Elias: this might sound weird but. one day as me and my friends were walking a strange light had the colors of Fire,Water,Earth,Light,Wind,And Dark. turns out it was bakugan. They then spoke of a evil army called the essexian and now we must save their targets! One Night. I Was Sleeping and had a mysterious dream. then i met him. he said his name Was Shade, kinda strange but who knows who he is. Today is the day we will fight to stop evil! In. "BAKUGAN ESSEXIAN RULERS!

This is my next story. it has new brawlers and new enemys. please enjoy! and you may edit this if you like or give me suggestions on my talk page or this page "Talk: Essexian Rulers" You will find chapters and special fun facts.

Chapter 0. 1: intro.

Tino: so.

Elias: we must stop them.

Gina: yeah lets go guys! ready rhyrok?

rhyrok: ready.

Elias: lets go Bakugan Team!

Elias: we will be known as the bakugan brawlers!

everyone else: yeah!

  • end

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