"Bakugan: Essexian Rulers" Is A Fanfic Created By "Skawo1" It May Have 20 Chapters. It Is Currently Being Worked On By A Few People.


  • it was a sunny day a happy day but when When A Mysterious force of bakugan appear wanting to be partners with some strange people they know that evil is here. so a New evil appears and the new brawlers must save the day!


Elias Sen: The Leader Of The "Bakugan Brawlers" he really likes to brawl.

Bakugan: Pyre Dragonoid

Info: pyre dragonoid was a special bakugan from new vestroia he appears wanting to save someone called The Mestrians.

Gina Westley: A Subterra Brawler, She Lives In The Valley Of Subterra. which was a place where subterra bakugan live.

Bakugan: Rhyrok

Info: rhyrok was a guardian in the valley of subterra his brother currently is the guardian he protects any teamate from danger. Mostly Gina.

Jackie Adams: A Haos Member Of the brawlers, She Seems to have developed a crush on Tino Sen.

Bakugan: Rabilt

Info: Rabilt is a rabbit bakugan. it may look weak but it packs a ton of power to stop any of its opponents abilitys.

Tino Sen: Tino is Elias Brother. He Wants To become a samurai or ninja soon. he picked ninja.

Bakugan: Swian

Info: Swian is a bird like bakugan who is powerful and has a greate accracy of moves.

Misty Chow: A Aquos Member of the bakugan brawlers. she likes to brawl.

Bakugan: Aquanaut

Info: aquanaut is a warrior like bakugan who slices its claws at its opponents it is very fast too.

Lucas Greyson: just elias rival.

Bakugan: Phanzon

Info: a bakugan from the doom dimension it learned to be kind to one another.

The EssexiansEdit

The MestriansEdit


New FeaturesEdit

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