs the power of the eneries and the core!

Shadow: We are not like Hydron, Bakugan Brawl! Hades and Spyder Stand!

Julie: Ability Activate! Heavy Hug (made by me).

Zoack: (Hits Spyder and whipes him out).

Shadow: What was that?

Matt: It was an ability that she made to total defeat the bakugan they hit.

Julie: It seams like Matt isn't as stupid as you Shadow.

Shadow: Uggh! Ability Activate! Triad Blow!

Hades: (Hits Zoack)

Gauntlet: Zoack G-power at 100.

Julie: Ability Activate! Shake Down!

Gauntlet: Shadow Prove's Life gauge at 50.

Shadow: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Hades Stand!

Julie: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Slam Gorem Stand!

Baron: What are you doing!?

Julie: Watch.

Gorem: Hey! (Causes Earthquake like Wilda and Hades goes into a ball).

Gauntlet: Shadow Prove life Gauge at Zero. Winner is Julie.

Meanwhile On New Vestroia.....

Dan: Why does this look so familiar?

Marucho: In a bad way.

Runo: Oh No! Look who is comming!

Doe: Who is that?

Jake: He dresses lame!

Spectra: I am here for the Perfect Core!

Joe: Spectra, The Core is in...

Dan: Shhh!,Okay I will brawl you!

Spectra: No. Not now! I must go!

Alex: But you just asked him!

Spectra: But I cant, bye!

Dan: Weird....

Wavern: Joe, Like my last Brawl, If I keep on Brawling by myself I might perish for real this time.

Joe: I know Wavern....

Dan: Do you guys want to have and keep Brachium?

Wavern: Okay!

Joe: It is cybernetic though.

Wavern: Joe, We can manage.

Dan: Here you go! (Gives it to him).

Joe: Thanks!

Mylene: (Finally Falls through the portal).

Runo: *gasp*

Mylene: Can I have this brawl!

Dan: No! *uses his gauntlet again to send her to Harrivan and them onto Earth*

They all apear at Dan's House.

Dan's Mom: Who are your new Friends?

Dan: You know: Ace,Mira,Alice,Runo,Joe, and Marucho. And this is: Jake,Doe,and Alex.

Dan's Mom: Do Jake,Doe and Alex Brawl?

Dan: Doe does.

Doe: Hello Mrs. Kuso.

Dan's Mom: Where are Baron and Julie?

Dan: they are with My other new friend Maria at a planet called Harrivan.

Dan's Mom: So are you staying?

Dan: I hate to burst your bubble mom, But if I don't leave here soon...You could be in danger.

Dan's Mom: Well I dont want you in that danger!

Dan: We will be okay!

Dan's Mom: Will you guys stay together?

All: Yes.

Dan's Mom: Then why did you leave Maria,Baron, and Julie Behind!? They could be in danger!

Dan: That is why we need to go back!

Doe: Dont worry Mrs. Kuso, We will watch Dan.

Mom: Okay.

Chapter 8: Stuck in TroubleEdit

Dan: Hey My Gauntlet can't teleport all of us there!

Jake: Who cant it teleport?

Dan: You and Alex.

Alex: Why?

Doe: Probebly because you guys dont brawl which means you dont have Gauntlets.

Alice: Here I will use the Maskerade card to teleport me. Alex, You can use my gauntlet.

Alex: Wow! Thanks Alice!

Hydranoid: Alice?

Alice: What?

Hydranoid: What if we need the Gauntlet!?

Alex: When you guys need it you can have it.

Hydranoid: Okay thanks!

Mylene: *sending a message to the brawlers* Hey guys!

Dan: No!

Runo: Mylene!

Marucho: What do you want!

Chellsea: We are here on Earth to get the 6 bakugan for the bomb!

Marucho: Chellsea!

Joe: So that is what powers it!

Mylene: So does the perfect core! Which I understand Spectra wants but doesn't know that it isn't in Drago anymore?

Joe: Neither of you are getting it!

Mylene: Dont be so sure!

Chellsea: Just give us Preyas,Wavern,Drago,Tigerra,Gorem,Hydranoid, and Skyress and we will leave!

Shun: We dont have Skyress!

Mylene: She is back, We already have her though!

Shun: Where did you find Skyress!

Mylene: Oh she was just defencless like all of the other bakugan on Harrivan!

Chellsea: So we already have the Ventus Warrior!

Joe: So you guys want our bakugan,Spectra wants the core, and Hydron wants the energies?

Dan: Well You wont win!

Marucho: Yeah! We will get Skyress back!

Mylene: Whatever! Brawlers, When you are done trying to hide you may come battles us! (Stops message)

Dan: Lets fight!

Joe: We cant!

Dan: I am going to bed!

Dan's Mom: Dan....

Runo: I will go talk to him. *everybody follows her except Marucho,Doe, and Alex*

Marucho: Lets go guys!

Alex: I dont have a bakugan!

Doe: But you do have Alice's Gauntlet!

Alex: True...

Marucho: Just take Hydranoid.

Alex: Fine...

Mylene: So you decided to coem after all!

Chellsea: Lets just show you how to Brawl!

All: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Chellsea: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Bumptran!

Marucho: Bakugan Brawl! Preyas and Elfin!

Alex: What are you doing!?

Marucho: They cant take Preyas unless I use him and lose in the last round!

Doe: Bakugan Brawl! Hakapoid Stand!

Hakpoid: I am here! Tell me what to do Doe!

Chellsea: Ability Activate! Boom Boom!

Bumptran: I'm Ready for the Boom Boom! *Hits Preyas*

Preyas: Haven't your parents told you not to hit!

Marucho: Ability Activate! Hyper Water!

Preyas: I cant do abilities!

Bumptran: Its all in the Boom Boom!

Elfin: Kung-Foo Elfin Go! *Hits Bumptran*

Bumptran: You got me! *Ball form*


Alice: Where is Hydranoid! And my Gauntlet!

Dan: Where is Doe?

Runo: And Alex and Marucho!

Mira: Oh no!
Ace: They must be brawling!

Alice: Hydranoid and Preyas are in Danger!

Dan: Lets go!

They are all now at the brawl. (Including Dan's Mom)

Alex: Bakugan Brawl! Hydranoid Stand!

Alice: We are to late!

Hydranoid: Alice! You are here!

Alex: Ability Activate! Lead Cannon!

Hydranoid: *Hits Bumptran*

Mylene: Ability Activate! ABISDS!

ABSIDS: *Chasing Elfin*

Marucho: I am sorry Alice!

Doe: Me too!

Alex: I should be the sorry one.

Alice: It is okay. What happens happens. *cries* Just focus on the brawl and do your best please..

Alex: Alice I....

Elfin: *Getting Chased my ABSIDS in the background* Somebody help me!

Marucho: Ability activate! Water wash!

Elfin: No! We still cant use Abilities!

Elfin: Kung-Foo! *hits Bumptran*

Bumptran: Hey! *Ball*

ABSIDS: *Hits Elfin and she goes into ball*

Elfin: That wasn't nice Mylene!

Mylene: Boo-hoo! Little Bakugan!

Bumptran: *Throws Hydranoid into the Air and he comes down in ball form in Mylene's Hands*

Alice: No!

Alex: I am sorry!

Mylene: Haha! Sorry brawlers! *Throws Hydranoid in the air and it lands in Harrivan and is now powering the bomb with Skyress*

Alice: Oh no! *Breaks down crying on the floor*

Jake: *Grabs Mylene's Gauntlet* I got it!

Dan: Okay!

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Alice: *Uses the card* Field Open!

Mylene and Chellsea: *Teleport back to Harrivan*

Dan's Mom: Bye Guys! I hope you guys stay safe and Free the bakugan.....

They are all in the Anti-Brawlers Hideout.

Lync Matt and Miguel: We were waiting!

Dan: This telelports me to the closest Brawler or family member! What are you doing to our friends!

Mylene: Oh, We didn't do anything..... We just have a few Prisoners! (Shows Barron,Doe's Mom,Julie and Maria in the containers Ace,Marucho and Shun were in).

Shun: What did you do to them!?

Trevor: We just brawled them. Some lost, Some won, we still took them!

Chellsea and Shadow: What are you gonna do?

Shun: Let we brawl you for Julie!

Joe: I will brawl for Baron!

Doe: I will fight for my mom!

Marucho: I can brawl for Maria!

Trevor: I will Take Shun Down!

Mylene: I will take Marucho!

Chellsea: I get Joe!

Lync: And I get the newbie!

Dan: Be Careful Guys!

Runo: Good Luck!


Marucho: Instead of doing a 4 on 4 brawl we are doing one at a time with only one round! If we lose, They get to take Preyas. If we win they give us Maria. Lets hope Mylene got weaker! Bakugan Brawl!

Chapter 9: Fight for Freedom!Edit

Marucho: Are you ready to fight Mylene!

Mylene: Oh how pathetic! YOU are fighting for somebody? Oh I will win this!

Marucho: And if you do?

Mylene: We take Preyas and Elfin!

Marucho: Your on!

Preyas: I dont like the sound of this!

Elfin: Me either!

Marucho: I know what I am doing!

Marucho and Mylene: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Marucho: Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl! Aquos Deep Preyas and Aqua Elfin stand!

Mylene: Macubass stand!

Marucho: Whatever! You aren't laying a hand on Preyas! But we are taking Maria back!

Mylene: Just brawl and lets see!

Marucho: Ability Activate! Whirlpool plus Mega Tsunami!

Elfin and Preyas: *Both hit Macubass*

Mylene: You cant win this no matter how many hits you do!

Marucho: Oh yeah? Ability Activate! Big Brawl!

Mylene: Hey it was my turn! Uggh! Ability Activate! I cant use abilities!

Marucho: Yup! Elfin take it away!

Elfin: Kung-Foo!

Mylene: Not this again!

Macubass: *Ball*

Gauntlet: Mylene at Zero. Marucho wins!

Trevor: Mylene, You have dissapointed me.

Mylene: Yes But, I brought Hydranoid to you.

Trevor: True...

Dan: Give Us Maria!

Matt: a deal is a deal!

Maria: I am back!

Akwimos: *rolls on the floor* Wow! That was wild!

Mylene: Get off the floor!

Maria: *gets up and picks up Akwimos*

Marucho: Are you okay?

Maria: Yes....Did you guys know that the bomb is powered by..

Shun: The 6 Brawker bakugan.

Maria: And that they already have...

Shun: Skyress

Maria: Man your good. Ailce, Why are you crying?

Mira: On Earth we also lost Hydranoid. He is now it the bomb too.

Maria: Awww! Poor Hydranoid. Poor Alice.

Alice: It is okay...

Dan: Wait! If All of the bakugan that parrished before are alive again, That means that Nova Lion is alive!

Runo: Oh yeah!

Dan: Where?

Runo: Isn't he...

Shun: Stuck up there!

Nova Lion: Hey Brawlers!
Dan: Hey! Are we still on for that deal we made like 5 or 6 years ago?

Nova Lion: Of Corse! *Jumps down and goes on the shoulder that Drago isn't on*

Dan: He said that if he was ever back, He would be one of my Bakugan!

Nova Lion: Hi!

Drago: Hey Nova Lion!

Joe: Yeah, Yeah!

Chellsea and Joe: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Chellsea: Gate Card Set!

Both: Bakugan Brawl!

Chellsea: Bumptran

Joe: Wavern and Brachium!

Both: Stand!

Chellsea: Ability Activate! Chase Down!

Wavern: Dont Touch me Bumptran!

Bumptran: Oh really? *Grabs her and throws her on the floor*

Brachium: *Hits against Bumptran*

Bumptran: Boom Boom! *Whipes them both out and Wavern goes in Chellsea's Hand*

Joe: Not this! Wavern! No!

Chellsea: Bye Bye! Wavern! *Throws him up and he goes into the Bomb*

Joe: Waverrrrrrrn! Nooooooo! *Sheds a tear* No. My Friend. You are gone!

Trevor: Lets just give them Baron. We got what we came for.

Matt: Fine.

Baron: Hey guys! I Heard about Skyress,Hydranoid, and Wavern.

Dan: Then you must have been the last one taken bye them.

Baron: I was. First Me and Maria brawled against Hydron after Julie won but got taken. Then they took Akwi....

Maria: Shhhh!

Runo: Did he just say?

Maria: I am so sorry! A third of the Aquos energy is gone!

Baron: Yeah and anyways...Then Maria stayed there and cried and then Trevor found her and took her too. So it was just me. Then I found Matt and I won but he still took me. Well then I dont know how Doe's Mom Got here.

Trevor: You know what, I dont even want you guys here anymore! Just take Julie and Doe's Mom and leave.

Dan: Thanks bye!


Shun: So after we got the whole Team back Maria's Mom Tells her she can stay with us for 2 weeks longer so she can help save the planet and Alex lives alone when his Parents got in a car accident and Jake's Dad said okay so we all split up! I find Skyress and Trevor and Lync say if I win in a brawl against them I get her back! If I lose they takes Ingram's Energy and give it to Hydron just to be mean. Well lets hope all is well that ends well! bakugan brawl! See you there!

Chapter 10: A Ventus MessEdit

They are all now at Maria's House.

Maria: You guys know we should really find a new hide out,my mom doesn't like the bad guys knowing where she is.

Maria's Mom: It is just...I dont feel,safe.

Dan: We understand.

Doe: So mom, Can I help the Brawlers?

Doe's Mom: Well Doe, what will exactly happen if you dont?

Marucho: If we tell you.

Alex: You might be in Danger.

Doe's Mom: Then I dont want Doe helping you guys. I dont even know if YOU GUYS are the bad guys.

Maria's Mom: Now you have gone way to far!

Doe's Mom: What?

Maria's Mom: My Daughter would never be on the side that is going to destroy the planet and all of the bakugan!

Doe's Mom: That is what they are doing!?

