Bakugan: Dimension in-between Dimensions takes place in the three month span between Dimentional Trouble and Dimensional Defenders. It follows the lives of Dallas and Jasper after Dimentional Trouble and how they got to where they are in Dimensional Defenders.


Name: Dallas

[ ダレス ]

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Crusader Abel

Goal: Win Lysie's heart and be her boyfriend

Name: Jasper

[ ジャスパー ジャXX ]

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Mungallchops

Goal: Build a new "Family"

Name: Kunagiri ex Machina

Attribute: All Attributes

Guardian Bakugan: Ninja Bird Brigade

Goals: Defeat DIO regardless of his own demise or survival

Name: Aniju

Attribute: Avatar

Guardian Bakugan: Demono

Goal: Keep Jasper out of trouble while settling own problems

Name: Dante

Atrribute: Sound, Glass, Haos, Pyrus and Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Popkat

Goal: Help Aniju in any way possible

Name: DIO

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Judgment Dragonoid

Goal: Get revenge on former members of Sharks Team

Chapter Prolog:Edit

So we left off in the previous stoy with Jasper asking Dallas a question, which he never answered. Jasper asked “Dallas! I followed you home like a lost puppy! I am your brother now right? You will love me right!?”

Before Dallas could answer he was interrupted by a flash of sound and a dark portal opened. A bloody person walked out of the portal. Her hair used to be white but was stained on the right side of her head with blood. Long claw marks signifying she had lost her left eye. Her left arm was completely black and mutated into a three digit claw. There was a gash on her side and her tail was mutilated down to the bone. Her ears were torn to shreds.

Aniju: There you are.

Jasper: Master?

Kunagiri: Oh my!

Dallas: Holy Crap!

Aniju: I have been looking for you. What’s with all this texting me about opening portals?

Jasper: Oh we were trapped in New Vestroia by this guy named Vito. Well now he is DIO. We got out but then we had to go back to save Dan. He doesn’t remember me I think. Oh I met this guy here. His name is Dallas. He said I am his brother now. We’ll family. That’s his popsie.

Aniju looked with her one good eye from Dallas then to Kunagiri. She grunted when she looked at Kunagiri. She quickly turn and said...

Aniju: You! (Points at Dallas) I want you to take care of him for me while I am gone!

Dallas: What?

Kunagiri: Are you okay Miss?

Aniju: Jasper needs a lot of attention and right now I am unable to give him what he needs. I am entrusting you to look after him for me.

Dallas: What? But… What?

Kunagiri: You need a doctor!

Aniju: Here this book should give you all the answers you need about how to care for Jasper.

Aniju gave Dallas a book. On the outside there was a golden engraved planet that Dallas did not know. He opened it and the book was rather plain.

Aniju: Write in a question and it’ll give you your answers.

Dallas: Wait this is all happening to fast. I just got home.

Aniju: Don’t disappoint me…

Aniju was engulfed by black smoke and she was gone. Jasper waved a goodbye to her. Then he turned to Dallas smiling. Dallas just stood there taken back. Kunagiri said nothing.

Jasper: You are stuck with me now Dallas! :D

Chapter 1: The Tragedy of a GeniusEdit

Unable to brush aside the feelings that he felt back in his manor's porchyard, Professor Kunagiri left Dallas' side.

Dallas: Pop?

Kunagiri: I have something important to do.

Dallas: Alright then but what about me? I'm stuck with Jasper.

Kunagiri: Well you have someone with you so I need not to worry.

Dallas: Pop!

Kunagiri: That's final.

Dallas: Ow.

Kunagiri vanished from the shadows of the bushes that cover their porchyard. The scientist moved so swiftly that it's nearly impossible to see him with the naked eye.

It seems that he is bound to a place which he hoped could change his destiny or that of his son's. That place is none other than further North to the golden land of the East ~ Oushuu in Japan.

Kunagiri arrives to a traditional Japanese manor which struck either a nerve or memory to him.

Kunagiri: Kazami no Oyashiki. Still a place of wretchedness after all these years.

Silently as a gale of wind in a full moon, he walks to the back of the manor to try and hear what was going on inside the manor.

