This Is Chapter 2 Of My Series Enjoy! Chapter 2: BakuTech Brawl

Chapter 2: BakuTech BrawlEdit

indigo: last time... the axel rangers attacked neathias museum.

Yin: Ability Activate! Double Slash!

Yao: Ability Activate! Doom Shot!

Axel Ranger 1: Haha! Thats Pathetic. burst volcanok! ability fiery eruption!

Cerolion: Everyone take cover!

Deltrok: Darkened Shield!

Ranger 1: Hah! still not enough! Flare Boost!

Altron: Volcanok is glowing brightly... that really was that much of a power boost?

Ranger 2: Yeah Human.

Pyre Dragoon: Dragon Outrage!

  • Later.. Zon the scientist is saying his creation is finished and now zaros 2.0 will eliminate any human and bakugan whoever messes with them, the henchmen says what about that indigo kid. Zon Grumbles and says he will be dealed with soon hopefully......

  • TBW* Not finished yet.

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