Bakugan: Legend of Kingdom Hearts Episode 4
English Name
Clash! Xemnas and Dan Brawl
Kurasshu! Burouraa to Noobadi no Tatakai (lit. Clash! Battle Between Brawler and Nobody)
Release Date
October 13, 2011
This episode starts where the last one left off, with Dan in shock at Xemnas's demand.

Xemnas: Hand over that Dragonoid, and I promise I won't hurt you.

Dan: Stands there shocked, then turns to rage. Why? Are you working for Mag Mel, too?!

Xemnas: What?! No!! Why would I work for him?!

Dan: For starters, who else would want Drago? You want to destroy him, don't you?

Xemnas: Trying to keep his patience. You're getting on my nerves, you arrogant little human. Now, I'll tell you one last time: hand over the Dragonoid.

Dan: If you think I'm going to hand Drago over without a fight, you're wrong!

Xemnas is stunned. He has never been in a Bakugan Brawl before. He quickly comes to his senses and remembers that Interdiction, his new partner, is with him.

Xemnas: Very well, then. If it's a brawl you want, it's a brawl you'll get. If I win, I get the Dragonoid. If you win, I'll walk away and pretend this never happened. I hope you realize your mistake.

Both pull out their Gate Cards. Even for his first time, Xemnas learns quickly.


Dan: I'll go first. GATE CARD SET!!

Dan sets his Gate Card onto the field.


Dan: Rise, Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid!

Xemnas: Rise, Darkus Omega Leonidas!

Both Bakugan transform into their warrior forms. Interdiction thinks Drago's father is the one who falsely accused him of being a traitor to Vestroia, and therefore wants revenge by taking out Drago. Interdiction tells him so.

Drago: What? But that's a lie! My father didn't do such things!

Interdiction: Don't lie to me, Drago! I know what your father did! He's the one who got me sent to the Doom!

Dan: Forget it, Drago. He's too agitated to listen to reason. If we want to talk, then we'll have to win.

Xemnas: Your Dragonoid will be mine! ABILITY ACTIVATE!! Alpha Blaster!!

Interdiction: You feeling me, Drago? Fires Alpha Blaster.

Dan: ABILITY ACTIVATE!! Titanium Screen!!

Drago creates a shield and deflects Interdiction's attack back at him, catching him by surprise.

Interdiction: WHA--?! Is hit by his own Alpha Blaster.

Xemnas: Are you all right, Interdiction?

Interdiction: Coughs. Yes... I'll be fine...

Xemnas: ABILITY ACTIVATE!! Omega Eraser!!

Interdiction fires Omega Eraser and shatters Drago's Titanium Screen.

Drago: OUCH!!

Dan: Drago! Are you okay?!

Drago: I've suffered worse...

Xemnas: It's over, human. You have lost. Your Dragonoid is mine!!

Oblivia, Star, and Saix appear.


Xemnas stops and stares at Saix.

Xemnas: Saix... How...?

Saix: The Battle Brawlers freed me. But really! Did you HAVE to stoop down to Mag Mel's level?

Xemnas: But if I don't get the Dragonoid, our world will be doomed, and Kingdom Hearts lost forever!

Dan: Approaches Xemnas. Then all you had to do was explain it to us. You didn't have to demand it.

Xemnas: I... I'm sorry. Truly. I didn't want to bring a human into this mess.

Drago: Come on! Without Dan, I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag!

The episode ends with the five Brawlers and two Bakugan talking, with Xemnas explaining what is happening.

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