Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders is the follow up season of Dimentional Trouble .

Dimensional Defenders is nw closed to new teams, however some spots are open. If you have many characters in this already please save the last few remaining slot for other users with fewer characters. Please ask someone from the open teams if you can join them.


A list of all characters in Dimensional Defenders.


Unnamed TeamEdit

Name: Skawo

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Saint Aquas

Position: Aquos Brawler

Name: Ken Isshu

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Quartzeon

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name:Amy Rose

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Dartron (Next evo: Dartroid)

Position: Darkus brawler

Name: Ganum

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Gaia Novarion (Novarion)

Position: Haos Brawler

Name: Tyson

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Ventus Zephyros

Position: Ventus Brawler

Name: Blaze

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Pyrus Dragoon, Pyrus Meteor Dragoon

Position: Pyrus Brawler/Leader

Team LiliumEdit

Name: Dallas

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Paladin Abel

Position: Team Leader and Haos Brawler

Name: Kunagiri ex Machina

Attribute: All Attributes

Guardian Bakugan: Ninja Bird Brigade

Position: Assistant Leader and Team Coach

Name: Yayoi Lowenthal

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Scylla

Position: Aquos Brawler and Cheerleader

Name: Lync Volan

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Worton

Position: Ventus Brawler, Father of the Order of Grammaton

Name: Lysie Krelle

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Alraune Eris

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Masquerade

Attribute: Darkus / Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Fusion Dragonoid

Position: Pyrus Brawler

Hero's TeamEdit

Pyrus Brawler: Markus

Subterra Brawler: Silver

Ventus Brawler: Tenten

Aqos Brawler: Jackie

Darkus Brawler: Kellyn

Haos Brawler: Liz

Team WolfEdit

Pyrus Brawler: Wolfgirl

Darkus Brawler: Blade

Subterra Brawler: Keith

Ventus Brawler: Wing

Aquos Brawler: Jason

Haos Brawler:Fabianna

traine/subterra brawler: riki

Team XEdit

Pyrus Bralwer: X "Excl" (Bakugan: Draconix)

Haos Brawler: Aeon (Bakugan: Haos Pallidron)

Darkus Brawler: Zeon (Bakugan: Darkus Knightzoid)

Umbra TeamEdit

Plasma Brawler: Maria

Attribute: Plasma

Guardian Bakugan: Chimeriad

Position: Plasma Brawler

Subterra Brawler: Brook

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Kakoo

Position: Ventus Brawler

Name: Bree

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Balrog

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Banshee

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Ectorius

Position: Darkus brawler/hidden member

Name: J. Alfred Prufrock

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Shaka Zulu

Position: Haos Brawler

Name: Olaf Sturluson

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Baldr

Position: Pyrus Brawler


A list of villains, please note there are two team but they are all the same group.

Black Cross TeamEdit

Name: DIO

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Hell Dragonoid

Position: Pyrus Brawler/ Leader

Name: Danielle

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Shadow Leonidas

Position: Haos Bralwer

Name: Jasper JaXX

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Mungallchops

Position: Darkus Brawler

Name: Sweek

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Swamptare

Position: Aquos Brawler

Name: Zierant

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Spatterix

Position: Ventus Brawler


Atrribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan:

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Dread

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Primal Zepgyros

Position: Darkus brawler/replacement for Jasper

Red AsteriskEdit

Name: Dante

Atrribute: Sinos, Glass, Haos, Pyrus and Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Popkat

Position: Aniju's Rabscuttle/ Leader of the Red Asterisk

Name: Lyra

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Aquos Alpha Jokopus

Position: Aquos Brawler

Name: Lorenzo

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Darkus Ultimate Cyclone Percival

Position: Darkus Brawler

Name: Vince

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Baldersnatch

Position: Subterra Brawler

Name: Lisani

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Airwolf

Position: Ventus Brawler


Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan:

Position: Haos Brawler

Name: Drake

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Pyrus Cyclone Percival

Position: Pyrus Brawler

Other CharactersEdit

A list of other characters not in a team.

Name: "Mizuhiro Mikado" (Hydron Celeste)

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Shizuo

Position: N/A. Subterra Brawling Operative of the Order of Grammaton

Name: Kleinn Bravier

Attribute: Clear

Guardian Bakugan: Lantis

Position: ???

Name: Aniju

Attribute: Avatar

Guardian Bakugan: Demono

Position: Master of Jasper/ Peace keeper

Name: Frida

Attribute: N/A

Guardian Bakugan: N/A

Position: Messager

Name: Dani Davis

Bakugan: pyrus snakey

position: watches team wolf

Name: Gerald Battler

Attribute: Haos

Bakugan: Omega Leonadis

Position: Dante's mentor

Name: Hans Ranger

Attribute: Aquos

Bakugan: Aquos Triton

Position: Freelance mercenary

Name: Ronald Lex

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Nyan Cat

Position: Foaming One

Name: Luca Turner

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Saggitorrior

Position: The Drunk Guy

Name: Jeffer Mentzer

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Nidhogg

Position: Badass

Name: Vladimir Pavlov

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Chrysema

Position: Dinner

Name: Gin Akasaka

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Calderion

Position: Lover Boy

Name: Bramley Aura

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Spiderpig

Position: Aniju's cousin

Name: Moritz McGirky

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Samba

Position: Machete Guy

Prolog: The RequiemEdit

Nothing but pure blackness as dark as the void in-between dimensions. Then there is a flask of light, a spark and all fades to black. Another spark and another as if something was trying to come into existence. One circle of light, red in color, flickers on and soon is joined on another circle of light, this time blue. The silence is broken by a voice like a soft howl. Then a whisper.

Aniju: God save us everyone. Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns? For the sins of our hand. The sins of our tongue. The sins of our father, the sins of our young.

The blackness is broke by several lines of light, forming an almost tribal pattern on Aniju's body. The light broke through the darkness. Eliminated several broke mechanical objects around her.

Aniju: God save us everyone. Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns? For the sins of our hand. The sins of our tongue. The sins of our father, the sins of our young.

The flick of a television hisses the words.

"We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent.”

The lines on Aniju’s body begin to quiver. Changing color from blue to red, thumbing like a heartbeat.

“I remember the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says:”

Six tentacles like snake appear on Aniju’s back, rising into the air.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Aniju looks up at the sky, the tribal marks now crimson red, like blood, her eyes glow, the tentacles snakes around her as the last lines are spoken.

“I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."

Aniju: J. Robert Oppenheimer. :)

She sways a little, shiffed her eyes around on all the metalic objects. She is joined by another person in the darkness, only one eye glows sliver.

Aniju: My little Rabscuttle... Your Master El-ahrairah as a special task for you that only you can preform. Go to King Darzin empire and foil his garden as best as you can. Save my lost little rabbit and bring him back home to my warren.

Her Rabscuttle nobs and takes his leave. She wraps her tentacles around her and places their heads in her hands.

Aniju: I can't use you guys in this one sorry.

She, using her tentacles, wraps around a long piece of clothe around her hiding her extra extremities.

Aniju: My heart goes to the thousand... For my friend stopped running today...

Chapter 1: introductionsEdit

(wolfgirl walks around interspace with the rest of her team. Holding her more than a friend but less than a boyfriend blade's hand when she is approached by a familiar face.)

Skawo: Hey! its wolfgirl!

Wolfgirl: Skawo! long time no see.

Skawo: i have a new team, we are Team Defenders. this is our leader Blaze.

Blaze: Hey.

Blade: Eh. general, we can beat these guys.

Skawo: a battle? alright!

Wolfgirl: Bakugan brawl! lets go ginger!

Blade: Go general!

Skawo: Ability activate! Frost Echo!

General: huh? (general gets hurt by a loud screeching blizzard echo)

General: Saint aquas has gotten stronger.

Wolfgirl: ability activate! Howling blazer!

Dragoon: Dragonic Scorch!

  • The two attacks hit each other, they are both even strength.

Blade: Whoa, i never seen a bakugan that fierce and has the same strength as ginger...

Blaze: lets combine!

Blaze/Skawo: go Hydrogon!

General: whoa!

Skawo: combined ability activate! Hail Blizzard!

General: Ow Ow ow ow ow ow.

Wolfgirl: Flame Reflector!

Ginger: i can't hold on..

Blaze: combined ability activate! Blast Shaker!

(General and Ginger are knocked out)

Wolfgirl: They can't take it... we must combine our strengths blade...

Blade: Yes!

Ginger: Bakugan...

General: UNITE!

(suddenly, gingergon and general combine into... Splightgon!)

Splightgon: Whoa! this is awesome!

(Dallas came to the interspace with his stepfather and their respective Guardian Bakugan)

Dallas: Okay, the members of Team Lilium should be here.

Kunagiri: Did you sent them e-mails?

Dallas: Yes, I did. Pop.

Kunagiri: Then be patient.

Abel: Who were they again?

Dallas: You met Yayoi already, right? The owner of the Konpeito factory.

Abel: Yeah, nice girl.

Spinzaku: I'm kind of scared of her.

Abel: Are you kidding? You should be more scared with Lync or that other guy with a mask!

Dallas: Speaking of which...

A young woman approached Dallas. Yayoi: Dallas-nii! :D

Dallas: Hi there, Yayoi!

Yayoi: I bought you Konpeito, sempai!

Dallas: Thanks. ^_^

But Kunagiri swiftly took the Konpeitos from Dallas.

Kunagiri: Your sugar level.

Dallas: But pop!

Kunagiri: Enough talk. I'll give it to you when you're exhausted.

Dallas: Sheesh.

Yayoi: He only cares about you.

Dallas: He does?

Yayoi: I could tell.

Dallas: He's not! He probably had a sucky life when he's a kid.

Kunagiri: Don't force me to talk about what kind of past I had.

Dallas: I bet it's no different from what you're doing to me.

Kunagiri: Big difference. I care about you but my gramps never gave a damn about me.

Dallas: Then show it! Show that you care about me!

Spinzaku: Egad, they could go for hours.

Abel: They'll be fine. Is Scylla sleeping?

Yayoi: Yes she is. Very much asleep.

Abel: Cover her ears.

While Dallas and Kunagiri are bickering, a tall man with pink hair approached them. Behind him is a blonde spiky-haired man with a visor.

Lync: Oh, Fatherly Love moment already?

Masquerade: They don't look like they're getting along well actually.

Dallas: Huh? Oh, they're here!

Kunagiri: Welcome to the team. My apologies for my son's insolence that I had to reprimand him.

Lync glares at Kunagiri's infamous eel hair.

Kunagiri: Yes?

Lync: That looks familiar.

Kunagiri: It does?

Lync: Oh well, what a bland fashion statement. Are we complete already?

Kunagiri: No, we're still waiting for my son's girlfriend.

Lync: (Ah, yeah. Hydron's sister.)

Not far from them, they heard the scream of a girl.

Lysie: Kyaaaaaa~!!

Dallas: Lysie!

Dallas ran to Lysie's side where he sees her in a compromising situation with a pale young man.

Kleinn: These...are pillows. Soft and cuddly.

Lysie: They're not pillows! Get away from me you pervert!

Dallas: Excuse me, kid, but please leave now.

Kleinn: I just want my pillows!

Lync grabbed the boy from behind and shrugged off.

Lync: This is a place that isn't for idiots like you. Leave.

Kleinn: Hmph.

The boy frowned at Lync and left.

Lync: Okay, weirdo gone. Are you okay?

Lysie: I'm fine.

Kunagiri: There you are. Now we're complete.

Yayoi: Yay, Team Lilium for the win!

Masquerade: You'll be our cheerleader.

Yayoi: Me? Why not her too?

Masquerade: We don't want anything else to jump other than pompoms.

Yayoi: Teehee.

Lysie: I'm warning you, creep. No more euphemisms!

Masquerade: Alright, alright.

Lync: I'm worse than him, actually.

Kunagiri: Everyone, while the event is not yet starting...

Dallas: Oh no, pop. Don't!!

Kunagiri: How about some sandwiches?

Lync: I'd like a juice box.

Kunagiri: Alright then.

Kunagiri takes out a remote and a high tech food cart came out from the ground.

Kunagiri: Ground Canteen.

Dallas: A what?!

Kunagiri: Patented to ex Machina Corporation and Conglomerates

Spinzaku: Or eMC2!

Lync: Woah, kewl!

Dallas: Please excuse my pop. He's a weirdo.

Lync: Are you kidding? You're dad's a genius!

Masquerade: Totally agree.

Yayoi: I'd like some hotdogs!

Abel: Dragon Seeds.

Spinzaku: Bird Seeds!

Lysie: I like him. :3

Dallas: Oh well, at least you don't find my dad weird.

Lysie: You think your dad is weird? He's handsome, he's smart and he's definitely kind.

Kunagiri: Have fun everyone! Ohh, I am such a genius!

(While Team Lilium is having their little reunion party, other teams are having talk amongst themselves.)

Little did Team Lilium know they were being watched. Not too far off in the shadows, two yellow eyes were gazing towards their rather busty friend. The eyes swifted from Lilium towards a fimiliar voice. A very pale tall guy and a hazel eyes brown hair girl with her hair tied in a ponytal came on to the scene. The yellow eyes moved farther back into the shadows.

Brook: Are you sure you she'll be here?

J. Alfred: Yup, she is only ever bralws at arena 42 and Arena 44. She'll be here sooner or later.

Brook: What if she gets on at a different time?

J. Alfred: She should be in the same time zone as you. I am sure she'll show eventually.

Kakoo: Oh look there is a lot of people here.

Shaka Zulu: There must be something going on.

Chimeraid: Oh let's hurry up and bralw someone!

Maria: Wait we don't know what's going on. And we have to wait our turn Chimeraid.

Something caught Maria's foot and she tripped, crashed intp J. Alfred who slightly caught her.

Maria: Oh sorry about that!

Chimeraid: Are you alright?

J. Alfred: Oh that's okay. Are you alright?

Maria: Yeah, something caught my foot.

Maria looked down but there as nothing there. She frowned because she didn't want anyone to think she is a clumsy.

Brook: Well as long at you are okay.

Maria: Oh yes and oh my I like your hat.

J. Alfred: Oh thank you. :)

Maria: Oh how rude of me. I am Maria.

J. Alfred: Oh I am J. Alfred Prufrock the III. :P

Maria: ....That's a nice name.

J. Alfred: Yup and this is my friend Brook and her Bakugan Kakoo and mine Shaka Zulu.

Maria: And this is my partner Chimeriad.

Chimeriad: Yo!

Kakoo: A pleasure to meet you.

Shaka Zulu: Hello There.

As the little group were getting to know each other, the yellow eyes swifted back and disappeared.

Brook: I like you Bakugan. What is his Attribute?

Maria: Umm he is special, he is a Plasma Bakugan.

J. Alfred: Oh that is new. What is Plasma?

Maria: Um a little hard to explain...

Brook: Maybe you can show us one day in a brawl.

Chimeriad: Oh I take all of yaz on!

Kakoo: No thank you.

Shaka Zulu: I'll pass.

Chimeraid: See they are too scared to bralw me!

Kakoo and Shaka Zulu: ....... -_-*

Maria: Chimeriad, please. That's no way to talk.

J. Alfred: Spunky little guy.

Brook: Oh we were going to Arena 42, want to come with us?

Maria: Sure okay! :D

While they headed off for Arena 42, another pale boy was sulking becuase he lost his pillow. There was an odd sound and a flicker of light, behind him. Kleinn turned around and was confronted by another albino. His eyes went to the fading sparkles of light.

Kleinn: Ooooh pretty. (Tries to catch the sparkles)

Aniju: Yes they are little one. (Takes Kleinn by the hands to get his attention) Listen closely.

Kleinn: I'm listening. (Eye kept swifting for mor sparkles)

Aniju: There is a bad man. He'll try and hurt you. He fill your head with lies and bring nothing but sadnee, because his heart has been poison. He has taken someone important to me so I send my Rabscuttle after him. Now I need you to be my little Fiver. Be loyal, brave and strong and when he comes for you, defeat him without throwing a singal punch. Mkay?

Kleinn: Um OKAY!

Aniju: Here's a gift for you. Take this card and it will help you.

Kleinn: Oh! For me?!

Aniju: Yup, and here something to replace your pillows.

Aniju gives Kleinn a stuff toy, it is a rabbit, a little hazel color rabbit with a little stardust in his tail.

Kleinn: Oh awesome! What's his name? Where did he come from! (Holding the rabbit up in the air)

Aniju: He is your little Captain of your Owsla. Take care of him please.

As Kleinn as paying attention to his new rabbit, Aniju leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Kleinn turned a little confused but soon went back to his new toy. Aniju just smiled.

Chapter 2: A Fusion SolutionEdit

Dread: you must be Itzal.

Itzal: i know you, you're dread, the leader of the Shadowreavers.

Dread: Correct. i also created the Nonet Bakugan.

Itzal: WHAT?

Dread: a brawl to settle this.

Itzal: Go Ventus Van Falco!

Dread: Ability, Promitheum Primus!

Van Falco: Augh! (Ball)

Itzal: that.. was.. very.. fast.

Dread: my Zephyros is strong. Goodbye. (teleports)

Back with Wolfgirl

Hydrogon: Hyper Hydrosus Inferno!

Splightgon: Duo-Shock!

(the blasts collide, but Saint Aquas and Dragoon have lost.)

Skawo: Oh well.

Eon: interesting..

Eon: show me, your strength

Skawo: ?

Eon: Bakugan... Brawl! Rise Ventus Rayzerak!, Haos Voltawk, and Aquos Hypropus!

Wolfgirl: Three bakugan? thats not fair. Lets go ginger. Ability activate! Scorch Fang!

Eon: Ability activate.. Death Cyclone!

Ginger: woah. Whoa. (gets sucked in cyclone)

Eon: Bakugan Fuse!

Rayzerak, Voltawk and Hypropus combine into.. Omegazak!

Omegazak: Get ready to..

Skawo,Blade,Wolfgirl,Blaze: Splightgon! Ability activate! Fusionic Blast!

Omegazak: Hydrosus Blizzard!

Skawo: We can do this.. No more evil

Wolfgirl: will come!

Blade: prepare..

Everyone: TO LOSE!

Wolfgirl: Maximum Wolf!

Others: WHAT????

Ginger: Arrrrrrrrrwoooah!!!

Omegazak: NOOOO!! (all 3 Ball form)

Wolfgirl and Ginger: (passes out)

Skawo: lets get her to the hospital!

Later in a demonous land

DIO: Finally.. my plan has come..

DIO: Time to destroy.. the multiuniverse, once and for all..

DIO: i have been watching wolfgirls team..

DIO: Come here.. Shadow Dallas!

Shadow Dallas: Yes master..

DIO: Come Shadow Skawo!

DIO: Shadow Wolfgirl!

DIO: Shadow Silver! (Lol)

DIO: Shadow Wolf! (Human)

DIO: And Shadow Jasper..

DIO: You 6.. will do well.. Jasper: Why is there a clone of me DIO Dee? You already have me? Am I not good enough for ya?

Dante: He's your stunt double, Jasp Jasp.

Jasper: I can do thing myself!

Dante: And no one does Jasper thing as best as Jasper!

Jasper: Dam straight!

DIO: Don't worry Jasper. I have plans for you.

Dante: DIO is plotting!

Jasper: Hey DIO? Can I barrow Shadow Clone Dallas sometime?

DIO: As long as you wash him after you are done with him...

DIO looks down and see Dante doing something.

DIO: What are you doing?

Dante holds up a long sheet of paper dolls he cut out.

Dante: See this one is you. (Points at one randomly) This one is me and this one is Jasper. These three are Danielle, Lyra and Lorenzo. :P

DIO: That's nice Dante. You did good...

Dante: :P

Sweek: Is that one me?

Zierant: I look nothing like that.

Dante: It's my artist's impression of ya.

Zierant: ....

DIO: Go back to your arts and craths Dante.

Dante: Okay! <3

Meanwhile back over in the good guys area... Brook, J. Alfred, Maria and there respective Bakugan arrived at Arena 44, it was closer to their location that Arena 42. So they stopped there first. There was a brawl going on, between an Haos and a Venust brawler so Bree wasn't there, or at least in the current brawl. They decided to stay and see who would be brawling next.

J. Alfred: It's weird how people of all ages play Bakugan.

The Arena was vast on the inside fill with many different kinds of people of all ages. J. Alfred pointed out a few Vestal, most people didn't know of the different races. J. Alfred only knew of the Vestals though. Brook was a little dissapointed that neither of the brawlers were her sister. They were both males. They were skilled however, and for a little while Brook forgot about the nervous tension that was building up inside of her about seeing her sister after four years.

Maria: these guys are good.

Chimeriad: I can take them.

Kakoo: I am impress with the Ventus guy.

Shaka Zulu: Haos guy is going to win.

J. Alfred: Oh you. :)

Brook: ....

chapter 3: Friend Vs FriendEdit

(back with wolfgirl her team, blaze, and skawo )

Wolfigirl: (wakes up) i'm fine.

skawo: you sure

wolfgirl: yeah just give me a minute with my team.

skawo: ok (walks away with blaze)

fabianna: wolfgirl what's with the passing out.

wolfgirl: skawo knows me from before the training.

keith: so

wolfgirl: back then i wouldn't be able to pull that off even if now that took minimun power.

wing: i see.

Behind them there was a flash of dark light and Jasper appeared, but he was different. Around his body he wore belts that restricted his movements. His right eye was covered by a belt while the other was blood red. He grinned and evil grin at Team Wolf.

Jasper: Why hello there again.

Wolfgirl: Jasper? Is that you?

Jasper: Why yes, yes it is me.

Wolfgirl: What happen to you?

Jasper: (Waving a hand) Well, this is what becomes of people when they are no longer wanted. You left me Miss Wolfie. And then I went MAD!

Wolfgirl: 0_o

Keith: Who is this cook?

Wing: You know him?

Wolfgirl: Remember when I told you guys I went to New Vestroia a few months ago. He was one of the people who went with me.

Jasper: Oh you let some parts. Tell them how ou left. You just left me. I was sick and weak and you didn't help me at all. Everyone just walked away.

Wolfgirl: That's not true!

Jasper: Oh then why did you leave me to do all the work.

Wolfgirl: No one else could do it but you! Only a Darkus bralwer could stop Vito. Blade couldn't. It had to be you!

Jasper: And after I saved all of yas, what did you do?

Wolfgirl: We went home...

Jasper: And did any of you stop ot think how bad I was feeling. You saw the shape I was in.

Wolfgirl: I am sorry Jasper but you have...


Everyone took a step back.

Fabianna: Come on Wolfgirl, we don't need this. Let's go.

Jasper: Oh so you are just going to walk away again?

Wolfgirl: No!

Jasper: Find then.

Jasper summon the dark Shadow Clones of Dallas, Wolf and Silver.

Jasper: These are the result of that lonelyness! Let see how you fair against your old friends!

Wolfgirl: What happen to them? Dallas! Wolf! Silver! Snap out of it!

Jasper: Oh they can't hear you! Their ears have been block by the lies they were fed! Like me they have gone to the darkside! We got Candy!

Dallas, Silver and Wolf threw down a gate card and their shadow Bakugan. Jasper jump back a few feet on top of a low building to just watch. He wasn't interested in brawling.

Wolfgirl: Looks like we are going to have to fight these guys.

As the brawl took under way, Jasper started singing and jumping around on top of the roof.

Jasper: They're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!! They're coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa! To the funny farm! Where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats! And they're coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!

Zierant: God, Jasper, you are going insane.

Jasper: Oh I'm aready insane, Zie Zie! :3

Zierant: Anyways, I have come to aid you.

Jasper: Okay, see those guys, we fight them.

Zierant: Oh here I got something that might help.

Wolf: go Ventus Dark Wolfie!

Dallas: go Haos Orion Abel!

Silver: rise Subterra Skull Gaia!

Wolfgirl: they.. what happened to them.

Zierant: just a little upgrade, ABILITY ACTIVATE! HORIZION JAVELIN!!

Blade: go darkus Gingergon! ability actavate! Dark Howl

Wolf: That won't defeat me, ability Wide Stealth Wing!

Wolfie: TAKE THIS!!!

(Dark howl is reflected)

Blade: impossible!

Jasper: Not impossible, just im probable!

Zierant: Ventus,Subterra,Haos 3 attribute ability.. Thunderous Magma Storm!

Ginger: Blazing wolf!

General: Shadowy wolf!

Jasper: Well you just wait, they'll find you yet and when they do they'll put you
in the ASPCA, you mangy mutt!!! And...

wolfgirl: jasper..

(suddenly a loud thunder crashes the brawl.!)

Ginger: Huh?

Wolfgirl: its destroyer!

Gingergon Destroyer: im back!

Destroyer: time to lose evil bakugan!

at the dark dimension

DIO: i have forgotten about the mechtogan destroyer..

DIO: go flytris and thorak!

back with wolfgirl

Zierant: mechtogan combine! destroy them duomechtra!

Wolfgirl: a mechtogan combination?

blade: woah

wolfgirl: blade ready.

blade: are you nuts we haven't been able to.

wolfgirl: would you rather die.

blade: right

wolfgirl and blade: consecutive ability activate plus consecultive ability plus double ability activate combine and form 10 ability atttack.

(the two gingergons attack with all there strength and take out the mectogan combintion)

blade: we did it.

Wolfgirl: (eats sugar pill) yeah.

blade: (takes sugar pill container out of his pocket) fudge i'm out.

wolfgirl: have half of mine (kisses blade (and he manages to stay consoius) and gives him half a sugar pill through kisss)

Jasper: Ewww....

Jasper turns to Zierant.

Jaser: Finish them please.

Zierant: Okay then.

Chapter 4: "Father" against the ProdigalEdit

From a short distance, Kleinn is sitting with his rabbit plush tucked between his arms.

Kleinn: Bakugan are amazing. It's like a dream come true.

His blood red eyes are sparkling as he looks up to the battle. His face with a wide smile. A pink-haired man in black and green over-alls approach him from behind.

Lync: You know what pisses me off?

Kleinn: Uhm, does that mean what makes you angry?

Lync: Oh geez, you're a lot worse than I thought.

Kleinn stood up and looked at the man in the eyes.

Kleinn: What makes you angry?

Lync: Stupid little kids.

Kleinn: Kids?

Lync: Stupid little kids who think that what they saw is way too amazing. In reality, it's just a stupid little ball game with a stupid rule invented by a lame kid and an emo teen on Earth!

Kleinn: You said stupid 3 times in a row. :3 Cool! *claps hands*

Lync: Ugh! Alright then, I failed to say one thing.

Kleinn: What is it?

Lync: You're stupid! You're the greatest idiot in the universe! What kind of MALE Brawler would come here with a baby rabbit plush and looking like he has no frigging idea of what's happening?!

Kleinn: But it's amazing!

Lync: Oh shut up, kid. If you're here then you're here to brawl!

Kleinn: Brawl?

Lync: GAWD! Do you even know how to Brawl?

Kleinn: I know how to Brawl. That's...the only thing I know how to do right.

Lync: Good for me then!

Kleinn: Do you wanna Brawl?

Lync: Hah, trying to shift the eagerness on me huh?

Kleinn: Alright then.

Lync and Kleinn: FIELD OPEN!!

Kleinn: Bakugan Brawl!

Kleinn takes out his elusive transparent Bakugan that resembles a dragon.

Kleinn: Lantis stand!

Lantis: derp.

Lync: Holy frigging Drago, what's that?!

Kleinn:It's Lantis.

Lync: I'm not deaf! I heard that you called it Lantis! Why the heck is the thing so clear that I can see it's innards! Disgusting!

Kleinn: It will get a skin. Just wait.

Lync: Fine, fine.

It's Lync's turn to launch his Bakugan.

Lync: Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Worton stand!!

Worton: Alright wuss, what are we clobberin' today.

Lync: Didn't I told you to call me by my name?!

Worton: Why not? Wuss and Lync are both four-letter words.

Kleinn: Teehee.

Lync: What the heck are you laughing at?!

Kleinn: Because of your Bakugan's word game.

Lync: Stupid brat... Alright then, get your Dra'guts some skin!

Kleinn: Okay, Lantis. Element Absorption!

Lync: What the?!

With Kleinn's command, Lantis absorbed the same elemental attribute as Worton.

Worton: Oh, don't tell me you haven't seen a Clear Bakugan before.

Lync: What the hell is a clear Bakugan anyway? Was that some trashy rumor that the dopes from the Vexos scattered before?

Worton: "Dopes from the Vexos." I see one standing before me right here.

Lync kicked Worton's right leg.

Worton: YEOW!

Lync: Jerk! That's the dope that you're supposed to clobber or do you want me to do it to you?!

Worton: Alright alright.

Kleinn: Shall I go now? :3

Lync: You're the kid here, so go first!

Kleinn: Okay, here I go. Ability Activate ~ Attribute Yin Yang!

Lync: So Dra'guts became...wut, a Subterra Bakugan?

Kleinn: Yes, a Subterra Bakugan. Opposite of Ventus. Teehee.

Lync: I know that! Ability Activate, Deadly Tentacle!

Worton; You sure about this?

Lync: BIND THE GUTS OUT OF THAT DRAGO-wannabe whatever it is!

Kleinn: La...Lantis!

Lantis: D'oh...dddddd....owwww...

Kleinn: Ability Activate, Fissure!

Lync: Woah...what's going on?!

Worton: Stand your ground.

Lync: I can't!

Worton: He broke free.

Lync: Why did you let him?!

Worton: You can't even stand your ground so don't blame me if I was unable to keep tabs on the damn thing!

Lync: Alright alright. What's done is done.

Worton: Your plan?

Lync: Let's do this the Vexos way.

Worton: "Dopes from the Vexos," yeah right.

Lync: SHUT THE HELL UP, PROF whatever them No Life Lamo' Nonets used to call you!

Lync covers his right arm with his capelet and unleashes a barrage of...

Lync: Double Ability Activate ~!!

Lync did not announced the ability he activated but it brought Lantis to his knees.

Kleinn: Lantis!

Lantis: Blade wind...ughh...thunder shock...

Lync: That's right. If you're a Brawler, you should know what could possibly hit you and you should know how you can counterract it.

Kleinn: I'm a Brawler alright!

Lync: Then show it! Don't just be some dumb kid whose like "I have a Drago with his guts out! It's so amazing! One of a kind Bakugan~ I'll pwn you!"

Kleinn: I'll show you that I'm a Brawler!!

Lync: Yeah, now you're talking!

Kleinn: BakuNano Activate!

Lync: A what?

Kleinn: Load, Platinum Clandestine!

Lantis: Weaponize! Rawr!

Worton: Not good.

Lync: What the heck, man?

Worton: When his dragon switched itself to the opposite attribute, I knew he has something that can directly assimilate the opposing attribute!

Lync: So what is that?

Worton: That BakuNano in other words.

Kleinn: So Subterra is against Ventus right?

Lantis: RAAAWR!

Kleinn: Disable all Ventus attacks!

The opponent cannot use Ventus element attacks for the battle!

Lync: Damn brat.

Worton: Don't falter!

Lync: I know what to do!

Worton: I sure hope you do.

Lync: Stupid brat, you have no idea who you're fighting against!

Kleinn: Dope from Vexos?

Lync: That's it, I'm frigging angry right now!

Worton: Just relax.

Lync: Ability Activate ~ Nano Destroyer!

Kleinn: Whaaaa?!

Lync's Ability removed the Clandestine from the Game!

Kleinn: What is that...what did it do?!

Lync: It's the deadliest weapon of the Vexos. I have it because I know I might need it to PWN those damn show-offs with those Battle Gears, BMAs, BakuNano...disgusting extras in other words!

Kleinn: But Clandestine is awesome!

Lync: Those weapons are NOT Awesome! They ruin the fun of Bakugan PvPs! They look nothing more than stupid marketing gimmicks!

Kleinn: But Bakugan aren't toys!

Lync: Yes, they aren't. Your mind is the toy!

Kleinn: Grrr...Ability Activate! Force Counter!

Lantis: Raaaaaaaaaaaageee!!

Worton: It won't do, kid. Let's finish this.

Lync: Alright then. DOUBLE Ability Activate~!

Once again, Lync activated his unannounced double ability that finally brought down Lantis to the ground...and then back to Ball Form. Worton also returns to Ball Form and perched on Lync's shoulder. Kleinn ran to get his fallen partner.

Kleinn: Lantis!

Lantis: Im okay.

Kleinn: We lost...

Lync: Now that you lose, what are you going to do now? Go home?

Kleinn turned to Lync with blazing eyes.

Kleinn: I...hate you.

Lync: Ohh, I'm so scared!

Kleinn: I really hate you!

Kleinn raises his voice but Lync stamps his feet.

Lync: Listen, do you even have any idea what hatred means?

Kleinn: Hatred?

Lync: I'll take that as a no.

Lync walks away with Kleinn not moving from his spot.

Kleinn: What is that?

Lync: Love me, hate me...but never ever lie to me. You know where liars end up in hell right?

Kleinn: Hell...

Worton: Spawn of Purgatory, invoking Hell. Ironic.

Lync: Do you want me to send you there, know-it-all?

Worton: I'm NOT a know-it-all. I'm the "all-seeing."

Lync: There is NO difference!

Kleinn: ...I don't feel so right.

Lync didn't returned to Team Lilium yet. Instead, he went to a corner where a green-haired man dressed in a brown ninja suit is standing by.

Lync: Did you see that, Hydron?

Hydron: Yeah, I did. The so-called Kleinn Bravier is more like a clueless little idiot than someone we should fear.

Lync: Who knows? I do believe in the trope "Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass."

Hydron: Indeed. Hah! So what's next for Kleinn Bravier?

Lync: Keep an eye on him.

Hydron: I will.

Lync: Make sure he doesn't make your sister his pillow again.

Hydron: He did what?!

Lync: Naw, forget about that last one.

Hydron: I am SO getting to the bottom of that!

Lync: Best of luck to you then, Mizu.

Lync's companion stealthly vanished into thin air as Lync walked back to Team Lilium.

on gundalia

Leonidas: Danielle i need to battle

Danielle:Lets go to earth to see how jasper is doing.

Leonidas:You still like him?

Danielle:So what if i do?

Leonidas:Nevermind Lets go.

Leonidas opends a portle to earth

Danielle and leonidas arive on earth.

??:Hey you (points at danielle) i challange you to a brawl

Danielle:Ok humans are easy

Both:Felid open!

Danielle:Gate card set bakugan brawl! bakugan Stand! Go Haos Phantom Leonidas!

Leonidas:This is going to be easy

Danielle:Hey kid whats youre name?

Bob:My name is Bob Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan stand! Rise Darkus Scaboid!

Danielle:Ability Ativate Dragon Blast!

Scaboid takes a direct hit and falls defeated. Then leonidas starts to glow

Leonidas:Whats happaning to me?

Danielle:Yay evolution

Chapter 5: The OutburstEdit

(meanwhile dani is walking around bakugan interspace talking to hersel)

Dani: so i just walk through interspace folowing the team wolf. like i have nothing better to do. i means seriously it's cristmas break for peeps sake. (louder) i mean seriously. (really loud) seriously. (normal volume) oh well this is interspace and since i'm here i might as well brawl.

snakey: who you wanna brawl.

With Danielle

Danielle:How do you feel buddy?

Leonidas;I feel increadable!

Bob:Thats no fair!!!!!(Rinning away crying)

Danielle:Lets find some one harder.


As Danielle continues to walk she runs into dani.

Dani: (looks at danielle for a few seconds) okay you are a haos brawler. definetly gundalian royalty. average brawler. wanna battle.

Danielle:Who are you calling average brawler?!

Leonidas:Calm down you can settle this in a brawl and danielle by the way don't let youre anger get in the waay of battle

Danielle:You're right! Fine lets do this!

Dani: hey Snakey how long do we wanna make this last.

Snakey: get it over with.

Dani: ok. bakugan brawl bakugan go pyrus snakey.

Danielle:Time to battle with youer new power Bakugan brawl bakugan stand rise Haos Shadow Leonidas!

Dani: i'll finish this in one shot. consecutive ability activate plus consecutive ability activate plus another consecutive ability actiavte and to finish it off consecutive ability activate. now lose.

(meanwhile with wolfgirl)

wolfgirl: ability actiavate helping howl.

(a bright light is shot up at te sky)

(Back with dani)

Dani: (notices the light) fudge (runs toward wolfgirl's brawl)

While Dani and Danielle were brawling, Aniju went to find Bob. She teleported to hsi location after watching the brawl.

Aniju: Here there little dude.

Bob: Huh? Who are you? What ARE you?

Aniju: I am an Aura. My name is Aniju.

Aniju flew around him, looking him over and laided in front of him.

Aniju: You can be a strong brawler.

Bob: I can?

Aniju: Yup, here take this.

Aniju hands a card,that she drew, to Bob. On the front was three guys at a dinner table. The card was called: Ultimate Dinner and below th epicture it said: Believe.

Bob: What's this for?

Aniju: It will help you, all you have to do is believe. When you Bakugan is weaken this will heal them and get them a power bust.

Bob: Oh thank you. :)

Aniju: Good now I need you to be careful. Bad things are going to happen.

Bob: (Alarmed) What kind of bad things?

Aniju: There is a person who seeks to destroy and rule over all who are powerful. Stay in the light or in the shadows of good. Beware of his lies.

Bob: Okay.

(as dani arrives at wolfgirl's brawl)

dani: seriously wolfgirl i was in the middle of a brawl.

wolfgirl: dani!

dani: now lets see above average skills but still easy to beat.

snakey: ready.

Danielle:Ability ativate! Shadow Ball!

Jasper: Hey Danielle! Want to help us out?!

Meanwhile back at the villains' base, wherever that is, Dante was watching the brawl taking place on a moniter.

Dante: Jasper is not himself...

Popkat: Jasper is just upset.

Dante: His clan has seperated. His kind can't handle being seperated from thier "tribe."

Dante heard someone coming and changed the channel to a TV show. He sat down and started to play with some dinosaurs toys. In walked Lyra, Sweek and Lorenzo.

Sweek: Hey Dante, what's you doing?

Dante: Rawh! (Playing with the dinosaurs) T-Bone is attacking Chomp!

Sweek: I see and what's this one's name?

Dante: That's Thrice because he has three horns.

Lyra: Really Dante? Dinosoraurs? How are you the leader of us?

Dante: DIO likes me. He knows Popkat is strong. :)

Lorenzo: Leave him alone Lyra.

TV: Most scientist today believe Dinosoraurs were covered in a layer of feathers.

Dante: Chomp's friend Prowl has arrive to help him. :P

DIO came into the room with some missions for the members of his group.

Dante: DIO!

Dante jumped up and flung himself at DIO. Luckily DIO branced himself before Dante laid on him and wrapped his arms and legs around his body.

DIO: Yes Dante. I am happy to see you too.

Dante: <3 :)

DIO: Listen I have missions for you three! Sweel, Lyra, Lorenzo, I want you to challange of the the teams that contain the old members of the Jasper's team; Wolf, Skawo and Silver.

Sweel, Lyra and Lorenzo: Yes sir!

Dio turned, more looked at, Dante.

DIO: I have a special mission for you.

Dante slow slid down DIO's side and sat ont he floor looking up at DIO.

DIO: You need to go to Team Lilium, take the remaining shadow clones with you and test their power.

Dante: Okay. :)

Sweek, Lyra and Lorenzo headed out to find the members of Jasper's old team, The Sharks. Dante stood up and nuzzled DIO on the side on the neck.

Dante: Mkay DIO Dee.

DIO: I sent Zierant to help Jasper since he isn't stable enough right now. This is all up to you.

Dante: Jasper and Zierant were joined by Danielle. You remember her right? We could use a Haos brawler.

DIO: How do you know that?

Dante: Dante can hear it.

DIO: Find have them bring her back. I can use her.

Dante: Okay.

Dante went out of the room, went outside and listened for the sounds of Team Lilium. Once he located the direction they were in, he teleported. The portal open on up of a building above Team Lilium. He summon Shadow Jasper, Skawo and Wolfgirl.

Dante: You three go brawl them please. Brawl that one (Kunagiri,) and that one (Yayoi) and (Lysie).

Dante frost with fear, his eyes widen while his pupils grew small.

Dante: (With a quiver) I am going to go over here and see what those ones are doing. Come back when you are done.

Dante slowly crawled off to see what Dallas, Lync and Masquerade were up to.

Dante: Saver over here.

(back with wolfgirl's brawl)

Dani: bakugan brawl bakugan stand go pyrus perfect snakey. now someone pick a number 10- 20 te higher the better.

wolfgirl: i love this game.

danielle:Well im board lets go terrorize some humans


Danielle;Yay XD

Jasper: Hey Danielle! (Waves whole arm)

Zierant: 10 through 20, higher the better. I choose 10.

Jasper: Seriously. That is a no brainer. 20 the highest you can go so pick a lower number so her attack or whatever will be low.

Zierant: Maybe she means someone on her team?

Jasper: Don't know. Don't care. Shadow Clones are doing good. I got lots of info on Miss Wolfie's new team to show DIO.

Danielle:Whoops Lets use nano XD


Danielle:Bakunano Sonilance destroy!

Leonidas;Now its time to rock

Dan: 10 seriously oh well consecutve abilty activate plus consecutive ablity activate plus triple abilty. i added an extra abilty to make 11 ability combonation attack! beat that.

Danielle:Stupid good guys oh well

Leonidas:Take this! Shadow Blast!

Danielle:Its good to be evil

Dani: abilty activate reflective glass. summon zenthon destroyer.

Dani: (back up) kill em dani.

Zierant: Killing us seems a little harsh for good guys.

Jasper: Who is this gal? She is new. DIO will want to hear about this.

Dani: lets just say i'm not completely a good guy. now zenthon attack.

(zenthons attacks causing a very large explosion.

Jasper: Did we summon one of those things? Where'd it go?

Zierant: You know how to use it?

Jasper: I am not completely a good guy either. Hmph, let's do something evil, Zie Zie.

Zierant: Like what?

Jasper: Danielle, summon your mecha-destroyer thing too please. (Turns to Zierant) That's not the bad thing I ment, just to finish this brawl.

Danielle;I will come forth zentheon destroyer

Zentheon:I will serve you for a life time masters


Dani: time to end this abilty activate battle ender. with ths card the bakugan with the highest bakugan with highest powernlevel wins and that would be me.

Jasper: That sounds to imature. How do you know your Bakugan is the strongest.

Zierant: What a stupid card.

Jasper jumps down from his perch and summons his weopan, a spear/axe. He leaps into the air and takes a swing. He cuts Dani's card in two.

Jasper: There no you can't use that thing anymore.

Zierant: That a boy Jasp!

Jasper: (Jumps back to Zierant) Now it's fair.

Danielle:Thanks Jasper Zentheon Go!

Zierant: We better get going Jasp. Call back the shadows. We don't need them right now and we can't risk damaging them or DIO will be angry with us.

Jasper: Alright then.

Jasper summons the clones back and they disappear.

Jasper: Tie thing up Danielle so we can get going. I got all the info we need for DIO Dee!

Dani: you just mad me mad. (attacks jasper punching him left and right and eventually throws him a few 100 feet.) even if that didn't hurt. (starts radiatng death) by the way you cans see who's in the lead by checkng your bakumeter IDIOT!!!

Jasper: Okay fist up I am not even near you to be attacking me. I am on a roof of a building. Second I have a weapon so it seems like not such a good idea to even attack me. Making you an idiot to even try. Also, do you even see a Bakumeter on me. Read when is going on please, so the story makes sense.

Dani: 1 i ran at you. two never mess with a ninja i could break that puny stick in half. and three why aren't you wearng a bakumeter.

Danielle:Ability activate! Power from the darkness! Zentheon Attack!

Jasper: Stick? Ninja? I am a gawd dam mage! I use magic to kill you. Your fancy moved won't save you from me!

Jasper eyes glow blood red as smokey begins to engulf his body. He leaped into the air and a second later he was behind Dani.

Jasper: Let's how you like this!

Jasper swung his weapon but purposely grased Dani across the stomach. He licked her in the knee and grabbed her by the hair and threw her off the roof.

Zierant: Jasper!

There was a flash of light and Dani was caught and guided to the ground in a pure white cloud of light.

Zierant: What the?

The cloud vanished as soon as Dani touch thed group. Jasper was able to jump to attack again but Zierant grabbed him. However he wasn't enough to stop Jasper. He jumped anyways taking Zierant with him.

Danielle: Jasper calm down!

Jasper drive down with his axe ready but suddenly the belts wrapped around him grew tighter. Jasper bailed out of his attack and laided nearby Danielle. Zierant fell off of him. Jasper squirmed but the belts wrapped around his entire body only tighter their grip. Jasper hisses and snarled like some animal and fell over. He bit down on one of the belts and tried to tear it.

Zierant: Oh we better get him back! Danielle come heres.

Zierant went over to Jasper with Danielle and tried to hold him down but Jasper was violently thrashing around. Zierant could only push as few bottoms on his gauntlet to teleport them away. Jasper had flipped over on his stomach before they teleport and left claw marks in the ground where he was laying.

Danielle:Jasper stop it

Zierant had teleported them back to the base. Jasper was still raging when they got there. He couldn't move any more but he was still foaming at the mouth and snarling wildly.

Zierant: He's gone mad!

(back with dani)

Wolfgirl: dani are you ok.

Dani: fine. but i guess i broke ninja rule numbers 1 and 27.

Wolfgirl: never underestamte your opponent and never always know wo your fighting.

Dani: oh well. as long as mom doesn't find out. i'd be grounded for like two weeks.

Back with Jasper:

Zierant: Danielle do something! You knew him before! Calm him down.

Jasper was making an odd sound that was like as if he was having a hard time breathing.

Zierant: We can't let DIO see him like this!

Zierant and Danielle tried to hold Jasper down as best as they could. The belts covered his mouth so he made less noise now. Jasper kicked his leg knocking Danielle back. She fell on the ramote to the monitor screen. The monitor clicked on showing Team Lilium.

TV: I wish I had some Konpeito.

Jasper instandly stop moving and just frost.

TV: Yeah but Professor Kunagiri is only thinking about what is best for you.

TV: I suppose so.

Jasper just laid there for sometime and didn't move. After several minutes the belts loosen their grip on his and slowly freed him. Jasper just laided there.

Zierant: What happen?

Jasper: Please turn off the TV.

Jasper got up and slowly went to his sleeping quarters to go to bed. Meanwhile back at where the battle took place once Team Wolf left, someone stepped out of the shadows. They went over to where the card Jasper had cut in half lay. They picked up the two pieces and grinned.

Chapter 6: Unfathomable TidesEdit

Danielle:That was weird.


Leonidas:How much do you want to bet that he wanted the candy stuff on tv


Zierant: I'll go tell DIO that you are one of us now.

Zierant left the room.

Meanwhile over at Arena 44, Brook, Maria and J. Alfred were watching the brawl that was taking place.

Maria: These people are good.

J. Alfred: Yup, do you like the brawl Brook?

Brook: Huh? Yeah...

Brook's mind wasn't with the brawl today. Her mind was else where.

Chimeraid: We should brawl next! I want to brawl!

Kakoo: You'll get a chance.

Shaka Zulu: Calm down and just watch. It is good to know how other people brawl. You may learn a thing or too.

Chimeriad: I can brawl just fine. I am one of the best!

Maria: Quiet down. I am trying to watch the brawl.

Little did they know they were being watched from far away.

Hydron: Plasma Bakugan...that's rather unusual.

Grammaton's Spy hovered around the insconspicious places around Arena 44, searching for people who might know about Kleinn Bravier. He took out his cellphone and reported to his boss.

Hydron: Father, the situation around here is neutral. Just brawlers wanting to brawl.

(Lync: How many times did I told you NOT to call me Father?!)

Hydron: Fine then. Lync, the situation here is neutral.

(Lync: Hah! You are speaking too soon, Hydron. Who knows what might pop out of there. )

Hydron: I know that there are rumors of those mysterious malevolent brawlers but I don't think they'll be here!

(Lync: Very well then. Move elsewhere.)

Hydron: Affirmative.

Just when Hydron switched off his phone, he sees his Guardian Bakugan Shizuo picking up a fight with the Plasma Bakugan.

Shizuo: All this job is making me bored bored bored...I wanna brawl!! RAAAWR!

Hydron: Shizuo, no!

Unaware, above Hydron in the shadows, someone was watching him watch everyone else. Claws stratched at the surface of the building, yellow eyes swifted and a grin. A littled farther down Shaka Zulu heard the comontion made by Shizuo.

Shaka Zulu: Oh Chimeriad look out!

Chimeraid: Huh?

Brook: Ah Bakugan!

Maria: Well that's strange. Why would a Bakugan without a Brawler wind up in Bakugan Interspace?

J.Alfred: Maybe he's lost or something?

Chimeriad: Who in the sparkly rainbow hell are you?

Shizuo: *hovers over to Chimeriad* Yo, Plasma! I've heard you bragging about how tough you are. Well let me tell you...A freak of nature like you is no match for a lean, mean, Subterra-attributed killing machine like me!


Shizuo: =_= I called you a freak of nature!

Chimeriad: Well you know what...You're an asshole!

Shizuo: LOLWUT?

Chimeriad: And you smell like a Chocobo!

Maria: *facepalm* What have I gotten myself into? GUYS, STOP BEING IMMATURE!

Both: *ignore Maria and continue to trashtalk each other*

Shizuo: *fuming* CHOCOBO? Well lemme tell you ya Plasma bastard, when I'm done pwning you, your rotting corpse is gonna smell much worse than a frigging Chocobo!

Chimeriad: Oh you wanna fight huh?

Shizuo: I'm not gonna fight you. I'm gonna kick your ass.

Chimeriad: I'm gonna stomp your carcass into the ground and plant grass on it! I heard dead Subterra Bakugan make great fertilizers!

Shizuo: I'm gonna strip the meat off your bones and feed it to Zoobles! And then I'll use your skeleton as a coat rack!

Chimeriad: Well I'm gonna grind you to a pulp and send you to your momma in a matchbox, you tard!

Shizuo: I'm gonna sell your organs on Ebay!

Chimeriad: I'm gonna sell your organs on Amazon!


Maria: They're intending to brawl? *shuffles her deck of BakuCards* In that case I'm going too!

J. Alfred: Nah, just let those two settle this on their own. Looks like they have a bone to pick with each other!

Maria: Uhh...I'm not so sure about this...

J. Alfred: Guy Bakugan are almost always like this. If they have a conflict, they'll definitely want to settle things with their fists. And feet. And claws. And fangs...Well, you know what I mean.

Bakugan Interspace Announcer: *sitting in a booth nearby* But it's very unusual for two Bakugan to fight on their own. *to Shizuo* Perhaps you would like a partner? *points at a random kid who's standing near the booth*

Shizuo: That snot-nosed brat? I bet he's still wearing a diaper! HELL NO!

Announcer: But it's against the ru...

Shizuo and Chimeriad: HELL NO!!!

Announcer: *yelps like a little girl* Yikes! Okay, okay, fine! Bakugan Field #45, Open! Just don't hurt me TT_TT

Shizuo and Chimeriad: *roll onto the battlefield and pop open into their real forms*

Shizuo: Get ready to cry and shit bricks, Plasma!

Chimeriad: I could say the same about you! Oh, and btw, since you don't have a name, I'll just call you Asshole-kun. So then, Asshole-kun, prepare to cry and shit bricks!


Chimeriad: Lolwut?

Shizuo: *charges up a giant orb of elemental energy and tosses it at Chimeriad* RAWR!

Chimeriad: o_O That thing is friggin huge! I'll be deadmeat if I get hit by it! *gets ready to dodge the incoming orb*

Unidentified Flying Object: *sheds its energy aura, revealing itself to be a giant vending machine*

Shizuo: Try this on for size!

Chimeriad: WHAT THE FIRETRUCK?! A vending machi- ... ARGH! *the vending machine rams into Chimeriad at full speed, knocking him back and right into a stone wall*

Maria: *watching the fight through her Bakumeter* Oh no! That looked like it really hurt.

Shizuo: Aaaand pop goes the Plasma. Heh, I told you you were no match for me! So pppffffffffftttt!!! *blows a raspberry*

Chimeriad: *sticks his head out of a vending machine - shaped dent in the arena wall* Ow.

Shizuo: *bites his tongue* Yeowch! Huh? I thought I smeared your brains all over the arena with that attack! I guess you're more durable than I thought! *thinks* At least I didn't miss...

Chimeriad: You are an ass and I'm gonna kick you. Arcane Blazer!!! *glows purple and charges at Shizuo*

Shizuo: FRIDGE PWN!!! *throws a gargantuan fridge at Chimeriad*

Chimeriad: A FRIDGE?! HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP!!! *barely manages to dodge the fridge before it crashes into the ground, leaving a smoking crater* YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!

Shizuo: Dammit >_<

Chimeriad: *just out of curiosity decides to take a peek inside the fridge* OH MAI GAWD SMOKED ZOOBLE FILLET!!! *starts drooling uncontrollably* Come to papa!!!

Maria: *still watching through her Bakumeter* *facepalms*

Shizuo: Gotcha! YOU FAIL! *hits Chimeriad over the head... WITH A GIANT BATHTUB!* Push the daisy, you Plasma BiAtCh!

Chimeriad: *coughs up blood and collapses* @_@

Shizuo: *pulls out a signboard that says "YOU MUST DIE"* Time to send you to sparkly rainbow hell! *gives a screeching battle cry and swings the signboard at Chimeriad* BUKKURO BONKER!!!

Chimeriad: *struggles to get back up* K-kaleidoscope!

The Die Signboard: *stops about an inch short of spilling Chimeriad's brains...BOUNCES BACK AND NAILS SHIZUO RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES*

Shizuo: *sprawled on the ground with smoke rising off his head* @_@ Mommy, no more cottage cheese! Cottage cheese tastes like ass.

Chimeriad: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *doubles over with laughter*

Shizuo: *shakes his head* Grrrrrrr...You've heard that, didn't you?

Chimeriad: Heard what, mama's boy? *trollface*

Shizuo: *veins pop up all over his head and face* NOW I'M MAD! I SWEAR, YOUR DEATH WILL BE SO GRUESOME IT'LL MAKE HAPPY TREE FRIENDS SEEM LIKE MY LITTLE PONY!!! BANZAAAAAAIIIII!!! *throws an entire steamship at Chimeriad* SHIP PWN!!!

Chimeriad: WELL YOUR DEATH WILL BE SO GRUESOME IT'LL MAKE JIGSAW SHIT BRICKS! STEEL SOUL!!! *charges his entire body up with purple Plasma energy and punches right through the ship, splitting it in two*

Ship: *explodes, thrashing the arena and knocking both Bakugan down with the force of the explosion.

Audience: *run away screaming and panicking*

Chimeriad: *panting a bit* Give up yet, Shit-zuo?

Shizuo: *also worn out but still MAD AS HELL* WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME!!!!!???????? *pulls out his signboard* I'LL TURN YOU INTO TOOTHPASTE, YOU FREAK!!!!!11111 *powers up* SUPER! ATOMIC! BUKKURO! BONKEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!RAAAAWWWWWRRRR!!!!


Both of them rush at each other in a battle frenzy, not even bothering to put up defenses anymore. Their attacks collide, resulting in yet another giant explosion, luckily, the spectators have long since fled. The entire arena is reduced to rubble in the process, and when the smoke finally clears up, Chimeriad and Shizuo are seen standing on scorched earth, battered and wounded all over.

Both: *collapse and turn back to ballform*

Announcer: *fainted in his booth* @_@

Hydron: *quickly teleports to the arena to pick up Shizuo* Look what you've done! *points at a big red hand-shaped imprint on his forehead that is bleeding profusely* Your stupid and immature behavior made me facepalm so much I accidentally ruined my beautiful face! These things leave scars, you know!

Brook, J. Alfred and Maria walk over to Arena 45.

Maria: (picks up Chimeriad) Are you okay?

Chimeriad: @_@ My head's spinning like a friggin Beyblade.

Brook: Beyblade is a cheap imitation of Bakugan.

J. Alfred: Yeah, I prefer to have a partner who talks and isn't a toy.

Shaka Zulu: Yeah like the Mechanical Bakugan that are widely used on Vestal.

Hydron: O_______________O *eyes start glowing a malevolent red* ZEEEENNOOOHHEEEEELLLDD!!!!! *grabs a half-burned bench*

Shizuo: *groggy* Ugh...Where am I?

Hydron: RAAAAAWWWWWWRRRR!!!! *proceeds to bludgeon the poor Shizuo with the bench*

Shizuo: OW! ARGH! OUCH! B-boss...Was disobeying you...Really that bad a crime? *passes out again*

Not too far away from Arena 45 is Lync Volan and Professor Worton who both watched the match with bewildered eyes. He was later phoned by Hydron.

Lync: Not one word, Worton. Hydron's gonna call soon.

(Hydron: Lync, this is bad. Shizuo is...)

Lync: PWNED?

(Hydron: Exactly!)

But before Lync could fuss on Hydron about anything that goes like Fission Mailed, the former was approached by Professor Kunagiri.

(Hydron: Lync?)

Lync: You id... oh.

(Hydron: Hung up on me huh? Bye then)

Kunagiri: I could not be mistaken.

Lync: Eh, Dr. Eel? What's up?

Kunagiri: The wave of energy that caused the machine thrower to go berserk could only be caused by one man.

Lync: Who, Kleinn Bravier?

Kunagiri: No.

Lync: Then who?

Kunagiri walks forward and yelled out...

Kunagiri: Come out of there, Dan!!

Lync: Da...wut?

Worton: Dan Hibiki?

Lync: Idiot! It's Kuso! Dan Kuso! Universe's greatest goody two shoes!

Kunagiri: Not anymore.

An illusion of a young man with brown hair and black clothes appear before Kunagiri, Lync and Worton. He hovers above them before landing to the ground.

DIO: Of all the places you would be...

Kunagiri: Dan, listen I...

DIO: Oh and I wish for confidentiality.

DIO used his magic power to teleport himself and Kunagiri away to another location. Lync and Worton were both left in the spot wondering.

Worton: They left.

Lync: I saw that! We better tell team Lilium!

Worton: Right.

Hydron: Lync, this is bad.

Lync: What now?

Hydron: Shizuo is incapacitated.

Lync: What?!

Hydron: I need someone that can heal my Bakugan.

Lync: Then come with me. I have someone from Team Lilium that may help.

Hydron: Thank goodness.

Lync: You owe us all lunch. Professor's been kidnapped ya know.

Hydron: That can be managed!

Thus, Lync, Hydron and Worton all return to Team Lilium to report the mishap that happened to Professor Kunagiri.

Chapter 7: Wind foresees CatharsisEdit

Back with the bad guys

Leonidas:I sense a desturberment in the force


Dante was watching from afar. He saw Hydron's Bakugan go bananas and DIO take Kunagiri way. He figured this was a good chance to take action. Dante stood and jumped down from the building he was one. Right down in front of Dallas.

Dallas: Wha! (Taken by surprise)

Dante: Hello!

Dallas: Oh god you scared me.

Abel: Hey man what's teh big idea?

Dante: I can't tell you the big idea. Only Gawd knows that.

Abel: No that is not what I ment. Gosh, why is everyone we run into a nutcase.

Dante: I have ADD. :)

Dallas: Abel, stop it. He has a real reason. (Turns to Dante) What do you do you want? A brawl?

Dante: No, no I don't want to brawl you.

Dallas: What do you want then?

Dante: Popkat come here please.

A small Bakugan, smaller than normal Bakugan came out of the tuff of white fur our Dante's neck. She flew up above Dallas.

Popkat: A darkness filled with fire will threaten all that exist. Those blinded by sight will fall under his will. Two forces will meet on the battlefield, only one will remain. Find darkness through the impure light.

Popkat fell back into Dante's mane and disappeared. Dallas and Abel looked confused.

Dante: That is your prophecy.

Dallas: What? You meet something bad is going to happen in the future?

Dante: It would seem.

Dallas: What does that mean?

Dante: That is for you to figure out.

Abel: I had enough of this cook!

Dante: With that attitude, you'll lose all those who care about you. You'll only make this situation worse for Dallas.

Dante lifted his head and fell quiet. Dallas could tell that Dante was sensing something, something he couldn't. Dante listen for a few moments then he looked back at Dallas and smiled.

Dante: Beware of a fallen friend. There is still time to save him.

Dallas: Huh?

Dante: Now sounds like your friends are in some trouble.

Meanwhile, not too far off, Sweek, Lorenzo an d Lyra challenged the remaining memebers of Team Lilium to a brawl.

Dallas: Oh no! I have to help them!

When Dallas arrived, he sees Yayoi, Lysie and Masquerade fighting the three adversaries.

Yayoi: Come on, Scylla! A bit more water dispersal and they're all goners!

Scylla: Oww doing my best now!

Lysie: You guys seriously need to get a life!

Eris: Or we'll give ya one!

Masquerade: Drago, don't falter now. Remember, do it for Dan!

Fusion Dragonoid: Alright then.

Masquerade: Hellfire Crusher!

Fusion Dragonoid: Flames of Justice!!

Drago was able to take out one of the enemy Bakugan.

Dallas: Where's pop?

Masquerade: He went off somewhere because he sensed something bad.

Abel: We have to find Professor Kunagiri.

Dallas: Right.

Dallas and Abel hastily take their leave. Lysie blows a kiss as he runs off.

Lysie: ^_^ <3

Masquerade: There's two more to go, you can leave them to us.

Lync: Oh no, you don't. Reinforcements are here.

Worton: Affirmative.

Worton binds the two remaining Bakugan with his Deadly Tentacles. Lync activated a killer attack that sent lightning straight to the enemies.

Lysie: TENTACLE!!! T___T

Lysie suffers a mild heart attack. She loses her consciousness, causing Hydron to fuss at his own boss.

Lync: Oops, I forgot!

Hydron: Grrr...Lync!

Lync: What?

Hydron: *punches Lync in the face*

Lync: YEOW! That's serious Grammaton offense!

Hydron: Nobody messes with my sister!

Lync: I understand your Spectra-esque concern but go punch Worton instead!

Hydron: YOU Commanded him!

Worton: Yes he did.

Lync: Whatever, I'll beat you up later. We're in a situation here.

Hydron: I can't fight. Damn, I'd have to sit this one out.

Hydron moves aside as he takes care of his unconscious sister while Lync, Yayoi, Masquerade and their Bakugan fight the enemies.

Meanwhile, Kunagiri was taken by DIO to an alternate dimension. DIO left Kunagiri for a while as the latter drifted from his own consciousness.

Dan was fortunate to have married.

On the other hand, my life has always been in the path of obligation.

It was always others deciding for me as I walk on Dan's shadows.

When Dan became evil, I knew that my fate is also decided for.

I had no choice but to follow Dan in the world of the past so as to set things right.

I didn't mind if I had to die for as long as I accomplish what I had set out to do.

My life has no direction at all, it's just all come what may.

Until I met this mysterious boy who knew nothing about himself.

Because of him, I had the priviledge to have what Dan never had.

A family of my own with me as the patriarch.

A family to take under my scarred wings.

To care for them, to protect be proud of them.

Kunagiri: I?

DIO: If there's no pain, the rules are still the same.

Kunagiri: Where the hell is this place, Dan?!

DIO: I'm with you, just lead me. I'm ready to play.

Kunagiri: Are you even listening?

DIO: My apologies Professor Kunagiri ex Machina.

DIO appeared before Kunagiri, the former with blazing eyes.

DIO: Or should I say, the greatest coward of the universe ~ Fifth Hokage Shun Kazami.

Kunagiri: ...and you, who do you think of yourself? The God of Fools ~ Dan Kuso? It does have a nice pun to it.

DIO: Laugh while you can, Shun. It won't be long before I rip the ludicrity out of you and make you go all emo when you see your so-called family bathing in the pool of their own blood.

Kunagiri: I don't get it, Dan. Just tell me straight. What the hell did I do to you?

DIO: Because when I became bad as you stupid moralists call me, you automatically became the hero. You are also the other guy taking credit for the invention of the game, Bakugan...and most of all, you have a family.

Kunagiri: That's not my fault, Dan. It's just a little reward for all the things I had gone through!

Kunagiri approached DIO.

Kunagiri: Why, Dan? Didn't you knew how far I had suffered just to attain everything? Your family never dared to barge in your life while I had to do everything my grandfather says. I never really wanted to be a goddamn Hokage. I just want to fulfill my own dreams, have a family...just like every man in the planet!

DIO: Oh yes, that reminds me.

DIO hovered off and procured a blade of light.

DIO: Today is the day I kick a Hokage's ass!

DIO attacks Kunagiri, the latter dodging it in the rate as fast as the wind. Kunagiri materializes a blade of light and as their blades clash, they bicker.

Kunagiri: It won't do, Dan. Revenge never pays off so just move on!

DIO: What do you know about moving on, you goddamn Emo?

Kunagiri: I'm tired of running in circles, Dan. Let's just get this over with.

DIO: I will. But you will be the one to say good-bye.

Kunagiri: That will not happen.

