This takes months after bakugan: gladiators of the realm

plot: the brawlers take some chilling time with the bakugan. but one day in interspace tino is battling lucas and he finds a portal in the battlefield. and tries to find out about it. he then finds a superior monster bakugan called gerok. then he learns the worlds are at stake once again. then he meets geminon, a alien human. who is talking about superiors conquering every planet they can find, so tina comes as well, as well as some brawlers like lucas, but jake and nate etc. stay behind holding down to protect earth from bad guys. they appear in chapter 12: "home at last?" brawling the superiors. so its up to geminon,tino,tina and lucas to stop the superiors.

characters/new addictions gemo: they are battlegear,nano,and zexton like

tino sen: galaxy zexodor

gemo: galactor

tina sen: Neptune zextria

gemo: lightuner


bakugan: geminoid *ventus*

gemo: callibur

lucas: mercury dragoon

gemo: heatblazer

suomi: abyssvor

gemo: tenticoid

magy: goreclasher

gemo: earth mag


tabuu: darkus

typhoon: ventus

blaze: pyrus

Aquan: aquos

judgement: haos

terra: subterra

  • these are the superiors

Galaxy X: the good main character

Phantom X: phantom is reborn,, and now is the leader of the superiors, he is the main villian, he can also create dopples.

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