part 2. you will find chapters 3, 4, 5 and more.

Chapter 3: Tag You're It!Edit

tino: so.... L? is weird.

tina: yep. what does he want anyway.

geminon: i don know. could he be working for the superiors?

cloud: hm. guess so.

aquon: really? L...

cloud: aqon!

aquon: i got company!

flamey: galactians!

geminon: superiors!

tina: Tina!

all: what?

tina: um.... akward.

aquon: ill vs you geminon. i want a rematch.

flamey: tino. your my opponent.

tino: ill start! gate card set!

all: bakuga brawl!

geminon: activate bakugem! cryptonite!

Speaker: BakuGem Cryptonite Fuse!

aquon: oh? activate bakugem cyblaw!

aquon: Class 1.5 ability! cyber slash!

flamey: ability activate! heat field!

tino: whats that?

flamey: the ability heat field, doubles the power of my bakugans ability. so..

flamey: ability Flare strike X2!

zexodor: tino!

tino: ability.. activate! space shield!

flamey: too late!

tino: what the..

zexodor: grr...

L: he's doing it.. no way.. phantom.

tino: ability x!

geminon/flamey/aquon: WHAT????

  • Meanwhile*

phantom: impressive. look at that power!

phantom: i guess we must hunt tinos zexodor. and unlock his true power.

cloud: woah.. look at that power! flamion.

flamion: i guess we should help.

cloud: whoa hes unleashing the power!

tino: lets do this! ability x strike!

  • Explosion
  • end

tino: i guess we should have not used that ability but much damaged is caused we must stop the superiors, and check out this new weapon! time for battle!

Chapter 4: Genetic WeaponsEdit

summary: with the use of ability x, tino recieves a bakugem and battles the superiors and wins.

Chapter 5: Ability XEdit

summary: tino and zexodor try to find the secret of ability x and how it works. untill phantom shows up and has a sinister plan.

Chapter 6: Control FreakEdit

Summary: still not able to control and find out, tino starts battling too much and zexodor starts to feel like hes losing power. could tino and zexodor be out of control?

Chapter 7: Too MuchEdit

summary: still battling on and on, geminon agrees to help tino and they battle. its a shocking battle but they use the bakugem to help them.

Chapter 8: L ReturnsEdit

Summary: l retrns to teach tino about ability x, and it is revealed that his bakugan can use it too. he then shows the secrets and now tino must travel to a mysterious dungeon, but he doesnt know that l is tricking him.

Chapter 9: Twists And TurnsEdit

Chapter 10: The OracleEdit

Chapter 11: Learning The RopesEdit

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