DIO: Pray tell. The so-called Shun Kazami of the present time vanished along with Dan Kuso. Did you had something to do with that?

Kunagiri: No, Dan. I don't know what you're talking about.

DIO: You liar! I will not suceed for as long as I know that I have a damn eel like you in my midst!

Kunagiri: Suceed with what, Dan?

DIO: Succeed in destroying this stupid universe! Earth, Neathian, Gundalia, Vestal, New Vestroia, Hurrania AND The Bakugan Interspace!

Kunagiri: Sorry, Dan. For as long as I'm here, that will never happen. It's in the code of honor of a Hokage to protect all that he could.

DIO: You were forced to say that, Goody-two-shoes?

Kunagiri: Unfortunately, that one is said with all my heart. I pity you, Dan. You are only forced to do all of this.

DIO: No~destroying the ungrateful cosmos is my own free will. Ahaha, yes. Freedom of my mind in the darkness!

Kunagiri: You have all the freedom to rest in peace, Dan. Just leave the universe to your present self. The Dan Kuso whose still dating Runo before he vanished.

DIO: ...and you are also free to die, Shun. I will grant you a noble death that is befitting of a Hokage!

Kunagiri: No, Dan. I will live.

Kunagiri magnifies his sword and then split it into two blades.

Kunagiri: To live to protect your present ensure that he will not suffer the same as you.

DIO: You hypocrite.

Kunagiri: I am still your friend, your brother-in-arms, your soulmate...therefore, I treasure what we've gone through and what is yet to come.

Kunagiri dashes forward and disarms DIO. DIO fell to his knees and Kunagiri aims both blades at him.

Kunagiri: It's over, Dan.

DIO: It's never over, Shun. We are both cursed. Therefore, we both deserve to die.

Kunagiri: I am not cursed. I am blessed.

DIO: You do realize that there is no turning back once you returned to the past. You traded half of your sanity for this.

Kunagiri: You can be insane...but that doesn't give you the right to be evil. In fact, I became a genius!

DIO: Lame stealth pun is lame.

Kunagiri: ...and this genius swears to be beneficial to mankind while stopping you.

DIO moves far and fades.

DIO: You won today, but that will never break the chain that binds us both. I will have my way with the universe while you just try and stop me!


Kunagiri: That's right. My greatest achievement as a genius is to have you meet your maker before I meet mine.

Kunagiri notices the alternate dimension fading away. In a moment, he returned to the totally wrecked Arena 45. He dematerializes his blades and walked to the extremely terrified announcer.

Kunagiri: Oh dear, what happened here?

Announcer: bonker...gggggg...

The announcer broke into tears.

Announcer: What am I gonna do? If sir Marucho sees this, he's gonna KILL me!

Kunagiri: Today is your lucky day!

Announcer HOW?

Kunagiri: I am a genius ready to help you fix everything!

Announcer: PLEASE DO IT! I'll buy you lunch or whatever you'd like for a snack! JUST HELP ME FIX THIS!!! BUHEEEEEE!!!

Kunagiri: There, there. We'll fix it. Just give me a blueprint of how the placed used to look like.

Announcer: H-here...

Dallas and Abel arrive by Arena 45 seeing his Father helping the terrified announcer to fix the ruins. The two sigh in relief.

Dallas: Gee, I guess he's fine.

Abel: Let's not disturb him.

Chapter 8: Buzztone SymphonyEdit

Dallas walked away a little and sat down to think. What Dante's Bakugan had said to may be heplful. Dante called it a prophecy so that ment it would come true? Dallas wasn't really sure.

Abel: Someting bothering you?

Dallas: Yeah, what did that one guy's Bakugan say? Dante was his name?

Abel: A darkness filled with fire will threaten all that exist. Those blinded by sight will fall under his will. Two forces will meet on the battlefield, only one will remain. Find darkness through the impure light.

Dallas: Yes that was it. What does that mean?

Abel: Your guess is as good as mine. -_-

Dallas: Fire, dark, light and sound? What attribute is sound? There is no sound.

Abel: It also says to seek darkness, Dallas.

Dallas: How can darkness be good?

Dallas leaned forward and crossed his figured in front of him. He leaned on his hands thinking. When all had fallen quiet, he soon became aware of something he didn't hear untill now. Faintly in the distance he could hear odd sounds but was ubale to determine what they were.

Dallas: Do you hear that?

Abel: hear what?

Dallas: Come with me. Let's check that out.

Dallas got up and headed towards the sound. Abel followed close beside him. As they drew closer to the sound, it became clear it was some form of music. Dallas went through a hallway through Arena 45. On the other side was smaller stadium, it was not a brawling arena at all clearly. The music was louder and sounded electric, fast moving, loud and ful of energy. Through the opening of the door, he could see lights, different colors. Dallas opened the door and looked inside. The wave of sound blasted his fast and it was so bright and considerably warmer on the inside. He looked in, seeing a crowd of people, dancing. The music was so loud that they were unaware that Arena 45 was just destroy right next to them. Dallas stood at the door for a little while just watching when he felt himself be pushed inside.

Dallas: Arh!!!

Abel: Are you alright!

Dallas: What?!

Abel: Are you Alright?!

Dallas: What?! I can't hear you!

Just then someone walked up to Dallas and offerend a hand.

J. Alfred: Ar eyou okay? Here let me help you.

Dallas: Um Thank!

J. Alfred pulled Dallas back to his feet.

J. Alfred: Are you hurt?

Dallas: No I am okay!

Brok: What's going on here?

J. Alfred: He is new to the tencho scene.

Dallas: What!

J. Alfred: Come with me...

Dallas was lead away from the speaker to a corner where he could hear much better. Maria was there with Chimeriad, Kakoo and Shaka Zulu.

Dallas: This is tencho music?

J. Alfred: Yes, she is playing up there. (Points at the front of the Stadium) She is real good.

Dallas: I didn't know they had dance floor in Interspace.

J. Alfred: It is a new thing. Very popular and a great way to get ride of stress after or before a brawl. People love music. Do you feel it in your heart?

Dallas: My heart?

J. Alfred: You feel the beat of the music in sync with the beat of your heart?

Dallas listen and felt the thump of the beat, the drums and bass. He listened and paid attention to his body. His heart was ponding and it did seem to match up to the music.

Dallas: I geuss so.

J. Alfred: Do you want to go up front and see the DJ?

Dallas: Um okay I guess so.

J. Alfred took Dallas by the hand and lead him through the crowd. There were many people here, of all kinds, attributes and races with many Bakugan. They all seemed to love the music. It suddenly grew quiet as the piano played, the beat softened. The symbiotic rhythm bounced back and forth across the room. Dallas kept up with J. Alfred. The light brighten, flashing all around in different colors. It was far warmer in the midle of the crowd. As they neared the fornt, the music starte to pick up in speed. Before Dallas lay a large platform topped with the intsturments the mechanics behind the music. Dallas could see the keyboard and large sceens behind flashing colors and images. As Dallas stood there, watching the DJ, a pale white hair figure with many streaks of color in her hair play, the music became more intense. His heart thumped with the beat. It was a weird feeling, like linking up with Abel but different somehow. There was more than one person involves, he was linked with the whole room all contected to the music casued by one person. That was a weird powerful feeling. Dallas took a step back. Dallas watched the hands, the figures move rabidly across the keyboard at lighten speed. Somehow that was casuing all this vibe in this one room.

J. Alfred: Do you like it?!

Dallas: Yeah! It's pretty cool!

The whole room vibrated now in an intense rhythm. The music flowed in a massive serge around everyone. The light darted across the room bouncing and dancing. The beat thundered, synergizing everyone’s hearts together, the music vibrated throughout Dallas’ whole body. It felt like an earthquake inside of him. Dallas soon realized that this was just like when he and Jasper brawl together against Vito while singing Believe.

Dallas: Jasper, I wonder how you are doing? You would love this...

Meanwhile not too far away, the brawl between Team Lilium and the newly reformed Villian's team was coming to a close. Dante summoned the shadow clones back because they were not needed in the brawl no longer.

Lyra: Just a little longer. Don't call us back just yet.

Dante: (Through the monitor in Lyra's guantlet) Okay just return when you are done. :p

Lornezo: DIO will want to know all the details of Team Lilium's stats so mach sure to get everything Dante.

Dante: Okay, I am recording.

Sweek: Focus guys!

(With bad guys)



DIO:GO do something you're bothering me

Danielle:(Sticks her toung out at him)fine oh wise one


Jasper: Don't do that to him. What the Hell? (Coming out of his room) He is an adult.

DIO: Good boy. (Scratches Jasper behind the ear)

Jasper: Oooooooohhhhhh Gawd. That feels soooo goooooood.

As Danielle left, Jasper leaned into DIO.

Jasper: DIO, we have a lot in common ya know.

DIO: Do we...?

Jasper: I had a mate once but she left to a place I can't go with her.

DIO: I see...

Jasper: DIO, have you ever had any kids?

DIO: ........

Jasper: I had a son once.... He was a good little boy, just like me.


DIO needed a distraction seeing where this conversation was going. DIO looked down at the reports of the newly formed teams. Then faintly he heard something.

DIO: Do you hear that?

Jasper: Humph?

DIO: I hear music...

Jasper: I hear it. It's been play since we gotten here. You haven't notice it till now?

DIO: No, I haven't. It's kind of lovely...

Jasper nuzzle DIO affectionly. DIO scratched Jasper again causing Jasper to make an odd almost purr sound. Jasper leaned in more and rested his head on DIO's shoulder. DIO then proceed with one hand to go over the reports his subordinates had taken on the other teams while scratching Jasper with the other.

Jasper: How was your fight with Kuna Kuna? (Kunagiri)

DIO: It was fine.

Jasper: Good. You two had a lovely re-union?

DIO: Yeah...

Meanwhile, Dante notice that Kunagiri was coming back to recuit his fellow team-mate to help him repair Arena 45. Dante pocked at the gauntlet that DIO had given him, still unsure how to use it properly.

Dante: Finish the battle. We have to go.

Sweek: Awe and we were having so much fun.

Lyra: We can beat these guys!

Lysie: Who are you talking too?

Lyra: No of your...

Dante: (Interupting) Remember you are suppose to loose.

Lyra: What?!

Sweek: We have seen their strenght. Let end this thing.

Lorenzo: Ability Activate! Let's get the Hell out of here!

There was a loud sound, a shock wave followed by smoke. Lorenzo grabbed Lyra and Sweek, because they couldn't see and ran, taking them with him. They called back their Bakugan.

Lyra: What are you doing.

Lorenzo: DIO said Kunagiri was his. We can't let him get involved in this fight and risk injuring him. DIO wants him and only he gets to fight him till he says otherwise.

Lyra: Fine.

Sweek: Then let give DIO our report and find the other teams to brawl.

Dante watched them leave from atop the building he was on. He then redirected his attention to the remaining members of Team Lilium. Dante stared at them a little longer and notice a fimiliar face. He slowly slinkied off and teleported back to the base along with the rest of the group. He gave DIO the report he wanted and went back to playing with his dinosaures.

Dante: XD

Chapter 9: Found but LostEdit

Since the brawls at Arena 44 prove fruitless, J. Alfred led Brook and Maria to Arena 42. Along the way they met Dallas in the Stadium in-between Arena, 42, Arena, 43, Arena 44 and Arena 45. After showing Dallas the DJ, A. Alfred came back to Brook and Maria.

J. Alfred: You ready to head over to Arena 42?

Brook: Yeah as ready as I’ll ever be?

Dallas: Are you going to brawl or something?

J. Alfred: Now she is looking for her sister.

Maria: They haven’t seen each other in years.

Dallas: Oh I see.

Chimeriad: They are twins!

Dallas: Humph, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a sibling. Then I got Jasper… I miss the days of being a signal child.

Brook walked with her head down quietly. She was lost in thought and J. Alfred knew better to not disturb her and leave her be. He showed her the way. Brook still worried about what would she say. "What would it be like? How would Bree be now?" There were so many things bothering her. Brook had not seen Bree in four years but they still talked a bit. Bree would have told her if she had dyed her hair or something like that but still Brook worried that she would not be able to recognize her twin sister. She didn’t much care for that twin connection thing everyone talked about. Brook didn’t feel any different went Bree got sick. She couldn’t sense her presence at all. Should she have when Bree first got sick? Maybe she could have help but no, Brook didn't feel anything. She was a shamed that she didn't have that contection with her twin sister. After all these years, they had grown apart. What if Bree didn’t recognize Brook? What if Bree didn’t want to see her sister? If she had been in Interspace this whole time would didn’t she tell her twin? Brook’s stomach began to twist and turn.

When the group arrived at Arena 42, J. Alfred took Brook's hand since she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. He led her and everyone else inside. There was already a brawl going on and neither were Bree. Maria found some seats and the group sat down. Brook stared blankly forward uninterested in the brawl. Chimeriad on the other hand couldn't sit still.

Maria: So we are looking for your twin sister?

Brook: Yes, she should look just like me.

J. Alfred: She only ever shows at these two areas so she has to be at one of these two.

Shaka Zulu: The odds are pretty good.

Chimeriad: With so many people here, it's going to be looking for a needle in a hay stack! (Maria shivered)

Kakoo: Have some faith Chimeriad.

Chimeriad: Is that her?!

Brook: No.

Chimeriad: It that her?!

Brook: No, looks nothing like me.

Chimeriad: Is that her?!

Brook: .... That's a guy.... I think....

Chimeriad: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Really? Oh well, Is that her?!

Kakoo: Now you are just pointing...

Chimeriad: That has to be her!

Maria: Chimeriad, enough.

J. Alfred: It's like Where's Waldo

Chimeriad: Is that her?!

Brook: No...Oh Wait!

Chimeriad: See I told you guys I would find her!

Kakoo: ..........

Shaka Zulu: You have to give him that.

Brook: Bree?

Brook got up and started down the stair on the Arena Kakoo in toe. Maria looked at J. Alfred and together they got up and followed with Shaka Zulu and Chimeriad close behind. Bree or who Brook thought was her sister had disappeared in the crowd and got down into the Arena. Maria and J. Alfred caught up to Brook.

J. Alfred: Wait, are you sure that was her?

Brook nodded.

J. Alfred: Well not to disappoint you, but I don’t want you to get your hopes up and not have it be her.

Brook: I am sure it is her.

Maria: Maybe it is their twin power connection thing?

J. Alfred: Oh, Holy Crap!

Maria: Huh? What?

Brook: It’s Bree…

Chimeriad: And please thank the hero of the day.

Kakoo: Not now Chimeriad.

Shaka Zulu: After all the trouble you caused earlier?

Before them, in the entrance to Arena 42 stood Brook’s twin sister, it was Bree. What was more shocking was that J. Alfred was right; she hadn’t changed a bit, though she was older. She look pretty much exactly like her twin sister Brook. She was still the same as Brook remembers. She was able to recognize her. Bree was here and she was okay. Without thinking Brook was about to go over to her but J. Alfred stopped her.

J. Alfred: Something isn’t right.

Brook: What do you mean? Let me go over to my sister.

Bree: Brook, listen to him.

Brook: Bree, are you okay!

Bree: No I don’t think so.

Maria: Oh what’s going on?

A cloud of smoke carpeted the floor and the area got colder. There was a chill in the air and everything seems quieter, darker.

Bree: Oh, not again.

Bree turned and started to leave, Brook called out to her but Bree responded that she shouldn’t follow. If it wasn’t for J. Alfred, Brook would have followed her.

Brook: Let go.

J. Alfred: Something it wrong.

Bree disappeared into the smoke. Brook tugged at J. Alfred and pulled him forward slightly.

Maria: I think we should follow her. Bree may need help.

J. Alfred: Oh crap!

A large Bakugan appeared before the three brawlers. He was huge with two massive ears like horns scraping the sky of Interspace. His wings were like two pairs of sails on a great ship. Rows of red orbs line his body all the way from his head to the tip of his snake like tail that was wiping from side to side. Four red glowing eyes flung open on top of a long muzzle that didn’t look neither wolf nor bear but something in between. The creature opened his mouth revealing rows of fangs like a vampire. The creature screeched, not roars, the piercing sound caused Brook, J. Alfred and Maria to cover their ears. The ground, the buildings and sky shook at that terrible sound.

Maria: Oh where did this come from? I should have brought some warmer clothes. I don’t remember Interspace having weather.

Fight me…

J. Alfred: Oh Gawd a voice in the darkness.

Fight me…

Chimeriad: I can’t brawl you if I can’t see you! Come out!

Fight me…

Brook: My sister is around here somewhere.

J. Alfred: We better find her before this thing does.

Fight me!

The massive creature screeched again, this time the sound knocked Maria, J. Alfred and Brook over. The voice was not coming from the Bakugan, he has yet to speak, but the voice was coming from below the Bakugan. Through the smoke all three could see a figure just standing there.

Maria: That isn’t you sister right?

Brook: No, she is not like this.

J. Alfred: Brook, we should get out of here. Let’s find Bree and go.

Maria: I'm with him.

Chimeriad: I’ll fight that thing while you guys run.

Kakoo: No, you shouldn't fight that thing alone!

You want your sister back?

Brook: What? Where is she? What did you do to her?

Nothing, fight me and I’ll give you your sister back.

The person below the Bakugan came forward. She was taller than Bree so that was a good indicator that she was not Brook’s sister at all. She had long purple hair and wore a long dress that was torn. She wore predominantly violets in colors; a long torn scarf was wrapped around her body. Two yellow eyes glowed in the darkness. She grinned.

Fight me, and I’ll give you what you want. Just fight me so I can have some fun.

Brook: Who are you?!

I am the darkness of the night, I am the screams of the wind, the hiss of lighten, I am the frost of the cold and I am Banshee.

J. Alfred: Banshee? Your name is Banshee?

Banshee nodded with a grin.

Brook: Fine I’ll fight you as long as you promise to give me back my sister!

Banshee: Alright, you may have her back but remember she will always belong to me.

Brook: What?!

J. Alfred: Brook I don’t think this person can be made deals with.

Banshee: I don’t only want to fight just one person. I’ll fight you all.

Maria: What?! Oh dear...

Chimeriad: Alright yeah!

Maria: You are still worn out from your last brawl remember?

Kakoo: We will be there to help.

Shaka Zulu: Not looking forward to this but if it means getting Bree back again.

J. Alfred: Oh alright for Bree. You better mean what you say Banshee!

Banshee: Have I ever lied to you before?

J. Alfred: I just met you! How would I know?

Banshee just laugh. She then threw down a gate card and everyone proceeded to throw their Bakugan out for a brawl. All the while Banshee kept on grinning.

Insert awesome brawl scene here! :D

Chapter 10: The New RecuitEdit

Olaf was back in Interspace again looking for something to do. He wasn’t much of a brawl but he was a good team player, the only thing was he didn’t have a team.

Olaf: Let’s see if we can meet some new people and form a team okay, Baldr.

Baldr: Alright sound good to me.

Olaf: Hey what’s that?

Olaf stopped and looked down. There was a long piece of cloth just lying there in front of him. It was sticking out of a bush. Interspace had a few fake bushes but for the most part people avoided them. For a second Olaf thought he had discovered some kind of secret, maybe with a reward. He had heard of an Interspace Scavenger Hunt but wasn’t aware that it had started yet or not. Olaf reached down to pick it up.

Baldr: Careful you don’t know what it is!

Olaf: Oh we are in the net. This is a safe place. What could do wrong?

Just then out from the bush popped a white person. Olaf stumbled back but Baldr caught him. The white person blinked her two different color eyes. Olaf could see now that the piece of cloth was actually her scarf. She looked around.

Olaf: What are you doing in there?

Baldr: Are you lost?

Aniju: I am looking for a new team-mate.

Olaf: Oh well it’s your luck day!

Aniju: Not for me but for someone else…

Olaf: (Disappointed) Oh well…

Baldr: Olaf here is a great team player….

Aniju: A player?

Olaf: Oh no! I am not a player no. Well I do play Bakugan but not a player. Well I guess that kind of makes me a player but not that kind of player….

Bladr: Okay Olaf, don’t hurt yourself.

Aniju: You’ll do then.

Olaf: Huh?

Aniju grabbed Olaf by the arm and her scarf opened like two pairs of wings. She lifted Olaf into the air. Baldr followed them up then grabbed a hold of Olaf. Aniju opened a portal and flew them inside.

Olaf: Ah wait! Hold on there!

The appeared in another realm that was colder and very dark. All around them there was a purple black mist. Aniju flew them farther towards something before them. Olaf could faintly see large shapes and flashes of light. He couldn’t make out much till they got closer. Through the mist and higher up they flew. A large muzzle broke through the wall of clouds, followed by four red eyes. Olaf was terrorized at first, but Aniju swung out of the way.

Aniju: There, is you new team. (points down)

Olaf: Oh! We are so high up!

Aniju started to decline but first she flew a little farther away from the battle scene. Olaf could see three other Bakugan in the heat of battle with the larger red eye Bakugan. Aniju circled around and Olaf found himself closer to the ground or what looked like the group. Aniju dropped him and he landed with an thump!

Baldr: Are you okay?

Olaf: After that wild ride?!

Aniju: Help them now. (Floating above Olaf)

Olaf turned slightly and looked at the other brawlers. Aniju flew off and disappeared while his head was turned. Olaf stood up, realizing he was now stuck here. J. Alfred turned and spotted him once he stood up.

J. Alfred: Huh another person?

Brook:Not Bree… How many people has she capture.

Banshee: Not my doing, dear… *:<

Maria: Oh more to fight?

Olaf: Um no, I was sent here to help you. My name is Olaf by the way, nice to meet y'all!

Maria: But who sent you?

Banshee's Bakugan: *is currently chasing after Kakoo while Shaka Zulu and Chimeriad lay wounded on the ground*

Banshee: Having fun Ectorius, hmm?

Maria: =_=* Nevermind...Just help us...O_____O Olaf?

...Insert random sounds of crickets chirping here...

Olaf: *is spaced out staring at Brook*

J.Alfred: *waves his hand in front of Olaf's face* Uh...New kid...Hello-o? Earth to Olaf! Do you read me?

In Olaf's mind: So...Pretty...I think I'm in love! <3

Brook: O_O Why is he staring at me like that?

Baldr: Olaf, get a hold of yourself man!

Olaf: @г@

Baldr: Dang it! *tries to slap Olaf in the face but remembers that his arms are short and made of plastic* >_<"

Maria: *in a deadpan voice* My forehead hurts from facepalming.

J.Alfred: This new kid is weird.

Brook. Indeed. I seriously doubt that he's going to be of much help to us.

J.Alfred: That's enough! Wake up! *pulls a whistle out of his hat and blows it*

Olaf: *wakes up* Yikes! What's going on? Where am I? Is this Sparta? Who am I? I'm hungry!

Maria: Must...Not...Facepalm...

Baldr: *sigh*

J.Alfred: I thought you were going to help us, Olaf. So hurry up and do it before our Bakugan get pounded to a pulp!

Olaf: *shakes head* Ugh...Oh, that's right! Bakugan, Brawl! Bakugan, Stand! Go, Pyrus Baldr!

A strange gnome-like creature dressed in a medieval attire emerged.

Baldr: *is holding a scepter in his right hand and a piece of roast chicken in his left one*

Olaf: Ability Activate! Cauterize! This ability returns every Bakugan's power level to their base level and also heals all of the damage inflicted by the opponent!

J.Alfred: Nice!

Maria: You've got some nice cards, Olaf!

Kakoo, Shaka Zulu and Chimeriad rise to their feet, completely unharmed.

Olaf: No need to thank me ^_^.

J.Alfred: Jeez, talk about modest!

Banshee: Ectorius' power level went down to his base level and the damage was reduced to zero! This kid has some annoyingly powerful cards!

Olaf: I'm not done yet! Ability Activate! Nibelungenlied!

Brook: *looking into her Bakumeter* What the? The power levels weren't affected, and neither was the Gate Card! What does this card do anyway?

Olaf: It's quite simple, actually. Our power levels won't be affected by any of Ectorius' power-leeching abilities for the next two turns!

Maria: O_O You've got to be kidding me!

Chimeriad: This is awesome!

J.Alfred: You have a very interesting Brawling style, Olaf!

Baldr: We call this style "Support Brawling"! It's a battling style that focuses on boosting the team's power!

Olaf: I'm a horrible Brawler, but at least I can be of some help when fighting alongside a team.

Baldr: Olaf! How many times do I have to tell you? You're not a horrible Brawler! You just need to believe in yourself, that's all!

Banshee: I guess it's our turn now! And since we can't lower your power levels for two turns, I'll just increase Ectorius' power level instead! Ability Activate! Nightwing!

Maria: Ectorius' power level went up by a 1000...This could be bad!

Olaf: Wait a minute...We haven't lost a single round yet, but for some reason our Life Gauges have been affected!

J.Alfred: This is a very rare ability that affects not only the G-Power, but the Life Gauge as well!

Shaka Zulu and Kakoo: We can do it as well ^_^

Baldr: *shocked* O_O *chokes on his chicken, almost causing him to keel over and die* @_@

Chimeriad: *laughing his arse off* Lawl, what idiot fights with his mouth full?

Shaka Zulu: ._. Weren't you the one who wanted to gorge yourself on Zooble Filet during your battle with Subterra Shizuo?

Chimeriad: Grrrr...Shaddup you furry dragon!

Shaka Zulu: I was just stating the obvious.

Chimeriad: You are an ass.

Shaka Zulu: How rude =_= You seriously need to learn better manners!

Kakoo: Boys, boys! Stop arguing! Mr Big Ugly here is about to attack!

Olaf: *shuffling his cards nervously* HP - draining abilities...I can't nullify their effects at all!

Ectorius: RAAAWWWwwWWWWwWwRRRrRRr!!!! *fires an energy blast out of his mouth*

Brook: Kakoo, watch out! This thing's heading right towards you! Dodge it!

Kakoo: Roger that! *flies out of the projectile's way*

Banshee: That's not gonna help you. Once Ectorius has chosen his target, his Nightwing energy blast won't dissolve until the target has been silenced!

The energy blast stops inches short of hitting the ground and takes to the skies, chasing Kakoo like a heat-seeking missile.

Maria: Brook! Kakoo!

J.Alfred: This is bad! Ectorius' power level is a lot higher than Kakoo's right now, and Brook's Life Gauge is already affected...If Kakoo gets defeated, then Brook's Life Gauge will drop to zero!

Brook: Ability Activate! Cloud Contro~Agh! *the energy missile rushes past her, knocking her to the ground*

Kakoo: Brook!

Brook: *opens one eye* Kakoo! Look out!

Kakoo: *notices the incoming energy projectile* Oh no!

J.Alfred: Oh crap!

Maria: Brook! Kakoo!

The projectile slams into Kakoo, causing smoke to cover a large area of the battlefield.

Brook: No...I lost...

Slowly, the smoke begins clearing.

Kakoo: *opens her eyes* What the? I'm unharmed? But why?

Baldr: *standing right in front of Kakoo, a large gaping wound in the middle of his chest*

Kakoo: *shocked* Baldr? But why?

Baldr: *weakly* Mission...Accomplished...Boss...*falls to the ground and reverts to ball form*

Olaf: Nice job Baldr. Rest now. *walks off and sits down on the ground*

Bakumeter: Olaf Sturluson Life Gauge: Zero

Brook: Olaf...Sacrificed his Bakugan? But why?

Banshee: One down, three to go! Are you up to the task, Ectorius?

Ectorius: RAWR! *nods*

Maria, Brook and J.Alfred: Let's go!

Kakoo: I won't let Baldr's sacrifice be in vain!

Chimeriad: I'm gonna kick that monster's ass so hard he's gonna fly to Jupiter and back!

Shaka Zulu: Enough with the swearing already! =_=

Maria, Brook and J.Alfred: Ability Activate!

Brook: Time to give that witch a taste of her own medicine! Ability Activate! Dust Storm!

J.Alfred: I second that! Let's lower her Life Gauge to Zero! Ability Activate! Solar Wind!

Banshee's Life Gauge HP: *starts decreasing rapidly*

Banshee: You called me a witch... T_T

Ectirous hissed sharply at the sudden sadness of his partner.

J.Alfred and Shaka Zulu: Yay!

Kakoo: We're winning!

Brook: I'm going to get Bree back...No matter what!

Banshee: Not so fast! Ability Activate! Valley Of The Damned!

Banshee's Life Gauge: *returns back to normal*

Everyone else: NO WAY!

Banshee: I just nullified your abilities, kids! And also...You won't be able to affect my HP for three turns.

Brook: No way!

J.Alfred: Ectorius' power level went up as well!

Maria: Guys, Banshee still can't affect our power levels for one more turn. We can still win this!

Chimeriad: And we will! It's clobbering time, you Wicked Bitch Of The West!

Shaka Zulu: Wrong show, Chimeriad!

Banshee: ..... Dick.... -_-

Maria: Ability Activate! Corrosion Buster! Now all of the power that Ectorius has gained from her last ability will be transferred to Chimeriad!


Shaka Zulu: Ccould you please stop swearing?

Chimeriad: *slamming Ectorius' face into the ground repeatedly* Who's your mama? Who's your daddy?

Ectorius: @_@ Rawr!!!!

Banshee: Ectorius...

Chimeriad: OH YES HE IS! EAT SHIT AND DIE, YOU BAT BASTARD! *two curved crystal daggers extend out of his armguards, and he slashes Ectorius with them, causing the latter to actually roar in pain*

Banshee: Oh, you masochist you! :)

Ectorius: RAWR!!! *gets up looking pretty much unharmed*

Chimeriad: You are a freaking Batman on steroids suffering from a bad case of rabies!

Suddenly Chimeriad's knees buckle, and he almost falls over.

Maria: Chimeriad! What's wrong?

Chimeriad: Just...Feeling a bit lightheaded. But I'm okay!

Maria: You don't look okay.

Chimeriad: I'm okay, really! I can still do this!

Kakoo: Yeah right...You're totally worn out.

Shaka Zulu: Fighting numerous brawls in a row isn't a good idea for anybody. You should've sat this one out and regained your strength.

Chimeriad: Jeez, what are you, my mother? STFU!

Shaka Zulu: *facepalms*

Chimeriad: Jeez, you guys are such worrywarts! I'm not worn out at all! *trips over his own feet and faceplants the ground* Ouch. Okay, I am.

Kakoo: *sweatdrops* You got blown up, bonked on the head numerous times, crushed by a freaking steamship, blown up again...

Maria: I shouldn't have let him take part in this brawl.

Chimeriad: *struggling to get up* F@#$, this sucks!

Shaka Zulu: MY EARS!

Banshee: I'm growing tired of this...Time to end this battle. Gate Card, open! Ectorius' Character Card, activate!

J.Alfred: A Character Card? No way!

Maria: These cards are extremely rare BakuRetro items! How did she get her hands on one of those?

J.Alfred: Well, she doesn't look human so I guess she has her inhuman ways.

Maria: So I'm guessing that the translation is "No idea"?

J.Alfred: You're right! ^_^

Brook: Ectorius' power level just doubled! We gotta do something!

Banshee: Too late, kiddie!


Suddenly extremely malevolent energy stared 'radiating off Ectorius in waves, causing a cloud of pitch black smog to engulf the battlefield. Olaf, Maria, J.Alfred and Brook were blinded by the smog, their senses clouded by it, and the pained cries of their Bakugan echoed across the empty void their battle had taken place in.

When the smog finally disappeared and the gang regained their senses, they were already back in the waiting rooms of Bakugan Interspace, their Bakugan lying on the ground in front of them. The mysterious person named Banshee was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Bree.

J.Alfred: We...lost?

Olaf: I'm sorry everyone!

Baldr: It's not your fault, Olaf.

Maria: It all happened so suddenly...

Brook: Bree...

Chapter 11: The Tacos Have ArrivedEdit

Back with the bad guys

Danielle:I can here you to from inhere keep it down!

Leonidas:Danielle i would whatch my toung if i where you

Danielle:Well youre not me so in youre face!

Jasper: Danielle, you know that's not an in your face?

DIO: I don't crae what you are fighitn abot just keep it down. I am working.

Jasper: (nuzzle, nuzzle) I wuv you DIO Dee.

DIO: I know... :) (scratches Jasper behind the ear)

Dante walked into the room hodling two bags. He held them up and declared;

Dante: Tacos!


Dante: This one is just for you. (Hands DIO a taco)

DIO: :3

Jasper: (sniff sniff) Tacos?

Dante: Tacos.

DIO: Tacos!

Jasper: Tacos? Okay Tacos! :)

DIO: You're done ood Dante.

Dante: :)

DIO then scratched Dante behind the ear. Dante tilted his head and tapped his foot on the ground rabidly. His body started to go limp so DIO stopped. Dante regained himself and stook his head. Then he smiled.

Dante: DIO happy with the reports Dante bring him?

DIO: Yes.

Zierant? Whata re you eating?

Sweek: Oh tacos!

Drake: Hmmm, Tacos. :)

Vince: Here ya go Lisani. This is human food.

Lisani: Oh I always wondered what it would be like.

Lorenzo: How much did you get?

Dante: A lot. :)

Lyra: How much did it cost?

Dante: I don't know...

Lyra: Where's the receit?

Dante: Didn't get one. I just took them.

Zierant: You just stoled them?!

Dante: No I just took them. I asked for them and they gave them to me and so I took them.

DIO: Who cares how he got them. He just got them.

Danielle:did someone say tacos i LOVE TACOS!!!!!!

Leonidas:i sometimes don't know why i am her partner. Shes an odd one but not as odd as Jasper

Danielle:Meanie Gosh!

Lyra:Leonidas does have a point

Danielle:Hey do dont even know me so shut up!


Danielle:Shut up brfore i kick you're butt in a battle.


Danielle:Leo shut up

Jasper: Danielle be nice to Lyra.

DIO: You are ruining the taco moment!

Danielle: Oh the mightly villain is a slave to tacos!

DIO: I am tired of you! Go brawl someone all of you go!

Lorenzo: But I only got one taco... :(

Zierant: Look at what you did Danielle.

Sweek: You got us all yelled at.

Lyra: It's better then being here, come on Lorenzo.

Vince: .........

Lisani: Come Drake, followe Vince.

Drake: Okay. :)

Jasper: Dante, let's go pay a visit to Dallas' team eh?

Dante: Okay, here Lorenzo. (Hands Lorenzo another taco)

Lorenzo: Thank you!

Dante: :3

Everyone wondered off to go brawl the fomer Shakrs members' other teams. Dante went with Jasper to go find Team Lilium.

Chapter 12: The Private World of DarknessEdit

After his battle against Lync, Kleinn just stayed in one corner near Arena 44.

With his weary eyes, he looked at his stuffed animal companion.

Kleinn: won't leave me right?

With his gentle fingers, he moved the head up and down to make the stuffed animal nod. He smiled but it vanished all so soon. He threw his stuffed animal to one corner and contorted in pain as if a powerful force struck him.

Kleinn:'s happening again! Ngh...ouch....gaaaaahhh!!!

However, nothing else was around other than the pained boy and his stuffed rabbit. The pain could only come from one place and it's from the inside. Kleinn continued to yelp in pain and cry as he stiffle his left arm.

Kleinn: What's wrong?''s a perfect fit, right?

Pitying Kleinn's condition, Hydron finally came out of his hiding spot to try and help Kleinn. However, Kleinn recognized him and shrugged him off. Hydron felt insulted.

Kleinn:'re that man working for Lync right?

Hydron: So what if I am? Listen, Lync isn't our concern here. It's about you.

Kleinn: Leave me alone...gaaah, what do you guys want from me?

Hydron: What do we want from you? You seem to address us in a singular manner as if you know who we are.

Kleinn: I don't know who you guys are but you two are banded together right? For one purpose? Tell me...please...

Hydron: That is not for you to know.

Kleinn: Gaaaaaaah~

Hydron: In your condition, I don't think you are ready to know.

Hydron went closer to look at Kleinn. He smiled at the latter, but not in a sarcastic nor malicious manner.

Hydron: I could not be mistaken.

Kleinn: What do you mean?

Hydron: You look just like him.

Kleinn: Him?

Hydron: The warrior of darkness from the Resistance... What's his name again...

Kleinn: Please give me Gritty.

Hydron: Ah yes, that's right! The guy's name is Ace Grit.

Kleinn: Gritty Ace? This is Gritty.

Hydron: No, Ace Grit. You look just like him. Except you're creepier. No offense, boy.

Kleinn: Nuhuh.

Hydron: Looks like that made you feel better.

Kleinn: I dunno. When I hear Acey Gritz-something, I felt better.

Hydron: Well glad that helped you.

Kleinn: So, you gonna tell me a story now, mister?

Hydron: I got no other choice don't I?

Kleinn: I want a story! Gritty too!

Hydron: Okay, I'll tell you a story. There was a girl named Mira, she was called as the Rose of the Rebellion.

Kleinn: She's probably pretty and strong...and then she fought against weirdoes led by a girly man right?

Hydron: (Damn this brat, if only Lync didn't told me to hurt him, I could've punched him in the face for that...grrr)

Kleinn: Mister?

Hydron: Well yeah, that's right. Mira led her forces against the so-called Vexos organization led by Prince...uhh, Prince Link.

Kleinn: Link?

Hydron: Yes, Prince Link was evil. He captured Bakugan and turned them into statues of bronze.

Kleinn: I wanna kill him! I wanna!

Hydron: (Not as much as how I wanna kill you right now...Grrr...)

Kleinn: ...and then, is she alone? Is Mira with somebody?

Hydron: Well yes, Mira is accompanied by valiant warriors. One of them is Ace Grit.

Kleinn: Gritty? :3

Hydron: Not your Gritty. Some other Gritty.

Kleinn: Oh. :/

Hydron: Several years later, Ace and Mira got married and had a child.

Kleinn: Happily Ever After? :3

Hydron: Not quite. Their child is missing.

Kleinn: :O

Hydron: Which is why I'm asking you if you know about it.

Kleinn: How can I? I'm just a boy.

Hydron: Your benefactors are the BIOS, right?

Kleinn: Yeah, BIOS. Why?

Hydron: Tell me what you know about them. You don't have to say all, even just a bit will do.

Kleinn: Okay. BIOS help me and then...

While Hydron and Kleinn are discussing, Team Lilium encountered a ghost of a not-so-distant past. Or not really a ghost...but a shadow of yesterday.

While Team Lilium were doing whatever they were doing, little did they know they were being watched. On top of a roof stood two figures, Jasper and Dante. Jasper stood twitching his figures, Dante glancing around in different directions. His eyes kept shifting between the two females one the team and to the last one.

Dante: I don’t want to figure the scary. If we have to fight the females, I would rather go up against the blue one or the gender confused one.

Jasper: Dallas isn’t here right now.

Dante: Oh he’s with Aniju’s project team right now. She playing music for him.

Jasper: Good I don’t want him to see what I am going to do.

Dante: You aren’t going to hurt them are you?

Jasper: Not all of them, if they get in the way, well that is their fault. I just want to get that one.

Dante: If you hurt her, that will make Dallas unhappy. Do you want to do that to him?

Jasper remained silent.

Dante: Aniju says one of the worsest things a person can do to another is to take away their happiness.

Jasper: She is a happiness Dallas can live without. She is like a drug, got Dallas hooked. He’s addicted and I need to free him.

Dante: This team spends a lot of time part.

Jasper: Let take them out one by one. Drive them apart. Take out their strongest till the weaker ones loss hope. Will picked them off, hungry predators seeking prey.

Dante: Like hungry Wolves crowding sheep.

Jasper: Let’s take out the females.

Dante: Oh why the females, the males! The males! They less scary!

Jasper: This pains me and I want to be free too Dante. Help me relieve myself of this never ending loneliness.

Dante: I’ve been their Jasper. It’s not easy but you have to just stand by him, no matter what happens. Support him through everything, never leave his side. Always be there for him to rely on, to go to when times are tuff. He may not return the love for a while. He may be blind to your selfless action but you just got to stray till he sees how special you are.

Jasper: Works for you, but remember Dante, I am not you. I had a different past. I was alone for so long. I am Jasper, no one else. I have to handle this my way.

Dante: Just don’t do something you will regret. Remember your actions affect those around you, who love you. Don’t drive him away.

Jasper glanced at Dante then jumped down from his perk. Dante followed. Jasper called out to Lysie so she would come over to him. Both Lysie and Yayoi came over.

Lysie: Jasper, haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?

Jasper: Could be better.

Lysie: Oh this is Yayoi, our Aquos brawl for Team Lilium.

Dante hid slightly behind Jasper, peering out from around his companion. He shivered with fear clutching his hands close to his body.

Lysie: Your friend seems nervous?

Jasper: You are scary to him.

Lysie: Why? I am not scary. I won’t bite.

Jasper: He’s scared of the way you are shaped.

Yayoi: That just seems to plague you wherever you go Lysie.

Lysie: Humph!

Jasper: It’s different than what you usually get huh Lysie.

Lysie: Yes, is there any reason why you came here Jasper?

Yayoi: Oh do you want to brawl?

Jasper looked down at Dante, who was wide eyed, then he looked back at the two girls and nodded.

Jasper: Dallas thought me a few things. But this guy here needs to seriously learn how to brawl.

Lysie: Oh I can teach you if you like?

Danielle:im going to find someone to brawl hopefully someone strong.


Lysie:Danielle can you stay and help train Dante?


Leonidas:At lest we get to battle

Dante: Oh if she is going to brawl then it’ll be three against two. That wouldn’t be fair so I’ll step out and just watch from way over there. (Pointing off in the distance)

Jasper grabbed Dante by the back of the scruff and pulled him back over. He place Dante in-between himself and Danielle. Jasper grunted a little upset that Danielle’s joining was giving Dante a rgood eason to leave. Three against two was unfair but Danielle's skills would help.They needed to find another person so it would be three against three.

Jasper: Humph, I will be doing all the brawl If we don’t get another team-mate on our side, eh Dante?

Lysie: Wait, I know someone who may help.

Lysie calls her friend Gerald to come and help. Gerald happily agrees and makes his way to their location in no time.

Gerald: You need my help with something?

Lysie: Yes, we have a new student but we need another brawler to make this brawl fair.

Gerald: Okay which one is our new student?

Lysie: That was with the yellow streak of hair hiding behind Jasper.

Gerald: Okay I see.

Lysie: brawl on his side, girls verses boys.

Gerald: Alrighty then. Come on little Dante, let’s see what you can do.

Gerald joined in on the brawl with his Omega Leonidas.

Haos Shadow Leonidas: Hey what’s up man?

Omega Leonidas: No much but I am afraid I have to brawl you.

Haos Shadow Leonidas:Alright then don’t hold back!

Danielle: Do we have to go easy on him?

Lysie: For a little while

Danielle: Ok are you ready Dante?

Dante: No!

Both:Feild open!

Danielle:Gate card set Bakugan brawl! Bakugan Stand! Go Haos Shadow Leonidas!

Dante: Oh alright then. Go Popkat I choose you!

Lysie: Haha wrong game Dante.

Danielle:OK Now you gonna activate and ability ok?

Dante: Dante don't want to go first.

Gerald: I'll go first if you like? Watch this Dante. Ability Activate!

Leonidas gets hit with a direct hit

Leonidas:Ouch that hurt alot

Danielle:shake it off ability activate! Power from the darkness!

Popkat doges the attack

Danielle:OK this is unfair Gate card open! Darkus reacktor.

Dante: Why are you attacing me! We are apart of the same team.

Jasper: It's girls verses boys today Dante. Danielle is fighint on their side for now.

Dante: Traitor. Okay Jasper.

Jasper activates an ability and Mungallchops attacks Eris. Dante moves a little out from behind Jasper and stands in-between Gerald and Jasper.

Dante: You ready for this Popkat?

Popkat: No… (Shivers at the much bigger Bakugan)

Lysie: What a cute name for an adorable Bakugan!

Gerald: Popkat is rather small for a Bakugan.

Dante: That because she is a baby Bakugan.

Lysie: Awe a baby.

Yayoi: Feel bad for having to brawl a baby.

Gerald: Okay we’ll go easy on you two then.

Jasper: Don’t worry Dante. I am here to help you and so is Gerald.

Dante made a whimper sound and stood up a little straighter. He looked to Mungallchops then to Leonidas and last to his precious baby Bakugan. He glanced at his opponent’s Bakugan.

Yayoi: Okay ability activate!

Yayoi’s Bakugan went for Mungallchops, but Jasper activated an ability that blocked it.

Gerald: Okay, Dante now you have to use abilities to counteract attacks and boost your Bakugan’s power. But judging from your base level I really don’t think you need that.

Gerald: Ability Activate! (Omega Leonidas attacked Haos Shadow Leonidas)

Lysie: Dante you need to block attacks and protect your Bakugan.

Lysie’s Bakugan Eris attacked Popkat.

Dante: This doesn’t seem like that are going easy on me.

Gerald: Ability Active!

Gerald’s Leonidas blocks the attack.

Gerald: See Dante like that.

Dante: You're attractive, little witch, you're beautiful.

Jasper: There you go. Don’t be afraid. Fight it with something you love!

Dante: Your wickedness, little witch, it broke my heart.Enchanting words, little witch, you've cast ya spell. Masked destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse.

Jasper:You got me bewitched, 'cause I'm under your spell. You must be a witch, 'cause I am living in Hell. (Jasper activated an ability and attack Yayoi’s Bakugan)

Dante: Now is the time, now is the hour. I am the magic; I am the power, oh. All I need is one star in the sky, wish for you every night.

Yayoi: They are singing?

Danielle: It’s something they do while brawling.

Lysie: I think it is cute.

Gerald: They have good voices.

Jasper: Now is the time, now is the hour to take back my heart to take back my power. This is the moment to break your spell. I see right through you now burn in Hell. (Mungallchops attacks Scylla again)

Dante: You're gone. (Popkat powered up)

Gerald: Wow the strongest Bakugan here.

Jasper: Now is the time, now is the hour to take back my heart to take back my power. This is the moment to break your spell. I see right through you now burn in Hell.

Dante: So long. (Popkat charges up even more)

Jasper: Now is the time, now is the hour to take back my heart, to take back my power. This is the moment to break your spell. I see right through you... Burn in Hell, witch!

Popkat unleashes a supersonic wave of sound and light, flaming balls of fire fly off in the direction of Scylla, Eris and Shadow Leonidas. The sound wave hits them first followed by the heat and hurricane force winds.

Jasper: You got me bewitched, 'cause I'm under your spell. You must be a witch, 'cause I am living in Hell.

Dante: Now is the time, now is the hour. I am the magic; I am the power. All I need is one star in the sky, wish for you every night.

Popkat closes her eye, tucks her little paws in and curls her wings and tail around as a second wave blasts out. This time everything was more intents knocking Danielle, Lysie and Yayoi down and forcing their Bakugan to convert to ball form.

Gerald: Wow, took them all down in one hit!

Jasper: I guess that is it for the first match.

Popkat reverts back to ball form and flies back down to Dante. He cuffs her in his hands as she shakes a little.

Dante: I don’t think we should do that again.

Danielle:Good Job Dante :)

Leonidas:That Hurt a lot good match tho.

Gareld:We should brawl one to one sometime danielle see whoes more powerful

Shadow Leonidas:Wait who came first me or Omega Leonidas?

Omega Leonidas:I don't know but it is a little strange that we both are the same exept that you evolved more than me

danielle:I still can't belive we've got beat by a baby.

Dante: Omega Leonidas came first. He is the original Leonidas. All the others were created from him back during that war...

Popkat: I am sleepy now.

Dante: I think we will have to finish our battle later.

Lysie: Okay then.

Jasper: I got what I need.

Yayoi: And what may that be?

Jasper: Humph, getting Dante some experiance.

Yayoi: Okay! Yeah Dante, want some candy.

Dante: Um... sure I guess.

Yayoi gave Dante a bag full of candy.

Yayoi: I own a candy factor.

Dante: Like Willy Wonka?

Yayoi: Yes kind of.

Gerald: I am surprise you haven't gotten sick of that candy yet.

Yayoi: I give it away more then I eat it as of lately. My team leader loves it.

Dante went over to Jasper and whispered to him;

Dante: Jasper, I think we should go. You can do nothing while Gerald is here.

Jasper: Alright. I don't feel so angry anymore anyways.

Jasper called back Mungallchops and rehooked him on to his necklace.

Jasper: Well we must be going now. Popkat needs her rest to recover. Will brawl again another time.

Gerald: Oh okay, good bye Dante, Jasper, Danielle.

Lysie: See you guys next time then.

Yayoi: Bye Popkat!

Popkat waves a little paw. Jasper teleported himself, Dante and Danielle away.

Chapter 13: Sinking InEdit

Brook sat in the corner for what felt like hours. She hadn't move or spoke a word. J. Alfred said to leave her alone for a while to gather herself but this seemed to be taking forever. Maria and Olaf sat not too far away with J. Alfred and their respective Bakugan, waiting for Brook to come back to them.

Maria: I think I should go over there.

J. Alfred: No, it's best to let her be and she'll come out of it when she is ready.

Olaf: I feel bad for her. I should have done better.

J. Alfred: It's not your fault. Banshee was just an excellent brawler with a powerful Bakugan.

Shaka Zulu: The strange thing was, it felt like Ectirous wasn't fighting at full power.

Baldr: If that wasn't his full power then I wonder what would have happen if he did use it. We barely survived.

J. Alfred: Banshee said she wanted some fun. She was just playing.

Maria: You talk about her like she is a child.

Olaf: Maybe she is? She was very odd.

J. Alfred: All brawlers and their Bakugan partners are odd. We talk to foating creatures from another planet. Cards fell from the sky and no one questioned it? Then we made a game out of these mystery cards and little creatures. Now it is much more than a game.

Olaf: It was hard drying the cards that fell into the water. I remember raking those things up so I would collect them all. My parents were irritated by th cards that covered their cars.

Maria: I guess we are weird in a way but not like that. Banshee has some kind of dark aura around her. It was cold. And where did she take us and how did we get back?

J. Alfred: Like I said, she was just playing. She probably brought us back.

Maria: And she said she would give us Bree back. Where is Bree?

J. Alfred: Well judging from how she reacted when we first saw her, maybe Bree didn't want to come back to us?

Olaf: Is Brook always like this?

J. Alfred: No, normally she is lively and fun but not after all this.

Maria: Hey Chimeriad how you feeling?

Chimeriad: Hey don't you worry about me! I can keep on fighting!

Shaka Zulu: It is best to recover to full strenght in-between battles so you can fight your best.

Chimeriad: Humph!

Shaka Zulu: So you can protect the ones you care about with all your strenght.

Baldr: The mongoose has a point.

Olaf: Hey do you here that?

Everyone paused for a second to listen. J. Alfred leaned in and cocked his head. Maria looked around slowly while the Bakugan floated into the air. The sweet distance crys of a melody brisk the air.

Maria: I hear music.

J. Alfred: Yeas but the rave should be over. Plus we are not near a Stadium.

Brook lifted her head to listen too. The sound was very faint but yet clear. It was slow and peaceful with a sorrowful tone. Brook stood up slowly and walked away from the corner. Without saying anything J. Alfred, Olaf and Maria followed her with their Bakugan. Brook walked out of the room and stood in the doorway for a while.

Brook: For some reason I feel like going over there.

Kakoo: Then let's go.

Brook headed towards the sound of the music. As the group follwed they soon could hear the sweet sound of someone's figures gently gracing the ivory keys. Slowly the tempo picked up a bit. Brook when through a narrow pathway in-between to buildings and turned a corner. The sound of the beat thumped in as the piano faded out and back again as a different sound al together but yet the same rythm. Brook stopped and just stood there. The light was blinding at first but slowly her eyes grew to it. They stood in a circular place with the keyboard, haft way invisible to one side. In the center of the place, floated a small Bakugan, glowing bright with three ords of light flowing around her, one red, yellow and blue. And they floated passed each other in an almost atom like sense, they turned to green or orange or purple repsectively. The beat picked up and the ords moved faster as the keyboardist played his song. A swirling wind spiraled around the little Bakugan moving the ords even faster. Even though the mood had been depressing, for some reason the sight and sound, the thumping of the beat shaking everything to the core, made Brook feel a little better. As the song reached it's end the ords moved faster swirling into the Bakugan like a death star about to all into the abyss. The light grew brighter into a piecing blaze just as the star flickered into life. There was a blast wave and all faded away to startdust. The little Bakugan flaoted down in front of the keyboard player and rested in his hand as he reached out for her. He smiled.

Dante: Feeling better?

Popkat nodded and closed her eyes for a nap. Dante placed the Bakugan in his coat's mane.

Kakoo: I surprisenly feel a lot better.

Chimeriad: I am recharged!

Shaka Zulu: I am too feeling much better.

Baldr: I am no longer hungry.

Chimeriad: Yeah let's go fight something!

Maria: Now it not the time.

Brook: So who is that?

J. Alfred: That's Dante. I told you about him.

Dante: You are not on his list so you don't have to worry.

Chimeriad: Huh? What list? Who's list?

Dante: You are safe from him. Stay away from his group and his lies. He seeks nothng more than revenge.

J. Alfred: If would help if you told us who exactly we should avoid. So you know, we can keep an eye out.

Dante: DIO Dee is out for revenge. He'll make them hurt. Make them all hurt. He has a group called the Black Cross and the Red Asterisk. Why does that sound like an animal? Is that an animal? Asterisk?

J. Alfred. Not that I am aware of.

Dante: Mkay. :)

Brook: Why were you playing here outside of the Stadium?

Dante: I was recharging my Bakugan. We had a brawl that made her tired. She sleeps better when she has music.

J. Alfred: You are a strange magic creature too, like Banshee:

Dante: Oh she is here too?

Brook: You know her?

Dante: Yeah, she was in that white place with me and Aniju, along with that girl.

Brook: Was that girl named Bree? Did she look like me?

Dante: She never spoke a word. I never learned her name. They wouldn't let us move around freely so I couldn't talk to her. When they let us interact in that room, she would just sit there and make no eye contact. I think that is why Banshee too so well to her. They tried with several people but none worked. I never saw those people again, except for one but she died. They used that girl and she was a match to Banshee.

Brook: What are you talking about?

Dante: They couldn't control Banshee so they had to partner her up with another person. She looked a lot like you. She survived and they were able to bond Banshee down. Not long after that we broke free and Banshee and that girl didn't come with us after that.

Maria: You sound like you are talking about a plot to some horro movie.

Dante: I wish I was. If Banshee is free. She may be still tied to that girl, Bree.

Brook: What should we do than?

Dante: Somehow you have to break what the white coats did. However Banshee needs that girl and he needs Banshee so you would have to do this without hurting them. You better find them before those white coats do.

Dante stood up to take his leave.

Dante: Banshee likes sweets. She also loves music and dark places. Look for her or that girl, when you find one you will find the other but be careful. She is full of tricks. But I think you will be alright. You are that team Aniju is making.

Brook: Who this now?

Dante just smiled and teleported away.

Olaf: So we are looking for your sister and that Banshee?

J. Alfred: Looks like. Hey why don't you join us Olaf? What Dante say, Aniju is making us into a team?

Olaf: I bet he met that magic albino I ran into earlier.

Maria: Can we trust her or Dante?

J. Alfred: Of course, I know both of them. I told you about Dante and Aniju before. They are magic creatures of some kind, kind of like Banshee, but we can trust them. Aniju is really important so if she is trying to make us into a team, we should do it.

Brook: I suppose so. Can Aniju help us find Bree?

J. Alfred: Oh yes. Sounds like Dante and Aniju were at that hospital with Bree too. Dante seemed to know a lot so I bet Aniju does too.

Olaf: Okay than, lets go find that Albino again. Great... :/

J. Alfred: Oh yeah she sent you to us. So you know what she looks like. Maria, she is an albino like me so she has white hair. She also has one red eye and one white eye.

Olaf: She also has this really long scarf and she can fly with it.

Maria: Okay sounds to me like you lost your nut.

J. Alfred: We are telling the truth.

Brook: We also should keep an eye out for Bree and Banshee too.

Maria: Oh we get to look for that Banshee too?

J. Alfred: Yupe, it'll be cool to see her again. I like to talk to her about her Bakugan.

Brook: You Bakugan freak. :P

Little did they know those yellow eyes were watching them again high atop the roof above them.

Chapter 14: A Stray Goose in the Raven's NestEdit

Meanwhile, in Arena 46...

A tall, thin white-haired teenager, also known by the name of Hans Ranger, was doing what he did best - brawling people for money.

Random kid (the exact same random kid that ALMOST ended up being Shizuo's partner in Unfathomable Tides): Bakugan, Brawl! Ventus Longfly, Stand!

Hans: Bakugan, Brawl! Aquos Triton, Stand!

A green dragonfly emerged, followed by a quadrupedal blue lizard with something that looked like a...Well...Supercomputer attached to its back.

Triton: Wazzup n00bs? Trololol

Longfly: Bzzzzzzz *Translation: F**k Off*

Kid: Don't think that I'm weak just because I'm only 7 years old! I'm going to kick your butt, big guy!

Hans: We'll see about that!

Kid: Oh yeah? Get ready to lose! Ability Activate! Wild Tempest!

Longfly: *starts spinning around and creates a giant whirlwind*

Hans: You call that battling skills? W-E-A-K! Abi...OH GAWD *notices that the whirlwind is actually heading towards him* Eek! Triton, SAVE ME!

Triton: Trololol, hell no! I'm not one of those goody-goodies who risk their lives in order to shield their Brawlers from enemy attacks. U mad bro?

Hans: Hey! Don't go trolling me! I'm your freaking partner! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! *gets sucked up into the whirlwind screaming like a little girl* EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Triton: *notices that the whirlwind is blowing Hans away* Okay, this is starting to look kinda dangerous! I'm coming Hans! *returns to ball form and follows Hans into the whirlwind*

Both: *get blown away doing the Wilhelm Scream* AAOOWAAAAAGH!!!

5 minutes later...

Hans: *wakes up in a really weird dark place.* Where am I?

Triton: Ugh...Wherever we are, it's sticky, slimy and smells like meat.

Hans: O_O Are we at the morgue?

Triton: Don't think so.

Hans: *pulls out something from underneath his butt* Is that a...TACO? O________________O

From above him, jumped down a person on a ledge. Hans was hit in the head by another taco. He looked up to see a person huning almost upside down looking straight at him.

Dante: Hello! Who are you?

Hans: I am Hans and this is Triton. Where on Earth am I?

Triton: And why are there so many tacos.

Dante: DIO Dee loves tacos. I make him tacos and he is happy. He ate so many he went to sleep over there.

Dante pointed with his head toward DIO alseep in a pile of taco.

Dante: Why are you here?

Hans: I don't know. I was hoping you would know.

Dante: Nope you just here. Are you one of us?

Hans: I don't know.

Dante: Did someone send you here? To join us?

Hans: I don't know...

Dante: Do you know anything?

Hans: I don't know. Hey I know lots of stuff. I know I am a great brawler and that I work as a mercenary brawler. I am very good at that!

Dante: Oh a mercenary eh? Sit tight and don't wake DIO Dee up. Dante will be right back.

Dante scurried off into the darkness. When he did so, he knocked another taco on to Hans' face/ Triton laughed as Hans wipped the taco sauce off his face. Meanwhile Dante had teleported himself away from the base to visit someone. Dante had gone to one of the Stadiums where loud music was pumping threw the speakers.

Dante: New kid, a mercenary.

Aniju: I know Dante, I found him interesting too. Hire him to work for you. He works for candy and money and all. He can prove useful too you.

Dante: We already have our two Aquos brawlers.

Aniju: Use him as an undercover brawler, don't tell him about this or he my detray you. DIO may bribe him.

Dante: Okay I know that. He can be our hidden brawler the Skarks members don't know about.

Aniju: Hows Jasper been doing?

Dante: Fine, he went berserk only once and the last time he had a chance he calmed himself down.

Aniju: That's good. You better get back.

Dante: Okay. We'll see each other again later. When we have more time.

Dante nuzzled Aniju and then turned away. He teleported back to the villians' base. He came back to Hans who was trying to make his way through the taco mess.

Dante: You a mercenary? How about I hire you to do some work for me.

Hans: Hmm, what will you be paying me?

Dante: I can pay you what every you want. Money, candy, cards, whatever suits you.

Hans: I like an employer who can pay anything. Alright, what will you have me do.

Dante: Go brawl the members of Team Wolf. Take Lyra and Lorenzo with you along with Zierant. They will fill you in a bit on what we are doing.

Hans walked over the tacos to get to the door.

Dante: And oh, don't get on DIO's bad side. He can be pretty nasty in a foul mood.

Hands nodded and went to go get Zierant, Lyra and Lorenzo so they could brawl Team Wolf. Dante went up to DIO and nuzzled him on the side of the head.

Dante: Wakey Wakey DIO Dee.

Chapter 15: A Spectrum WindEdit

Unaware of the diabolical events that were taking place Brook, J. Alfred, Maria and Olaf met again after a day’s rest at the Stadium in-between Arena 42, 43 and the now destroy 44. In hopes of maybe still finding Bree at one of these arenas, they hung around discussing the new found information they had learn from Dante.

Brook: You think Bree will still show?

J. Alfred: Yup, she only has Arena 42.

Brook: But she knows we are here and she seemed to not want to be with us at all. She may leave to another Arena.

Maria: Maybe Banshee is still around.

Olaf: What if we run into her again? Do we fight her? If we beat her, maybe she will tell us where Bree is?

Brook: You saw how she easily defeated us. How are we supposed to beat her?

Maria: Well if we plan out a strategy?

Olaf: Oh a strategy, great…

Maria: Well we fought her once, we must be able to learn something from that?

Brook: Judging from what I saw, her Bakugan Ectorius is a loose cannon.

Kakoo: He liked to chase us as if we were his prey.

Chimeriad: What was he anyways?

Shaka Zulu: He was some kind of bat.

Chimeriad: A blood sucker?! 0_0

Shaka Zulu: Not sure but he was a bat.

Baldr: Bats are blind right?

J. Alfred: No, they can see just fine but they use echolocation to see in the dark.

Olaf: What are you some kind of bat expert?

J. Alfred: No, Brook and Bree are the animal people. I just read that on the internet. I also watch an episode of the Magic School Bus and they were doing an episode on bats.

Brook: Oh I remember that. Bree and I loved that show.

Brook smiled and this time it was a real smile. It made J. Alfred smile contently too. Old fond memories of better times. Olaf shifted in his seat and Maria notice.

Maria: What’s up with you?

Olaf: Nothing. Just wish I could have helped more.

Kakoo: You and Baldr saved me. And allowed me to continue fighting for Brook.

Baldr: Awe you’re welcome.

Olaf: It was nothing.

Brook: It was nice but when brawling Banshee, I think we all have to stay alive as long as we can. Sacrificing yourself and taking your own Bakugan out of the brawl would mean the remaining Bakugan have to do more to make up for your lose. Ectorius is powerful and would take all of our Bakugan to defeat him.

Olaf: Oh okay then…

J. Alfred: Well we didn’t know what we were going up against at the time. That would have worked against anyone else but this one time it failed. Come on Brook, you don’t see that many heroic acts these days.

Brook: I guess you are right. Thank you Olaf.

Olaf: You’re welcome…

Maria: Oh maybe we will see Dante again and get him to tell us what he knows. He seemed to me to know a lot and maybe more that he didn't tell us.

J. Alfred: Dante only told us part of if but I douotb we will get him t tell us anything clearly. That is just the way he is when he knows something everyone else doesn't know. Something kind of bad.

Brook: Bad, oh figures, nothing is ever simple.

Maria: Still worth a shot. I mean we don't have much to go off of. If you know him, why not get a hold of him for us somehow.

J. Alfred: I haven't seen him in awhile. Yesterday was the first time I've seen him in awhile. If he didn't tell us straight forward yesterday then something is up.

Olad: What if we brawl him and if we win he tells us what he knows?

J. Alfred: No, that wouldn't be fair. He isn't a very goo brawler. I should know, I tried to explain Bakugan to him and how brawls work. He doesn't grasp it so well.

Brook: I like this song...

As the new song started to play, Olaf commented that is was nice while Chimeriad thought it was weird. The new song sounded creepy almost alien. Slowly an very lowly the keyboard picked up. The odd sound went away leading to a more pleasent rythm, almost happy determine rythm. The light's flickered and the people enojyed their song. Brook looked out across the dancefloor at all the people.

Brook: What the?!

Brook got up out of her seat and went down the stairs into the crowd of people. She moved so fast that none of her friends had time to react before she was gone. Maria asked where she was went but J. Alfred couldn't see her in the croaw of people. Olaf stood up looking over to railling but saw too many people. While her friends were puzzled, Brook met someone in the crowd she had wanted to see but yet didn't want to face again.

Brook: Banshee!

Banshee: Huh? Oh shit it's you! (Taken by surprise)

Brook: You said you give me back my sister if we brawled you!

Banshee: Oh sorry about that dear. But after the way your little Bakugan friend treated me and my dear sweet Ectirous I didn't feel like giving her back.

