Fifteen years after the mechtanium surge events, The Brawlers live their lifes for three years, but a new force start to menace the Earth then all the Battle Brawlers (from every seasons) unite to fight it, but his efforts were in vain and not just it but Drago disappears and Dan into a coma. Today, thirteen years after the force called Dark Empire dominated the Earth and is almost ready to dominate the universe when find and destroy Drago, a new team of brawlers was formed to combat this menace, the sons of the original battle brawlers using the Dark Empire bakugans try underwent genetic experiments, D.K (Drago Kuso) with Pyrus Maximus Dragonoid ( a Drago clone called Dragon), his sister Claudia Mizaki with Haos Wolfor, Cam Marukura with Aquos Amazon, Mike Gehabich with Darkus Horsor, Phoenix Kazami with Ventus Thunderbird and Cole Makimoto with Subterra Pharaon.

First ArcEdit

At first they try to survive Arc to be pursued by the first Dark Empire using the Six Ancient Warriors who were arrested in Perfect Core until be released by Drago and evolve them to Knight Apollonir, Artemis LarsLion, Cannon Frosh, Tartarus Exedra, Blade Oberum and Fortress Clayf before the invasion, after they gain their true partners and discover little by little the story of the defeat of the brawlers meanwhile try to find Drago (Dan's partner), because Dragon said Drago is in a Dimensional Prison, until they were defeated by the partner's Ultimate Emperor, Dark Dragonoid (another clone of Drago at that time was so powerful it was into a coma like Dan), but when Drago enter in the battle he makes Dragon evolves from Maximus Dragonoid to Galaxy Dragonoid but the battle finishes in a draw.

Second ArcEdit

In the second arc they have to prevent the invasion and for that use a time machine invented by Marucho to fight with Dan and the other brawlers, then they return three months before the total invasion fighting versus the first troops before the arrival of the mothership. One night the Sacred Orb and the Perfect Core call Dan and Drago with DK and Dragon to receive a power that evolved into the War Dragonoid (Drago) and Omega Dragonoid (Dragon) and all the bakugan battle brawlers bakugan. After that they recover their Bakugan from that time to have them in the future but they need to face and defeat the Ultimate Emperor and his brother Apocalyon who had as a partner an Apocalytor before. Dan and Drago won the two but D.K and Dragon have problems when facing Utimate Emperor and Blak Dragonoid until Dan make him regain self-confidence and defeat them. Then they go back to the future and gain the Bakugan as if nothing had happened.


Drago Kuso (D.K) Edit

Dan's and Runo's Son. The Main Character of the series. He uses the Pyrus Attribute.

Bakugan: Pyrus Knight Apollonir (firt guardian, after he is the secondary guardian)

Pyrus Maximus Dragonoid (principal guardian, called Dragon)

Pyrus Galaxy Dragonoid (evolved guardian)

Pyrus Omega Dragonoid (evolved guardian)

Hiper Maxus (given to him by Spectra)

Maxus Destroyer (all the Hyper Maxus together)

Destroyer Maximus Dragonoid (Maxus Destroyer combinated with Dragon)

Claudia Mizaki Edit

Dan's and Runo's daughter. Sister of D.K. She uses the Haos Attribute.

Bakugan: Haos Artemis Lars Lion (firt guardian, after she is the secondary guardian)

Haos Wolfor (principal guardian)

Haos Star Wolfor (evolved guardian)

Cam Marukura Edit

Marucho's Son. He uses the Aquos Attriibute

Bakugan: Aquos Cannon Frosh (firt guardian, after he is the secondary guardian)

Aquos Amazon (principal guardian)

Aquos Gem Amazon (evolved guardian)

Cole Makimoto Edit

Julie's Son. He uses the Subterra Attribute

Bakugan: Subterra Fortress Clayf (firt guardian, after he is the secondary guardian)

Subterra Pharaon (principal guardian)

Subterra Geb Pharaon (evolved guardian)

Phoenix KazamiEdit

Shun's daghter. She uses the Ventus Attribute

Bakugan:Ventus Blade Oberum (firt guardian, after he is the secondary guardian)

Ventus ThunderBird (pricipal guardian)

Ventus Bolt ThunderBird (evolved guardian)

Mike Gehabich Edit

Alice's Son. He uses the Darkus Attribute

Bakugan: Darkus Tartarus Exedra (firt guardian, after he is the secondary guardian)

Darkus Catastros (principal guardian)

Darkus Chaos Catastros (evolved guardian)


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