Hey guys! Skawo1 here. So heres the 1st chapter of gate protectors. enjoy!

Chapter 1: Return of EvilEdit

  • The Chapter Begins At Indigos House. He Is Talking to Altron about how he evolved from alteon. He comments and says what happens if evil returns. just then yao and yin appear!

Yao: indigo... evil has returned yet again..

Indigo: WHAT?

Yao: Just a few days later a gang called the Axel Rangers appeared and attacked, they wanted the take our bakugans powers and the other bakugan at neathia. we said no but.... the leader then said when we return this place will be nothing anymore.

Indigo: Thats crazy, theres no way they can destroy neathia. they would need a bomb for that.

  • While saying that some axel rangers pass by saying...

Axel ranger 1: cmon rangers lets get this to our boss..

Indigo: What the... Oh WOW....

Yin: Yeah Indigo.. Good call.

Indigo: theres not much rangers so they will probally get sweeped.

Axel Ranger 1: Cmon army!

  • 500 rangers march by.

Indigo: are you serious?

Yin: impressive. i think.

Indigo: ok so they have that. but they have no bakugan.

Army: to the bakugan stach!

Indigo: Me and my big mouth....

Yin: (Rolls Eyes)

Yao: Ok guys, ive opened the portal. the rangers are gone. hurry up!

  • Everyone jumps in the portal.

-At neathia...

Indigo: are those cannons?

Yin: yes they are. but they are computer like cannons

Indigo: Hey whats this button do?

yin: uh oh. not th...

  • Alot Of Rockets,Lasers,And Missiles face indigo.

Indigo: Oo.....

  • Explosion*

-Later.. neathians are watching the news. 0.0.

News Reporter: breaking news! A Huge explosion near the cannons. Gundalia is finally saved thanks to the battle brawlers. and we discovered the INTERNET! oh wait.. nevermind.. (Whispering Akward)

Yin: That was too much.

Indigo: Ok i get it yin. now i wonder where the axel rangers even went. probally to a evil lair.

Yao: ......


Zon: Finally i have created a cyborg!

Assistant: and what does that do? its just a robot.

Zon: not just any robot. its a clone to the dark god zaros!

Assistant: yeah. and still waiting on my paycheck.

Zon: You will get it later now quiet you pest.

Assistant: Spoken like a true person, NOT.

(Now back with indigo and co.)

Indigo: yin. what bakugan are these.

Yin: those are 2 bakutech bakugan. thats Pyre Dragoon and Burst Volcanok.

Indigo: cool.

Yao: and this is gerok the wise's bakugan. well its just a statue of it. its name is Turmoilian (Tur-Moil-ian).

(Fire Flys out of nowhere)

Indigo: what was that?

Altron: its those axel rangers!

Indigo: alright everyone.

Yao/Indigo/Yin: Bakugan Brawl! Stand Deltrok,Altron,And Cerolion!

Yin: attack with caution. first lets give them a surprize. ability activate! Illuminate!

Axel Rangers: Ugh. So Bright.

Leader: take these bakugan i stole.

Dell: Bakugan brawl rise pyrus pyre dragoon!

Sect: Bakugan braawl! stand pyrus Burst Volcanok!

Yao: oh no. they got the bakutech bakugan!

  • End

Preview Of Chapter 2: BakuTech BrawlEdit

  • While fighting the axel rangers it seems they stole some bakutech bakugan! they are extremly powerful and it causes a major fight. can indigo and co defeat them? meanwhile the bomb starts to get ready to destroy neathia!

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