This Is the first special chapter i made. enjoy! -Skawo1.

SC1: A-Mazing Race!/TBA Name: Speeding On The TracksEdit

-this takes place in neathia. where a big race is starting A Castle Knight Named Yao. "Yow" Is With His Partner A Roque Damakor. Damakor Starts To Move Like A Bulldoze. Crashing the other opponents.

Yao: Damakor Use Insecto Fang!

CK1: *Castle Knight 1* Now Scaboid Use Keep On, Lock Seal!

CK2: Lets Do Some fun too. Ziperator! Use Light Gear!

Yao: Not So Fast. Damakor. Ability Activate! Groundquake!

CK1 & 2: Woah!

Announcer: Both Castle Knights 1 and 2 are down! who could win!

CK3: Now To Finish this guy. Raptorix Ability! Razing Wind.

Yao: Damakor Slice Cutter!

CK3: No Raptorix!

Announcer: CK3 Is Down!

Ty: Yao You Wont Beat Me. Olifus Use Sky Wind Twirl!

-Damakor Recieves Massive Damage!

Ty: Bwahaha!! done yet?

Ty: Ability Activate! Hyper Storm Seeker!

Damakor: Koorrrrgh!

Yao: We Should Use.. Ability Activate! Head Clash!

Damakor: Dhh.. Daaamm.. Korrr..

Yao: Oh No!

Announcer: Damakor Is Down!

Announcer: The Winner Is Ty!

Yao: No!

-This Then Cuts To A Scene Where Yao Contacts The Brawlers

Yao: Should i call the heros? ok.


Dan: WHAT? A Guy Named Ty is trying to bully you? lets go help him guys.

Shun: Alright

Marucho: Sure!

-At Neathia

Yao: thank you for coming. ok so we are also having a bakugan race.

Dan: cool! we should all enter!

Marucho: it will be fun!

Shun: Im gonna win.

-At Night

Yao: lets go to bed.. Owwww!

Yao: My arm! grr. who did that?

???: .... your ... friend.. TY!

Yao: Ty!

Ty: guess you wont be entering the race! haha!

-In the morning

Dan: WHAT? you want me to use Damakor?

Battle Brawlers: HUH????

  • What Of This Will Happen? will dan control damakor? will dan win? will ty be victorious once again? And Will Marucho Ever Get Tall?

Marucho: *Angry* HEY!!!

Skawo1: Hehe. Sorry.

Find Out in Part 2!

  • End

Fun FactsEdit

  • Damakor Is One Of My Favorite GI Bakugan.
  • Yao Is Based On A Japanese Samurai
  • Its True. Marucho Barely Even Grows. 0.0

Marucho: ............

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