Dan: But...

Mira: We do need Doe's Help Mrs. Lamtro!

Jake: Yeah Mrs. Dude. Like if we like dont like do something. Like Something bad is gonna happen Man!

Dan: Dont listen to Jake.

Julie: *whispers* He is the stupidest one here.

Doe's Mom: Fine! Be verry Carefull!

Runo and Ace: We will.

Alex: *to Jake* Dude,

Jake: Yeah Dudette?

Alex: Dont Talk around grown-ups Man.

Jake: Whateva.

Dan: You guys should ask your parents to stay too. Only for like a little longer.

Alex: I live alone.

Jake: My dad doesn't care, He is more lost than me.

Alice: Wow.

Shun: I didn't know that was possible.

Baron: Wow.

Mira: Okay well then we should all split up.

Dan: Okay.

Mira: *passes Papers that read:*

Runo and Doe.

Mira and Ace.

Dan and Baron.

Alice and Julie.

Joe and Maria.

Alex and Jake.


Marucho: I am left out.

Mira: Then find a place.

Dan: Should Alex and Jake be alone?

Jake: What do you mean?

Dan: Well you guys dont brawl!

Mira: That way they cant see them comming because they dont have Gauntlets.

Dan: Fine.

Mira: Shun, you dont mind being alone do you?

Shun: *starts thinking* No,No I dont.

Ace: Good. Well lets go.

They all separate.

(We follow Shun First)

Shun: *Spaces out thinking about his mom while walking*

Ingram: Shun, What is wrong?

Shun: Huh? Nothing.

Ingram: Hey what is that!

Shun: Is that a bomb?

Ingram: No. I tis the Bomb.

Shun: You dont mean?

(Skyress is in the bomb calling out "Shun! Shun! Come here! Shun! Save Me!)

Ingram: Do you hear that?

Shun: Yes, I do!

Ingram: That is...

Shun: *Opens up bomb* Skyress! And Wavern! And Hydranoid!

Skyress: Oh Shun! Can I join your team again?

Shun: Yes! Of Corse!

Hydranoid: I have never been so happy to see you!

Wavern: Hi Shun!

Shun: Hey Guys! Lets get you all out of here!

Lync: *Steps on his hand* I dont think so!

Shun: Ow! Lync!

Trevor: I see you found your friends!

Shun: Yes! I am taking them back too!

Lync: No!

Shun: Well the energies are will be saved!

Trevor: Get this strait! This is powered by the Bakugan not the energies. Skyress doesn't have one.

Shun: Give her back to me now! *slaps Trevor*

Trevor: Make me! *tries to slap Shun*

Shun: *stops it* I just did *throws his hand down*

Lync: Hey Hey Hey! Lets just brawl this out! If we win, We take Ingram and give her energy to Hydron. If you win, You get Skyress back.

Trevor and Shun: Deal!

All: Gauntlet Power strike!

Shun: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Ventus Ingram and Shadow Fang! Hylash Come!

Trevor: Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Sangaring Stand!

Sangaring: Ventus Breeze-Bang Sangaring Here!

Shun: Sangaring Evolved! That's Okay at he hasn't faced our power!

Lync: Good thing I have! Aluze Stand!

Shun: Too bad I won! Double Ability Activate Wind to Dark Transition! Plus Rub Off!

Ingram: Darkus Samarai Ingram rubs his Darkus on powers and shares them with Slash and Shadow Fang!

Alice: *calls Shun*

Shun: Hello.

Trevor: *in the background* Big deal! I can take your bakugan down Shun! Ventus is better than stupid Darkus!

Alice: Who is that! And How come they hate Darkus!

Shun: I am in a brawl to save Hydranoid,Wavern, and Skyress against Lync and Trevor.

Alice: Trevor!!!! Well good luck! If you dont get them back at least say hi to Hydranoid and tell him I will save him. Call me back when you are done.

Shun: Okay Alice. Bye!

Trevor: Now that you are done! Ability Activate! Trap Slap! *Hylash goes into ball*

Shun: Did you just make Slash go into ball form?

Lync: No! He salted a potato and trew it at you!

Shun: Haha. Verry funny Lync!

Lync: Why thank you Shun! Ability Activate Life Gauge Zero!

Gauntlet: Lync Life Gauge at Zero.

Shun: What?

Trevor: I swapped his ability cards so I could just brawl one on one against you because I hear you are the strongest Brawler.

Shun: Whatever! Ability Activate Mirror Ghost!

Trevor: Verry Clever Shun, But I can do better! Ability Activate! Attribute change! Haos!

Sangaring: I am Haos now!

Ingram: What is happening!? I am Ventus now and so is Shadow Fang!

Trevor: Just on my plan!

Shun: But you were not expecting this! Haos-Ventus Relation! Bad!

Gauntlet: Shadow Fang and Sangaring defeated. Trevor Life Gage at zero. Shun is the winner.

Lync: Deals a deal.

Trevor: Take your Skyress and dont expect to have it for long. *they start walking away* By the way. It was a pleasure brawling you.

Shun: Yeah you too.....

Skyress: Thank you Shun. You have saved me yet again.

Ingram: So are you staying this time?

Skyress: Yes. I saw the future. It is not great. As of right now the bakugan the brawlers the people and the planet will be destroied.

Shun: No Way!

Skyress: But dont worry! The future can be changed!

Shun: Lets hope it does.

Ingram: If the bomb does get powered all the way cant we just take the bakugan and the people to Earth. Because it is a Time bomb once it is powered.

Shun: But then Skyress,Drago,Tigrerra,Gorem,Hydranoid,Wavern, and Preyas would all be destroied.

Skyress: I think we can follow Ingram on this one Shun.

Shun: What! But....

Skyress: Dont worry now Shun. Relax we will al be okay.


Alice: After a while me and Julie got tired of waiting for Shun so we traced his Gauntlet and went to meet him so we could save Hydranoid! But it isn't that easy since we have Shadow Prove Blocking our Way. Then what is this? While I brawl Shadow Prove, Julie and Shun brawl against Micheal? Well lets hope we all do good.Bakugan Brawl! Wish me luck brawlers!

Chapter 11: A lot of Darkus!Edit

Julie: C'mon already Alice!

Alice: Well it's not like we can just go right to Shun! We don't even know where he is!

Julie: That is it!
Alice: What?

Julie: We can track him by Gauntlet!

Alice: Okay! Wait!

Julie: What?

Alice: The nearest brawler besides you and me is......Right behind us!

They look around.

Julie: It must be messed up.

Alice: Okay. I will jyst look for the next nearest one.

Julie: Where is he?

Alice: In the next five miles!

Julie: Can we run it?

Alice: Maybe.....

They start running.


Shun: Oh! We forgot to call Alice back!

Skyress: Try to find her!

Ingram: Trace her with you gauntlet!

Shun: OK. She is in the next mile.....

He starts running.

They all smash into each other.

Alice: Oww!

Julie: Shun!

Shun: Here is the bomb.

Alice: Hydranoid is in there!

Shun: Right, So is Wavern.

Julie: How about...Since Shun faught for Skyress, I fight for wavern and Alice fights for Hydranoid.

Shun: Okay....How come the Gauntlets say somebody is behind us?

Shadow: Hello Brawlers!

Micheal: *comes out of Hiding also* Maybe I came at the wrong time...

Julie: I will brawl you!

Shun: Dont leave me out!

Alice: Whatever! It isn't like I need help!

Julie: Okay Thanks Alice!

Shun: Yeah...Thanks!

Micheal: Okay! Ventus energy and part of the Subterra energy here I come!

Shadow: Maybe it can be Me VS Micheal VS The Brawlers.

Alice: Sounds good to me!

All: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Shadow: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Spyder and Hades Stand! And Bakugan Trap Fortress!

Micheal: Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Vlanditor!

Shun: Bakugan Brawl! Skyress, Ingram, and Shadow Fang Stand! Come Bakugan Trap! Ventus 'Slash!

Alice: Hydranoid stand! And Come Pythantus!

Julie: Zoack and Manion Stand!

Shadow: Michanical Ability Activate! Girl Whipeout!

Alice and Julie's Bakugan go into Ball form.

Julie: Hey!

Alice: We didn't get to fight!

Shadow: It is because Dr. Clay made it for me to whipeout all girl brawlers!

Shun: No Way! Uggh!

Micheal: Vlanditor Do this!

Vlanditor: Okay! *Jumps on top of Hades and uses the Silent Orb on him*

Hades: *Ball form*

Shadow: Stupid Bakugan!
Shun: Ventus Burn!

Ingram and Skyress: Let the Power of Wind Give us Strength!

Ingram: I am the holder of the Ventus energy!

Skyress: And I gaurd the Ventus energy!

Shun: Together Storm Skyress and Samurai Ingram are unstopable!

They both hit Vlanditor and Spyder and they go into Ball form.

Shun: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Skyress and Ingram stand!

Shadow: Bakugan Brawl! Spyder!

Julie: Gorem and Zoack your up!

Alice: You too Hydranoid!

Micheal: Vlanditor!

Shun: I call Bakugan Trap! Triad El Condor!

Shadow: Ability! Dark Wash!

Vlanditor: Oh no! *Ball*

Julie: Big Bash! Plus...

Alice: Dark Wash!

They whipeout Spyder.

Gauntlet: Winner Brawlers!

Alice: *Goes into Bomb* Hydranoid!

Hydranoid: I am sorry Alice, I cannot let you take me with you.

Wavern: We refuse!

Alice: But..Why?

Hydranoid: Well, After Skyress was taken we noticed that no other bakugan can come out.

Wavern: Not until the Anti-Brawlers' Plan id destroied.

Alice: But..*cries* Okay. But just know *sniffles* I will be back for you.

Hydranoid: Yes Alice,We will remember.

Wavern: Goodbye brawlers. Foil their plan and come back.

Julie: Okay.

Skyress: Sorry Guys.

Hydranoid and Alice: It is okay.

Alice: As long as i have faith,I will get Hydranoid back.

They leave.


Baron: Hey brawlers! Me and Master Dan run into Spectra who found out the other plans and about how Wavern has the core and is taken right now. This ticks him off and he challenges us. But I tell Dan not to brawl and to let me take the heat. Dan says yes and we brawl. Lets see what happens from there! Bakugan brawl! See you there!

Chapter 12: Anger is Trouble!Edit

Baron: Okay Master dan, Where should we go?

Dan: I know we are supposed to be staying here but I wanna see what Spectra is doing. With out a brawl though. Wanna come?

Baron: Sure.

They find Spectra who sees them.

Spectra: I know where the Perfect Core is!

Dan: You found out?

Gus: Master Spectra isn't stupid.

Baron: *gets in his face* Neither is Master Dan *pushes him*

Spectra: How about a brawl for my anger Dan!

Dan: Okay!

Baron: Let me do it Dan!

Dan: Okay.

Gus: Hahaha!

Dan: I will brawl you!

Gus: Oh really?

Dan: Yeah.

Gus: After this. This is gonna be funny!

Baron and Spectra: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Baron: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Nemus and Piercian stand!

Spectra: Helios All Mighty!

Helios: Hello Nemus!

Nemus: Get away from me! *Pushes Helios*

Helios: Really?

Baron: No Fighting without a card! Ability Activate! Haos Blast! -500gs

Piercian: *Hits Helios*

Helios: That is enough Nemus!
Nemus: Not until you fall!

Spectra: Special Ability Activate! Flame X Whipeout!

Helios: I will enjoy this!

Nemus: Not so fast!
Baron: Counter Ability! Light Wall!

Helios: Hey! *Ball form*

Gauntlet: Baron Wins.

Spectra: I lost....against...

Baron: Me!

Gus: But...That isn't possible!

Baron: But it is!

Gus and Dan: *look at each other* Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Dan: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Inferno Drago stand!

Gus: Bakugan Brawl! Mountain Vulcan Stand!

Drago: Let me do this for a little bit Dan!

Dan: Okay.

Drago: Ability Activate! Flame Blast!
Gus: Oh Yeah! Ability Activate! Shadow Bust!

Both Bakugan Lose.

Gus: Well lets just say I won.

Dan: I won!

Spectra: You both lost!

Baron: But I won!

Dan: Yeah Baron!

Shun: *Calls Dan* Where are you guys?

Dan: We are on New Vestroia.

Shun: Is that?

Alice: Spectra?

Baron: Yes...

Shun: We will teleport all of you here!

Dan: All of us!?
They are all now on Harrivan.

Spectra: So this is the place called Harrivan! I think I will rome around a bit!

Dan: Spectra!

Spectra: Bye Bye!

Shun: Now we wait for the others!

Baron: Do we have food?

Alice: We can get a hotel...

They then get a Hotel and they wait for the others.


Alex: Hey! Well me and Jake find Matt and Mylene! Well since we dont brawl we just find another way to fight. After that they dissapear and we find Maria and Joe. Then we all go to the control room of the Anti-Brawlers. We mess with a few things, and then we get a messgae from the others and find out they are at a hotel. We find the place and you can just whach to find out the rest! Bye!

Chapter 13: Control Room Break-DownEdit

Jake: Dude,

Alex: Yeah man?

Jake: We should do something, we have been just sitting here buying hot dogs for the past 3 days.

Alex: We are usless.

Mylene: Which is why we will take you!

Alex: Mylene!

Matt: Dont forget me!

Jake: Whatever we dont brawl!
Matt: How about if we beat you in a race you find the other bakugan we need and give them to us!

Alex: If we win?

Mylene: Nothing.

Jake: No deal.....

Mylene: Fine! If you win we will buy you some more hot dogs

Alex and Jake: *stare at each other* Deal!

Alex: Where are we racing to?

Matt: From here to the beach.

Jake: Thats far!
Alex: Dont worry I was the fastest runner in my grade!

Mylene: Okay. If you trip or stop running you lose.

