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The New Day is the first eepisode of Bakugan: Legendary Of The Lords.Created by The Mighty Q

Episode PlotEdit

The Episode begans in Bakugan Interspace a boy named Tent and Aleana brawling " BAKUGAN BRAWL" Aleana watching him attacking here bakugan " Hmpf tuff Bakugan for a looser like you" and Trent just standing there "Yeah Right then I'll just attack head on" Alena just listing to him talking smack so both went head on and attack the croud went while just as the battle ended it was a tie.

Marucho, and Shun waiting for Dan " Hmm where's Dan" as Marucho was worried.In Beyview at Dan's house Dan's alarm clock went off *Dan just waking up "Huh? what time it is OH NO I bet Marucho and Shun are gonna be mad, Drago" Drago was still in his ball form Dan just watching him " DRAGO BUDDY it's time to go" Drago wakes up " Huh HUH Where am I Oh it's just you" as Dan quickly put on his clothes and run out side his mom Miyoko standing out side at the door "arent you gonna eat" Miyoko said "No mom i'm good"said Dan "See you later honey" " Ok mom" as Dan quickly jumps on his bike and quicky he went to Baku Interpace.

Dan ran into interspace and teleported " you are noe intering Bakugan Interspace" finaly he was there Marucho and Shun sitting "Huh Dan whoa you must-a been in a rush" as Marucho and Shun said "Yep buddy I got up late".The bakugan interspace emergency alarm went off! it was brawlers invading brawlers by taking their bakugan and hurting them their names where Kent, Reggi, and Roger they are the evil they where sent by the orders that Dan, Marucho, and Shun dont know about they where The Evil Legendary Lords known as Team Dark Lords but only Corba was only freed from the spell of Stone so their leader Kent was to bring victory to their master to free his leader and partner from the spell of stone, they will need the Bakugan's to posion their mind with evil and break the stone spell.

Dan, Marucho, and Shun had to teleport quickly and stop them when they teleported the got just there just in time Dan, Marucho, and Shun was gonna brawl them but Marucho and Shun didn't have any Bakugan so it was just Dan "Dan you can't take them all on your self" said Marucho "Yes I can after the where taking Bakugan's and hurting other brawlers" said Dan "But Dan" "No I can handle this by my self ready Drago Lets do this". Dan start going to stop them "Hey you Stop Taking Bakugan's and HURTING THE BRAWLERS" said Dan "Noway what are you gonna do brawl me" said Kent "No Kent we all are in this togeather" said Reggi, and Roger "Ok lets do this" said everybody "BAKUGAN BRAWL STAND". Ok Drago lets take out Reggi and Roger first, " said Dan, and bye bye they went it juts was Dan and Kent and next Kent lost and next Dan lost so the last battle decides it and Dan won VICTORY! and won back every brawler Bakugan.

Preview Of Episode 2 of Bakugan: Legendary of the LordsEdit

In Episode 2 of Bakugan: Legendary of the Lords Dan left from the battle and ran home cause something was getting in his head, after the battle some dude called Corba was telling hime to join his Dark side so he could free his former master Vivotron and his partner SilentSriker but Dan refuses, Dan woke up in the middle of the night screeming and waited into morring and went to interspace quick to tell Shun, and Marucho about his dream into this brawler Kent showed up again asking for a challenged again and Dan ask Kent dose he know about the this dude named Corba in his dream and Kent tells the story about what happend. I mean you gotta see this this is totaly wrong! so tune in next time Bakugan Brawl!.

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