Not a while ago, on planet Sera, this card shot down from the sky. I picked it up, and it multiplied into seven. 3 were metal with different colors. Gold, Copper, and Silver. 3 were hard plastic. All of them were glass clear with words on it. The specific one that came down itself was still here. I was colored Iron. It looked like it had barely survived a war. It had scratches all over it, but it didn't look like it would fall apart any second soon. I put my finger right in the middle of the card and these circles with pictures and colors of blue, green, red, light brown, dark white, and dark purple glowed before my eyes. I put my finger on the dark purple circle and a medium sized marble shot down from the sky. It had the image that was on the circle I chose. "What is that?" It glowed really bright, and then opened. It looked like a dragon-like creature. Even though it was marble sized, I was scared that it would hit me...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2                           Next morning i woke up early.  I Grabbed the card to make sure that I still had it. It started to glow yellow. Then, I grabbed the marble and took it to the scientist. I am one of Crystal Palace Orders, so I live in a really big castle, and it takes me a long time to get where I need to go. Anom took a deep breath and said- "Sian, I need you too take these cards, and the Bakugan and go far away!" "Whats a Bakugan?" "Run!!! Run Now!!!". Before I got a chance to run a huge alien ship broke through the Crystal Palace. I went clear and passed out. Then the next thing I knew, I was on an Zadian Warship. There were other people from different planets that had these weird marble like monsters. I took the marble and flicked it with my fingers. "What?" All of the others screamed and squirmed. All I did was raise my eyebrows back away. I've gotten used to weird thing happening. I said "Um hello?" " Yes, I'm all ears." "You can talk?" " Yes, I can talk- " Today, you will learn the basic of battling with Bakugan!"  

3 So they wore us out and sent us to bed. I was bunked with Sace. He is a Casian. "So I'm guessing your royalty." "Yeah. I am one of the Crystal Palace Orders." Sace bent down over my bunk and said " What Bakugan do you have?" I said- " I don't know. But he has a 950 number on him. and there is a G right behind it." Whoa! My Bakugan only has 820 G's!" Your Bakugan May be unknown!" " Really? Its that rare? I could- "Lights out!!!" "We should really get some sleep." "Yeah." Sace said.

4 We both got woken up by Seperda, a 19-year-old Zadian. He gave us these Bakugan weapons. He called the Bakugan Battle Gear. He also said that they boost the G power of Bakugan and came with a certain card that can only be activated on a card that was the same color as the battle gear. Then Seperda just walked away. Sace said his battle gear was really strong. My battle gear only had 100g's and his had 150g's. Later, I pulled the bakugan from my pocket and said " Hey, whats your name?" "My name is Phera Dragon. But people on my planet of Vestroia other Bakugan called me Pheranoid." Later Seperda Took us to a Tube. He said " Enter the code that is on your Battle Gear into the Baku-Meter on your wrist. Tekkas will now give then to you. The BakuMeter is a watch that calculates G power. If you turn the sides, You can video chat with other brawlers. After we entered are Interspace passwords, we battled others. First I set a Gate Card, and the I threw Phera Dragon and he did all the work. He transformed into a towering 80 foot Bakugan Monster!

5 I threw battle gear and turned the BakuMeter screen and I still saw Phera's Ball Form. But when I looked up I saw Jakas Battle gear on him in real life, and on him in ball form. I was battling Xaidia who is 14 and has played Bakugan before. He rolled the Bakugan Aranaut. then activated the ability Saber Cross. It gave him 700g's and then subtracted 40g's from my battle gear. I opened the gate card, and then used the random g-power boost my BakuMeter gave me. I eventually won the whole battle, and Sace won his. Banokor took us to Borusan, the Zadian Emperor. So, Zentheria said-"You two battlers are very good." "Indeed they are." Borusan said. " What are you going to do to us?" Sace said. " Sace, they are making us a part of Zadian Forces." His Partner Subterra Craiden said. "I guess thats good." "Its more good than you can imagine. Next, after your Bakugan evolve, you will become Inter Empires." Borusan said. "I don't really believe in war." I said. "Sian, this war won't even begin, if such a skilled brawler as you join us." "Um... Thank you but... Yes. I accept." "Thank you Sian. We will get you further in. Your Ultimate Training begins...

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