Brook: You said all we have to do if brawl you and you would give back Bree.

Banshee: Eh, well she didn't want to see you at the moment. Plus I never said when I give her back.

Brook: I want my sister now. Whether she wants to see me or not!

Banshee: Okay, but if she doesn't want to come out she won't. Sorry about that dear.

Brook: Tell me where is my sister.

Banshe: What? I can't hear you very the loud music.

Brook: You could perfectly hear me before! Why not now?!

Banshee: Can this wait till after the song. This is my favorite.

Brook pulled Banshee by te scarf, she was surprisenly light. Banshee did nothing. Kakoo jumped off Brook's should and floated in front of Banshee caliing for Ectorius to fight her for Bree.

Banshee: Not while this song is playing. You think you can take Ectorius on your own little birdy? After not even four of you could stop him the last time?

Brook: We'll take you on anything Banshee.

Banshee: I don't want to fight that little annoying Bakugan though. Can't stand mean people. Alright then I'll give you back Bree but not here. Go to the destroy remains of Arena 44 and Bree will be there.

Banshee pulled free from Brook's grip and disappeared into the crowd. Brook tried to look for her agian, not wanting to loss the onyl person who seemed to know where her sister is, but at las, she couldn't find her again. Brook was forced to return to her little group of friends still waiting at the table. Brook told them about who she went and what Banshee has said. The song came to an end.

Brook: We have to go to Arena 44.

Maria: But that is still under construction. We are not allowed there.

J. Alfred: We'll sneak in. If Banshee can do it so can we.

Olaf: I am up for it. Let's go get Bree back.

Baldr: You are awfully willing to break the rules all of a sudden Olaf.

Olaf: We are helping a friend Baldr. Come on. (Blush a little)

Brook: Well let's go then. (Didn't notice)

J. Alfred led the way, the only one who really knew where Arean 44 was. The Arena was closed off with yellow tape and wooden boards. A sign stood claiming the site was under construction.

Olaf: Looks like no one is around. Should we just go in?

J. Alfred: I don't know, maybe a few of us should stay out side to keep watch. Just in case. Brook you go on inside. As much as I want to see Bree, I'll stay outside and keep watch and warn you if anyone is comming.

Olaf: What if Banshee wants to brawl again, someone should go with her to back you up.

Maria: Why don't you go Olaf. I'll stay here and help J. Alfred. Banshee doesn't want to brawl Chimeriad again, so I would be useless.

Olaf: Okay, fine by me.

Brook: Okay then, come on Olaf.

Brook and Olaf left Maria and J. Alfred for Arena 44 heart. It was dark on the inside and cold but not as bad as the realm that Banshee had taken them before. The long hall way led up to the center of the area. It was extremely quiet. Olaf wanted to say something but he couldn't think of anything to say. The two come out on the side of the Arena's stag.

Olaf: What happen here?

Brook: Some kind of battle it looks like. This whole place got destroyed when two powerful brawlers met.

Brook looked around the stag and the sitting but saw no one.

Brook: There doesn't seem to be anyone around?

Banshee: Check above you little ones.

Brook and Olaf looked up. Right above them stood Banshee on top of the doorway into the Center of the Arena. She smiled her grin down at them. Banshee jumped down from her high advantage.

Brook: Where is Bree?

Banshee: Straight to the point. I like that about you. Alright, as promised here is your sister.

A dark purple black smoke engulfed Banshee. Brook took a step back because the sound of it had startled her and bumped into Olaf. Within a few seconds the smoke began to clear and where Banshee had been now stood Bree.

Brook: Bree? Is that really you?

Bree didn't say a word. She blinked the smoke out of her eyes and glanced around confused. Brook didn't wait or think. She ran up to her sister and hugged her.

Brook: I missed you so much. Bree are you alright.

Bree: Not really but for now I am.

Brook: Where have you been?

Bree: Placed I rather forget.

Brook: Where did Banshee go?

Bree: Let's not bring her back right now.

Brook: Oh come on. J. Alfred wants to see you too.

Bree: I am not sure that is a good idea...

Brook: He is our old friend. Come on Bree. Before Banshee comes back.

Bree: Banshee never leaves... Fine she wants to see him too. Who's this?

Brook: Oh I almost forgot. We made some new friends. This here is Olaf.

Olaf: Hello, nice to meet you.

Brook: Come on. Before the workers come back to repair this place.

Brook pulled Bree by the hand and Olaf by the shirt in the direction of the exit. She wanted to get out of there before Banshee come back, but little did she know, Banshee had never left.

Chapter 16: BlackbirdsEdit

Dante had returned from his foray with Popkat to the Stadium. His little Bakugan was all recharged and napping in his sfruff of a mane. He ran into DIO who was doing something important that Dante did not know what for, but he didn't seem to care. He rubbed up against DIO for attention.

DIO: Where did you go now?

Dante: Out for some fun?

DIO: Did you brawl anyone?

Dante: No, just watched people do people things.

DIO: Who that little brawler you were talking to earier?

Dante: Oh that was Hans, and odd little Aquos brawler.

DIO: What's he for?

Dante: The people from Skarie team all know who we are so I thought someone they didn't know was apart of us would come in handy.

DIO: Like a spy?

Dante: In a way yes. Someone who doesn't know or care what we are about who can move freely amoung the teams.

DIO: You are a good boy.

Dante smiled with the satisfaction of knowing he has please DIO.

DIO: Where did Jasper get off too?

Dante; Probably to go see Dallas again. He cares for him ya know.

DIO: Maybe a little too much still. I should sever their bond.

Dante: Why?

DIO: I need Dallas and Jasper but not together.

Dante: Jasper isn't a pawn you can control DIO Dee. Remember what he was able to do to you?

DIO: I know and I shouldn't let him do that again. Dallas keeps him under control and so he can focus his power. He'll do anything to make Dallas happy even destroying me.

Dante: Dan kill ya not Jasper.

DIO: Even so, if he no longer had Dallas, then he would serve me and would instead use his powers for me. I just have to break any ties with Dallas he may still have.

Dante: How ya do that?

DIO: I'll use Dallas' little girlfriend to my advantage.

Dante: Two heads on one serpent. One tells only lies while the other tells only trues. Which head are you DIO?

DIO: Two heads are not better then one. I don't need a second head.

Dante: I suppose you wouldn't be this serpent. Besides both head who just eat you alive. Do you not trust Jasper?

DIO: Not while he stll cares for Dallas.

Dante: You have complete control over everyone else right? For the most part?

DIO: Jasper is the only wild card in my deck.

Dante: The only head that spit vemon on the hydra?

DIO: Yes, little Dante. You are a clever one.

DIO scratched Dante behind the ear. Dante tilted his head and thumped his foot on the ground.

DIO: Come on, let's go sever some bonds.

As DIO started to leave the room, Dante held back for a moment before following. DIO teleported himself and Dante to the location where Team Lilium could be found. Sure enough Jasper was sitting on top of a roof looking down at the team.

DIO: Why do you care about him when he no longer cares for you?

Jasper: Hmm?

DIO: Look he replaced you with her.

Jasper: Replaced?

DIO: You are no longer convenient to him. He no longer needs you anymore. How long have you been gone? Only a few weeks and he already found a replacement for you.

Jasper: We are brothers...

DIO: He doesn't need a brother anymore. He has someone esle to love. The love that once was your now stolen to her.

Jasper: Stolen?

DIO: You lost so much and then when you found someone important, he just threw you away like you were nothing. Why can't he see how much he means to you?

Jasper: Because he never lost.

DIO: That right. He doesn't know the pain of losing it all, everything important to him. Now how do we fix that?

Jasper: By taking everything from him?

DIO: Yes, Jasper you are so smart.

Dante: Taking away the most important thing to someone is one of the worsest things you can do to a person.

DIO: Exactly. Jasper has lost so much and now he is lossing the one thing he has left. There has always been someone in Jasper's way, leeching off the love that rightuflly belongs to him. Blocking Dallas from giving his full self to you.

Jasper: Dallas loves me.

DIO: But not like how he should. Did he try to understand you and you strange ways? No. Does he give out as much as you give in? No. You give and give and love and love and how does he repay you? With betrayal and neglectance. He doesn't desevre you Jasper, but I care enough about your happiness, unlike him, to want to help you. Let me help you get back what belonged to you first.

Jasper: But I don't want to make Dallas unhappy.

DIO: He will only be unhappy for a little why. Once he is no longer blinded by her and all those other things that don't matter, he'll see how much you love him. And he will give his full self to you, excepting the love you give. Then he'll be happy. Now go get back what belongs to you.

Jasper snarled and lowered his head. He clenched his teeth together and hands on the roof. Why didn't Dallas give out as much as Jasper put in? DIO was right. There was someone getting in the way an that person needed to go. Jasper had lost it all, everything important to him, and now that he finally had something to love again, he was loosing it all over again. Not thing time, not again, he would not be left alone to face the pain again. He had learn to hang on to all that he had and to defend it will all he had. And all he had was his rage.

Frida: Falling down this same path once again eh Jasper?

Jasper stopped and looked around. There was that voice only he could hear.

Frida: It pains me to see you like this.

DIO: What are you waiting for Jasper? Go get Dallas back.

Frida: Dallas has never left you like I have. You remember what happen the last time don't you.

Jasper: How could I forget.

Frida: You have been in this situation before.

Jasper: And yet I still lost everything.

Frida: because of your action prior. Now you have a clean slate and new life to start over. Don't repeat the past Jasper. Don't make the same mistake.

Jasper: The same mistake?

While Jasper appeared to be talking to himself, DIO was distracted by a light behind him. Dante had move off a bit leaving DIO alone to face this light by himself. DIO shilded his eyes with his arm.

Aniju: Sounds to me like you are forcing Jasper down the same path you walk, DIO.

DIO: Who are you?

Aniju: I am no one at all.

DIO: No one, eh? What's up with this light?

Aniju: Let me ask you a question. Do you think you are the only hero of the Universe?

DIO: I am no longer a hero. So are you here to stop me?

Aniju: I am here to save you from yourself.

DIO: What? I don't need saving. I don't need help from you.

Aniju: The people who need help the most are the ones who deny it.

DIO had enough. He glanced back to see Dante sitting behind him, then turning to face Aniju he summon his Bakugan.

DIO: I don't need people telling me I need saving!

Hell Dragoniod roared shaking the group. Finally Team Lilium realized something was up.

Dallas: Oh what's going on?

Kunagiri: Dallas get over here.

Off in the distance a faith voice could be hear from someone unseen.

Drop that, get up, take to the streets. Better lock that kid up. Face full of teeth when he hock that spit up, pacing the beat like a beast. Rocking the block on repeat. Speak from the cut like a rush of blood. Paint red on the sleeves of the ones you love. Lay the sick ones down and the bells will ring. Put pennies on the eyes let the dead men sing.

Aniju did not summon her Bakugan. She just stood there staring at DIO and his minion. Dante moved away from DIO and dissappeared into the shadows. Jasper hadn't moved at all. He remained where he was glaring down at Team Lilium. His eye fixed on the two who hurt him the most. 'Hell Dragoniod flew around roaring, breathing fire. He circled waiting for more orders however DIO waited to see what Aniju would do. She just stood there.

DIO: Find if you won't fight me then I'll just dstroy you!

Aniju: You do not fight your own battles, how can I fight you?

DIO clenched his teeth. Hell Dragonoid laid with an earthquake. He roared once more but none of his efforcts seems to phase the albino.

Aniju: I shiver and shake the warm air cold. I'm alone on my own. In every mistake I dig this hole. Through my skin and bones.

The sky darked as clouds swiraled above like a hurrican. As a cold wind brushed up against the side of the building, Aniju lifted her head.

Aniju: It's harder starting over. Than never to have changed.

The clouds opened up and three black birds with cerulean blue beaks and eyes glided out. The birds almost humanion, flew around the dragon screeching. Hell Dragoniod became irritated.

Aniju: With Blackbirds following me. I'm digging out my grave. They close in, swallowing me. The pain, it comes in waves. I'm getting back what I gave.

DIO made a move this time lunching himself forward towards Aniju.

DIO: I fight my own battles!

Aniju grabbed DIO by both wrist and left gravity take hold of them both. The two fell off the building hutrling down. DIO could not fight a force of nature. While his master plumited towards curtain death, Hell Dragoniod was powerless to help him. The birds began their assult, attacking the dragon from all sides with with talons.

Aniju: I sweat through the sheet as daylight fades as I waste away... It traps me inside mistakes I've made
That's the price I pay...

Aniju's scarf open up forming into wings. She pulled out of the death drive yanking DIO along. The G forces breifly render DIO useless. Aniju drug both of them into the air.

Aniju: It's harder starting over than never to have changed...

The three blackbird dashed, slashed and cut at the dragon Bakugan. He breath fire in all directions but none of his targets seemed to be in that one spot.

Aniju: With Blackbirds following me. I'm digging out my grave. They close in, swallowing me. The pain, it comes in waves. I'm getting back what I gave.

Aniju jerked up causing more G forces to act apon DIO's body. His vision blurred briefly and his stomach lerched. When he recovered he lashed out with his hand at Aniju. She left go of her captive.

DIO: Enough of this!

DIO summoned his own power this time. Aniju didn't need to look but seh could see the enslaved Dragon fighting off the blackbirds behind her. While DIO was charging up, she tossed something into the air.

I drop to the floor like I did before. Stop watching. I'm coughing. I can't be more. What I want and what I need are at constant war. Like a well full of poison, a rotten core. The blood goes thin, the fever stings and I shake from the hell that the habits bring. Let the sick ones down, the bells will ring. Put pennies on the eyes, let the dead men sing.

Aniju flew into the sky, stripes of light trailed her. DIO rejoined his minion, Hell Dragoniod charged after with the three blackbirds spiraling after. Higher and higher into the skys of Interspace. A flash of light and the sound of rolling thunder. Still higher and higher into the sky, she led them.

Aniju: With Blackbirds following me. I'm digging out my grave. They close in, swallowing me. The pain, it comes in waves. I'm getting back what I gave...

Lighten struck at the massive dragon. He roared in pain but his master comanded him to conitue the presuit. Aniju twisted as she went higher, the lights spiraled behind her almost acting as a giude to the dragon. The three blackbirds clawed at the dragons' wings but one by one they broke off, falling back.

Aniju: I'm getting back what I gave...

Lighten flashed new by, the hairs stood up and the crack of thunder. A dark shape spread across the clouds above. Aniju glanced down with a smile. DIO knew he had been tricked.

Aniju: I'm getting back what I gave...

Aniju let her wings fall back folding around her as gravity once again reclaimed her body. She slowly fell down in a spiral to the ground. Twisting passed the dragon far too fast from him or DIO to react. DIO watched her swooshed by, his eyes catching up with hers. They spome to him to look up. And that was when her Bakugan came crashing down...

Chapter 17: The Ballad of NostalgiaEdit

After that almost encounter with DIO, Team Lilium all sigh in relief. Dallas rejoined with his teammates and father as they have their break together.

Dallas: That was close.

Kunagiri: DIO is truly a dangerous adversary. Although for some reason, he's not giving his all.

Dallas: What do you mean by that, pop?

Masquerade: I noticed it. It would seem that DIO is reserving his strength for a big encounter in the future.

Drago: I just hope we're all not too late when that encounter would happen. We have to save Dan.

Masquerade: Don't worry, Drago. We're all with you here.

Drago: Thank you, my friends.

Lync: (in the phone) What?! Are you seriously out of your mind?

Yayoi: Woah, what's up with him?

Masquerade: He's talking to Mizuhiro Mikado about Kleinn Bravier.

Yayoi: Kleinn Bravier?

Masquerade: The kid with the rabbit plushie.

Yayoi: That boy...I'm pretty sure I saw him somewhere before...

Lync: (switches off his phone) Goddamn it, Mizu. He's totally lost it.

Masquerade: What happened?

Lync: He patched up some details together and concluded something off about Kleinn Bravier.

Masquerade: ...and this conclusion might be?

Lync: He said Kleinn might be the missing son of Mira and Ace Grit.

Masquerade: That's impossible alright.

Lysie: I'll go bop him in the head.

Lync: Yeah, go tell your brother to stop drinking pop rocks with soda.

Lysie: Although don't you think there's some truth to what he said?

Lync: What do you mean by that?

Lysie: Kleinn-kun's resemblance with that prick Ace is too great to be a coincidence.

Lysie: It's almost as if Kleinn was Ace Grit infused with the genes of the White Devil.

Lync: The white devil?!

With that, Lysie remembered a bittersweet part of her memories yet it all went too soon and she ended up sitting down in a corner and feeling all upset. Dallas sat beside her and rested an arm to her shoulder.

Lysie: Protheeroth...

Dallas: My deepest condolences for your loss.

Lysie: He said he had enough of the long-time struggle between him and the Black Devil so he took his own life after sending the Father of the Grammaton to a coma.

Dallas: Lync's predecessor?

Lysie: Yes, the man in purple belts is the former Father of the Grammaton.

Dallas: All this talk about the Grammaton brings me nothing but nostalgic memories. Yet I have no idea what I had to do with the Grammaton.

Lysie: You are a Vita Cleric, right? The Grammaton created you to guard over the memories of Brawlers.

Dallas: I don't like that boring life.

Lysie: But that's your purpose.

Dallas: No, my purpose is to be with my family.

Lysie: Good for you that you have a family to return to.

Dallas: Why? Doesn't Hydron go home often?

Lysie: He left me when he said he needs to work with the Grammaton.

Dallas: That jerk...

Lysie: I can't blame him. Maybe I'm really used to being Gerald's neighbor.

Dallas: For sure, you are no longer alone.

Dallas moved closer to Lysie. She blushed as he moved his lips closer to her's and sealed the conversation with a passionate kiss. Kunagiri grinned as he watched from afar.

Dallas: I will never leave you, Lysie.

Lysie: Thank you, Dallas. I will always be with you as well.

Dallas: I have to ask though. Does Hydron approve of me?

Lysie: Yes he does. He sees that you are a good person.

Dallas: Good for me.

Lysie: I'm tired...

Lysie laid down with her head in Dallas' lap. Dallas smiled as he caressed her hair. Kunagiri sat beside his son and patted him in the back.

Kunagiri: (whispers) Epic win.

Dallas: Pop~I'm serious about my relationship with her.

Kunagiri: I believe you.

Dallas: Pop, there are moments that I don't understand you. It's as if you have to weigh down the entire universe in your shoulders. Why are you so grim sometimes?

Kunagiri: Nothing much, Dallas. I'm just worried about Dan Kuso's well-being. He is the hero of the universe so in return, we must take him back from DIO.

Dallas: You're right, pop. We definitely should.

Kunagiri stood and walked off. Fusion Dragonoid trailed him from behind.

Drago: I could be wrong but, it seems that you are more than worried about DIO than anyone of us. Why is that the case, professor?

Kunagiri: I'm upset about how Dan turned out. At the same time, I was a bad friend to him.

Drago: Those words, why is it as if you are more than ready to die? You have a family to return to.

Kunagiri: Forgive me, Drago. However, my fate is already decided for.

Drago: Professor?! That's not true.

Kunagiri: The price to pay for time travel is steeper than freedom to sever your bonds from your conventional fate.

Drago: What do you mean by that?

Kunagiri: Drago, I never imagined having a family for I am already fixated on the idea of defeating DIO. Things became more painful yet full of purpose after I met Dallas and adopted him to become my son. Then a few months ago, I married Skyress and my family became completed. However, there is always this thing in my mind that tells me everything is temporal and this is not the life for me.

Drago: Then whose life is this to savor?

Kunagiri: It belongs to my untainted self. He is the one who deserves everything that I have.

Drago: Who might he be?

Kunagiri: Shun Kazami of the present.

Drago: A paradox?!

Kunagiri: That's right, Drago. DIO is Dan from the dystopic future. As such, it is the job of those from the same dystopic future to ensure the continuum of the present time.

Drago:, Shun. What have you done?!

Kunagiri: Go ahead and blame me, Drago. I didn't do my job of keeping my tabs on Dan. Thus, he went bonkers.

Drago: I can't do that. You've suffered way too much.

Kunagiri: Then accept my promise. I will return Dan to you and in turn, you will protect him.

Drago: Indeed. Thank you, Shun. I will protect Dan for as long as I live.

Kunagiri: Then it's settled. Would you like something?

Drago: I'm fine with a taco.

Kunagiri: Taco?

Drago: Dan's favorite. We always share it.

Kunagiri: Aww, that's so cute!

Drago: I am SO not used to you smiling like that!

Kunagiri: Then what should I do?

Drago: I mean, I'm used to you going emo, looking cool, being the handsome guy of the group that Dan envies behind the scenes and someone who punches the wall when he gets pissed over Dan.

Kunagiri: Heh.

Drago looked at the posts around the place and saw heavy cracks made by a man's fist.

Drago: You did that didn't you?

Kunagiri: Be quiet. They will fine me for structural damage.

With Drago having known Kunagiri's identity, the scene shifts from Team Lilium to the Bad Guys.

Chapter 18: RampageEdit

Jasper eyes remained fixed on Team Lilium. The thrashing of the two Bakugan behind him did not phase him. He couldn't notice them. Demono had pinned Hell Drago down, wrapping him with hid coils. DIO had jumped off at the last second to avoid being crush but he was caught by Aniju's scarf. She swished him away to a safer location. Sereral brawlers had fleed away from the battling Bakugan but remained to watch the fight.

Demono: Stay down! Dam it!

While the two Bakugan were destroying problic propority, Aniju had wrapped DIO in her scarf. He was un able to get out and Aniju notice this.

Aniju: Your not regain your full strenght now have you?

DIO: Dam this weakling's body!

Aniju: So you are biding you time, while waiting for you to be fully recharged? Having Jasper get rid of your enemies for you in the mean time.

DIO: This scarf, what's going on? It's like full of memories! Make it stop!

Aniju: This scarf once belonged to someone you know. He no longer needs it so it belongs to me now. I have filled it with the memories you wish to forget.

While Aniju had DIO tied up and the two massive Bakugan trashed about, Jasper could not hear or see any of this. He was too busy staring at the people who he thought were his family. He had overheard Kunagiri's conversation about his family, Dallas and Skyress, but where was Jasper? Where did he fit in to this? He had lived at that man's house for some time, wasn't he family now? Jasper clenched his fist across the roof. His eyes shifted to Dallas and Lysie. Why did everyone accept her so easily? Jasper could understand Dallas' need for a mate. Hell Jasper had one once but how come she was becoming apart of their family and not him? Why is because he wasn't human? Well Lysie wasn't either or at least not all the way. That wasn't fair. Jasper tried his best to fit into Dallas' world.

Jasper didn't like seeing this. All the people he love having fun without him. He clenched his teeth together and gripped his nails on the roof's surface causing bits and pieced to fall off.

Jasper: Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness I need to calculate what creates my own madness. And I'm addicted to your punishment. And you're the master. And I am waiting for disaster.

Jasper jumped down from the roof into a crowd of brawlers. With his nails out alongside his body, he slashed into in and every signal one of them. Within a few seconds they all soon realized they were bleeding and the sharp pierced pain shot through.

A Pyrus Brawler: Yowl! God Dam! What's your problem man?!

Jasper picked up the Pyrus Brawler and through him off to the side taking out two other brawler in the process. Jasper then attacked an Aquos brawler slashed through her skin.

Jasper: I feel irrational. So confrontational. To tell the truth I am getting away with murder! It isn't possible
To never tell the truth! But the reality is I'm getting away with murder! Getting away, Getting away, Getting away...

Jasper grabbed a Subterra Brawler and jabbed his nails in. There was an odd cracking sound off screen and Jasper pulled his hand out. Jasper held up something up above his head. He let the crimson drops fall on to his face and put the bloody red object up to his lips.

Jasper: I drink my drink and I don't even want to. I think my thoughts when I don't even need to.
I never look back cause I don't even want to (Starts to turn his head to lok back) And I don't need to (But quickly turns forward grinning) Because I'm getting away with murder.

Jasper set his sights on the members of Team Lilium. He went for the closest person to him, the professor. Jasper belts tighten but his muscals had bulked up allowing him to move more freely. He hair stood up on end and his eyes glowed red. Jasper leaped upon the professor knocking him over. He sank his fanged into Kunagiri's arm that shielded his face from Jasper's attack. Jasper whipped his head back and forth to deal greater damage. Lync came up from behind Jasper and kicked him off the professor. Jasper lashed around and clawed at the ninja man. Lycn could predict form of Jasper's movements but most were on perinstict and predicting the action of an animal was difficult for him. Jasper landed a hit across Lync's chest but not to beep, just enough to cause a sting and blood. Jasper kicked Lync senting him flying a few feet away.

Jasper: I feel irrational! So confrontational!To tell the truth I am! Getting away with murder! It isn't possible to never tell the truth! But the reality is I'm getting away with murder!

Jasper herad someone coming up from behind and whiped Maquerade with his tail. He gradded Kunagiri and threw him onto the masked man.

Yayio: What's going on?! (Unable to recognize Jasper)

Dallas: Pops!

Kunagiri: I'm okay.

Jasper: (Hissing whisper) Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, Getting away, With murder.

Jasper no longer looked like himself. He no longer resembled a human. His mizzle had grown out, his hair flowed down his back, his hands and feet were like claws. His eyes glowed and his fangs sharpen like knives. His back arched and his body was elongated. He was far more muscular than before and his sported a tail tip with a fur hiding rows of spikes. The belts tighten around his body making it more difficult for Jasper to move. He weezed when he turn to his main terget.

Jasper: Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness! I need to calculate! What creates my own madness! (Scratching his claws along the sides of his head) And I'm addicted to your punishment! (Throughing a claw into the air) And you're the master! (Jasper could feel DIO's approval) And I am craving this disaster! (But he knew his Master was dissapointed in him).

Jasper charged on all four at Lysie knocking Dallas out of the way. He flung himself upon her but found it difficult to get a good grip on her due to her body shape. Jasper tried for a head bite but something hit him in the had. Jasper didn't seem to feel it but he cuased him to miss.

Jasper: I feel irrational! So confrontational! To tell the truth I am! Getting away with murder! It isn't possible! To never tell the truth! But the reality is I'm getting away with murder!

Jasper whipped his tail at Dallas knocking him aside because he was in the way again. Jasper snapped his jaws together but someone tore him off of Lysie. Jasper lashed around snapping his teeth together. He felt a punch to his stomach and looked down. It was Mizuhiro. Jasper snarled and came crashing down on the Vestal. Scrapping his claws across his attacker's chest. Mizuhiro punched Jasper again and again repeatedly forcing Jasper to move back. Jasper took a few steps back. Closer to where the two titanic Bakugan had made a chasm.

Jasper: Getting away, Getting away, Getting away

Jasper reared up on his hing legs and roared like the wild beast he had become. The two Bakugan had moved out of the way, Demono forced Hell Drago into submission, while Aniju tossed DIO aside and flew into the air. She watched the fierce battle take place below.

Jasper: I feel irrational! So confrontational! To tell the truth I am! Getting away with murder! It isn't possible! To never tell the truth! But the reality is I'm getting away with murder!

He kicked his attacker back. Jasper made contect with Mizuhiro's flesh and closed his fanged tigh together but Mizuhiro punched him again. Jasper lost his footing as the belts tighten around his body and slipped down taking Mizurhiro with him. Together they disappeared into the abyss.

Chapter 19: AftershockEdit

With DIO freed his called back his Bakugan who was unable to fight. Aniju landed on a near by broken building. She looked down into the chasm where Jasper and Mizuhiro had disappeared. Dante appeared near by her but remained out of sight. DIO was too busy recovering himself to notice anyways.

Aniju: I am going after them.

Dante: I will come too... I have to bring Jasper back anyways.

Aniju: It is ricky for us to be seen together.

Dante: That is why I will use Jasper as an excuse.

Aniju: Let me go first and follow in a minute or too so it doesn't look suspicous.

Dante nodded. Aniju opened her wings and lifted into the air. She shot down and disappeared after Jasper and Mizuhiro. Jasper's howls could still be heard echoing across the walls of the chasm. Demono reverted into ball form and followed after her. Dante crawled back over to where DIO laid.

DIO: Why does my past always seem to catch up with me?

Dante: We are all haunted by our pasts, DIO. You are not alone.

DIO: Jasper, where is Jasper?

Dante: He is down there.

DIO: Go get him. Time for us to go.

Dante nuzzled DIO on the side of the head before turning to go retrieve Jasper. He jumped down off of he building to where the distruction had taken place. Team Lilium was still a messe and gathering themselves. Several brawlers had been injured by Jasper's rampage.

Yayoi: Dante!

Dante shivered.

Lysie: Dante you are okay!

Dallas: Was that creature... was it from DIO?

Kunagiri: I don't know.

Dante: DIO had release that beast.

Dallas: Pops you okay?

Dante hurred along by to the edge of the chasm. He heard his named called out by Lysie. Dante just waved a hand before jumping down. He slid along the side till he was out of sight. Then he summoned his wings. Two see through red glowing wings formed on his back, the feathers were large and seperated, almost like neon lights. Dante flew down into the abyss. He came to the bottom but the battle had conitued a little farther in. Dante followed the sounds of heavy breathing. He glided into an over hang where he found Aniju with Jasper and Mizuhiro. Dante landed on an upturn boulder.

Mizuhiro: He did a number on me! I am going to have scars.

Aniju: Scars are awesome. I got some.

Mizuhiro: Where? No I don't want scars!

Aniju: Fine let me heal you.

Mizuhiro: :3

Jasper was still trashing around but the belts has tighten enough to restrict his movements. The fight was basicly over. Jasper snapped his jaws together foaming at the mouth. He kicked with his legs but couldn't get back up.

Aniju: Time for you to stop now. The fight is over.

Jasper snarled but this time there was nothing behind it. His body went limp. Dante looked down at his pittiful companion. He lew out a sign.

Aniju: You here to take him back to DIO?

Dante: Yeah. This is not his fault. DIO made him down this. Look at what he turned him into. Poor thing.

Mizuhiro: That thing almost killed by sister!

Dante: DIO wants your sister out of the way. He wants Dallas and he wants to destroy his parent. Lysie just got caught up in the middle.

Mizuhiro: You working for him?

Dante: I am just here to keep this one out of trouble. It's a lot harder to do with DIO around.

Jasper lifted his head, spitting out blood and foam. He rolled over feeling more calm now.

Jasper: I want to visit Father.

Dante: Okay, let's go visit Father.

Dante lepped down from the boulder next to Jasper. He picked up Jasper, wrapping his wings around him. Then he opened a portal to teleport them away.

Mizuhiro: Strange creatures are roaming around.

Aniju: We are all strange.

Aniju heal Mizuhiro's wounds and fixed his clothing as well. She took him back up to the top of the chasm after that. They ran into Kleinn and his Gritty Ace.

Kleinn: That was big and loud and scary.

Mizuhiro: Little brat man up.

Aniju: He is just a kid now, Mizu. You need to portect him from DIO like you sister.

Kleinn: Big Brother?

Mizuhiro: Oh God...

Meanwhile, Lync who was thrown away to a distance was able to go for himself.

Lync: Uncouth barbaric beast.

Worton: Easy does it... you look like you've gone from a war...

Lync: That beast didn't knew that I peeled off part of his skin.

Worton: Since when did you?

Lync: Hah, you're underestimating a Vexos, Worton! Of course I'm used to such hidden tactics!

Worton: As expected.


Worton: Say wut?

Lync: It's a reversal healing art. See, I look good as for my torn clothing. I gotta go change.

Worton: Right. I'll guard you.

While changing his clothes, Lync calls for his organization to research about the monster.

Lync: I'm going to send his flesh sample to you guys.

Marduk: (over the phone) Affirmative.

Chryslar (over the phone) Seriously, he did that?

Lync: Pissed off monster is pissed but nobody pisses me off and gets away with it!

Volt: (over the phone) Looks like some sort of Sphynx to me.

Mylene: (over the phone) Disgusting...but a job is a job. We'll get to it.

Lync: Thanks you guys. Don't worry, I'll have Hydron's corpse hauled back there.

Volt: Not funny, Lync. Hydron can't die that easily.

Lync: Of course. He already survived a supernova so the fangs of a wussy beast aint gonna taint him.

Marduk: I'll test this flesh sample for any possible relation to the participants of the BI.

Lync: I'm depending on you guys. Father out.

Worton: Way too hectic.

Lync: I'm done changing. Let's return to Team Lilium.

Dante had taken Jasper to visit Father. DIO wouldn't be expecting them back anytime soon. Dante check to see if the coast was clear, everyone seemed busy about something. Dante led Jasper by the paw to a room. Inside this room was a bed and above this bed floated a man.

Dante: We can't stay long now Jasp.

Jasper crawled over onto the bed. He reached up to the floaty man, pulling him down close. Jasper climb on top and laid down on the floaty man. His weight caused the floaty man to lower towards the bed, almost touching it. He rested his head on the floaty man's chest and listened. He tapped his fingers along to the rhythm he heard.

Dante: Sounds like a beat...

Jasper: Everything is music to you Dante...

Dante: That is my element you know. I am the Master of Sound, the Creator of Music. Takes a long time to earn these titles.

Dante tapped his fingers on his legs as if he was playing his keyboard. Jasper rested his head again.

Jasper: When he wakes up, we will have to play a song for him.

Dante: Okay. :P

Jasper closed his eyes and just laid there. Dante let him be. He knew Jasper went to visit his friend in the realm beyond that people could only go for a little while. Dante sat on his hunched. They stayed there for s few minutes. Soon vibrations made their way into Dante 's ears. He listened because he heard voices. He listened in to the conversation of the people who looked after the floaty man. Jasper listened too but his hearing wasn't as sharp as Dante's.

Dante: I think we better go now Jasper... Sorry... (Nudging Jasper)

Jasper: Oh okay, can we come back soon? I want to tell him what I have been doing. He listens to my problems.

Dante: Alright when DIO doesn't need up. Can't let him know about this.

Jasper: Why doesn't DIO like our other friends?

Dante: They are having arguments. We should let them be and cool off. Come on now.

Jasper: Bye Father Figure...

Jasper slid off of Father and sat on the floor. A trail of blood stained the bed sheets and the spot where Jasper had been. Dante looking at the wound but Jasper was already healing. His friend was still sleepy, coming back was a hard thing to do and Klemitjies needed rest when recovering from a hard battle. They healed fast. Dante picked up Jasper on to his back and took him back to the base.

Chapter 20: RemunerationEdit

Meanwhile, the members of Team Lilium all gathered up and helped each other heal their wounds. After which, half of them went to help out the other injured brawlers.

Drago: Shun, are you okay?

Kunagiri: I'm fine. This is nothing for a ninja.

Dallas: Excuse me but what did you called my father?

Drago: Oops...

Dallas: Answer me!

Kunagiri: He called me genius.

Dallas: That's lame, pop!

Dallas picked up his father by the shirt and forced him to answer.

Dallas: What did he called you?!

Lysie: Dall, that's enough.

Dallas: You are hiding something from me, pop! Stop making me look like an idiot!

Kunagiri: Heh, how pathetic.

Dallas: Huh?!

In the blink of an eye, Dallas was only holding a log of a tree. Kunagiri was right behind him, kicking him in the back.

Dallas: OWWW!!!

Kunagiri: Insolent kids should be punished. Right, Drago?

Drago: Absolutely...but aren't you a bit hard on him?

Dallas stood up and took out Paladin Abel. He pointed at Kunagiri and with fiery eyes he declared...

Dallas: I challenge you to a brawl, old man!

Kunagiri: I'm not that old!

Dallas: Whatever! If I win, you will tell me who you really are!

Spinzaku: Oh dear...

Abel: We have no choice.

Kunagiri: Fine with me then. What a great way to teach you manners!

Dallas / Kunagiri: FIELD OPEN!

Dallas: Bakugan Brawl! Haos Paladin Abel Stand!

Paladin Abel = 1800 Gs

Kunagiri: Bakugan Brawl ~ Soar Pyrus Spinzaku!

Spinzaku = 1800 Gs

Dallas: The way he throws his Bakugan is familiar.

Kunagiri: Not taking your turn, eh?

Dallas: I'm taking my turn alright! Ability Activate ~ Haos Maxima!!

Paladin Abel + 300 Gs.

Kunagiri: Hmph.

While the father and son went for a brawl, the scene shifts to the other teams in the BI.

Aniju: Why the Hell are they fighting?

Kleinn: Seems sad to be fighting you own father... Right big brother?

Mizuhiro: I am not your brother!

Aniju: You are Vestal, he is a Vestal, you two are related through your species. You can teach him to be tuff like you if you become his brother.

Kleinn: :3

Mizuhiro: God, why me?

Aniju: What, you miss the days when you used to be an only child?

Mizuhiro: If I could remember them then yes.

Kleinn: I love you big brother! And so does Gritty Ace!

Kleinn hugged Mizuhiro. The older Vestal just frowned and bared it.

Meanwhile, the man having issues with his father...

Dallas: I'd say this once again and never after this~ WHO THE HELL ARE YOU POP?! (activates Cosmos Regult)

Kunagiri: Who am I?

Dallas: Yeah, who on the Universe are you?!

Kunagiri: I AM A GENIUS*! (activates B-on!)

[*Japanese Stealth Pun = Ware wa Shun! ]

Dallas: That's just as lame as Hakumen from BlazBlue! (Activates Haos Maxima)

While the father and his adopted son bicker at each other, their Bakugan are telepathically conversing with each other.

Spinzaku: Nobody laughs at my memes. :/

Abel: Yeah, they're so WHY S SRS.

Spinzaku: How long do we have to keep pretending that we're actually fighting?

Abel: Until either of them passes out.

Spinzaku: Fine, I'll play along with that.

Poor Spinzaku. Nobody laughs at his memes as everyone is fixated on the bickering between Dallas and his father. Lync arrives to see the scene of hilarious carnage which he never expected would be happening to members of Team Lilium.

Lync: So much fatherly love. So frigging Gar. I'm really pissed off with this.

Masquerade: Relax, Lync. Don't forget about our mission.

Lync: Forget about it for a while! I'm concerned about those two guys bickering about Code Eve knows what!

Masquerade: They're bickering because of Drago.

Fusion Dragonoid: My apologies.

Lync: What kind of trolling did you do anyway?!

Fusion Dragonoid: Not exactly trolling. I called the professor by a different name then Dallas went ballistic and demanded his Father to reveal his identity.

Lync: What did you called the Professor?

Fusion Dragonoid: Shun.

Lync: Andromeda Shun?

Fusion Dragonoid: I don't watch Saint Seiya and that Mizuhiro looks much more like Andromeda Shun.

Lync: Yeah, yeah. Just messing with you. But seriously, what Shun?

Fusion Dragonoid: Shun Kazami.

Lync: !!

Lync hears about Shun's name, one of the guys which the Grammaton are tasked to find along with the missing Dan Kuso and Zack Grit. Lync runs to the arena and steps in between Abel and Spinzaku.

Lync: WORTON!!!

Worton: Yep?

Lync: Tell the two to cut the crap!

Worton: Hey, you two. STOP!

Spinzaku: Right.

Abel: Fine.

Dallas: What the hell are you barging in for, Lync?!

Kunagiri: I see. Spinzaku, retreat.

Spinzaku: Whew...finally. (returns to ball form)

Abel: I'm off as well. (returns to ball form)

Dallas: .............damn.

Lync: Professor.

Kunagiri: Yes, dear member?

Lync: Is it true that you are Shun Kazami?

Dallas: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kunagiri: I said I am a Genius didn't I?

Lync: Yeah, that's the problem with kids who only watch English Dubs. All this time you were admiting that you are Shun just by saying you are a Genius because it's a frigging stealth pun in Japanese!

Dallas: W-What?!

Kunagiri: Touche.

Lync: Shun found. Dan and Zack to go.

Kunagiri: (I have to pretend that I am the man he's that he won't be so worried. Being a Father, I am also concerned about Lync's well-being as the Father of the Grammaton). *ahem* Good luck, Lync.

Lync: Yeah right. Nice dad.

Lync walks away from the arena, contented that he had found Shun Kazami.

However, was this the Shun Kazami that he had set out to find?

Regardless, Lync moves on to seek for the others in his "to-find" list.

As for Dallas...

Dallas: Pop...

Kunagiri: Yes?

Dallas: You're going down down down!!

Dallas unleashes his true size and form, the Haos Bakugan which the Grammaton thought to be dead. Lync stopped his tracks to marvel at Dallas' transformation; but at the same time, felt nostalgic about the Grammaton's former father who valued Dallas above all other Vita Clerics.

Lync: Haos Dallas...

Dallas: So pop, ready to die?

Kunagiri: You do realize that I, being Shun, can defeat a Bakugan by myself.

Dallas: Oh shiz..I forgot! 0____0

Kunagiri steps forward and unleashes a hundred shadow clones which take down Dallas.

Lync: Holy Narutard lol wut...

Lync can only stare as Dallas returns to ball form and complain about his body pain. Kunagiri keeps the naughty boy in his pocket.

Kunagiri: You're grounded for the rest of today.

Dallas: Aww, for the love of Laharl and all of Disgaean disgrace! MIDBOSS!!!

Kunagiri: Hmph.

Lysie: ...and it's finally done. ^^;

Lync: Back to work I guess.

Worton: Yep, let's resume the manhunt...I mean, search and destroy I mean...

Lync: Do you want to be destroyed?!

Worton: I'll keep quiet now.

Lync: Good.

Masquerade: Heh.

Yayoi: He must be hungry. Can I give him just one Konpeito please?

Kunagiri: Sure. Throw the candy in my pocket.

Yayoi: There.

Dallas: Thank you.

Abel: ...and since Dallas is grounded; I get the rest of the day off.

Spinzaku: Lucky you.

Abel: ...and I'm off to sleep.

Spinzaku: I'm gonna sleep too.

Kunagiri: Indeed. Go to sleep big bird. I still have nine more to depend on anyway.

Spinzaku: D'oh awlright.

Meanwhile, the other teams...

Chapter 21: Birth of UmbraEdit

The following day the little motley gang met up like they said they would. The night before Bree had gone home with J. Alfred and spent the night. Brook was worried she would never see you sister again. After just getting her back but she was promised by J. Alfred that he would return her sister in the morning. He kept his word and Brook was reunited with her sister again.

Brook: Good you brought her back to me. (Hugs Bree)

Bree: I can breathe this time.

Recap from the night before, this took place outside of Arena 44 in-between 9 pm and 10 pm…

Maria: Well it is very nice to finally meet you Bree. I am Maria.

Bree nodded but said nothing.

Maria: Your sister has told us such wonderful things about you.

J. Alfred: Bree!

J. Alfred ran up to Bree and gave her a big hug.

J. Alfred: I missed you so much!

Bree: I missed you too… Can breathe…

J. Alfred: I know. I am punishing you for leaving us. :P

Brook: Alf, don’t kill my sister after just I got her back.

J. Alfred: Okay fine, you may have air now.

J. Alfred let go of Bree and she gasped for air. She smiled for a second then went back to her frighten worried look.

J. Alfred: Did you meat Olaf?

Brook: Yes I introduced him.

Olaf: We saw Banshee too.

Brook: She left so we don’t’ have to worry about her anymore.

Bree: She’s not gone.

Olaf: Oh great she will be back then?

J. Alfred: Good I like to look at her Bakugan again, in ball form. I’ve never seen a Bakugan like that before.

Bree: Maybe another time. I’m tired.

Brook: Oh let’s get out of her before some workers show.

The group left Arena 44 before Interspace workers could find them. Bree seemed severely fatigued so the group promise to meet again and headed their separate ways. Now it is the next day and the little gang had regrouped inside one of the many break rooms.

J. Alfred: I brought her back safe and sound just like I said I would.

Brook: Thank you, Alf for taking care of her for me.

J. Alfred: You’re welcome.

Olaf: Um, now that we are all together again. Now what?

Chimeriad: Let’s go brawl someone!

Maria: Brook and Bree barely had time to chase up. We should just hang out for now, Chim.

Chimeriad: Awe fine… (Disappointed)

Kakoo: You need to learn some manners.

Shaka Zulu: That would be nice.

Baldr: I can teach you a thing or two.

Chimeriad: You sir need to learn some table manners!

Baldr: I beg your pardon. I have fine table manners.

Shaka Zulu: This isn’t the time right now to argue on who has the best manners guys.

Kakoo:Bree where is Balrog?

Bree: Umm, he’s not ready to come out.

Shaka Zulu: Awe I would have loved to see him again.

Olaf: Now that we have Bree back… Remember what the albino lady said something about forming a new team with us?

Maria: Oh Yeah what is up with that?

Brook: We still don’t have an Aquos and Darkus brawler.

Bree: (Faint whisper) We have a Darkus brawler….

J. Alfred: We can still be a team. Not all teams have all the attributes. We have enough and we got a rare Plasma brawler.

Olaf: We should think of a name.

Maria: Okay how about Team…

Chimeriad: Team Awesome! Because I am so awesome!

Maria: No…

Chimeriad: Team Chimeriad?

Maria: No.

Chimeriad: Team Plasma?

Shaka Zulu: But you are the only Plasma Bakugan.

Chimeriad: That’s right! Because I’m the only one!

Kakoo: He’s a lot like that bouncing tiger. I feel like Rabbit.

Bree: (Whispers to herself) No not now…

J. Alfred: What’s that Bree?

Bree: Nothing.

Chimeriad: Team Kick Ass? No Team Bad Ass!

Brook: I would like a team name that doesn’t have bad words in it please.

J. Alfred: Team Rocket?

Olaf: Haha, I remember them. Man I wished Pokémon where real but the Bakugan came.

Bree: (Whispers) No, go back to sleep. Leave me alone.

Maria: Random Team? Oh Meme Team?

Brook: I know what random means but not meme…

Bree: (Whispers) Oh okay fine…

J. Alfred: Did you say something Bree?

Bree: Umbra Team…

J. Alfred: That’s nice Bree…

Brook: I like it.

Chimeriad: Awe what about my ideas?

Kakoo: They sucked…

Shaka Zulu: Now, now Kakoo. He was only trying.

Bree: I’ll be back…

Bree turned and started to walk off but Brook asked her where she was going. After just getting her sister back she didn’t want her to leave. Bree said she would be back in a little while and left.

J. Alfred: She said she would be back. Don’t worry Brook.

Not too far off, someone made the mistake of challenging a phantom.

Chapter 22: Animal I Have BecomeEdit

Breaking, cracking, crushing sounds echoed off the side of the walls. A red liquid drenched the ground flowing slowly out wards.There was a chill in the air. The kind that only meant something bad had happen.

Bree: You almost done?

Bree flinched at every sound. Banshee was right beside her leaning over something Bree refused to look at. Banshee growled from behind but kept chewing.

Bree: I haven’t seen her in years.

Banshee: ………..

Bree: You promised…

Banshee lifted her head but remained facing away from Bree.

Bree: You promised I could spent time with my sister.

Banshee: I kept my promise. You got to spend time with your sister.

Bree: I want to go back…

Banshee: Brook seems to have new friends now. What do you think about them?

Bree: They are okay.

Banshee: We have a little team going on there. But if you don’t like them, I can always… (Licking her lips) You know. (Evil grin)

Bree: No, they are our new team-mates Banshee!

Banshee: Hey, tone young lady.

The two were interrupted by a loud crash right behind them. The wall broke through, falling, rolling out a sign post, crazed claws and something fluffy tumbled just behind crashing into the next wall and disappearing inside.

Bree: Ah! (Shielding herself)

Banshee: Dinner and a show!

Thrashing and echoes of voices could be heard inside the building.

Mizuhiro: That’s it! You are dead!

Dante: Wait, there’s no need for violence now.

Jasper: So what?! Is it a sin to dislike someone?!

Dante: Come down you two.

Mizuhiro: Get back here you fuzz ball freak!

Dante: Why thank you. No one has ever called me that before. :3

Mizuhiro: That wasn’t a compliment!

Jasper: He took it that way!

Bree hid behind Banshee and stepped on something that made a liquidly squish sound with a crunch.

Bree: Ew, awe my shoe…

Banshee: Haha, let’s see what they are up to eh?

Bree: No, they sound like they are fighting.

Banshee: That’s why I want to watch this.

There was another loud breaking crash sound and the voices echoed away.

Mizuhiro: Hey, get back here!

Dante: Catch me if you can! I ate the Ginger Bread Man!

Banshee started to walk away to follow the three guys in their dispute. Bree made a sound ‘causing her to look back. The chain tighten and clinked.

Banshee: Okay, Bree, if you don't want to go, you can stay here with Mr. Bloody if you like. Bet you can have a lovely conversation with him.

Bree: No! (Bree was forced to follow Banshee)

On the other side of the buildings, a curly head man with a sign post was in hot pursued of a red and white fluffy …thing… person… guy… Whatever the Hell Dante is? They were being pursued by a feathered man with a streak of red hair. No one was safe. All the innocent stand byers ducked for cover as the three amigos ran this way and that along the paths. Mizuhiro constantly throwing and swinging things was destroying public property and hitting people while Jasper just plowed through the crowds trampling people under his feet.

Random Kid: "Oh No My Face!"

Mizuhiro swung the sign post barely missing Dante however the post became stuck behind him. He pulled but realized someone was holding it still. He turned to see Aniju had returned. She gripped the post with a strange mutated black claw. Mizuhiro tugged at the poll but Aniju’s grip surpassed him. The metal creaked under the pressure Aniju’s black claw was applying. Mizuhiro glanced at her arm and notice red diamond shapes dumps along her upper arm almost to her shoulder. Feathery whisker like black tentacles protruded along the top of her should and her elbow. She sported three massive claws sharpen like a blade. Mizuhiro’s eyes shifted back to the red diamonds. Suddenly the diamonds turned their gaze upon him and blinked.

Mizuhiro: What the Hell?

Aniju smiled.

Aniju: Don’t mind Seatao. He feeds off of fear.

She held up her right arm, her sleeve falling back revealing a bloody red arm. Skin and bone matter jutted out covered in blood somehow all stuck together. This hand only sported four figures now.

Aniju: This is the one you have to worry about. He’ll infect you with his disease.

Jasper: Grrraaaaawwwhhh!!!!!!

Aniju: Oh crap now what happen?

Dante: Get away from me! Get away from me! Don’t rape me!

Lysie: Awe Mr. Fluffy Man come back. I won’t hurt you.

While Aniju was dealing with Mizuhiro, Dante managed to escape far enough away from his pursuer but ran back into the former problem. There was a low rumbling growl from the back of Dante’s throat. Jasper twitched awkwardly. Dante hissed like a cobra at Lysie. From behind he could see something was wrong with Jasper but he was unable to help him because of his own fears.

Now’s your chance to rid yourself of your sorrows.

Jasper: I can't escape this hell.

Take this prefect opportunity.

Jasper: So many times I’ve tried. But I’m still caged inside.

Destroy her.

Jasper: Somebody get me through this nightmare! I can't control myself!

Jasper twitched and jerked, his eyes rolling back into his head. He clenched his teeth together into a snarl. Gripping his hair with his hands, his nails formed into claws. Jasper growled trying to keep in control but there was some kind of influence, a primeval rage he could not hold back.

Jasper: So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have become!

Jasper transformed.

Jasper: Help me believe it's not the real me! Somebody help me tame this animal!

Dante kicked back with his foot trying to knock Lysie away from him. Jasper leaped over, with his claws extended. However something knock Jasper off course. Lysie was pushed back and fall upon Dante. He panicked. Dante wiggled and squirmed to free himself.

This animal, this animal!

Dante hissed, flipping over on to his back. He kicked with his legs to throw Lysie off but to no prevail. She was too top heavy. Dante hissed again.

Dante: I can't escape myself.

Jasper: I can't escape myself…

Dante: So many times I’ve lied.

Jasper: So many times I’ve lied…

Dante: But there's still rage inside. Somebody get me through this nightmare! I can't control myself!

Dante’s voice turned into a roar. His claw extended, his fangs jutted out, his eyes slice. Dante roared again and this time he was engulfed in red smoke. His mane thicken, his hands became pawed and his body grew massive. Dante emerged far larger than before twice the size he was before. He sported two large feathered wings, four fangs shot out of his muzzle, his claws unsheathed and a pair of antlers dressed the top of his head. Dante was no longer Dante but instead the massive demon cat that stood before Lysie was Demonclaw.

Demonclaw: So what if you can see the darkest side of me?

His eyes set on Lysie, more so her bust-line. Demonclaw stepped forward with a claw out to strike.

Demonclaw: No one will ever change this animal I have become! Help me believe it's not the real me! Somebody help me tame this animal I have become!

Demonclaw stumbled around with his claws out but he wasn’t stable. Lysie moved out of the way. The demonic cat got down on all four and charged.

Demonclaw: Help me believe it's not the real me! Somebody help me tame this animal!

Demonclaw was blindsided by Jasper. Lync had shown up just in time to encounter the beast form of Jasper again. He had thrown Jasper into Demonclaw allowed Lysie time to get the Hell out of there.

Lync: What? Now there is two?

Lync spoke too soon, for another had appeared. Another beast, longer, thinner jumped out from the shadows and scratched a long cut along Lync’s side. This beast had a skull for a head, has sported a thick mane, and long hair down the back. The beast has long slender legs and scaly rat like claws. A long tail wiped back and forth tipped with a bone like structure that resembles a lower jaw.

The Beast: Somebody help me through this nightmare! I can't control myself! Somebody wake me from this nightmare! I can't escape this hell.

This animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal, this animal.

The Beast: So what if you can see the darkest side of me?

Jasper: No one will ever change this animal I have become

Demonclaw: Help me believe it's not the real me

The Beast: Somebody help me tame this animal I have become

Demonclaw: Help me believe it's not the real me

Jasper: Somebody help me tame this animal

Demonclaw: This animal I have become

The three creatures lunged at Lync one by one. He moved from one side to another trying to avoid being clawed to death. Demonclaw let out a thundering roar, the sound wave knocked Lync out of mid-air. He fell, did a flip but found himself in the jaws of the Beast. Jasper leaped over biting Lync on the shoulder. Lync smacked Jasper on the nose, he winced in pain but huge on. There was a slight cracking sound and a jolt of pain in Lync left should. He hit Jasper on the nose again. The Beast thrashed back and forth that skull and hung on with those claws. Jasper snarled and let go as a sign post barely missed Lync’s head. He ducked down to see Mizuhiro was back. Mizuhiro faced off against Jasper calling him over. Jasper snarled but remained out of range. Lync punched the skull of the beast but felt the blow vibrate out of the head. All that did was hurt his hand slightly but did nothing to the beast. The creature wrapped her long tail around Lync. He grabbed the beast’ head and tried to pry open the jaws. Demonclaw appeared going for the neck. Lync kicked his legs out from under him and felt backwards. Demonclaw instead leaped over Lync and the beast and roared at Mizuhiro. The sound bomb exploded sending a wave of energy through Mizuhiro’s body, paralyzing him. He just killed over in a daze. Jasper took his moment and dashed off.

Jasper: So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I have become!

The Beast: Help me believe it's not the real me. Somebody help me tame this animal I have become.

Demonclaw: Help me believe it's not the real me. Somebody help me tame this animal. This animal I have become!

When Lync fell backwards the beast lost her grip but regained it. However the beast let go and dashed off in another direction from some unknown reason. Demonclaw roared; stagger back as if something had hit him. His ears perked up, turning his head. He opened his wings, let the air fill them and flapped. He lifted off into the air hissing and roaring. Demonclaw glided off out of sight but his roars still could be heard.

Lync: Thank god that’s over.

Lync crawled to his feet. He staggered over to Mizuhiro. The Vestal was slowly regaining mobility but the wind had been knocked out of him.

Lync: How do we find ourselves fighting weird creatures in Interspace?

Mizuhiro: Mmmaawwhhkkmm (Can’t speak)

Lync: Yeah… I forgot. We encounter lots of weird creatures in Interspace. I mean are Bakugan running around everywhere. But still, these creatures are different.

Mizuhiro twitched.

Lync: No test samples this time. Too busy trying to stay alive. What the Hell was that all about?

Mizuhiro: Lysie…

Chapter 23: Digital MacabreEdit

In Arena 32, Dante and Jasper came to observe the brawl. Dante sat on an edge of the railing of the seating area looking out over the other brawlers. He was watching the battling taking place between Zierant, Lyra, Lorenzo and the newly recruited Hans and Team Wolf. Dante was pleased with how well Hans was doing. Hans, Zierant, Lyra and Lorenzo had challenged Team Wolf to a brawl and things were getting rather interesting.

Jasper: New Blood is an interesting guy.

Dante: Don't get any idea Jasp Jasp. Hans is mine.

Jasper: Awe, share...

Meanwhile at the battlefield...

The majority of Team Wolf's members are currently kneeling down on the ground, their shoulders slumped in defeat as their Bakugan rolled over to them. In the middle of the battlefield Wolfgirl's Gingergon and Blade's General are standing back to back, beaten up and breathing heavily, as their Brawlers decide to use the last option they have.

Wolfgirl: Blade, this is no good! Most of our comrades have been defeated while these guys are fresh as daisies. We only notched their Life Gauges a bit. We're really taking a beating right now. What should we do?

Blade: Well, we have only one option left.

Wolfgirl: Combining our Bakugan?

Blade: That's right. Even though combining our strengths won't guarantee a victory, we'll still have a chance to take some of them down!

Wolfgirl: That's right! Ginger, get ready!

Gingergon: Roger that!

Blade: General!

General: Yes Sir Blade Sir!

Wolfgirl and Blade: Bakugan, Unite! Come, Splighton!

Zierant: A fusion? I didn't see that coming!

Triton: Well then sucks to be you! U mad bro?

Hans: *sweatdrops*

Zierant: Hey new kid! Make your Bakugan shut up, will you? He's trolling everyone and that's getting annoying!

Hans: *grabs Triton* Are you freaking stupid? Are you trying to get me fired? I haven't gotten a good paycheck in weeks!

Triton: *bites Hans' finger*

Hans: EeeeeEEeeEEeEeeEEeeEE!!! *screams like a little girl who mistook Happy Tree Friends for Carebears and runs around in circles trying to get Triton to let go of his finger*

Blade and Wolfgirl: *rofl*

Splighton: *LMAO*

Zierant, Lyra and Lorenzo: *ROFLMFAO*

Hans: Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

(a bro tip from Triton: Don't squeeze me. My teeth are just as sharp in ball form >:B)

Hans: *is now spinning his arm around shrieking like a madman*

Triton: @_@ Dizzydizzydizzy *lets go*

Hans: *clutching his arm* T_T...I think my shoulder just had a heart attack.

Triton: @_@ The world is spinning...

Everyone: *Lulz*

Hans: Oh crap, even my employers are laughing at me! Triton you trolling idiot!

Triton: @_@ Problem?

Hans: I swear I'm gonna get you checked for lizard rabies once I get home! >_<

Lyra: *sweatdrop* Uh...Trouble in paradise?

Blade: Let's attack while they're distracted by that idiotic goose-face!

Splighton: Great idea!

Hans: *thinking* Oh great, now I've got to win their respect again or no payment for me!

Triton: Trololol

Hans: Hey guys, I have an idea! How about I get rid of this lovey-dovey couple for you?

Blade and Wolfgirl: LOVEY-DOVEY COUPLE? O/////////////////////////////////////////////O

Triton: Problem, lovebirds?

Lorenzo: Why so? We can take care of them. After all, there's only two of them left.

Hans: I just want to show you guys my true skills.

Lyra: True skills?

Hans: That's right. I want you guys to know that my battling skills are worth every single penny!

Zierant: Uhh okay, if you say so...

Wolfgirl: He's going to fight Splighton all by himself? Talk about arrogant!

Hans: Bakugan, Brawl! Bakugan, Stand! Rise, Aquos Triton!

Splighton: This time we're definitely gonna beat you, you vile cyborg lizard!

Triton: Heh...U mad bro?


Triton: Yep...Bro's mad!

Hans: Alright... And now...Behold the almighty battling skills of the future champion of Interspace, the one who's gonna lay waste to anyone who stands in his way, the "Unbeatable Bird Of Prey", Hans Ranger! Muahahahahaha!!! *throws his head back and emits an evil laugh that would put Dracula to shame*

Lyra: *sweatdrop* You done with your dramatic introduction yet?

Zierant: A bird of prey? Seriously?

Hans: Let's go, Triton! Change to Pyrus and make some steak!

Triton: Troll Henshin, Hatsudou! Attribute Change! Pyrus!

Zierant, Lyra& Lorenzo: EH!? HE CAN CHANGE ATTRIBUTES?

Lyra: That's a very rare ability!

Hans: Oh, and that's not all!

Triton: *begins charging up an attack*

Hans: Now, Haos!

Triton: *changes to Haos and continues charging up the attack*

Hans: ...And back to Aquos!

Triton: *finishes charging up and gets ready to fire a three-layered energy orb from his mouth*


Lyra: How is that even possible?

Hans: It's quite simple, actually. I've personally trained Triton so he can switch his attributes in a matter of a second, one after another, thus giving him the ability to execute multi-elemental attacks. Attribute Changing Bakugan are indeed extremely rare and they have a lot of potential, but I went even beyond that by perfecting Triton's Attribute Switching Abilities! Plus his cyborg body gives him extra endurance so he can use this attack multiple times in a row without wearing himself out! How's that?

Zierant: *jaw hits the floor* Ouch

Hans: Now finish Splighton with your three-in-one attack, Triton!

Triton: Take this, noobs! *fires his attack at Splighton*

Splighton: *gets hit and takes the full brunt of the attack* Gua...Argh...*falls to his knees*

Wolfgirl and Blade: SPLIGHTON,NO!

Splighton: Hah...Not...Done...Yet...*shakily gets back up and punches Triton who was busy gloating, sending him into a wall before his combination finally breaks, causing him to revert back to the exhausted Gingeron and General.

Triton: Wha? You scratched my parts? Congrats, you've just awakened my killing intent!

Hans: *grins* Heh...They're worthy!

Zierant: Worthy? What does that mean?

Hans: That attack before was merely a test. This is also why I didn't name it. You see, pathetic weaklings don't deserve to be struck down by my Ultimate Attack.

Blade: How arrogant!

Wolfgirl: That guy is so full of himself!

Hans: Of course I am, because unlike you, I have power. Now it's time for you to lose. Behold Triton's Ultimate Ability! Aqua Net Terror, Activate!

Lyra: Hey, you don't have to announce your attacks in such a dramatic fashion!

Hans: If I were another person, I would've respected you for your perseverance and determination...However, I'm not that kind of guy!

Triton: Well said.

Something that looked like an ice sphere with countless wires hanging off of it appeared around General and Gingergon, trapping them.

Gingergon and General: Oh no...We're trapped inside of something!

General: I can't move...It's like my body's been frozen!

Gingergon: Me neither!

Triton: And now...The fun begins!

The device on Triton's back glows, transmitting signals to the wires imbedded in the ice.

Triton: Scream and wail, you losers.

Gingergon and General: *suddenly start screaming in unspeakable horror, desperately banging on the hard surface of the ice prison*

Blade: What the?

Wolfgirl: What is going on? I can't see a thing through that ice!

Blade: Gingergon! General!

Wolfgirl: It's like they're getting tortured in there!

Triton: You're quite right, little girl. You see, your brute of a Bakugan scratched my precious cybernetic parts. That is completely unforgivable. Both of them really deserved to be punished, and I got to choose their punishment.

Wolfgirl: How cruel...

Blade: What are you doing to them? Stop hurting them!

Triton: Oh, I'm not hurting them at all. Well, physically. What they're experiencing right now is being forced to have the darkest,vilest, most disturbing secrets of the Human-Made Internet carved into their minds.

Gingergon and General: *screaming and desperately trying to claw their way out of the ice prison*

Triton: Oh, don't bother struggling. The battle has drained you of your precious Elemental Energy, so take your punishment like men. However, you can also take the coward's way out. Right in the center of the ice sphere there's a little button. Press it and the horror will stop, however, your power levels will be reduced to zero in an instant, causing you to suffer a humiliating defeat. So then...What will it be?

Gingergon and General: AAaAAaAARGH!!! MAKE IT STOP! THIS IS MADNESS!!!

Triton: You sound like you want this to end. Okay then, press the button and have a nice loser's rest in your Brawler's pocket as they struggle in vain to hold in their tears of humiliation. Trololololol.

Wolfgirl: Just press it already! I can't stand the sight of my Bakugan suffering!

Blade: Do it General! I won't blame you for giving up, you did your best, you held on to the very end! Now don't push yourself and press the button!

Triton: Aww, how tragic. I think I might cry...NOT! Trololololol! So then, if you're so stubborn, I suggest we make this a fight of wills. If you can hold on until I run out of power and not lose your minds, the victory will be your's.

Blade: Stop it you freak! You know that they can't fight any longer! Stop making fun of them, you bastard!

Triton: How rude. U mad?

Hans: That's just the way we brawl. Those who don't pose a threat to me and Triton get ground to a pulp.

Triton: Total obliteration.

Suddenly the screams stop and Gingergon and General's ball forms emerge out of the ice prison.