Alex: Okay.

All: On your mark,get set,go!

Jake: *running really slow* How are you guys so fast!

Matt: *in second place* it isn't that hard!

Mylene: Yeah loser! *while she is in 3rd place*

Alex: *In first place *You guys wont win this!

Mylene: Dont be so sure!

Jake: *Jogging* Hey look at that! *grabs hot dog but is still running*

Alex: No!

Jake: What!?

Alex: You cant eat when you are running!
Jake: Why? *falls* Alex: That's why!

Mylene: One down!

Matt: One to go!
Jake: Dont listen to them Alex! You can do it!

Alex: I know I can!

Mylene: I am sorry Matt, I have to do this alone! *trips him*

Matt: *on the floor* Hey!

Jake: Tell me about it dude!
Alex: I am going to win!
Mylene: You wish!

Alex: No! I know!

Mylene: Whatever! *thinking in her mind* The beach is comming up!

Alex: I WILL wint this Mylene!
Mylene: Oh we will see!

Alex reaches the beach first.

Mylene: No! I cant lose!

Jake: So...where are those hot dogs?

Matt: You wont get them! *they teleport out*

Alex: Look! It is the Control Room!
Jake: So...

Alex: If we destroy it....

Jake: All of the bakugan will be stronger!

Alex: Lets do it!

Jake: Lets do it with Bakugan!
They both pick up a Hammersaur and a Achorsaur.

Both: Bakugan Brawl!

Hammersaur: *destroys a lot fo stuff*

Anchorsaur: *does the same*

Both: Thanks!

All of the bakugan are stronger now.

Joe and Maria: Jake! Alex!

Joe: Is that you!
Alex: Yeah!
Maria: You guys made the bakugan stronger!

Jake: We also won against Matt and Mylene in a race.

Joe: Awesome!

Maria: We brawled against Shadow Prove and Chellsea. We Won!

Joe: But I lost...

Maria: I will brawl you right now! To boost your confidence!

Garvarion: I am Haos Garvarion. I was a bakugan made inside the perfect core, Once Drago took it out of him and Gave it to Wavern I came out. I am made of both Positive and Negative energy. I came here to help you Joe. For Wavern.

Joe: Okay!

Joe and Maria: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Joe: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Garvarion Stand!
Maria: Akwimos Stand!

Dan: Shun, What is going on!

Shun: I feel like there is a brawl!

Baron: *looking on Monitor* It looks like Maria and Joe are brawling. And In the backgroud Alex and Jake are there too.

Julie: I will call Alex.

Joe: Ability Activate! Magor Danger!

Garvarion: White Crystal! Do this with me! *hits Akwimos*

Gauntlet: Akwimos Power level at 150 gs. *Akwimos is whiped out*

Joe: What is a white Crystal?

Garvarion: A peice of the core.

Joe: Oh..

Maria: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Ability Activate! Akwimos Stand! Sun Burn!
Akwimos: Oh yeah! *Launches attack in the air*

Joe: Garvarion Stand!
Garvarion: What?

The Sun Burn attack hits Garvarion

Maria: Gate Card Open! Aquos Reactor!

Joe: Double Damage!
Maria: What is that!

Garvarion: It is a ability that does the same attacks on the opponet and extra damage.

Joe: Do it!

Garvarion: Okay! Ahhhh! *hits Akwimos*

A flash of ligth goes by

Gauntlet: Joe wins.

Joe: Yay!

Garvarion: We have done it!
Maria: Good Job!

Akwimos: This was a pleasure brawling with you Garvarion.

Garvarion: As with you Akwimos.

Alex: *on the phone* Hey Julie!
Julie: Hey. You know the Hamlet Hotel?

Alex: Yeah.

Julie: Meet me, Alice,Shun,Baron, and Dan there. We should catch up.

Alex: Okay.

Jake: What happened?

Alex: Lets go! Follow me!

Joe: Where?

Alex: The Hamlet Hotel.

Maria: Okay.

They are at the hotel.


Ace: Ace here! Me and Mira run into love sick Miguel. Since he is too hypnotized by his love for Runo it makes it easier for us to win! Wish us luck! Bakugan Brawl!

Chapter 14: A Love-sick Brawl!Edit

Julie: Hey Guys!

Jake: Hey Julie!

Alex: Me and Jake raced against Mylene and Matt. If we lost we had to give them the rest of the bakugan, If they lost they bought us some hot dogs.

Alice: Who won.

Alex: We did.

Jake: But we didnt get any hotdogs....

Alex: Yeah but once they left we destroied the control room. Which made the bakugan stronger.

Baron: Awesome!
Dan: Baron brawled Spectra and won, I brawled Gus but it was a tie. (In my story Gus didn't Die)

Julie: Me,Shun and Alice brawled Micheal and Shadow Prove. We won.

Shun: But by myself I beat Trevor and Lync.

Maria: You beat Trevor! Their Leader!

Shun: Yes...

Joe: I beat Maria!

Alice: We heard.

Maria: We both beat Shadow Prove and Chellsea.

Dan: Where are Runo,Doe,Ace, and Mira?

Shun: They must have not beat anyone yet.

Dan: What about Marucho?

Marucho: *knocks on the door* I beat Volt.

Julie: Cool!


Ace: Where should we go from here?

Mira: I dont know? Down the road?

Ace: lets just keep walking.

Mira: Okay.

They walk down the road.

Miguel: Hello Brawlers.

Ace: Miguel!

Miguel: Hi Mira, Ace.

Mira: Are you ready for a fight?

Miguel: Okay, But where is Runo?

Ace: We dont know?

Miguel: Oh....

All: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Miguel: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Kraxis Stand!
Ace: Percival!

Mira: Wilda and Baliton Stand!

Miguel: Ability Activate! Light Swipe!

Kraxis: Okay! *hits Percival*

Ace: Ability Activate! Dark Blast!

Percival: All right! You asked for it! *hits Kraxis*

Mira: Double Ability! Spike Ball plus Flame Wall!

Gauntlet: Mira and Ace win.

Miguel: You win.

Ace: No more rounds?

Miguel: I dont want them.

Mira: Ummm okay....

Dan: *calls them* Come to the Hamlet Hotel.

Mira: Okay.

Julie: *calls Runo*

Runo: Hello.

Julie: You and Doe need to come to the Hamlet Hotel now.

Runo: Okay.


Runo: Hey Guys! It's Runo! Well me and Doe get a call from Julie and we come to the Hamlet Hotel. We all tell each other about what we did. Then Trevor and Matt come and try to get us to brawl them. We all refuse the whole time. Then Ace gets pretty upset with them. Me,Mira,Baron,Julie,Doe,Jake,Julie,Marucho and Alice go to the front desk to get them out. While we leave Alex,Dan,Shun,and Ace to deal with Trevor and Matt.You gotta see this one! Bakugan Brawl!

Chapter 15: Refusal DestroyEdit

Doe: Runo, Why does Julie want us at The Hamlet Hotel?

Runo: I dont even know where it is!

Doe: It is right over...Hey is that Mira and Ace?

Mira: Hey Guys!

Ace: Are you guys heading where I think your heading?

Doe: Where might that be?

Mira: The Hamlet Hotel?

Runo: Yeah Julie Called us and told us to come there so here we are.

Ace: Dan called us with the same thing.

Doe: Lets all go together!

Mira: Okay.

It then starts raining.

Ace: Are you kidding me!?

Runo: I know. This is bad!

Mira: What do we do?

Doe: I know where the hotel is so just run and follow me, dont get lost.

Ace: Will do.

They all run and make it to the Hamlet Hotel.

Dan: Hey guys!

Runo: Hey Dan.

Julie: Why do you look so upset?

Runo: We just ran home in the rain Julie!

Alex: Calm down,Runo.

Runo: How!

Ace: I know! How can today get any worse!

Matt: Hello Battle Brawlers!

Dan: Matt!

Trevor: Are you going to leave me out?

Marucho: Oh no! Dan, What do we do?

Ace: Marucho, Take the girls,Baron,and Jake into the lobby to tell somebody, Dan,me,Shun and Alex will handle these clowns!

Marucho: *nods his head*

They all run to the lobby.

Dan: So you guys came around here?

Trevor: We were on the planet and we just thought hey! Lets go see the brawlers!

Alex: Well you better knock it off and leave us alone!

Matt: Or what!

Alex: Oh! You talking to me like that when I am the one who just beat you in a race!

Matt: That was one battle lost, the next will be better!

Trevor: Lets have that battle now!

Shun: No!

Matt: Yes! Right now!
Ace: Look you guys are really annoying me! Just leave now!

Trevor: What are you going to do!?

Dan: This! *slaps Trevor*

Trevor: I wouldn't dare do that to you!

Ace: Really? *slaps Trevor harder*

Trevor: Just Brawl us!
Alex,Dan,Shun, and Ace: No!


Marucho: Excuse me sir.

Hydron: Hi Marucho!

Runo: Hydron!

Hydron: Hello Runo!

They run the other way.

Spectra: What do you know!

Hydron: Spectra and Gus! I thought my father killed you,Gus!

Gus: He was close but me and Vulcan found a space object to bounce off. And Hexados and Elico came back to life and I found Brontes and took him back.

Volt: Bontes! I must have him back!

Gus: Whatever! Take him! *throws him*

Volt: Bontes!
Brontes: Hey Volt!

Julie: Well looks like the Resistance,Destroiers,Anti-Brawlers, and Gus and Spectra are all here!


Trevor: Brawl me!

All: *running twords Runo* No!

They are all now together.

Matt: Spectra Phantom!

Spectra: Who might you be?

Trevor: I am the leader of the Anti-Brawlers.

Matt: I am second in line.

Mylene: I am third.

Then the Anti-Brawlers,Destroiers, and Spectra and Gus start fighting.

Alex: Guys, we have the perfect time to leave!

Alice: Yes!
Jake: Dudes! Lets go!

Dan: *they are all now at a field* We are safe!


Mylene: Hello Brawlers! Well once the brawlers chicken out and leave, I brawl Hydron and Spectra. We all dont really like each other anymore. So we are not friends, Get that clear! Well pick a side, And make sure it is mine! Bye Bye!

Chapter 16: A Bad Guys Fight!Edit

Mylene: *arguing with Hydron and and Spectra about who needs the brawler's Bakugan More* We should have the 6!

Hydron: Those SIX have some of the energies we need!

Spectra: I want Drago and Wavern!

Mylene: You dont need Drago!

Spectra: I need his DNA and Wavern's Core!

Mylene: We already have Hydranoid and Wavern!

Hydron: We already have Akwimos's energy!

Spectra: I need Wavern and Drago!

Mylene: Really!? I thought you just said that! Nobody cares Spectra!

Spectra: This is not how you should talk to somebody like me!

Lync: Like what!?

Hydron: A show-off who thinks he is all that!

Spectra: Watch it Hydron!

Hydron: Make me!

Gus: He will!

Trevor: Is this really important?

Spectra: To me it is!

Hydron,Mylene & Spectra: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Gus: Master Spectra! Take this! *Throws two bakugan at him* I made the Pyrus one with my own two hands! Though he can talk! He is made of Rock! His name is Rock Moster 28, But call him Rocky! And the Aquos one is Blast Elico!

The words echoed through Mylene's head.

Mylene: Elico? *She thought to herself*

Gus: Use Elico to break Mylene apart!

Spectra: Okay!

Hydron: Hurry!

Spectra: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Rocky Stand!

Mylene: You wont beat me with a rock!

Spectra: It is a rock Bakugan!

Hydron: Oh well... It is still a Pyrus bakugan! Bakugan Stand! Dryoid!

Helios: Spectra, Throw me out there!

Spectra: Dont worry Helios, You will get your chance!

Mylene: Macubass Stand!

Spectra: Elico Stand!

Mylene: Elico! Give him back!

Spectra: Nope!

Hydron: Ability Activate! Rock Blow!

Dryoid: *hits Elico*

Mylene: Ability!...

Hydron: Not just yet! Ultimate Formation! Maxus Dyroid! And, Clydron Stand!

Clydron: I am a cyber bakugan! But I can talk! I have beat Subterra Verias and Darkus Mantris without them even seeing me!

Hydron: With Maxus Dryoid and Clydron together I am at 6,840 Gs!

Mylene: Not Possible!

Rocky: *Gasp* Ah! *Jaw Drops*

Mylene: Ability Activate! ABSIDS!

ABSIDS: *Start chasing Clydron*

Clydron: Get Away! *Runs* Hydron!

Hydron: Hang in there Clydron!

Clydron: I cant! I am only made of DNA and Metal. Just because I can talk doesn't mean I cant break!

Hydron: Spectra! Hurry up and take your turn!

Spectra: With Pleasure!

Mylene: Elico!

Elico: I do wish I was with you Mylene but I cannot. I cannot unless you win Spectra or Gus in a brawl...

Spectra: Double ability Activate! Fire Rocks plus Attribute Dice!

Elico: I Aquos Maze Elico, Have evolved yet again do to the harsh climate in space! I am changing to Pyrus!....well only for the moument.....

Rocky: Yay! *Shoots Maxus Dryoid while doing what Elfin does in Kung-Foo mode*

Gauntlet: Darkus,Ventus,Aquos, and Haos parts of Maxus Dryoid are in ball form. Subterra,Pyrus, and Base are now on their own.

Hydron: Spectra!

Elico: *Blast Macubass*

Macubass: *Ball form*

Hydron: Thanks for getting that thing off Clydron's Tail!

Spectra: Hydron!
Hydron: All is fair in love and war!

Spectra: This is War!

Hydron: But I will win!

Spectra: Grrrrr.....

Hydron: Clydron! Do this!

Clydron: Yes master! *hits Elico and Rocky*

Rocky: *Goes into Ball form*

Elico: *Lands In Mylene's Hands*

Gus: Elico!

