This Will Be A "Alternate" Series. Featuring The Neathians,Gundalians,And Battle Brawlers" Also Following Up Next to "Bakugan: Galactic Superiors" And "Bakugan: The Medipian Tribe"

So, it starts off like GI but drago has a diffrent evolution. some scientist and his bro says their gundalians/neathians so they will upgrade the gundalians bakugan, so they really trick barodius and his army ans create "X" alterforms of them. and so with the neathians. ren finds out that "Naga" "based on the evil collides series" made them alive again. so fabia messages the brawlers again and tells them a new war has begun. soon the neathians get a curse making them into crazy form. destroying many things with their bakugan. and the scientists plan on taking the sacred orb.

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