Triton: Oh, they pressed the button. How boring.

Wolfgirl: Are you okay, Gingergon? Please say you're okay!

Blade: General! That lizard bastard...He won't get away with this!

Triton: Oh, but I already have!

Hans: Victory!

Zierant: *shocked* That...Was gruesome...

Lyra: This guy is merciless in battle

Hans: Which is why I'll become Number One! Heh!

Dante was pleased with Hans performance but not with his attitude or attack. Hans seemed to work better alone than in a group.

Jasper: Oh shit Dante. Looks like you have to pay him. That’s all he was taking about.

Dante: I wasn’t going to pay him in money. I have something else for him.

Jasper: What’s his payment, cards, candy, tacos?

Dante: No, candy is for Dallas and Banshee. Tacos are for DIO.

Jasper: What are you going to pay him with then?

Dante: It’s an attachment for his Bakugan since his parts are broken. However I don’t think he has earned it yet.

Jasper: Oh, Battle Gear?

Dante: Maybe, I think he would break it if it doesn’t detach from his body.

Jasper: I kinda want to battle Hans one day. Strip brawl?

Dante: I am up for that. (Lustfully eyes) But only battle him with Cooper’s help.

Jasper: Ha, a cyborg should battle a cyborg.

Jasper leaned in towards Dante, putting his hand up to his chin. Dante smiled and started to lean inward towards Jasper. Suddenly Dante was knocked sideways by something suffocatenly squishy.

Lysie: Mr. Fluffy Man! I missed you!

Dante: Arh, Oh Zeus get off of me!

Jasper was taken by surprised then rage filled his stomach. Dante wiggled terrified. Triton’s ultimate attack wasn’t nothing compared to the nightmare Dante was in.

Dante: Get away from me! Get away from me! Don’t rape me!

Lysie: Awe Mr. Fluffy Man come back. I won’t hurt you.

Dallas: Wait Lysie. You’re really freaking him out.

Lysie: I haven’t seen Mr. Fluffy Man in months! I want to snuggle and huggle him.

Dante: Get off! Let me go!

Jasper: Get off of him you succubus!

Dallas: Jasper calm down. Lysie let Dante go.

Mizuhiro: What’s going on?

Dante twisted somehow in his skin causing Lysie to lose her grip on him. Dante hiss and sound bombed Lysie to let go. He jumped down from here he was sitting shaking, his eyes were wide and he began to scratch himself.

Dante: I am tainted! I am dirty! I don’t want to be dirty. I am not a dirty boy. Not again, not again.

Mizuhiro: Hey my sister isn’t dirty.

Jasper: She’s walking porn.

Mizuhiro: Oh that’s it.

Dante rolled on the ground trying to cleanse himself of Lysie’s scent. Jasper jumped down and grabbed Dante pulling him to his feet.

Jasper: You are clean Dante.

Mizuhiro: Hey get back here!

Dallas: Oh dear.

Jasper: Oh shit run Dante.

Dante: Evil raping spawn of Held of the Zeno.

Mizuhiro: Hey wait what?... Arg close enough. I am going to chase you anyways.

Dante: Okay! :P

Mizuhiro jumped down from the arena to where his quarry sat. Dante jumped out of the way and took off followed by Jasper with Mizuhiro in hot pursued. Insert Benny Hill Chase Music and that is how all that started.

Chapter 24: Night of The Hunter Edit

After the encounter with the three beast of legend, one the female ran off down a dark alley way. Her sides heaved as she killed over. His snake-like tongue lapped out to the side, eyes narrowed to slices, she was tired. She had burned through her energy so fast. She leeched power off of that ninja but he wasn’t enough. She hungered again. Time was time for the hunter to prowl.

Banshee: Hungy, oh so hungy…

Bree: (Just her voice) No Banshee... If you are hungry, I can get you something.

Banshee: I want to hunt!

Bree: No not again.

Banshee: Prey, I want prey. Who should it be?

The phantom beast lifted her head sniffing and tasting the air.

Banshee: I smell you sister, I smell sister's team…

Banshee stood up and started to walk off. She could smell Brook, J. Alfred, Olaf and Maria nearby. Her predator instincts kicked in. She was in hunting mode. Bree’s voice of reason was nothing more than a haze echo in her mind.

Bree: (Voice) Leave my sister's team alone Banshee!

Banshee: Let the hunt begin...

Umbra Team were still waiting for Bree to return. Brook was growing more worried as every second went by. Thoughts of if Bree would ever come back or not were racing through her mind. Olaf notice Brook was extremely stressed. He tried to think of something to say, something that might calm her down. However his mind was drawing a blank.

Olaf: Don’t worry Brook. (Thinking) That has to be to stupidest things to say. Don’t worry while she is worrying. What’s wrong with me?

Brook: I am trying not too but she has been gone for a long time.

Maria: Maybe we should go look for her?

J. Alfred: Someone should stay here in case she comes back?

Olaf: I am sure she will be back.

J. Alfred: You go one ahead and look for her, I’ll stay and wait her. I’ll give you a call if she comes back.

Brook: Thank you Alfy.

Olaf: (Thinking) Now why didn’t I say that? J. Alfred always knows the right things to say. Why not me?

Olaf signed.

Olaf: Come on Brook, I’ll go with you.

Brook: Don’t you think we should split up?

Olaf: Umm…

J. Alfred: Brook, you are not in the right set of mind to be wondering around alone. You are frazzled head. I bet you would walk right pass Bree in your worried state. Olaf should go with you; Maria can stay her and wait with me.

Brook: Okay then. You are right Mr. Hatter.

Olay: Yes thank you. (Thinking) Stupid, can’t you think of anything good to say like J. Alfred! Come on Olaf, get your head in the game.

Olaf and Brook took their leave in search of Bree. It made Brook feel better doing something than just sitting around. Olaf beat himself up for not being able to help her out. He couldn’t think of anything to say. They walked in an awkward silence.

Someone was born…

Meanwhile back with J. Alfred and Maria.

Maria: Do you think Olaf likes Brook?

J. Alfred: Haha defiantly!

Maria: Kind of obvious I guess but Brook is too what you call her, frazzled brained to notice?

J. Alfred: Once things settle down with Bree, I am sure she would notice Olaf’s affections.

Maria: Is that why you let the two of them go off alone together?

J. Alfred: Yup, that and Brook needs to do something other than sitting around. We’ll see what happens.

Maria make a surprise yelp. J. Alfred turned to see Banshee was clinging behind Maria from behind. She grinned an weird scary grin.

Banshee: Only hundred pounds?

Maria: What? Banshee let go of me? What do you want?

Banshee: You are only a hundred pounds? You need to eat more.

J. Alfred: What really. How old are you. Maria you are too skinny.

Maria: How do you know that?

Banshee: Well you will have to do.

Bree: (Voice) Leave her alone Banshee.

Banshee: Try and stop me…

Maria: What? D:

Banshee leaned in close to Maria’s neck. Obviously Maria was weirded out. Banshee licked her with her long tongue on the side of her head.

Maria: What the Hell?!

Banshee: You taste good.

J. Alfred: If you are hungry Banshee, I can buy you something?

Banshee: No dear, don’t waste your money on me.

Maria: Don’t eat me! I am too skinny! Let go!

Maria tried to free herself from Banshee’s grip. Banshee just grinned.

Banshee: I was born of the world of a poisonous spell. Beaten and broken and chased from the land but I rise up above it, high up above it and see.

Maria slipped out of Banshee’ embrace and crawled out from under the table. Banshee just grinned and lifted her arms out.

Banshee: I was hung from the tree made of tongues of the weak; the branches, the bones of the liars and thieves. Rise up above it, high up above it and see…

Maria: You are crazy!

Banshee: Pray to your god, open your heart. Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark. Cover your eyes, the devil's inside!

Maria was freaked out. She just ran. Banshee smiled and jumped over the table and chased after her. The chase was on.

Banshee: One night of the hunter. One day I will get revenge! One night to remember! One day it'll all just end, oh!

Une, deux, trois, cinq.

Banshee wasn’t running. He jumped from building to building somewhat floating. She was a phantom after all. Maria looked behind her but when she didn’t see Banshee she thought she had left the phantom behind with J. Alfred. Suddenly Banshee dropped down from the sky.

Banshee: Blessed by a bitch from a bastard's seed. Pleasure to meet you, but better to bleed. Rise, I'll rise, I'll rise. Higher.

Maria took a step back. Banshee glared into Maria’s eye with a deep desire.

Banshee: Skinned her alive, ripped her apart. Scattered her ashes, buried her heart Rise up above it, high up above it and see…

Maria: You are not kidding now are you?

Banshee: Pray to your god, open your heart. Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the dark. Cover your eyes, the devil's inside!

Maria: Chimeriad do something!

Chimeriad: Hey bi-oawh!

Banshee smacked Chimeriad to the side. Ectorius emerged slamming his talons into Chimeriad.

Chimeriad: Yowl not you again!

Chimeriad emerged from ball form along with Ectorius.

Maria: Get him Chim! Distract them while I make my get away.

Banshee: One night of the hunter! One day I will get revenge! One night to remember! One day it'll all just end, oh!

Maria attempted to punch Banshee but the phantom just tilted to the right missing her all together. Banshee smiled. Her eyes glowed, her fangs seemed sharper.

Maria: Oh shit!

Banshee wrapped her claws around Maria, coiling her scarf around her body so this time she could run.

Banshee: Honest to God I'll break your heart. Tear you to pieces and rip you apart. Honest to God I'll break your heart. Tear you to pieces and rip you apart.

Banshee moved closer to Maria. She put her claws up to her head, slowing moving down to her neck, arms and lone her body. Maria felt a terrifying chill down go her body. One that meant she knew this could be the end of her.

Banshee: Honest to God I'll break your heart. Tear you to pieces and rip you apart. Honest to God I'll break your heart. Tear you to pieces and rip you apart…

Banshee howled a sorrowful yet please howl. In a way it seem very beautiful to Maria. Something pain Banshee so deeply but for now this one moment she was happy. The two Bakugan battled it out behind them. Banshee’s claws ran long Maria’s back cutting into her skin. Banshee leaned in close, her fangs only inches from delivering the killing blow. Then she jumped back with a howl.

Banshee: One night of the hunter! One day I will get revenge!

Banshee through her arms into the air as if she was cursing someone. Something was bothering Banshee. Ectorius roared forcing Chimeriad to the ground with his greater size.

Banshee: One night to remember! One day it'll all just end, oh!

Ectorius unleashed his power, a bight colorful l yet see through light flashed circled in front of his body. Dark colored light flowed around his body and wings. Chimeriad was boomed. Banshee grinned and Maria just watched. Ectorius opened his wings as a hail storm of dark energy rained down from the sky. All the nearby brawlers, those not smart enough to run, now flee.

J. Alfred: Holy Crap!

Shaka Zulu: Look out everyone.

Maria: Chimeriad!

Chimeriad: Oh shit!

Suddenly another Bakugan appeared. An orange creature with a long tail and a jewel on his head. The Bakugan leaped at the giant bat’s head. Ectorius roared swinging his head from side to side but the smaller Bakugan hung tight with his claws and fangs.

Maria: What the?

J. Alfred: Balrog?

Not too far off, Brook and Olaf were also under the fire line. Olaf pushed Brook under a building but the dark energy only caught the building on fire.

Olaf: Oh crap, Baldr!

Baldr emerged from ball form and held the falling building up. Brook grabbed Olaf and yanked him out of the way of falling burning metal.

Olaf: My hero…

Brook: Yes now move it.

Kakoo: Come on Baldr. You’re getting burned!

Baldr: I am okay.

Brook and Olaf moved fast to avoid being burned to death by the dark energy. J. Alfred on the other hand was moving towards the source of the energy. He jumped over the flames and landed next to Banshee. She didn’t really react. She just stood there staring at her Bakugan.

Banshee: What they do to my poor Ectorius?

J. Alfred: Stop you Bakugan Banshee!

Banshee: They hurt him…

Ectorius: Rraawwhh!

Maria: Chimeriad!

Chimeriad: I am okay…

Chimeriad had switched back to ball form in the last second but Ectorius wasn’t attacking him anymore. Ectorius wasn’t really attacking anyone. The orange Bakugan called Balrog had leaped off of the bat. Ectorius was just letting out energy wave after energy wave.

Banshee: Ectorius, this is not you power. This is what they gave you. Don’t rely on their power. Use your own.

Dante: Popkat use Glazia.

A little furry kitty Bakugan flew up to the massive bat. He had arched his body in an almost unnatural position. His musicals were tense and his eyes were frosted over. Popkat closed her wings around her body then opened them unleashing a wave of light. It slowly fell upon the bat Bakugan. Ectorius groaned, his energy fell away from him and he left his wings fell upon the ground. He just stood there with his head straight up into the air, his eyes narrowed, the snarled faded away.

Banshee: Ectorius come…

Ectorius transformed back into ball form and glided down to Banshee. She jumped up and grabbed her Bakugan holding him in her hands. She held him up close to her face and closed her eyes.

Banshee: My precious little Bakugan. What have they done to you?

Bree: (Voice) Banshee, our energy level! It’s too low.

J. Alfred: (Can’t hear Bree) Banshee, are you alright.

Banshee wobbled the moment he said that. Bree was right. They had gone too long without eating. Her energy was too low. J. Alfred put his hand on her shoulder. He could felt that she was shaking from weakness. Banshee turned around and crawl on top of J. Alfred like some kind of monkey cling to its mother. She moaned.

Banshee: Hungy…

J. Alfred: Oh, um, I’ll buy you something.

Maria: Don’t eat me!

Brook and Olaf coming up.

Olaf: You guys alright?

Brook: Banshee?! Where is my sister?!

Banshee only had strength to open her eyes then closed them again. J. Alfred wrapped his arms around Banshee and smiled.

Chapter 25: Uber Evil EvolutionEdit

???: Well. Now.

UNWNBakugan: is. that. suposse. to. be. the. villainous. team.?

???: of course.

UNWNBakugan: Time for some fun.


Wolfgirl: We lost!

Blade: Lets go.

???: Hm. im going to have to go undercover before.

???: Lets go Zep.

Zep: Ok

Prime: So, Ready Professor Garzok, and Razax?

(back with lync)

Worton: I feel a disturbince in the professor force.

Lync: Wut?

Prime: lets go.

Lync moved away from everyone and went to an arena which he believed to be empty but it's not. Lync was greeted by the sight of Kleinn writhing in pain and holding his left arm.

Kleinn: NO! Please don't eat me! I don't want to die!!

Lync: Well, well. What's going on with you?

Kleinn: You get away from me! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!

Lync: If you hate me then prove it!

Kleinn: GAAAAAAAH!!!

Lync: What the hell?!

Lync seemed to have hit below the belt. Kleinn lets out a huge scream of agony as his cybernetic arm transforms into a...


That was what Lync thought.

Lync: No, it's something else!

A huge cyborg towering more than ten times Lync's size stood before the Father of the Grammaton. In it's core is Kleinn outstretched and unconscious. Lync drew his laser sword and pointed it on the creature.

Lync: I demand to know what in the multiverse are you!

The creature makes its advance and Lync moves backward. Worton opened up and exclaimed

Worton: Holy frigging Wiseman!!

Lync: What the? Who?

Worton: Seriously, this looks familiar!

Lync: Calm down, Worton. We're not gleaning anything from this!

Lync runs away swiftly as the creature began to attack.

Lync: So there is some truth to what that blasted Hydron told me about.

Worton: About what?

Lync: The BIOS facility. They had been rumored to have salvaged the remains of a Mechtogan that caused major universal damage in the past.

Worton: That Mechtogan...could it be...Coredegon?!

Lync: Coredegon or whatever it's called, apparently the BIOS have constructed that brat's cyborg arms from the Mechtogan's remains!

Worton: This is worse than I thought!

Lync: Let's separate ways for now.

Worton: But...

Lync: I'll be fine god damn it! Go contact the rest of the Grammaton!

Worton: Yeah but I won't see you get beaten to a pulp.


Worton scampered off as Lync was left fending for himself against the Mechtogan-like creature.

Lync: Listen you damn brat! Wake up! Wake up I said!

Lync tried to return Kleinn's consciousness but it was to no avail. Lync moved backward as much as he can until he stepped on something soft.

Lync: The rabbit plush? Heh.

Lync grabbed the rabbit plush and threw it to Kleinn as if he's throwing a baseball. It was successful in waking Kleinn up.

Lync: Okay, now that you're awake, you better...

Kleinn: What...what did you...what did you do to Gritty?!

Lync: Duh, I gave him to you!

Kleinn: GRITTY!!!

Infuriated, Kleinn unleashed more energy, causing the creature to grow.

Lync: Like I'm scared of that?

The creature grew enough size to be noticed by the members of Team Lilium that are afar.

Kunagiri: You stay here.

Dallas: But pop...


Dallas: Damn emo ninja.

Lysie: Let's stay here.

Yayoi: That doesn't look too good.

Masquerade: I'm coming with you, professor.

Kunagiri: Right.

Kunagiri and Masquerade both sped up to Lync's aid. Lync finally reached a solid wall and with this, the creature was able to grab him by the neck.

Lync: NGh...damn it...what now?

Kleinn: What did you do to Gritty? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Lync: I threw him at you to wake you up!


Kunagiri: Kazami Style Shadow Clone!

A Hundred Clones of the Professor attacked the Creature but to no avail.

Kunagiri: WHAT?!

Masquerade: Seriously, that looks familiar.

Kunagiri: It can't be... that's...


Before Lync could finish saying the creature's name, he suffocated due to the creature's tight grasp. The creature threw Lync's unconscious body to one corner and Masquerade ran to him.

Masquerade: Lync, don't! Don't die yet!

Lync: ...........

Masquerade: You'll definitely pay for what you did!

Kunagiri: Hmph. So it's Coredegon?

Masquerade: No, not Coredegon!

Kunagiri: Then who?

Masquerade: This is the anti-thesis of a Mechtogan.

Kunagiri: A what?

Masquerade: A so-called Anti-Mech lifeform!

Kunagiri: What on earth...

Masquerade: Each of these is ten times more powerful than a Mechtogan. If I were you, I'll get out of here!

Masquerade carries Lync's unconscious body while Kunagiri threw poisonous Kunai at the Anti-Mech to stall it off. The Anti-Mech writhes in pain as he tried to chase after the professor and the other two men.

Kleinn: Never to forgive...Never to remain...Grrrr...


The Anti-Mech turned back and saw a tall spiky-haired man in white clothes calling out to him. In that man's hands is a nut and bolt from the cybernetic arm.

Kleinn: You are...

Volt: They call me Volt Luster but you should call me...

"Your worst nightmare!"

The scene was covered by a blinding white ray of light similar to a Gamma Ray Burst. It was so radiant that the three men from Team Lilium refused to look back. The voice of Volt can be heard yelling ~


Reversed Creation!!

Followed by screams from Kleinn. When the light cleared, Kleinn stood limply and looked at Volt with ill red eyes. The Anti-Mech is nowhere to be seen. Kleinn's cybernetic arm is exposed and looked wrecked.

Kleinn: work for Lync right?

Volt: Why certainly.

Kleinn: I hate you!

Volt: You need to be taught some manners.

Kleinn: I will teach you pain!

Kleinn stepped forward and threw Lantis onto the field. Volt then threw his Guardian as a response.


Lumagrowl: It's time for you to sleep.


Lantis: Raaaawr Haos!

Lumagrowl: Not impressive.

Meanwhile the other teams...

Chapter 26: Gone ForeverEdit

Jasper trotted along huffing and puffing heavy. He put his nose to the ground seeking Lysie’s scent but he seemed to have lost it. He could smell carrion from miles away but he couldn’t find on Subterra brawl in Interspace. Scent was carried differently in Interspace however. Jasper snarled and hissed sniffing the floor till he finally was located the scent he was looking for. Jasper howled. Before he could take off running a light appeared before him.

Frida: Are you still fighting Jasper?

Jasper moaned.

Frida: The fight is over. You don’t have to anymore Jasper.

Jasper moaned again flattening his ears to his head. Frida glided down from the light with her hands out. Jasper took a few steps forward till he was able to rest his head in Frida’s hands.

Frida: Let him go Jasper. There will be others, some will hurt you but a few are worth it all.

Jasper huffed. He slowly started to change back to his normal form. Frida smiled.

Frida: There you go Jasper. I will always be with you.

Jasper: I want to be with you.

Frida: No Jasper. You are still needed down here. I am always with you so you are always with me.

Jasper: It’s not the same, Frida. I miss you.

Frida: I know Jasper.

Jasper: I don’t want to lose anyone ever again. Not to anyone either. Dallas doesn’t know how important he is to me.

Frida: Maybe Dallas doesn’t know what it is like to lose but do you want him to know that sinking feeling?

Jasper: No…

Frida smiled.

Frida: Then protect him with all your might, Jasper. Don’t ever let anything harm him.

Frida began to fade away. Jasper’s heart jumped. He reached out to grab his former mate but she vanished.

Jasper: Come back! Don’t leave me! Frida!

See even she left you.

Jasper: Oh shut up!

Every one of them left you, but I am still with you.

Jasper: That enough of that! Go away!

I am the one who will never leave you. Stay with me and I will get Dallas back for you.

Jasper: Is that a promise you can keep?

Why don’t we find out?

Jasper: No, I don’t need Dallas. He is a waste of time. I don’t need you either. I am used to being alone. I have been alone since I was a kid, dam it.

Jasper stood up and walked out of the alley way into the light. The voice laughed at him. Jasper snarled.

Jasper: Don't know what's going on. Don't know what went wrong. Feels like a hundred years I still can't believe you're gone.

Jasper put his hands to his ears to block out all other sounds.

Jasper: So I'll stay up all night with these bloodshot eyes! While these walls surround me with the story of our life…

Jasper snapped. Using his magic he threw a ball of dark energy randomly at a crowd causing them all the scathed.

Jasper: I feel so much better! Now that you're gone forever! I tell myself that I don't miss you at all! I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now that you're gone forever….

Jasper jumped up onto Random Kid's back and kicked the nearest person in the head.

Random Kid: Hey what you problem?

Jasper: Now things are coming clear and I don't need you here! And in this world around me, I'm glad you disappeared. So I'll stay out all night! Get drunk and f***, fight! Until the morning comes I'll forget about our life…

Jasper grabbed Random the Kid and swung his around knocking other people in the face.

Jasper: I feel so much better! Now that you're gone forever! I tell myself that I don't miss you at all! I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now that you're gone forever.

Jasper let Random go as he went flying off into a group of brawlers. Jasper reached down, pulling up the floor with one hand, he tossed it off. People panicking now, ran to get out of the way. Jasper started firing randomly dark magic in different directions.

Jasper: First time you screamed at me I should have made you leave! I should have known it could be so much better! I hope you're missing me. I hope I've made you see. That I'm gone forever!

The rampaging Klimatjie stopped, looking up at the sky.

Jasper: And now it's coming clear that I don't need you here, and in this world around me, I'm glad you disappeared…

Jasper grabbed a large object made of metal and threw it. He tossed people and thing around. His body appeared to be on fire with black flames as his eyes shined red.

Jasper: I feel so much better! Now that you're gone forever I tell myself that I don't miss you at all! I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now that you're gone forever…

Jasper turned slowly around staring blankly at the sky.

Jasper: And now you're gone forever… And now you're gone forever…

Jasper leaned back and let gravity take him to the ground.

Not too far off, another creature roamed the back alley ways. This beast shorted four fangs, crimson red fur, a large white mane and two massive feathered wings. Demonclaw padded along silently like a ghost. His ears twitched. He could hear the humming chattering song of his companion.

Aniju: Dante…

Demonclaw looked up. He could see an albino sitting on the top of a root, her scarf dangling in the wind. The demon huffed.

Aniju: Dante, where art thou Dante?

Demonclaw huffed again. Aniju jumped down from her height advantage. She frolicked over to him and sat right in front of his nose. Demonclaw laid down with his ears back.

Aniju: Where’s my Dante?

Demonclaw: Mmmmmoooph…

Aniju: I bet you know where he is. I need him to help me deal with Kleinn. Something bad is happening.

Demonclaw lowed his massive heavy head onto Aniju’s shoulder. She leaned back onto him. The demonic cat closed his eyes.

Aniju: There’s my Dante…

Dante: I’m tired…

Aniju: I know. I was too the first few times…

Dante: What did I do? Did I hurt anyone?

Aniju: No, Other Lync will live. Mizu-zu will be fine as well. He’s lucky you left no scars.

Dante: I hear Kleinn.

Aniju: Yes, it seems something is happening to him. Gritty Grit Gritt will need our help. Come on Dante.

Aniju pulled out from under her bandages an energy drink.

Aniju: It will have to do for now.

Dante: Oh my favorite!

Aniju: Don’t drink it all though. Remember how crazy you got last time you have the whole thing?

Dante: Oh alright. I need to eat anyways.

Dante sipped some of the energy drink before he followed Aniju.

Aniju: We better pick up Jasper on the way.

Dante: Oh I need to find Hans... I have to give him his next assignment.

Aniju smiled at Dante. The two set out to find Hans and Jasper. Unknowingly Hans already found Jasper just lying on the ground. Jasper apparently had hit him with one of the Random Kid that Jasper threw. Hans was pissed and wanted to give Jasper a piece of his mind.

Hans: What the Hell man?! Throwing things at people. What’s wrong with you?

Triton: Yeah, you could have killed someone.

Jasper slowly lifted his head. He stared at the Aquos brawler and his Bakugan with a blank stare.

Jasper: What’s wrong with your face?

Triton: Nothing.

Jasper: Hey wait… (Sitting up) Aren’t you the new kid that Dante hired?

Hans: You know him?

Jasper: Yeah we watched you brawl Team Wolf. Gawd that’s when this whole mess started! What a busy day.

Hans: What?

Just then Hans had the wind knocked out of him by Dante who had jumped out from behind and clung to Hans.

Dante: Hanzies!

Hans: Gah!

Dante squeezed tighter with his arms and legs. Popkat leaped out of Dante’s mane. She sat on Dante's head.

Hans: Never had an employer jump on me before. I am happy to see you too. I completed the task. Team Wolf is defeated.

Triton: And traumatized.

Hans: Yeah, so where’s my payment.

Dante: Oh that…

Dante reached into his fluffy mane and pulled out a piece of glass. He gave it to Hans.

Hans: What is this?

Dante: Glass Battle Gear.

Hans: Battle Gear?

Dante: Yup. It will amplify your attacks especially Haos.

Hans: Why is it made of Glass?

Dante: I made it. :P

Aniju: He doesn’t understand how light works clearly…

Dante: Just use it and you will see. Now come come. I have another job for you.

Aniju: Come Jasper.

Jasper: Yes Master!

Dante slipped off Hans and started to follow Aniju. Jasper jumped to his feet and tagged along. Off in the distances they could see a gigantic metal creature and screams.

Hans: Is that where we are going.

Dante: Yup. :P

Chapter 27: JudgmentEdit

Returning to Volt and Kleinn; the two engaged in a brawl albeit the latter extremely weakened by the wounds he sustained from activating his Cybernetic arm.

Kleinn: Double Ability Activate! Attribute Yin Yang plus Shadow Fissure!

Lantis: RAAAAAWR!! Darkness!!

Volt: Ability Activate, Arcadia Sword!

Lumagrowl: Take that!! GROOOWL!!!

Kleinn: Lantis!!

Lantis: Omff!!

Lantis gets up and counterattacks Lumagrowl. Lumagrowl leaves Volt's side and fends off Lantis as their respective brawlers bicker.

Volt: Remarkable will to fight...but there is really no actual reason for you to waste your time and energy.

Kleinn: What did I do? What have I done?

Volt: Nothing. Rather, you were an instrument used by the people whom you thought to have helped you.

Kleinn: The BIOS facility are my friends! They are my family!

Volt: The BIOS are the true people that used you. They took you away from your true family.

Kleinn: NO! The true bad guy here is Lync! I want him to die!!

Volt: Lync is the one who truly cares about you!

Kleinn: He doesn't care a single damn bit about me!!! That's why...I hate him. I hate him I hate him I hate him!!!

Volt: Sheesh, okay. Even I would acknowledge that Lync is an annoying prick. An insensitive bastard and someone who came back from hell but he's a guy with a good heart.

Kleinn: Prove it!

Volt: Lync saved the universe once even if it costed him his life! He helped create a future where Vestals can live free from the tyrannical rule of Zenoheld!

Kleinn: Lies and deceit! LIAR!!!

Volt felt that someone hit him in the head with a rock.

Mizuhiro: Hmph.

Volt: Hydron.

Kleinn: Big brother?

Mizuhiro: I would have to agree with everything he said.

Kleinn: Not you too?

Mizuhiro: No offense but yeah, Lync is one asshole you'd never want to be friends with but give him time and you will see that he has purpose.

Kleinn: He...

Kleinn mellows down just right in time as Lantis returns to Ball Form, severely weakened by wolf bites. Lumagrowl also returns to Ball form and perched on Volt Luster's shoulders.

Volt: Good work.

Lumagrowl: Do I get fried chicken later?

Volt: I would cook you some but you ate all the batter.

Lumagrowl: Owwmff... :(

Volt: Fine, I'll go order some for you.

Mizuhiro: Kleinn...

Kleinn: I don't want Lync...I don't want to see him...

Mizuhiro: I fully understand that he's the embodiment of your hatred. We won't force you to talk to him.

Kleinn: Thanks big brother.

Mizuhiro: But you have to promise that you will listen to us.

Kleinn: Okay...

Lantis: Gurrrrgh...

Kleinn: Lantis?!

Lantis: Owwww...bite marks...

Kleinn: You got rabies?

Volt: Preposterous. I just injected Anti-Rabies on this damn thing.

Lumagrowl: RAWR.

Kleinn: You do...?

Volt: I did.

Mizuhiro: Now where were we?

Kleinn: So big you know who my true family is?

Volt: Wait a sec.

Mizuhiro: Please give us a moment.

Kleinn: Okay...

Volt and Mizuhiro distanced a bit from Kleinn. The two whispered to each other.

Volt: Is it just me or he looks just like Ace Grit?

Mizuhiro: That's not just you.

Volt: Seriously...and the shape of his eyes remind me of Mira.

Mizuhiro: We should tell him the truth. It will save him.

Volt and Mizuhiro approached Kleinn to finally tell the boy what he needed to know.

Meanwhile the other teams...

Aniju jumped up on the Arena’s wall and stood up with her hands tucked in front of her. (She doing her meerkat stand.) Dane jumped up next followed by Jasper. Hans slowly climbed up not being able to jump that high. Both Dante and Jasper stood like Aniju with their hands tucked in front of them standing up straight. Hans glanced at them and slowly mimic them for a few seconds before returning to his normal posture.

Hans: How did you guys do that?

Dante: Hmmm?

Aniju: Goodie things have calm down. Gritty Ace is doing his job.

Jasper: What is Volty Volt doing here?

Dante: Oh that means someone has been left unguarded.

Both Dante and Jasper smiled. Time to go visit Father Man.

Aniju: Hmm… Where’s Shad-Shad (Shadow) and My-My (Mylene)? I see other Hydron.

Jasper: He doesn’t remember who he was and now he is nothing like Hydron.

Aniju: I’ve been there…

Hans: What are we talking about? Do I get to brawl them?

Aniju: No… Go distract one of the other teams.

Hans: alright then.

Hans proceeded to climb down to go find someone to brawl.

Aniju: Looks like Gritty of the Ace is doing his job well. Aniju turned and glanced at him as he left before turning back.

Dante: That’s what he named him?

Aniju: Gritty Ace yes. Grit-Grit, Gritters, Grittaling, Gritto….

Jasper: Gritz?

Dante: Isn’t that a type of food?

Jasper: I think so… Where did Hanzie go?

Dante: Over there…

Aniju: That boy moves fast. You two better keep an eye on him. I need to go check on the Umbras.

Dante: They should have a rival team named the Embers.

Aniju: Maybe with Hans’ ex-team-mates?

Jasper: There is more? :D

Dante: Come on Jasp Jasp. Let’s go hang with Hans.

Dante and Jasper turned and jumped off the roof. Aniju watched them go. She turned and glanced down at the group of people below having a conversational before she too jumped down. She darted off in another direction to check on Umbra Team.

Hans: So you two ware coming with me?

Dante: Yup, I got to keep an eye on you. Let’s see if how you fair with your new battle gear?

Triton: Okay, let’s find our first victim.

Dante: You sound like Banshee and Ectorius.

Hans: Oh who is this?

Jasper: Someone you don’t want to fight.

Hans: Or do we?

Dante: Not now Hans. Ectorius would just eat Triton, or do you not thin bats are predatory animals?

Hans: Well they fly like geese and geese are predatory birds right? So I guess bats are too?

Dante and Jasper said nothing at first. They just smiled. Jasper however did know what a goose was. Aniju had once taken him to her friends’ house who had a gaggle of geese. They attacked mercilessly but he kind of deserved because he was teasing them. “They were everywhere…” was what Jasper said after he was saved.

Jasper: It was worth it though….

While Jasper was enjoying his little flash back, Dante eyed a rival team. He pointed them out to Hans.

Dante: Oh brawl Hero’s Team? Hmm?

Hans: What a weird name, but okay!

Dante: I’ll make you something nice as payment.

Hans: More glass battle gear?

Dante: Maybe…

Triton: Let’s try it out.

Hans: Alright… Now how do we get down?

Jasper: You’re pretty strong hmm eh Hans?

Hans? Hellz yeah! I am the best!

Jasper: Sounds familiar… (Thinks back to when he first met Blade.) Why are you all alone?

Hans: Huh? Do you mean why I have no team?

Jasper nodded.

Hans: Oh I did once but we broke up a while ago. I don’t need a team anymore.

Dante: It’s good to have someone to watch your back.

Hans: I have Triton for that but sometimes…

Jasper: What to us to brawl with you?

Dante: Erh? D:

Jasper: Come on Dant, you have to practice like Gerald said.

Dante: But Popkat is a baby. It be like child abuse.

Hans: Your Bakugan is a baby?

Dante: Yup!

Triton: I can take them on my own!

Jasper: So confident!

Hans headed off to go challenge the Hero’s Team. Dante and Jasper followed close behind him. Popkat pocked her head out of Dante’s scruff.

Popkat: Hmm? Did someone say my name?

Chapter 28: GooseBumpsEdit

Hans and one of the Hero's Team's members are having a little chat while Dante and Jasper look on, with Dante barely holding back giggles.

Silver: Enough bragging, Birdy! Me and Keb Gaia are going to take you on and stomp your feathery butt into the ground!

Hans: Bawww, that's rude! *pretends to cry*

Silver: Let's get on with it. Or are you afraid of being pwned by a girl?

Hans: Heh. You look weak. Why should I be afraid of you?

Silver: Quit running your mouth! You're gonna choke to death on your own saliva!

Triton: I lol'd.

Hans: Don't jinx me you little witch!

While Hans and Silver of Hero's Team were busy trashtalking each other, a mysterious young man walked over to them. He was tall and lean, though slightly shorter than Hans, with green hair, purple eyes and dressed in white and yellow, a dark purple headband holding his hair back.

Mysterious Stranger: Why hello there, Lead Goose! Nice to see you still alive and kicking!

Hans and Silver: *in unison* Who the hell are you? Take a hike, we're in the middle of an important conversation here!

Triton: *pokes Hans in the back* H-hans...You should really take a look.

Hans: Triton...Are you...Nervous? HOW THE HELL IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! *turns around to look at the stranger* OH...MY...GAWD...*jaw drops*

Triton: *sigh* This is the third time today. You should really visit a dentist, Hans! *snaps Hans's jaw back into place*


Mysterious Stranger: Why so surprised, Hansie? Aren't you happy to see me?

Hans: *stuttering* R-r-ronald? W-w-what in the...I thought you left this place for good!

Ronald: Like hell I did! I didn't give up on achieving my ultimate goal just because you took away everything I had. I'm not that kind of guy, Hans. Unlike you, I have strong willpower!

Silver: Uh...What the hell's going on here?

Ronald: *pulls out a remote* I don't want anyone to hear our little private talk. Remember our secret hangout, Hansie?

Hans: Where did you get that? I thought I got rid of that thing when we disbanded!

Ronald: Kitty here *pulls out his Bakugan* has an unhealthy obsession with stealing all kinds of crap from junkyards. Who would've thought that someday his obsession would actually lead to something good! Let's go now. I don't have much time. *grabs Hans's arm and presses one of the remote's buttons*

Ronald and Hans teleport away.

Silver and a couple of Random Kids: Eh? What just happened?

Dante and Jasper: *just standing there with their eyes bulging out of their eye sockets* O_________________O

Meanwhile in an abandoned arena on the outskirts of Interspace...

Ronald: Look around, Hansie. Isn't this place familiar?

Hans: What do you want Ronald? Why did you have to drag me all the way here if you just wanted to talk? Stop being suspicious, dammit!

Ronald: Well, you see...I kinda have a bone to pick with you. *picks up a charred shard of plastic* I'm sure you remember what happened three months ago in this very arena.

Hans: That was an accident.

Ronald: Yeah, but you were the one who set it off, so it's basically your fault.

Hans: But I didn't mea...

Ronald: Excuses? Really? This shows how weak-willed you really are, Hansie. Well, let me tell you something.

Hans: Huh?

Ronald: On that fateful day...My Bakugan, my prized Haos Bastet *sniff*...My one true Partner who was supposed to bring me victory *sob*...GOT EATEN BY A PACK OF FREAKING CHIHUAHUAS!!! WAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHHH!!!! *screams with tears streaming down his face and punches a hole in the Arena's wall*

Hans: o_O Take a chill pill dude.

Ronald: *breathing heavily* That Bakugan...That Bakugan...*wipes his eyes* Was the only one I was in sync with! The only one that had the ability to summon and control that insanely powerful mechanical monster! I would've become champion in no time if it weren't for you, Hans Ranger! YOU CRUSHED MY DREAM, DAMMIT! YOU LEFT ME WITH NOTHING! I WAS FORCED TO START OVER FROM SCRATCH! EVERYTHING I HAVE ACHIEVED, EVERYTHING I HAVE BECOME...ALL OF THAT WAS REDUCED TO NOTING IN A SINGLE. F**KING. DAY!

Triton: Jeez, talk about an All Caps Rage!

Hans: =_= I think you need anger management, Ronald.

Ronald: DON'T F**K WITH ME! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF PLAYING NICE GUY! I CAME HERE SO I COULD KICK YOUR ASS, GOT IT? *whips out a Gate Card and throws it down* Gate Card, Set! Bakugan, Brawl! Bakugan, Stand! Rise, Haos Nyan Cat!

A feline creature that looked like it had a strawberry pop tart for a torso emerged from its ball form, radiating a rainbow aura and making awfully annoying meowing noises.

Hans: What the hell is that thing?

Ronald: That's Nyan Cat, the successor of my late Bastet. He's weaker than her but he has a few uncanny special abilities. Your move, Hansie.

Hans: If you wanted to brawl you could've just said so! No need to act like an asshole! Bakugan, Brawl! Rise, Aquos Triton!

Ronald: Your little lizard got uglier.

Triton: These are hi-tech cybernetic parts, you bastard! I bet you're jealous 'cause I have a supercomputer on my back and your kitty has a lump of dough on his!

Nyan Cat: Nyan >_<

Triton: That pathetic thing can't even talk! Bwahahahaha!

Hans: I thought you were a perfectionist Ronald. So why did you choose such an "imperfect" Bakugan, huh?

Ronald: I made an exception for Nyan Cat because of his enormous potential. I wouldn't diss him if I were you, *foams at the mouth* HAAAAAAAAAANS RANGEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR!!!

Triton: Bro's mad.

Hans: I wonder who infected him with rabies =_=.

Ronald: Enough blabbering! Ability, Activate! Nyan Scan!

Nyan Cat meows and emits a rainbow aura that covers the entire battlefield.

Triton: What teh hell is that? Rainbows? Rainbows are for girls!

Ronald: I'm going to completely obliterate you you stupid trolling lizard! As we speak, Nyan Cat is using his special power to scan you for weaknesses!

Nyan Cat: *in a robotic voice* Scan com-plete. To-tal a-mount of weak spots found: 9-0-0-1.

Ronald: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!! *crushes his Bakumeter in his hand*

Hans: Uh...Dude...You just crushed your...Bakumeter.

Ronald: I always carry a spare with me for such an occasion.

Triton: So that kitty is a cyborg too?

Ronald: Nope. That's just his natural voice.

Hans: So he can talk after all?

Ronald: Barely.



Ronald: I told you he wasn't an ordinary Bakugan. He's analyzed Triton down to his last cell.

Hans and Triton: OH FU~

Ronald: Let the No Holds Barred Beatdown begin! Ability Activate! Nyan Evisceration!

Nyan Cat: One-of-your-main-weak-ness-es-is-that-you-have-a-hea-vy-and-slow-cy-ber-ne-tic-bo-dy. You can-not-dodge-fast-sla-shing-at-tacks. Pre-pare-to-die.

Nyan Cat grows four sets of Wolverine-like claws and brutally slices up Triton, severely damaging both his organic and his cybernetic parts.


Ronald: Ow, that's gotta hurt. My new Bakugan is unmatched when it comes to inflicting pain on his enemies.

The cloud of rainbow-tinted smoke kicked up by Nyan Cat's attack clears, revealing a horribly damaged Triton. The latter stumbles and sinks to the ground with a groan. The Aquos salamander is battered and covered in blood, damaged wires in his cybernetic parts sparking and hissing.

Ronald: Ouch. Well done, Nyan Cat.


Triton: Guhaah! *coughs up blood*

Hans: Damn it. A single attack did that much damage? Ronald's gotten stronger.

Ronald: No, I haven't gotten stronger at all. In fact, I've become much weaker now that Bastet is dead. It's you who's gone soft, Hans.

Hans: What are you saying? I haven't gone soft! I'm the man who's going to become the Champion of Interspace!

Ronald: So that's your goal now? How ironic!

Triton: Ugh...

Ronald: However, as payback...I'm going to have to crush your dream as well. Nyan Cat, make sure that lizard sees all of his guts before he gives up the ghost.

Hans: You're not going to kill Triton! Not on my watch! AQUA NET TERROR, ACTIVATE!

A familiar ice prison begins to form around Nyan Cat. Triton's wires, though damaged, wrap around the ball of ice, successfully trapping the feline Bakugan.

Triton: Take this...Let *pant* the darkest, vilest *pant* secrets of the Internet rot your brain!

Hans: This is Triton's Ultimate Ability! Your kitty's brains are gonna turn to mush any second now! Finish him, Triton! I promise I'm gonna fix you after this is over!

Nyan Cat: *cries out grabbing his head, unintentionally sinking his claws into his own skin* YEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLL!!!

Triton: *weakly* Epic f-fail...

Ronald: Nyan Cat! Hold on! I'm sick and tired of that obnoxious lizard! Ability Activate! Nyan Lullaby!

Nyan Cat: Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan *sings the Nyan Song while flying around in the ice sphere, leaving behind a rainbow trail*

Triton: What's wrong? My systems...They're freaking out...WHY THE HELL AM I TRANSMITTING MY LITTLE PONY INTO THE TERROR SPHERE? What's going on? *sways back and forth dizzily* Blood loss T_T

Ronald: Not only does this ability nullify the opponent's ability, but it also doubles Nyan Cat's power level!

Nyan Cat: *breaks out of the ice prison*

Hans and Triton: No way!

Ronald: And now...Gate Card Open! Land Pressure! This command card manipulates gravity on the battlefield. Now Triton's completely immobilized. Do it, Nyan Cat!

Nyan Cat: Nyan-E-vis-ce-ra-tion!

Hans: STOP IT!

Ronald: Huh? Is that an order, "Leader"? Bwahahahaha!!!

Hans: *gets down on his knees* Please stop! I beg of you!

Ronald: Well well well, what do we have here?

Hans: *on the verge of tears* Don't kill Triton! I'm sorry for getting your Bakugan killed, I really am! Just let Triton live! Even though he can be a real jerk sometimes, he's still my friend! So please! Please spare him, Ronald!

Triton: H-hans...

Ronald: So you admit that it was your fault Bastet got killed?

Hans: Yes!

Triton: But...T-that's not...True...


Ronald: Heh...What was that you said when you were brawling these two kids? "I'm not that kind of guy!", right? Well then, I would like to forgive you and let your Bakugan go, but the thing is...I'M NOT THAT KIND OF GUY, "LEADER"! *laughs*

Nyan Cat: *slashes Triton with his claws*

Ronald: And now...The finishing blow! Cut his head off!

Hans: *runs over to his fallen partner* TRITON!!! NO!!!

Ronald: I don't murder people. Get away from him. *kicks Hans in the gut*

Hans: Argh! *falls over*

Nyan Cat: *swings his claws at Triton's neck*

Suddenly, Ronald's cell phone rings, causing Nyan Cat to stop mid-slash.

Ronald: *picks up the phone* Hello?


Ronald: Uh...Just a sec... I need to take care of some stuff first!


Ronald: o_O

Hans: o_O

Nyan Cat: o_O

Triton: o_O

Ronald: Grr...You got lucky...HAAAAAANNNNSSSSS RAAAAAAANNNGGGEEEERRRRR!!! *grabs Nyan Cat's ball form and teleports away while cursing his head off*

Hans: *is curled up on the ground crying his eyes out shamelessly*

Triton: *teleports them both out of the arena before passing out*

Chapter 29: Purple CrisesEdit

Maria: Don’t eat me… Don’t eat me…

J. Alfred: Alright, I won’t eat you, Maria.

Maria: I know Alf. I mean Banshee.

J. Alfred: Awe she won’t eat you. Not with that fluffy ponytail.

Olaf: Why did she try and eat you? Okay things are getting weird…

Baldr: If you are hungry… I shall some of my chicken with you!

Olaf was busy patching up Maria’s back after Banshee had cut her. The Phantom girl wasn’t interested. She sat in the corner eating something that J. Alfred had brought her.

Brook: So where is my sister?

Banshee: You just won’t give me a break…. She’s fine…

Brook: Okay but where is she?

Banshee: She is right here with me.

Brook: I don’t get it…

Banshee: I know.

Banshee turned at looked at Baldr.

Banshee: You remind me of that game they let us play on the computer thing. What was it called, Age of Empires? Did the Norse have chickens? I remember they had sheep. Love Loki though.

Baldr: Oh well in this modern day and age, why not take advanced of the new food supply? Plus chicken is all Olaf buys me.

Olaf: That’s what you like best.

Prior to this conversation J. Alfred had brought Banshee back to the Stadium and brought her something to eat, so she wouldn’t eat their dear Maria. She was traumatized by the last happenings. Banshee said Bree wouldn’t be able to come back till she had regained her energy, whatever that meant. Brook was still unhappy about not knowing where exactly her she was. J. Alfred had taken Ectorius to have a look at him. The bat Bakugan had closed his wings tight however and J. Alfred couldn’t examine him like he had wanted.

Banshee: Ectorius?

J. Alfred: He seems to be resting.

Brook: So where exactly is Bree?

Maria: Don’t eat me… Don’t eat me…

Olaf: Okay you are all patched up, Maria.

Brook: It’s nice to have a medic in our group.

Olaf: Thank you.

J. Alfred: So Banshee…

Banshee: Hmm?

J. Alfred: What kind of relationship do you have with Bree?

Banshee: A complicated one…

Olaf: Huh? It’s the albino lady again…

Olaf indicated outside the waiting room. Sure enough standing on top of the Arena was Aniju. Her scarf waving in the wind, somehow.

Chimeriad: Oh so that’s albino girl.

Maria: She pretty.

Brook: She looks familiar…. Like I have seen her somewhere before.

Olaf: Maybe you have seen her around Interspace?

Brook: No not of recently like some time ago.

J. Alfred: Aniju looks like your cousin Alexander.

Brook: A little but just because both are albinos doesn’t mean they look alike. Alf, you’re an albino.

J. Alfred: Yup.

Olaf: Let go talk to her then?

Brook: How do we get up there?

Maria: Fly up on our Bakugan?

Chimeriad: I’ll get her!

Before Maria could stop him, Chimeriad floated out of the room. He flew up to where Aniju was standing with her hands tucked in front of her. (She’s doing her meerkat stand.)

Chimeriad: Hey Albino Lady!

Aniju turned her head and looked down.

Chimeriad: We want to talk to you so come down here!

Aniju said nothing. She just started at the Plasma Bakugan and slowly blinked, however it was not a normal blink. A second lens, see through crossed her eye and disappeared back on the sides of her eyes.

Chimeriad: What the Hell?

Maria: Chimeriad get down here!

Olaf: You don’t seem to be able to control your Bakugan sometimes Maria.

Maria: Oh it’s like being partnered with a hyper little bad mouth child. Why I am still his partner I don’t know.

Chimeriad: Because you love me?

Maria: ……………..

Chimeriad: Right?

Maria: Yeah whatever… (Slightly embarrassed)

Chimeriad: Yeah! 0u0

J. Alfred: Hey Aniju! (Waves)

Aniju smiled and waved over excitedly back at J. Alfred. She jumped down landed near him.

J. Alfred: You been practicing those cards moved I though you?

Aniju: Yup! (No she hasn’t)

Brook: Wow she really is an albino…

Aniju looked down at her arms as If she never notice whole pale she was.

Aniju: Holy Crap I am an albino.

Brook: She does look like my cousin Alexander.

It felt like Brook had seen Aniju somewhere before but couldn’t remember where; or if she had even seen her at all. Brook seemed to have the habit of running into albinos.

Maria: Don’t let her eat me!

Aniju: Huh?

J. Alfred: Oh Banshee tried to eat Maria.

Banshee: (From inside) And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for these metaling kids and their Bakugan.

Aniju: (Looks at Maria) I would eat you too if I were a phantom… Banshee has a fetish for purple things.

Maria: Oh great I am all purple! Look at me! Olaf you are not looking!

Olaf: Huh? (Looking at Brook)

Brook: She’s over there. (Moves Olaf’s head with her hand towards Maria.)

Olaf: Oh hey you are very purplely.

Maria: I am screwed!

Maria started to walk around in circles mumbling how she was all purple and going to be eaten by Banshee and everyone else who liked purple. She was on the edge of having a mental break down.

Maria: Purple, I am all purple! Why am I all purple! All there monsters are going to eat me. My ponytail is a choking hazard! Everyone knows it! Oh stupid honors classes! Purple! GYM is a bitch! I am too skinny and weak! Garh! Why do I have such wimpy arms?!

Aniju: Is she okay?

J. Alfred: No…

Brook: Um someone should do something.

Olaf: It’s okay Maria… It could be worse… Um Banshee could have really gotten you and um… I don’t know where I am going…

Chimeriad: Snap out of it Maria! (Flings himself and smacks Maria in the face.)

Maria: What the Hell!

Chimeriad: Oh I think I hurt myself on your boney cheek… (Rolls on the ground)

Maria: I do not have boney cheeks!

Aniju: It could be worse… You could be like him.

Aniju pointed with her three figured left hand. There on the ground lay Hans and his Bakugan all messed.

Brook: Oh my!

Maria: Oh my Gawd what happen.

Umbra Team rushes over to help Hans and the unconscious Triton. While they were distracted, Banshee had disappeared and Bree was left in her place.

BOOM! There was a loud explosion on the side of the street. Several brawlers who had survived the previous random happenings scattered away from the impending disaster. Out form the smoke and flames, Dante round on the around, did a flip and land on the floor on his back. He quickly sat up in a daze.

Dante: You throw like a girl.

Shizuo: Garh slippery little bugger. I missed him.

Mizuhiro: Enough of this “Spawn of Held of the Zeno!” crap I don’t even know what that means!

Mizuhiro threw a shard that had broken off of one of the post. Dante flipped back awards and jumped out of the way.

Dante: Why whenever we meet, you always end up chasing us?

Mizuhiro: Because you always insult my sister!

Dante: She’s you’re sister?! I thought you two had something going on there? Incest?

Mizuhiro: No! Oh that’s it!

Jasper: That’s what you said last time!

Jasper appeared behind Mizuhiro and swung a sign post right into his head. The curly hair boy fell off his Bakugan.

Jasper: A taste of your own medicine!

Shizuo: No one does that to my partner! Even if he is a girly curly head freak!

Mizuhiro: Hey!

Jasper leaped out of the way before Shizuo could get him. He joined Dante on the roof. Shizuo grabbed the lower half of the building and started to pull it from its foundations.

Jasper: Oh crap!

Dante: Time to go Jasp Jasp!

Mizuhiro: Oh no you don’t!

He flung a piece of wood towards the two mischief makers. Dante was pulled by Jasper down the side of the building. The leaped to the next building over.

Dante: They have no complete care of innocent by standers.

Jasper: Come on Dante. Let’s loose them in the crowd.

Dante and Jasper disappeared from Mizuhiro and Shizuo’s sight. Numberous brawlers fled for their lives. Interspace seems to have become a more dangerous place.

Mizuhiro: Where did they go?

Shizuo: They couldn’t have gotten far!

Not too far off in an alley way, Dante and Jasper sat leaning against the wall panting and laughing at the same time. Prior to running into Mizuhiro and Shizuo, they had been looking for Hans. Dante was using his excellent sense of hearing to locate their missing Aquos friend and Bakugan. Dante looked down and notice the piece of wood was stinging out of the side of his leg.

Dante: Hmhm, I used to be an adventurer like you till I took an arrow to the knee.

Jasper: Hahah Skyrim!

Dante pulled the piece of wood out of his leg. It didn't seem to phase him.

Jasper: Now that it’s quiet, can you hear Hans?

Dante: Um, let me see?

Dante listened. He scanned his surroundings siphoning through the many voices that were not Hans. He listened past the crowds, past the brawls, past the sounds of everyone. It came in faith but grew louder till it was a screaming cry.

Dante: Something is wrong! Something bad is happening to Hans!

Jasper: What? Where is he?

Dante: This way! Come on Jasper!

Dante led the way out the alley way, through the crowd, past the arenas and Stadium.

Dante: Someone is hurting him!

Jasper: Oh when I get my claws on that bastard throat!

Dante: Stupid sound is blocking it!

Dante listen but there was interference. Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan was ringing in Dante’s mind’s eye.

Dante: Dam it! What the Hell is this?!

Dante skid to a stop. Jasper slammed into him and fell backwards. He sat back up.

Jasper: Yowl! What Now?

Dante: Pizza?

Jasper: No not now Dante. Where is Hans? What’s happening to him?

Dante glanced around as if he lost Hans’ located. He listened for Hans voice till he found it again but now it was in a different located.

Dante: This way.

Jasper: What? We just came from this way!

Dante: Hans isn’t there anymore. He’s here. He’s with someone. Some people. He’s with… Aniju?

Chapter 30: Two Unrelated EventsEdit

DIO, the leader of the enemy faction spots his friend-turned-worst enemy all by himself. He hovers down, greeting the man by blocking the light off the place.

Kunagiri: Dan.

DIO: I'll make this straight, Shun.

Kunagiri: Spill it.

DIO: Do you not wish to attain power?

Kunagiri: I am already powerful as-is and you know that.

DIO: Conceited, are you?

DIO hovers away from Kunagiri and sits down in the air as if he has an invisible throne.

Kunagiri: I am merely saying the truth.

DIO: Of course you are. Ten years ago, you were a Gary Stu that defeated two Nonet Bakugan by yourself. Well, almost.

Kunagiri: Then you knew.

DIO: I know everything.

Kunagiri: There is nothing more for us to talk about then.

DIO: There is but a little suggestion to you.

Kunagiri: Better not be something that can result to a sadistically bitter end for either of us.

DIO: Of course, I will not rush to grant you that. We're still friends...kind of. Therefore, here's an offer.

Kunagiri: What are you prattling about?

DIO: A God Persona.

Kunagiri: A what?

DIO: Do you not wish to attain one?

Kunagiri: Forgive the rhetoric question, Dan, but do you think a Fifth Hokage will desire to be a God?

DIO: Maybe or maybe not. You guys are always open for fillers.

Kunagiri: That's how it is being a modern age ninja warrior. Sadly.

DIO: Hah, it figures!

DIO vanishes, leaving Kunagiri alone in that spot once again. He pondered...

Kunagiri: A "God Persona..."

...but he wasn't alone for long. Lysie approached him and asked...

Lysie: Say, Professor.

Kunagiri: Yes, what is it?

Lysie: What happened to the group of weird-looking brawlers from before?

Kunagiri: The Mad Geese Team?

Lysie: Yes, them.

Kunagiri: Green peas...

Lysie: What?

Kunagiri: I didn't know the details much but I'll tell you what I know.

Lysie: Okay...those weird kids really left me pondering.

While Kunagiri and Lysie are talking about the Mad Geese, they were approached by...

While that was happening, totally random crap was happening over here just for time killing....

Aniju: And then the carrot died….

Maria: What?

Banshee: (To Bree) Awe why did the carrot have to die?

Aniju: Then suddenly the carrot came back to life, but it realized it was dead so the carrot died again…

Dante: What no the carrot?!

Jasper: Give it mouth to mouth!

Maria: Why is this carrot dying?

Dante: Arh someone do something!

Aniju: Alucard appeared in the fray. Looking around at all the blood death and sparkling skin, he exclaimed, “This is a bloody mess!” And disappeared back into the wall. That was the only time Alucard was seen in this story.

Dante: Alucard save the carrot!

Hans slowly opened his eyes as the world came to him in a blur. He heard yelling and death and randomness of the story Aniju was tell everyone to occupy them.

Hans: What’s going on?

Dante: Oh Hanzie is alive!

Hans: What happen?

Jasper: The carrot died! We have to have a funeral.

Banshee: (To Bree) Oh I like graveyards. Always wanted to live in one.

Bree: (To Banshee) No it’s too scary.

Banshee: (To Bree) I am a phantom! I need to haunt things!

Brook: Is something wrong Bree? Who you taking too?

Bree: To Banshee…

J. Alfred: Where did she go anyways?

Bree:She is supposed to be sleeping…

Hans: I am confused. Where is Triton?

Dante: He is right here. Aniju healed him all up.

Olaf: She is amazing! I didn’t even have to use my medical kit! … I need to restock this thinng.

Baldr: I didn't eat it!

Olaf: No I mean I used up a lot of supplies on Maria.

Maria: I fell better now.

Hans: Triton, are you okay?

Triton: I am all healed now aren’t I?

Hans: No I mean are you alright inside?

Triton: No. Dam cat almost killed me!

Popkat: D:

Dante: Not you Popkitty.

Popkat: :D

J. Alfred: What happen to you?

Hans: Long story… Dante what are you doing?

Dante had his phone are and a large yellow book lay before him. He was dialing this whole time making pizza orders.

Dante: I am getting revenge for you.

Hans: Okay, by ordering pizza?

Dante: Yes, that bastard will be worked to death…

What Dante was doing was making fake orders to the pizza place that Ronald worked at. He was making large orders and small ones so not to raise suspicions and giving different addresses. His plan was to send Ronald on a “wild goose chase" to places that didn’t even order pizza. Dante was altering his voice each time he made a phone call, one of his many sound abilities.

Hans: I see? Thanks Dante...

Dante grin as he conitued his evil little plan.

Chapter 31: EnlightenmentEdit

Aniju, Dante and Jasper sat on top of the resting room building where Umbra Team had found Hans. Aniju was grooming Dante while Jasper was eating some left overs from Banshee's last hunt.

Dante: Ya know I don’t think DIO knows how much of a treat you can be to him Aniju.

Aniju: No he is too focused on Kuna-what’s-his-name to see any other danger there is around him. That is his weakness.

Dante: Okay, what’s up with Umbra Team?

Aniju: No Aquos brawler so they are not ready to meet the challenge. Plus Banshee is still restricted. However in Interspace, those two words should never be said together, she is safe.

Jasper: Happy at least someone’s plans are working out…

Dante: Jasper still unhappy about Dallas man?

Jasper: Dallas isn’t a man. He doesn’t even take the time out of the day to care for someone else’s feelings. It’s all about me, or I am a Bakugan what? Woe as me! I lost nothing! My life is happy compared to other people but no one else’s problems matter but mine! Little Bastard. I love him though.

Aniju: That sums up Dallas pretty good. He is still immature and shallow Jasper. Look at his girlfriend. He is incapable of loving anything that doesn’t have… Whatever those are?

Dante: He is also a teenage still, even if his body is bigger. Teenagers think the world doesn’t matter compared to their stupid selfish problems. They are ignorant, emotional, irrational little bastards.

Aniju: Dallas has never know true lost. He knows not true suffering, but do you want him too Jasper?

Jasper: No, dam it! That sucks as Hell and I wish it on no one! No even DIO but he has lost just like me. We are a lot alike.

Aniju: The difference between you and DIO right now is you let other people into your heart and allowed yourself to heal. DIO has shut himself down in his wallow of depression and won’t listen to the kindness of others.

Jasper: I was evil once like him. Hell I am still evil but not as bad as I used to be… Loosing Dallas is like losing Frida all over again. Oh Dallas you don’t know and don’t care about the pain you are putting me through.

Aniju: Dallas is just an idiot right now, but people eventually outgrow their idiocy.

Dante: Maybe Dallas isn’t worth it?

Jasper: No… I think he is just stupid. DIO is stupid too. And I am being stupid and I know it so that makes me even more stupid. I know DIO is bad and I shouldn’t be socializing myself with him but I am. I know Dallas is good but he gives me so much crap that he turned me away to the dark side… and there is no candy. I feel so much better with DIO than I do with Dallas now. DIO at least cares a bit more than I can say about Dallas. DIO makes an effort. Friendship is an effort both parties have to put into equally.

Aniju: I guess what you are saying Jasp Jasp. I have been there. DIO is like sugar, he taste good but is bad for you. While Dallas is broccoli, doesn’t taste so you but you need him.

Dante: You just have to wait for him to grow up and realize his problems aren’t so bad and aren’t the only ones that matter. You need to wait for him to realize he has you to help him out and that you are truly a good friend. It sucks waiting but it pays off in the end. I had to wait for Aniju.

Aniju: I was a dumb-ass no wasn’t I Dante? And I am sorry.

Jasper: I see... Thank you.. You two are far better friends to me than Dallas has ever been. Maybe he has no one like you two.

Aniju: Than be that person for him. Show him what true kindness and friendship can be. He most certainly has never had it.

Dante: Just look at the people he surrounds himself with. Strange, I would have thought his mother would have been at least nice.

Jasper: The only nice one is that pink haired freak spawn of Held of Zeno, what that how you put it?

Dante: Kind of… unfortunately huh Jasper?

Aniju: I am going to go check on Aqua Boy.

Aniju let Jasper with Dante and headed over to where Hans and Triton were resting. Hans was messing with the battle gear Dante had made trying to figure out how it worked.

Triton: This thing seem useless…

Hans: No it works… if all else false read the instructions…

Aniju: You just have to aim the light beam just right and it concentrates the light like in a magnifying glass.

Hans: Oh, okay…

Aniju: Now why did you little friend attack you like this, hmm?

Hans: Ronald isn’t my friend anymore. He blames me for getting his partner killed.

Aniju: What happen?

Hans: It was tragic… It was an accident.

Aniju: Humans want revenge even when there is none to be had. Humans are stupid. No other animal seeks out revenge for the death of someone. They except death as a natural part of life and more on in the honor of their lost loved one. Ronald was just as much fault as you. He did not do enough to save his Bakugan, but you nor Ronald are to blame. To him, you are his escape goat.

Triton: You are another farm animal, Hans.

Hans: Sign… Ronald would hate me no matter what animal I am. He hates my gust now.

Aniju: Do you know why people hate?

Hans: ….

Aniju: "Hate is just the means not the end. The more you struggle to resist it, the stronger it gets. As time passes you soon realize you have lost everything and hate is all you have left. Then you have no choice by to rely on it, so you hold on to it. Till it too fades away and all you'll have left to do is deal with the pain."

Hans: So Ronald hates me because he hates himself for not being able to save his partner?

Aniju: Yup. He isn’t really to deal with the pain, the pain of hating himself and the loss of his Bakugan. So don’t hate him. Hate is a vicious cycle like revenger. If he kills your Bakugan what do you think you do?

Hans: I be angry as Hell!

Aniju: And you’ll get another Bakugan and kill his current one. Then he will get another Bakugan and kill yours again. Who is really suffering in this and paying the praise for your war?

Hans: Sound like the Bakugan are.

Aniju: Do they deserve this?

Hans looked down at Triton. His partner was an annoying idiot who liked to make faces at people but he was still his friend.

Hans: No. No future partners should have to finish someone else’s fight. They shouldn’t suffer.

Hans had a sudden mature moment that seems to have come out of nowhere. Triton was surprise in his answer. Hans did have a brain but he didn't use it enough.

Hans: This is between me and Ronald, not Triton. He suffered too.

Aniju: Accidents happen in life and sometimes thing don’t always work out. Two people go about their daily lives; one is a lazy alcoholic, the other goes to school and has a promising future. They two meet in a car accident and the good person dies but the drunk driver lives. What you think should have happen?

