Nighttime in the World That Never Was.

We see Oblivia, a female Nobody of about 16, looking down amongst the different worlds, when she spots New Vestroia and Bayview City in an extremely close bond with each other.

Oblivia: So, those are the two worlds the legendary Bakugan live in? She scoffs. A pity. She calls to her brother, Xemnas, using the Japanese term for older brother. Oniichan!

He does not respond.

Oblivia: Zemunasu-kun!

Still no response.

Oblivia: Enraged. XEMNAS!!

Xemnas jolts awake at hearing his sister's voice. She might have been a Keyblade wielder, but he did not like getting bossed around by anyone. He only listened to her because he didn't want her to get upset... or, at least, as close to upset as Nobodies could get.

Xemnas: Sorry, Oblivia. I guess I must've dozed off... again. Did you find the world Saix was talking about?

Oblivia: Yes. It is called New Vestroia, but there's another world called... I think it was Bakugan CIty? Anyway, the two are so close together that there's a possibility that there might be Bakugan in both worlds.

Xemnas: You seem to have forgotten, my dear sister, that we are looking for the Dragonoid that defeated Razenoid. If he did it once, he can do it again.

Oblivia: She crosses her arms. Oh, all right, if you say so, Oniichan. But what if Saikusu-sama is wrong?

Xemnas looks at her as if she said something stupid... which she did.

Oblivia: Sorry. She opens a dark corridor leading to Bakugan Interspace. Let's go and find us our Dragonoid.

They leave the World That Never Was for Bayview City.

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