Kunagiri: If only destiny does not forbid me to burn the place down. I've been itching to...

(Kotaro: What in Susanooh's name do you think YOU are doing, Shun?!)

(Shun: I would no longer let you control my life, old man.)

(Kotaro: What insolence?!)

(Shun: I will accept to become an Administrator of Bakugan Interspace. I'm a Brawler and NOT someone whose destined to be a Hokage!)

(Kotaro: NO! You will pursue the immortal path of a true ninja warrior rather than that of a grown man playing with toys!)

(Shun: Bakugan are NOT Toys!)

(Kotaro: Yes they are! Anything outside the traditions of our family and anything that ruins the pride of the Kazami are nothing but toys!)

Kunagiri: Stupid old man.

(Shun: You're just way too ashamed to say that I do not want to fulfill the dream that you FAILED to do!)

Kunagiri: You already put the Kazami to shame when you epic failed to be a Hokage.

(Kotaro: Do not test my patience, Shun. YOU will become the successor of Minato whether you like it or not!)

Kunagiri: You and father...whom I never get to know at all.

(Shun: For the last goddamn time, I DON'T WANT TO BE A HOKAGE!)

Kunagiri: Both of you fail at life!

(Kotaro: You are young and foolish. Soon you will realize what it means to put your family to shame!)

(Shun: Once I realize that, I'd probably have no regrets living my life how I wanted it to!)

Kunagiri felt that one of the people inside the mansion are about to leave. He camouflaged amongst his surroundings as if blending in the wind.

Shun: I'll show that nerve-wrecking geezer how being a brawler means a lot more than being a trite dog of the shadows!

Kunagiri: Iyare-yare. ^^;

Kunagiri moved along with the wind. He follows the disgruntled young man to the forest. The young man begins his training and went for hours without relenting. The moon is the witness to his unfaltering desire to prove something to an ignorant relative.

Shun: Just a little more and I'll show him what it means to ignite my anger.

Kunagiri: I could not resist anymore.

Shun: Who?!

Shun looked around and stopped in the direction where he heard the voice. He shrugged off and continued training until the person eventually revealed himself.

Kunagiri: Peekaboo~

Shun: What the?!

Kunagiri: Surprised?

Shun: A wallpaper-like illusion in the illusion of invisibility.

Kunagiri: Just in case you should know, it's a Hokage-levelled ability.

Shun: So that means you are a Hokage?

Kunagiri: Sort of. But I actually don't need that title to prove myself to anyone.

Shun: Then who are you? Some guy whose slapping reality on my face?

Kunagiri: How should Darth Vader address the matter. Hmm...

Shun: You are my father?

Kunagiri: Me? Ohoho of course not!

Shun: Stop messing around! I'm already pissed off as is!

Kunagiri: You want to hit me because I'm already trolling you?

Shun: What if that's exactly what's going on my head right now.

Kunagiri: Just try if you can.

Shun: I will!

Shun charges forward and attempts to give Kunagiri a fury of swipes. However, as when Shun is just dashing mid-air, Kunagiri caught a sight of him and chops his back; thereby knocking him down to the ground.

Shun: Ngh...what...the...?

Kunagiri: You can't. Just as I thought.

Shun: Who on Earth are you? You're way too powerful to be an ordinary man.

Kunagiri: I am not powerful, Shun. It's just that you're too weak.

Shun: That didn't answered my question. I said who are you?!

Kunagiri: Me? I'm simply a genius.

Shun: Still, that didn't answered my question.

Kunagiri: Alright then, on to business.

Kunagiri offered his hand to Shun, the latter accepted it and got up. Shun then leaned against a tree, panting hard as if he has been hit by a crowbar in the back.

Shun: What do you want?

Kunagiri: I simply wanted one thing.

Shun: Say it.

Kunagiri: I want see you living your life to your choosing.

Shun: That's impossible.

Kunagiri: It is possible.

Shun: How?

Kunagiri: You should refuse to walk the path of obligation.

Shun: The path of obligation..."Kunagiri..." a proverb...

Kunagiri: Simply be the wind that sees speed and ride the tides of change.

Shun: Will you help me then?

Kunagiri: Why shouldn't I? Greater things await you than being a Hokage.