Hans: The good person should have lived and the drunk driver should have died?

Aniju: But he didn’t. Life doesn’t favor the good or more deserving over the others. Everyone is equal in death.

Hans wasn’t totally understanding but he was getting the gist of what Aniju was saying. His brain cells were running around in his head. Triton may have been folloing better.

Aniju: Now are you going to stop this cycle of revenge and save those friends you have yet to meet in the future?

Hans: I think you should tell this to Ronald.

Aniju: He is too busy running around trying to deliver pizza to people who didn’t order it.

Dante: Ah shit dam it! Bloody Hell!

Hans looked behind him. Dante and Jasper were coming over when something hit Dante in the leg. An arrow poked out of Dante’s leg. A stream of red blood oozed out.

Popkat: Papa said a bad word! D:

Dante: Sorry Popkitty.

Jasper: It is a stupid question but I am going to ask, are you alright?

Dante: Yeah. That was close. I almost became a guard.

Dante pulled out the arrow from his leg. It had just missed his knee. Aniju got up somewhat and crawled over to Dante. She licked his leg and few times till it stopped bleeding.

Dante: Thank you love.

Aniju: Arrows sure do love those knees.

Jasper: Where did it come from?

Dante held up the arrows above his head. Aniju reached up and pulled it back down to her mouth. While Aniju tasted it for DNA, Hans brain kicked in.

Hans: Crap…

Meanwhile, Lync and his sidekick that yells Sengoku Basara 3's creep on a palanquinn...

Lync: All these kids in the interspace are making me sick. None of them are helping!

Worton: Patience. If we found Shun then we should find Dan and Zack as well.

Lync: You know, this makes me think that it's better everything is gone. Everyone beaten to a pulp for no apparent reason just to show how much stupid fancy Bakushenanigans can be as destructive as they are stupid!

Worton: DON'T wish for that. I've been there and done that and it frigging hurts!!

Lync: One more thing, Horton.

Worton: It's Worton!

Lync: No more of those stupid time travelling okay or I'll blast you to Kingdom come myself!

Worton: Yes bawsss...

Lync: ......*glare*

Worton: Boss. :3

Lync: Say, about Shun.

Worton: Yep, wut?

Lync: I didn't expected that a ninja would easily turn himself up.

Worton: And and he suddenly grew old.

Lync: What do you mean?!

Worton: Professor Kunagiri is 28 right? But isn't Shun supposed to be 23 only?

Lync: Oh shat on a Dragovius Destroyir...

Worton: IKR?

Lync: If that's true then where is the real Shun Kazami?

Worton: Take it this way. If someone laid waste to me, of couse, I'd desire for a back-up body. I mean, who wouldn't?

Lync: Damn it, this is all coming through now. In that note, Professor Kunagiri might know where Shun really is and that...

Worton: Dan Kuso is being used as a vessel?

Lync: Vessel of...

...and speak of the devil.

DIO: Genius are you, former Vexos.

Lync: DIO, Mephisto's overlord.

DIO: Pleasure to meet the new Father of the Grammaton. Although I'm a bit less pleased.

Lync: I'm all good and you're just a total wreck!

DIO: I'm not. Dan Kuso is. A weak body will be destroyed soon.

Lync: I will not let you do that!

DIO: Then come at me, ex-Vexos!

Worton: Woah, you have got to be kidding me!

Lync: No, I'm off to beat the crap out of this Godtavius Moder!

DIO: Overconfident as always, Lync.

Lync: Let's see how YOU keep up that cockiness after seeing THIS!

Lync stepped away and smirked. His body was engulfed in green flames that turned to Platinum-like sheen of gray. When the flames cleared, it showed a pink-haired man that looks a bit older and has a menacing grin.

Reira: Dan Kuso. The arbiter had judged you guilty and thus, you must pay for your crimes.

DIO: You...Lync're...!!

Reira: Wrong answer.

The man that called himself "arbiter" blasted DIO with a Gamma Ray Burst. DIO was slammed against the wall and writhes in pain as the arbiter draws near. Worton is at the sidelines, worrying like crazy...

Worton: The Gray Devil...I knew it..he was locked away in the body of a young Vestal whom the world will never come to trust!!

Reira: Any last words?

DIO: You do realize that you are destroying Dan Kuso's body.

Reira: I care not. God Moder must die if he has to die.

Worton: STOP THIS!!

Worton steps in the middle, buying chance for DIO to escape. DIO holds his stomach, writhing as he vanishes while the arbiter glares at Worton before becoming normal.

Lync: The damn woes of the universe...fall to our shoulders once that damn Dan became a piece of damnation...

...and Lync passes out.

Chapter 32: MementosEdit

A shadow loomed over the unconscious Lync. From the safety of the shadows, his little skirmish with DIO had been observed. by someone he had a skirmish with recently.

Banshee: Look it’s that pinked hair guy again… Lookie at him all out cold and defenseless. We should eat him…

Bree: (Her voice) No Banshee! You heard him. He is just looking for his friends.

Banshee: You also heard him talk about how everyone is stupid and deserves to die. We take him out, we will save everyone else. Save them for dinner later.

Bree: (voice) If he is so bad than why is he attacking that other guy? Aniju told us he was bad and this one was good.

Banshee: He isn’t the only pink haired guy. She only said the pink haired guy was good. Maybe it is not this one. I saw another guy with curly pink hair. Maybe it is him?

Bree: (voice)You mean the one that looked like s sheep?

Banshee: Yeah that one.

Banshee kneeled down closer to Lync. Worton leaped out in Lync’s defense but Banshee just grabbed him in her hand. She shook the little Bakugan around before dropping him.

Worton: Whoe, everything is spinning…

Banshee: Hmm… let’s see what we can do about that. (Grining)

Bree: (Vioce) Leave him alone!

Banshee: Go ahead and try…

Worton: Who you talking too?

Banshee: The little voice in me hand. She tells me to do things…

Worton: Who are you?

Banshee: I the stuff that nightmares are made of…

Banshee leaned over, with a grinning hiss, to have a taste of the ninja. Worton flung himself at the Phantom but Ectorius jumped out slamming into Worton. Banshee just laughed. The bat had knocked Worton down to the ground. With the Bakugan out of the way, Banshee picked up Lync’s head.

Banshee: Well I am ninja. He is ninja, she is ninja too. I am ninja, we are ninja and I do believe you are ninja too.

Bree: (Voice) Leave him alone Banshee!

Banshee: Hey tone young lady. I just want a taste. He won’t miss an arm or two.

Bree: (Voice) He only has two arms!

The Phantom felt a sharp pain in her head causing her to drop Lync. Banshee slid back.

Banshee: Arh! What you think you are doing?

Bree: (Voice) I want control now!

Banshee: No it is my turn.

While Banshee was talked to Bree and her Bakugan was knocking Worton around, a portal open up. A man walked out wearing a white lab coat. Banshee’s yellow eyes fell upon the white coat.

Marduk: What did you do to him?!

Banshee: (Hiss) No you aren’t taking me back there!

Marduk: Get away from him!

Banshee eyes widen. A flash of light and they were brought back to that “White Place.” A cold chill filled the air with blinding bright lights that brought no warmth. Silver sharp objects, flashing beans of light, beeping sounds and fade burred voices. People in white lab coats stood above blurred vision. Tubs filled with some kind of liquid and metallic tables.

Banshee: Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrraaaaaarrrrrrgggh!!!

Bree: (Voice) Banshee? We won’t go back there. I promise.

Outside the Dark Realm, Banshee twitched and became rigid. Ectorius smacked Worton with a sound bomb briefly paralyzing him. He looked up at his partner. Banshee hissed falling backwards. Behind, J. Alfred was finally chasing up along with the rest of Umbra Team. Marduk knelt down and pulled Lync back.

J. Alfred: (Concern) Banshee? What’s wrong?

Banshee: Aaaarrrggg! Not again! Not this again! I am not going back!

J. Alfred: Huh? Where? Calm down Banshee. It’s okay now.

Maria: What’s wrong with her? (Coming up with Olaf and Brook)

Olaf: Looks like she is having some kind of bad flash back. I’ve seen this before.

Maria: What do we do then?

Olaf: Try and calm her down.

Brook: What happen here?

Marduk: I have no clue. I have them like this.

J. Alfred picked Banshee up and pulled her away from Lync and Marduk. Brook glanced down at Lync and realized she had seen him before.

Brook: Hey, I’ve seen him before.

Banshee hissed.

Banshee: He’s not important right now. He’s useless to me! I’ll fight my way out! I fight to keep my freedom! I can’t be control!

Banshee rolled over and sat up. J. Alfred was still concern so he held on to her for support.

Olaf: Hey Banshee, did you um… do anything to him?

Banshee: No found him that way.

Marduk: Oh really?

Ectorius hissed and picked Worton up before slamming him back to the ground.

Worton: (Under Ectorius) Whoa! We ran into DIO and Lync passed out. Then she showed up and now we are here. He has nothing to do with her.

Banshee: Then I’ll find the other pink one and fight him. Come Ectorius my love.

Banshee stood up. Ectorius flew into Banshee’s scarf and rested waiting for battle. Banshee didn’t hear any of the words spoken to her by the other Umbra Team members. She couldn’t hear them now. All they could do was follow her.

Banshee: Find the pink one.

J. Alfred: What about that guy?

Brook: Is he dead?

Olaf: No, just out cold.

Marduk: Hmmm, you have some medical background?

Olaf: (Walking off backwards) Yes, sorry I can’t help you. I have to keep Banshee in check.

Marduk: He’ll be alright. I got him. I am a physician.

Umbra Team were forced to leave Lync to Marduk. Banshee was moving with determination. He had been a while since her last fight and she like Ectorius were itching for another battle.

Brook: Now where are we heading?

Banshee: We are looking for the pink one.

Brook: Pink One?

Banshee: The guy with curly pink hair. I will fight him.

Maria: Oh I hate to be that guy.

Banshee: Yeah… (Grinning her grin) Where’s that little pink sheep hiding…

Chapter 33: Mad Goose ChaseEdit

Meanwhile with Dante, Japser, Hans and Aniju...

Whoever had shot Dante was now curled up on the ground, clutching an ornate wooden bow with one shaking hand, holding his head with the other hand, groaning and whimpering pathetically. Dante walked over to the stranger who looked up at him with glazed, bloodshot eyes from underneath a curtain of shaggy brown hair. He looked young, not older than 17, skinny and dressed in ragged clothes with a quiver strapped to his back. The most unusual thing about his appearance was the tangled mane on his head that had two arrows stuck in it, making the teen look like he had arrows imbedded in his skull.

Dante cringed. The stranger reminded him of zombies.

Stranger: *mumbles something incoherently*

Dante: What was that? *kneels down to listen to what the stranger is saying*

The teen gave a pained groan and tried to stand up, his lower lip quivering, but his arms gave out and he collapsed facefirst onto the hard floor, panting and whimpering.

Dante: Did you say something?


Dante: WHAT?

Stranger: Mi...Milk...

Dante: MILK?

Stranger: *nods and curls up into a fetal position* Ungh...Need...Milk...

Dante: O_____________________O This is weird.

Dante was confused. The teen seemed to be in an awful lot of pain for some reason. And he was begging for...Milk? He was obviously injured or sick. But why would a hurt person beg for milk of all things? Unless... "Milk" was an euphemism for some kind of drug and the boy was suffering from withdrawal pains...No, that idea seemed too absurd to Dante. Meanwhile the teen continued to squirm on the floor, gripping his head and sobbing in agony. Dante felt his heart soften a bit. Sure, the boy had shot him, but he just seemed so desperate...Perhaps he shot him to try to get his attention because he was far too weak to even scream. "I wonder what will happen if I do give him milk." Dante thought as he reached for his emergency lunch box. He always carried one with him because he had a fast metabolism and got hungry easily. Pulling out a small milk carton he set it in front of the suffering boy.

Dante: Here you go! Drink up!

To Dante's surprise the teenager grabbed the carton and gulped down the milk like there was no tomorrow. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he threw the empty carton to the side and sat up with ease. A face-splitting sharptoothed grin was now plastered across his face. A thin stream of drool dribbling down his chin. He jumped to his feet, threw his head back and laughed maniacally.

Stranger: Bwahahahaha!!! I HAVE BEEN REVIVED!

Meanwhile Hans was watching all this with his jaw hanging low. He couldn't believe his eyes. That guy...He left Interspace for good, didn't he? He destroyed his ID card, didn't he? Then what the hell was he doing here?

Hans: *thinking* Just like Ronald...They're returning...They're all returning...This is not good...

Triton: Well well well, what do we have here? *snaps Hans' dropped jaw back into place*

Hans: OW! Goddammit!

Dante: You know this guy, Hans?

Hans: Yes. His name is Luca Turner, and he was the Subterra Brawler of my former team.

Aniju: Another former teammate?

Hans: Yes. The day after the incident that tore my team apart everyone deactivated their ID cards and left Interspace for good. I tried contacting them but couldn't. They've been hiding out somewhere for three months. Now for some reason they're all coming back. *thinking* Must be one of Scooby's hacks again.

Aniju: Maybe they're planning something.

Hans: They're definitely up to no good. *thinking* And I think I know who's behind this.

Luca: *turns around to look at Hans* Oh hey there Lead Goose. Kihihi...I haven't seen you in a while...

Jasper: Lead...Goose? Pffffft...


Jasper: *to Aniju* This kid should really do some homework or something.

Aniju: You're right XD

Hans: What are you up to Luca?

Luca: Heh...As if I'd tell you. *holds up a Gate Card* Let's go GooseFace...Kihihihi...I'm going to gut you like a pig.

Hans: You wanna brawl?

Dante: Wait Hans. You and Triton still need time to recover. It looks like that kid is up to no good. I think I made a mistake by relieving his pain. Popkat and I will take care of him for you.

Luca: Hell no! I'm not brawling you you furry freak! I'm going to take care of Gooseface now. Get out of the way or I'll shoot you!

Dante: You already shot me once. The same trick won't work again.

Luca: Why you...DIE! *shoots an arrow at Dante*

Dante: *dodges the arrow and dropkicks Luca, sending him flying*

Luca: *stops himself with one hand and prepares to shoot Dante again, only to be tackled by him*

Dante: *pinned Luca to the ground* You're brawling me.

Luca: Ugh...Get off me you bastard...I'm going to kill you! *manages to free his arm from under Dante's body* Gate Card set! Bakugan Brawl! Rise, Subterra Saggitorrior!

Dante: *gets off Luca* A centaur-type, huh? For some reason I knew that you would have something like that. You are an archer after all!

Luca: First I'm going to kick your ass, then I'm gonna gut the ol' Gooseface! Now throw your Bakugan and let's get this over with. Oh, and don't try to stab me in the back while we're brawling, I've got a bulletproof vest under my jacket, biatch!

Dante: Jeez, no need to be so paranoid! Bakugan, Brawl, Popkat, stand!

Saggitorrior: *jaw drops* WTF?! What's with that Bakugan? It's so...Adowable...

Luca: *sweatdrops* Saggitorrior, you're a freaking wuss.

Dante: It looks like your Bakugan has a weakness. So then, I'm going to use it to my advantage! Ability Activate! Cuteling!

Popkat: *giggles, makes puppydog eyes and makes a :3 face while a rainbow aura surrounds her*

Saggitorrior: Can't...Resist...The cuteness...*falls to his knees* I give up.


Dante: *chuckles*

Popkat: :3

Luca: I'm going to have to get serious now. *pulls out another carton of milk from his jacket pocket*

Dante and Popkat: O_O

Aniju: *facepalm* He had milk with him the entire time?

Hans: He was so hung over he forgot he had the cure in his pocket. Typical Luca.

Aniju: Hung over?

Hans: Well, Luca's a freak of nature. Milk makes him drunk.

Aniju, Jasper and Dante: O__________________O

Hans: It also gives him horrible hangovers that can only be cured by more milk. Oh, and Dante...When he first joined my team I nicknamed him The Drunken Master. I think you understand what that means.

Dante: Uh...He's extremely dangerous when he's drunk?

Hans: Yup.

Dante: But isn't he already dangerous? I mean, the guy's criminally insane!

Hans: Try multiplying his danger level by a hundred.


Hans: Damn straight.

Luca: *gulps down his milk and starts swaying back and forth, his face flushed, his eyes glazed over, more drool dripping into the puddle on the floor*

Dante: Dude, you should really consult a doctor about this drooling problem of yours. It doesn't look healthy.

Hans: The only thing he needs is therapy. And a milk-free diet.

Popkat: Milk-free diet? Sounds like a form of torture!

Dante: Popkat, you're a baby. Babies need milk. Adults can live without it.


Dante: *almost jumps out of his skin* EEK! YOU SCARED ME!

Luca: ...Gorgon Shot!

Saggitorrior: *shoots his crossbow, sending three poison-tipped arrows flying at Popkat*

Dante: Popkat, look out!

Popkat: EEEEEEEEEEEK!!! *flies out of the arrows' way at the last moment* Phew...That was close.

Saggitorrior: Hmph. I hate fighting kids.

Popkat: You're mean mister.

Saggitorrior: The younger generation is so stupid and arrogant. They don't know when to quit and they refuse to back down even when they're completely outmatched.

Popkat: Outmatched? Me? But the battle has only just begun!

Dante: Saggitorrior! Popkat's power level is higher than yours. You're the one who's outmatched here.

Saggitorrior: *sigh* They always say that.

Luca: Consecutive...hic...Ability Activate! Massacre Shot!

Saggitorrior: *pelts Popkat with arrows*

Luca: Trump Arrow!

Popkat: *running away from the arrows that keep chasing her*

Dante: Heat-seeking arrows? This is bad!

Luca: Kihihi! And finally...hic...FUNERAL PYRE!

The arrows explode on contact, sending the baby Bakugan flying.


Dante: Popkat! You bastard, how dare you hurt a baby like that?

Popkat: *on the ground, covered in burns, cuts and bruises* Dante...*reaches out to Dante with a bloodstained paw* It...*sniff*...Hurts...

Dante: Popkat! Oh no!

Popkat: It hurts, Dante! It really hurts! *turns to ball form*

Bakumeter: Dante Life Gauge: 40%

Saggitorrior: You really are just a kid! *ball form*

Luca: *catches his Bakugan* Bwahahahahaha!!! Stupid baby angelcat!

Dante: *thinking* Oh no! Popkat's hurt real bad! If I let this battle drag on for a long time Popkat might...Oh no, I shouldn't think like that. Dammit! I really am a newbie Brawler! I let Popkat get wounded like that! She's just a baby, she can't handle this much pain! I need to finish this battle quickly.

Popkat: Dante, don't be upset! I'm okay! No matter what happens, I'll stay strong and brave! Just please don't be upset! Please!

Dante: Popkat...

Popkat: I'm a Bakugan! A warrior! I won't let anyone make you sad, Dante!

Luca: Awww, they're cute when they're in despair, aren't they Saggitorrior?

Saggitorrior: They share a strong bond of friendship and mutual trust. But still that won't save them from defeat.

Popkat: Throw me, Dante.

Dante: Are you sure Popkat?

Popkat: *nods*

Dante and Luca: Bakugan Brawl!

Dante: *thinking* Popkat's almost at her limit. Seems like I only have one chance to beat Saggitorrior, but if I use THAT ability, it'll use up every ounce of power Popkat has left. I don't know if Popkat can survive that.

Popkat: I feel sleepy.

Dante: Hold on Popkat!

Saggitorrior: Maybe I should put you out of your misery, little one?

Popkat: You mean...Knock me out?

Saggitorrior: That's right. I don't really like beating up children. I'll just bonk you on the head and put you to sleep.

Luca: You're getting soft, Saggitorrior.

Saggitorrior: I'm not getting soft. I'm just merciful.

Popkat: No, don't put me out of my mystery!

Saggitorrior: =_= Misery.

Popkat: I want to keep on fighting and take you down because you made Dante upset!

Dante: Popkat...

Popkat: Dante, use Sunstorm! I promise I can handle it! This is our only chance!

Dante: But Popkat, you're hurt!

Popkat: These guys are mean! They made Dante upset! Now I'm going to make them cry. Use it, Dante!

Dante: Popkat...Please survive! Ability Activate! Sunstorm!

Popkat's ultimate attack sent Luca and Saggitorrior flying and lit up the entire battlefield. Hans, Aniju and Jasper covered their eyes from the blinding light, and when they could finally see again, they saw Luca on the ground, covered in scraped and bruises. Saggitorrior was lying next to him, but he definitely wasn't out yet. With a grunt of pain and exertion the centaur Bakugan stood up, covered in wounds but conscious. Tossing aside his broken crossbow he spat blood from his mouth and...Laughed.

Saggitorrior: Hahahahaha! Was that your desperate final attack? How weak!

Popkat immediately collapsed, every last bit of her strength drained, her injuries taking their toll on her.

Popkat: Dante...*whimper* I'm sorry... *turns into ball form*

Saggitorrior: ...However, you are the strongest New Generation I have ever faced in battle. *returns to Luca*

Luca: Dammit Saggitorrior why the hell did you take that hit? You're way too damaged to fight Gooseface right now! Let's go you idiot! *sips at some of his milk* Kihihihihi *hic* I feel awesome! *teleports away*

Dante: *picks up Popkat* Popkat...

Jasper: Is Popkat okay?

Dante: *sadly* No...

Popkat: *unconscious*

Hans: That Luca...He's gotten stronger...

Aniju: Dante, are you alright?

Meanwhile with Lysie and the others.

A strange person stood before Lysie. She couldn't even tell whether the stranger was a male or a female. "It" was very tall and lanky, dressed in a fluffy pinkish-purple jumper and black skinny jeans with white stitch-like designs on them. The strange person's hair was curly and very wool-like and it made "it" resemble a fluffy pink sheep. However, the stranger's too-delicate-to-be-male face was disfigured by two ugly stitched up scars.

Lysie: *thinking* Who is that guy? Why the hell does he look so feminine? Is he a she? O_O. I wonder who ripped his face in half...

The stranger was holding a scalpel in one hand and a strawberry in the other. Slowly and carefully, as if operating on a patient, "it" sliced the strawberry in half with the scalpel and popped it into "it's" mouth. "It" sighed contently and looked at Lysie.

Lysie: *thinking* What is that guy looking at? Oh, he better not be staring at my...Oh wait, this thing might not even be a guy. Phew. But still there's something seriously creepy about that person.

Jeffer: Hello there!

Lysie: *thinking* Even his voice is weird. It's kinda too gruff to be female but I still can't think of that guy as a...Well, guy!

Lysie: What do you want?

Jeffer: There's no need to be rude. I was just looking for a certain person but then I got bored so I decided to find myself an opponent. So then...I challenge you to a brawl, young lady.

Lysie: *thinking* That guy keeps talking in monotone. Oh wait, that's not a guy...Oh gawd I'm confused o_O ...Does that person have any emotions? It's like I'm listening to a talking robot!

Jeffer: By the way...My name is Jeffer. Jeffer Mentzer. *pulls out a Bakugan* Now then, Darkus Nidhogg...Let's paint the battlefield red!

Meanwhile at the Bayview Pizzeria...

The owner of the restaurant was trying his best to keep his jaw from dropping as he looked at a certain 18 year old who was currently limp on the floor in a puddle of his own blood, sweat and tears, panting like a dog and crying his eyes out (not in a very manly way).

Ronald: I *huff* Delivered *puff* them all! *gasp* Please *sniff* don't *wheeze* fire me!

Owner: o_o"

Ronald: Oh my aching heart! Owner-sama, if I die, please find an ugly gooseface named...

Owner: You're not gonna die! Have some water kid! You ran more than a marathon distance! ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?

Ronald: *pant* I'm dying!

Ronald's cell phone rings.

Ronald: *picks up the phone* Hello! Please call me later, I'm dead...Oh, it's you Shaggy? Did you do what I told you to do? O_______O WHAT DO YOU MEAN "YOUR BAKUGAN IS TOO INJURED"? YOU FREAKING DRUNKEN MORON! I TOLD YOU NOT TO BRAWL RANDOM PEOPLE! I SWEAR I'M GONNA KICK YOUR MILKY ASS TO KINGDOM COME ONCE MY ORGANS HAVE STOPPED FAILING! Oh, and O________O is that a taxophone you're using? DON'T THROW UP ON THE PHONE YOU DRUNKEN ASSHOLE! OTHER PEOPLE USE IT TOO! *turns off the phone* GWAAAAAaRGHBLAAARRRGHHH!!! *roars and punches a hole in the wall then passes out from exhaustion*

Owner: o_O *looks at the hole in the wall* Looks like somebody is going to get a smaller paycheck. *calls the ambulance*

Chapter 34: Jumping AroundEdit

Hans was a nervous wreck after watching the brawl between Dante and Luca. His new found friend sacrificed his Bakugan from him and Triton being back memories of darker times. A cold shiver shot up and down his spine.

Hans: Not again. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.

Dante: Awe don’t worry Hanzie. Popkitty will be okay. You see she had nine lives.

Hans: You she used up all her strength for what, a worthless leader who can’t even lead. This is all my fault.

Dante: This just was an unfortunate sequence of events following one after another. I suck at brawling, Popkat is an infect who hasn’t learned how to control her powers, and Ronald McDonald friend injured Triton mercilessly.

Hans: This won’t have happen if it wasn’t for me breaking up my team!

Dante: Then we would have never met Hans. When you get something good, something bad has to come with it to even things out. When something bad comes along you received something out of it. Lookie, yours and my Bakugan battled an down have more experience, yes they got hurt but we know what we are up against.

Hans: But you have nothing to do with this.

Dante: I know, but friends stick by each other and carry each other’s burdens. I’ll help you with your problems okay.

Dante nuzzled Hans.

Jasper: Hee, that is why Dante is the dominant male of Ivory. (Jasper smirked) Alright, I follow my dominants and if Dante will risk himself to protect the things you care about I will too.

Aniju: And where does he think he is going?

Luca was staggering off in the wrong direction. He stumbled then stood back up before heading slowly off. Jasper was ready to pounce but Aniju stopped him.

Aniju: Hmm, he’s not all stable yet. He can be some use to us eh Hans?

Hans: Oh he won’t be useful unless you offer him milk but he is paranoid.

Aniju: Yes, but maybe we can learn something by following him. Dante, Jasper, you two have been gone too long from DIO. He may be wondering where you have been. Take Hans back and heal Popkat. I’ll follow our little Arrowhead here.

Listening to the alpha, Dante, Jasper and Hans headed back to the Black Cross Base while Aniju stocked Luca. Using her light bending abilities she hid herself under a veil of light making her invisible. She tailed him for a while till Luca was able to call someone. He got his head chewed off by Ronald, the guy on the other end before he hung up. After Ronald hung up, Luca hung on to the phone as if the conversation was still going before realizing no one was there. Luca vomited and then he collapsed. Little did he know that Aniju had been watching him this whole time. Once Luca started gurgling Aniju stepped out from the shadows. Aniju padded over to the drunken Arrowhead.

Aniju: Awe, poor Arrowhead…

Aniju lifted up Luca’s head so he wouldn’t coke on his own vomit. The drunken boy coughed, choked and then spit out some unpleasant stuff.

Aniju: Awe, you almost died.

Luca: Huh?

Aniju: Oh did is the milk wearing off?

Luca: Illl nmmmeedle mmmilllkkk….

Aniju: Hmm, before I give you what you need, tell me something first.

Luca: Mmmmooow…

Aniju leaned in tilting Luca’s head. Seeing how he wasn’t cooperating, she through on another veil of light but this time she disguised herself as Hans. She imitated his voice.

Aniju: (In Hans’ voice) Luca, remember what we used to do?

Luca: You! Ronnmmmlllooph, Rommmalll… Ronald said… said too…

Aniju: Forget what Ronald said. Tell me, I forgotten, what did we used to do?

Luca: We used too… we used to go jousting…

Aniju: Jousting? How did we do that?

Luca: What kind of… mmm…

Aniju: Tell me about the old times before we separated.

Luca: Ronald told me to brawl you.

Aniju took one of the arrows and titled it to one side.

Aniju: We jousted right.

Luca: We were the… best, the best. (None understandablely) Mmmoalph… mmh… Jeffer was the best out of us.

Aniju: Jeffer? And who else was there?

Luca coked his head trying to pull out of Aniju’s grip. She wasn’t hurting him but he was feeling sick again. Aniju drug him a little off from his last mess so he wouldn’t be sitting in it anymore. She held up his head.

Luca: Ronald, there was Ronald… My stomach hurkkkksss….

Aniju tilted her head and smiled warmly. Out from her back slithered six black scaly tentacles tip with different reptilian heads. Each head slid along Luca’s body in a serpentines fashion till each took up a position along his body.

Luca: Gah!

The six heads bit into Luca’ body and he felt a slight sting. Unseen within each head’s mouth very thins fibers found their way into Luca’s body through his blood stream. Once connected, Aniju open her blood vessels. The moment her heads tasted Luca’s blood, she determine his blood type altering her own to match his. Aniju filtered out Luca’s blood into her body and siphoned her own into his. Whatever Luca was lacking in his own body was replenished from Aniju’s. He began to snap back into a semi normal state.

Aniju: (Still in Hans' voice) Now then where were we?

Meanwhile Dante, Jasper and Hans made it back to their base before DIO could even bother pondering where they had been. He had other things on his mind. Dante notice that something was wrong with DIO. He was sitting in a makeshift throne with an odd look on his face. His eyes burned with annoyance.

Dante: Oh what happen to you?

DIO: Hmm?

Dante: Who did this to you? Who hurt you?

DIO rumbled his stomach.

DIO: Oh it was just a Devil.

Dante: A devil? (An intrigued smile grew across Dante’s face.) What kind of devil?

Umbra Team weren’t having any luck finding the pink one Banshee was told about. Banshee was jumping around from roof top to roof top, sniffing the air for a scent she simply did not have. Still she was trying to locate the pink one in the only way she knew how, with her animal instincts. Down below the rest of Umbra Team were having trouble keeping up with her. They had to keep stopping to catch their breath, especially Maria.

Maria: I am slowly us down… Go on without me…

Brook: What no?! We wouldn’t be able to call ourselves team-mates.

Maria: But Banshee is getting away.

J. Alfred: She’ll come back…

Olaf: Hey has anyone notice. (Panting) That whenever Banshee is around, Bree disappears?

Brook: What do you mean?

Olaf: Well, I notice Bree disappears often and then Banshee shows up. And when Bree’s around Banshee isn’t. Just my observation that’s all.

J. Alfred: We should have asked Aniju about this when we had the chance but she was busy with Hans. I wonder if he is okay now.

There was a cracking shifting sound above their heads and a piece of tile landed beside them. Banshee had jumped onto the roof above them. She sniffed the air as if she was looking for prey. Her hair, scarf and dress waved in the wind. Banshee grinned her yellow eyes glowed.

Maria: Oh curse my weak body…

Brook: Don’t worry Maria. You guys go on ahead. I’ll stay here with Maria and we’ll catch up.

Olaf: We shouldn’t split.

Brook: We will be alright I can call Alf for your location. Someone has to stay with Banshee.

Olaf: But it is dangerous in Interspace now.

Brook: That is why we should stay in pairs. You guys go on ahead and keep an eye on Banshee. Hurry before she takes off again.

J. Alfred: Come Olaf.

Banshee took off again, Olaf was forced to leave Brook and Maria but they would be alright. J. Alfred reassured him that both were powerful brawlers and so far none of the “freaks” running around where after Umbra Team. Banshee led the two guys to an abandon Arena, number 31. Something had gone down here some times before and the Arena became damaged. Sadly this Arena was never repaired and grew less popular compared to other Arenas. This Arena was nicknamed Rapunzel.

Aniju: (In Hans’ voice) So we went jousting with Ronald, Jeffer, Vladimir and Gin? Then we were banned from Interspace?

Luca: Yeah… (Twitching) Then Vladimir haqked up bax in.

Aniju: And then we started jousting in Abandon Arenas? I kind of remember now. (In her voice) Now where do you live little one? I take you home.

Luca: Huh? Hans’ where did you go? Get back here!

Hans’ face broke apart and faded away before Luca’s eyes. Aniju moved out from under her veil . Luca reached up to grab Hans’ fading face but found only air.

Aniju: Oh you awake now?

Luca: What happen? Where did Hans go? What are you doing here?

Aniju: You almost die. Don’t you remember?

Luca: Huh? Let go of me!

Aniju: I saved your life. You almost drowned in your own vomit. You have no quarrel with me. I am the one you can trust. He will tell you lies.

Luca: How do I know I can trust you?

Aniju: I was sent here to his universe to help prevent a disaster. There is another who is a time traveler and he wishes to bring an end to everything.

Luca wasn’t believing any of this. He reached down for his knife and took a swing at Aniju. She did not move, although knowing he had it, but instead took the hit. Blood oozed out of from her side but she did not even flick. She simply looked down. Luca was a little take back that he actually hit her but he for some reason couldn’t move away from her as if he was being forced in one spot, like in a nightmare.

Aniju: Oh so you want a game of Stab Tag? Wrong knife my friend.

There was a hissing sound as Luca’s eyes behind his hair fell back onto his knife. Her blood was corroding the metal. He pulls his knife out without thinking. However instead of bleeding out like expected, Aniju’s wound seemed to stitch itself up.

Aniju: You hit me in an old wound. I keep things in there. It’s like a pocket.

Luca: Huh?

He looked down at his knife. It corroded but wasn’t rusted. It shimmered slightly red. Her blood had embedded itself into the metal. While Luca was distracted by his knife, Aniju pondered whether or not she should delve into Luca’s memories for answers sing how talking to him was taking too long. However memories of a mistake flashed back into her mind. That was a mistake she didn’t want to repeat. Memories of another should not be absorbed in to another’s mind. That led to bad consequences. Instead she slipped her tentacles back out of Luca’s body. This time he didn’t felt anything because the puncher bites areas had been numbed up. She retracted her tentacles back into her body.

Aniju: You have a rare disorder now don’t you?

Luca: (Defensive) How did you know that? Did Hans tell you?

Aniju: I sampled your DNA. Trust me I am not your enemy as long as you don’t become mind.

Luca grit his teeth.

Aniju: Oh you are hard to work with. Perhaps I find another with a more sensible mind. Those arrows in your head don’t keep you sane like my nail.

Aniju reached up to the right side of her head, into her hair and pulled out slight a metal nail head. Then shoved it back in.

Aniju: Now tell your friends to stay away from a man named DIO. He will bring your down fall and take away everyone you hold dear and trust. And oh, here’s something for the trip home.

Luca: Hey wait I am not done with you! Where is Hans?!

Aniju: Why should you believe me if I told you where he was. Come on little Arrowhead. Don't trust a Dovah but you can turst a Dovahkiin. Here I can prove why you should trust me.

Aniju leaned and whispered into Luca's ear.

Aniju: Ahrk fin Kel lost prodah, do ved viing fin krah. Tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fuundein. Alduin, feyn do jun kruziik vokun staadnau voth aan bahok wah diivon fin lein.

And with that Aniju disappeared. Luca simply could not see her because he casted another shield of light around her so she became invisible. She left him with a carton of milk in his reserves in cast he needed it. She headed off to locate another one of the Mad Geese Team, someone who could be reasoned with. She headed for the Stadium because that was the best place to mean people. Lots of pretty girls went there and so lonely boys seeking love would be there as well. Only time would tell when this bomb will explode.

Chapter 35: Mandrake GardenEdit

Meanwhile in Lysie's encounter with one of the Mad Geese members, Jeffer Mentzer.

Lysie: I don't back down from a fight. I hope you too wouldn't consider running away.

Kunagiri: (I better just sit back quietly and watch.)

Lysie: Alright then, it's settled. Bakugan Brawl! Subterra Alraune Eris stand!

Eris: *scattered pixie dust as she gets released from Ball form* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!

Lysie: Ability Activate ~ Alraune Spore!

Eris: *Power Increased by 500 Gs* I'm stronger!

Kunagiri: (I've seen too many brawls in my entire life for me to focus on the Bakugan. Hehehe, time to focus on the brawler instead).

Jeffer: It's pretty rare to find graceful and elegant Bakugan such as yours these days. Most Interspace users prefer brute strength over speed and agility. Their partners are like walking castles.

Lysie: Gee, thanks. (You're still weird though.)

Jeffer: Bakugan Brawl! Rise, Darkus Nidhogg!

Jeffer threw his Bakugan onto the field, and out came a winged jet black dragon. The beast hovered above the ground, flapping its massive wings. Much like its owner, the dragon was severely battle-scarred. The leathery membranes of its wings looked like they'd been torn to shreds and stitched back together on more than one occasion. Multiple scars and stitches criss-crossed its scaly chest and abdomen. One of the jagged horns protruding from the massive reptile's head had a metal brace over it. Surprisingly, both of Nidhogg's red-pupiled eyes were intact, and they gleamed with ancient evil and primal hunger.

Eris: Woah, that thing is so gross!

Nidhogg: Really, little one? I am offended!

Eris: Well that's what you get for looking like a walking patchwork quilt!

Nidhogg: You're rude, little one. I'm going to have to crush you for that.

Jeffer: Nidhogg's appearance might be revolting to most people, but the scars he had accumulated over the years speak of his vast battling experience. He is a veteran who has fought in many wars back in New Vestroia, and his skills haven't dulled at all over the years. In fact, as long as he keeps battling, Nidhogg continuously grows even stronger.

Nidhogg: Heh. You flatter me, Jeffer!

Lysie: You sound like a narrator in a documentary movie. What was your name again? Geoff?

Jeffer: It's Jeffer. Jeffer Mentzer.

Eris: Uhm, Lysie...Is that Jeffer guy a boy or a girl?

Lysie: How should I know?

Jeffer: My gender is of no importance to you.

Eris: That's seriously creeping me out!

Lysie: Well, since he doesn't seem to mind I'll refer to him as a guy. A guy with scars all over is somewhat less freaky than a chick with scars all over.

Jeffer: *just standing there with a flawless pokerface*

Eris: Jeez, why does he keeps acting like a freaking statue? It's like he has no emotions whatsoever!

Lysie: That makes him even more creepy.

Nidhogg: Ahem, hello! Could you please stop staring at my Brawler like he's some kind of taxidermy animal?

Lysie: Actually he isn't that far from that.

Nidhogg: *facepalm* What a dense human! Let's get this over with already Jeffer.

Jeffer: Okay then. Ability Activate! Wisp Flamethrower!

Nidhogg: It's time to teach the younger generation a little lesson on kicking ass!

Lysie: Stop acting so cocky! We're the ones who's gonna whoop your scaly butt!

Eris: I wholeheartedly agree!

Lysie: Ability Activate! Lilium Delirium!

Jeffer: Hey, that rhymed ._.

Eris: *pelts Nidhogg with sparkling golden dust, causing Nidhogg to roar in pain*

Nidhogg: AAAARRGH!!! What is that? I can feel my power being drained!

Lysie: That's a handy little ability that'll drain your G-power until it drops to zero! Let's see you guys counter that!

Jeffer: ._. You're so confident...It'll be your downfall.

Nidhogg: Ugh! Jeffer, hurry up! This old body can't take as much abuse as it could a few years ago.

Jeffer: I'm on it Nidhogg. Ability Activate! Ignis Fatuus!

Nidhogg: Heh. *turns invisible*

Jeffer: This ability nullifies the opponent's ability and boosts Nidhogg's power level by 400 Gs. It also turns him invisible, allowing him to attack from any direction with his white flames without being spotted by his enemies.

Nidhogg: So then, come at me, Broken Winged Fairy! *breathes out balls of white energy that look like ghostly orbs*

Eris: *surrounded by the orbs* Eek! Where did these come from?

The orbs violently electrocute Eris.

Eris: Augh! That hurt! Lysie, do something!

Lysie: What should I do? This guy's invisible, I don't know where to attack!

Eris: *electrocuted again* Lysie!

Lysie: Okay then, hold on Eris! Ability Activate! Alraune Seedling!

Eris: This better work! *scatters pixie dust again*

The orbs electrocute Eris once again, causing the fairy-like warrior to double over in pain and collapse to her knees.

Eris: *panting heavily* Hah...Lysie...this is bad...Hah...I've taken a lot of damage...

Lysie: Eris!

Jeffer: Now paint the battlefield red, Nidhogg!

Nidhogg: Got it! *swoops down and viciously attacks the wounded Eris with his teeth and claws


Lysie: ERIS! NO!

Nidhogg continues messily tearing Eris apart, causing her to go limp as a puddle of green goo formed around her body.

Jeffer: O____________O

Nidhogg: O_____________________________O

Lysie: The patchwork weirdo finally showed some emotion!

Jeffer: Wait a minute...This isn't red...It's green!

Nidhogg: IMPOSSIBRU! I've never heard of Bakugan having green blood!

Lysie: *smiles with a dramatic shadow obscuring her eyes* Got you!

The mutilated Eris transforms into a mandrake root with claw marks all over it.

Nidhogg: A fake?

Lysie: The ability "Alraune Seedling" allows Subterra Alraune Eris to call upon the power of the Earth Attribute and grow magical mandrake roots that have the ability to transform into any object or weapon! In this case Eris transformed the mandrake seedlings into clones of herself. Now that Nidhogg's claws are covered in mandrake juice, the clones can follow the smell of the juice to locate him, so your camouflage ability will be rendered useless for a while!

Jeffer: I don't see any clones...Oh wait...That means they must be...NIDHOGG, THE GROUND! BURN THE GROUND! THE CLONES ARE HIDING IN THERE! Ability Activate! Blazing Elemental!

Nidhogg: On it! *lights the ground on fire*

Lysie: Too slow!

Jeffer: What?

Dozens of Eris copies leap out of the ground, swarming Nidhogg, punching him, kicking him and pelting him with fairy dust.


Original Eris: That's what you get for getting my clothes dirty!


Eris Clones: *in unison* So much for being a veteran fighter!

Lysie: *puts a pair of fluffy pink earmuffs over her ears* Don't underestimate the skills of a Master Brawler, Patchy! Now it's time to finish this! I activate the strongest Fusion Ability of Subterra Alraune Eris! MANDRAKE SCREECH!

The Eris clones let out an earwrenching screech, emiting a powerful sound wave that cuts through Nidhogg's side like a blade, causing him to become visible, and knocks Jeffer to the ground.

Nidhogg: AAAAARRGHHH! IMPOSSIBRU! *ball form*

Jeffer: Nidhogg!

Bakumeter: Jeffer Mentzer Life Gauge, zero!

Jeffer: What? How could it be zero? The difference of power levels was only 300 Gs!

Lysie: The Fusion Ability "Mandrake Screech" Reduces the opponent's power level by 500 Gs and affects their HP as well, reducing it by 200 points. 300 plus 200 equals 500, so you lose!

Eris: *absorbs the clones into her body* YAY! WE WON! *ball form*

Jeffer: That was unexpected. I was caught off guard! *picks up Nidhogg's ball form and teleports away*

A few minutes later in an abandoned Arena.

Jeffer: *stitching up the large wound in Nidhogg's side* Hold still, will you? I need you to be in fighting condition, do you understand? I can't just wait for you to recover on your own! We have battles to fight.

Nidhogg: *wince* Ugh...Jeffer...Sorry I lost...

Jeffer: It's mostly my fault. That melon girl was quite crafty.

Nidhogg: Jeffer...I think I might be getting old. Maybe I'm gonna have to retire soon.

Jeffer: You're still very powerful.

Nidhogg: I feel like I'm weaker than I used to be. Looks like I'm gonna have to return to New Vestroia soon and spend the rest of my days training the Young Ones. Don't worry, I'm okay with this. I'm growing tired of war, and the taste of enemy blood isn't all that delicious to me anymore.

Jeffer: Well then, I'm definitely not gonna force you to stay and have you die from old age in the middle of a battle. That'd be very dishonorable. However, if you're planning to retire from battling, you're gonna have to find a strong successor to fight in your stead.

Nidhogg: Oh, don't worry about that Jeffer. I think I know a Bakugan that would make a perfect partner for you.

Jeffer: Really?

Nidhogg: That's right! It's a very rare type of Bakugan. A Plasma.

Jeffer: A Plasma Bakugan?

Nidhogg: I didn't even know his kind still existed until one day I got lost in Interspace and while I was trying to find you, I witnessed one of that Plasma's battles. I gotta say, his personality and fighting style kinda remind me of my own younger days. Unfortunately that guy's Brawler is nothing more than a little brat with a pathetic ranking. All that power, all that potential is going to waste because of that newbie. However, unlike that child, you are strong enough to bring out his full power, and if you managed to do that, you would've become a much better Brawler in no time. You would've even had a chance to surpass Vladimir and Ronald!

Jeffer: So you're saying that I have to take the Bakugan from the kid?

Nidhogg: That's right. If you obtain that rare one, I'll be able to retire peacefully.

Jeffer: Okay then, maybe I should give it a shot, Nidhogg. Maybe I should.

Chapter 36: Doom Dimension hath no fury like an old man's scornEdit

After Lysie's brawl against Jeffer...

Kunagiri: You were great back there. What an eye candy.

Eris: I don't like people that underestimate our brawling prowess!

Lysie: Indeed. We would not make a living as Brawling Tutors if we aren't good enough.

Kunagiri: Although I might note. You seem to have a ruthless side in you.

Lysie: I don't want to ack like a weakling or a Moe Blob crap that's all cute.

Eris: Same here!

Kunagiri: Alright then, let us go and find the others.

Eris: Zzzzz...

Lysie: Dallas must be with Yayoi and the others.

Kunagiri: You seem to not feel jealous at Yayoi being with him.

Lysie: I know that Dallas and Yayoi are just good friends.

Kunagiri: How so?

Lysie: They were my students in the Wardington Academy.

Kunagiri: I see.

Not going too far from the previous arena, Kunagiri and Lysie were greeted by a tall man in purple clothes.

Marduk: Greetings, fine lady and good sir.

Lysie: Marduk. What do you want?

Marduk: Dearest, Lysie. We have received an information that the man with you might know the wereabouts of Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami.

Kunagiri: I am a Genius.

Marduk: You are too old to be one of them.

Kunagiri: HEY! Who are you calling old?!

Marduk: It appears in our records that you are 28 years and 320 days old, sir. The Shun we are looking for is only 23.

Kunagiri: Still don't have manners, eh, Marduk?

Marduk: I beg your pardon, sir.

Kunagiri: I've known you as ruthless but not as rude.

Lysie: Professor, let's just forget it.

Kunagiri: I do not take such insults lightly. I am not too old to the point that I have zero sex appeal you know!

Marduk: I am SO not talking about those kind of things, sir.

Kunagiri: Let's see what you're made of, Marduk.

Marduk: This is rather inevitable isn't it?

Kunagiri and Marduk: FIELD OPEN!

Marduk: I will completely destroy you.

Kunagiri: Speed and stealth is the way of the ninja.

Marduk: Go Darkus Alpha Vladitor! Bakugan Brawl!


Kunagiri: I will fight Darkness with Darkness! *Whistles*

Lysie: Eeep!

Marduk: What is he doing?!

Kunagiri: Darkus Skytruss, Descend!

Skytruss: I'ma feeling good today prof!

Marduk: What the Fokker?!

Lysie: It is a Fokker! -_-;

Kunagiri: Alright then, Marduk. Show me what Vladitor is now made of!

Marduk: Double Ability Activate! Francisca Obscura plus Shadow Burgeonet!

Vladitor: I am geared up for the glorious darkness!

Kunagiri: Ability Activate! Illusion Stealth Confusion!

Skytruss: Meet the Fokkers!

Vladitor: What?!

Marduk: Concentrate, Vladitor! Concentrate!

Vladitor: You sneaky ninja! Even as an old man, you never changed!

Kunagiri: Seriously, if you think about it, I'm not really that old!

Marduk: I can see wrinkles, ya know.

Kunagiri: If you don't see a stunningly handsome man standing in front of you then you have a poor eyesight, doctor.

Marduk: I can see something soft.

Lysie: YOU!! I'll get you for that!

Kunagiri: (So do I...hehehe...)

Marduk: Ability Activate, Shadow Fall!

Vladitor: Take this!

Skytruss: Nyaha! Miss!

Vladitor: Hold still you!!

Kunagiri: Ability Activate ~ Ultimate Kazami Style Rapid fury!

Skytruss: (All copies attack Vladitor) Take that! And that!!

Vladitor: Woah! This is getting a bit too skippy!

Marduk: Hang on, Vladitor. Ability Activate ~ Obscure Strike!

Vladitor: HAAAH!

Skytruss: (gulp)

Vladitor: I got you now!

Kunagiri: Not really. Ability Activate ~ Super Explosion burning!

Skytruss: (All clones exploded, dealing huge damage tom Vladitor) Toldja you were slow!

Vladitor: Uaaaaargh!

Marduk: Vladitor!

Vladitor: I can still fight...

From the horizon, a voice called out~

Gerald: GO Omega Leonidas!

Gerald: Ability Activate ~ Healing Light!

Marduk: Gerald!

Leonidas: Vladitor, I am here to reinforce you.

Vladitor: Thank you my friend.

Kunagiri: Two against one, eh?

Marduk: Sorry Professor but we seriously need to win for that vital information you have.

Kunagiri: Not going to happen. Ready Skytruss?

Skytruss: Always ready!

Kunagiri: Ventus Jaakor and Darkus Orbeum Stand!

Gerald: That's Three Bakugan!

Kunagiri: Like I said, it's going to be Two against one.

Marduk: Don't kid us! We can see three!

Kunagiri: Not anymore! Baku Sky Raider Fusion ~ Magmafury!

Jaakor: Come, my students!

Orbeum: Yes, Sensei!

Skytruss: Let's get them!

Gerald: The three Bakugan...fused?!

Marduk: The G Power...holy's towering!

Magmafury: Master, your orders?

Kunagiri: Ability Activate ~ Supreme Thunder!

Magmafury: Tremble before this mighty thunder!

Leonidas: Gaaaaaaaaah!!!

Vladitor: I can't move!

Gerald: Lysie, come on, help us!

Lysie: Seriously, Gerald, the Professor is disgruntled because of Marduk. He owes you an explanation.

Gerald: Eh?!

Marduk: No time for that! Ability Activate ~ Shadow Descent!

Gerald: Ability Activate ~ Solar Diffusion!

Magmafury: Seriously?

Kunagiri: Not hot enough, gentlemen. Ability Activate ~ Sky Flash Gate!

Magmafury: This is the end!

Vladitor: Forgive me~ *reverts to ball form*


Leonidas: I wasn't much of a help today... *reverts to ball form*

Gerald: It's's gonna be okay.

Magmafury: *unfuses*

Orbeum: Woah, Sensei! We did them a number!

Skytruss: I was great back there, Sensei! Did you see it?

Jaakor: How would I? You're on top of me.

Orbeum: Haha!

Skytruss: Owww...

Kunagiri: Thank you for lending me your strength.

Jaakor: Anytime, professor.

Orbeum: I'm ready to kick Bakubutt anytime!

Skytruss: Me too!

(Jaakor, Orbeum and Skytruss leaves the scene)

Marduk: I guess we wouldn't get that info.

Kunagiri: What info?

Marduk: The wereabouts of Dan Kuso and Shun Kazami.

Kunagiri: Fine then, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Gerald: Really, sir?

Kunagiri: Of course. Listen carefully...

(Kunagiri whispered to both Gerald and Marduk what he knew)

Marduk: So you mean to say that the evil being known as DIO had possessed Dan Kuso?

Gerald: No wonder there is a resemblance.

Marduk: ...and you have Shun Kazami in your custody?

Gerald: But where exactly?

Kunagiri: That I shall not disclose. Just trust me, gentlemen.

Gerald: Please, sir...

Kunagiri: I have given you as much benefit of the doubt as I can. Gentlemen, I shall take my leave.

Lysie: I will stay here with my friends.

Kunagiri: Alright then. Suit yourself.

Professor Kunagiri vanished like a gust of wind.

Marduk: Let's just declare Shun in a safe custody.

Gerald: I guess it's better that way.

Lysie: ...and then...


Marduk: Owwww!!!

Lysie: You pervert! You never changed!

Gerald: Relax!

Lysie: Gerald, let's go. Let's leave that creep to do his job.

Gerald: Sorry, bro. I had to go and discuss things with her.

Marduk: Ohkay...

Chapter 37: What the Guys Are DoingEdit

Dante was sitting in the main room of the Black Cross’ base with Hans and Jasper. Since DIO ate all the tacos, Jasper brought back something he had found while foraging for food. DIO was off in the corner sleeping, recovering from his last encounter.

Hans: Now where did you find all of these?

Jasper: Outside of Interspace.

Hans: Oh yeah that’s right we are still in Interspace… this whole time… Do we every leave?

Dante: Nope. :3

Hans: Okay then…

Dante: I guess these are the produce of my little revenge for you Hans. It pay off after all.

Hans: Yeah free food is always good.

Dante: Do you want to go visit him?

Hans: Huh?

Dante: Do you want to go visit him in the hospital?

Hans: No. Maybe. Dam you two can eat a lot.

Jasper: Adult male Klimatjies can eat their weight in food.

Triton: Come on Hans. Enjoy the spoils of… war?

Hans: We are not at war Triton. Just a little argument.

Triton: A little? I almost died! And Popkat.

Popkat: All better! :3

Triton was shocked to see Popkat was perfectly healed in such a short amount of time. He was still recovering from his last brawl with Ronald and Nyan Cat.

Triton: How’d you heal so fast?

Popkat: Babies heal faster than adults. Plus I don’t have no cider parts.

Triton: You mean cyborg parts… -_-

Popkat: Yup, wait huh? What’s cyyybboorrg parts?

While Triton try to explain what cyborgs were to Popkat, Dante blocked their conversation out and listen. Something had caught his ears.

Dante: Sounds like the spawn is in a brawl right now… With someone named Jeffer… Mentzer…

Hans: What? Jeffer Mentzer!

Jasper: You know him?

Hans: Old team-mate… He’s… well I think he is a he… anyways he insane… And not like you guys no he is just weird. Not like you guys… No he is different. Dam it, different from you guys. He can’t feel.

Try as he may, whatever Hans said didn’t really explain what he meant. Dante and Jasper were Insane, weird and different than the average person. Hell he was the normalest person in the room.

Hans: He’s not right. Something strange about him. He used to be the best Jouster in our team…

Jasper: What is this jousting all about? (Laying down on his back)

Hans: It was a game we made “to quench our taste for violence.”

Dante was twirling with the arrow Luca had shot him in the knee with in his hands. For some reason he kept it.

Hans: Why you still have that? Are you angry at him?

Dante: No, he shot me with an arrow, Hans. He didn’t kill me so. There are only two things people do with arrows, shoot them to kill or shoot them to love.

Hans: You’ll see Luca again and then you can bother him with your craziness Dante.

Triton: No… Not that… You mean…

Dante: Jeffer Lost…

Hans: What? How you know all this Dante?

Dante: I have the ability to hear events taking place from long distances. They not too far off from here. I also have the ability to listen to the echoes of the pass and sometimes hear the ones to come.

Hans: You can see into the future?

Dante: No, I hear the future but it is not to become if I decide to change it. However that is very hard to do. It comes in fuzz to me. I am not the master. That title belongs to Zephyr. I can also paralyze people with sound-bomb or even kill. Sound is a great element.

Triton: Well it allows me to link up to the internet.

Popkat: You ever get viruses?

Hans: Can you hear my other old team-mates?

Dante: I would have to know what they look or sound like. Tell me about them?

Hans: Well um… Jeffer has really high pain tolerance. Um, he has pink curly hair. Um.. he sounds like a robot.

Dante: Not right now he isn’t.

Triton: No I was not born with this face…

Hans: Well you met Luca and you know Ronald somehow. Umm there is Vladimir and Gin. Vladimir is a clean freak, and he likes to eat a lot. However for some reason he’s rather skinny. He also has green hair and these weird goggles. It was weird being with him. He was so lazy and wouldn’t do anything unless he got something out of it in return, and that had to be food. Good food.

Jasper: Hahaha, sounds like people I know.

Dante: Listening… Oh crap is that him? Hahaha he’s doomed. Well if that is him or not you won’t have to worry about him for long. He’s going to get eaten.

Popkat: How erotic?

Triton: Ironic…. Do you even know what erotic means?

Hans: Don’t Triton… Um lastly there is Gin. He was our weakness member because he was so dam polite. He liked to flirt with the girls but he always got rejected. Nothing wrong with him, good looking, but he would get the hiccups for some reason, I don’t know. After he got rejected he would flip off the deep end. Guy needed some anger management. He was our Pyrus brawler. Hahaha, we used to leave him in rooms with lots of hot girls just to piss him off. He wasn’t too smart so he never caught on to it.

Dante: Dam that’s mean…

Jasper: What you do take him to a Stripe club?

Hans: No he wasn’t old enough to get into one of those. Actually I am not old enough. We weren’t that mean…

Dante: Aniju? Oh I have to listen to this? That guy better be nice to her or he’ll have the Dominant Male of Ivory hunting down his…

Popkat: Hmm? :3

Dante: Ummm… Hans, how you liking your new battle gear?

Hans: Huh haven’t used it…

Dante: No wonder you lost…

Hans: Well you lost too. Let me see what you have…

Dante didn’t know exactly what Hans’ wanted to see so he gave him everything that related to Popkat. Hans turned down the baby bottles, catnip and kitty toys. He instead too Dante’s gauntlet, that he got back on Neathia, and his cards. Some of the cards were drawn out by Aniju while others were super rare cards.

Hans: Where’s you get these?

Dante: At A Place.

Hans: Dante if you used this you would have totally won. You would have sent Luca and Saggitorrior crying home to their mamas! This one here is ultra-rare, like only five are known in existence! How’d you get this?

Dante: Bought it At A Place.

Hans: Oh I wish I had this one.

Jasper: Hahaha, Dante you had these all along and never knew what you had.

Dante smile slightly confused. Hans continued to flip through Dante’s cards and later battle gear. Meanwhile Jasper got sick of eating pizza so he and Dante started to find other uses for it.

Some unknown amount of time later, Vince, Lisani and Drake were successful in whatever they were supposed to do, brawl one of the teams or something. They were returning to the base when this happen. They entered the base and discovered that Jasper and Dante had built a fort out of pizza.

Drake: What is this?

Vince: It looks like….

Dante: It’s a Pizza Fort!

Hans: It’s pretty creative… if you think about it.

Drake: Hmm, brawling works up an appetite.

Jasper: Don’t eat out Fort!

Vince: Here Drake. Some unused pizza over here.

Lisani: I wonder how Zierant, Lorenzo and Lyra are doing. We haven’t seen them in a while. Oh and Danielle?

Vince: Maybe we should fine them?

Drake: They probably want food too. Why did you have to build the fort in front of the TV?

Dante: Well we want to play games you know.

Sounds of explosions, Shouting, swords and arrows could be heard while flashing lights could be seen gleaming out of the fort’s gaps.

Triton: Oh get him! Get it!

Dante: Aniju has the high score you know. She already defeated Alduin.

Jasper: She also conquered the Troll Champion.

Triton: What?!

Dante: You’re face doesn’t work on her anymore.

Hans: Dante where did you get this card?

Dante: At A Place like I said. I only get my cards there. I really don’t bother buying things for Popkat anywhere else. Aniju told me it was a good one.

Hans: Hmm, she picked a good one alright. Wait isn’t she just as bad at brawling as you?

Dante: No, she hasn’t her Bakugan long before me so she has some more experience. Plus many people thought her how to brawl.

Drake: How do you get in this thing?

Lisani: Smell pretty good. How do out not eat it?

Vince: This is weird.

Drake and Lisani were trying to figure out how to get inside. Vince remained outside. He didn’t want to get pizza sauce on his clothes or in his hair.

Lisani: Is this something people do on Earth often?

Drake: I don’t think either Dante or Jasper are from Earth.

DIO: What is this?

Vince: It’s a Pizza Hut…

DIO glared at the mass of bread, pepperoni and cheese in front of him. Although he was a little disgusted, he had to hand it to both Dante and Jasper for their ingenuity.

Vince: I should never make jokes… -_-

Chapter 38: Rotten LuckEdit

Previously, on Bakugan: Dimensional Defenders

Hans: Well you met Luca and you know Ronald somehow. Umm there is Vladimir and Gin. Vladimir is a clean freak, and he likes to eat a lot. However for some reason he’s rather skinny. He also has green hair and these weird goggles. It was weird being with him. He was so lazy and wouldn’t do anything unless he got something out of it in return, and that had to be food. Good food.

Jasper: Hahaha, sounds like people I know.

Dante: Listening… Oh crap is that him? Hahaha he’s doomed. Well if that is him or not you won’t have to worry about him for long. He’s going to get eaten.

End Flashback.

A green-haired goggle boy wearing nothing but white briefs was running for his life, his vocal cords emitting incredibly pathetic girly shrieks. He was sprinting so fast it looked like he had at least eight legs, however, even though the boy was running his heart out, he wasn't nearly as fast as a certain starving Phantom who was literally snapping at the poor boy's heels. Finally he was cornered. Shaking, sweating and whimpering, the gogglehead pressed himself against a wall as the murderous phantom loomed over him, yellow eyes gleaming malevolently.

Goggle Boy: ...Mommy... TT_TT

Banshee: Come here you delicious little thing! I bet you taste like pizza!

A few minutes earlier...

The aforementioned goggle boy, also known by the name of Vladimir Pavlov, was sitting in the Interspace waiting room, chomping away at a slice of pizza. He smirked tauntingly and waved his hand over the pizza so that the people near him would be able to smell it. The bystanders scowled as they tried to hide the fact that their mouths were watering.

Vladimir: Smells good, doesn't it? *takes a bite out of his pizza*

Random Kids: OгO It smells like heaven! I want some!

Vladimir: Sure, you guys can have some!

Random Kids: Really? *_*

Vladimir: Sure, why not! *shoves the entire slice into his mouth* Nom. Oops, I accidentally swallowed all of the delicious cheesy goodness! How foolish of me! BWAHAHAHAHA!

A Ventus Bakugan floated over to Vladimir and perched itself on his shoulder.

Chrysema: Aren't you going to share with your prized Guardian Bakugan, Vlad-kun?

Vladimir: What the hell Chrysema? You're a pegasus. This pizza has meat in it. Horses are herbivores. Don't act like a freak of nature.

Chrysema: Oh... Riiiiiigghhht...You do have a point. I totally forgot that I'm a vegetarian! I'm such a DERP! *silently* You're still a greedy bastard, Vladimir!

Vladimir: Hm? Did you say something?

Chrysema: Oh nothing. Nothing at all! *whistling innocently*

Random Kids: Awww nuts T_T

Vladimir: Get your own Elite Pizza, you bastards!

Random Kid #1:But it's too expensive!

Random Kid #2: Even if I saved up my allowance for a month, I still wouldn't be able to afford a single slice!

Random Kid #3: Grr...Lucky rich douche!

Vladimir: What's the matter, you jelly?

Random Kids: Stop being a douche and start sharing, dang it!

Vladimir: Aw buzz off you freaking beggars! Go eat your disgusting broccoli for the rest of your miserable lives! I'm feeling particularly lazy today! Goodnight, losers! *lies down on the bench for a nap* Zzzzzzzzz

A minute later Vladimir was already fast asleep. Meanwhile the deeply offended "losers" decided to take advantage of his vulnerable state.

Random Kid #1: The douche's asleep!

Random Kid #2: Let's draw on his face! Anybody have a marker?

Random Kid #1: I do, I do!

Random Kid #3: I have paint and crayons! Let's do it guys!

Random Kid #2: Good >:3 *takes the marker and gives the sleeping Vladimir a makeover*

Chrysema: (I should probably protect him since he's my master and all... But he's a greedy bastard so I'll let him be humiliated. It'll be funny watching his reaction once he wakes up)

Random Kid #3: Guys! I have an idea! *takes out his lunch box* My mom's cooking sucks so I'm not gonna eat it anyway. Let's dump it on his ugly face! Who's with me?

Random Kid #1: Alright, let's do it!

Random Kids: Three, two, one, FIRE! *dump the lunchbox's contents all over Vladimir who just keeps snoring with a bubble coming out of his nose while Chrysema is laughing her arse off*

Vladimir: *starts tossing and turning in his sleep, smearing the food all over his clothes* Zzzzz...Eat poison, Lead Goose...Zzzzz...

Random Kids: O_____________O He's gonna wake up! He's gonna wake up! Everybody hide!

The ragtag gang hides under a bench and shakes for a few moments before Vladimir finally becomes still again. He now looks dirtier and more disgusting than a decaying corpse.

Random Kid #1: Shhhhh...Get out everybody...He's asleep again.

Random Kid #3: Should we keep going?

Random Kid #2: No, it's too risky. He said something about poison in his sleep. Who knows, maybe if we get caught, he'll make us eat poison!

Random Kid #1: Eek! That sounds really scary!

Random Kid #3: Mommy! I don't wanna die!

Random Kid #2: We should really get out of here before he wakes up!

