Heres A List Of Chapters. -Made By Skawo1 And Ventusmellons

=Chapter List

Chapter 1: A-Mazing Race! Part 1 and 2

Info: A Castle Knight Yao Loses To His Rival Ty. So the brawlers assist him in the big race. but then his arm gets broken and dan must fill him spot in. can dan win?

Chapter 2: Percival Vs Percival

Info: When Aces Percival Hears About the chaos bakugan. his percival must fight a huge army of cyclone percivals. and their leader. Cyclop Percival

Chapter 3: Missing The Past

Info: Jake Vallory Remembers the time where he and the brawlers defeated the gundalians. but he still misses his first partner. Coredom. Soon He Travels To Neathia But Enters A Wrong Route. Can He Make It Back to earth? and will he see coredom again?

Chapter 4: Elfins Doppleganger

Info: A Mutant Elfin Plays Tricks On Preyas And It Pretends Its Elfin. Soon it does a horrible trick. Preyas leaves the fake elfin but the real elfin appears preyas tells how she did this. can elfin show really what happened?

Chapter 5: Computer Baron Returns

Info: While Walking Baron Gets Teleported Into a cyber dimension and he sees that computer baron. *Bakugan NV Episode 43* and it battles baron. Can he win? and will he return back home?

Chapter 6: Cyber Space Showdown! Part 1: The Dangerous Side Of Interspace

Info: TBW

Chapter 8 Pt 2: Cyber Space Showdown Part 2: The Chaotic Realm Of Cyberspace

Info: TBW

Chapter 9: Return Of The Chaos Bakugan

Info: TBW

Chapter 10: Reincarnation Pt 1

Info: TBW

Chapter 10: Reincarnation Pt 2: Naga Reborn

Info: TBW

Chapter 10: Reincarnation Pt 3: Rematch Againist Naga

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