Bakugan: Legend of Kingdom Hearts Episode 2
English Name
Enter the Bakugan of Doom
Duumu no Bakugan o nyuuryoku shite kudasai
Release Date
October 11, 2011
The episode begins by showing the Doom Dimension in all its... um, glory, if you could call it that. Lying on the ground trying to catch the rare moonlight is Interdiction, a Darkus Omega Leonidas who was falsely sent here. Next to him is Mercury, a Pyrus Mercury Dragonoid also sent here through a wild accusation.

Mercury: Man, I'm so bored! I wish we had Brawlers again. He chuckles. Wouldn't that be something?

Interdiction: Yes, it would. I want mine to have power over nothing.

Mercury: Is there even such a power? I'm not sure if an actual human -- much less a Brawler -- can have a power like that.

Interdiction: That is why mine won't be a human, per say, but something humanoid... like one of those Nobodies I've heard about.

Mercury: You know as well as any Bakugan on the outside that only one Nobody has that power, and it's THE Nobody!

Interdiction: Enraged. A BAKUGAN CAN DREAM, CAN'T HE?!?!

A dark portal opens, and out comes Neo, a Ventus Leonidas and the younger brother to Leo.

Interdiction: State your business here, outsider!

Neo: I come with good news. You two... You both have been released from the infernal clutches of this world!

A little intro on Neo. He is the younger brother to Leo, yet he never had a Brawler... so, of course, when Leo met Star, he nearly went insane with jealousy. But instead, he can control when and where he can open a portal to the Doom Dimension. When he heard the story of these two fateful Bakugan, he performed an act of kindness and decided to set them free.

Mercury: Us? Free? Finally! Interdiction, we can finally see the outside again!

Interdiction: I am well aware of that, Mercury, but who are our Brawlers supposed to be?

The two leave the Doom Dimension and wander Bayview City for hours. Soon, they come across two people dressed in black... one male, one female. The two people, just like the Bakugan, are hopelessly lost in the city. This is when the girl spots the two Bakugan.

Oblivia: What do we have here? Bakugan... Oniichan, look, they're Bakugan!

Xemnas: Takes down his hood. I am well aware of that, Oblivia.

Interdiction: Overcome with joy and surprise. X... X... XEMNAS!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Comes to his senses. I'm sorry, it's just that... well, erm... I see you don't have a Bakugan yet... so...

Oblivia: Oniichan, it seems that everyone in the city has a Bakugan and we don't. Besides -- She giggles. -- I think this one likes you.

Xemnas: Thinks about it for a moment, then decides. I guess it can't hurt...

Interdiction: So, is that a yes? Xemnas nods. SCORE!! Thanks a bunch! I promise, I won't let you down!

Mecury: As will I! From now on, we are partners in Bayview City!

The episode ends with Xemnas and Oblivia walking away, new partners in hand.

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