Special Chapter 1 pt 2 *Made My Skawo1,Ventusmellons,and MikiCookiesINC

Last Time: Dan returned to neathia. and marucho grew short. AGAIN....

Marucho: QUIET!

Mikis: Yu Yu!

Skawo1: Um.. who are these?

Ventusmellons: The Strange Mini Things you wanted.

Skawo1: Mel. i asked for a cookie.

Ventusmellons: oh.

So Heres Chapter 1! part 2

SC1 Part 2Edit

Announcer: The Big Race is today. dan vs ty? in the final race. oh and marucho and shun.

Dan: ready damakor?

Damakor: Nom Nom. Wh. What? OHH.. the race.

Dan: *Akward Face* (-.-)

Announcer: ready set...

-Damakor Moves a seccond before the go sign

Damakor: SUCKER!!

Announcer: Go!


Ty: Olfius Ability activate! Bug Slash!

Damakor: Ooffffff!

Damakor: I So Mad. Dan Activate a ability!

Dan: Ability activate! Power Pincer!

Shun: Woah Skyress!

-Thousands of Serpinoids appear.

Shun: Where'd they come from?

Miki: Mi Mieeee!

Everyone: ?????

Miki: *Start Doing A Strange Dance*

Shun: what does that do?

  • Explosion*

Shun: OH NO!

Serpinoids: ????

Skyress: AHH!

  • Back to dan and ty

TY/dan: finish line!

Miki: Mi Mie!

Ty/Dan: oh no!

  • Another Explosion* But both of them get pushed into the finish line?

Announcer: the winner is...

Announcer: the mikis???

Miki: Mi Mika! (Really Saying:*Owned*)

Yao: Oh well.

Dan: sorry.

Ty: grr.. i almost won

  • End

Wha What Wheres Marucho?

Marucho: ........

Fun FactsEdit

  • The Mikis Mean "Tiny Tree Creatures That Have Mysterious Powers"
  • The Mikis explosion like dance is called "The Destructo Dance"
  • Ventusmellons made the idea. and he actually forgot about the cookies. Lol.

Ventusmellons: sigh....

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