Shun: You speak the word Hokage as if you've been there, done that.

Kunagiri: Oh, tell me about it.

Kunagiri went nearer and smiled at Shun. In return, he got a frown.

Shun: One last question.

Kunagiri: Sure, go ahead.

Shun: What is your name?

Kunagiri: Kunagiri.

Shun: Kunagiri?

Kunagiri: Path to obligation.

Shun: Weird name.

Kunagiri: Yet that was the path that you had been walking along all your life.

Shun: Not my fault.

Kunagiri: No, it's your fault. You always let others control your decisions.

Shun: Stupid old man...and stupid people of everyday life.

Kunagiri: Stupid or not, the popular girl named Haruhi Suzumiya was sane enough to believe in the existence of Aliens.

Shun: There are indeed aliens for real. Duh, the guy who wanted to be Cloud Strife was an alien.

Kunagiri: And then she believed in Espers.

Shun: Illusionists who do nothing but fool people for money.

Kunagiri: ...Time Travellers.

Shun: A what?

Kunagiri: If you think UFOs exist as well as people who can do magic spells; you should believe in the existence of Time Travellers.

Shun: There's no such thing as a Time Traveller, Kunagiri. Therefore, there can never be an SOS Brigade in real life!

Kunagiri: If you refuse to believe in such thing, then, you are the greater fool.

Shun: WHY?! (popped a vein)

Kunagiri: Because you had been way too disillusioned that you refuse to think outside the box.

Shun: I said Time Travellers don't exist!

Kunagiri: Picture this then. What if some time went by and you were given the chance to return back to the past. Will you take it?

Shun: I don't know. There are many things I regret doing though.

Kunagiri: ...and then, you happened to meet your past self and you're itching to call him a submissive little idiot.

Shun: That could work. Given the chance, I'd probably beat my past self to a pulp.

Kunagiri: Then, granted.

Shun: What do you mean?

Kunagiri: Au revoir.

Kunagiri steps backward and closed his eyes. When he opened it, it's pupils are red as blood. Shun could only stare at him blankly as the latter unleashes an unrelenting series of memetic blows.

Kunagiri: Obligatory internet meme calls for ~



(lit. Hokage Level Ability ~ Kazami Style Fist of Polaris)

Shun: What in the name of...gaaah! Agh...what...?!

Kunagiri: Light's out.

One last swipe and Shun was knocked down. Kunagiri smiles sinisterly before picking up the unconscious Shun from the ground into his arms.

Kunagiri: When you wake up, I'm sure your path of obligation is already demolished.

Kunagiri then vanished into the darkness with Shun in a tow.

End of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Brethren from the DarknessEdit

Jasper nuzzled Dallas on the side of the head. He stayed there for a little while before jumped off over to Dallas’ house.

Jasper: Take me inside Dal Dal!

Dallas: Don’t you have somewhere to be Jasper?

Jasper: No, master said you are now caring for me!

Dallas: Don’t you have other people to stay with?

Jasper: No. Are we going to stand out here all night? (Scratches at the door)

Dallas: Fine, come in then but don’t touch anything.

Jasper: I cannot guarantee anything!

Dallas opened to door and let Jasper in to his home. Jasper bounced around, looking at everything. Dallas closed the door and locked it. Jasper jumped onto a couch.

Jasper: You’re house is big! Can’t remember how big mind was, I had many homes back then. Oh once I lived in a castle!

Dallas: I bet you did.

Jasper: No I did! I used to be a king. On my planet, Althra.

Dallas: Are you an Althrian then?

Jasper: No, those are flower kind. I am a Klimatjie, part of the Minija species. I am from Sparthia; that is the old Kingdom. I am probably one of the last pure blooded Sparthians left.

Dallas: Okay then Jasp.

Abel: How long is he going to be here? I am tired of him already.

Jasper: No offense Dallas, but you Bakugan is such a dick to me.

Dallas: I know. Abel this isn’t the time to be complaining. Why did pops leave me alone with him?

Jasper: You are not alone. You have me, Abel and Mungallchops to protect you.

Jasper climbed over the couch and rolled off the top till he was standing again. He went into the kitchen. Dallas followed him.

