Bakugan: Dimensions Collide
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Bakugan: Dimensions Collide is the fourth bakugan story in the 'More Than A Game' Series. It will begin to be published in April 2011.


Bakugan Interspace is released worldwide and Reid and his friends go to try it in Oxford. Everything goes fine until mysterious brawlers appear winning battles in a mercyless way, soon, Reid and the gang discover a dimensional rupture that is causing problems in the system, the same rupture that brings the most ruthless villains that they had never faced before. Will they be able to defeat their new enemies and avoid that people enter to the other dimensions and get lost in them forever?


Team Moonlight:

  • Reid O'Graddy: now in high school, he's still an aquos brawler and leader of his team. Bakugan: Aquos Amazon; Nano Gear: Gold Crosstriker; Mechtogan: Aquos Accelerak
  • Tyler McLaghen: Reid's best friend and a pyrus brawler, he discovers the dimensional rupture. Bakugan: Pyrus Infinity Helios; Nano Gear: Sylver Bombaplode; Mechtogan: Pyrus Zenthon
  • Michael Blue: member of the soccer team he has a lot of talent for that sport and for playing bakugan too. Bakugan: Subterra Vertexx; Nano Gear: Copper Slingpike; Mechtogan: Subterra Deezall
  • Luna Starland: she dates Reid and is a haos brawler, full of imagination, she suggests the team name. Bakugan: Haos Wolfurio; Nano Gear: Silver Lanzato; Mechtogan: Haos Vexfist
  • Zacharias Krull: he is one of Reid's new friends who shares a lot of similarities with him. Bakugan: Darkus Horridian; Nano Gear: Gold Slycix; Mechtogan: Darkus Dreadeon

Team Sam

  • Sam Stevens: she's a fighter who never gives up and is always trying to impress her teammates. Bakugan: Fulmus Skytruss; Nano Gear: Gold Aeroblaze; Mechtogan: Fulmus Slynix
  • Melody Stanley: Sam's best friend; peaceful and patient, she always thinks before doing something. Bakugan: Ventus Spyron; Nano Gear: Silver Sonicanon; Mechtogan: Ventus Slycerak
  • Roger White: a shy brawler, he is one of Tyler's classmates. Bakugan: Ixuus Trister; Nano Gear: Gold Hammermor; Mechtogan: Ixuus Miserak
  • Allison Sanders: a smart girl, she always tries to make what's better for her team. Bakugan: Sakuros Reptak; Nano Gear: ?? Mechtogan: Sakuros Swift Sweep
  • Ben Stanford: he is Roger's best friend although he has an outgoing character they get along pretty well. Bakugan: Kunzaris Krowll; Nano Gear: ??; Mechtogan: Kunzaris Venexus

Team Dustorm:

  • John Dust: leader of the team, he thinks he is the best brawler of the world and acts in an impulsive way. Bakugan: Ventus Flash Ingram Nano Gear: ?? Mechtogan: ??
  • Axel Storm: John's best friend, he is calm and thinks before acting, he shares John's goal too. Bakugan: Subterra Bolcanon Nano Gear: ?? Mechtogan: ??
  • Collin Robins: a quiet red haired guy who only speaks when it comes to brawling. Bakugan: Fulmus ?? Nano Gear: ?? Mechtogan: ??
  • Derek Connors: he loves the beach and talks a lot about fish. Bakugan: Aquos Tristar Nano Gear: ??

Team Landslide:

  • Shanon Dwight: she is the new leader of the team, she is hungry of power and when she hears of the dimensional rupture she plans on going through it to get as much powerful things from the other dimension as possible. Bakugan: Darkus Razenoid Nano Gear: ?? Mehtogan: ??
  • Hayley Adams: she is always energic and ready to brawl whenever she needs it, she used to be the leader of the team but lost to Shanon. Bakugan: Haos ?? Nano Gear: ??
  • Zoey Gillbert: she belongs to a rich family and always gives the best for her team. Bakugan: Kunzaris Boulderon Nano Gear: ??
  • Paige Stewart: a shy girl who joined the team with her girlfriends to relax from school pressure. Bakugan: Pyrus ?? Nano Gear: ??


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