Bakugan: Galaxy Invasion tell us about a alternate season after Bakugan: New Vestroia

Plot Edit

After the Brawlers destroyed the Alternative Weapon System, Keith, Mira, Ace, Baron and Gus return on Vestal on purpose to make a new gouvernament. Two Years after, Keith is the new king of Vestal, Mira is a princess and in a reletionship with Ace. This happiness don't during so long beacuse one day, a ship comes on Vestal and is trying to use their Bakugans to rule the Vestal. During this two strangers show up against the invaders called Schanders and the royal family of Vestal, togeder with the to strangers called James and Kelly, make a new allience called the Bakugan Galaxy Fighters.The Fighters try to brawl them but is no use, but the center of Vestal Planet's Inner Orb evolved Helios, Wilda, Percival, Nemus, James's Bakugan Aquato and Kelly's Bakugan Quaker into Infinity Helios, Flare Wilda, Alpha Percival, Royal Nemus, Wave Aquato and Hurricane Hawklea. May the Fighters can win against Schanders and return Vestal back to peace?

Galaxy Fighters Edit

  • Keith Clay
  • Helios MKII, Infinity Helios, Mutant Helios
  • Twin Destructor, Zukanator, Flame Blitzer, Blaze Blitzer
  • Mira Clay
  • Magma Wilda, Flare Wilda
  • Quakixer, Ground Quakixer
  • Ace Grit
  • Knight Percival, Alpha Percival
  • Falcon Gear, Flash Falcon Gear
  • Baron Leltoy
  • Ancient Nemus, Royal Nemus
  • Flashercory, High Flashercory
  • James Highton
  • Aquato, Wave Aquato
  • Krakex, Saint Krakex
  • Kelly Cosmer
  • Hawklea, Hurricane Hawklea
  • Airtor, Cosmic Airtor

Schanders Edit

  • King Cosmus
  • Kraken, Orbit Kraken
  • Prince Ronster
  • Rex Vulcan, Shadow Vulcan
  • Prince Dramer
  • MAC Spider MKII
  • Princess Aisha
  • Boriates MKII
  • Princess Kimberly
  • Aluze MKII
  • Prince Aquamos
  • Blast Elico, Mystic Elico

Allies Edit

  • Gus Grav
  • Dan Kuso
  • Pyrus Dragonoid
  • Shun Kazami
  • Ventus Master Ingram
  • Ventus Hawktor
  • Marucho Marakura
  • Aquos Minx Elfin
  • Aquos Akwimos

Trivia Edit

  • Almost all the Schender's Bakugan was once Vexos Bakugan and they evolution was called MKII.

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