Mylene: Elico is back with me!

Spectra: It was my doing Gus. Elico needs her. And she needs Elico.

They all leave.

Gus: *walking with Spectra* Why did you give Elico back to Mylene?

Spectra: I told you Gus!

Gus: Well she tossed him out like trash!

Spectra: Trust me Gus I know what I am doing!

Rocky: *In Ball form* *Waddles up to the screen* Ah! *Jaw drops*


Ace: Hey Guys! Ace here! Well I get supper annoyed and then I leave and go sit in the park. But then some random kid named Luis says he is working closely with the Anti-Brawlers! He finds out who I am and he brawls me! His Bakugan are too tough! What did those freaks do to Hydranoid! He is a statue again! They are coding it again! I will save him! And I will win! See you there!

Chapter 17: Hydranoid Is A Mess Again!Edit

Ace: Dudes it is raining! Jake: Okay, I am the stupid one and even I know that Ace.

Alex: But we are in a field!

Dan: *pops out of nowhere* Hey guys!

Runo: Where have you been?

Dan: I whatched the brawl between the bad guys.

Mira: Who one the brawl?

Dan: It was Hydron with his Maxus Dryoid and Clydron!

Alice: Clydron showed its face?

Dan: Yes. It is a mechanical bakugan but it can still talk!

Mira: Unbeleivable!

Dan: Spectra gave Brontes and Elico back to Volt and Mylene. And Gus made him a rock bakugan!

Doe: Does it work!?

Dan: Yes.

Runo: How are bakugan made these days!

Shun: I dont know.....This all seams to suspicious.

Ace: Bye! *hoppes a fence*

Dan: Lets go back to the hotel.

They check into the hotel.

Shun: I will go look for Ace!

Julie: Can I come?

Shun: Sure!
Marucho: Be careful guys!
Elfin: Marucho, Will they be okay?

Preyas: Yeah will they?

Marucho: It is Julie and Shun. They will be fine.

Preyas: What about Ace?

Marucho: Ace will be okay too.


Ace: *sitting in a park with an umbrella* Who needs annoying people....

Some Kid: Hey Who are you?

Ace: Why? Who are you?

Luis: I am Luis McDavid! I work very closly with the Anti-Brawlers.

Ace: How come I dont see you around?

Luis: I got hired last weekend.

Ace: I am Ace Grit! I am one of the strongest of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance!

Luis: I knew it! Well lets brawl!

Ace: You dont even need Percival!

Luis: So! I take you as a prisoner and the others come!

Ace: What is that behind you?

Luis: Oh this old thing! Guess, It has four heads. Got captured last week,It's brawler starts with the letter A. And the person who lost him starts with the letter A.

Ace: Hydranoid!

Luis: You wont win!

Ace: We will see!

Both: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Luis: Gate card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Centiploid and Darkus Quake Dragonoid!

Ace: Bakugan Brawl! Grave Percival!

Luis: Ability Activate! Consticting Grab!

Centiploid: *hits Percival*

Ace: Percival! Do the Statue Takedown!

Percival: Okay! *turn Hydranoid back to life and brings him to help him. Then they both punch Centiploid*

Centiploid: *ball form*

Hydranoid: After this brawl, I go back to storage as a statue!

Ace: Why?

Hydranoid: It isn't this easy Ace.


Julie: Where would Ace be?

Gorem: Just...

Skyress: Look for the Darkus light and..

Ingram: You will find Ace and whoever is brawling with him.

Shun: Okay!

Julie: Over there!

They all meet up.

Julie & Shun: Hydranoid?

Ace: Shun? Julie?

Hydranoid: Dont get to excited Julie,Shun.

Luis: Bakugan! Whipeout!

Gauntlet: Hydranoid and Percival lose the brawl. Luis wins. Hydranoid is back to a statue.

Hydranoid: *getting zapped into a statue* Noooooooo!!!!

Ace: Hydranoid!
Luis: Bye Bye! *teleports away*

Skyress: Lets Go Ace.

Ace: Skyress,thank you.

Skyress: Ummm..Your Welcome?

They are all at Hamlet now.

Alice: Ace, Hydranoid is a statue again!?

Percival: I hate to say it but it is true Alice.

Julie: I saw it too.

Skyress: I am sorry Alice.

Alice: *cries* No... No, No,No...NOOOOOOO!

Jake: Dont worry dude.

Doe: Jake!

Jake: Huh?

Doe: *shakes her head saying no*

Alex: I am sorry Alice,This is all my fault.

Garvarion: Alice, It will be okay.


Elfin: Once I see Alice crying about Hydranoid,I tell her that I will help her since I was the one who cracked the code last time! But we have to go to the Hideout again! We have to beat Lync,Chellsea,an Miguel! Then we make it to the control room! We might Crack the code!....But we might not. Find out!

Chapter 18: Elfin+Alice+Garvarion?: Part OneEdit

Alice: *crying*

Garvarion: I think she is sad.

Elfin: What should we do?

Garvarion: Lets take her to go get Hydranoid!

Elfin: Alice!

Garvarion: We will secretly take you to go get Hydranoid.

Alice: Okay *sniffles* Thanks! *Smiles and Whipes her tears*

Garvarion: Okay!

Elfin and Garvarion: *Go into Moster Form*

Elfin: *starts Flying* Woo!

Garvarion: Hang on Alice! *Flies*

Alice: The Air feels great!

Elfin: Since it isn't rainign anymore, there is fresh air!

Alice: It is wonderful!

Garvarion: We are here! *lands*

Chellsea: Hey Brawler!

Alice: Chellsea! You will pay for taking Hydranoid!

Elfin: Do me a favor Alice!

Alice: What?

Elfin: Turn into Maskerade.

Alice: Fine! *Does it*

Masquerade: Ready to fight?

Chellsea: YOU Are Maskrerade!?

Masquerade: Afraid?

Chellsea: A little!

Masquerade: So was Shadow Prove when he found out!

Both: Gauntlet! Power Strike!
Masquerade: Gate Card Set! Doom Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Crystal Garvarion and Aquos Aqua Elfin!
Chellsea: Good Luck "Maskerade"!

Alice: *Thinking* Can I stay like this the whole brawl?

Chellsea: Bakugan Brawl! Cyber Wave! Stand!

Gauntlet: Cyber Wave is the Smallest bakugan and it is a zig-zag in ball form and it is a Radio Wave in real form.

Masquerade: How many do you have?

Chellsea: Well Every member has 6.

Masquerade: Whatever!

Garvarion: Ahh!

Masquerade: Garvarion! What is wrong!

Garvarion: Cyber Wave is eating my brain-cells!

Masquerade: Ability Activate! Doom!

Cyber Wave: Eeek! *Goes to the Doom Demesion*

Masquerade: Brawl End!

Chellsea: Chicken!

Masquerade: Whatever!

Chellsea: Your forgeting something!

Masquerade: Keep it.

Chellsea: How do we settle this!?

Masquerade: Ability Activate! Gauntlet Slice!

Chellsea: You cant slice a girl in half!

Masquerade: *Goes back into Alice*

Alice: But I can!

Chellsea: Ability Activate! Gauntlet Slice!

Alice: *Sword fights her untill she falls to the floor* Are you done?

Chellsea: Yes! Masquerade Won the brawl! And you won the sword fight, just dont kill me!

Alice: *Drops Gauntlet* I turned into Masquerade!?

Chellsea: Yes.

Alice: Ahhhhhhhhh! Quick! Did I use a Doom Card!?

Chellsea: Ye- *looks down at the card thinking about what she can do with it* No, You didn't Alice.

Alice: Thank God!

Chellsea: Okay! *Runs away*

Alice: *shrugs* Looks like we won!

Elfin: *Looks at Garvarion* This cant be good!


Garvarion: Okay well Alice, Elfin, and I continue our quest to grab Hydranoid. We have to Brawl Lync,Then Mylene. Then me and Elfin find out what Chellsea is going to do with the Doom Cards! We all run before seeing Hydranoid and go tell the Brawlers. They all yell and us for leaving and letting Alice turn into Masquerade. Well lets just say this isn't good.

Chapter 19: Elfin+Alice+Garvarion? Part TwoEdit

Alice: I am so glad I didn't use a doom card!

Garvarion: *looks at Elfin* Actually Alice,you did.You sent Cyber Wave to the Doom Demension and Masquerade let Chellsea keep the card.

Alice: Oh No! I sent a bakugan to die in the Doom Demension!? And do you know what Chellsea can do with that Card!?

Elfin: What?

Alice: If their plan doesn't work they might just pull a Masquerade on us and send all bakugan and Humans to the Doom Demension!

Garvarion: Oh no! Alice, Will we be okay?

Alice: As long as we win the brawls.

Elfin: Their first plan hasn't failed yet either! They still have Hydranoid and Wavern!

Lync: Hey Alice! Nice to see you again!

Alice: Lync!

Garvarion: Brawl him Alice!
Elfin: Let me have a peace of him!

Alice: What if I turn into Maquerade!?

Elfin: You wont! We made you before.

Garvarion: You have to brawl! Please.

Alice: *smiles* Okay!

Lync: Good! *smiles*

Both: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Alice: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Garvarion and Elfin stand!

Lync: Bakugan Brawl! Aluze and Mega Altair!

Alice: You got Altair fixed? Oh well, What is fixed can always be broken again!

Lync: Less talk, More walk!

Alice: Whatever you say!

Lync: You can't scare me! When I was in Russia with you I found out you were Masquerade! I have beat you from there!

Runo: *Calls Alice* Alice! Alice!

Alice: What is it!?

Runo: The Anti-Brawlers took Tigrerra and Skyress when me and Shun brawled Trevor!

Alice: That is terrible!

Runo: And then Hydron took the Darkus and Part of the Haos energy from Percival and Nemus!

Alice: This is bad!
Lync: *yelling from across the field* What is Alice!

Runo: And Joe and Marucho are freaking out because you have Garvarion and Elfin!

Alice: I will be there!

Runo: What are you doing right now?

Alice: Just Brawling Lync and then I have to brawl Mylene.

Runo: Why! Alice: Thaey said if I beat them they will give Wavern,Hydranoid,Skyress,Tigrerra,and Preyas back!

Runo: Preyas is gone? Alice: Yes. Me and Marucho brawled Gus and he gave Preyas to Mylene just to get on our nerves.

Runo: Oh.

Alice: We will be right there!

Runo: *whining and Crying* Hurry!

Alice: Ability Activate! Crystal Explosion!

Gauntlet: Garvarion power level at 10gs. Altair in ball form. So is Aluze.

Lync: Altair! Aluze!

Elfin: Can't beat us!

Garvarion: Girl Power! *they go in ball form*

Lync: Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl! Mega Altair Stand!

Alice: Elfin! Stand! Attrbute change! Darkus!

Lync: To easy!

Elfin: Alice! Lync beat me wit Aluze when I was Ventus!

Alice: Oopsie!

Garvarion: Oh boy!

Lync: Fatal Death Ray!

Elfin: *screaming* Ahhhhhhhh! AAAHHHH! AHHH! *gets hit* Going down! Ahhhh! *ball form*

Elfin: Ouch!

Alice: Sorry!

Elfin: *sqaushed like a fly* I forgive you Alice.

Alice: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Elfin Stand!

Elfin: Wait what are you doing?

Alice: Attribute Change! Darkus!
Elfin: Oh! Your gonna use some of Hydranoid's Cards with me!
Alice: Yup!

Elfin: Rain and Dark come near! When Darkus Aqua Elfin is here!

Alice: Garvarion Stand!

Garvarion: Crystal! Attribute Change! Darkus!

Alice: Awesome!
Lync: Aluze and Altair Come! And Bakugan Trap! The new and improved Wired!

Alice: Oh yeah? Lets make it the most bakugn on one side wins! Pythantus and Mantris!

Lync: The rest of my bakugan stand! *throws Ventus Flybeetle,El Condor,Lumitroid and Bee Striker*

Alice: Uh-oh!

Garvarion: Just throw the rest of your bakugan down Alice!

Alice: *drops them and they go on the field*

Elfin: Huh?

Alice: Darkus Snapzoid,Sabator,Clawsaurus,Wontu,Centiploid, and Wormquake!

Lync: Oh man!! *all of his bakugan go into ball form*

Altair: *brakes*

Lync: Altair!

Alice: Well *walks by* I won!

Lync: And....

Alice: Looks like I take one of you bakugan.

Lync: Those aren't the rules!

Alice: I want one to give to Shun for his Birthday!

Lync: When is that?

Alice: Next weekend. Me, Baron, Doe, and Spectra are planning a party for him.

Lync: Spectra?

Alice: Yeah. He is back on our side, Once Gus left him and he realized that he doesn't need the strongest bakugan he came to us.

Lync: Did Dan approve?

Alice: Yes.

Lync: *gives her Flybeetle and Lumitroid* There.

Alice: Thanks! *realizes what is going on back with the rest of the gang* Gotta Go! *runs away*

Lync: *mumbles* Good Alice, we may have lost. But we got what we needed from you.

Alice: *at the Hotel*

Runo: Alice!

Dan: All that is left is Drago, Gorem, The Ventus energy, The Perfect core, and the last part of the Darkus energy!

Joe and Marucho: My bakugan!

Alice: *tosses them to them* here.

Alex: Fill us in, What happend when you where gone?

Alice: Well, I was crying so Elfin and Garvarion told me they would take me to go get Hydranoid. I went to the Anti-Brawlers' hideout.

Spectra: Then.....

Alice: Well.

Elfin: Here are pictures.

Dan: You Brawled against Chellsea and Lync by yourself? And won?

Alice: Yes.

Garvarion: She turned into Masquerade and he let Chellsea keep the doom card.

Doe: Oh no!

Runo: What if they knows how to work it!

