Bakugan: Neon Battles is 5th season of Bakugan. Battle Brawlers is no more! Shun has left the Bakugan Interspace. Dan become number 1 again. Marucho have gone to over town. But Interspace needs Battle Brawlers! Dan's cousin Dany Darke and his brother Justin Drake moves to Beyview and become a new leader of New Battle new enemys apier! Ozierians have taken over Earth and Interspace!

Main Brawlers:

  • Dany Drake: Pyrus brawler, leader of New Battle Brawlers. He is Dan's cousin. His Guardian Bakugan is Pyrus Aore Dragonoid.
  • Justin Drake: Sub Terra brawler, Dany's brother, Dan's cousin. His Guardian Bakugan is Sub Terra Opholia.
  • Kyle Break: Haos brawler. She is Gundalian. Her Guardian Bakugan is Haos Lingerio.
  • Brine Looter: Darkus brawler. He is Gundalian. His Guardian Bakugan is Darkus Shadow Linehalt.
  • Gyne O-Nover: Aquos brawler. His Guardian Bakugan is Aquos Oxegion.
  • Quana Pholea: Ventus brawler. She is Neathean. Her Guardian Bakugan is Ventus Gynex.

Main Brawlers' Bakugan:

  • Pyrus Aore Dragonoid: Dany's Guardian. He is from New Vestroia.
  • Sub Terra Opholia: Justin's Gaurdian. She is from New Vestroia.
  • Haos Lingerio: Kyle's Guardian. He is from Gundalia.
  • Darkus Shadow Linehalt: Brine's Guardian. He is from Gundalia.
  • Aquos Qxegion: Gyne's Guardian. He is from New Vestroia.
  • Ventus Gynex: Quana's Guardian. She is from Neathea.


  • Ozoria: Pyrus battler. She is using Pyrus Clameer. She is Human.
  • Hoteer: Sub Terra battler. He is using Sub Terra Wylteer. He is Neathean
  • Figel: Haos battler. He is using Haos Komteer. He is Neathean.
  • Wobias: Darkus Battler. He is using Darkus Kreleer. He is Vestal.
  • Hydrania: Aquos battler. She is using Aquos Hydreer. She is Gundalian.
  • Moonier: Ventus battler. He is using Ventus Stradeer. He is Gundalian.

Ozierians' Bakugan:

  • Pyrus Clameer: He is working with Ozoria.
  • Sub Terra Wylteer: She is wirking with Hoteer.
  • Haos Komteer: He is working with Figel.
  • Darkus Kreleer: He si working with Wobias.
  • Aquos Hydreer: She is working with Hydrania.
  • Ventus Stredeer: He is working with Moonier.

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