Bakugan: Naga's Return is a fanfictional Bakugan special. It when Naga returns & steals all the valuable possesions of the universe. And it's up to the Battle Brawlers to stop him once & for all.


The most valuable possesions in the universe hold both positive & negative qualities. When the negativity becomes too great, the being that is Naga is said to return from the dead... unleashing his wrath upon the universe. Light alone cannot shine on this darkness. It's not until the light & the shadow unite to rid the world of the new darkness. And so the new battle begins...

New VestroiaEdit

  • Drago: As far as I can remember, I've been living here in this world. Always protecting the powers inside me from anything that can harm them. I don't know why I've been guarding these things. Why was my fate destined to be here forever? (dark clouds come in) (one of attributes release shadow)
  • Drago: (to shadow) Huh?! Who are you? (shadow reveals to be Mystic Naga)
  • Mystic Naga: (chuckles) (vanishes)
  • Drago: What the--?! (ground shakes) Oh no! It's starting to happen! Without the attribute energies, this whole world will disappear forever! (New Vestroia is starting to die)

Downtown Bayview CityEdit

(Mystic Naga steals diamond from jewelry store)

  • Mystic Naga: Diamond of Destiny captured! (attacks city) (chuckles)


  • News Reporter: What you see here is what's left of downtown Bayview City after a strange attack upon the city. Right before the explosion took place a distress call from the jewelry store claimed that a monster resembling a dragon has stolen a diamond called the Diamond of Destiny & broke in & out of the store. Moments later, a red light came & nearly the whole city was demolished. Reports have confirmed that it's not Pyrus Dragonoid, the Guardian Bakugan & friend of Dan Kuso, leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The strange dragon-like Bakugan was last seen flying above the badlands of South Valley.


  • News Reporter (on radio): The president of the United States announced

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