Bakugan: Legend of Kingdom Hearts Episode 1
English Name
Enter the Scarred Nobody
Middonaitogaaru Noobadi o Nyuuryoku
Release Date
October 10, 2011
We see Star, staring out of the window to her final class. She is bored out of her mind, waiting for the final bell to ring so she can grab Leo, her Guardian Bakugan, and head for Bakugan Interspace to meet with the Battle Brawlers and introduce her new friend.

After about two minutes, the bell rings.

Star: Finally! I can meet up with the others! I hope my new friend shows up.

The scene cuts to Star, running to get to Bakugan Interspace on time. She sees a strange man in a black coat waiting for her.

Star: Hey. Were you waiting for me? I'm sorry, but I'm in a rush and--

???: Rudely interrupts her. Surely, you must have known that this was going to happen.

Shun: Why would Star know this?

The man throws back his hood and Star takes a good look at him. He has blue hair and yellow eyes, as well as an X-shaped scar on his face. This is Saix, the Luna Diviner.

Saix: Because, in her memory, she's been to a number of worlds before she came to this one. And, of course, in those memories, the only beings she met were the dark kind. Star falls in pain. That's all that's left in her heart -- the darkest of memories! Her memories of home are gone -- EVERY ONE.

Star: That's a lie! I remember everyone from Bayview! They're my... my... my closest friends!

Saix: And who threw away those friends? Maybe it's your own actions you've forgotten. It was YOU who destroyed your true home!

Star looks up, and Saix is gone. She begins to wonder why she had seen what she just saw. She continues on her way to Bakugan Interspace, not knowing that she is being followed by -- you guessed it -- Saix.

The scene changes to a meeting room inside Bakugan Interspace. At the table are Dan, Shun, Marucho, and the other original Battle Brawlers. Near the edges of the room are Danielle, Kayla, and Cassie, three of Star's friends. Star arrives with a hooded girl behind her.

Star: Go on, don't be shy. Take off your hood, please.

The girl throws back her hood. She has short, black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She is Xion.

Star: I'd like you guys to meet Xion. She's that new friend I've told you guys about. She turns to Xion. Are you really sure you don't have any friends?

Xion: I don't know. It's not like I have any memories from before.

Drago: Can't remember, huh? It figures. Oh well, might as well find someone to brawl. Come on, Dan, we've got an opponent to find.

Dan: Want to come watch, Star? I can teach you some more techniques.

Star: Sure! I'll be glad to watch! But... She gets nervous. I have the strangest feeling that I'm being watched.

Saix is watching from afar and realizes that Dan owns the Dragonoid he is looking for and not Star. He then decides to follow Dan instead.

The scene blacks out, with Saix saying something to himself, apparently.

Saix: I'll help you be free again... Master Mag Mel...

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