Random Kids #1 and #3: Agreed.

The Random Kids quickly take their leave just before Vladimir opens his eyes and sits up.

Vladimir: *stretches* Aaaaaah, that was a nice nap! Let's go, Chrysema!

Chrysema: Pffffftttt XD

Vladimir: O_O What's wrong with you? Did you catch rabies or something?

Chrysema: Vladimir, you should really look in a mirror or something!

Vladimir: o_O Is there something wrong with my hair again? Jeez, I don't want to sink to Luca's level. *pulls out a mirror* ...HOLY...MOTHER...OF...PIZZA...I HAVE BEEN DEFILED!!!!

Chrysema: *rofl*

Vladimir's new appearance was a sight to behold. He now sported a huge bushy mustache complete with a goatee and sideburns. His eyes had eyeliner on them and his lips were covered in a huge amount of lipstick and lip gloss. His hair was now dyed red and smelled like ketchup. He also had crayons sticking out of his nostrils and spaghetti noodles wrapped around his ears. His clothes were covered in something that looked like puke and his fingernails were covered in girly pink nail polish.

Vladimir: Who...Who did this?

Chrysema: No clue!

Vladimir: I'm so dirty and disgusting...OH GAWD! I'M A MESS! I'M A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING! I! AM! DIRT! *bangs his head against the wall* Messy messy messy...Messy messy messy...Messy messy messy... *continues banging his head against the wall while shedding copious amounts of tears and snot and chanting "messy messy messy"*

Luckily Chrysema was used to situations like that so she dumped a bucket of water (Ugh...Buckets...So...Heavy...) on Vladimir's head, washing the ketchup off his hair and snapping him back to his senses.

Vladimir: Ack! Cold! What happened? Oh my god I'm so dirty! *takes off all of his clothes save for his briefs that are thankfully clean* Yay! I'm clean again! Aaaah! It feels so refreshing!

Moar Random Kids: What the hell is wrong with that naked guy?


"He must be some kind of pervert!"

"He's HAWT! WANT!"


"Let's get him out of here! He's gonna traumatize the children!"

"Get the torches and pitchforks everybody!"

Vladimir: Uhh...Guys...This isn't what it looks li~EEEEEEEEKKK!!! *runs for his life with the angry mob hot on his tail* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! SAVE ME!!!! *bumps into someone* OH GAWD I'M TRAPPED! TT_TT Goodbye cruel world! *closes his eyes and gets ready for a gorey demise*

Voice: Oh hello there little one! You look tasty!

Vladimir: o_O Who's that? *cracks open an eye and sees a pair of glowing yellow eyes and a crooked grin* OH GAWD THAT'S EVEN SCARIER THAN AN ANGRY MOB CHASING ME TRYING TO BURN ME AT A STAKE!

Banshee: Angry mob? What angry mob?

Behind her bodies littered the ground. Vladimir couldn't quite understand if they were dead or just unconscious. He was absolutely horrified. He began to flail his limbs wildly and somehow managed to wiggle out of Banshee's grasp. He then took off running again, with the Phantom in hot pursuit.

Back in the present.

Vladimir was shaking like a leaf. He was going to die. He was definitely going to die! BUT HE DIDN'T WANT TO, DAMMIT! He had to run for it, but he was trapped. Oh, if only he could get out of this blasted corner somehow!

Suddenly something distracted the phantom and she turned her head to the side. This was his chance! Vladimir mustered as much strength and courage as he could and ducked, squeezing through the small space between Banshee's outstretched left arm and the wall. Free at last, he just about broke into a run again...And promptly crashed into a redhead and an albino Vestal with a top hat.

Chapter 39: Aeneas AzureEdit

A young boy with silver hair in turquoise-colored baroque-style outfit with a noticeable Iaito sword hanging from his waist approached Professor Kunagiri ex Machina. He speaks with an English accent but his Japanese linguistical skills are pretty good.

Silver-haired boy: Yoroshiku onegai shimasu, Kunagiri-kyouju.

Kunagiri: Dearest Vergil, you are indeed polite as always.

Vergil: You are like a father to me so I am to address you with eloquence.

Kunagiri: A fine boy indeed.

Kunagiri ruffles Vergil's hair, the boy smiled and gave Kunagiri a report from Professor Basil, his colleague and confidant within the Bakugan Scientists Guild (BSG).

Kunagiri: Thank you, Vergil.

Vergil: Yorokonde-desu, kyouju.

Kunagiri: Hai, yorokonde.

Vergil: I shall take my leave now.

Kunagiri: Please take care always.

Vergil: Domo.

Vergil took his leave and went ahead to look for players to Brawl.

Vergil: I am here so I might as well train my brawling skills.

He was approached by a silver-haired young man in blue clothes. In this youth's shoulder is a lizard-like Bakugan that grins maliciously.

Triton: (Woah, look at that cheesy Samurai kid!)

Hans: (Which one?_

Triton: (That one in turquoise clothes! I've heard about Spaghetti Western genre but they've never been cheesier than this!)

Hans: Shhh!

Vergil: Gentlemen.

Hans: Sorry about this little sidewinder over here. He tends to be obnoxious.

Triton: Hahahaha oh I think he looks like a cross between you and Benjamin Franklin. Check out that hairdo! It's a thunder zapped Zip Zam gun ho lol wut!

Hans: Triton! That is so like Brokeback Mountain homage out of a nightmare-themed indie film!

Triton: IKR! You mad?

Hans: Not mad. Just disgusted.

Triton: Problem?

Hans: Hmph.

Vergil: Sir Triton, as you had been called... It would seem that you are a rotten tomato in a bottle of fresh ketchup.

Triton: LOL WUT?!

Vergil: A small reported incident of a rotten kethcup bottle could ruin the reputation of an entire company.

Hans: Makes sense to me.

Triton: Boooring~!

Vergil: ...and a little weeaboo amongst the respectable race of morphing marbles like "Bakugan" is like that rotten tomato.

Triton: Ohh, so you got a sword and you talk like you're awesome but are you actually brave or you just like seeing ketchup or shall I say, FAKE BLOOOOO~D!

Vergil: Bloodshed does not define the worth of a warrior but rather the cause that they are fighting for.

Triton: Do you actually need a cause to fight? I bet that's the lame excuse that cowards love to pull every single day!

Vergil: Rather, I should feel more ashamed than any Bakugan of your kind, sir Triton.

Triton: Why is that? You epic fail against da man?

Vergil: Lizards, who descended from dinosaurs, are not as notorious as snakes whose cursed to crawl the ground for eternity.

Triton: Dinosaur? Ohh~those terrible lizards. Which time did you came from anyway?

Vergil: Time is of little importance to me... (phone rang) Hmm? (picks up phone) Hello Professor Basil?

(Basil: Verge, what is going on there?)

Triton: Well you wanna know what time is it? I think it's time for you to go back home to your mommy and say "MAMA I DON'T WANNA DIE (of epic fail!) SOMETIMES I WISHED I'VE NEVER BEEN BORN AT ALL GALILEO MAGNIFICOOOWOOOOO~

(Basil: I'm hearing some crackpot singing the Bohemian Rhapsody. Was that one of those troublesome random kids that you told me about?)

Triton: BEEZELBUB~lalalalala

Vergil: Oh, that? What do you say I'd do with him?

(Basil: I want you to make a good use of your training)

Triton: OHHHH BABY~!!

Vergil: Which training? Brawling or Iaijutsu~ Prof--- (phone line got cut) ........................?

Triton: Look at his face~! That's the face of a boy that reads "INTERSPACE IZ SRS BUSINESS!"

Hans: I think he's agitated.

Vergil: I guess it's all up to me.

Hans: Look here, man, didn't mean to waste your time in this uncecessary dramu of this lizard.

Vergil: There is no need for excuses.

Hans: Seriously?! I don't think you have a Bakugan with you.

Vergil: I do.

Vergil snaps his fingers and from underground, a huge Ventus Bakugan that resembles a young ninja appeared.

Vergil: Sasuke, the professor had asked me to put my training to use.

Sasuke: Which training?

Vergil: Brawling and Iaijutsu.

Sasuke: Ohhhkay.

Vergil: No wonder I kinda recognize these guys. They were former members of the so-called Mad Geese brigade.

Hans: What the how did he?

Triton: You guyz r infamous ya know!

Vergil: Indeed, Sir Triton. If thee and your master have honor then come hither.

Hans: What is the meaning of this?!

Vergil: Hah. (rides Sasuke's shoulder)

Sasuke: Are you ready?

Vergil: I always am ready.

Triton: Step on it, lazy bones~!

Hans: Ba...bakujousting?!

Vergil: Bakujousting is against the rules of interspace but there is nothing in the rules of interspace that says mixed weapon disciplines on top of Bakugan.

Hans: You got a point there.

Hans took a half pipe which was sitting next to him. He then rode to Triton's shoulder and looked at Vergil. Triton materialized some TV screens which show the face of a familiar internet character ~ The Troll.

Hans: Such stern eyes for such a young boy...yet something tells me this guy aint probably human.

Vergil: Have at you.

In a speed of light, Vergil unsheaths his sword and nearly slashed his opponent to bits. His sword emit crescent-shaped shockwaves that nearly knocked Hans down Triton.


Hans: This guy ain't a random kid! He's actually something!

Vergil: Even random kids have their own names in which they should be addressed with.

Triton: LOSER?

Vergil: RESOLVE!

In a quick swoop, Vergil was able to dismantle Triton's television screens.

Triton: HEY! They cost a fortune ya know!

Vergil: Is that so?

Triton: YEAH! I bet you are jealous.

Vergil: You know. If your life becomes a black pretzel down your throat, it means only one thing.

Triton: That the World is Mine, ya Dancing Samurai in Cantarella wardrobe?

Vergil: No.

Triton: Then what?

Vergil: You are a midboss!

Hans: Uh oh! Not good...~!!

Then there was a sound of breaking bones and dropped half metal pipe is heard along with the sound of a sword being returned to its sheath and Bakugan returning to ball forms.

Vergil: Kirisute Gomen.

Vergil bows down and takes his leave to find the other members of the Mad Geese.

Chapter 40: A Goose, a Salamander and a Creepy Alien Neighbour.Edit

Hans slowly sat up, wincing at the pain in his chest. The mysterious samurai weirdo had struck him with the blunt side of his blade, thus sparing his life, but the blow was still devastating. Hans was sure one or two of his ribs were cracked. He probably wouldn't be able to laugh or sleep properly for a couple of weeks. Triton was lying next to him in ball form. He seemed to be unconscious again. That didn't surprise Hans. After all, the stranger had attacked them when they least expected it, and Triton was still weakened by the injuries he had sustained in the battle against Ronald and Nyan Cat.

Hans: I'm sorry Triton...I must be too weak to be your Brawler. After all, you're an Elite Gundalian Bakugan and I'm just a random kid who can't even defend himself. You keep getting hurt because of me. Maybe you deserve to be partnered with a battler of higher caliber? That old guy...He told me you had never lost a single brawl in your entire life...I must be a really sucky Brawler then. Sorry for ruining your perfect battling record, Triton...

Triton: Ugh...Hans...Is that you?

Hans: Triton... Troll me if you must but tell me the truth.

Triton: Urgh...My head is spinning...Huh? What did you say?

Hans: Am I too weak to be your Brawler?

Triton: Well you're definitely stronger than that Hanorg guy, so I guess you're not...

Hans: o_O But...I thought he hasn't lost a single battle in his life...

Triton: Pffft, seriously? You're stupid enough to believe what that senile old geezer said? Looks like I overestimated your IQ, Hans. Hanorg is a liar, and a terrible one at that. Trust me Hans, I've been his Bakugan for almost a decade, I know his personality like the back of my trollface!

Hans: o_O Like the back of your WHAT?

Triton: Nevermind. Hanorg had the brawling prowess of an autistic hamster. This is also the reason why he was exiled. His skills sucked harder than a vacuum cleaner! He failed an important mission and was dishonorably discharged from the Twelve Orders.

Hans: Jeez. Sounds like a royal fail!

Flashback to about two years ago.

Hans' mom: Oh great, the old nutcase is at it again! *puts earplugs in her ears to block out the horrible singing that was coming from the backyard of a nearby house.

Hans' dad: *wraps a sweater around his head* Ugh, God! Doesn't he have any dignity?

Hans' mom: Honey, I think he has no brains.

Hans' dad: Agreed. By the way, have you seen Hans anywhere?

Hans' mom: He left about an hour ago. 'Said he was going to practice Brawling.

Suddenly the Ranger couple heard a bloodcurdling scream.


Hans' mom: *drops a magazine that reads "Weight Loss Tips For Douchebags"* O_O What was that?

Hans' dad: Must be another catfight.

Hans' mom: I hate cats >_<

Hans' dad: Look on the bright side, the singing stopped!

Meanwhile in the crazy neighbor's backyard...

Hans: *is being held in a choke hold by a weird-looking old man dressed in a bathrobe and sweat pants* OH GOD HELP ME! I'VE BEEN CAPTURED BY A CREEPY OLD PEDO! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY VIRGINITY TO THIS FREAK! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!! SAVE ME!

Old man: Hold still you little whipper-snapper or else I'll break your neck just like that! *tightens his hold on Hans' neck*

Hans: *chokes and coughs* H-hel-p-p...

Old man: Whipper-snapper...Are you an assassin? Have you been sent by the Gundalian Government to do me in? TELL ME! *slowly starts twisting Hans' neck to the side*

Hans: *cough*...N-n-no...*tears up* ;_;

Old man: Then how do you explain this? *holds up an Aquos Gren in ball form*

Hans: @_@ *slowly turning blue*

Old man: *lets Hans breathe a bit* Tell me or I'll strangle you to death!

Hans: P...P..Pra...

Old man: Huh?

Hans: P-practicing...Brawling...TT_TT

Old man: Practicing huh? Hmm...You don't look like a Gundalian...Are you from the Bayview Brawling community?

Hans: *nods*

Old man: You're an Aquos Brawler, right?

Hans: *nods*

Old man: Heh. I guess I caught the wrong guy! *lets go of Hans' neck*

Hans: *coughing, breathing heavily and rubbing his sore neck* Wh...What the hell was that for, you old fart?

Old man: Kid...I'm really sorry for nearly killing you. Is there a way for me to compensate for it?

Hans: Well, how about you stop si...

Old man: Oh I know! I'm going to hand over my closest subordinate to you! I'm getting too old and he's getting bored so I figured it's time for me to find him a new partner. He's an Aquos Bakugan, just like your Gren. He's very strong, with a power level of 1550.

Hans: 1550? You gotta be kidding me!

Old man: I'm not kidding. See for yourself! *pulls a blue ball out of his pocket and hands it to Hans*

Hans: *takes the Bakugan and scans it with his Bakumeter* Woah! He really does have a power level of 1550! Where did you get him old man?

Old man: Fine, I'll tell you. You see, I used to be an elite soldier on the planet of Gundalia.

Hans: O_O Old man, you're an alien? No. Friggin. Way!

Old man: Yup. By the way, call me Hanorg.

Hans: O____________O This is freaky.

Hanorg: I come from a planet called Gundalia. I used to be one of the most high-ranked soldiers in the Emperor's army, the Twelve Orders. Together with my bakugan, Aquos Triton, we have fought in many wars and brought our fair Emperor, Ankhir VI, many victories. Triton and I have never lost a battle. However, a few years ago Ankhir VI died from an illness, and his only son, Barodius, inherited his father's title. Barodius disbanded his father's Twelve Orders and recruited new members. The former members were exiled and banished from Gundalia for good. And this is how I ended up here.

Hans: o_O Who would've thought that my wacky neighbor is an alien warrior!

Hanorg: A RETIRED alien warrior. Oh, and could you please not tell anybody? You see, I have lots of enemies who want me dead, and if they find out where I'm hiding, they'll wipe the entire neighborhood off the face of the Earth, and that includes you and your family!


Hanorg: Now be a good boy and keep your mouth shut. By the way, Triton can also change attributes to Pyrus and Haos!

Hanorg: No. Freaking. Way! *_* SO COOL!

Hanorg: Attribute Changers are quite rare even on New Vestroia. On Gundalia they're almost completely extinct. I was really lucky to find one. This is also why I got recruited into the Twelve Orders. And now that I've gotten too old to Brawl, I'll pass this invincible juggernaut on to you. Triton, say hello to your new Brawler!

Triton: *silence*

Hanorg: Oopsie, he's taking a nap again. Lately life has been so boring for him he spends most of the day sleeping. He definitely needs a younger, lively partner.

Hans: I'll take him! *grabs Triton* Thank you, old fart! Bye! *runs away*

Hanorg: *wipes a tear from his eye* Aww, I'm gonna miss you you trolling bastard! I really am! But it had to be done! IT F**KING HAD TO BE DONE! GGGUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! *Manry Tears*

Hans: *running while whistling a happy tune*

Hanorg: O______O Oh gawd boy, watch out for the Blooming Buttercups I planted on my lawn!


Hanorg: *sweatdrop* Oops. Too late.

Triton: *catches the hood of Hans' hoodie in his teeth and slips between the man-eating plant's jaws*

Hanorg: O_O Triton?

Triton: *trying to pull the swirly-eyed Hans out of the Blooming Buttercup* Ngh...Come on you ugly gooseface! Don't you dare die on me!

Hanorg: He's trying...To save that boy?

Triton: *continues to pull* Come on...Grh...Let...Go...You...Stupid...Weed...


Triton: Old...Geezer? HURRY UP AND HELP ME!

Hanorg: *crying his eyes out* WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Triton: You...Suck...

Hans: @_@

Triton: *pulled Hans' head and shoulders out of the plant's mouth but is too tired to keep going* Damn it...I don't want to be stuck with that boring old fart again! Don't die gooseface! *tries pulling again* Haah...It's no good...Gooseface...Too...Heavy...

Hans: *opens his eyes* Huh? I'm alive? *notices that he's half-swallowed by a Blooming Buttercup* AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! I'M DYING!

Hanorg: *stops crying* O_O I was too moved by that beautiful moment! Gotta save the kid! *hacks through the Blooming Buttercup's stem with a blue version of Nurzak's Epic Lance*

Blooming Buttercup: X_X

Hans: *crawls out of the Blooming Buttercup* That was so friggin scary! Thank you old geezer!

Triton: *panting on the ground* Hey...Hah...Gooseface...What about me? I busted my butt trying to save you! Why are you thanking that boring old fart? You bastard! Oh, and by the way you're like...100 pounds overweight! Are you a sumo wrestler or just a lazy couch potato who can't run 100 meters without puking his guts out? One way or another, YOU FAIL AT LIFE!


Triton: Liar.

Hans: Am not!

Hanorg: ^_^ You two are already developing a bond! I'm so proud of you guys!


Hanorg: By the way, Gooseface...

Hans: O___O It's Hans!

Hanorg: *pulls out two cups filled with steaming green sludge* Would you care to join me for a cup of tea?

Sludge: *burps and farts*

Hans and Triton: HELL NO!!!

Hanorg: *takes a sip* Are you sure? It's nice and slimey!

Hans: OMFG GUNDALIAN TEA!!! TRITON, RUN! F**KING RUN!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! *runs through a fence, leaving a Hans-shaped hole in it*

Hanorg: ^_^ He's a good kid! *sips tea* Mmmmm, toxic!

End flashback

Chapter 41: ExistenceEdit

After defeating Hans and Triton in a modified BakuJousting, Gerald Battler and Marduk Kreig stopped by the spot where the supposedly banned sport happened.

Marduk: Hmm.

Gerald: What's that?

Marduk dipped his fingers into the floor and it captured gleaming silvery blue scales of sorts.

Marduk: Something tells me that another as-of-yet-unidentified race had infiltrated Interspace.

Gerald: A Neathian? Gundalian? Vestal? Hurranian? Regular...

Marduk: None of the above.

Gerald: Oh geez, I hope they're not something out of a gothic nightmare!

Marduk: Let's investigate.

Gerald: Right.

As for Vergil Winchester, he ran into the most unexpected person to run into ~

Vergil: Slow down, young sir.

Kleinn: Haaah...haaah...

Vergil: What is the matter?

Kleinn: I need to go find my mother and father...and then where my fellowmen live.

Vergil: I see. I wish you the best of luck with that.

Kleinn: Do you know where I can find them?

Vergil: Take it easy and decide who to find first.

Kleinn: I want to find all of them!

Vergil: Nito wo ou mono wa itto wo mo ezu.

Kleinn: Eh?

Vergil: One who chases after two hares won't catch even one.

Kleinn: So what should I do?

Vergil: Look first for the people that matter a lot more to you. Your parents, for instance.

Kleinn: I should go look for my parents.

Vergil: Do not stress yourself too much.

Kleinn: But I...

Vergil: Kachou Fuugetsu. Appreciate everything around you and you will know yourself more.

Kleinn: Thank you. :3

Vergil: You are most welcome.

The two youths turned their back on each other. They were about to part ways when Kleinn turned around again and happily introduced himself.

Kleinn: Oh and I'm Kleinn Bravier...or so I've known.

Vergil: Pleased to meet you. My name is Vergil Winchester.

Kleinn: Vergy. :3

Vergil: That would do.

Kleinn: Teehee~ bye!

Vergil: Take care of yourself.

Kleinn went to look for Mizuhiro and Volt while Vergil decided to look for the rest of the disbanded Mad Geese.

Vergil: Those flightless which sky do they soar with such fragile wings?

Walking further, Vergil overhears the Team Lilium talking about Lync's frequent disappearance.

Yayoi: I understand that Lync has some pressing matters to do but if he would keep on disappearing when we need to work as a team, we might as well find a substitute for him.

Dallas: Wouldn't that sound like unofficially kicking him out of the team?

Lysie: I'm sure Lync would understand.

Masquerade: Either that or he won't care about it.

Dallas: Fine then. We will look for a substitute Ventus Brawler.

Vergil leaves the scene as he is entirely preoccupied on finding the rest of the Mad Geese.

Vergil: The Mad Geese Brigade... they were a group of powerful brawlers from Bayview that suddenly disbanded for some reason.

Vergil looks around while in deep thought.

Vergil: To find out the cause of why they were divided and the true motive of each...what is the provenance of doing so?

...and he was disturbed.

Marduk: You over there!

Vergil: Sir, what is it?

Marduk: What in the universe are you?

Vergil: That is not a question to ask of me, sir.

Marduk: Just answer it. We saw these oddly-colored scales in the aftermath of your battle with the ex-Mad Geese. I don't think they came from the blasted troll so they definitely could have come from you!

Vergil: Intrusion is a serious crime, gentleman.

Marduk: Don't talk like you are a policeman, boy! (cellphone rang)

Lync: (voice mail) Marduk, return to base immediately.

Marduk: I will be back for you!

The doctor left the suspected individual in that spot. A few seconds later, the leader was beamed in the doctor's place.

Lync: My apologies for his intrusion.

Vergil: The unvierse is governed by forces of good and evil. Those who are caught in between are doomed into confusion for eternity.

Lync: A content young man. Who did you say you were again?

Vergil: Vergil Winchester, an emissary from Professor Basil.

Lync: I see. You can simply call me Lync.

Vergil: I admire your sense of style. What do you say about a little pastime?

Lync: I'm game for it. *takes out taser rod*

Vergil: *hand on the hilt of his sword*

Meanwhile the other players of interspace...

While Aniju had been an actively partaking in the events that were happening in Interspace, her cousin Bramley had been using Interspace to relax with his friends. Today however he arrived in Interspace early to get some practice in before his three friends who made up his team showed up.

Bramley: Well Spiderpig what you want to do?

Spiderpig: I want to roll a rock down a hill…

Bramley: You boars are weird but okay. Um let’s find a good spot. I don’t think there are any hills in Interspace but there are abandon arenas with lots of stairs. That might work.

Bramley took his Bakugan to one of the many Abandon Arenas. He let his Bakugan pick up large rocks with his snout and roll them down the steps in the Arena to his heart’s content. Bramley sat down to watch. He should be training but he didn’t know what to train. He had no style of fighting nor any weapons because he couldn’t decide on what he wanted.

Bramley: I wonder if it was this hard for my cousins.

Spiderpig: Roll a rock… Roll a rock…

Bramley: Aniju likes Bakugan. I wonder if she like to brawl sometime? I have seen her a few times. Maybe we should got find her?

While he was thinking someone came up from behind him. Bramley scene the Aura presents and turned to see who it was. However he was glomped by a guy with a scarf.

Moritz: Hey there!

Bramley: Ah!

Moritz: You smell like her… You know someone named Aniju?

Bramley: Aniju is my cousin.

Moritz: Oh I see. I am Moritz by the way. Who are you?

Bramley: The name is Bramley. Are you a friend of hers?

Moritz: Kind of… You can say we know each other yes.

Bramley: Well it is nice to meet you. I haven’t seen my cousin in a while so I don’t know where she is if that was what you were hoping.

Moritz: Aw okay. I’ll just have to keep looking for her.

Moritz slid off of Bramley and sat back. He looked at Bramley’s Bakugan Spiderpig roll a rock down the battered stairs.

Moritz: “A safe and friendly environment” for kids and their Bakugan and all that crap.

Bramley: What you mean? Isn’t Interspace safe?

Moritz: You know what they used to do here?

Bramley shook his head.

Moritz: They used to have BakuJousting here. See the blood down there. I believe this was the place where that guy nearly got killed by that Bakugan but he cut it to death. He was fluffy and pink.

Bramley: Someone killed a Bakugan?

Moritz: No he didn’t kill it I think. Saw another guy take down a Bakugan by himself. BakuJousting is like well Jousting. The brawl stands on their Bakugan with a jousting stick and tries to knock off the other Brawl while their Bakugan battle.

Bramley: Sounds dangerous. Glad we never got into that huh Spiderpig?

Spiderpig: I plow right through the other Bakugan. No contest.

Moritz: Ya know I tried my hand at that blood sport. I was one of the few to take down a Bakugan and their brawler at the same time. My Bakugan is a bit too small for Jousting.

A small Bakugan floated at Moritz shoulder. The cute little Bakugan seems too nice to be out their participating in a Blood Sport.

Moritz: Never got to face off against those Mad Flock people. Hey look!

Bramley looked over the edge of the Arena and saw Brook and Maria. They were heading in the direction that Banshee had disappeared in so they could rejoin their Team. Moritz jumped down from the Arena right in front of Brook and Maria. Bramley followed him but ended up falling in a big fail.

Brook: Oh you okay?

Bramley: Yeah.

Bramley stood up unharmed.

Maria: Wow I wish I could fall from great highs without being harmed. Then maybe my stupid GYM teacher would give me a break.

Moritz: Oh the Gym teacher being a big meanie?

Maria: Yes. I have such weak wimpy arms.

Moritz: Oh your arms aren’t wimpy. They are delicate and fair.

Moritz took Maria’s arm and slowly rubbed his fingers along her arm to show her what he meant. Maria felt a shiver but not in a bad way go down her spin. She always thought her arms were weak but never delicate, but didn’t delicate mean weak? No not really. While Moritz was busy with the ladies, someone came up from behind Bramley. He turned to see who it way.

Bramley: Huh? Oh hello there.

Luca: BLAH! (Throws up)

Bramley: EK! (Jumps back) You almost vomited on me! You okay?

Luca: Gggguuuuhh? (Confused look on his face)

Bramley: Maybe you should go home kid. Get some rest.

Luca: No, have to find goosehead. (Clings to Bramley) Need milk!

Bramley: Gooses lay eggs not milk.

Luca: Need miiilllkkk!!!

Bramley: Okay let’s see if I have any.

Bramley held up his necklace, the round pendent began to glow and admitted a beam of light. Images flashed by, Bramley looked through his sock and found what he was looking for. He reached up and took the object out of the light. He handed Luca a half gallon of milk.

Luca: Milk!

Luca grabbed the half gallon tub and started gulping it. Bramley let him have it, he would have to get Finn MacCool some more later on.

Luca: I’m alive again!

Bramley: May I ask what’s up with this asking for milk.

Luca: I need it to function properly.

Bramley: Oh okay then. Now don’t go vomiting up that milk. Or it won’t work for you anymore once it is out of your system.

Luca: Oh alright then… You didn’t poison this did you?

Bramley: No it was for a friend, no reason to poison a friend.

Luca glared at Bramley not believing him but he started to walk off taking the milk with him. Bramley just smiles and went his own way.

Maria: Odd fellow…

Brook: Been a lot of odd people as of lately Maria.

Moritz: Hmm, wasn’t he? Nah who cares… Anyways where were we?

Moritz rubbed his fingers along Maria’s cheek.

Moritz: You know you are very pretty. What’s a stunning young lady such as yourself doing in this dangerous part of Interspace, hmm?

Maria: Dangerous? Oh, I have been hanging out with one of the most dangerous brawlers in this whole place. I think I can handle myself especially with Chimeriad around.

A small Bakugan floated up in-between Moritz and Maria. He flew up to Moritz causing him to take a step back.

Chimeriad: Who do you think you are? Flirting with my Maria!

Maria: Chimeriad stop it.

Moritz: Oh?

Bramley: Oh what is this, a rare Bakugan?

Chimeriad: Oh don’t make me got all badass on your ass!

Bramley: Okay, okay gosh sir.

Moritz: Hmm, how sweet a protective Bakugan.

Maria: Chimeriad, this isn’t the time.

Brook: We should be looking for Banshee and the others.

Moritz: Oh you lost some friends? Maybe we can help?

Bramley: Oh maybe I can’t find them? Let me look, what are their auras like?

Brook: Auras? Well um Bree is my twin sister so…

Bramley: I can work with that.

Bramley closed his eyes, that always helped him block out everyone else’s auras from interfering. In his mind’s eye everyone’s aura flickered to life embracing their bodies. Brook’s aura was a purplely pink color, more purple than pink. It waved around like willow branches in the wind. Bree, being Brook’s twin sister, would have a similar aura. He should be able to locate her if she wasn’t too far out of range. He felt around with his aura. There were thousands of people using Interspace and that mean thousands of auras plus their Bakugan. Soon a flicker of pinkish purple aura came into view, slightly green, moving like flower heads in the wind. It was faint by near. Someone else’s aura was over powering Bree’s, someone with a deep purple aura that moved like mist.

Bramley: I think I found her. She is over there. There are a few other auras with her. Um, a female and three males. Very dark Purple, orange yellowish color, a bluish silver and a bright green…

Brook: Oh thanks. Come on Maria.

Bramley: Oh my friends will be coming. I am afraid I can’t come with you.

Brook: That’s okay, oh by the way I am Brook, sorry forgot to introduce myself.

Maria: I am Maria and this is my...

Chimeriad: I got my eye on you two! Huh where’d the other one go?

Bramley: Moritz? Oh he it up there. I guess it is time for both of us to go. I was a pleasure to meet you. I am Bramley. Maybe I’ll see you around.

Maria: Yeah, good bye then.

Brook: See you later.

Brook and Maria hurried off in the direction that Bramley pointed them in. Chimeriad glared at Bramley then followed because Kakoo shoved him. Bramley went back inside the Abandon Arena where he found Moritz.

Bramley: Why’d you disappear like that?

Moritz: You said the person they were looking for was with three guys. Bree is obviously a girl and Maria and Brook together would have made three girls. Put two and two together.

Bramley: Didn’t feel that way, Moritz. I felt fear and terror in the greenish, but the silver blue one seem to have feelings for the purple one. And the orange one with the yellow, well some kind of love burned bright in him. Maybe you are right about a few of them.

Moritz: You got all that from feeling their auras? You are her cousin.

Bramley smiled at Moritz who tilted his head and gave him a goofy smile back.

Moritz: Welp, time for me to get going.

Bramley: Oh okay, I have to go see my friends now. Maybe we will meet again?

Moritz: Yeah I am sure of it.

Moritz stopped up on the edge of the Arena before jumped off and disappeared. Bramley called for his Bakugan partner to come. Spiderpig had been rolls rocks around this whole entire time. He went back into ball form and floated over to Bramley.

Bramley: I think we made some new friends today Spiderpig. But it feels like they were her friends first. She’s beaten me again.

Back to the battle between Vergil and the Father of the Grammaton...

Vergil: Shinra Banshou...sonzai wakeai ni naru.

Lync: I'd have to agree on that. There is also a reason why I returned to the world of the living.

Vergil: Once you died and you were brought back to life, you should value yourself more.

Lync: I am. Which is why I became a man that I'd never imagine I would be.

Vergil: The father of the Grammaton...

Vergil held back and sheathed his sword. Lync also disengaged his taser rod.

Vergil: Or was it that you awakened your darkside?

Lync: I'd say both...but hey wait did you?!

Vergil: My astral senses are higher than that of a human. I was trained to detect evil and to vanquish it.

Lync: You are only trained to destroy evil and not something in between.

Vergil: The universe and reality is too cruel for people that fail to discern a gray area in things.

Lync: It is like a slap in their face. Oh the expression on Spectra was priceless. He never thought I'd be the leader of the Grammaton.

Vergil: Prejudice is also one of the ingredients that make up a mortal besides inacceptance to change and reality.

Lync: Haha, I like you. You should be part of the Grammaton.

Vergil: I would refuse, sir Lync. I am currently working for somebody.

Lync: Who might this person be?

Vergil: Professor Basil.

Lync: Basil...sounds familiar.

While Lync is pondering about Basil, Vergil staggered.

Lync: What happened?!

Vergil: astra is weakening. It would seem that...

Lync: Oh no, did I do something to you?

Vergil: This happens everytime. Don't worry about me.

Lync: How could I not worry? You look like you're in a pretty bad shape!

Vergil: How I envy those Gundalians and Neathians...they're too good at this trick.

Lync: Trick?

In a few seconds, Vergil's human body dispersed and out came a...

Vergil: Squee? 0w0

Lync: You are...!!

Vergil: Oh dear...this is awkward.

Lync: You are a Protheesaur!

Vergil: Well, yes I am.

Lync: How could one still exist? The Vita Records thought you were all extinct!

Vergil: That's what they thought.

Lync: So how would you get back to your human form?

Vergil: My astra needs to be charged up. Until then, I need to find a safe place to hide.

Lync: Why would you hide?

Vergil: I'm scared of people while I'm in this form! 0w0

The rest of the Team Lilium found Lync talking to a little silvery blue dinosaur with blood red eyes...

Dallas: There you are...

Masquerade: Pain in the neck as always.

Lync: Guys, I could explain!

Lysie: Oh my goodness what is that?!

Yayoi: That is sooo~!!

The two ladies ran and grabbed Vergil, nearly suffocating him...

Vergil: Ladies! PLEASE!! I can't breathe!

Lync: Now I see why he wants to hide from people.

Yayoi: Lets release him.

Yayoi returned Vergil to the ground then gave him lots of candy.

Vergil: Candy...ah yes! (It will help charge my astra quicker!)

They watch in awe as Vergil chows down candy quickly and then quickly restored his human form.

Vergil: Thanks.

Yayoi: Aww~

Vergil: I prefer this form, milady.

Yayoi: You're still cute! (glomping Vergil)

Vergil: This is so not worth 100 dollars an hour. 0_0;

Lysie: Let me hug him too!

Vergil: NO MADAM PLEASE DON'T! I'm a minor ~ STOP!! 0_0

Lysie: Oh you! (pinches Vergil's cheek).

While Lysie was pinching Vergil's cheek, she sensed somebody in the other side of Interspace.

Lysie: It's him...

Lysie releases Vergil's swollen cheek and went off to a dark corner.

Yayoi: Eh, Lucy-nee-san?

Vergil: I'm fine now. @_@

Lync: Hmm, it would seem that she is sensing trouble.

As Team Lilium congregate over Vergil, the Doom Being known as Kamui emerged from the shadows and mentioned a name of a person.

Kamui: Moritz McGirky...

He walks away with a grin in his face towards to that side of Interspace.

Chapter 42: I'ma MonsterEdit

Not too far off loud music could be heard coming from a smaller building, there Aniju searched for another one of the ex-Mad Geese. Since she had no clue what they looked like, she instead used her other senses. Auras didn’t help much to determine who was on which team, other than the fact people had emotional ties with team-mates. However that wasn’t enough. Luca had a particular scene, scenes that were not his own. Blocking out all other smells in the Stadium she searched around for any one of the scenes she detected on Luca. She made her way through the crowd as if she was just mingling with the crowd. No strawberries or pizza however she picked up a scene. It was faith but he was here and he probably would be back. Aniju made her way out of the crowd. Just as she reach the edge of the dance floor, she picked up another scent one she knew.

Aniju: Crap… He’s here too…

Aniju felt with his Aura to see if he was nearby and yes, he was close. She left the Stadium and went outside. With a flash or red and a clash of metal, she turned around with her sword in hand. She had blocked an attack from a machete.

Moritz: Hello! :3

Aniju: Attacking from behind…

Moritz: I knew you block it.

Aniju: What are you doing here?

Moritz: Now that is a stupid question. I am here like anyone else, to have fun, play with Bakugan and find hot girls.

Aniju: ………… -_-

Moritz slid his machete along Aniju’s sword, before jumped back. He sheathed his machete back into its holder. Aniju’s sword disappeared from her hand with a flash of light.

Aniju: So you like Bakugan, I would have guess. So you are stilling young girls’ virginity even here?

Moritz: The younger then are the more naive. Don’t worry I am not ruff with them. I can show you. Want a quickie behind a bush?

Aniju: No… >:/

Moritz: Worth a try. But I guess that traitor Dante would gut my throat… or I gut his.

Aniju hissed.

Aniju: Leave Dante out of this. He has too much honor for Crimson unlike you Moritz.

Moritz: Maybe you are right.


A half-naked green hair guy ran at lighten speed in-between Moritz and Aniju followed by a starving phantom in hot pursuit. Moritz turned his head to observer the odd event while Aniju kept her eyes on him. Moritz smirked then looked back at the albino.

Moritz: Let’s fight?

Aniju: Okay! :3

Aniju threw her arm into the air bringing back down with a flash of brilliant blue light summoning her sword. Then she did the sample with her left arm but this time with a flash of red she summoned her red sword. She threw her weapon into the air, catching the red sword in her right and the blue in her left. Moritz pulled out his weapons of choice his machetes from their holders. Interspace was really bad at checking people for weapons allowing Moritz to bring these in. He twirled his weapons in his hands.

Moritz: Can't stop the tickles. They call me Dr. Giggles. It's o-o-o-off the chizzle fo' shizzle dizzle. I'm bangin' with the b-o-t-o-dizzle with wiffles 'cause I dribble like I'm rubbing on nipples.

Aniju: Oh gawd… -_-

She wasted no time in her attack. She a dash with her sword behind her, did a half spin before lashed out at Moritz. He blocked did a roll and threw his foot out under her feet. Aniju caught herself with her weapons in the ground but was forced to let go of her sword and threw herself back to avoid a swing from a machete.

Moritz: Gotta get out the pickle! Make it rain with the ripples. Let my candy rum trickle! Get you buzzed with double triples.

Moritz slash with his machetes back and forth leaving Aniju to duck and dodge. Aniju re-summoned her sword back to her hands.

Moritz: Getting head in, rentals, avoiding the parentals. This is ghetto, plain and simple with the down beat tempo.

Moritz moved in close locked his foot in Aniju’s however she expected this and took a step back before he could trip her. She retaliated with Alizarin forcing Moritz to slid back and duck. Then she jabbed Indigo up however Moritz leaned to the side. Moritz grabbed his Bakugan and threw Samba into the air.

Samba: Oh, no. They be hatin' us.

Moritz: 'Cause we're glamorous.

Samba: They be hatin' us.

Moritz: 'Cause I'm fabulous. Can't stop me once I've started! Baby, got me retarded!Don't phunk-phunk-phunk-phunk with my heart.


Aniju decided at the last second to use one of her other Bakugan and threw Whitestorm onto the field. A large white cat appeared with metal armor of gold and silver.

Moritz: Chop, chop, chop you up. Ima monster ! Eat you like a cannibal spit you out like an animal.

Moritz jabbed with his left machete and slashed with his right. Aniju blocked this way and that while trying to keep Moritz’s feet out from under her and avoiding his random kicks.

Moritz: Slice, slice, slice you up. Ima monster! Cut you up, I'll slice and dice serve you up as cold as ice!

Aniju slashed out and jumped back. While their partners duked it out below, the Bakugan Samba and Whitestorm went at it above.

Moritz: Go head girl, shake that butt. Make me freakin' bust a nut! Crank that music, Let's get wasted, super *UHN. Guess what, honey. I'm a freak. I'm a freak inside the sheets. Rough, tough, naughty nurse.

Samba: Rip it up, now make it hurt.

Moritz: Don't stop, get it, get it! Last for hours, not for minutes. Open wide for my surprise, scratch and blow for your grand prize. Smear it on your plastic face! Leave you with a sweeter taste. Super soaker on your chest, let it drip down on your breast!

Aniju: 0_Q

Moritz threw a ball of heavy gravity at the albino girl. Aniju dodge as he flew by crunching the metal wall behind her. Moritz appeared in front of her locked his foot under hers pulling her down. She jabbed her sword down missing Moritz but taking a machete in the side.

Moritz: Chop, chop, chop you up. Ima monster !Eat you like a cannibal spit you out like an animal. Slice, slice, slice you up. Ima monster! Cut you up, I'll slice and dice serve you up as cold as ice.

Samba: LET'S GOOOOOO. Haters make me famous! Haters make me famous! Haters make me famous!

Aniju pushed herself away flipped sideways landing on her feet. Moritz threw around gravity bomb with his machete. Aniju sliced it in half with her sword before throwing herself Indigo first at the Machete Guy. Above them Whitestorm clash and slashed with his claws covered in flames of light while Samba snapped with her jaws. She wasn’t as big as Whitestorm muscular wise but she had flight on her side. She summoned a gust of wind that threw her into the air. With her tail, she whipped the warrior in the face. Whitestorm hissed.

Moritz: Chop, chop, chop you up. Ima monster !Eat you like a cannibal spit you out like an animal. Chop, chop, chop you up. Ima monster !Eat you like a cannibal spit you out like an animal.

Moritz lunched himself into the air, spun with a kick, hitting Aniju then landing with his fist out slamming the blunt end of the machete into her head. Luckily he did not knock out the nail. Aniju staggered but recovered. She allowed herself to get close to Moritz moved her feet out of his way. She blocked his attacks one by one left and right before taking a swing with Alizarin, however Moritz blocked it with both machetes. Aniju stabbed forward with Indigo, slicing through Moritz skin along his side. Moritz forced his machetes down freeing one. With that machete he threw his arm up, Aniju moved in time but gain a scape long her face.

Moritz: Slice, slice, slice you up. Ima monster! Cut you up, I'll slice and dice serve you up as cold as ice. Slice, slice, slice you up. Ima monster! Cut you up, I'll slice and dice serve you up as cold as ice.

Aniju skid to a stop both Alizarin and Indigo behind her. Moritz grinned. This was fun. Moritz lunched himself forward and with one machete he slashed up and with the other forward to the other side. Aniju blocked both but he spun that lead into a kick, knocking her to the side. She pushed herself up with her hand but felt a quiver go up her left arm.

Aniju: Oh not now. Hold on a little longer.

Alizarin: What’s wrong Master?

Aniju: It’s okay but we have to end this.

Moritz was instantly upon her. She made the mistake of allowing him time. Aniju roll away but her simply leaped over her. She, lying on the ground, swung Indigo under his feet. Moritz jumped to avoid getting his feet cut off. Aniju roll away, pushed herself up with her right arm. She slashed both sword one after the other, causing them to glow their colors. She was too far from Moritz but her swords threw energy of light that cut right through the ground. Moritz protective himself with a barrier of gravity forcing the energy waves to go around him but he felt the power than slightly causes him to move back. The wall behind him was left cracked in an X shape.

Aniju: Crap someone it after you Moritz.

Moritz: Huh?

Aniju: I feel someone is looking for you. Oh shit it’s that girl, well guy? Stay away from her-er-him.

Moritz: What?

Aniju: Avoid a guy with pink hair.Moritz: Pink hair? What’s up with that? Pink is for girls. What is this guy trying to fuc…

Samba slammed Whitestorm down into the Abandon Arena causing the ground top shake. Whitestorm retaliated with his claws. He had armor and weight on his side. Samba was light, mostly skin, and had no protection other than her fur.

Moritz: Samba! Ability Active! Stormclaws!

Samba unleashed a series of lashed made from her claws swirling with wind as sharp as blades. Whitestorm covered his head with his paws, trying to use the armor gauntlets on his arms as a shield. Aniju had to active an ability for Whitestorm, hopefully it worked. He roared loudly, a flash of light blinded both Samba and Moritz. Aniju called back Whitestorm while jumping up on to the edge of the Abandon Arena.

Aniju: Dam it I have to go, Moritz! I need to find someone before he does.

Moritz: Aw okay then. Are you sure you don’t want that quickie? It’s be real fast no one has to know.

Aniju: No dam it!

Aniju disappeared. Moritz called Samba back. She was covered in claw marks. Whitestorm had did a number on her.

Moritz: Sorry about that Samba. I was too busy with my own battle to notice yours.

Samba: I left a few holes in that cat!

Moritz: Yeah, this is why I sucked at BakuJousting. I never paid attention to your abilities.

Samba: But you won us many battles.

Moritz: I am better at regular brawling. Come on, let’s get you home and take care of those wounds before that pink haired guy shows up. I don’t want to fight him now.

Aniju had moved away a few buildings from their fight scene. She had a few scrapes and cuts on her body but survived Moritz’s crazy fast fighting style. He was only one of the few who could give her a run for her money. Whitestorm rested on her shoulder. His armor had protected him for the most pair. Aniju held up her hand full of poppy seeds.

Aniju: These will make you feel better.

Whitestorm: Thank you!

Indigo: What happen back there?

Aniju: Gump can’t handle being it like that. He’s made of blood and guts you know.

Alizarin: It was my fault Master. I am your Right Hand Sword.

Aniju: No we just need to find a better arm for me. Gumpy Gump is better suited as my replacement heart. He can’t do both jobs at the same time.

Aniju looked at her right hand. She removed the glove to reveal a red blood mess, muscle, bone fragments and other disgusting inners. Two eyes floated up to the surface and looked at her.

Aniju: Sorry about that Gump. Just keep doing both job for me a little longer till I find a new arm.

Gump: Okay, I am sorry a have become weak.

Aniju: You are not weak. Pumping blood around my body is a difficult job.

Alizarin: It’s an honor to serve our Master in such a way.

Indigo: Suck up.

Alizarin: I am trying to make Gump feel better.

Indigo: Aniju…

Alizarin: Master!

Indigo: Master, you didn’t need a heart before and Gump serve as a great arm for you. Why do you need him to even push that slush through your body now.

Aniju: Without a function heart, I get tired too fast and I have a hard time recovering. Plus I can’t use my new found powers so well.

Gump: I can do it.

Aniju: I know you can.

Gump: Why don’t you help out more Seatao?

Seatao: I have bee. I am Aniju’s left arm now aren’t I? I got a boost of energy from that green haired kid who was being chased by Banshee.

Aniju: Oh yeah I saw that… I been wondering what Umbra Team have been up too. Anyways, we got to find one of the Mad Geesie remember. Now enough talk. Let’s get back to what we were doing.

Aniju put her sword away and stood up. Gump went back inside to pump blood while Seatao fused himself back to her left arm. Aniju held up her right arm.

Chapter 43: A Shade of Light RedEdit

Dante and Jasper were out and about looking for Hans who had disappeared during naptime. Dante and Jasper had eaten too much pizza and fallen asleep.

Dante: Wonder where that Goose Head went?

Popkat: Goose where? (Looks around)

Jasper: No Popkitty. Dante mean Hans.

Dante proceed to listen for Hans’ voice to locate him. Dante could hear Hans getting beaten up by Vergil somewhere off in the distance.

Dante: Crap did one of his old team-mates find him?

Jasper: Hans shouldn’t be wondering off on his own.

Dante: Come on Jasp Jasp. Let’s go save him.

Just as Dante was about the lead the way, his hears picked up another person’s voice. A person he rather not run into at the moment.

Dante: Oh Crap. Um this way Jasper! Detour!

Dante disappeared into the shadows of an alley way with Jasper following him. The person Dante was avoiding was none other than his old team-mate, Moritz.

Moritz login back into Interspace after a day of staying away. He had kept his encounter with Aniju quiet but he did mention it to his best buddy Ivan. According to Ivan, if Aniju was there that meant that Dante would also be there. Moritz had thought of that but he also received a warning from the dominant female of Ivory that he was to be wary of a guy with pink hair. Well Ivan thought it might be a trick to get rid of Moritz, but he also advised Moritz to take her warning seriously since Aniju’s previous warns had come true. Even with the threat of the mysterious pink haired guy, Moritz couldn’t pass up the opportunity to face off with Dante.

Moritz: Come on Samba. Let’s find Dante and get this over with before that pink guy shows up.

Samba: You scared Moritz?

Moritz: No but I only want to fight that traitor.

Samba: Okay but we should keep our eyes open for any guy with pink hair.

Moritz nodded.

Moritz: Now where would an ADD stricken monster be in a place like this?... Oh crap…

Moritz eyes caught sight of something pink. It was Lync.

Lync: Alright now that you have changed back to your human form…

Vergil: No more pinched my cheeks please, thank you.

Moritz dash back behind a wall. Crap, a pink haired guy, just like Aniju had warned. What she telling the truth? Why the Hell would Moritz need to avoid a guy with pink hair?

Moritz: Why would a guy have pink hair in the first place?

Samba: What’s wrong Moritz? You scared?

Moritz: No but I want to see what this guy is all about before I confront any pinkies, ya know? Ivan says I jump into things too fast.

Samba: You never been on to be caution. Why start now?

Moritz: I know but, dam it. This came from Aniju.

Moritz looked out from behind the wall. Lync didn’t look like much of a threat to him but he knew looks were deceiving, he had seem “some real shit” in his battle days. Still the Crimson Monster of Gravity should be able to take on any mere human.

Moritz: Should I just go monster on him and eat him?

Samba: No, you give you position away. Dante will hear you and if both Aniju and Dante are here, then it is safe to say some of the other monster use Interspace. What to face off against Hackle?

Moritz: Shit never thought of that. Crap fine no monster mode or demon.

Samba: Oh wait Moritz turn around.

Moritz look behind him and saw another pink haired male? Moritz was not totally sure but like 85 percent sure that was a guy.

Moritz: Is that a chick or a dick?

Samba: What did you say?

Moritz: Is it a guy or girl?

Samba: No sure I’ll go ask.

Moritz: Samba wait!

The Sugar Glider didn’t listen and flew off over to the pink fuzz head known as Jeffer. She flew around him examining him closely before taking a spot on his shoulder.

Jeffer: Oh what is this?

Nidhogg: Get lost little brat.

Jeffer: Now, now don’t be mean to our little friend here.

Samba: Are you a guy or a girl?

Jeffer: Hmm?

Moritz: Samba get back here!

Jeffer: Hello there.

Moritz: Oh I recognize you now. You are from the Mad Flock…

Jeffer: Mad Flock? Oh you mean the Mad Geese Mercenary Team?

Moritz: Yes, I saw you almost get killed.

Moritz walked around the pink haired oddity. Moritz didn’t recognize Jeffer because he only seen Jeffer in a blood state stabbing people with his Jousting stick. That was quite some time ago.

Jeffer: So you a fan?

Moritz: Oh yes, you like a legend, Mr. Mentzer. Or Miss Mentzer?

Moritz put his hands onto Jeffer’s chest. Jeffer was taken a little off guard and felt uncomfortable.

Jeffer: What are you doing?

Moritz: Hmm, I’m checking.

Jeffer took a step back.

Jeffer: Mister is fine. The rest of my team referred to me as a guy.

Moritz looked at his hands before closed his fist slowly. Nidhogg snorted in irritation while Samba giggled.

Samba: Moritz remember what that albino girl said?

Moritz: Oh crap…

Jeffer: What is this now?

Moritz: Samba, what about that pink haired guy? She could have meant that one.

Samba: Yes but you have to relationship with that one. This one you know and almost jousted against, so it is reasonable to think she meant this one.

Moritz: Maybe, but I doubt it. Jeffer has nothing against me, unless he wants to Joust. Maybe I can turn any hostile feels to some good ones.

Samba: How?

Moritz: I hang out with him, befriend him and all. Then there be no worry about this one. Now what about that one.

Moritz indicated towards Lync. There still was the possibility that Aniju meant that pink haired ninja. While Samba and Moritz were pondering, Nidhogg floated up to Jeffer so they could have their own discussion.

Nidhogg: Albino girl? Didn’t your drunken friend mention something about an albino girl?

Jeffer: Oh it is hard to understand anything Luca says. What you getting at?

Nidhogg: How many albinos are there? Not that many I would think and this one uses Interspace so that is fewer chances. Narrow down the odds. We know Hans was with an Albino Girl.

Jeffer: And two guys. You want us to look for this Albino Girl?

Nidhogg: Find her and maybe we find Hans. Perhaps this weird guy here knows her?

Jeffer:Hmm, I see what you are getting at.

Jeffer turned back to Moritz and his adorable little Bakugan. It had been difficult and boring looking for Hans. Anyway to narrow down the search would help.

Moritz: You said you are a Mercenary?

Jeffer: Yes I did.

Moritz: Want to help me find someone?

Meanwhile Dante and Jasper were still seeking out Hans but Dante took the two on a long detour to avoid his ex-team-mate. He could hear Hans arguing with Triton. It seems he was alright and close.

Dante: He is this way.

Triton: You mad bro?

Jasper: Oh I hear Triton!

Triton: I hear Jasper!

Dante: I hear ya both!

Hans: I hear noises. Dante, Jasper, so glad to see friendly faces.

Triton: Yeah, Hans here just got pwned by a samurai kid.

Hans: You also got pwned too.

Jasper: pwned? You mean owned?

Dante: It came about when people couldn’t spell.

Jasper: People on the internet are just getting lazy.

Dante kneeled down and nuzzled Hans’s stomach.

Hans: Thanks Dante. You make me feel better.

Jasper got jealous. He pushed Dante gently out of the way and put his face under Hans’ jacket. Hans felt a warm tongue go along his stomach.

Hans: EK! What are you doing that for?

Dante: :< I can do better.

Dante stood up, leaning on Hans, he put his lips to Han’s neck. Jasper slowly moved up the mad goose’s body and rubbed his fingers through Hans’ hair.

Hans: Hey guys, what are you two doing?

Triton: Um… 0_0

Dante moved along Hans’ neck and head while Jasper’s hands kept moving lower and lower down his body. Hans’ body went rigid. Dante put his hand on the other side of Hans held and began to nudge him towards him. Jasper slipped his hand under Hans’ jacket and shirt, moving his fingers across Hans’ skin. Hans pulled his jacket down in an attempt to keep Jasper from going any lower.

Hans: Triton, save me!

Triton: Alright, break it up boys!

Triton bounced himself off of Jasper’s head on to Dante’s before floating in front of Hans. Both Dante and Jasper yapped. Triton forced himself in-between Dante’s hand and Hans’ neck and with all his little might he pushed Dante off. Then he rolled down Hans’ clothing, causing him to squeal and wiggled, Triton bit Jasper’s hand.

Jasper: Yowl!

Triton: Lizard Rabies!

Jasper: Oh I can’t get rabies. That is strictly an Earth disease. I am not from Earth, Klimatjies are immune to rabies.

Triton: Oh, what about Dante?

Triton turned his little grinning face towards Dante. The ADD stricken furry man just smiled back at him.

Triton: You mad bro?

Dante: No how can I be? You smiley face makes me happy.

Hans: Dante is immune to trolling?

Dante: Yup! :P

Hans: Okay well do going under the belt okay guys?

Dante and Jasper: Awe… :(

Jasper: But that is where all the fun begins.

Dante: Come on Hans. You can be on top!

Hans: No, 0_0 that is weird. (Hans turned away pretending he didn't hear that.) Come on let’s get going before one of my old team-mates show up.

Chapter 44: Lollipop LuxuryEdit

Clicking sounds of metal, long groomed long nails, swaying purple leather and silk fabric and glowing pink hair stepping into the playing field. Kariros was a sight be behold and drooled over. His claws feet tapped on the ground and a long slender tail tipped with a tuff of pink hair whipped back and forth. Unlike Gundalians and Neathians, Kariros didn’t mind showing his true form. He rather not be seen in another form. With the Bakugan floating around, the Furries fan crazy of Earth and the odd happenings in Interspace no one really questioned or cared about his odd appearance.

Female Aquos Brawler: Oh he’s so hot!

Female Pyrus Brawler: Is that a guy?

Female Subterra Brawler: It better be a guy. I don’t want to be fantasying about a chick.

Kariros: Don’t worry ladies. I am a male.

Female Haos Brawler: Oh can I have a picture with you?

Kariros: Alright but I have to charge.

Female Haos Brawler: Awe.

Kariros: But for a lovely lady such as yourself. I’ll do it for free.

While Kariros was distracted by the girls, Moritz and his new found companion Jeffer were seeking out the albino girl and Hans. Little did they know Aniju had already located another one of Hans’ old team-mates. Moritz however was more interested in finding the Crimson Traitor.

Jeffer: So this albino girl, what’s she look like? Besides being an albino.

Moritz: Um she has one red eye and one blue eye.

Nidhogg: Luca said something about that.

Moritz: Who is this Luca you keep speaking of?

Jeffer: He’s a friend. He was the only one who managed to find that gooseface but he wasn’t alone. He was with three other people, one of them was an albino girl.

Nidhogg: Sounds like he has formed a new team.

Jeffer: Maybe.

Moritz: What did the other two look like?

Jeffer: It’s hard to understand Luca’s drunken speak so he was vague. One wear black and the other wore red.

Moritz: Hmm, did he have white fur around his neck and a yellow streak in his hair?

Jeffer: Something like that. Do you know them? Are they your friends?

Moritz: Yeah I do know them, but we aren’t really friends.

Jeffer: Luca also said something about the red guy having a powerful Bakugan but it was still an infant.

Samba: When did that saber tooth get a Bakugan?

Moritz: Looks like Aniju made one for him.

Kamui: There you are!

Moritz and Jeffer: Huh?

The two turned around and Moritz muttered a foil word that would never be said in the actually Bakugan series. There stood a pink haired guy with a visor over his eyes.

Moritz: F***…. -_-#

Samba: Wow Moritz. There sure are a lot of pink haired guys wondering around Interspace. They seem to all congregate around you.

Jeffer: Oh I am no alone. :3 Have we met before? Feels like we met somewhere…

Nidhogg: You would remember meeting this guy Jeffer.

Jeffer: (Looking closely at Kamui) No I am curtain we have met somewhere before.

Moritz: Dam it all to Hell. Why are there so many guys with pink hair?

Jeffer: My hair is pink.

Moritz: Yes but you are fluffy and weird. You are different.

Samba: Moritz, Aniju told you to be wary of a guy with pink hair. Who know how many there were?

Jeffer: I swear we met before…

Kamui: That’s nice but I am here for the one named Moritz McGirky.

Moritz: Huh? How you know my name? Are you a stalker or something?

Kamui: I have my ways.

Moritz: What did I do to you? Are you an older brother of someone I’ve dated?

Kamui: You could say I am an older brother but not of anyone you have dated.

Moritz: Then what is it you want?

Kamui: I want to brawl you. I need to protect someone from you.

Moritz: Oh I don’t have the time right now. I just won’t go after whoever you are trying to keep from me. I have to help Jeffer find someone right now. Are you trying to protect Aniju?

Kamui: No.

Moritz: Dante?

Kamui: No.

Moritz: Hans?

Kamui: No.

Moritz: Alright then. Those are the only people we care about right now so… bye!

Moritz pulled Jeffer along, using his gavity abilities, he lunched himself and Jeffer into the air up on top of a building.

Jeffer: Yleee… My stomach…

Moritz: Don’t throw up on me now Jeffer.

Jeffer: I won’t. Juts taken off guard.

Nidhogg: That seems to be happening to you a lot as of lately.

Jeffer: Oh am I losing my touch?

Kamui: You won’t get away from me that easily, Moritz!

Moritz: F***, that guy is determine.

Samba: We don’t have time for this Moritz.

Moritz: I know. I am going to jump again Jeffer. Prepare yourself.

Jeffer: It’s like riding on Nidhogg during jousting… I’ll be okay.

Moritz lunched himself into the air again pulling Jeffer with him. Samba and Nidhogg hung one with their little feet. Kamui managed to follow along the ground. That guy wasn’t human that was for sure.

Moritz: Dam it to f***! What’s up with this guy?

Jeffer: Maybe we should brawl him?

Moritz: No time.

Moritz landed in an alley way. Hopefully they could lose Kamui in the maze of pathways. Moritz led his companions, he was rather familiar to the back ways of Interspace. Finally they came to s spot hoping they lost Kamui.

Jeffer: So you don’t remember what you did to this guy?

Moritz: I would remember a guy with pink hair. You seem to know him?

Jeffer: I can’t place him but it feels like we met.

Nidhogg: I don’t remember him Jeffer.

Samba: Maybe you are just getting old.

Nidhogg: Yeah probably losing my memory.

Moritz: Sorry about this Jeffer. I guess my promiscuous ways have gotten back to me, again.

Jeffer: No it is okay… (Not really understanding)

Moritz: No, it is my fault. I’m sorry. I am always messing things up. I am terrible. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Jeffer: Hey don’t beat yourself up over this. If I could speak with emotion, then you know than I am okay with this. I don’t blame you. Nidhogg speak with emotion for me.

Nidhogg: Oh gosh fine. (With a lot of emotion) It’s okay Moritz. It’s not your fault. You did nothing wrong. It’s that weirdo who has the problem with you. You did nothing, nothing wrong. (Eye’s tearing up) It’s not your fault! It’s not! (Sniffle)

Jeffer: Over doing now Nidhogg.

Nidhogg: Oh sorry.

Moritz smiled but t soon vanished from his face.He began to wrap his scarf around him covering his head and slowly working down his body.

Samba: Oh no not now Moritz! Don’t lock yourself up in you scarf again!

It was too late; Moritz had wrapped his body up and sat down leaning against the wall. Moritz had this habit a blocking out the rest of the world by hiding in his scarf and wouldn’t come out till he felt better. Jeffer stepped down, placed his hand on Moritz’s should and sat with him.

Nidhogg: What’s wrong with him?

Samba: He has low self-esteem.

Nidhogg: Jeffer do something.

Jeffer: I am a doctor not a psychologist. I can’t fix this with surgery.

Kariros: Yeah you can!

Jeffer, Nidhogg and Samba looked up. Another pink haired guy stood before them however his time he was no totally human.Samba: Gawd dam it not another one.

Jeffer: I hadn’t realized I wasn’t the only one.

Kariros: Don’t you know guys with pink hair is in now. Oh you have natural curls, so jealous.

Kamui: There you have gotten too.

Jeffer: Oh not you again.

Samba: Moritz get up. We have to show this guy a thing or two.

Jeffer: Maybe we should make this stalker get lost Nidhogg.

Kamui: I am only here to brawl Moritz.

Kariros: Is this boy giving you some trouble?

Kamui: Stay out of this.

Lync: My pink senses summon me here. What’s going on?

Samba: It is a pink convention!

Nidhogg: This is hilarious!

Jeffer: I feel out of place still.

Kariros: Hahaha, look at that style!

Lync: What you mean?

Kariros: You not fair to your team-mate. Making them wear white while you get to wear black and what’s up with that green?!

Lync: How did you know about?

Kariros: No this won’t do. Interspace has seen lots of crazy fashions but yours is so simple! Why are you wearing a cape?

Lync: Hey don’t mock the cape!

Kariros: Alright and you!

Kamui: There is nothing wrong with what I am wearing.

Kariros: No, not that. You are going around possessing a young mistress just to fight someone she may have never ran into and what? To protect her from him. Aren’t you putting her in harm’s way by forcing her to encounter the person you are trying to keep her from?

Kamui: Um?

Jeffer: I don’t know what’s going on but I like this guy.

Kariros: And you. You are just so pink I love you!

Jeffer: Thanks…?

Kamui: Enough of this.

Lync: Who is this weirdo? What is he?

Kariros move around everyone swaying his hips back and forth along with his tail. Luca could be seen wondering around in the background in a drunken state. A little crowd of on looking brawlers gathered to see this.

Kariros: I'm on the top, there's no luck, never turned around to stop.Make my move, make you move... Make you wanna hear me talk, see me walk, see me fuck, see me suck a lollipop.

Kariros moved his fingers along Jeffer’s head and with his tongue pretended to lick him. Then he turned his attention towards Lync and Kamui.

Kariros: Yummh! Wanna get messy? I'll make you hot, make you rock. I'll leave the world in shock. (Moving his fingers through Kamui’s hair) I'ma tease, I'm your fuel.

Kariros pulled Luca out from the side and pushed him to his knees, pointing to the drool on his face before letting him go.

Kariros: I just wanna see you drool, on your knees,

Sid Vicious: Pretty please...

Kariros: You wish you were my main squeeze. Like luxury...

