Bakugan: Legendary Of The Lords

Bakugan: Legendary Of The Lords is a Fanon created by The Mighty Q, he came up with another season of Bakugan after watching the episoes and think that he should requset to the Bakugan Community Mangers can this Season of Bakugan be shown to the whole world and aslong he will requst can Bakugan: Rise of the BakuGods be as well.


After Bakugan: Rise Of The BakuGods a whole new day begon after years going by Dan, Shun, Marucho and the litte ones the dreams and in Interspace they talked about the dreams they had and their sons Kevin, Max, and Ben was listing what they were saying and Kevin, Max, Ben knew what they was talking about so they start talikng and thinking about it so, when they heard about the war thats coming soon Shun and Maucho went to New Vestrioa to call their old Bakugan so they can join partners again for the last stand but before they wne t they had to take Kevin, Max, and Ben with them so they can find Bakugan's to brawl with too, after they called out their old Bakugan they start traning right away and traning.

This is about the 6 Main Guardians Lords of the attributes and the Evil Legendary Lords of many different attributes, see after years going by in Bakugan's New Begaining Dan, Kevin, Marucho, Max, Shun and Ben was in Interspace brawling new strong battlers when they realized the Brawlers in Interspace had different attributes they were not the same attributes as the Main 6 attributes so when they were battlling it was 3 vs 3 so Dan, Marucho, Shun was battling 3 dudes name Kent, Reggi, Roger thier attributes was very different from the Main 6 attributes their attributes was Mutation, Frost, Bronze, when they threw out their Bakugan they all said what Bakugan are those so after that battle they went in interspace to talk about the Bakugan attributes so they went home and on that night Dan, Kevin, Shun, Ben ,Marucho, and Max had dreams when they went to sleep Shun dream was about 13 Guardians of the Legendary Lords , Marucho's dream was about thousands of Evil Guardians, and finally Dan's dream was about the 2 Legendary Lords with their Guardians was at the finnal war.


  • Dan Kuso,
  • Marucho Muarkuara
  • Sun Kazami
  • Kevin
  • Max
  • Ben


  • Pyrus Silent Dragonoid - is a guardian partner with Dan
  • Aquos Posion Preyas / Angelo Preyas, and Diablo Preyas is a guardian partner with Marucho
  • Ventus Rock Skyress - is a gurdian partner with Shun
  • Darkus Pheonix Dragaon - is a guardian partner with Kevin
  • Subterra Lydroan - is a guardian partner with Max
  • Haos Libra - is a guardian partner with Ben

Legendary Lords:Edit

  • Spikeotron - He was very very old Legendary Warior after he was stoned, when he was stoned his brother Vivotron took over the good forces, his appearance was when Dan went home and had a dream about the great War brfore Bakugan's History started. Spkiketron was the best waroir in Bakugan's History he had 3 brothers they are Xotron, Blizotron, and his evil brother Vivotron, Spkietron was the know as The Great Lord of Bakugan his other two brothers Xoxtron and Blitzotron was the Great BakuGods but Spikeotron was the Legendary Guardian Lord of the BakuGods he protected them no matterd what he cared about his brother alot. He decided to make Legendary Gurdians to protect everything on Vestoria and one day a portal got mixed up whith the good side so a Dimension spreaded causing everything to turn to stone even the Lords and Gods Spkikeotron tried to stop it but it kelpt getting worse and worse and causing him and the Guardian + the Baku gods to turn to stone and for years they got burried by the sand.
  • Xoxtron - He is a young worrior who likes to battle no matter what he i Spikeotron's brother he is just like him he cares for his brothers he will protect them no matter whatn if he have to die by protecting them but now he's very very old he is the youngest brothers of Spikeotron, Blitzotron and Vivotron, he plans to destroy his evil brother Vivtron he hates he have to take him down he will take care of his brothers cause he's the youngest brother of Spikeotron and Blitzotron.
  • Blitzotron - He love to destory things he's is like a ghost sneaking in your shadows and destory you in a sec he loves to destory his evil rothers gurdians and most he like to take on anybody he is like Spikeotron he cares for his brothers too cause he plans to keep them living as long as he can he is like Drago.
  • Legendary Guardians Protecters - The Gurdians are the protecters they are the youngest Legendary Soldgers they care for their kingdom and home plantet they where created by Spikeotron and fuse with a brain mixed up from all good 2 brothers incuding Spikeotron himself.

Evil Legendary Lords:Edit

  • Vivotron - He is the leader of Evil Lengendary Lords he wants to destory his brother once and for all and take over his brother home world planet Vestoria and get control of his brothers and be the ruler of Vestoria and take over the Gurdians and destory it and make a new planet he and his team and run it himself.
  • Corba - He is a Pyrus type he is a Scout of his master Master Vivotron he was wondering in the wild on a planet called Bullipron he was looking for something to eat into Viviotron came and ask him to join the Evil Legendary Lords know as the team Dark Lords he loved to destory things just like Vivotron's brother Blitzotron
  • SilentSriker - He can destroy you in a sec thats why he's called Silent Striker cause he can Strike you had and when he do it, it will be alot of smoke and after it clears up you is disappeared

All Tottal Of The CharactersEdit

  • Dan Kuso
  • Marucho Muarkuara
  • Shun Kazami
  • Runo Misaki
  • Julie Makimoto
  • Alice Gehabich
  • Michael Gehabich
  • Joe Brown
  • Ace Grit
  • Mira Clay
  • Baron Letory
  • Spectra Phantom
  • Gus Grav
  • Ren Krawler
  • Jake Vallory
  • Fabia Sheen
  • Paige
  • Rafe

All The Brawlers Through out the Seasons and their Bakugan

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