Aice: I dont know! But Lync and Trevor said that if we can get Hydron and Zenoheld to stop their plans....we get the energies and our bakugan back.

Shun: *starts walking away*

Baron: Uhhh Shun.

Marucho: What are you doing?

Shun: I want Skyress back! I am brawling all those Destroiers if it means Skyress is back.

Doe: *on phone* Yes...Okay mom. Yes. *hangs up* I have to leave! I will keep in touch and still fight! When you guys go to Earth or something tell me!

Dan: Will do Doe!

Jake: My dad is probebly worried too. *leaves*

Alex: I can stay. *puts hand in*

Dan: Me too. *puts hand in*

Joe: Yes! *hand in*

Runo: Me three. *puts hand in*

Marucho: Count me in! *puts hand in*

Julie: Yup! *puts hand in*

Shun: All right! *hand in*

Alice: Of course! *hand in*

Mira: Sure! *hand in*

Baron: Okay! *hand in*

Maria: A-okay! *hand in*

Ace: Yeah man! *hand in*

Mira: Keith?

Spectra: Might as well... *hand in*

All: Battle Brawlers! *throws hands up*


Mira: My dad can brawl? Well we all get in fights to stop the Destroiers. If we win we get everything back from everybody! Me,Spectra,Runo, and Alex brawl hard! Lets hope we can win! Bakugan brawl!

Chapter 20: A Great Win!Edit

Hydron: Hello!

Zenoheld: I heard about how..

Micheal: You wanna stop our plan!

Volt: Good luck!

Mira: I got Dad!

Spectra: Me too!

Runo: Let me come!

All: (Runo,Spectra,Mira,Professor Clay) Gauntlet Power Strike!

Alex: *grabs on to Mira*

Hydron: Dan?

Dan: Oh yeah!

Joe: Me too!

Baron: Me too!

Shun: Me.

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Zenoheld: Which one of you wants to come!

Alice: Me!

Maria: Bring it!

Julie: Yeah!

Them: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Volt: *pulls out a gauntlet* Ace?

Ace: Volt?

Marucho: Lets go!


Mira: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Wilda!

Runo: Tigrerra!

Spectra: Helios!

Professor Clay: Sky & Gaia Dragonoid!

Spectra: The two in one!

Professor: Yes!

Alex: Runo! Toss me a bakugan! I can win!

Mira: Okay!

Runo: *tosses him her Saurus*

Alex: Haos Saurus Stand!


Dan: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Drago Stand!

Shun: Ingram and Shadow Fang Rise!

Baron: Nemus!

Joe: Garvarion!

Hydron: Dryoid and Peices! With Clydron!

Dan: Dude! That means 8 bakugan in two!

Hydron: Yes!


Zenoheld: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Assail Farbros!

Alice: Mantris!

Julie: Gorem!

Maria: Akwimos!

Farbros: *keeps on hitting Gorem*

Gorem: Oh no! I have to win this!

Julie: Gorem! Ability Activate! Suprime Whipeout!

Farbros: Eeeeach!

Alice: Ability Activate! Cricket Tune!

Mantris: I can't! *falls on top of Alice and then goes into Ball form*

Maria: Alice! *runs over*

Alice: *she is unconsions*

Maria: Zenoheld! Bakugan Trap! Balexion!

Balexion: Hello World! *puts on a cape* *says in a funny voice* Can I save the day?

Julie: He can talk!

Maria: Double Ability Activate! Dimond Throw! Plus! Aqua Throwdown!

Farbros: *hits Gorem*

Gorem: Leave me alone! *smacks it*


Alex: Ability Activate! Saurus Ram!

Saurus: Yes Alex! *hits Sky Dragonoid*

Sky: Eeeeeaaeech!

Runo: Ability Activate! Big Blow!

Tigrerra: Here we go! *hits Gaia Dragonoid*

Professor: Girly Blow!

Runo and Mira's Bakugan go into Ball form and Mira and Runo pass out

Spectra: Runo!

Alex: Mira!

Both: Double Ability Activate!

Alex: Ram Ram plus Big Bang!

Spectra: Flame Throw plus Spike Fire!

Sky: *ball form*


Nemus: *getting blasted by Clydron*

Baron: *about to faint* I can do this Ability... *faints*

Nemus: Baron! *goes into Ball form*

Hydron: Hahaahaha!

Dan: Ability Activate! Inferno Flame!

Drago: Oh yeah! Lets go! *hits Maxus Dryoid*

Dan: Unlock Canistor! Maxus Dragonoid!

Shun: Dan?

Dan: Bakugan Trap! Scorpian! Battle Gear! JetKor!

Shun: Ventus Slash! Ability Activate! Ventus Bang! *The ventus pieces of Maxus Dryoid and Maxus Dragonoid go into Ball form*

Joe: Wavern!

Wavern: I cant make it! *falls on him then smoke goes up*

Joe: *passes out*

Wavern: *ball form*

Dan: Joe!

Hydron: I will win this! Mechanical No talk! All Mechanical Bakugan that dont talk go into ball form!

Maxus Dryoid and Maxus Dragonoid pieces: *ball form*

Drago: I dont need them!

Dan: Battle Gear Mode Drago!

Shun: Battle Gear! Lansor! Shadow Fang! Battle Gear Mode! And, High Mobility Mode!

Ingram and Hylash Connect while Lansor and Shadow Fang Connect.


Alex: Sorry Spectra... *he and saurus faint and Saurus goes into ball form*

Spectra: *torn clothes* Dad!

Professor: I failed! *loses*

Gauntlet: Spectra wins.


Julie: Maria! You Fainted! *calls Gorem Back*

Zenoheld: *calls Farbros back* You quit?

Julie: Nope! Ability Activate! *sword comes out of her Gauntlet* Lazor Sword!

Zenoheld: Okay! *tries to slice her*

Julie: No!

Zenoheld: *faints*

Gauntlet: Julie wins.

Meanwhile: Dan and Shun: Ability Activate! Blast Off!

Hydron: Noooo!

Gauntlet: Shun and Dan win the brawl.

Zenoheld: Okay we will give you back the energies. *gives them*

Hydron: Bye! *the dissapear*

Spectra: I fooled you! *teleports*

Dan: Spectra!

Thunder Comes.

Clayf: I want the Subterra energy! *takes it*

Lars Lion: I want the Haos energy! *takes it*

Frosch: I want the Aquos energy! *takes it*

Oberus: I want the ventus energy! *takes it*

Excedra: I want the Darkus energy! *takes it*

Apollonir: I want the Pyrus energy! *takes it*

Wavern: I will shoot the core to the top of New Vestroia! *does it*

Dan: Okay! bye Guys!

Ancients: Bye Brawlers!

Joe: We should make a team of each attribute. Me,Shun and Alex if he wants are automaticly in.

Shun: Of course.

Alex: Yeah!


Dan: "Me,Runo,Marucho,Mira,Shun,Alice,Joe,Alex"

Runo: "Dan,Me,Maria,Julie,Shun,Ace,Joe,Alex"

Marucho: "Dan,Runo,Me,Julie,Shun,Ace,Alex"

Julie: "Dan,Runo,Maria,Me,Shun,Alice,Joe,Alex"

Shun: "Dan,Runo,Maria,Julie,Me,Ace,Joe, and Alex"

Alex: Same as Shun.

Joe: Me too.

Maria: Me too!

Baron: I guess me too. *frowns*

Ace: Me too!

Mira: Umm...okay....

Alice: Do I have a choice?

Dan: Sorry guys, bye.

Baron,Marucho,Mira,and Alice leave.

(End of Book One)

Masquerade: Once I left Alice's Body for good this time, I joined the Anti-Brawlers! Well we all wait for more Doom Cards to be made while me and Trevor go to try and get Gus and Spectra on the team. Well I am comming for you brawlers!

Book TwoEdit

Chapter 21: The Re-Birth Of MasqueradeEdit

(Intro): It has been 7 months we have saved the bakugan and we stayed on Harrivan to be safe. Then everybody all comes out and fights at one time! We find out that Masquerade is back out of Alice's Body and he joined The Anti-Brawlers! Well Masquerade wants some more of this! Well he will get it!

Dan: *wakes up* Morning!

Boys: *asleep*

Dan: Guys! I hear something! Wake up!

Runo: *runs in* Dan do you hear that?

Julie: We are under attack!

Maria: Or maybe it is just a pizza?

Boys: *woken up*

Alex: We wont know until we look.

Shun: I am not going!

Maria and Joe: Nope!

Alex: Never!

Julie: No thanks....

Ace: No Way!

Runo and Dan: No....Man! We have to go dont we!

All: *nod yes*

Dan and Runo answer the door and see....

Both: Masquerade!

Masquerade: I left Alice's body and made some new friends!

Shun: Who would be your friend!?

Trevor: Hello Shun.

Alex: Trevor!

Maria: Guys just leave us alone!

Masquerade: We just wanna know if Spectra is here. We found somebody on the way.

Gus: I want revenge on that Rat!

Spectra: *Hiding in the kitchen*

Maria: *looks at him*

Spectra: *whispers* Dont tell the Anti-Brawlers!

Maria: Haven't seen him in months now leave. *slams the door on their faces.

Dan: Spectra, Why are you hiding from Gus?

Spectra: We are not Allies anymore Dan.

Julie: So you expect us to take you back to our team?

Maria: The more the better. Plus with Helios and Spectra's Power we can do great. And not to mention you guys work really good together.

Dan: What do you say friend?

Spectra: I will join your team and be your teammate. Dont think I am friends with you for one minute! Me and Helios hate all of you. But we will work with you to stop evil.

Runo: Good. Just to be clear.....

Maria: We dont like you either.

Spectra: Whatever..... Where do I sleep?

Dan: You can sleep in the boy room or in the garage.

Spectra: Oh no! I am not sleeping in a room with 5 nitwits!

Julie: Then you get the garage.

Spectra: Whatever Brawl..Teamates.

Dan: What do you think we do if all of our enemies are right outside of this door!

Runo: lets split up!

Maria: Two of us stay here.

Dan: Two of us go outside.

Alex: Three of us go out the back to sabatauge.

Ace: And two of us go out the side to sabatauge.

Dan: Like this?

Dan, Spectra, and Shun go outside.

Joe and Runo stay here.

Alex and Maria go out the back.

Julie and Ace go out the side.

Spectra: I like it for once Dan!

Dan: Thanks.

Runo: I dont wanna stay!

Joe: C'mon Runo, You and me can hang out in here until they need us.

Runo: fine.

They all go where they are destinated.

Spectra: Hello Lync.

Shun: Matt.

Dan: Chellsea.

Chellsea: I dont think I have brawled you yet Dan!

Dan: *pulls out Gauntlet* There is a first time for everything.

Mylene: I am here too!

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!


Alex: Maria,

Maria: What?

Alex: Where are we going?

Maria: First we see where Julie and Ace are going.

Julie: We are going to the Destroiers Hideout.

Maria: Then we are going to the Anti-Brawlers' Hideout.

They start walking.

Ace and Julie are in the Hideout.

Ace: So Julie,

Julie: So...

Somebody teleports in front of them.

Julie: Destroiers!

Billy: No Julie. Its just me!

Julie: Billy!

Hydron: Hey! Hit three with one stone!

Micheal: Make that two!

Julie: *thinking* Am I in heaven? Ace,Billy, and Micheal! Soooo Hott!

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Alex and Maria are int he other hideout.

Masquerade and Shadow Prove: Hello!

Alex: Ahh!

Maria: Dont chicken out!

Masquerade: Do you brawl?

Shadow: The girl is an Aquos brawler. The guitar kid doesn't technically brawl, but he always borrows other bakugan or some follow him.

Masquerade: Do you hvae bakugan on you?

Akwimos: Maria doesn't go anywhere without me!

Anchorsaur: Alex! Down here!

Alex: Anchorsaur! This is the bakugan that helped me and Jake destroy the control room after our race with Mylene and Matt.

Shadow: lets go!

All: Bakugan Brawl!


Joe: So, Runo.

Runo: Yeah?

Joe: What do we do now?

Runo: Well........

Zenoheld and a girl named Mitchy run in.

Joe: Hide Runo!

They run upstairs and Joe hides in the hamper while Runo hides in the boy's room.

Zenoheld: Brawlers! I know you are in here! I'm picking up your signal!

Mitchy: We will find you!

Zenoheld: So who do you think is in here?

Mitchy: One is Runo and the other I dont know....

Joe: *whispers* Be carefull Runo.

A comercial.......

Joe: *jumps out the window*

Mitchy: Uhh Zenoheld.

Zenoheld: Yes Mitchy?

Mitchy: We lost one of the signals.

Zenoheld: I know Just find Runo!
Runo: Joe ditched me!

Mitchy: Okay.

Zenoheld: *walks by the boy's room*

Runo: What am I standing on? *picks up underwear that have Dan's name on them* Eww! *she screams*

Zenoheld: *walks in* Would you look at this! Its Runo!

Mitchy: It is!

Joe: *outside* They found her!

Mckala: And I founf you!

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Zenoheld Mitchy and Runo jump out the window and go outside by Joe and Mckala.

Zenoheld: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Assail Farbros!

Mckala: Snapzoid!

Joe: Wavern!

Garvarion: Good Luck Wavern!

Mitchy: Seige!

Runo: Go Tig!

Tigerra: Yes my lady!

Zenoheld: Ability! Female Destroier!

Mckala: *passes out* Uhghghg!

Runo: Hey! *passes out*

Mitchy: Zenoheld! *passes out*

Joe: Ummm, Can I be a girl?

Zenoheld: Be a man Joe!

Dan and Shun finish their brawl and see what happend.

Dan: Runo!

Shun: Joe what happend?

Joe: We are brawling Zenoheld and his new goons. They found me and Runo and ramed the door down. We hid but they found Runo so I came to help.

Dan: Oh no!