Moritz started mumbling the lyrics from under his scarf quietly.

Kariros: F*** me! I'm a celebrity. Can't take your eyes off me.I make you wanna “uh” me just to get somewhere. F*** me! I'm a celebrity. Can't take your hands off me.I know you wanna suck me, what you waiting for?

Kariros and Moritz: Lip gloss and lollipop, Lets rock, I wanna pop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm all that you can see. Lip gloss and lollipop, I'll make your booty drop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm everything you wanna be.

Kariros moved his fingers through Lync’s hair, down to his tie, then pulled it out. He guided Lync around by the tie.

Kariros: Mmm hot damn, here I come.Tell me how you want it done...At the mall, in the hall, on your momma’s bedroom wall. (Push Lync up against a wall) You can choose, either way you will end up on the news.

Kariros: Just like you wanted, right?

Kariros let Lync go free and swung his hips, whipping his tail from side to side.

Kariros: Ahhh, do I make you wet? It's all about the C.U.N.T. I wanna hear you say: "Love my pink knife." You wish you had a slice of me...

Rococo: I'm a celebrity.

Kariros: F*** me! I'm a celebrity. Can't take your eyes off me.I make you wanna “uh” me just to get somewhere. F*** me! I'm a celebrity. Can't take your hands off me.I know you wanna suck me, what you waiting for?

Kariros somewhat danced around Kamui pulling him along by the arms. With his tail, he pushed Kamui’s visor slightly off but pushed it back just to tease Kamui.

Kariros and Moritz: Lip gloss and lollipop, Lets rock, I wanna pop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm all that you can see. Lip gloss and lollipop, I'll make your booty drop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm everything you wanna be.

Kamui freed himself from Kariros. He moved over to where Moritz was sitting. Kamui’s shadow caused Moritz to lift his head however something wasn’t right with him, Kamui could tell. The scarf slowly fell back to realeav a new face staring up at Kamui. This was not Moritz but a female! It was Seraina.

Seraina: Uh, yo! I'm a super super star on Hollywood Boulevard. (Standing up) And I can make all of the boys come to my yard.You see Kamui, I can show you how to do it. Make make a lollipop squirt squirt a lot of fluid. My lip gloss, lip gloss... me and all my sick thoughts.I'm such a bad bitch, I get ME pissed off.I'm really hot, really pretty... I'm into licking lollipops 'til they're sticky. I can make them say Seraina... I'm a celebrity.

Kariros and Seraina: Lip gloss and lollipop, Lets rock, I wanna pop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm all that you can see. Lip gloss and lollipop, I'll make your booty drop. Can’t take your eyes off me. I'm everything you wanna be.

Chapter 45: PaparazziEdit

The Doom Being Seraina had arrived on the scene to play with the boys. She walked over to Kamui, twilling his hair, moving around him.

Seraina: We are the crowd! We're cuh-coming out! Got my flash on, it’s true. Need that picture of you! It's so magical. We'd be so fantastic, oh!

She pulled out Moritz’s two machetes spinning them around her fingers. Kamui ready his head for his blade.

Seraina: Leather and jeans, your watch glamorous. Not sure what it means, but this photo of us. It don't have a price. Ready for those flashing lights, 'cause you know that baby I!

Kamui summon his blade and took a swing at the female Doom Being. Seraina blocked it quickly and effortlessly. Kamui smiled.

Seraina: I'm your biggest fan! I'll follow you until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi. Baby there's no other superstar. You know that I'll be your…Papa-Paparazzi!

Seraina pulled Kamui close, sliding her finger down his chest.

Seraina: Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine! Baby you'll be famous! Chase you down until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi!

Kamui swung his sword forcing Seraina to retreat back to a safe distance. Flinging himself forward, Kamui aimed his sights for any openings. Seraina knock her machete into his blade creating a flash of sparks. Like Moritz she locked her legs in-between his, with her machetes she held back his blade.

Seraina: I'll be your girl backstage at your show. Velvet ropes and guitars. Yeah, ‘cause you know I'm starting between the sets. Eyeliner and cigarettes…

Kamui attempted to free his blade from her lock hold but surprisingly she was very strong. In close quarters he could feel some kind of force drawing him in.

Seraina: Shadow is burnt, yellow dance and return. My lashes are dry, but the teardrops I cry. It don't have a price. Loving you is Cherry Pie, 'cause you know that baby I!

With a thrush of her arm, Kamui was sent flying with very little effort on Seraina’s part. Kamui flip and caught himself with his hand, lunching back on to his feet.

Seraina: I'm your biggest fan! I'll follow you until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi. Baby there's no other superstar. You know that I'll be your…Papa-Paparazzi!

Seraina was instantly in front of him. She did a very elegant spin with her machetes ready for a strike. Kamui dodge but received a kick to the back.

Seraina: Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine! Baby you'll be famous! Chase you down until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi!

Seraina picked Kamui up in the air with Moritz’s gravity powers and flung him off into the distance. Kamui righted himself in midair, landing feet first along a wall, before throwing himself back into battle. Seraina met him half was, clashing their blades in the air.

Seraina: Real good, We're dancing in the studio. Stop-stopped, That shit on the radio. Don't stop, for anyone. We'll Blast it but we'll still have fun!

Seraina slashed and thrash, all Kamui could do was block. A blunt pain pang his side caused by a kick delivered from Seraina’s boot. Kamui forced himself to not stagger and remain upright.

Seraina: I'm your biggest fan! I'll follow you until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi. Baby there's no other superstar. You know that I'll be your…Papa-Paparazzi!

Kamui jump backwards and break free from Seraina’s cuts. He struck out but at the last minute aimed low, however his quick moves were equally matched by Seraina’s. She caught his sword in-between her own blades, forced his arms up and threw him back.

Seraina: Promise I'll be kind, but I won't stop until that boy is mine! Baby you'll be famous! Chase you down until you love me! Papa-Paparazzi!

Kamui: Ark! You are a great opponent! You have been matching my every move!

Seraina: Why thank you, Pink Head.

Kamui: But I came here to fight Moritz.

Seraina: But he didn’t come here to fight you. He has no reason to clash blades with you. I am only here to protect him.

Kamui: So it would seem our fight is unnecessary yet fun.

Seraina jumped back, almost seemed like she floated, to Jeffer and Kariros’ location.

Kariros: Thanks for the entertainment Miss?

Seraina: I am Seraina and it is a pleasure to meet you, Kariros.

Kariros: Like wise.

Kariros took Seraina’s hand and kissed it.

Jeffer: So you are really a female?

Seraina: No, Moritz is definitely male. I am just his creation to protect him. Now where were we before we were interrupted?

Jeffer: Looking for Hans and the albino girl.

Seraina: Alright then. Hold on… too anything you like.

Kariros: Oh?! :D

Seraina made eyes with a smile at Kariros who looked her over make, before turning her attention back to the Pink Head known as Kamui.

Seraina: I am afraid we must be going now, Kamui.

Kamui: You know I still like to face off against Moritz.

Seraina: Not while I am around you won’t and most certainly not with your foul intentions.

Seraina wrapped her scarf around both Jeffer and Kariros and spun around all three bodies. The white mass jumped and bounced from one side to the other before disappearing over the buildings. Kamui tried to locate them again but found out he could not. Seraina was interfering. 'Kamui turned back to Lync.

Lync: What the Hell was that?!

Kamui: I don't know? Never met a female Doom Being before. To be honest all of them so far have been guys till now.

Lync: No I mean fighting against her, I mean him, like that? We have not conflict with that guy and his She-Doom Being.

Kamui: Doom Beings are weird like that.

Lync: >:(

Kamui: :)

Lync: D:<

Kamui: :D

Lync: Fine you win....

Kamui: Yay! :P

Lync: Whatever... >:s

Once they were safe, Seraina allowed Jeffer and Kariros free.

Kariros: Awe, I was enjoying that.

Jeffer: That was fun.

Nidhogg: Yes, it is always fun hanging on to those pink locks of yours.

Jeffer: Oh come on now Niddie. Or I shoulder call you that. Sounds too close to a particular frowned upon word.

Kariros: Hum, Hum, it’s nice to be with another pinkaling.

Jeffer: Pinkaling?

Seraina: Now my lovely boyz. I have to be going. Moritz will be wondering what happen but for now he must not know of my existence. His mind isn’t ready. Be creative and make something up. I’ll see you guys again soon.

And with that the white scarf wrapped around Seraina’s body covering her completely. Who emerged was none other than Moritz. He open his eyes as if he had been sleeping.

Moritz: Huh? I’m up.

Kariros: Welcome back Moritz.

Moritz: Where’d I go?

Jeffer: You blacked out. You went to you safe place.

Kariros: We managed to get you away from that Kamui.

Moritz: Oh, that bastard. If I was awake and crush his bones together till he was as flat as a f***ing pancake! And then I would place him in front of my front door step so everyone could walk on his sorry ass all day!

Kariros: You feel better now?

Moritz: Yes I don’t.

Jeffer: Now shall we get back to looking for you Albino girl and Hans?

Kariros: You mean my dear lady Aniju?

Moritz: Yes.

With a new pinkaling joining the group, the three headed out to conitue looking for a goosehead and an albino.

Chapter 46: Gentlemen and Blood SportsEdit

Meanwhile in one of the waiting rooms...

A formally dressed redhaired teenager walked in, looking nervous. He gulped and took a look at all the people in the waiting room.

Gin: Woah, look at all those lovely ladies! This might be my chance!

Gin walked over to a Random Girl. Pulling a sizeable boquet of roses seemingly out of nowhere, he dropped to one knee in front of her.

Random Girl: Huh? O_O Who is this guy?

Gin: Young lady, I am astonished by your beauty!

Random Girl: O//////////O You think I'm pretty? Do you really mean it?

Gin: You are not just pretty, you are stunningly beautiful!

Random Girl: Woah, thanks! This is the first time a guy has called me beautiful! SQUEEEE!!! Actually, that boy is pretty good looking himself.

Gin: My fair lady, you're more beautiful than a delicate spring flo...Hic!

Random Girl: Are you okay?

Gin: Oh gawd, not again! Hic! Hic! Hic! Hic! Hic!

Random Girl: You don't look okay. Have a drink. *gives Gin a bottle of juice*

Gin: Hic! Hic! *takes the juice but his entire body is shaking because of the violent hiccups so he spills the juice all over the "fair lady"*


Gin: Uh...Hic...Oops O_o


Gin: *rubbing a bump on his head* Curses! I failed again! Why must I be such a failure? This must be fate! I must be destined to spend the rest of my life FOREVER ALONE! CURSES! CURSES! *punches the ground in anger* CURSE YOU FATE! CURSE YOU! CUUUUuUuUUUUUUUURRRRSSSSSEEEEEEeEeEE YYYYYOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!! RRRAAAAAAAAAAWWWWwWRRRRRR!!!! *the pupils of his eyes start shrinking and his neatly combed hair becomes ruffled as if static electricity is coursing through it*

Voice: Uhhh...Excuse me...

Gin: *snaps back to normal* Huh? Who is there?

An albino woman with a long scarf wrapped around her neck was standing behind Gin.

Aniju: Formal clothes...Flirtatious personality...Goes crazy after being rejected. That must be the "Time Bomb" Gin Hans was talking about.

Gin: *on the verge of tears* Whoever you are, I kindly ask you to go away. I don't want anyone to watch me wallow in self-pity TT_TT.

Aniju: Calm down! I do not mean you any harm. It's the other way around, actually!

Gin: What do you want?

Aniju: You are a former member of the Mad Geese group, Gin, right?

Gin: How do you know my name?

Aniju: One of your former allies told me all about you.

Gin: An ally? I wonder which one...

Aniju: That's right. So here's the deal. I would like to find out more about this strange sport of yours.

Gin: BakuJousting?

Aniju: Yep! I heard you were an avid BakuJouster before. Perhaps you can teach me a thing or two.

Gin: But BakuJousting is a bloody and violent sport! It's not suitable for a lady such as yourself!

Aniju: Trust me, I can handle a bit of violence. So can you teach me how to Joust?

Gin: Darn it, I can't say no to a lady! Fine, as you wish! Follow me! *pulls out a small remote, similar to the one Ronald has, and teleports himslef and Aniju to an abandoned arena*

Aniju: So then, teach me!

Gin: Okay. So the rules go like this: Two players open the Bakugan field and throw out their Bakugan. Then they Brawl all the while trying to knock each other off their Bakugan's shoulder with these staffs *picks up a wooden staff*. If a Brawler is knocked off, they lose. If their Bakugan is defeated, they lose. If the Bakugan on both sides are unable to battle. the Brawlers continue to fight until one of them is defeated. If both Brawlers have been knocked off, the Bakugan continue to fight until there is one winner. If a Bakugan is defeated on one side and a Brawler is knocked off on the other, the remaining Brawler either surrenders or faces off against a Bakugan on his own. I wouldn't recommend going up against a Bakugan on your own. That's way too dangerous. I know a guy who went up against a Krakenoid on his own. He defeated it by cutting its major blood vessels, but his entire face was sliced open by the Krakenoid's claws. It's definitely not worth it.

Aniju: Well, that sounds very interesting!

Gin: Interesting? I thought a lady like her would be disgusted and revolted.

Aniju: Maybe you could spar with me?

Gin: Spar?

Aniju: Yeah!

Gin: That doesn't sound like a good idea.

Aniju: Oh come on! Just a little sparring match! I want to know if I'm doing it right!

Gin: Uhh...What Bakugan are you planning on using?

Aniju: This one! *pulls out Pinkie Pie*

Pinkie Pie: Wazzup!!! ^_^

Gin: A horse-type?

Pinkie Pie: Nope. I'm a pony!

Gin: Oh, sorry!

Aniju: So then?

Gin: I'm not so sure about this...

Aniju: Oh come on! It's very hard to actually hurt me.

Gin: Jeez, she's so persistent! Fine then. We shall have a sparring match. But still I do not think this is a very good idea. *hands Aniju a Jousting Staff*

Pinkie Pie: So we're gonna Brawl this guy?

Aniju: Yup. But that's not gonna be just usual Brawling. It's BakuJousting. A game where the Brawlers take part in the fight too.

Pinkie Pie: Sounds fun :3

Gin: *pulls a brick out of the wall surrounding the abandoned arena, revealing a niche full of BakuJousting gear* BakuJousters usually wear these for safety. *hands Aniju a thick leather vest and a pair of goggles*

Aniju: That's not really necessary for me. I'm not gonna get hurt.

Gin: You should really put them on!

Aniju: I won't need them.

Gin: She's so weird! It's like she either has a deathwish or she has regeneration abilities! Well, I'm not gonna force you then...It's not like I have the right to force you to do anything.

Aniju: Shall we begin?

Gin: Okay! Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Rise, Pyrus Calderion!

Calderion emerged from ball form, revealing himself to be a golem made out of lava and burning embers.


Gin: Uhh...Don't mind him ._."

Pinkie Pie: I wonder how he's gonna ride this thing!

Aniju: Bakugan, Brawl! Pinkie Pie, Stand! *gets on Pinkie Pie's back*

Gin: Calderion, you know the drill!

Smoke starts rising off Calderion's form, and his right hand and his head turn black.

Pinkie Pie: He cooled himself off?

Gin: *climbs onto Calderion's hand, allowing Calderion to lift him up and put him on his head. Calderion's hand then bursts into flames again*


Aniju: 0_0

Pinkie Pie: GROSS!!! EW EW EW EW EW EW!!! *sticks her tongue out and makes a weird grossed-out face* Bleh! Could you be any more gross mister?

Gin: *sweatdrop* Don't mind my Bakugan. That's just his way of saying hi!


Pinkie Pie: If you say something gross one more time, I'll get angry! Don't get on my bad side, lava boy!


Pinkie Pie: THAT'S! FREAKING! IT! *bursts into flames* I'M PISSED!

Gin and Calderion: O_O

Aniju: *spinning her Jousting Staff over her head* Let's begin!

Gin: *readies his staff while holding on to one of Calderion's horns with his left hand* Right. On the count of three. One. Two. Three. CHARGE!


Pinkie Pie: DIE LAVA BOY DIE!!!

The two Bakugan charge at each other, their Brawlers clinging to them. As soon as they get close to each other, Aniju swings her staff at Gin. Gin tries to block the blow with his staff, but it breaks in two, much to his shock. Pinkie Pie then strikes Calderion with her front legs, causing Gin to trip and fall off Calderion's head.


Calderion: *tries to cool off his arms to catch Gin, but is kicked in the teeth by Pinkie Pie*


Calderion: *spitting up lava and shaking his head to clear his vision* Ugh...

Gin: I'm gonna die! I'm either gonna fall on Calderion's shoulder and get burned to a crisp, or I'm gonna hit the ground and turn into a pancake! My life is over! I knew letting that strange lady BakuJoust was a bad idea! She isn't human! No human is that strong! I bet she could even give Jeffer a run for his money! HELP MEEEE!!!!

Aniju: Pinkie Pie, that's enough! Catch him.

Pinkie Pie: Awww, okay. *disappointed*


Pinkie Pie: *pushes Calderion aside, letting Gin land onto her back*

Gin: *closes his eyes and braces for impact, but lands onto a patch of soft pony hair* Phew! Soft landing! I thought I was gonna die back there! *still shaking and shivering like crazy*

Aniju: Are you okay?

Gin: Thanks for saving me. I'm really sorry for screaming like a little girl. That's so ungentlemanly of me!

Aniju: It's alright. So I guess I win?

Gin: You broke my staff in half and knocked me off... That was a flawless victory. It's been an honor sparring with you.

Aniju: The honor is mine, Gin of the Mad Geese.

Chapter 47: No Shoes, No Shirt, No BrawlingEdit

Brook and Maria finally caught up to J. Alfred and Olaf. At their feet stood on his knees a green haired guy cowering from Banshee. He was wearing Olaf’s shirt, goggles and his underwear, nothing more.

Brook: What’s going on here?

Maria: Did we come at a bad time?

Vladimir: Don’t eat me… Don’t let her eat me…

J. Alfred: Don’t worry. Banshee needs to brawl someone with pink hair.

Olaf: Yeah as far as we can see, you have green hair.

Vladimir: Green? Oh, my hair is uncombed.

Maria: Oh another weird guy we have met in Interspace.

Chimeriad: They really are letting the Freaks into Interspace.

Maria: Chimeriad, you are a Freak of Nature remember?

Chimeriad: Maria, that was mean…

Maria: I’m sorry.

Kakoo: Being annoying doesn’t make Chimeriad a Freak of Nature.

Shaka Zulu: Yeah I would have to agree with Kakoo. He may be annoying but he’s an Umbra.

Banshee: We are all freaks to something…

Brook: And what happen to him?

J. Alfred: Banshee found him running around and well we don’t have any extra clothes to give him other than Olaf’s basketball shirt.

While J. Alfred was explaining things to Brook and Maria, Banshee took a step closer to Vladimir with a grin. Vladimir’s eyes widen as he moved back.

Vladimir: Oh don’t let her near me!

J. Alfred: Oh Banshee isn’t going to eat you.

Banshee: Something is wrong with Ectorius.

Vladimir crawled cowardly away and shivered hiding behind Olaf and J. Alfred. His Bakugan partner Chrysema just signed. Banshee grinned her usually grin.

Chrysema: Stop being a wuss and get up Vladimir.

Vladimir: What, she’ll eat me.

Meanwhile, Dante, Jasper and Hans walked on to the scene. Hans spotted his old team-mate from afar by his distinctive green hair and goggles.

Hans: Oh crap! Let’s get out of here guys.

Jasper: Why?

Hans: Vladimir is over there. I don’t think Triton can handle another battler with one of my old team-mates.

Triton: Yeah I can. Come on Hans.

Hans: No!

A pitch squeaky barking broke everyone attention. Hans, Jasper and Dante turned around to see Aniju holding a pizza box and a small fluffy brown dog following her.

Jasper: What is this?

Aniju: Pizza…

Jasper: No that thing there?

Aniju: Oh that is a Chihuahua.

Triton: Ah don’t let it eat me!

Triton flew off in terror with Hans chasing after him. In his fright Triton had forgetten that Vladimir was like right there.

Vladimir: Hans? Hans!

Hans: Crap, Dam It, Bloody Hell!

Popkat: My ears give up…

Hans skid to a stop nearly losing balance while Triton chased into Chrysema.

Hans: Hey, hello um, what’s up?!

Vladimir: Is something wrong with you? Arg, I have to brawl you.

Hans: Why are you in your underwear?

Vladimir: Oh yeah…

Hans: I’m not brawling anyone who is not wearing pants. No shoes, not shirt not service.

Vladimir: I’m wearing a shirt.

Hans: Is it clean?

Vladimir: Oh um? 0_0

Olaf: It’s clean.

Triton rolled away from the pegasus. The fluffy Chihuahua yepped, stuck it’s tongue out and shivered the way Chihuahua do. Triton’s eyes grew wide.

Triton: It’s going to eat me!

Vladimir: Oh not you too? Did she try to eat you too?

Banshee: I’ve never met this one before.

Vladimir: Ah she’s going to eat me!

Aniju: I’ll eat you all if you don’t shut up for a sec.

Dante: Haha, Aniju means it.

Maria: (In a timid, quiet defeated voice) I’m a potato chip….

Aniju handed the pizza box to Dante and walked over to Vladimir and Hans. She glanced at goggle boy before reaching under the bandages into the hole in her chest pulling out a blanket stained with blood. She threw it over Vladimir so he would be more covered.

Vladimir: Blood…(FFF-thump!)

Vladimir fainted.

Banshee: Dibs!

Aniju: Well now that he’s out of the way.

Jasper: It’s so cute and fluffy I’m going to die!

Aniju examined Ectorius while Banshee nommed on Vladimir. J. Alfred shooed her off and directed her toward the pizza box. Hans and Triton cowered in the corner watching Jasper played with the Chihuahua puppy.

Banshee: What is it?

Dante: Um, it says Elite Pizza.

Hans: Wait what? That pizza is made where Ronald works. Where’d you go Aniju?

Aniju: I went to visit Ronald at his work place. He died and his boss gave him mouth to mouth. While they were distracted I decided to get a pizza. Ronald is at the hospital right now.

Banshee: I hate peppers… (Picking the peppers off)

Jasper: Soft fuzzy wuzzy puppy.

Aniju: Oh Jasper I found that guy outside Ronald’s pizza place. Thought you have been a good boy so you can have him.

Jasper: I can have him? Awesome! What’s his name? Where’d he come from? What’s his astrological sign? What powers does he have?

Aniju: Yes, Whatever you want, Poland, Virgo, Cuteness.

Olaf: They have Chihuahuas in Poland?

Jasper: I shall name you Ewok after one of those things from that movie that you are not supposed to fee or more evil ones come out. He looks like the good cute one with fur.

Dante: You mean Gremlins, Jasper. Ewoks are from Star Wars.

Jasper: Gremlin isn’t cute enough. I shall name him Ewok instead.

Ewok: Я не польский.

Brook: What about him?

Maria: We should find his cloths and wash them so he can put them back on.

Aniju: Ectorius has some kind of device thingy stuck in him. It’s messing him up. If you were to brawl someone very strong and cause this device to overload maybe it would break and fix Ectorius.

Banshee: Oh, someone strong?

Hans: Brawl Vladimir. (Pointing with his foot) I don’t want to brawl him. He’s strong.

Banshee: He’s out cold right now.

Hans: I’ll wake him up.

Hans took a slice of pizza and crawled over to Vladimir. He waved the pizza over his face. Vladimir’s eye flung open.

Vladimir: Pizza!

Hans jerked back pulling the pizza away. Vladimir reached up to take him but Hans kept it out of his reach.

Vladimir: Pizza! Give me! Give me!

Hans: Fix Ectorius first.

Vladimir: Huh? Who?

Hans: Banshee’s Bakugan. The person who tried to eat you.

Vladimir: What? No! She’ll eat me! 0_0

Hans: How appropriate that you two love food and to eat.

Banshee: This pizza isn’t all that great. I had better.

Vladimir: What? This pizza is the bomb!

Olaf: I have found them!

J. Alfred: We found his clothes. What did you get yourself into?

J. Alfred and Olaf had wondered off to find Vladimir’s clothing. The held out in front of them his dirty clothes so they would not soil their own outfits.

Vladimir: I don’t know.

Chrysema: No clue… (Giggles)

Aniju: Hmm, how about you just borrow some clothes from me. Why did you wear orange? You a Ventus dude. Your hair is green, you should wear green.

Vladimir: It’s a disguise.

Aniju: Well your disguise sucks.

Vladimir: But I like my clothes.

Aniju: Nope you are wearing green.

Vladimir: But…

Aniju: Green!

Dante: Make sure there is no blood on it this time.

Vladimir: Blood?

Aniju smiled and Dante. Six black serpentine like tentacles emerged from Aniju’s back tips with a head resembling a dragon. From her back emerged a metal machine like object with four propellers. Aniju lean over and with her tentacles forced the metal machine on her back open. Three of the tentacles slithered into the blackness, reappearing with clothing in their mouths.

Aniju: There you go. Fresh clean clothes.

Vladimir: Okay, no blood that’s good. Now don’t let her eat me…

Chrysema: Vladimir… I want a divorce…

Vladimir: What? That’s doesn’t even make sense. We’re not married.

Ewok: Я думаю, что она лошадь хочет, чтобы вы человеку вверх или она оставит вас, чтобы найти нового партнера.

Jasper: Good Ewok.

Vladimir: Nom.

Hans had never given Vladimir the pizza so Vladimir lifted his head till he jumped up to the pizza and bite it his mouth. He hung on while Hans still held the pizza with a shocked look on his face.

Hans: Thanks for leaving my hand.

Chapter 48: Nothing MuchEdit

Not too far away, Bramley met up with his friends and fellow team-mates, Finn MacCool the Gundalian, Kangela the Neathian and Diana the Vestal.

Finn MacCool: Oh good you brought the milk.

Bramley: Yeah I had to get more.

Kangela: Why’s that?

Bramley: I ran into this guy. He was very sick and needed milk to make him feel better, so I gave him to milk I had. I just bought this one so it is fresher and colder.

Finn MacCool: You’re so nice Bramley. I am fine with ou doing your job as an Aura and helping people.

Bramley: Good. Also I think I made friends with this guy named Moritz.

Diana: Good for you, Bramley.

Kangela: What was his attribute?

Bramley: He was Ventus like me, why?

Kangela: We need a Pyrus and a Darkus brawler. We already have a Ventus.

Finn MacCool: I think we are fine with just the four of us. We are more of a group of friends than a team.

Kangela: I want to brawl like a real team for once. We are a group of friends. Most teams are and more friends the better I think. I like the human people and here cool gadgets. I think it be nice to have a Pyrus and a Darkus friend to add to our group.

Diana: Nothing wrong with having another Ventus friend.

Kangela: That too but Bramley is our Ventus brawler.

Bramley handed Finn MacCool a couple of bags fill with food while Diana and Kangela talked. Finn MacCool lived on New Vestroia. He was the only permanent Gundalian resident that lived there. Bramley, Diana and Kangela would bring him food and supplies he could not obtain there.

Diana: Too bad my brother Jethro isn’t much of a brawler.

Finn MacCool: Maybe we should teach him.

He rubbed Diana on the head.

Kangela: He has work right?

Diana: Yeah but we probably wouldn’t need him all the time.

Kangela: Jethro sounds like a Pyrus name.

Diana: Knowing him he choose Haos.

Kangela: But I am the Haos member of this group.

Bramley: Don’t worry too much about it Kangela. When the time comes we’ll find the right people to find us. That was how we all found each other. We weren’t looking for each other but we all met at the right time and all became friends. I think if this relationship with new people is going to work, we should wait for it to happen on its own.

Kangela: Oh alright then.

Another group was also having member problems. Adhuil and Kaluha were hanging out missing their friend Kariros who had disappeared. A large zombie like Bakugan sat above them, blood oozing out of his nose and mouth.

Adhuil: I wonder what’s taking him so long.

Kaluha: Don’t worry, I’ll send him a message.

Kaluha texted on her phone to Kariros. He send back a message saying” With Pink Hair guy and Pretty Boy looking for Lady Aniju and Gooseface. Be there as soon as I can.”

Kaluha: He’s looking for a Gooseface.

Adhuil: Hmm? That sounds like something he would do.

Lucifer: Gooooosseface….

Just as Kaluha was putting away her phone, the last two members to their team showed up.

Black Jack: Hey Ya!

Cody: Greetings.

Adhuil: Hello, glad you two could make it.

Black Jack: Where’s pinkie head and lover boy?

Adhuil: They are looking for Aniju and a Gooseface, apparently.

Cody: Sound strange.

Adhuil: Very.

Kaluha: Maybe we should go look for them?

Adhuil: No we may not find them and if they come here looking for us, well he all be lost. Let’s just wait.

Black Jack: Have a brawl in the meantime while we wait?

Adhuil: Okay, sounds like a plan.

Lucifer: Goooooosssseface….

The search for the Albino Lady and Gooseface was progressing well. Jeffer, Kariros and Moritz stopped a few times to ask people if they had seen the mention people. Some people reported seeing odd characters wondering around, a green hair boy being changed by a scary beast, the sounds of battle from an abandon arena oddness.

Moritz: We are getting close.

Jeffer: How you know?

Moritz: I just do. I can feel him.

Jeffer: Alright then.

Nidhogg: The Force is strong with this one…

Kariros: Very strong…

Suddenly Moritz took off running with his machetes unsheathed. He jumped into the air swinging his two trusty machetes. The clashed with a huge sword, sparks flickered to the side. Dante had pulled out his sword just in time to block Moritz’s attack.

Hans: Dante!

Jasper: What the Hell?

Banshee: While everyone is distracted slowly make your way towards Green Goggle Boy….

Dante threw Moritz off. He skidded to a halt as Jeffer and Kariros arrived.

Kariros: My Lady Aniju!

Aniju: Oh hello Kariros… What you doing with him?

Moritz: I have found you!

Dante: Oh Moritz, I see you still hate me.

Hans: Crap…

Hans eyes fell on the fluffy pink hair and the scars. Triton scurried into Hans’ hood.

Jeffer: Hans, so we meet again at last… Vladimir?

Vladimir: She’s getting kind of close…

Banshee: Still hungry…

Vladimir: EEK! Jeffer save me!

Vladimir quickly dashed behind his pink haired team-mate.

Banshee: A Pink One? Two Pink Ones? Which one is the Pink One I need?

Ectorius shivered pitifully. Dante moved to Hans side and faced Moritz, Jeffer and Vladimir while Kariros andAniju stood off to the side.

Kariros: Jeffer was looked for Mr. Gooseface there. And Moritz was looking for Dante. I was looking for you my Lady.

Aniju: Oh I see, and we were all together.

Dante: So you came looking for a fight?

Moritz: What else would I want? I came looking for you. Why would I come for any other reason?

Hans: And he brought Jeffer. I am screwed…

Banshee: My dinner… Is friends with a Pink One.

Aniju: Kariros, Ectorius is infected with your technology. Maybe you can take a look at him and figure out how to help him?

Kariros agreed. While Dante and Hans held the standoff with Moritz and the other two Mad-Geese boys, Kariros took a look at Ectorius.

Kariros: I see... It is this thing on his ear. It’s foreign to his body and is causing the problem. I see they were trying to control his power. Its cause pain if an attempt to remove happens. However, all you have to do is overload it and once that is done, it can be taken off.

Banshee: We need to brawl someone strong then?

Kariros: Yes, but unfortunately Rococo and I are not as strong as you and your partner. We are used to fighting in a team, our team and well those fine gentlemen three seem eager for battle.

Hans: Jeffer is a strong ass guy. Brawl him, I don’t want to.

Banshee: Two Pink Ones, hmm?

Moritz: That’s fine. Now Dante, prepare to suffer at my machetes!

Dante: Wait Moritz, this is more important. Can’t we settle this another way?

Moritz grunted.

Vladimir: Oh I am happy you are here Bloody Lamb.

Jeffer: Where are your clothes?

Nidhogg: At least he is not going commando.

Dante’s ears perked up.

Vladimir: Oh let me put on the clothes the Albino Lady gave me.

While Vladimir dressed himself, Banshee wisped behind him and whispered into his ear.

Banshee: You’re not off the hook Goggle Head. I am still hungry. Once I save my Bakugan I am going to eat you.

Vladimir: Ah! Don’t eat me! Jeffer!

Jeffer: Calm down. When did Hans make all these new friends?

Meanwhile over to the side, the other Umbras were watching the whole event with Jasper.

Brook: What’s going on?

J. Alfred: No sure…

Olaf: Seems like all these people have something against another person.

Chimeriad: I want to battle!

Maria: Not now Chim.

Kakoo: This is between these guys.

Shaka Zulu: Best to honor these warriors by staying out of their battles, for now.

Baldr: You’ll get your chance.

Jasper: Huh, wonder what Dallas is doing. I miss him…

Not too far away, a cold shivered went down Dallas’ spin. Yayoi asked him if he was okay and he just nodded. Lysie and Lync had rejoined them by this time.

Dallas: Where have you two been? Alone? Together?

Lync: Ran into some crazy people, two other guys, I think, with pink hair. Oh and Lysie male self.

Dallas: Huh?

Lysie: I don’t remember…

Now back to Aniju and Kariros.

Aniju: So did you come looking to brawl me?

Kariros: A gentleman doesn’t pick fights with a lady. I wasn’t interesting in fighting you.

Aniju: Gentlemen? I met a Gentleman today. Oh you would love him, I’ll got get him.

Aniju wondered off and disappeared then reappeared with Gin. She had teleported herself to his location, by following his aura and brought him here. He was with Luca, and she brought him too.

Gin: What just happen?

Luca: Wow I must be drunk, I don’t remember how I got here.

Gin: Oh it’s you, hello.

Aniju: This is The Fiery One and that’s Arrowhead.

Luca: Am I seeing thins or is that Jeffer and Vladimir with…

Aniju: Stay out of this.

Her eyes glowed, she held up her claws up and all of her tentacles out. Luca and Gin grew pale as their eyes widen.

Luca and Gin: Um, okay…

Aniju: (Back to normal) Good! :)

Chapter 49: The grueling ordeal of Ronald LexEdit

Bramley was wondering around, his team-mates all had to go home for the evening but he had nothing to do. He had decided to remain inside of Interspace and watch some brawls. While wondering around he eyed a white hair boy named Kleinn who was carrying around a rabbit toy. This albino boy reminded Bramley of someone.

Bramley: Hey there little boy.

Kleinn: On hello random stranger.

Bramley: Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?

Kleinn: No…

Bramley: Okay, well I am Bramley Aura. Please to meet you.

Kleinn: Oh I am Kleinn and this is Gritty Ace.

The albino boy held up the stuff animal doll he carried around. Never taking his eyes off the rabbit, something about this toy caught Bramley’s gaze.

Bramley: Oh my… Who gave you this rabbit?

Kleinn: The Albino Lady. She’s like me but she’s a girl and has two different color eyes.

Bramley: I should have guessed.

Kleinn: Why do you ask? Do you want a rabbit too? You can’t have Gritty Ace!

The boy clung to his rabbit close to his body.

Bramley: Oh no I don’t want your rabbit. He is a very special bunny. He protects you from the dark evil auras that are pollution Interspace.

Kleinn: Dark Evil Auras? You mean the bad guys?

Bramley: Yes, but it would seem you haven’t awaken Gritty Ace’s full power.

Kleinn looked at his stuffed animal closely but didn’t quite get what Bramley meant. Gritty Ace didn’t feel like he had any powers. He felt soft and squishy like an ordinary toy.

Bramley: Gritty Ace isn’t any ordinary stuff animal.

Kleinn: Well of course he’s not. He’s awesome.

Kleinn snuggled the rabbit. A tall blonde man walked up behind them who went by the name of Mizuhiro. Bramley greeted him.

Mizuhiro: Kleinn, what are you doing talking to strangers?

Kleinn: He’s not a stranger, I just met him.

Bramley: I am Bramley Aura. Please to meet you sir.

Mizuhiro: Hmm, are you going to brawl him or not?

Kleinn: I don’t know. He told me that Gritty Ace is special.

Mizuhiro: Lots of people will tell you that, but don’t you think it is odd for someone who looks as old as you would be carrying around a stuff animal?

Kleinn: No what’s wrong with that?

Bramley: I don’t think it is odd. It make’s Kleinn kind of cute.

Mizuhiro signed. He turned and started to walk away but the sound of a large screech shattered the air. There was a fierce battle going on in Arena 53 near by. Kleinn covered his ears.

Bramley: Oh what is that?

Mizuhiro: A battle?

Kleinn: Sounds scary.

Meanwhile back over with Team Lilium, Dallas' little group located the others and were watching. Jasper spotted Dallas and casually walked up to him.

Dallas: Oh hello Jasper.

Jasper didn't say anything. He just licked his thumb and rubbed his spit covered thumb across Dallas’ forehead while saying very slowly and deeply.

Jasper: Simba…

Meanwhile at Bayview Hospital...

Ronald Lex lay on a hospital bed, staring at the ceiling with a bored and annoyed look on his face. He was hooked up to an IV drip.

Ronald: Grrr...These stupid doctors won't let me leave this place! Freakin' idiots! I'm not sick! There's no reason for them to keep me in this stinky hellhole! The others are less competent than I thought. I need to get back to Interspace immediately! Curse you, HAAAAA~...Oopss...*clamps a hand over his mouth* Oh crap...I need to be quiet! Otherwise they might think I'm having a seizure or something! Then it's goodbye Interspace, hello Intensive Care! Crap crap crappidy crappy crap x_X

A nurse walked into the room, carrying a food tray.

Nurse: Lunch time, tough guy!

Ronald: Why would I want to eat that stuff? Are these mashed potatoes or someone's dried-up snot? Yuck!

Nurse: Nonsense! This food is made from the finest ingredients! It's healthy and very nutritious and it helps patients recover faster!

Ronald: Nutritious my foot!

Nurse: Since you're bedridden, I'm gonna have to spoonfeed you!

Ronald: O_O NOES! Great! Not only am I stuck in a hospital, I'm also stuck with a creepy ugly chick that wants to feed me a plate of dried snot! OH GOD WHY DO YOU KEEP TORTURING ME?

Nurse: Say "Aaaah", big boy! *tries to stuff a spoonful of dangerous-looking mashed potatoes into Ronald's mouth*

Ronald: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! *pulls the sheets over his head*

Nurse: Stop acting like a baby and eat your vegetables!

Ronald: *squirms in his bed* HELL NO! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU ABOMINATION!


Ronald: Damn it, I need to distract her somehow! Uhhh...Anyway...What's your name?

Nurse: I'm Marian von Kugelschreiberburg!

Ronald: O_O

Marian: *using Ronald's shock to her advantage, stuffs a spoonful of slimy mashed potatoes into his mouth* Actually it's Marian Susanne Ivanova Dark'ness D. Phantomhive von Kugelschreiberburg, but for obvious reasons people prefer to call me Marian von Kugelschreiberburg.

Ronald: *chokes and tears up a bit* This has got to be a really f*cked up nightmare! Oh sweet God, I beg of you, pinch me!

Marian: *dabs at his eyes with a napkin* Don't cry! You're a man!

Ronald: That's right! I'm a man. A badass macho man with balls of steel. I'll pull through. I'll most definitely pull through! And no cow-faced hag with a plate of dried snot is gonna stop this manly man! BANZAAAAAAIIII!!! *wiggles out of the nurse's grasp and takes a flying leap at the door, which is thankfully open*YYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! FREEEEDDDDOOOOOMMMM!!!

Marian: SICK PEOPLE MUST STAY IN BED! *pulls a mallet out of...well...Hammerspace and bonks Ronald on the head while he's still flying in mid-air*

Ronald: *cross-eyed* This manly macho man...HAS FOUGHT VALIANTLY AND IS GOING TO VALHALLA!! HASTA LA VISTA BABY! *collapses into Marian's arms as a transparent chibi version of him with fluffy wings and a halo separates from his limp body and floats towards the ceiling*

Marian: OH NO YOU DON'T! *catches Ronald's soul by the cute fluffy wings and stuffs it into his physical body's mouth along with another spoonful of mashed potatoes*

Ronald: @_@ *is now lying in Marian's lap derpy-eyed, with a huge, thick, throbbing...Bump on his head, too dazed to do anything*

Marian: Aww, you almost died! *pats Ronald's head* This reminds me of the time my 1000 suitors waged a battle for a chance to marry me! That's right, 1000! I, after all, used to be a princess of the Elves, and a stunningly beautiful one at that! I was also the best fighter in my kingdom, the smartest strategist and the most skillful tap dancer!

Ronald: @_@ Whut?

Marian: It was a gory, gruesome massacre! Severed bodyparts littered the ground and intestinal tracts hung from the trees like Christmas decorations! On that fateful day blood and bile rained down from the skies! Why bile, you may ask? Well, the battle was so gory God himself lost his lunch! 999 of these men met their doom on the battlefield. In the end only one of them was left standing, but unfortunately he wasn't my type so I rejected him! I was so shocked by the outcome of the battle I ran away from my kingdom and underwent plastic surgery to make my face ugly so that no man would ever fall in love with me! *sniff* OH, MY PAST IS SO ANGSTY! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! TT_TT

Ronald: *slowly recovering* O_O What the f*ck? Are you n-nuts or something? This is the most ridiculous story I've ever heard!

Marian: WAAAAAHAAAHAAAAAAAAHHH!!! *literally cries a river* o_O Wait..Did you just call my super-angsty-with-extra-cheese story RIDICULOUS?

Ronald: Yep.

Marian: YOU BASTAAAARRRDDD!!! HOW DARE YOU CALL MY ANGSTY STORY RIDICULOUS! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO CRY AND GIVE ME A HUG AND ACT ALL SYMPATHETIC! F*CK YOU...Wait a sec...*looks into Ronald's medical record* ...Oh, that's right, Ronald. Ronald Lex. F*CK YOU ROOOONNNAAAALLLLDDD LEEEEXXX!!! *grabs Ronald by the collar and throws him out of the 4th floor window*

Ronald let out a very un-manly startled yelp as the crazed nurse manhandled him out of the window. But just before plummeting into oblivion he grinned from ear to ear and screamed out at the top of his lungs:


Marian: *smirks after hearing a thud* Well, I guess I'm gonna get fired now so it'll be better if I just escape!

Later that day seven people checked into a mental hospital after seeing a woman in a nurse outfit leave her workplace in a rather unusual fashion. Two of them reported that they saw the woman ride a pumpkin carriage drawn by three white stallions, three of them saw her taking off towards the sky while piloting a giant robot while the other two claimed that she flew away on a flying carpet that looked like a slice of pizza.

But all of them agreed that before the woman vanished from sight, she yelled out:

"So you're not dead, huh? Well this isn't over! I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too! I'll be back and next time I'll kick your heartless ass! Your days are numbered, RRRRROOOOONNNNNAAAAAAAALLLLLDDDD LLLLLEEEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX!!!

Chapter 50: Passing the torch...AGAIN!Edit

Ronald walks into the Interspace building, getting ready to teleport into the virtual world. Just before he steps into the transporter, he notices that the streetlights and the windows of buildings are flickering.

Ronald: Huh? Power problems? Heh, that reminds me of the time I met the alien geezer and got Nyan Cat! *stares at the darkening sky and the flickering lights for a few seconds and then steps into the transporter, teleporting to Interspace*

Flashback to three months ago...

Ronald was walking down the street, tired after a long day at work. There were no buses in sight, so he decided he'd just have to walk home on foot. It was late in the evening, around 10PM. The sky was pitch black and starless. Suddenly, the lights everywhere started to flicker.

Ronald: What the? Is there gonna be a freaking blackout now? =_= Dammit, I'm really having a bad day today! First Hansie Boy sends me to brawl a sickeningly pathetic weakling, then the boss scolds me for leaving muddy footprints all over the floor and finally...I have to walk home without being able to see a damn thing! Shit >_< this day can't get any worse!

A small Bakugan popped out of Ronald's jacket pocket.

Bastet: Ronald, please calm down! What if somebody from the Pizzeria notices your little temper tantrum? You could get fired!

Ronald: Shut up! I'm of legal age now, don't tell me what to do!

Bastet: You're rude, Ronald! Being rude will get you nowhere! The owner of the Pizzeria doesn't tolerate rude people!

Ronald: Do you really think I'm gonna sell pizza for the rest of my life? You're nuts!

Bastet: Well, you've been doing nothing but selling pizza for half a year now and you don't seem to be trying to get another job!

Ronald: Well, excuse me for having a rent to pay and a useless cat creature to feed! Right now this job is the only stable source of income for me! And there's no way I'm gonna return to my stupid parents! I'd rather pull out my own wisdom teeth! WITH A SPOON!

Bastet: Don't call me useless! I'm the one who sheds gallons of blood for you in the arena so you can get some extra money and buy yourself some new stuff once your clothes become worn out!

Ronald: Well duh, you're a Bakugan, you're supposed to battle for me! I'm your master!

Bastet: Ronald, now you're just being a dick! What did I ever do to deserve this?

Ronald: The problem is...1100 Gs is not enough! Bakugan are supposed to evolve by gathering battle experience! I've been brawling with you for a year now and you're still stuck in the same form and with the same power level! Do you know what that means? IT MEANS YOU'RE EITHER NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH OR...YOU WERE A WEAKLING OR ALONG!!!

Bastet: Ronald, I'm always giving it my all in battle! Some Bakugan just evolve later than the others!

Ronald: EXCUSES? I think I'm gonna throw up! Bastet, the worst has happened! You've become one of them! WEAKLINGS! PATHETIC SLUGS WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD IS TO SERVE AS STEPPING STONES FOR THE STRONG!

Bastet: Ronald...

Ronald: Because of your weakness that featherbrained Hans can pull rank on me without fearing anything! Right now you're the weakest Bakugan of the Mad Geese Mercenary Group! Which automatically makes me the weakest Brawler! And the worst thing about this is that out of them all, I am the one with the best leadership skills! Gin is a bumbling idiot, Luca's a drunkard, Jeffer is a creep, Vladimir is a narcissistic spoiled bastard and Hans is just plain STUPID! And I could lead them all to victory! I'd make them all Top 6 of Interspace! And then we'd go beyond Interspace! We'd teach the weaklings to know their place and build a perfect world together!

Bastet: Ronald, you should really go see a psychiatrist! I think you're becoming a bit power-crazed!

Ronald: What's wrong about hating weaklings? Weak people are a waste of oxygen and giving them countless second chances is a waste of time! And that, unfortunately, includes you too, Bastet!

Bastet: Ronald, weren't you a little baby once? A weak little baby?

Ronald: SHUT THE HELL UP! *grabs Bastet and throws her against the pavement, knocking her out* Damn it! Now my Bakugan's a weakling! I hate my life!

Voice: Hmmm, I see what you did there!

Ronald: Who's there?

Voice: You're perfect!

Ronald: No, I'm still far from per...Hey! What the hell?! *notices he's being lifted off the ground by a tractor beam* HELP! I'M BEING ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Five minutes later in a spaceship of Gundalian origin...

Ronald: *sits up* Ow, my head! What happened? Did I get hammered after work again? Shit, I hope I'm not lying in a pile of used tampons again! *looks around* Holy crap! I really did get abducted by aliens! *notices he's strapped to an examination table* NO! I'M GONNA GET DISSECTED! OR WORSE! ANAL-PROBED! HELP ME! *starts panicking and struggling against his restraints*

Elderly Gundalian with an eyepatch and a cybernetic leg: *approaches Ronald with a strange device in his hand*

Ronald: *still trying to break the restraints* IT'S A SPACE PIRAAAATEEE!!!! NO! DON'T DISSECT ME!

Gundalian: Don't be scared, foolish Earth creature! That device is for unlocking your restraints, not for prodding at your internal organs...Even though I'm kinda interested in dissecting a human.

Ronald: *sweating buckets* Why'd you strap me down then? You gotta be bluffing!

Gundalian: To save my old body from unnecessary harm! You see, my spy drones *holds up a robotic spider* have been observing you and your teammates for a while now! Of course I wouldn't forcefully bring a guy who can lift almost a ton on board my spaceship without drugging and restraining him first. If I didn't do that you would've already smashed my head in!

Ronald: I don't guarantee that I won't do that once you release me! "Observation"? You're a freaking alien STALKER!

Gundalian: Then I'll just have to choose another person for this mission! Time to fulfill my dream of finding out how an Earthling's organs work! *takes a laser scalpel* This might sting a bit!

Ronald: EEK!!!

Gundalian: Having second thoughts about smashing my head in?

Ronald: Okay, okay, just don't touch my guts!

Gundalian: If you want to survive you're gonna have to complete the mission!

Ronald: What mission?

Gundalian: You don't seem eager to do my bidding. *holds up a tank of greenish liquid in which an unconscious Bastet is floating in ball form* Well, I saw you abuse your Bakugan for being weak...You did the right thing! That kitty is cute and fluffy and all but she doesn't deserve a strong partner like you! *holds up another tank with a Bakugan* How about this baby? 1600 Gs, Haos Attribute. He was created through the use of the state-of-the-art Gundalian bio-engineering technologies! By splicing Baku Sky Raider DNA with Vestroian Dice Thrower DNA and Sky/Gaia Dragonoid DNA I have succeeded in creating the ultimate lifeform, the Genetically Altered BakuMine! I hereby present, HAOS NYAN CAT! Nyan Cat, wake up and greet your master!

Nyan Cat: Ac-know-ledged!

Gundalian: *sweatdrops and rubs the back of his head* Sorry about that! Due to being a hybrid of so many species BakuMine Nyan Cat has lost his sentience. In order to give him a will of his own I was forced to replace his brain with an advanced Artificial Intelligence Unit. This is why he sounds weird. However, he also has advanced intelligence and is capable of analyzing his opponents down to the last cell! Technically, Haos Nyan Cat is a perfect fusion of organic matter and Gundalian technology!

Ronald: Seconds ago you wnated to eviscerate me and now you're giving me a Bakugan? What the hell is going on here old man? What is this mission you're talking about?

Gundalian: Listen up! Do you know the boy who brawls with Aquos Triton?

Ronald: T-triton? Hans? Yeah, I do! His name is Hans Ranger!

Gundalian: He's the leader of the BakuMercenary team you're currently in, isn't he?

Ronald: Yeah...

Gundalian: And you hold a grudge against him!

Ronald: How do you know that?

Gundalian: My spidery spies are very sneaky!

Ronald: =_=" I see.

Gundalian: Then we share the same goal!

Ronald: Huh?

Gundalian: You see, I have...Had...An arch-rival named Hanorg Auron. He was truly a pathetic man, but despite his weakness and cowardice he was elected into the Twelve Orders because he was sucking up to the emperor all the time, while I, while having much more potential than him, was denied this honor! I never forgave him for ruining my life like that and I dedicated my life to taking him down. However, he had a powerful Bakugan, so each time we fought our battles ended in a tie! Our struggle lasted for years, and both of us eventually grew old. Finally I was able to develop a weapon that would defeat his Attribute Changer Triton for sure...Only to find out that the old bastard had kicked the bucket two days ago! Cause of death? OLD! FREAKING! AGE! I WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO WRING HIS NECK! I couldn't forgive him for taking my position in the Twelve Orders and crushing my dreams, but now he's dead and I can't forgive him for taking a coward's way out and dying of natural causes while hiding out on this planet! So now taht he's dead and he's passed on his Bakugan to a successor, I want that successor to suffer in his stead! However, I'm too old to battle. I'm going to meet the same end as hanorg soon. So I want you to carry out vengeance on Hanorg's successor...As the successor of Yorick Darm, the would-be Twelve Orders officer who got his dreams crushed by Hanorg Auron!

Ronald: O_O You want me to kill Hans?

Yorick: No, don't kill him. After all, he's just a boy who got mixed up into a century-long rivalry of two aliens. however, just because Hanorg chose him he deserves to suffer. Don't kill him, but make him miserable. Take everything away from him. His Bakugan, his dreams, his fame...His team!

Ronald: The Mad Geese?

Yorick: As I have already said, I've been observing your teammates for quite some time. And I've noticed that the status quo of the Mad Geese Mercenary Group is shifting. I've noticed that all of them don't hold much respect for Hans as a leader anymore. Rather...They're more interested in having you as their Lead Goose. The only thing standing between you and leadership is your weak Bakugan.

Ronald: They actually want me to be the leader?

Yorick: That's right! So if you accept my terms it'd be good for both of us. I'd get back at Hanorg and his Bakugan for crushing my dreams and you'd win the respect of your teammates. However you must not reveal your true intentions, otherwise they might lose the respect they hold for you. You should stage some kind of disaster so that everyone would think it's Hans' fault. Then the rest of your teammates would "dethrone" Hans and make you the leader of Mad Geese.

Ronald: A disaster? And what would that be?

Yorick: Oh don't worry, I already have a plan. *hands Ronald a box full of green pellets*

Ronald: *smells the box* Peas? Seriously? What do you want me to do, make Hans fart in public?

Yorick: In case you haven't noticed, the contents of the lunchbox Hans takes to Interspace with him always contain green peas. These, however, aren't green peas. They're special chemicals disguised as green peas.

Ronald: You wanna make Hans fart rainbows in public?

Yorick: *facepalm* No. To make your teammates lose faith in him we'd need a disaaster of massive proportions. These peas... They need to be fed to this creature! *holds up a sedated chihuahua in a tank of fluid*

Ronald: A doggy? Seriously?

Yorick: I've analyzed Hans thoroughly. He has a chihuahua named Bonnie. Bonnie loves vegetables. This, however, is not a chihuahua. It's yet another product of Gundalian bio-engineering creted with the use of Bonnie's DNA. After it ingests the pellets it'll be able to grow to an unimaginable size and self-multiply. Also... *throws "Bonnie-2" a live rat* It can do this.

"Bonnie-2": *momentarily wakes up and pounces at the rat, turning into a moving puddle of green sludge. The sludge envelops the rat and digests it alive, leaving behind nothing.

Yorick: Not a single hair, not a single drop of blood, not even a signle DNA strand. It loses this ability after ingesting the pellets so it has to digest its food like a normal animal, but that isn't much of a loss. Its brain has been replaced with a microchip, just like Nyan Cat's. I can program it to do whatever is needed to be done. It'll sneak into Hans' house unnoticed in the dead of night, devour his chihuahua and switch Hans' lunch with the chemicals I gave you. The very next day Hans'll take his "pet" to Interspace with him and then everything'll go according to plan!

Ronald: That plan sounds kinda half-baked, old man. What if Hans doesn't take his dog to Interspace?

Yorick: Oh he will! Trust me, he will! And then...While you guys are busy talking/brawling/doing whatever you usually do, "Bonnie-2" will sneak into Hans' bag and eat the green pellets. Before that you have to hide Nyan Cat somewhere in Interspace and use his ability "Nyan Jam" to disable teleportation in the surrounding area. As a result the hangout of the Mad Geese will be overrun by rampaging evil copies of Hans' dog. Then it'll be your time to shine! *throws Ronald a remote* Take this thing and open a portal to the outside world. Then, in an act of selfless heroism, lead everyone out of the "chihuahua'd" arena and unleash your weaker Bakugan, Bastet to hold off the monsters.

Ronald: Bastet?

Yorick: I've already prepared your rebellious Bakugan for this mission. I've completely erased her memories and personality. Now she's nothing but a loyal pet cat to you. She'll gladly sacrifice herself for her master. So then, do you accept the mission?

Ronald: This plan of your's still doesn't make much sense but I guess I have to accept because otherwise you'll cut me open and perform experiments on my guts!

Yorick: Oh I assure you the plan'll work! It'll definitely work! Just don't lose anything! Now GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SHIP, I'M WASTING FUEL HERE! THAT STUFF'S EXPENSIVE! *activates the tractor beam and throws Ronald, "Bonnie-2", brainwashed Bastet, the pellets and the remote out of the ship*

End flashback.

Ronald: Strangely enough, that plan did work. Now everyone's agreed to help me make Gooseface's life miserable and they treat me as their leader. I have to do a bit of acting to put the geezer's plans to good use, but I'm pretty good at it. Oh, and...Back then in that BakuJousting Arena...I think I saw the old geezer watching the action through a hole in the ceiling...Or was that a portal? He's a really weird guy and I think he has Alien Alzheimer's or something but somehow he managed to make things right! I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you old man! If you're still alive, I want you to know that I'm grateful!

However, there's one major problem left unsolved. Interspace's been overrun by teams of weaklings who think they're strong. Weaklings should know their place. And I'm gonna make them realize who they really are! They're nothing but stepping stones for us on our way to glory! Ain't that right, Nyan Cat?

Nyan Cat: Af-fir-ma-tive!


Nyan Cat: Ne-ga-tive!

Ronald: Then why did you just agree?

Nyan Cat: I al-ways know what my mas-ter is thin-king a-bout! I do not need mind-rea-ding a-bi-li-ties to un-der-stand you! For we share the same goal.

Chapter 51: Umbra SanctuaryEdit

Meanwhile in Bakugan Interspace Arena 67 with Hans, Umbra Team, Aniju, Kariros, Moritz and the Mad Geese Team sans Ronald...

Moritz: So then ADHD freak, shall we settle this? Or are you too scared to face me?

Dante: What makes you think I'm scared?

Moritz: Well then, prepare to eat my machetes!

Popkat: Wait guys! Don't kill each other! Popkitty doesn't like death!

Moritz: I have a score to settle with this guy! Stay out of this, little Bakugan!

Popkat: Why should Popkitty stay out of this? Popkitty is Dante's Bakugan partner! And a Guardian Bakugan's duty is to protect the Brawler at all costs!

Moritz: What are you implying...?

Popkat: Popkitty is challenging you to a brawl!

Moritz: WHUT? Is it just me or did a baby Bakugan just call me out?

Popkat: That's right, Popkitty has just challenged you.

Dante: Popkat, what are you doing?

Popkat: I don't want you guys to kill each other! I'd rather you settled this with a Bakugan Brawl.

Moritz: I don't mind Brawling this guy. But if I win, I'll still slit his throat with my machetes!

Dante: As if! Get ready to be pwned!

Vladimir: Gooseface! Prepare to be humiliated by ore-sama, you pathetic piece of crap!

Hans: Oh shit! What should I do? Both Triton and I are banged up! We don't stand a chance in this condition!

Jeffer: You disappoint me, Former Lead Goose. What happened to the confident, prideful Hans Ranger I know? You used to be a Bird Of Prey once, but your wings are now clipped and your ego has been crushed. You've been reduced to a sniveling, pathetic weakling with no fighting spirit at all. Which is why nobody of the Mercenaries has any semblance of respect for you.

Vladimir: That's right Jeffer! Look at this guy! His knees are shaking! I bet he's on the verge of shitting his pants from fear! Hahahaha!

Jeffer: That would be really disgusting.

Vladimir: You're right!

Hans: Shut up you two! My knees are shaking because Ronald beat me to a pulp!

Vladimir: Oh, what's this? Now you're making up lame excuses!

Jeffer: Excuses are a sign of weakness.

Hans: Grh...You sound just like Ronald! Hey, wait a minute... Don't tell me the team has been...

Jeffer: That's right. The team has been reformed. And Ronald Lex, the Haos Brawler of the Mad Geese, is now the leader.

Vladimir: And I gotta say, he's an epic leader! He's way more charismatic than you, Gooseface! And unlike you, he offered to help us achieve our ultimate goals in exchange for helping him achieve his!

Hans: So that power-crazed freak is now the leader?

Vladimir: Yes! We're planning on taking the title of the strongest team of Interspace and even surpassing our former glory!

Hans: Figures Ronald would set a goal like that.

Vladimir: However, rising to our former glory isn't our main goal right now. Ronald's ultimate desire is to put all the weaklings in their place, and we support that idea! Weak people who think they're worth something are like Ipecac to me! They make me sick! So then, Gooseface, are you gonna brawl me like a man or are you gonna just stand there trembling like a piece of Jell-o and shit your pants?

Hans: SHUT UP!

Vladimir: Defeat me and I'll shut up! Oh, I forgot, you can't! You're too weak to put up a decent fight! Hahahaha!

Hans: Fine, I'll fight you! Triton, get ready!

Triton: Okay!

Olaf: Hey wait a second...One of these guys defeated him and beat him up before? And now they're making him fight again? That's just cruel!

Baldr: He looks pretty banged up!

Olaf: He might be seriously injured!

J.Alfred: They're all ganging up on him!

Shaka Zulu: Indeed.

Maria: That's not fair!

Chimeriad: These guys seem like motherf*cking assholes to me!

Shaka Zulu: I second that notion...Only unlike you, I don't swear!

Maria: I understand that these guys have a score to settle but this is going too far! We have to help him!

Hans: This is none of your business! Owowow! *doubles over clutching his side*

Olaf: You can't brawl in your condition! You're bruised all over and you might have a few cracked ribs! Do you realize how dangerous that is? If a bone fragment pierces your lung, you'll literally drown in your own blood and die! You require a thorough examination and medical treatment!

Hans: I...Ugh...I can't let these bastards get away with humiliating me! I'm not a weak pile of crap! I used to be their leader once, damn it!

Vladimir: That's right, you "used to be" our leader. But you're not our leader anymore!

Hans: Vladimir Pavlov! I will defeat you even if Triton and I die in the process!

Vladimir: Oh? So you do have some balls!

Jeffer: That's more like the old Hans I know.

You! *points at Olaf* You're a medic, right?

Olaf: Uh...Yeah.

Hans: Your job is to help people, right? Well, the only thing you can do to help me and Triton is to give us some painkillers! There's no time for examinations and other crap!

Olaf: I can't allow you to do this! It's suicide! As a doctor, I can't allow you to risk your life like that!

Hans: Okay fine, we'll go without any painkillers!

Olaf: I can't allow you to risk your life like that!

Hans: Well I can't afford to lose to these guys!

Olaf: That's suicide! You're gonna die! Do you realize what that means? You'll cease to exist! Forever!

J.Alfred: Guys,I have an idea! If Dante wants to fight Moritz, Vladimir has a score to settle with Hans and Banshee wants to brawl the pink-haired one, let's make this a three-way tag team battle!

Jeffer: Why not?

Vladimir: Okay.

Dante: Okay, Hans, since you're injured, you're gonna be on the defensive while Banshee and I do the attacking. I know you want to thrash them, but if you fight on the front line, your and Triton's injuries will worsen! If you're gonna need to fight, equip the Glass Battle Gear I gave you! But don't push yourself and Triton too much, both of you are weakened right now!

Hans: Okay...Doc, what about these painkillers?

Olaf: Don't call me "doc". It's annoying. And as a medic, I do not approve of your idea!

J.Alfred: Olaf, it looks like you're gonna have to give him the pills. Hans is determined to fight to regain his dignity and honor. For him it's more important than safety. Trust me, I've seen enough fights for honor between men to know where this is going. Right now the best thing you can do for him is ease his pain.

Olaf: Fine. *hands Hans a bottle of painkillers* But if you die, I'm not gonna take responsibility. You've made your choice!

Hans: *swallows a pill* Okay, I'm ready to go!

Olaf: *sigh*

Banshee: Hey Pinkie Pie, how about a Brawl?

Jeffer: Pinkie Pie? I'm not sure if I understand...

Dante: One of Aniju's Bakugan is called Pinkie Pie!

Ectorius: *very un-Ectorius-like whine*

Nidhogg: What's wrong with you?

While the others were settling their differences, a crowd had gathered to watch. Aniju turned to Gin who was standing near her.

Aniju: You! (Pointing at him)

Gin: Huh? Oh Hello again Aniju.

Aniju: You are with them?

Gin: Yes, miss.

Aniju: Why?

Gin: Excuse me?

Aniju: Why hang out with these guys? You are too nice and they just want to cause pain to others. Crushing the weaklings? Even the strongest person once was a beginner. Weak people level out the population. The weak are strong together and they are the ones who survive a natural disaster. Remember the dinosaurs? They were far stronger than the mammals and who was it that survived? Being the best means everyone will be on your back attacking you, one battle after another. You not be on top for long, soon someone better will come and you will fall…

Gin: Um…

Gin turned away from her. His eyes shifted around the crowd of people. Several different brawls of all attribute yet a few had gotten wiser than last time they encountered Ivory members before. Suddenly Gin’s eyes stopped on one person in the crowd.

Gin: Oh may… It’s that girl…

Aniju: Hmm?

Jasper: You are the cutest thing ever in existence!

Ewok: А как насчет Попкэт?

Aniju spotted the girl that Gin was trying to woo when she first met him. Gin had spilled juice on her brand new dress ad she freaked out on him before throwing him into wall.

Aniju: I remember her…

Gin: I hope she can find it in her heart to forgive me… Maybe I can try again?

Gin magically pulled out a bouquet of flowers. However before he could walk over there Aniju stopped him.

Aniju: What’s wrong with you? Going for a girl like that?

Gin: What do you mean?

Aniju: She’s no good. Look at her, that dress, those accessories… This girl only cares about appearances and how much money you have. She’s no good. Plus she would still be mad at you.

