After the prolouge and series opening, the episode starts with Bambi Delta, (The Aquas brawler, and Drago's beautiful human neice), and Darcy Shadows, (The Darkus brawler) looking at a sims video. Bambi is getting bored and starts talking about three different topics: Playing clueless halo player, her mom, (Drago's older sister; and no, I did not take any ideas, I came up with this on my own, honest), being pregnant, and saying "Ta da!" all the time, when Greg Winders, (The Ventus brawler, and the leader of GL), and Oliver Flammermans, (The Pyrus brawler who eats WAAAY too much), barge in and ask if the girls if they want to a game called, "Gladiator", (Which is what they name their team after), and the girls scream yes. Then, Bambi's dog, Charlie, starts barking, and a dimensional portal opens up. The four kids, not knowing what it is, go inside Bambi's room and dive under the covers, and Drago and his umbreon, Smoke, come into the room. The kids climb out and take a look at their foreign visitors, when Drago asks, "Is this the Delta residence?" and Oliver and Darcy are about to fight when Drago stops it in time by proving Oliver's theory about him "Trying to eat their brains and flesh" wrong by saying, "Us dragonoids are carnivorous, but we NEVER eat humans!" and Bambi asks who he is and he introduces himself as, "Dragonoid Salamander Kuso the II, 'Drago' for short." and Bambi puts out her hand, but instead, Drago brushes her blonde hair out of her face, and telling her, "I'm not done yet, dear." and introduces Smoke. Greg asks why they're here, and Drago explains about the Vextronian attack, and why he can't get to his old partner, Dan Kuso, and gives the four humans their own bakugan and starter pokemon. Then, Greg, Bambi, Darcy, and Oliver shout, "GLADIATOR LEGENDS!"

After her friends head home, Bambi admires the eevee that her uncle just gave her, and names her, "Glacie". Smoke sniffs Bambi's laptop, (Which Darcy dropped when Greg came in), and wonders if she'll pick it up, which she does, and puts it on a box for a fish tank, and Drago notices Bambi's Betta fish swimming around in the 5 gallon hex tank. Bambi says that the fish's name is Sapphire. Bambi's mom, Dragonia, comes in as a human, and when she spots Drago, she blurts out, "You never told that me your uncle was here!" and quickly rushes out, and tells her husband, Naga, (Who was ressurected), that, "Drago's here."

The table is set up to be extra-fancy to make Drago feel at home. The Delta males slump in their chairs, and everybody, except Bambi, are in their bakugan form. After saying their prayers, Drago tells Bambi that he is her uncle, and Bambi chokes on her steak while trying to scream, "WHAT?!", and Drago slaps her back, and Bambi thanks him. Bambi turns to her father and asks him why he never told her about her other relatives, and their bakugan blood, and then Drago and Naga begin fighting, which greatly upsets Dragonia and Bambi. Bambi goes into her room, where her bakugan, Titanium Dragonoid tells her about the silent core incident, meanwhile, Drago goes into Dragonia's room to apologize about the fight, and Dragonia tells him about her pregnancy. Drago, even more angry with Naga, bolts out of the room.

Bambi explains more about her mother to Drago. She says she also has to clean her room because her friends Darcy and a girl named Gamma Fikiyoko are spending the night, and she asks her uncle if he wanted some Dr. Pepper, which he says yes. Drago stares sadly at the sunrise, thinking about how he and Wavern would watch the beautiful dawn in NV. Bambi interrupts with two cans of Dr. Pepper and microwaved steak leftovers. Drago endearingly puts a peice of steak in Bambi's mouth when she opens it to talk, and then pats her head, and says, "Good Bambi." Bambi chuckles. She asks him, "How come you eat steak when you're Jewish?" Drago's eyes get big and swiftly asks her, "How did you know that I'm Jewish?-heck-How did you know that I'm a Yawehist?" and she responds sheepishly, "Titanium dragonoid told me."

During that afternoon, Darcy comes over before Gamma, and Drago gives her and Bambi some ability cards. While the girls are practice-brawling, (With Bambi gaining the upper hand), Everyone hears Gamma's mom scream, "What on earth is going on here!" while Gamma screams, "No way! I knew pokemon were real! And those gigantic pokemon! So awesome!"

More later. Eevee :)

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