Lab roamersEdit

lab roamers is not really a series. every episode is about 30-second long. it's experimets on bakugan.



drago is sent into a machine with lots of annoying fly-beatles that use their shreaks so that he roars and explodes... and then evolves... into beetle dragonoid, otherwise known as a fly beetle.

Prey us

preyus is surrounded by prey mantis's that think he is a god. they start warshipping him. all this is because of the sientists newest experiment: the titler. if it works on you, whatever you are titled, everybody will think you are. preyus escapes, but at the end he is surrounded by spidaro's, also praying to him.


when gorem comes out into the baseball fielkd, he can't stop looking at all those cute little wantu's chearing for him. then he takes on baseball, but looses because of the same reason. he's too distracted in fotball which is the next thing he joins, then tennis. finally, he's walking home when he sees a soccer game. dundundun...

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