Joe: Guys, Where is Spectra?

Shun: He is handling Lync.


Spectra: You can't win Lync!
Lync: Just because you beat the others doesn't mean I am as weak as them!

Spectra: *calls Rocky and Helios Back* Your weaker. *pulls out sword*

Lync: *calls Altair and Aluze back* Really? *pulls out sword*

Spectra: Ahhhhhh! *hits Lync*

Lync: Ouch! *Lync gets a scar on his face and passes out*

Spectra: *laughs* Bye Lync! *leaves Mylene,Chellsea, and Lync passed out on the floor*

Dan: *sees Spectra comming* Spectra!

Spectra: I am here!

Dan: Did you beat Lync?

Spectra: Lets just say, yes, handled him.

Zenoheld: Joe! *Farbros goes into ball form*

Joe: I won!

Garvarion and Wavern: *dancing* We won! You Lost! *ball form*

Shun: *picks up Runo and takes her on his back* Where are the others?

Dan: Like Maria, Alex, Ace, and Julie.

They come.

All: Right here!

Micheal: *picks up his teamates* This isn't over!

Shadow Prove: Get up here! *gets his teamates*

Billy: We won!

Shun: So did we.

Alex: And us.

Anchorsaur: Bye Alex! Pleasure brawling with you!

Alex: Your just going to go on your own?

Anchorsaur: Yeah.

Alex: Why not join the team?

Anchorsaur: Okay!

Runo: Can I have him Alex?

Anchorsaur: That is my choice. And sure!

Nova Lion: So Dan, Is Billy staying?

Drago: Yeah! I am dying to know!

Billy: No. I have to leave.

Cycloid: Bye Brawlers!

Julie: Bye Billy!

They Teleport out.

Julie: I will miss him!

Maria: Time for bed!

All the girls go in their room.

Spectra starts to go for the basement.

All the boys go in the room.

Dan: Hey Spectra!

Spectra: What?

Dan: That cannot be comfortable. Come with us.

Spectra: Okay Daniel. *smiles*


Julie: Okay well me and, well uh, Spectra go to the park because he, wants to talk to me. I dont really trust him so this is kinda freaking me out. But then we see the same monster that was in a movie that me and the others saw! I try to explain that to Spectra but he insist we brawl against it! So Shun comes down and we all brawl this big monster none of us would have ever imagined that it was real! Lets atleast win this. Bakugan Brawl!

Chapter 22: Monster Mash!Edit

All the brawlers are waiting for Maria to finish making breakfast.

Dan: So Spectra, How did you like day one on the good side?

Alex: And sleeping with us?

Spectra: I kind of like it here better...And I know who Joe likes!

Joe: Spectra! Dont you dare!

Spectra: Hey Julie?

Julie: yeah?

Joe: Spectra!

Spetcra: Wanna go to the park later? I need to talk to you about something important.

Julie: Ummmm okay?

Joe: Uggg!

Julie and Spectra get ready and then leave out the door.

Runo: That was weird....

Maria: They didn't want their eggs!

Dan: I do! *eats the eggs*

Shun: *peering through the hallway* hhmmmm....

Joe: *in the boys room getting dressed* Stupid Spectra! He better keep his big mouth shut!


Julie: Why are we here?

Spectra: So we can talk.

Julie: *Thinking: Does he like me!* About what?

Spectra: Well I know who likes you.

Joe: Spectra! Shut up! *pushes him down*

Julie: Joe!

Spectra: I was going to tell Julie who likes her.

Julie: Is it you?

Joe: No, Julie. It is me.

Julie: Awwww! Sorry Joe, you are cute but BIlly and I are kinda a thing.

Joe: I know!

Monster: Rawwwrrrr!

Julie: I remember that!

Joe: I saw that movie!

Spectra: Movie!? This is real! Lets brawl it!

(BTW this is the monster from the movie in bakugan new vestroia episode 35)

Julie: No you see this is fake.

Joe: See! *jumps in its mouth then climbs out all slimy* Its real!

Julie: *calls Shun*

Shun: Hello?

Julie: Come here!

Shun: Why?

Julie: You will see when you get here hurry! *hangs up*

Shun gets there and they all say.....

All: Gauntlet Power Strike!

Shun: Skyress and Ingram!

Julie: Gorem!

Joe: Wavern and Garvarion!

Spectra: Rise Helios!

Gorem: *climbs on the monster and kicks it* Take that!

Monster: *Hits Gorem with his tail and makes him fall off* Rawwwwrrrrrrr!

Helios: Step Back! Compared to him you are like a squirel!

Shun: Wait Helios!

Helios: What?

Shun: Dont go I have a plan!

All of the bakugan charge the monster and go into Ball form one by one.

Shun: I we combine all of our Bakugan,Battle Gear, and Traps we can make one big bakugan and we can win!

Julie: Gorem! Boulder Cannon! Griffon! Zoack! There!

Joe: Garvarion! Wavern! Brachium! *types in code* What kind of battle gear is this?

Shun: I dont know! But listen to the Guantlet!

Gauntlet: Battle Gear Bang Blade.

Joe: Bang Blade!

Spectra: Helios! Rocky! Metal Fencer! Twin Destructor!

Shun: Skyress! Mater Ingram! Shadow Fang! Zeon Hylash! Lansor!

Spectra: Unlock Canistor! Bakugan brawl! *all maxus Helios peices come out*

All: Bakugan Formation!

All of the bakugan form one huge bakugan that towers high above the monster.

Monster: Rawwwr!

Bakugan Monster: *jumps on the monster*

Monster: Rawrrrr!

Bakugan: The Monster says that it comes in peace.

Monster: Rawr!

Julie: Maria's House is huge! We can get a cage! And put him in the back yard!

The Brawlers call their bakugan back, get on the Monster's back, and let it fly them home.

Dan: Cool! Can he stay in the backyard Maria!?

Maria: Of Course! Welcome to the team! What should we name it?

Runo: I say we give it a name that sounds like a bakugan.

Dan: Armorior!

Spectra: It fits him.

Maria: Welcome to the team Armorior!

Armoroir: *goes to the backyard and lays down*

Dan: So if we get in brawls he can help us.

Shun: And we share him.

Julie: He is like a huge pet!

Runo: he is so awesome!

Alex: Tight!

Maria: Cool!

Shun: It is amazing!

Joe: I love it!

Spectra: A good pet.

Dan: This is going to be a fun time!

Spectra: *sigh* Being on this team is going to feel like forever...

Dan: But it will be fun!

Dan grabs Spectra and they take a team picture.


Alice: Hey Guys! Well, No matter where we were all of the Brawlers where practicing: Chan Lee,Spectra,Ace,Mira,Me,Runo almost all of us. Then we all end up in Bakugan Interspace. It is really fun! A lot of us are have up to 4 on 4 brawls! It is so amazing! It is the most fun I have had while brawling in a long time!

Chapter 23: Bakugan Interspace Is Back!Edit

Julie: *Wakes up to Runo and Maria snoring* Guys wake up or Shut up!

Runo: *Falls off the bed* Ooouuch!

Julie: *helps Runo up*

Runo and Julie: *Pull Maria off her bed and onto the floor* Hahahahaha!

Maria: Not cool!

The Girls go to the kitchen where they find Alex making eggs with the other boys Cleaning the rooms and yards.

Maria: Are you guys really helping?

Shun: Yes. I am off to go feed Armorior.

Runo: Wow.

Alex: Sit, sit. Here are some sausage and Eggs.

Julie: We dont have to work?

Spectra and Dan: *finish their chors* Not quite.

Spectra: Here is the Weekly chor list.

Julie: I'm doing the bathrooms!

Runo: I clean the Boy's Room!

Maria: I clean the backyard for Monster dropings!

Ace: *walks in* There is a lot too! *passes her a shovel*

Joe: Well Julie, You might wanna flush the toilet.

Spectra: The Room isn't that Dirty Runo.

The Girls finish their chors and the team starts training.

Shun: Who is gonna brawl who? *stares at Armorior* or what?

Maria: I will Brawl Armorior.

Shun: Me and Dan will brawl Runo.

Spectra: I'll brawl Julie.

Joe: I'll brawl Maria.

Alex: I dont have bakugan. And I give up playing for good.

Ace: I will Brawl Armorior with you too Maria.

Maria: Okay!

All: Bakugan Interspace Gauntlet Power Strike!

Alex: *grabs onto Joe*

They walk in and find that Marucho,Mira,Alice,Billy,Baron,Doe and Jake are in there too.

Chan Lee and her crew come in shortly after that. Then Following them are Fabia, Ren, and Jake Rockwell.

Dan: Woah! Guys! It is all of us!

Julio: Guys! Tentaclear has evolved into Octoclear!

Octoclear: I have gained the ability to talk now too.

Harpus: I am Mega-wing Harpus!

Runo: Cool!
Klaus: I may be Mistaken but it looks like there are some new faces here.

Ren: I'm Ren.

Fabia: I am Fabia.

Jake: I am Jake.

Jake R: I am Jake too but call me Rocker.

Alex: I am Alex.

Doe: I am Doe and this is Hakapoid.

All: Gauntlet! Power Strike!

Spectra: Gate Card Set! Rocky and Helios stand!

Runo: Tigrerra!

Joe: Wavern and Garvarion!

Dan: Drago!

Maria: Akwimos!

Billy: Cycloid!

Julie: Gorem!
Ren: Linehalt!

Jake R: Coredem!

Alice: Hydranoid!

Ace: Percival!

Mira: Go Wilda!

Marucho: Elfin! Angelo! Preyas!

Baron: Nemus!
Fabia: Aranaut!

Chan Lee: Fortress!

Julio: Octoclear!

Komba: Harpus!

They Brawl for a while. Their Brawl is overloaded and all their bakugan go into ball form. Bakugan Interspace stops working. They all go back to where they where before.

Dan: What?

Maria: What happend?

Keith: *on his Phone* Marucho? What Happend? (Spectra is going to be called Keith now)

Marucho: Well Keith, Bakugan Interspace Overloaded. I Cheacked with Fabia and Klaus the others made it back safe and so did we. Are you guys okay?

Keith: We are fine. What about Mira and Baron?

Marucho: They are staying with us.

Keith: Oh.

Maria: Marucho, Why would it just happen like that?

Marucho: I dont know....Kato! Rewind that last part!

Kato: Yes Master Marucho.

He plays the tape to find Hydron and Mitchy in Bakugan Interspace pressing random buttons at the same time they were going to brawl.

Marucho: Destroiers!

Runo: What creeps!

Ace: What the heck! Why would they do that?

Keith: What Low lifes!

Dan: Lets go get them!

Alice: *grabs the phone from Marucho* Dan, listen to me.

Dan: Alice?

Alice: Dan, Masquerade and Gus and on the Anti-Brawlers now. And Zenoheld recuited Mitchy and Mckala. You guys aren't safe. Dont just run in and attack them *hangs up*

Ace: Dan, you should listen to Alice.

Alex: Yeah Dan, Drago and the others can be sent to the Doom Demension,or destroied, or put on the other side, or Statue-fied. We have to be careful. Dan: Fine.

The door rings and they are all afraid to answer.

Armorior: *is afraid and curls up in a ball*

Shun: *comes back from the Shower* I'll get it.

All: Shun no!


David: Hello! My name is David. I am a boy who just moved in. I am also a wood brawler. I get in a fight with Mylene Pharroh then the brawlers come and see me. They ask me to join but I decline. But I do show them a beautful place! We hang out there until I go home and then they stay there and talk. Sounds fun! Bakugan brawl!

Chapter 24: The New Kid and a New LakeEdit

All: Shun, No!

Shun: *answers the door* Hello.

David: Hi! I heard the Battle Brawlers are staying here.

Dan: You heard right!

David: Your Dan, Your Shun, and Your Ace.

Ace: How do you know us?

David: I saw you guys a lot on New vestroia and Vestal.

Runo: Well I am one of the original members on the team I brawl with Haos and my name is Runo. This is Tigerra.

Tigrerra: Hello child.

David: If your Runo, your Julie of Subterra with Gorem.

Julie: Creepy!

David: And you are Keith Clay! Brother of Mira Clay! You used to be Spectra!

Dan: He still wears the outfit and goes by Spectra but is on our team.

David: You are Joe! With Wavern!

Joe: I also met Garvarion. She came to watch over me and Wavern.

David: Cool!

Maria: I am the new Aquos Brawler. I own this house and I use Aqwimos.

Alex: I dotn brawl but I help the team a lot.

David: Cool! Your Bakugan dont look like regular.

Runo: They all have evolved, David.

Spectra: In the backyard we have our Monster who helps in brawls but isn't a bakugan.

Armorior: Rawr!

Martraon: David, where are we?

Dan: Woah! What attribute is that?

Martraon: I am from one of the new worlds of Vestroia. There are 3 of them that are small and only visable 12 feet away.

David: I went to all three on a space trip. There are Wood Bakugan, Metal Bakugan, and Sluge bakugan.

Martraon: See! *a Metal Bakugan called Retarus comes out and a Sluge bakugan comes out named Slubmay*

David: Wooden bakugan represent Haos and Subterra. Sluge represent Aquos and Pyrus and Metal is Darkus and Ventus.

Runo: Cool! Wanna Brawl!

Dan: Dude, I would pay to brawl you!

Martraon: Before we do anything, you have to come see something David and I found along the way!

David: Uh wait. Maria, how come bakugan go into balls in this house but right outside they are normal?

Maria: It is a trick.

David: To the lake!
Then David rides Martraon. Dan rides Drago. Alex Rides Armorior. Runo rides Tigrerra. Julie rides Gorem. Ace rides Percival. Maria rides Akwimos. Spectra rides Helios. Shun rides Skyress while Ingram runs after them. Wavern and Garvarion hold joe each with one hand.

David: We are here!

