Bakugan: Gate Protectors
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Yakuros And The Spirit Attributes (3 Part Movie)
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This is a new fanfic i made and it is not about the battle brawlers or anything. its a different story. this is made by skawo1. enjoy!


  • This takes place after zaros was defeated by indigo. everything is peaceful intill new enemys appear and plan on attacking new vestroia! and now with his new team he must protect a hidden ancient gate!


Indigo: He is called the chosen one. he was the one who saved new vestroia from zaros. Pyrus brawler

Bakugan: Pyrus Altron *Evolved from alteon*

Bakugan info: Altron. can change attributes and forms it is super strong.

Ken Issun: A Subterra brawler, he is a medipan.

Bakugan: Subterra Quartzar

Mary Twang: A Aquos brawler. shes just a human.

Bakugan: Aquos Exostriker

Yin: A Neathian. He's Yaos Twin. (Haos Brawler)

Bakugan: Haos Cerolion

Yao: Another Neathian. Yins other brother. or twin. hes a darkus brawler.

Bakugan: Darkus Deltrok

Tino Sen: A Ventus Brawler. Another Earthling.

Bakugan: Ventus Skyron

Zaros 2.0: A Cyborg Twin of zaros created by a evil scientist.

Bakugan: Darkus Shaderius (Shade-Ri-Us)

Gerok: A Elder. He Is the protector of the subterra orb.

Bakugan: Brakinoid

Yakuros: The Light God. he protects vestroia and new vestroia.

Bakugan: Holyrus

New FeaturesEdit

BakuAerial: A New Type of mobile assault. Tech Gear: new type of battle gear


Many Of My fanfic characters crossover.

Known ChaptersEdit

1. Return Of Evil

2. The Ultimate Being

3. Into The Battlefield

4. Cyborg Invasion

5. Termination

6. Mag Mel Appears

7. ???????

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