This Is A Alternative Series, featuring the same story of "Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders" so this takes place when a scientist named zon, steals d.n.a from gundalians and neathians and also humans to make evil x forms of them. now dan,ren and his team,the brawlers,and neathia and the knights. to fight againist the "Gundalian X" Weapon, the most powerful currently. this also features rafe and paige, plus other past characters like runo,julie,etc


Zon the scientist, creates x forms of gundalians,neathians,and humans for his masters new plan can the brawlers and his old friends ren and fabia do it? or will evil preveal?


Dan Kuso

Bakugan: Pyrus Mercury Dragonoid

Marucho Marakura

Bakugan: Aquos Aquwimos

Shun Kazami

Bakugan: Ventus Hawktor

Ren Krawler

Bakugan: Darkus Linehalt

Fabia Sheen

Bakugan: Haos Aranaut


Bakugan: Haos Wolfurio


Bakugan: Subterra Boulderon

Elias: A New In Training Castle Knight.

Bakugan: Darkus Knighthaul


Linus Claude

Bakugan: Pyrus Rubanoid


Bakugan: Skytorix


1. Return Of The Castle Knights

2. Josh X

3. Behind The Story



Zon: A Scientist

Professor Clay X: Another Scientist. But Who?

Gundalian X: ??????

Barodius X: Barodius;s X Form

Gundalian X FormsEdit

Human X FormsEdit

Neathian X FormsEdit

Unknown X FormsEdit

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