They all jump into the lake.

Drago: My body! It is shaking again! And and glowing just like when the Ancients turned me into Cross Dragonoid!

Gorem: This time I feel it!

Tigrerra: Me too!

Akwimos: Whatever it is, I feel it too!

Skyress: Me too!

Ingram: I do again too!

Percival: I can feel it!

Helios: I can feel this!

Martraon: Woah!

Wavern and Garvarion: Ahhhhhhh!

They all end up in the smae place they were when the Ancients gave their Lives and Energies to save New Vestroia.

The New Ancients: Hello Brawlers!

Dan: A Pyrus Soldier!

Runo: A Haos one!

Julie: Subterra?

Maria: Aquos!

Ace: Darkus!

Shun: Ventus Solier!

David: A Wood one!

The Sluge and Metal: Hi.

Dan: Where are our bakugan? *starts looking around*

The New Ancients: They are hidden. You have to find them!

Dan: Drago!

Meta Dragonoid: They have all evolved too!

Spectra: Helios!

Julie: Gorem!

Runo: Tig!?

Maria: Akwimos!

Goblinball: Boy bakugan are hidden away from girl bakugan!

Megack: And only the same gender can find that bakugan!

Julie: I can't find Gorem!

Maria: I can't find Akwimos!

Joe: I will find Gorem and Akwimos if you find Wavern and Garvarion!

Alex: Where is Armorior?

Goblinball: I hid him too!

Alex: I will find him then!

Dan: He is more mobil!

Alex: I have time!

Shun: Who is gonna find Skyress?

Runo: I can find Skyress on my way to find Tig.

Shun: Thanks Runo! *he hugs her*

Dan: *gives SHun a dirty look*

Here we will start with the Girls.

Runo: Tigrerra! Skyress!

Julie: Wavern!

Maria: Garvarion!

Wavern and Skyress come running in ball form.

Wavern: Keep on running!

Maria: Why? And what are you?

Wavern: It is me! Execelerated Wavern!

Runo: You evolved!

Skyress: I am Ventus Windy Skyress!

Julie: Skyress?

Skyress: I have evolved.

Wavern: Run from those!

Darkus Demon-like Bakugan called Brantrogs are shortly running after them.

Runo: Where is Tigerra?

Julie: And Garvarion?

Skyress: They are stuck fighting those Bakugan!

Maria: But they are all in balls!

Wavern: But we can still brawl!

Runo: Tigrerra! Garvarion!

Both Bakugan come running.

Both: Run! Just run.

They all run to go see the Soldiers.

Meanwhile with the Boys.......

Dan: Drago! You are now Blazing Drago!

Shun: And you are Warrior Ingram!

Alex: I found Armorior! They gave him more scales and armor! And he is taller!

Ace: I found Percival! He evolved!

Joe: Here is Akwimos and Gorem!

Spectra and David: Found you!
Both: Our bakugan have evolved!

They all see the Ancients.

Ancients: Good Job! You have found your Monster and Bakugans! Good! We have sent you here on this goose chase so you can defeat Masquerade and Trevor's Crew.

All: The Anti-Brawlers!

Ancients: Yes! They have been sending Bakugan to the Doom Demension and their team grows day by day!

Maria: That is horrible!

Ancients: They also have done many bad things! They are one of the three teams you should watch! We will contact you later. Bye!

Dan: Wait!

They are now at the Lake then David goes his own way back to his house. But not before Dan gives him a Gauntlet he made from wood to match his attribute. Then the Brawlers go home and the Bakugan, Armorior, and the team rest to stop the Anti-Brawlers soon.


Mylene: Hello Kids! If you wanna see me, Shadow Prove, and Chellsea beat up some Brawlers, you should watch the next episode of Bakugan: Planet Takedown! We brawl against Dan, Maria, and Julie! They bring some big Monster with them to help them in their battle! But we will just take him down too! Or maybe send him to the Doom Demension! Watch to find out!

Chapter 25: Dont Do It!Edit

The Brawlers are all in the Backyard while the Bakugan and Armorior are sitting in their own circle talking.

Wavern: Drago, I am glad we are reunited.

Drago: All of the Bakugan where Brought back to life that were Killed!

Wavern: Yes but that means that Naga Is alive again!

Percival: I have heard of this Naga thing! I will kick his Butt!

Drago: I think the New Soldiers are guided by the old ones. Since thy are alive again.

Armorior: Rawr!

Akwimos: I like all of our Evolutions! And Armorior's growth spurt! We all look so strong!

Meanwhile on the other side of the yard at a table.......

Dan: If any of them try to send our bakugan to the Doom Demension we will be fine!

The Gatekeepers come in ball form and go into the Brawlers' pockets.

Shun: Guys! This was going to be a surprise! I found the Gatekeepers by the lake. They are on our side now.

Tricloid: *pops her head out then goes into Julie's Pocket*

Rabeeder goes with Runo.

Druman goes with Dan.

Centorrior goes with Ace.

Hairadee goes with Shun.

Tayghen goes with Maria.

Maria: Yeah! We just got the Gatekeepers on our team!

Runo: And our bakugan have evolved!

Julie: Armorior has never looked better!

Spectra: And we all have a lot of bakugan!

Ace: There is no way we can lose!

Dan: So we have the Gatekeepers! Which means Naga is back too!

Ace: What are Gatekeepers? And Naga?

Runo: Ace, Naga is an evil bakugan, and Wavern's Brother.

Julie: He used to hold they silent core.

Dan: But when he was killed, or at least thought to be killed, Drago took it from him they he had no choice but to kill Wavern.

Runo: Once Wavern got the core and hatched Garvarion who has the Perfect Crystal and they shot their Cores to the top of Vestroia...

Julie: They cannot be taken anymore.

Ace: But he is back!
Dan: So once again, New Vestroia, Earth, Vestal, Nethia, Gundalia, and Harrivan are all in Dager of Naga.

Julie: And the Gatekeepers are bakugan that have two attributes but look more than the other. They used to be with Naga but now they are with us.

Ace: So I got Centorrior?

Maria: I got Tayghen?

Dan: Yes.

Spectra: I dont have anybody.

Joe: Spectra, there are only six. They chose where to go.

Tricloid: Hey Rabeeder! The dreamy boy!

Dan: Not again!

The Anti-Brawlers come in a Helicopter and challenge them.

Mylene: Come and fight us!

Trevor: If you guys aren't scared!

Masquerade: We will be waiting!

Chellsea: Bye Losers!

The Brawlers all scamble inside and hide Armorior the best way they can.

Once the Anti-Brawlers leave they all go on the Porch.

Maria: *getting her brawling stuff ready* We need to fight them!

Dan: I am with Maria!

Julie: Me too!

Ace: You guys can go then.

Spectra: I want to fight the one in the Mask!

Dan: Later Spectra!

Armorior: Rawrrrr!

Dan: Armorior, you wanna come too? Okay come on boy.

They then leave but the other brawlers follow.

Dan: You guys weren't supposed to come!

Ace: We can't just leave you guys!

Maria: True. We cant just stay in one place either! Time to travel!

they walk until they see a strange deserted town.

Alex: Woah! Where are we? Have you seen this place Maria?

Maria: Not once.

Runo: If you guys haven't seen it, it must be new!

Ace: Or really really old.

The brawlers head in.

Maria: Look at that huge building!

They all go in, but once they do they see Trevor and Masquerade!

Joe: I will take them on!

Alex: I will stay with him, guys go upstairs! We need to get to the top of this place to find out where we are! Just Go!
The other brawlers continue on.

Maria: I dont think any Anti-Brawlers are here.

The lights flicker on then back off. From the corner of their eyes they see Shadow Prove and Miguel!

Runo: I got Miguel!

Julie: I will take Shadow!

Maria: All right lets go!

They go up then look out the window to see Mylene and Chellsea using their Bakugan to hurt Armorior.

Maria: I will go stop them!

Shun: Me too!

Shun and Maria jump out the window to deal with them.

Dan: *starring out the window*

Ace: C'mon man! lets go!
Spectra, Dan, and Ace make it to the top of the stairs to brawl....

Matt, Gus, & and Lync: Hello!

Spectra: Gus!

Gus: Hi!

Ace: You guys sicken me!

Dan: We will defeat you!

While all of the brawlers are brawling the Anti-Brawlers Ace notices a energy geneater!

Ace: Dan! Look there!

Dan: Energy generater!


Shun: Bakugan Brawl! Hairadee and Windy Skyress Stand!

Maria: Bakugan Brawl!

Shun: Maria, use Tayghen in this Brawl!

Maria: Akwimos, Tayghen, and Balexeon!

Balexeon: Hey Hey Hey! Time to Destroy you!

Ingram: Lets do this Balexeon!

Shun: Ingram Stand!

Mylene: Big deal! Six Bakugan and a Monster! I will win!

Maria: You didn't win last round!

Chellsea: Bakugan Brawl! Bumptran Stand! Trap! Subterra Groopla!

Mylene: Good Chellsea! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Elico rise! Macubass! Trap Bakugan! Aquos Tripod Theta! Battle Gear! Nartaga! Nartaga! Attach to Elico! And Tripod Theta! Connect with Macubass!

Then Shun and Maria Say....

Both: Bakugan Formation!

All of a sudden all of their Bakugan connect, then they form armor, and connect to Armorior!

Maria and Shun: Ability Activate! Moony Rise!

Bumptran: Oh No!!!!!!! *ball*

Elico: There I go! *ball*

Macubass: *ball*

Their Traps and Gears: *ball*

Shun and Maria: We won! *Their Bakugan go back to their Pockets* They wait outside with Mylene and Chellsea leave.


Ace: Ability Activate! Boom Boom Dark!

Gus, Lync, and Matt's Bakugan all go into balls.

Then they leave.

Ace: Spetcra, Dan! The Energy Generater!

Spectra: Yes Ace, That means Maria and Shun must have won just like us.

Dan: Guys! Come here!

They all peer downstairs to find Just their teamates swimming up to them in water holding their Bakugan. While Armorior is outside.

Joe: I won!

Maria & Shun: Us too!

Julie & Runo: Yes!

Dan: Us too!

Ace: The Generater! It is glowing!

The Generater flies up into the Sky and the town lights up with Lights!

Dan: We did it!


Naga: I thought I would Pay a visit to Wavern, my dear Sister, but I run into Masquerae again! It has been years Masquerade! They all want me to join with them. So I battle them to see if they are worthy! Lets just see Masky!

Chapter 26: A Bone to Pick With You! (Japan)/Runo Runs! (America)Edit

Naga: Where am I?

?????: You are on Planet Harrivan!

Naga: What! Who is here?

?????: All of the Bakugan, Some Earthlings, Harrivans, and Two Vestals...

Naga: Who are you?

?????: We are the New Ancient Soldiers of Vestroia!

Vandarus: You are Naga!

Naga: Yes I am!

Naga starts to walk away.

Ancients: Stop!
Goblinball: Where are you going!?

Naga: *still walking* To see my dear Sister....


Bakugan Battle Brawlers In: Runo Runs!

Meanwhile the brawlers are in a garden.

Runo: Dan, isn't it beautiful here?

Dan: *eating a Chili-dog* What?

Runo: Ugghh! Nevermind!

Dan: *looks at Ace*

Ace: *shrugs*

Maria: How was your time with Dan?

Runo: Ugggh! Everytime I try to be romantic, he ruins it! I am tired of it!
Tigrerra: Just relax my lady, this is a Garden, we brought a picnic, some drinks in an icechest....

Julie: Yeah Runo, have some Lemonaid.

Runo: Maybe you guys are right, Dan will come to his senses soon....

Dan: Hey Runo! *accidentally spits Chili on her*


Dan: What is it?

Runo: *whiping her face* Just leave me alone Dan!*Runo runs off*

Julie: Runo!
Alex: She will be back soon, Dont you guys worry....

Dan: Was it something I said?

All their Bakugan are talking in Moster Form.....

Drago: Daniel doesn't know a thing about girls.

Akwimos: Like you do?

Wavern: He knows how to treat one.

Drago: *blushes* Wavern!

Garvarion: Hahahahahaha

Armorior: Rawrrr!

Helios: This is all lame!

Gorem: I know!

Skyress: I think it is sweet!

Garvarion: Yeah! You guys just dont have hearts!

Percival: What I care about, is what we have to do to get Runo and Tigrerra back...

Dan: You know what Percival!

Percival: What Dan?

Dan: We will find her, you just wait!


Runo sees Naga looking for Wavern.

Tigrerra: *gasp* Runo! Look over there!

Runo: Naga!

Naga: What!

Tigrerra: Shhhh!

Naga: Whatever!

They follow him until.... He runs into Masquerade and Lync!

Masquerade: Naga!

Lync: Mask! What are you doing?

Naga: Masquerade!

Masquerade: Hello.

Lync: Why are you here! *Lync is against what his team is doing now but cant do anything about it*

Naga: I am looking for my sister, Wavern!

Lync: *whispers* Oh no! Wavern!

Masquerade: She and the other brawlers are in the Garden!

Naga: Show me!

Lync: *runs in front of them and to the Garden*

Runo: *runs after him* Lync! What are you doing!?

Masquerade: Runo?

Lync and Runo make it to the garden and Lync tells them to go to Earth and tells them why.

Dan: We have to go!

Ace: Some of us should stay, to be safe.

Joe: I have to go!

Dan: I want to go!

Shun: Me too!

Alex: Can I come?

Dan: Yes Hurry!

Dan, Joe, Shun, and Alex go through the portal to Earth. Lync, Keith and Runo follow after them. The Portal closes.

on Earth they end up in Alice's House.

Alice: Lync! You are okay!

Lync: I know that.

Alice: But Hydron sent you to another place!
Lync: I came back!

Alice: Cool! So can I help you guys?

Dan: Lync! Wait Alice, We cant trust him!

