• Runo will not be in mechtanium surge*

Dan Kuso: Titanium Dragonoid

  • dragos latest evolution, ever since he gained the power of the sacred orb he and dan have mysterious dreams of these things called "Mechtogans" And Shows "Mag Mel" he seems to be their ruler.

BakuNano: CrossStriker

Mag Mel: possible ruler, mag mel seems to be attached to this creature bakugan Called Razenoid a dark dragon like creature. *rumored as a haos bakugan that runo uses.* he seems to want power such as the sacred orbs to releash him.

Marucho Marakura: He is Back! still he is working on interspace but has changed it alot.

bakugan: Tristar: it seems to feel alot like aquimos, a little like preyas, it represents a human like manfish. he also came from gundalia maybe from that goverment that Nurzak talked about in "Destiny Revealed"

bakunano: unknown

Shun Kazami: He also returns still with ninja skills

Taylean: his new bakugan it seems to be like a samurai like bakugan

bakunano: unknown

Ben: He Is Shown In "Interspace Showdown" it seems he is the pyrus brawler Of "Team Anubis"

Anubis: He is the leader he is a darkus brawler with a 3 headed wolf type bakugan called ravedian he seems to battle dan for the first time in "Disconnect"

Sellon: She is the Ventus brawler and Leader of "Team Sellon" Her Bakugan is skyron supposingly she was a subterra brawler in "interspace showdown" she also mentioned when titanium dragonoid used a powerful ability *We Need To Get Our Hands On That* it seems she possibly is working for the mechtogans, but not showing who she is. her bakugan is similar to ravenoid but it has 2 wings on each side,

Dylan: hes a weird kid, he carries a lollipop with him always he seems to be like Ren where he gets his sources "mentioned in Mechtogan Mayhem"

Spectra Phantom/Keith Ferman: he seems to return in this season with Infinity Helios "seen in credits" he somehow changed helios into a darkus bakugan, his possible evolution after MK2 helios is *Mutant Helios*

Jack: Shown in "Mechtogan Mayhem" he is the aquos brawler for team anubias. his bakugan is krakenoid


Episode 1: Interspace Showdown in the beginning dan and drago fight some brawlers and manage to win as drago misses once having a vision of Mag Mel. He Talks about how team anubis and sellon wont beat the brawlers as ben from team anubis shows up complaining. Dan manages to brawl ben, he uses bolcannon in pyrus drago manages to use Dragon Heart Striker and shows much power, in the end the backgroud is much destroyed as drago beats ben but unleashs crazy power. shun and marucho manage to throw tristar and taylean saving the kids. Sellon Mentions We Need To Get Our Hands On That. in the end, mag mel mentions i need more power.

Episode 2: Mechtogan Mayhem Drago and dan still dont know what drago unleashed, dan and drago go to a abandoned arena to train. Marucho ends up fighting a team anubis member named jack looking alot like him, he uses aquos krakenoid, team sellon appears saying *something about this battle ballet, shun trys to keep a eye on her./meanwhile the zenthon mechtogan *pyrus* shows up and seems to absorb dragos attacks. he then leaves and interupts maruchos battle. he takes both brawlers down. soon sellon and anubis brawl zenthon but get the bakugans energy drained. zenthon leaves. in the end everyone seems to be what was that? it also reveals a human is working for the mechtogans, and it is possibly sellon.

Episode 3: Disconnect dan trys to find out why drago has this crazy power, dan gets challenged by anubis, drago unleashs the power again and defeats anubis. *posiible* drago gets the vision again, dan soon realizes the truth in the next episode.

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