Gin: She’s pretty…

Aniju: Do you want a meaningful relationship or do you only care about eye candy?

Gin: Oh, alright then.

Slasho: I’ll take these…

Slasho appeared next to Gin and took the bouquet.

Gin: Huh? Oh hello… So much purple…

Girl: You!

The girl had finally noticed Gin.

Gin: Oh you are looked well. I see you got the stain out of the dress.

Girl: This is a different dress…

Gin: Oh…

Aniju: I got this…

Girl: Who are you? His girlfriend?

Aniju: My boyfriend is over there. Yet that is irrelevant right now.

Girl: What do you want? Out of my way I need to give that guy a piece of my mind.

Aniju: No… What’s wrong with you throwing someone against a wall over a dress? You could have seriously hurt him. Or killed him! Over a dress? Would that be worth it?

Slasho: Oh you would have gone to jail girl. No dresses allowed there.

Girl: I worked hard to earn the money to buy that dress. I just bought it that day and he ruined it!

Aniju: Who was the one who gave him the juice? That was your fault. You should have given him water.

Girl: But my dress?

Aniju: Girl you need to get your priorities straight. A dress is a dress, no emotion, no feelings or life. You will by other dresses, next year there be a new style. However hurting someone is to a style. If you kill him, well you cannot buy a new life for him. He cannot be replaced. You just bought the dress. Take it back and get a new one.

Girl: Guh, like you would understand. Look at what you are wearing… That scarf looks like you just ripped it off of a curtain. And that jacket is torn at the ends. You don’t seem injured. What’s up with those bandages?

Aniju: Hmm… This scarf? This scarf is all that reminds of the flag I once fought under. And this jacket was a gift from my mother! And these bandages are to cover up this!!!

The bandages ripped back from Aniju’s left arm revealing a jet black arm tipped with three large claws. Her palm open up with a blue grow as she consecrated energy into her arm. She enclosed her claws around the girls head so she had no escape.

Aniju: This isn’t a fashions statement! It’s a weapon of mass destruction!

Gin: O_O

Girl: EEEEKKK! Okay! Okay I’m sorry! Please don’t kill me!

Aniju: Apolagize to Gin!

Girl: I’m sorry!

Aniju: Like you mean it!

Girl: I’m soooo sorry! I’m so sorry for throwing you into a wall over a stupid dress! Can you forgive me?!

Gin: I forgive you…. Aniju let her go.

Aniju: Okay! :3

Aniju dropped the girl. Her three clawed hands began to shrink back to normal as she rewrapped it.

Aniju: Now get out of here I am tired of looked at your face.

The girl got up and ran off sobbing. Aniju turned around back to Gin and rubbed him on the head before walking off over to Slasho who was infatuated by Maria’s purple hair. Luca wobbled over to Gin with a milk jug in his hand that he got from Bramley.

Luca: You should… You should court her… She’s badass…

Gin: Her boyfriend would kill me.

Luca: No he likes me…so you, mmm, but I’m…he’s…(Wipes the spit from his mouth) I’m going to play hard to get… Unless he has milk…

Gin: Are you drunk again?

Luca: No… I only had like… I’m…I only had one.

Luca held up the milk he was given by Bramley. It was almost empty now. Meanwhile Jasper was snuggling his new puppy Ewok.

Jasper: Did she give that girl what was coming to her? Hmm cuteness?

Ewok: Она сделала, что девушка сама загрязненные. Альфа-страшно!

Jasper: Yes she did! I love you my little round head.

The female members of Umbra Team Brook and Maria were standing aside just watching the action. Maria was munching on a candy bar while Slasho leaned on her head holding the flowers up.

Maria: *notices some weird pressure on her head* Huh? *stops munching on candy* What the? *turns around and sees a grinning Slasho with a bouquet of flowers* o_O Weird purple lady.

Slasho: Heeey tharrr little purple gurrrrl *______*

Maria: O____________________O This day is getting weirder and weirder... Why are there so many people out to get me? *feels her skin crawling with goosebumps* But I didn't do anything...Did I?

Slasho: People are out to get you because you're purple all over and the color purple is cute! *reaches out to play with Maria's ponytail* Fluffy :3

Maria: >_< This is really awkward. *slowly tiptoes away from Slasho*

Slasho: *notices that Maria's ponytail slipped out of her grasp* Hey! Where are you going, little purple girl?

Maria: *hiding in one of the bigger plant pots decorating Interspace*

Slasho: Now where did she go? *taps Brook on the shoulder* Hey you!

Brook: *busy watching the brawl* Huh? *turns around and sees Slasho with the flowers*

Slasho: Hello, you seem to be a friend of the purple girl. Did you see where she went?

Brook: Well..*notices Maria sticking a hand out from behind the shrub in the plantpot with "Brook, I'm not there" scribbled on the palm in ballpen ink* o_O Maria, what are you doing there?

Slasho: Where?

Brook: Uhh...*tries to think of a location to lure the suspicious-looking purple woman away from her teammate* She went to the bathroom!

Slasho: Okay! *runs to the bathrooms at almost sonic speed laughing maniacally*

Brook: o_O Is she crazy?

Kakoo: It's highly likely that she has some kid of psychological disorder.

Brook: Maria, you can come out now!

Maria: Okay. *gets ready to get out of the plant pot*

Slasho: *suddenly re-appears* HEY THAR

Brook: Oh gawd.

Maria: Oh crap! *hides again quickly*

Slasho: She's not in the bathrooms! Girl you lied!

Brook: Uhh...Maybe she ended up in the boys' room by accident?

Slasho: Maybe! I'll go check! *storms off again* Bwahahahahah!!

Brook: Phew!

Maria: Thank you for saving my butt Brook...But she might return again!

Brook: Who is she anyway?

Back at Arena 67...

Valdimir: Let's do this, Jeffer and weird Scarf Guy!

Moritz: *cue Cross Popping Veinson his head* My name is Moritz McGirky, punk!

Vladimir: Jeez, keep your knickers on Scarf Guy!

Moritz: Hey you bas...Knickers? You mean girls' panties? Oгo *nosebleeds a bit*

Vladimir: HOLY SH*T BLOOD! *hides behind Jeffer* OH GAWD SAVE ME!!! IT'S BLOOD!

Jeffer: Vladimir, please don't freak out now. Otherwise you'll be nothing but a piece of dead weight dragging our team down. *turns to Moritz* What's with you? Do you require medical attention?

Moritz: *wipes the blood off on the back of his hand* It's nothing. Let's do this thing Dante!

Vladimir: *leaning on Jeffer's shoulder and slowly recovering*

Jeffer: There, there. *rolls his eyes* It seems as though my role in the Reformed Mad Geese Team is that of a babysitter as well...

Vladimir: >_< Did you just call me a baby, you taxidermy moron?

Jeffer: I think the patient has made a full recovery.


Dante: 'Kay, let's do it!

Vladimir: Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Chrysema,Stand!

Chrysema: *emerges from a giant thundercloud* The Mighty Em press of Thuderous Skies, Ventus Chrysema, descends! *flaps her wings and soars up into the sky, which immediately becomes overcast with dark clouds*

Hans: Bakugan Brawl! Aquos Triton, Stand!

Triton: Don't worry Hans, I have enough power left in me for one more victory!

Hans: "One more victory"? You sound awfully optimistic after losing two battles in a row!

Triton: But don't you want to win, Hans? Don't you want to make those who betrayed you feel some serious butthurt?

Hans: Of course! I can't let them push me around! I'm stronger than that! I'm not the weakling tehy think I am!

Triton: Correction. We aren't weaklings.

Hans: Right!

Moritz: Let's go! Bakugan Brawl! Ventus Samba Stand!

A tiny fluffy sugar glider-like Bakugan appeared and did a little happy dance, causing everyone but Moritz, Dante, Jeffer and Popkat to facefault.

Moritz: My Bakugan may be small, but she is a formidable opponent!

Jeffer: ._. *pokerface while chewing on a strawberry*

Dante and Popkat: We're immune to the Cuteness Attack.

Everybody else: Abgfdtyfcrfcvdbj! *fall over in an odd-looking pile of twitching limbs*

Moritz: What's with you guys?

Dante: *throws out his Bakugan while the others are busy scraping themselves off the floor* Popkat, stand!

Popkat: I am cuter than you, Samba!

Samba: As if! Pffffft! *blows a raspberry at Popkat*

Popkat: Eww, that's gross!

Samba: Take this! Pfffffft!

Hans: *faceplants the floor again* OMFG CUTIE FIGHT!

Triton: Cutie fights warm my cold black trollheart!

Jeffer: Meh. *throws Nidhogg into the fray, interrupting the "cutie fight"*

Nidhogg: OH HAI THAR.


Jeffer: *gracefully facepalms*

Banshee: Yeah Pinkie Pie, why'd you do that? I love cutie fights!

Jeffer: *eye twitches* Pinkie...Pie? you must be mistaking me for someone else!

Nidhogg: Emotion detected. End of the world iminent.

Banshee: Bakugan Brawl!

Nidhogg: ...And somebody doesn't give a crap!

Ectorius: *appears looking ill and exhausted* Weh.

Banshee: Let's make you healthy again, Ectorius! Ability Activate! Bloody Netopyr!

Ectorius: Raaaawr! *leeches everyone's energy*

Samba: OUCH MY G's!


Chrysema: *dodges the attack* =_= Each and every one of you has failed! Next time actually try dodging, people!

Triton: Heh, nice job Ectorius!

Ectorius: Grrrrr *growls at Triton*

Triton: Hey! You mad bro?


Triton: o_O Bro's REALLY mad.

Banshee: My dear Ectorius doesn't trust you.

Vladimir: For a team with one sick Bakugan, one retarded troll Bakugan and one baby Bakugan you're not bad! But you're still not good enough to win! Not while Gooseface is still weighing you down! You should really hand him over to us!

Dante: No way! Abusing him is just wrong!

Popkat: Yeah!

Vladimir: Oh shut up! Ability Activate! Thunder Apocalypse!

Chrysema: Die! *summons up a violent storm of thunder, lightning and rain*

Popkat: *flying around to dodge the lightning* Oh no! Dante, help!

Dante: Shout Ability Activate! Unrelenting Force!

Vladimir: o_O What kind of ability is that?

Dante: It's one that's gonna blow your mind!

Popkat: *inhales as hard as she can, making her body look like a fluffy little ball filled with air*

Chrysema: Pffft *stifling laughter*

Hans and Triton: OMFG CUTE!

Popkat: *scary deep voice* FUS RO DAH!!!

Vladimir: WHAT THE F*CK!?

Chrysema: *gets knocked out of the sky and crashes into an arena wall* GAH! WHAT WAS THAT THING?

Banshee: Me gusta!

Ectorius: Rawr!

Vladimir: Chrysema, I'll back you up right now! Gate Card, Open! Silent Land!

Dante: A Gate Card?

Popkat and Triton: Our abilities have been blocked!

Ectorius: Rawr!

Vladimir: And now Ability Activate, Lightning Comet!

Jeffer: Ability Activate, Nightmare Devourer!

Moritz: Ability Activate, Glider Rocket!

Chrysema: Let's finish them!

Nidhogg: Sure!

Samba: Let's kick their butts!

Chrysema: CHAAAARGE!!!

  • the three Bakugan ram into Popkat, Triton and Ectorius, causing Popkat and Triton to revert to ball form*

Hans Ranger Life Gauge: 40%

Dante Royal Life Gauge: 60%

Banshee Phantom Life Gauge: 100%

Jeffer: What?

Moritz: The big one didn't go down!

Banshee: Just in time!

Ectorius: *unharmed and glowing with a dark aura* RAAAAAAAARGH!

Vladimir: WHAT THE HELL?

Banshee: As long as the ability Bloody Netopyr is active, Ectorius can absorb the power of the next two abilities any of the opponents activate! And since Vladimir activated Thunder Apocalypse and then all three of you activated an ability at the same time, Ectorius absorbed the power of four abilities at once! And it's just enough power for him to become normal again!

Moritz: What is the weird lady talking about?

Banshee: Not even a state-of-the-art piece of technology created by them can withstand this amount of power! It's gonna overload!


Sparks of electricity dance across Ectorius' hide as he snarls and growls, black smoke hissing out of his mouth. Then, suddenly, his energy aura becomes much bigger and brighter, and the ground under his feet begins to crack, small pieces of rock breaking off and floating in mid-air. The murderous glow returns to the winged beast's eyes, and his glistening fangs enlongate.

Banshee: Yes!

Jeffer: What a powerful creature!

Nidhogg: *glances down and notices his knees shaking* Is this...What it truly feels like to be scared? What an unpleasant feeling!

Samba: Scary! *hides behind Chrysema*

Chrysema: Oh man up everybody! He's just a big bat!

Triton and Popkat: Ectorius, avenge us!

Banshee: Oh he will! Finish them!

Ectorius: RAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! *attacks Nidogg first, sinking his fangs into the dragon's neck and forcing him to the ground with his heavier weight, trying to rip out the other monster's throat*

Nidhogg: AAARGH! NOOO!!!*ball form*

Jeffer: This is bad.

Jeffer Mentzer Life Gauge: 40%

Ectorius: *licks his bloody fangs and blows steam out of his nostrils before charging at full speed at Chrysema*

Banshee: Are you happy to have your powers back, Ectorius?

Chrysema: You're slow!

Ectorius: RAAAAWR! *strikes Chrysema down with a beam of dark energy from his mouth*

Chrysema: OUCH! MY MANICURE! *ball form*

Vladimir: Oh crap!

Vladimir Pavlov Life Gauge: 60%

Banshee: Of course you're happy to have your powers back!

Samba: EEK! *runawayrunawayrunaway*

Ectorius: Meh. *simply swallows the little Bakugan whole*

Moritz: O______________O

Ectorius: Burrrrrp *spits out Samba's ballform*

Moritz McGirky Life Gauge: 20%

Moritz: Oh sh*t!

Chapter 52: The Volsnar is Coming!Edit

Slasho: What might come back again?

Maria and Brook turned to see Slasho hanging up-side down from her tail behind Maria still hold the bouquet of flowers.

Maria: How did you find me?

Slasho: Easy... I used my hunter's instinct! Now who's coming back? Gasp! Is it the Volsnar! Crap!

Brook: What's a Volsnar?

Slasho: (Climbing down) It's a fearsome beast that likes to eat small little defenseless animals such as ourselves. And it likes to steal things, valuable things.

Maria: Is this thing real?

Slasho: Bakugan are real.

Maria: So that means the tooth fairy is real?

Slasho: Yes and she ain't liking all those sweets you have been eating. Messing up your teeth.

Maria covered her mouth with her hands in fear. Brook looked to Olaf and J. Alfred to see their reaction.

Olaf: I’m not a dentist so…

J. Alfred: I think I heard of this Volsnar.

Slasho: It’s scary right?

J. Alfred nodded.

Slasho: We must prepare! Put up our defenses before the Volsnar comes!

Maria: Do Volsnars like candy?

Slasho: Oh they love sweets! A major sweet tooth. That’s probably why their teeth are so sharp and yellow from never brushing their teeth!

Slasho climbed back up onto the area’s upper level. She began to throw various objects down to the others. Armor, padded vests, gloves, gauntlets and a pair of boots that hit Gin on the head knocking him out. Aniju glanced down at the unconscious lover boy.

Aniju: He’ll be alright…

Maria: Great… Why are all the people with purple hair so crazy?!

Brook: You’re not crazy… I think…

J. Alfred: There are exceptions to the rule.

Luca stumbled over to his fallen team-mate and tried to wake him.

Luca: Gin… Wake up… Is it nappy time? Blah!

Luca vomit, wobbled then felt face first into the ground. Aniju glanced down at him.

Slasho: We must prepare for the Volsnar invasion! Here put theses on.

Slasho gave everyone a cluster of brussel sprouts to wear around their necks. Slasho turned to Olaf and gave him a bottle of bubbles.

Olaf: Why do I need this?

Slasho: Volsnars don’t like bubbles of course!

Olaf: Oh, okay….

Luca: Grmmm ggrrrmmm mmmh…

Aniju looked back down at Luca and Gin. She kneeled down and picked up Luca’s head so he wouldn’t drown in his own vomit.

Olaf: Umm, I better take a look at him since his team-mate is brawling.

Aniju: He’ll be fine. Once he vomits up all the milk, he’ll sober up a bit. Then he’ll drink some more and get drunk again. Then vomit, pass out and drown in his own vomit. It’s an endless cycle.

J. Alfred: Never heard of someone being about to get drunk off of milk. Why don’t you put him over there sitting up so he won’t die from drowning in his own vomit.

Slasho: Here tap this to his head. Sit him up like he is keeping watch. We’ll trick the Volsnar in thinking we have a sentry.

Maria: I’m the only sane purple hair person in all of Interspace…

Slasho: Rules to the exception!

Meanwhile back to the brawl;

Hans: What is everyone freaking out about over there? Shouldn’t they be watching out brawl?

Vladimir: Hey focus!

Dante: Focusing is not my strong point….

Moritz: Why the Hell did I take so much damage… You okay Samba?

Samba: I’m okay. It’s what I get for being so sugary sweet… -_-

Jeffer: That thing… What’s that on his head?

Banshee: It’s some kind of machine device meant to control Ectorius power so the humans could use him as a war weapon. Or some sort of crap I don’t remember what the scientist said.

Ectorius began to swing his head from side to side trying to knock off the device from his head. Using his thumbnail, he scratch and bend one of the wires but was unable to get it off.

Banshee: You pink head! Get that thing off of my Bakugan!

Jeffer: Ummm…

Banshee: Do it or I’ll eat him! (Points to Vladimir)

Vladimir: Oh crap do if Jeffer. She’ll do it! I don’t want to be someone’s dinner.

While that was going on, Jasper was standing nearby loving his new pet Ewok.

Jasper: I’m going to snuggle the Hell out of ya!

Ewok: Нет, я хочу жить! Я слишком молод и милые умереть!

Jasper: I wuv my little fluffiness of Cuteness! I have to scratch him and wuv him and kiss him because he’s my little sweetness!

Ewok: Нет! Моя нога не остановит!

Jasper: He’s so cute and soft and fluffy! Damn it!

Ewok: Слишком много любви! Я не могу справиться с этим все! Подготовлено чтобы ваше лицо слизал!

Jasper: Sweet sugary kisses!

Vladimir: Ewe, doggie germs. Do you know how unsanitary that is! Stop all that mushy lovie dovie stuff over there.

Jasper: Shut Up green head or I’ll rape you in your sleep!

Dante: He probably would.

Vladimir: Why does everyone want to do horrible unclean things to me?!

Banshee: Oh… if you are going to rape him… I don’t want to eat him anymore.

Jasper: Holy mother of Gawd! Look at your hair!

Jasper jumped on to Jeffer fascinated by the pink fluffiness of locks on his head. He placed Ewok on the top his own head because taking Jeffer’s hair into his hands and rubbing it along his face.

Jasper: So soft and fluffy just like Ewok. How you doing that?

Jeffer: Invading my personal space…

Slasho: Crap the Invasion has begun!

Ewok: Ясно, что Джаспер имеет слабость к мягким пушистым вещи ...

While the brawl between Banshee, Dante and Hans verses Jeffer, Moritz and Vladimir raged on, the rest of Sweet Team, Moritz’s team, had gathered to watch his brawl unfold. A large crowd had gathered which contain several teams and a few former BakuJousters. Besides, Sweet Team, Team Lilium was there, and Riff-Raff Team as well as the X-iles. Cody, the Aquos brawler for Sweet Team had brought his sister Treva along.

Black Jack: Moritz took a lot of damage there.

Kariros: Haha, Banshee’s Bakugan is delightfully strong.

Adhuil: You do want your team-mate to win right Kariros?

Kariros: Yes, yes but what’s the point of winning if you don’t struggle for it?

Cody: Treva why don’t you join a team?

Treva: If I find a good one in need of an Aquos brawler… I probably just join up with Aniju and Dante…

Cody: What’s that?

Treva: Nothing little brother.

Cody: Don’t call me that in front of my team-mates.

Treva’s Bakugan rolled out from under her hat and landed on her shoulder. He whispered something in her ear in a strange language that no one else could understand.

Treva: Oh… really? I bet Aniju would know. I’ll ask her later.

Leviathan hopped up and down making a whale like sound waving his fins in the air.

Treva: Alright, I’ll ask her now. Calm down.

Treva turned to her younger brother and rumbled her hand on his head messing up his hair.

Treva: I’ll be back little bro. I have to go somewhere.

Cody: Stop that… Okay…

Black Jack: Awe, Treva loves her brother.

The girl with the jellyfish on her head walked off. In order to get to her destination, she would have to go around the crowd. Treva went into the Arena where there was less people to navigate around. When she had gotten away from everyone else Treva felt a gust a wind that nearly blew off her hat. Before she could fix her hat she was pulled back and felt an icy chill of a metal blade pressed up to her neck. Treva glanced up to see a multicolored haired Ernesto well Sparrow at the moment.

Sparrow: Give me you Bakugan girl.

Treva: Your hair… it’s so colorful…

Sparrow: That’s fabulous, now your Bakugan?

Treva: What?! No! Let me go you rainbow headed freak!

Sparrow: I don’t get a choice in what he dyes his hair.

Treva: That’s nice. Now I said let me go!

Treva jabbed her elbow into Sparrow’s side while at the same time he grabbed his arm pulled the sword away from her, giving her enough space to slit out from under his grasp. Ernesto or Sparrow was taken by surprise but he grinned with delight.

Sparrow: Oh there is some fight in this one!

Treva: There is lots of fight in this one!

Sparrow held his sword towards Treva.

Sparrow: I won’t say this again, give me your Bakugan.

Treva held out her arm, a whirled pool of water pulled from the surrounding around gathered in the palm of her hand. The water shot outwards from both directions before dispersing. All that remained in Treva’s hand was a golden trident.

Treva: Come a take him from me!

Sparrow: I thought you never ask.

Treva thrusted her trident at her enemy however Sparrow simply blocked her attack with a swing of his sword. He gave her a smirk before flipping her triton out of her hands. Treva ducked and rolled away from Sparrow’s next attack, summoned her weapon back to her hands and blocked his blade from piecing her threw the chest.

Sparrow: If you give me you Bakugan, girl, I’ll only leave scars.

Treva: You’re going to have to cut off my limbs before you take Leviathan away from me.

Sparrow: Then I’ll just do that!

Treva glanced outside and eyed the water fountain. She smiled and turned back towards her opponent. Treva broke away from Sparrow by jumping back before swing her triton one more time at him. He easily blocked it but while he was distracted she had turned tail and ran outside of the Arena’s walk way. She could not use her Bakugan while inside the Arena’s walk ways or risked breaking the whole thing down. Treva headed for the fountain. There she swung her triton over her around commanding the water to obey her. Sparrow had followed her outside but he was forced back by a gush of water.

Sparrow: Yowl, you a Waterbender?

Treva: Not exactly but you can say that. Now since you what my Bakugan why don’t we have a Bakugan Brawl

Sparrow: Awe, I’m all wet… No Ivory Girl, I am smart enough to know not to go up against one of the Legendary God Bakugan.

Treva: You known about my Bakugan? This is Interspace, for Bakugan Brawls. What’s up with you? Why do you want my Bakugan so badly?

Sparrow: My employers want your powerful Bakugan to rule to world or some crap like that. I don’t care as long as they pay me.

Treva: Well, I don’t want to get kicked out of Interspace for having a weapon so, Leviathan come on out and show this guy how powerful you are!

Treva pulled her Bakugan out from under her hat. The eyes of the jellyfish on her head swirled around in all directions till they finally focused on Sparrow.

Sparrow: What the Hell?

Treva: Now you have to brawl me!

Sparrow: F**k! Fine little… (Mumbles)

Treva: Gate Card Set!

Sparrow: Damn It! F**K! Shit, Hell fine! Naggapatzi kick some ass!

Treva: Are you done?

Sparrow mouthed off a few more curse words before throwing his Bakugan out on the field.

Sparrow: Ladies first…

Treva: Thanks I think… Leviathan! Siege Tide!

The giant fish Leviathan stood up on his clawed like fins, his body expanded before he opened his massive jaws. A huge wave of water rushed forwards.

Sparrow: Not again… Ability Active! Frozen Thunder!

Naggapatzi flew into the air but not high enough to escape Leviathan’s wave. She opened her wings as several blue silver thunder bolts rained down from the sky. This was no ordinary thunder, these lighten bolts were cold. When they hit the water, they froze it instantly however the force of the rushing water broke apart the ice.

Sparrow: That didn’t work out as I hope. Shit…

Sparrow jumped up onto the Arena’s second floor then the third to escape from getting hit by the giant wave.
Naggapatzi gathered another storm of thunder to try again but this time she aimed not for the water but for the beast within.

Treva: Leviathan, look out!

Leviathan: Grawh!

The thunder bolts weren’t strong enough to piece his scaly armor but being in the water Leviathan still got a reasonable dosed of electuary through his body.

Sparrow: Ha! Take that shit!

Treva: Lucky shot! Ability Active! Deep Sea Serge!

Leviathan G levels rose by 1000. The water rode into the air as if it were a large serpent heading towards Naggapatzi.

Sparrow: F**k! Ability Active! Chaoz Airflow!

Naggapatzi summoned several vortex of wind spiraling around one another. The added water from Leviathan’s attack was suck up into the air creating a hurricane. Treva jabbed her trident into the ground to keep herself from being sucked into the air. Sparrow moved higher till he was on top of the Arena to escape from the tides below. The combined attacks were too much for either to fully control. The waves and wind crashed down on both Bakugan causing both to revert back to ball form.

Treva: Leviathan! That was crazy!

Sparrow: You got me all wet girl!

Treva: Oh gawd…

Sparrow: Ready to give me your Bakugan yet?

Treva: Never! Bakugan Stand! Rise Aquos Leviathan!

Sparrow: Damn, f**k. Naggapatzi, Let’s finish this up! I’m hungry!

Treva: Rah… Leviathan, Ability Active! Tsunami Rush!

Leviathan blasted a gust of water out of his mouth towards Naggapatzi knocking her from the sky.

Sparrow: Shit, damn. Ability Active! Galeforce Wind!

Naggapatzi righted herself in mid-air. She flapped her wings creating a wind storm spiraling around her. The wind began to suck up the water again. The wind speed started to pick up causing Treva to brace herself again with her trident.

Treva: He’s up to something.

The water began to get sucked up again however this time Naggapatzi focused the wind towards Leviathan before the water could freeze. The force of the wind was starting to pick things objects off the ground.

Sparrow: How long can you last?

Treva: Ability Active! Blue Sky Storm!

The water that had been forced into the sky gathered into clouds. The sound of lighten rumbled in the air. Large chucks of ice and water glowing white blue as if they were on fire began to fall from the sky like a meteor shower. Naggapatzi couldn’t dodge this move because there was nowhere to go.

Sparrow: Wha? Shit… Crap… Okay time for plan A again.

Sparrow jumped down from here he stood to Leviathan’s back. He dashed across jumped and sliding till he was forced to jump off the Bakugan’s back. He laid on a block of ice floating in the water. Treva saw what he was up to and pulled her trident out of the ground. However the wind almost knocked her over. Sparrow jabbed his sword up but Treva blocked it as it slid past her body.

Treva: You know, you’re not supposed to attack the Brawler.

Sparrow: I just need your Bakugan. I don’t need to follow the rules, girl. As long as I get the Bakugan it doesn’t matter what I do.

Treva: You’re a creep!

Sparrow: Why thank you. That’s the nicest thing you have said to me so far.

Treva pulled her trident away from Sparrow, swung it over her head and smacked him along the side of the head with it.

Sparrow: AWWLLL! @_@

Treva kicked him away then swung her trident knocking him back.

Ernesto: Annhh, what happen?

Treva: Ability Active! Tide Siege!

Ernesto: What? I’m in a brawling match? Damn it Sparrow! What did you do?!

Leviathan stood on his clawed fins like he had done before.

Ernesto: Naggapatzi!

Treva: Pay attention boy!

Treva stood over Ernesto with her trident ready to strike.

Ernesto: Crap!

Ernesto kicked his leg out knocking Treva off balance. She almost tumbled into the raging water but something caught her. Ernesto had flipped over and grabbed her by the sleeve. He swung her around pulling her up. Both their Bakugan reverted back to ball form.

Treva: Leviathan? You can have him!

Treva stood back up swung her trident around her head commanding the water to obey. She threw the water at the multi-colored hair boy knocking him back into the Arena. Then she retrieved her Bakugan.

Ernesto: Come Naggapatzi!

The little Ventus Bakugan floated into the Arena’s shadow and disappeared.

Treva: Let’s get out of here before he comes back.

Ernesto watched Treva go, leaning against the wall of the Arena. He tilted his head and fixed his goggle before standing up.

Ernesto: I'm hungry... I feel like tacos...

Meanwhile Treva had made it safe and sound inside the Arena.

Treva: That was weird…

Leviathan gave Treva a look.

Treva: I mean he changed part way through that. It was weird but felt familiar.

Leviathan made himself comfortable on top of Treva’s hat.

Treva: It was like Todd.

Chapter 53: They see me Brawlin', they hatin'Edit

Meanwhile on the battlefield of Arena 67...

Banshee Phantom Life Gauge: 100%

Vladimir: Is that creepy lady godmodding or something?

Jeffer: I don't think it's possible to hack life.

Vladimir: But you can hack Interspace, y'know!

Jeffer: Her Bakugan isn't a Digital Clone. She couldn't have enhanced it by hacking.

Vladimir: Maybe she took out its guts and stuffed it full of machinery, like what Gooseface did to his Bakugan!

Hans: Shut up!

Jeffer: Ectorius is not a cyborg either. However it's likely that some kind of scientific experiments were performed on him.

Vladimir: So she is hacking life after all!

Triton: Hans saved my life here!

Vladimir: It's your fault, Gooseface! Everybody knows you let the dogs out in the Mad Geese Base!

Moritz: What dogs?

Vladimir: Nevermind, let's just say the guy left his own team trapped in an arena full of bloodthirsty monsters. Good thing Ronald saved us!

Moritz: Sounds like he's a real dick.

Vladimir: Eeyup! *stomach growls* Dammit I want pizza!

Nearby Jasper is snuggling Ewok.

Jeffer: Luckily the dog distracted him from invading my personal space. That person is very odd.

Vladimir: Who the hell is this weirdo? He doesn't look like a Bayview Pizzeria employee...

Jeffer: Concentrate on the battle. You'll have your pizza after we win.

Vladimir Pavlov Life Gauge: 60%

Vladimir: But can we win?

Jeffer Mentzer Life Gauge: 40%

Jeffer: We'll just wait and see. Just don't wimp out, Vladimir!

Vladimir: Hmph...Says the guy whose Life Gauge is almost zero! I'm closer to starving to death than I am to wimping out!

Moritz McGirky Life Gauge: 20%

Moritz: *sulking with a dark cloud over his head* Almost...Zero...

Banshee: Hey Pinkie Pie, hurry up and take this crap off Ectorius' head!

Ectorius: *scratching at his head* >_<

Jeffer: Please don't call me Pinkie Pie.

Banshee: Why not? It suits you!

Vladimir and Jeffer's Bakumeters beep.

Vladimir: Huh?

Jeffer: A call from Ronald?

Vladimir: Haven't heard from him in a while. Where've you been, dude?


Vladimir: He's pissed! I wonder who shoved a stick up his butt!


Dante: *covers Popkat's ears* That man is saying very, very bad things!

Jeffer: The question is, how would he find an Ancient Greek pillar in Bayview?

Nidhogg: Maybe he'd rob the History Museum or something...It's Ronald we're talking about after all!

Vladimir and Moritz: *fall over in an awkward pile of spasming limbs*

The Bakumeter camera zooms in on Ronald actually carrying a stone pillar



Jeffer: But wouldn't that make it a Roman pillar?



Moritz: Your boss has some major anger issues!

Vladimir: EEEK! YES SIR!

Jeffer: Fine!

Hans: Oh crap!

Triton: Don't worry Hans! We can do this!

Hans: Triton...

Triton: We are mercenaries after all! Lone wolves who survive for themselves! We've made it this far and we're not going to lose to a psychotic clean freak and a hermaphrodite robot commanded by a perfectionist with anger issues!


Jeffer: Robot?

Ronald: Is that Triton I hear? Still clinging to life and running your mouth, huh?

Triton: Yeah, I'm alive! Problem?

Dante: So that's the guy that betrayed you, Hans?

Hans: Yeah.

Dante: Don't worry, I'm your friend so I'll protect you!

Hans: A friend? I actually have friends?

Triton: What was your first clue, you idiot? I'm your friend too! If I wasn't, I would've let you get eaten by those carnivorous plants two years ago!

Hans: Guys...Do I really deserve to have friends? I'm a mercenary! An opportunist!

Dante: Everyone deserves to have friends! Yay, friendship!

Popkat: Friendship is Magic!

Banshee: Hurry up and take the goddamn device off of Ectorius, Pinkie Pie!

Jeffer: My name is not Pinkie Pie. And I don't know how to remove the device. I am not familiar with this kind of technology.

Banshee: Can't you just unscrew it or something?

Jeffer: No.


Ronald: That's what I'm talking about! Keep up the good wo~ *gets distracted by something and cuts off the feed*

Jeffer: Banshee, stop calling me Pinkie Pie. This is getting old.

Vladimir: Stop focusing on the paranormal-looking hag! Back me up!

Dante: Banshee, it looks like these two are going to gang up on Hans! We can't let that happen! Hans is a good boy, he doesn't deserve to be abused like this! We should protect him!

Banshee: Okay. I've got a score to settle with gogglehead here. That's what he gets for not accepting his fate as my lunch.

Vladimir: JESUS DICK!!!

Jeffer: That's...Quite an original expletive...

Banshee: No matter what you throw at us, my Ectorius will chew you to pieces! He's the unbeatable Celestial Bane!

Ectorius: RAWR!

Chrysema: Ectorius, pls!

Vladimir: Chrysema, what the heck? You're not Donald Duck!

Jeffer: Gooby, pls. That's Dolan.

Vladimir: I'm Scooby, not Gooby!

Jeffer: My bad. Scooby pls.

Chrysema: I'm the unbeatable one in the air! No one can soar as high as the invincible Empress Of The Thunderous Skies!

Banshee: We'll see about that *evil grin*

Dante: We'll protect you, Hans!

Hans: But guys, Triton and I can fight! There's no need to try so hard for our sake!


Jeffer: Ability Activate! Ghostly Decimation!

Dante: Ability Activate! Purity Shield!

Popkat: *forms a sparkling golden forcefield around herself, Ectorius and Triton*

Banshee: Ectorius! Ability Activate! ...

Moritz: OH NO YOU DON'T!

Banshee: What?

Moritz: THIS IS PAYBACK FOR MAKING ME AND SAMBA TAKE SO MUCH DAMAGE! Ability Activate! Chibi Pandaemonium!

Ectorius: ?

Banshee: What can a small Bakugan do against Ectorius?


Banshee: Eh?

Jeffer: Your Bakugan has not yet fully recovered from gruesome experiments that affected both his body and his spirit. He might've been an invincible Juggernaut before, but right now he's in an extremely vulnerable state, like a patient recovering from surgery. So Moritz is going to take advantage of Ectorius' weakened state to crush his willpower. He won't even bother breaching that kitty's shield

Banshee: What? Some kind of psychological warfare?

Jeffer: Cute psychological warfare, to be exact.

Ectorius: *suddenly starts shaking his head from side to side*

Jeffer: It would appear that Moritz's ability is causing him to hallucinate. He's in his own little world now!

Moritz: Hey, how'd you figure that out?

Vladimir: He may or may not be a robot.

Jeffer: *silence*

Moritz: Robot or not, this guy is weird.

Banshee: Crap! My abilities are attack-based! I have nothing to counter abilities that affect my Bakugan's mind! Come on Ectorius! You gotta fight it!

In Ectorius' mind...

Ectorius: *skipping through a meadow singing a happy song with tiny sugar gliders flying around him*

Banshee: *sweatdrop* He's acting weird.

Jeffer: It's like a cute nightmare.

Hans: WTF is going on with the huge bat?

Banshee: Crap.

Triton: I thought that guy was invincible!

Vladimir: Thanks for putting the main threat out of commission, Moritz!

Moritz: I'm gonna take care of the ADD freak and his kitty, too!

Vladimir: FINE! After Jeffer and I are done with Gooseface, do whatever you want to those freaks!

Popkat: Dante... It looks like Popkitty and you are the last line of defense!

Dante: Popkat, if nothing else works, I'll have no choice but to use Sunstorm to knock out everyone. Can your body handle this?

Popkat: I'll be tuckered out after I use it, but I can handle this, Dante!

Hans: Dante, stop! Why are you guys protecting us? We should fight for ourselves! Ow! *grabs his chest*

Olaf: *standing on the sidelines* The painkillers are wearing off.

Baldr: He might not know the extent of the damage he's inflicted on himself by aggravating his injuries. His life might be in danger.

Olaf: We should stop this battle...But how? These Mad Geese guys have power levels in the 1600s... I don't stand a chance!

Chrysema and Nidhogg: *shoot a combined beam of Darkus and Ventus energy at the Purity Shield*

Popkat: Ugh...

Dante: Hold on!

Ectorius: Herpitty Derp!

Banshee: What have they done to you

Popkat: Popkitty won't lose to you guys! Hiiiiyyaaaaaaahhh!!! *tries with all her power to hold up the shield*

Chrysema: Crap...

Nidhogg: This shield is strong!

Moritz: Samba! Time for another cutie fight!

Samba: Moritz, if I use another ability, the big guy will snap out of it!

Vladimir: But he won't snap out of it fast enough to stop both Nidhogg and Chrysema from reaching Gooseface after the shield is broken!

Moritz: Good point! Ability Activate! Glider Rocket!

Samba: POOOOOPPPKAAAAATTT!!! *speeds up until she's nothing but a blur and crashes into the shield* I'm cuter than you! And more powerful than you!

Popkat and Samba then engage in a DBZ-style power struggle of CUTENESS.

Samba: You dummy! You do realize that I'm distracting you!

Nidhogg: Here I am, little one! Don't worry, I don't hurt children in cold blood! But your shield is going down!

Popkat: NOOOO!!!

Ectorius: *snaps out of it* Rawr?

Banshee: You're back to normal! Quick, stop Nidhogg before he breaches Popkat's shield!

Nidhogg: *clawing through the shield and literally tearing holes in it while Popkat is distracted by Samba*

Moritz: Dante, I'm going to chop you up! *pulls out his machetes*

Popkat: Wha? But didn't you promise not to fight Dante?

Dante: *dodging Moritz's swipes* Crap, I can't activate Sunstorm while I'm busy saving my life!

Chrysema: Thanks for tearing up that force field, Nidhogg! *does a nose dive into a hole in the force field*

Banshee: Ectorius!

Ectorius: RAAAAARRRGH!!! *shoots balls of dark energy at Chrysema and Nidhogg*

Nidhogg: *hit by a ball of energy* Augh!

Chrysema: Impressive...*dodges the energy blasts with ease* But don't forget...YOU'RE DEALING WITH THE INVINCIBLE CELESTIAL BANE HERE! YOU CAN'T MATCH MY SPEED, ECTORIUS! *bursts through the force field, shattering it and sending Popkat flying*

Popkat: EEK!!!

Chrysema and Vladimir: HASTA LA VISTA, GOOSEFACE!

Hans: *standing firmly on his feet* Let's go, Triton!

Vladimir: Huh? Gooseface is fighting back!

Hans: I'm going to finish this once and for all! *punches in a few command on his BakuMeter*

Dante: *dodges another strike from Moritz* That's it Hans! Use the Glass Battle Gear!

Hans: Battle Gear Boost! *throws a translucent object onto Triton*

Chrysema: YOUR THROWING SPEED IS NO MATCH FOR MY FLYING SPEED! *rams into Triton at high speed before the Battle Gear can reach him*

Hans: NO!

Triton: Aurgh!

Vladimir: GO, CHRYSEMA!

Jeffer: Paint the battlefield red, Nidhogg!

Nidhogg: *grappling with Ectorius, holding him back*

Samba: *locked in another power struggle with Popkat*

Popkat: C-crud! Gooseboy!

Chrysema: Ronald, watch! This is how a weakling is put into his place! *slams her front hooves into Triton's head, disorienting him, and then wraps her wings around him*

Vladimir: Uh-oh...It's venom time!

Triton: *tangled in Chrysema's massive wings* C-can't move!

Chrysema: Hehehe...

Black venomous snakes crawl out from beneath Chrysema's mane and from inbetween her feathers, ensnaring Triton like a huge slimy net.

Vladimir: Ability Activate! Viper Feast!

Chrysema: Bon appetit, my babies!

The snakes sink their fangs into Triton as the salamander-like cyborg cries out in pain.

Hans: No...Triton...*falls to his knees* TRITOOOOOOONNNN!!!

Jeffer: With this amount of venom...If it weren't for his cybernetic enhancements, he would've died instantly. Right now Triton's cyborg parts are the only thing keeping him alive.


Chrysema withdraws her snakes with a chuckle.

Vladimir: Good job!

Triton: *lying on the ground covered in numerous wounds that ooze venom* Hans...

Hans: *shaking all over* Don't die! What is it? What is it?

Triton: Remember...I'm your friend...So I promise I'm gonna survive...For your sake...*his eyes glaze over and he reverts to ball form*

Hans: Triton...Buddy...It's all my fault! I'm such a lousy Brawler! *winces in pain* I... failed to protect you! *clutches his chest and collapses*

Dante: Hans! Triton! No! WHY YOU!!! *punches Moritz in the face, briefly disorienting him, and pulls out a card* Ability Activate! Sunstorm!

Popkat's ultimate ability envelops the battlefield in brilliant light, reverting every Bakugan on the field to ball form.

Vladimir and Jeffer: What just happened? Our Bakugan just passed out!

Popkat: *slightly out of breath* Phew! I was at full power this time, so I managed to revert everyone to ball form! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna take a nap in Dante's hair! *ball form*

Moritz: Grrr...Shit!

Vladimir: And just like that...It's over! I don't even understand who won!

Chrysema: But we did pwn Gooseface, just like Ronald ordered us! *points at Hans and Triton lying unconscious on the ground* That ugly lizard might even die!

Jeffer: I guess we don't need to fight anymore. Let's go Vladimir.

Vladimir: It's morphing...oops, I mean...Teleporting time! *punches in a code on his Bakumeter and teleports himself and Jeffer out of the arena*

Banshee: Hey, Gogglehead! Crap, my lunch just vanished into thin air and Hansie Boy got beaten badly!


Dante: Right now I have more important matters to attend to. *picks Hans up bridal style and exits the arena*


Nearby the rest of the Umbras are watching the scene.

Maria: These Mad Geese are so cruel!

J.Alfred: They showed no mercy to an injured person!

Olaf: Hans! *pulls out a medkit* Are you insane, battling with injuries like this?


Ronald: Did I just see what I think I saw? A Brawler with a God Bakugan? She could be useful to the Mad Geese cause! *contacts the other Mad Geese members on his Bakumeter* Oh, so the task was completed? Well done, Vladimir and Jeffer, your asses are safe! *breaks the pillar into pieces and stuffs teh pieces into a garbage tank to the confusion and horror of several bystanders* All of you, go crush some pathetic Brawlers in the arena or something. There's something I must do.

Chapter 54: Into the Lion's DenEdit

Treva had missed the battle between Banshee, Dante and Hans verse Jeffer Moritz and Vladimir, because of her battle with Ernesto. She met up with the others while Dante was barely taking away Hans.

Moritz: Dante fight me!

Dante: Hell no! Can’t you see I am busy. Probably going to score with Hans tonight.

Hans: What?!

Dante: Yeah, you’ll have an emotional break down and I’ll be there to support and comfort you during you vulnerable state.

Moritz: Before you get yourself some Gooseface pussy but you still have to deal with me first!

Aniju: Machete boy, there are three Ivory Monsters here and only one Crimson.

Moritz: Fine but I’ll be back to cut your guts open you f**king traitor!

Moritz teleported away.

Banshee: Hey the lft their two friend here.

Vladimir only teleported Jeffer and himself away leaving Gin and Luca who had been observing the battle until Luca pasted out and Gin was momentarily stuck by Jasper and Sid Vicious. After Aniju had dealt with that girl who threw him into a wall Jasper and Sid Vicious had cornered Gin so Jasper could show him his new doggy.

Gin: Oh god! Someone help! I need an adult!

Sid Vicious: Calm down boy. We aren’t going to rape you. Just look at the cute little puppy.

Gin: No, these things attacked us! It’ll bite me and multiple and try to eat Calderion! These things are monsters from the very pits of Hell! Little rats with long ears!

Ewok: Я понимаю, почему мои братья напали на вас! Вы невежественны мальчик! Так расистских!

Jasper: Dumb Ass, look at the dog! Look at my puppy!

Banshee: Can we at least eat him?

Aniju: No.

Banshee: What about that one there?

Banshee pointed at the pasted out arrow boy lying on the ground near his own vomit.

Aniju: If he doesn’t wake up Dante can have him. No... We can ransom them off or something.

Hans: Dante, take Luca and do things to him.

Dante: After I am done with Hans, I’ll get Luca drunk or something. But first! We have to plan for the wedding Hans!

Hans: What! O_O”

Dante carried Hans off bridal style singing “here comes the bride” and exited the Arena’s stands. The others followed taking Gin and Luca hostage. Aniju then turned to Treva.

Treva: Awe I missed the battle.

Aniju: Treva, I want you to join the Mad Geese Team.

Treva: Why? And what’s up with that stupid name?

Aniju: They need an Aquos Brawler and you need a team to protect you and Leviathan. We can’t always be there to protect you.

Treva: I just kicked one of their lackey’s asses a moment ago.

Aniju: I need you to spy on the Mad Geese Team and tell us what they are up to. Something doesn’t feel right. No one would go through all this trouble to get back at someone like this. And besides with you in their team you can help keep Hans safe from them.

Treva: Alright alpha, as you wish.

Aniju: Good, now go find their leader. He’ll be coming for you soon. Secretly dominate over the Mad Geese Team, be the topcat.

Treva nodded and left to go find Ronald, the so called new Leader of the new and improved Mad Geese Team. Being a part of a team would be for the best. The DeathTones were looking for powerful Bakugan to help them dominate the other races. Having strong brawlers on Ivory’s side, even if they didn’t know it, would also benefit Ivory in the upcoming battles.

Treva: Leviathan, we are going to join a team. How does that sound?

Leviathan popped open and looked at Treva. She signed rubbing her arm.

Treva: The only thing is being a part of a Team not associated with Ivory means I got to keep this a secret.

Chapter 55: Clipped WingsEdit

Meanwhile, in an Interspace Waiting Room...

Dante: *sets Hans down onto a bench* He's not looking too well...Looks like I won't be scoring with him this time...Sigh...

Hans: *fading in and out of consciousness* Uh...U-urgh...

Olaf: *examining Hans* His body is covered in bruises, it looks like he fell from somewhere and hit the ground hard. But what worries me the most is this huge hematoma on his stomach. It's like somebody kicked him there with a lot of force. And there's also blunt trauma to his chest. The ribs in that spot are likely to be cracked or broken. *places a hand on Hans' forehead* He has a high fever, too.

Baldr: He just asked for painkillers and brawled his worst enemies instead of seeking immediate medical attention...With injuries like this?

Chimeriad: What an idiot!

Baldr: *tries to facepalm but can't because his arms in ball form are too short* You are a hypocrite.

Hans: *weakly trying to push Olaf away* Ugh...G-get away from me and...Give m-me back my...My shirt you pervert...

Olaf: Calm down. I'm just a doctor. And I'm not into guys.

Hans: Yeah r-right...Perv...

Olaf: You've suffered severe injuries. There isn't much I can do with my current toolset or expertise. You need to go to a hospital, pronto!

Hans: H...Hospi...tal? *remembers something* OH CRAP! *tries to sit up but pain shoots through his body* Argh! Dammit! Triton...You guys gotta save Triton! He got pumped full of Chrysema's poison! He's gonna die! Help him!

Olaf: Calm down. You've already aggravated your injuries. Don't worry about Triton. My Bakugan, Baldr, specializes in treating the wounds of his kind. He will most certainly survive.

Hans: B-but poison...

Baldr: I will definitely see to it that Triton makes a full recovery. I promise.

Hans: *calms down a bit, but now looks saddened* Guys...I still don't understand why you are doing all of this for me...I'm a complete stranger...

Dante: No you're not! We're your buddies, you silly! And friends are supposed to help each other, aren't they?

Banshee: Friendship is Magic Hans...

Jasper: Dante is my friend and my leader so if he wants to protect you from your enemies then I will as well.

Aniju: Ivory Team members look out for each other and their friends on the outside.

Dante: You know I could like go and get Luca really drunk and do things to him he won’t remember but I’ll have the pictures for evidence. To get back at him for you of course.

Aniju: Show those pictures later on Dante. I want so see them.

Hans: Why? Jeffer and Vladimir were the ones who beat me up.

Banshee: I can eat Vladimir for you.

Jasper: I can rape Jeffer for you.

Hans: Do I want that?

Aniju: No, no you don’t.

Banshee and Jasper groaned in displeasure while Dante just signed.

Aniju: I never said you couldn’t do those things you want to to Luca Dante. He and his Bakugan beat up Popkat.

Dante: Oh…oh yeah wait…

Popkat: I’ll have my kitty revenge one day….

Olaf: Besides getting revenge, we should take Hans to a hospital.

Aniju: Hospitals are for the weak and sick... and for people with money. I’ll heal Hans for now or at least to hold him over so he doesn’t die. I’ll take him to see a real Healer after.

Jasper: Hey I am a Shaman. Technically I am a Doctor on my planet.

Aniju: I have another job for you right now Jasper. We still have DIO to deal with so keep an eye on him. Banshee, for now you and your Team will look after Hans. Protect him from the Mad Geesers. Dante, go befriend Luca.

While he is drunk I bet he’ll reveal anything. Hans give me Triton. I’ll neutralize the toxins in his body.

Olaf: But my Bakugan is taking care of him.

Aniju: Give me the Bakugan. Popkat and Ectorius need looking after. That metal device can’t be hanging from Ectorius head.

Banshee: Stupid Jeffer didn’t even bother to remove it. Should have eaten his green hair naked friend when I had the chance.

Slasho: I can go spy on the Mad Gooses for ya! I’m really fast!

Aniju: Go see if Treva is infiltrating them now.

Slasho: Yes Sir!

Slasho saluted Aniju before dashing off in a flash causing a gust of wind to sweep through the waiting room. While everyone was distracted by that, Dante slipped Hans’ shirt out of Olaf’s hands.

Dante: Hans? What’s up with all this about not being good enough to have friends who worry about you?

Hans: I’m just not worth you guys risking your own Bakugan’s safety.

Dante: Do you think our Bakugan are not as strong as your old teams’. Banshee’s Bakugan sure did kick their asses and so did Popkat. You are facing five people; don’t you think you would need a little help?

Hans: I know each and every signal one of them. I know all their special moves and they know mine.

Dante: So wouldn’t it be wiser to have people on your side who none of your old team-mates know?

Hans rested his head thinking. Aniju came over drawing her six tentacles out from her back.

Hans: What are those? What are you going to do with them?

Aniju: I need these to keep your vitals in check and all.

Hans: Oh just take me to the hospital so I can die. Don’t bother with me.

Jasper: I can go get Jeffer for you, so he can patch you up.

Ewok: Это розовыми волосами пол путать клубника является одним из тех, кто пытается убить Ганса ...

Jasper: Oh yeah I forgot.

Hans: Please don’t waste your time with me. I’m not worth it. This is my fight I need to fight alone.

Aniju: Then you’ll die alone. Dumbass you’re a social creature so be social and let us help you.

Olaf: I am going to have to agree with Aniju. From a doctor’s point of view…

Hans: Oh just give me back my shirt you pervert.

Olaf: I don’t have it anymore.

Jasper: I’m a pervert Hans, not this one.

Aniju: Damn dude, you better lay off the sweets or you’ll get diabetes like Maria over there.

Maria: I don’t have diabetes…

Aniju: But you’ll like one snickers bar away from it.

While Hans was distracted by watched Maria resisted from eating another candy bar, one of the most hardest things she had ever had to do in her life, Aniju placed three of her tentacles on Hans’ body to keep his vital signs in check. Then she slipped one of her tentacles into his skin beside the lump in his stomach. She gently repositions his organs around in their proper places before regenerating the torn muscle around them. Dante aware of what

Aniju was doing kept Hans distracted.

Dante: So Hans, we’re your friends now so we are going to help you got it?

Hans: Dante, you are too good to me and al I am doing it causing you trouble. You should bother helping me. My old team-mates are ruthless. All they are going to do is attack me repeatedly.

Dante: There are lots of us Hans. Ivory is really big. Now no more of this not being worthy crap. We decide who we get to be friends with now you. And we decide if we want to help you and we’re going to help you whether you want it or not.

Hans: I never had friends who would go through so much trouble just to help me before.

Dante: sounds like to be you never had really good friends.

Dante lifted Hans’ shirt up to his face. Hans tried to grab it but Dante pulled away from his too fast. He smiled.

Hans: What are you doing?

Dante: Smelling you… You smell like happiness and angel dust.

Hans: What?

Hans started to slip into unconsciousness. Aniju finished up repairing the muscles of his stomach so his insides wouldn’t fall out all over the floor.

Aniju: Don’t worry Hans. I know exactly what to do to get back at Vladimir and Jeffer for you. All you have to do is lie here and rest.

Banshee: Do I get to eat that green hair goggle boy?

Aniju: No something better.

Later on that night at Pavlov’s Manor, in Vladimir’s perfectly clean room, Vladimir was laying in his bed sound asleep when a gust of wind and a flash caused all his organized belongs to fall to one side. Vladimir was startled awake.

Vladimir: What the Hell was that? Ah my room! A mess!

Just as Vladimir started to get out of bed to clean his now aftermath of a hurricane room, he felt something at his feet.

Vladimir: Why is it all wet down here? This better be sweat.

Vladimir noticed an odd lump in his bed sheets and smelled a slight metallic salty scent in the air that he knew well. Slowly he removed the blanket to have a look at what was under hind bed sheets. The angle of the moon’s light through the window cast a heavy shadow over a severed blood head of a crown. All that could be heard was a loud girlish screech that broke the silence of the winter’s calm cold night.

Chapter 56: The SparrowEdit

Sparrow diabolical laugh was back washed by the screams of Chrysema as the feather serpent sank her fangs into the horses flesh.

Chrysema: Vladimir do something!

Vladimir: Blood... blood...

Jeffer: Nidhogg.

Nidhogg: I'm busy...

The black dragon was on the ground fighting off a giant two head rat. One of the heads named Remus had Nidhogg by the wing while the other named Romulus was snapped his jaws at Nidhogg's face. Romulus an Remus's partner Monkulus was laughing in the background.

Monkulus: This is fun! Make them squirm my lovelies!

Sparrow: Hey boy fight back! Or are you just going to watch your Bakugan suffer?

Vladimir: Ah get away from me!

Sparrow swung the sheath of his sword at Vladimir. He barely ducked in time.

Vladimir: Hey I thought only our Bakugan are supposed to fight?

Sparrow: You stupid ass. You played Jousting Bakugan for f**k sake. This is the same basic thing. We battle too.

Vladimir: I don't have a weapon...

Sparrow: Awe poor little whining bastard. Too f**king bad.

Sparrow swung his sheath again shacking Vladimir in the face. He staggered back dazed. Sparrow then kicked him in the stomach. Vladimir fell to the ground in pain.

Vladimir: Chrysema ability...

Naggapatzi had wrapped her coils around the pegasus Bakugan, bounding her wings. The horse kicked and struggled but she could not break free. The snake heads in her mane hissed and snapped at Naggapatzi but the hard scaley plat on her head protected her from their venom.

Vladimir: Blood... there's blood..

Sparrow: You want blood? Here, I'll you you some f**king blood.

Sparrow walked over to Vladimir with his sword drawn. He slips Vladimir's cheek.

Vladimir: BLOOD! Chrysema save me! Help!

Sparrow: Owh, does that make you squiggle and wiggle? Oh Ho-ho, they's play a little more.

Vladimir: No, leave me alone!

Vladimir got up and ran, holding his cheek to keep the blood from dripping out. Sparrow started to chased after Vladimir but Jeffer jumped in his way. Sparrow swung his sword at him, Jeffer blocking with a scalpel. Sparrow smiled his crooked smile.

Sparrow: Oh so pinkie wants to fight too? What about your Bakugan?

Jeffer: He can handle himself.

Sparrow: Okay. Here, let me paint the battle field red for you.

Eariler that day:

At one of the waiting rooms, Vladimir was having a mental break down all over Jeffer while Ronald was busy trying to figure out who was the girl with the God Bakugan.

Ronald: Vladimir stop whinning! It's getting annoying!

Vladimir: There was blood! Lot's of blood!

Jeffer: There there... there there..

Vladimir: You're not helping!

Jeffer: If Gin was here, he show more emotion.

Ronald punched the wall causing it to crack.

Ronald: Damn it, where the Hell is Gin and Luca anyways?! Useless bastards, can't rely on them for anything!

Jeffer: The last time I spoke with Gin was right after he brawled an Albino Lady.

Ronald: When was this?

Jeffer: The other day. She wanted to know about BakuJousting.

Chrysema: Gin's finally got himself a girlfriend?

Ronald: Damn it! He can't be wasting time teaching people our trade when he should be looking for that Goosefaced...

Jeffer: And what does she look like?

Ronald: I told you. She was wearing a blue shirt with this greenish skirt that looked like tentacles. She had a jellyfish on her head. Here,let me draw a picture for you two idiots...

Nidhogg: A jellyfish?

Nyan Cat: It's peanutbutter and jelly time! It's peanut butter and jelly time!

Nidhogg: Oh Godwhat have I done?

Chysema: Once he gets started it real hard to shut him up.

Nyan Cat: Peanutbutter and Jelly! Peanutbutter and Jelly! Peanutbutter and jelly with a baseball bat!

Ronald: Crap shut up Nyan Cat. Here let me draw you two idiots a picture...

While Ronald doodled on a scap peice of paper, Jeffer wiped the snot off his should that was coming from Vladimir's nose. Vladimir had gone into the corner and curled up into a ball shaking. Nya Cat flew around singing that god awful song.

Chrysema: Oh make it stop! Make it sopt!

Ronald: Here look at this!

Ronald showed the others a crap ass drawing of the girl he was talking about. Ronald couldn't draw to save his life but it gave the others an idea of what the girl looked like.

Ronald: Now let's go find this girl.

Jeffer: But Vladimir is incapable...

Ronald: Well make him capable! Ah! I am vibrating! Crap it's my boss. I probably have deliveries to make. I'll be back and when I do return, I expect that you two will have found that Aquos Girl.

Ronald kicked the wall so it made a hole before walking through it to leave with a singing Nyan Cat behind. Jeffer signed. He took the whinning sniveling Vladimir by the hand and practically drug him out of the room.

Jeffer: Come Vladimir... We better get looking for this girl. Maybe we'll run into Gin and Luca along the way.

Ronald also described the guy that the Aquos Girl had been brawling. He was tall with crazy colored hair and had a sword. Well there were lots of people walking around with weapons and crazy hair, just look at Moritz and Dante. Maybe he knew something about this girl.

Vladimir: It was just in my bed...

Jeffer: I know...

Vladimir: Blood everywhere....

Jeffer: I know....

Chrysema: Vladimir man up!

Nidhogg: Glad my partner doesn't have emotions...

Chrysema: You're partner is practically a zombie robot. At least my partner is beautiful. I would be caught dead with that pink haired freak of yours.

Nidhogg: Age before beauty.

Chrysema: I'll always be beautiful.

Nidhogg: Okay Chrysema, whatever you say.

Jeffer: Stop it you two. Help us look for this girl since Vladimir is mentally not here.

Vladimir: There's blood on my hands like the blood in you...

Jeffer: Great now we lost him... Nidhogg and Chrysema can you fly up a bit and look around?

Nidhogg: Alright.

Chrysema: Fine.

The two Bakugan flew into the air a few meters up in different directions to see if they could spot the Aquos Girl. Nidhogg's slight wasn't as it used to be but he could make out the different brawlers by there clothing. Everyone usually wore the same colors as their Balugan's Attributes except for Jeffer who wore pink for some reason. Some bright colors caught the black dragon's eyes. He came back down.

Nidhogg: I think I spotted that guy the Aquos Las was brawling. He's over there.

Chrysema: (Coming back down) Do you think he would know where she is?

Jeffer: It's our only lead.

Well it was not too difficult to find Ernesto because of his height and his crazy colored hair. Ernesto was also seeking something but he couldn't track down what he was looking for.

Ernesto: This guy is a Master of Stealth! Naggapatzi can you smell him?

The snake Bakugan hissed but she could not pick up an scent molecules on her tongue. As Ernesto was about to call someone on his phone, Jeffer came up from behind him.

Jeffer: You, do you know who this girl is?

Ernesto: Huh? What is that? Did you draw this?

Jeffer: Nevermind that. We need to find the girl you brawl eariler.

Ernesto: Hey I remember you guys... Yes, the Killer Folk or something stupid like that? Why you want to find this girl?

Jeffer: Can you help us or not?

Ernesto: That is classified information. I cann't give it to you.

Jeffer: How about a brawl then, for whatever information you have on this girl? If you win then well you don't have to tell us anything, but if we win then you tell us all you know about her.

Ernesto: I'll get in trouble..

Jeffer: You afraid you lose?

Ernesto: No, it's just get in a lot of trouble if I...

Monkulus: Just brawl him.

Out of the shadows stepped another Phantom that looked a lot like Banshee but with black hair.

Ernesto: What? Oh Monkulus. Do you know where that Sunflower guy is?

Monkulus: That's Classified information...

Ernesto: Brawl me for it?

Jeffer: Hey I asked you first.

Ernesto: More important, my higher ups want this guy's Bakugan.

Pantxo: Want me to brawl them?

Ernesto: Pantxo, what are you doing here? No, I'll do it. You just stand there. Naggapatzi it's brawling time.

Ernesto threw his Bakugan on to the field. Monkulus didn't throw her Bakugan, who she called Ramulus and Remus, threw themselves. A two headed rat raised from the field hissing and snarling at the feathered snake. Nidhogg looked at Jeffer who nodded. Jeffer threw his Bakugan on to the feild. He needed the info Ernesto had on that Aquos Girl. Vladimir finally snap somewhat out of his dilerious state. He grabbed Chrysema and threw her as well.

Jeffer: You sure youp to it?

Vladimir: Yeah, I need something to take my mind off of that...

Ernesto: Everyone verses everyone okay then. Naggapatzi!

Ernesto wobbled a bit.

Ernesto: Crap not now...

Ernesto ticked a little as his eyes twicked off in different directions. Jeffer asked in his emotionless voice if he was okay but Ernesto did not answer him. Instead a large grin stretched across his face that looked too big for his head. In a blink of an eye the crazy colored hair scene kid whipped out his sword nearly slicing Vladimir in two if it were not for Jeffer's fast reflexes.

Vladimir: Holy mother of crap!

Sparrow: Ha-ha finally! Time to die kid!

Vladimir: What the f... shit!

Vladimir ducked when Sparrow's persona

Back to the present:

Jeffer took several swings at the crazed scene kid. Sparrow dodged and weaved out of the way. Behind them, Nidhogg was holding back Romulus head. Remus had torn a hole in the dragon's wing. Chrysema's snake nipped at Naggapatzi's face. Chrysema had one spitting cobra head but it's venom was useless on her attacker. Naggapatzi could not blink but she had think membranes that covered her eyes blocking the vemon. Vladimir was in the corner trying to wipe the blood on of him. He was started to feel faith, not from blood lost but from looking at it. Monkulus laughed at the sight. Pantxo, a dark skined Haos/Pyrus brawler, just stood there. He was one of Ernesto's allies.

Jeffer: Vladimir, save your Bakugan.

Vladimir: Blood!

Sparrow: Don't take your f**king eyes off of your f**king oponent!

Sparrow kicked Jeffer in the stomach like he had done to Vladimir but he gradded Jeffer by the hair and pulled his head up before hiting him in the face with the hilt of his sword. Jeffer wobbled but recovered better than Vladimir. He whipe the blood from his nose.

Sparrow: Aw, I see why you were a great Jouster.

Jeffer: I was the best.

Sparrow: Really? You f**king lier! I if remember correctly,you were the second best!

Jeffer sliced at Sparrow wildly with two scalpels now. He managed to cut Sparrow on the cheek and jacket. Sparrow swung with his sword while also using the sheath of his sword. He tripped Jeffer with his sheath. Before Jeffer to get to his feet, Sparrow took the scalpels and stunk Jeffer's shirt to the ground with it so he wouldn't be able to move.

Sparrow: Stay here till I come back. Oh Valdimir, where did you drag your sorry ass off too?

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