Alex: Yeah! You dont know what him and his team are doing!

Lync: Just give me a real bakugan and I will betray them! *he throws Aluze and Altair on the ground and stomps on them*

Dan: Here.

Lync: What is this?

Hartivon: I am Ventus Hartivon! I was the 4th bakugan ever made, and the only one of me in existance!

Lync: Awesome!

Hartivon: What is your name, if you dont mind me asking?

Lync: Lync Volan. Nice to meet you!

Shun: So, now that you two are done, lets talk bussiness!

Alice: Catch me up on things.

Dan: Lets go to Maruchos house so we can tell the others too.

They are all at Marucho's House all aware of Naga's return.

Ace: Take us all there now!

Dr. Micheal: I wish I could Ace, but the portal has been Acting up lately.

Keith: I could teleport us there.

Mira: Oh Thank you Keith!

Keith: Only the people who are using Sakari Stars.

Dan: Well what are those!?

Lync: Oh our new Professor stupid was talking about giving the people on our team those.

Dan: Keith! Is there another way!?

Keith: Only if you were on Harrivan within the last 6 Days.

Ace: No!

Alice: I am comming!

Keith: How?

Alice: I have my Masquerade Card! Guess when he left my body he forgot to take it.

Dr. Micheal: I would like to go there too Alice.

Alice: Then hold on! *they leave*

Keith: Well bye! We will be back!

Baron: Hurry!

Marucho: We want some action!

Dan: Dont sweat guys! *they leave*

Naga: *talking to the other brawlers* Where is Wavern!?

Wavern: Right here!

Joe: What are you doing?

Wavern: (Ignoring Joe) Garvarion, if I dont come back with you guys, take very good care of Joe!

Garvarion: (Finaly being serious) Understood.

Joe: Wavern!
Naga: Yes Wavern!

Dan: Split up!
Runo: I will go to the hideouts.

Julie: I will stay here!

Alice: I will go with Runo.

Dr. Micheal: I will stay here! Bakugan Brawl! *a bakugan named Mich, who is really a human trapped in a bakugan ball forever*

Mich: I was called.

Dan: Woah! I dont wanna know!

Joe: I will stay!

Wavern: *fighting Naga* No Joe! You and Garvarion go with the girls! Stay safe!

Lync: I will go with them too!

Shun: I will stay!

They figure out who is staying and who is leaving and they move on.


Lync: Hey Guys! I cannot believe I switched sides! Neither can Masquerade and Trevor. They want a fight! So me and Julie brawl while the others continue on through the hideout. I really hope Wavern is okay! And what is the Sakari that Trevor is using!? Keith said something about them...What was it again? Oh well! Bakugan brawl!

Chapter 27: A Sakari SensationEdit

Lync,Runo,Alex,Julie,Alice, and Joe go through the hideout and find a tunnel.

Lync: Runo, where are we going?

Runo: Dont second guess me Lync!

Julie: Dont Lync, unless you dont want a head.

Masquerade: Oh we will chop off heads!

Trevor: Lync, you weren't even that strong!

Lync: Yeah! When I was with you using those Mechanical Monsters! Now I have a nice *looks at Runo scared* Friendly team who forgives me and gives me a nice bakugan who cares about me!

Hartvon: Yeah!

Trevor: Well Sangaring isn't Mechanical!

Masquerade: Neither is Hydranoid!

Lync: *Gauntlet ready*

Alice: Lync, you cant take them both!

Julie: *Gauntlet ready* I can help!

Lync: Thanks!

Runo: Good Luck guys!

Alex: Where are we going?

Alice: Lets just continue through this tunnel.

Lync, Julie, Trevor, and Masquerade: Gauntlet, Power Strike!

Julie: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Mighty-much Stand!

Lync: Bakugan Brawl! Hartvon Stand!

Hartvon: Hey Hey Hey! It FAAAAAAT Trevor!

Trevor: Grrrrrr! I'll show you! Bakugan Brawl! Sangaring Stand!

Masquerade: Darkus Alpha Hydranoid Stand!


Dan: Stop Naga!

Shun: Dan! I dont think I can take anymore of this!

Drago: Hang in there Shun!

Skyress: You will be fine.

Wavern: Stay away Naga!

Naga: I want reveange on you and the brawlers! You left me for dead!

Wavern: Naga, you were my brother but you are now a power hungery monster!

Drago: I will protect Wavern, so back off!

Ingram: A loyal ninja protects the inoccent!


Hartvon: Lync! The tunnels!

Julie: They are collapsing!

Gorem: Lets get out of here!

They run away.

Alice: The tunnels are crumbling!

They run into a observatory.

Chellsea: Alice! Alice!

Alice: What do you want?

Chellsea: *crying* Hydron almost took Bumptran!

Bumptran: Alice, I know you dont trust us, but please believe me with all of your heart and listen.

Alice: What is it?

Bumtran: Hydron is literaly turning into a monster! Clydron and Dryoid got mixed into his DNA some how and now he is a monster!

Alice: Oh my god!

Bumtran: Then he almost took me, Elico, and Macubass!

Alice: I will help you fight him! We need to take him down! We have enough problems with your team, Naga, all the worlds colliding and blowing up! Lets go!

Chellsea: Yay!

Bumptran: Thank you Alice!

Alice: Mhm.

Hydranoid: I still have my eyes peeled though Bumptran!

Bumptran: I understand.

Alex: Hey Alice! I found the...oh.

Joe: What are you doing Alice!?

Runo: That is the enemy!

Alice: Hydron is a monster! I will explain it later! I got to go!


Trevor: Alright! Now we continue!

Hartvon: We are ready for everything!

Trevor: Okay then! Sakari Star Go! Marshfly!

Lync: Its a....

Julie: Sakari!

Masquerade: Why dont I get one?

Trevor: Only me Mylene and Miguel get one!

Masquerade: Why?

Trevor: Because we are rebeling against you guys!

Masquerade: Good luck then! Ability Activate! Negative Trident!

Negative Alpha Hydranoid: Take this! *hits Marshfly and Sangaring*

Trevor: Oh yeah? Sakari Ability Activate!

Gauntlet: Lync and Julie left the brawl.

Lync and Julie meet up with the others who are in the Observatory.

Joe: Guys Come here! Its Julie and Lync! They are back!

Runo: Hey guys!

Lync: Hi.

Alex: Who won the brawl?

Julie: I dont know. We left once Trevor and Masquerade started fighting each other.

Joe: But why would they fihgt each other?

Lync: I dont know....Something about Trevor, Mylene, and Miguel leaving the others with their sakarise.

Runo: They have sakarise!?

Julie: Trevor has one called Marshfly!

Lync: By my research Mylene has one called Jampdew.

Runo: Lets not act like we know everything about them. We still dont know a lot! We dont even know how many attributes there are.

Alex: Well I did find this book on them.

Julie: Well...

Lync: Read it!

Alex: I can't we should just leave it here. It has a really hard riddle.

Julie: Let me see that! *she then reads:* If you can come to the "N" the story unlocked will soon begin. She will guide you and help you through it. Only 7 can really do it.

Runo: Well what does that mean!

Alex: *grabs the book and puts it on a shelf* Who knows.

Lync: Where is Alice?

Joe: She left with Chellsea! She was crying and said something about Hydron.

Runo: I heard Hydron Monster.

Lync: Lets go save her!

They all leave.

Alex: Maybe I can do this later...*grabs the Sakari book* Yes! *runs to catch up*


Spectra: Ability, Activate! Helios Duplicate!

Naga: What is that?

Gauntlet: Helios Duplicate is an ability that allows Shining Helios to bring 5 of his past evolvutions to help him fight.

Helios: Who should come Spectra?

Spectra: Viper Helios! Helios MK2! Helios! Helios MD! And Mega-Mite Helios!

Shining Helios: How did you bring Mega-Mite Helios? He is my next evolution!

Spectra: Well durring our brawl with Matt I stole a trick card. I played it over Naga's Gate Card. When I played the Trick Card I whispered that If we have an advantage in the brawl, we get to use your next evolution and if we win, you get to evolve into Mega-Mite Helios!

Dan: Nice move, Spectra!

Naga: Not good enough! Rawwwwr! *he hits wavern against the wall*

Wavern: No! Naga!

Drago: Stop being such a coward and only hit the weakest one here!

Wavern: Thank you Drago!

Shun, Spectra and Dan: Ability Activate! Wind-Fire Combinment!

Skyress: I feel the power!

Drago: As do I!

Ingram: I feel a rush through my body!

All Helioses: We feel it too!

They all hit Naga but end up not leaving a scratch.

Dan: This is gonna be harder than we thought!


Chellsea: Okay I admit I shouldn't go to Alice for help, but Hydron's body was taken over! I dont really care but Naga is a bad enough monster! We dont need two of them! So we will just try to get the bakugan out of him and destroied and go deal with Naga! I dont wanna work with Trevor anymore after Masquerade says Trevor, Mylene, and Miguel are ditching us! Whatever! I will help the brawlers! I will also get Matt and Shadow to come with Me and Lync. But I hope me and Alice even make it that far! Ahhhh! Wish us luck! Bakugan Brawl!

Chapter 28: Dude looks like a MonsterEdit

Alice: Chellsea, Where are we going?

Chellsea: Be patient Alice! Do you see that evil monster thing over there?

Hydron: *in a possesed voice* Hahaha! Chellsea! You are bacl for more!? Oh and you brought more bakugan for me to destroy!

Chellsea: You didn't destroy Bumptran, Hydron!

Hydron: Well this time I will!

Chellsea and Alice: Gauntlet, Power strike!

Alice: Gate Card! Set! Bakugan Brawl! Darkus Shadow Hydranoid!

Chellsea: Wow! Now Hydranoid has six heads!

Hydranoid: Yes! We have evolved!

Chellsea: Look at the g power "1000gs not so bad".

Hydron: Ok then ability activate Murasame Blade +500gs

Alice: Ability activate Hydranoid Trident -500gs

Both attacks hits

G Power:1000 to 1600

Alice: He his some powerful attacks did't let your guard down Chellsea

Chellsea:I know ability activate boom blast, with this card it splits g power

Hydron: I have not begin ability activate Murasame blast this doudles g power

Alice: Ablilty activate Meta darkus this nullifies ability and doudles g power

Hydron: Ability activate Murasame Sheid this nullifies ability.

Alice: You can't stand high g power levels Doudle Ability activate Wipping Chain plus Nightmare Split 

G Power: 733 each for hydranoid heads

Hydron: This isn't a big deal.

Chellsea:Ability activate Special Boom

Hydron:What! g power is at 5,198gs but how

Alice:I use doudle ability and split my g power into 6 because of the heads and times that by 6 

Chellsae:Then I combine the g power

Hydron: I still have this Maxus Hydron stand

g power: 5,198gs to 7,100gs

Alice: Ability activate Extreme battle with this card i can sommon all my bakugans

Hydron: This is  bad

G power: 8,688gs to 7,100gs

Hydron: Look like I have to try doudle ability activate Insame Murasame plus  Murasame Wipeout

Alice: Gate card open Darkus savor 

Hydron: What! Murasame Wipeout is nullifies

G power: 8,688gs to 7,700gs

Hydron: Fusion ability activate all three attributes subterra,haos and darkus  Crushing Murasame light +700gs

Alice: Ablity activate Darkus Slice life gauge +500gs

HIts Hydranoid

Hydron:all three attribute pyrus,ventus and aquos Fusion ability activate Buring Murasame,Spinning Mursame and Waving Murasame -800gs

All bakugans protect hydron

Hydron: If you do not want to attack I will ability activate all six attribute Ultimate Murasame +1500gs

a bright light shine

G power: 9,900gs to 7888gs

Hydron: it nullifies all ability's

Chellsae: ability activate kun fo boom this blocks all ability's

the light dispect

Hydron: it does not matter am winning

Alice: Oh yeah Doudle ability activate darkus react plus Subterra react

Hydron: nooo! that will take away to much power

G power: 7,500gs to 10,288

lighting and a desert strom hit hydron

Hydron: My power level are failing AHHHH!!!!!!

Hydron is destroy

Chellsae: We won!

Alice: Yeah Hydron is gone for good

(The End)

Next time on bakugan:Dan: Meanwhile alice was batting hydron, Spectra,Shun and me was batting Naga it's a hard battle.It's all up to me to finish Naga not send him to the Doom Dimesion


Chapter 29: Meanwhile Battle     Edit

Naga: With my new ability call the naga attribute olny one of each bakugan attribute gets a bounces 

Spectra: So that's why my it's not over yet

Drago: but I feel that naga has more power than ever

Naga: because I use my bounces to turn all negative g power to my power and all my ability's are name after me

Dan: look's at g power wow 3000gs

Shun: Our combine g power is higher

Naga: Oh yeah

"naga sommon's a gate"

Naga: Gate card open naga take a away I choose Ingram

"Ingram turn in to ball form"

Mega-Mite Helio: You will pay for that

Spectra: Correct ability activate Ragnarok Shotgan

circles of lights go around the laser chest change

no effect on naga

Naga: Attribute takedown with this it turns attribute to original and removes the bakugan with the same attribute

All helioses: Turns into ball form

Spectra: No!

Naga shoots a dark quaser at wavern

Skyress protects her

Shun activates a card

Shun: With Skyress protector none of your ability,gate cards or attacks effect Wavern

Drago: Time to end this

Dan: Right Blazing fire +500gs

G power: 3000gs 3600gs

Dan: Doudle activate Spinning fire plus spiral fire

Dan; With spiral fire it's adds all g power bounces from battles

fires hits Naga

Naga: AHHHHH!!!!

Naga tried to go to ball form but was destoryed

'Lync,Joe,Julie,Alex,Runo and Alice transport to earth'

'The others brawlers transport outside and the other bad guys'

(The End)

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