Dallas: I guess you want food?

Jasper: Yup. I haven’t eaten since we were on New Vestroia. Dallas, you know we only known each other for a few days now.

Dallas: Yes and now you have moved into my home.

Jasper: Want to make an oath?

Dallas: An oath? What for? (Making something for Jasper)

Jasper: Seals the bond we have now as brothers. We are now kin.

Dallas: Is that something they do on Sparthia?

Jasper: It’s a Minija thing.

Dallas: I am confused on what you are Jasper.

Jasper: I am a Klimatjie, under the Minija order. I am from the Kingdom known as Sparthia, which is one the planet called Althra.

Dallas: This means you are an alien.

Jasper: Back on New Vestroia we were all Aliens.

Abel: Not me.

Dallas: This seems like something my father would be interested in hearing. He likes weird stuff. Sometimes I think he is not even from this planet. Like he is an alien from some far of planet

Jasper: Well that’s because he is older than you. He knows more than you do Dallas. You are an Alien too, you are a Bakugan. But I don’t think you origins are from New Vestroia. I think you were born somewhere else.

Dallas looked at Jasper. He walked over and presented Jasper some food. Jasper smiled at him, but it was a little different than his usually smiles. Dallas didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

Dallas: What is this oath?

Jasper: My kind like in a tribe, we are all considered family even though we may have no blood ties. When we lose our tribe, we look to join another one. Klimatjies are the most clingiest of the Minijas.

Dallas: Crap.

Jasper: Yes, that why I need to have physical contact with another. We form long lasting bonds.

Dallas: Like friendship?

Jasper: Yes but the definition of friendship is different on our two different worlds.

Dallas: So it is like a friendship promise or something.

Jasper: Yes, I guess? It’s used when Minijas join or form a new tribe. We make an oath to look out for one another and live as a family. You are my family now.

Dallas: I see… What is the oath.

Jasper reached into his pocket, inside his jacket, and pulled the card he has used on Vito.

Jasper: I give you something I have that is important and you give me something that is important to you. Something that helped you survive your journey. It signifies that fact that we don’t need them anymore now they we have each other and we give other the thing that protected us. I give this card, it protected me from Vito.

Dallas: He is DIO now. Well I can’t give you Abel.

Abel: What?! 0_0

Mungallchops giggled.

Jasper: It doesn’t have to be anything you used during our adventures with each other. It can be anything.

Dallas: Hmm, what do I have then? Oh I have this book!

Jasper: Aniju gave that to you. You are going to need that. If you have nothing that protected you, then you just give them something important to you.

Dallas: Okay, oh! How about my necklace?

Jasper: Your necklace? Okay that could work.

Dallas: Okay, keep it safe though. (Takes it off)

Jasper: Okay, I will. Now give me your hand.

Dallas: What, no! Fine. (Hands Jasper’s hand)

Jasper took Dallas’ hand with the pendant and the card in the same hand. Jasper said something in a language that Dallas didn’t know, which he assumed was the oath.

Jasper: We both are supposed to say the oath together but I figure you can’t speak my language.

Dallas: Yeah, didn’t know you spoke two. Can you translate?

Jasper: We are many tribes, we are family, we are kin.

Dallas: Okay, that sounds good.

Jasper and Dallas: We are many tribes, we are family, we are kin.

Jasper traded his card for Dallas’ necklace in their hand. Then he shook up then down and let go. Dallas took the card title Anemic.

Jasper: There we are kin now.

Dallas: You live in tribes. Are we a tribe now?

Jasper: Yup. We need to think of a name.

Dallas: What was the name of your tribe?

Jasper: The first tribe I was born in was called the JaXX.

Dallas: Oh I see… That’s a cool name.

Jasper: The name is everything. You want more people to join. Master Aniju is in the Ivory Tribe. I suppose I am too, since she adopted me into her clan. Oh Dallas that makes you part of the Ivory too.

Dallas: I am? What is the Ivory?

Jasper: Used to be a monster team, led by my master. Now they are free and she still leads this group. It is very big, you wouldn’t believe how big. Lots of powerful people are in it. Like Dante, her boyfriend. He’s the dominant male. Oh and Dan is too.

Dallas: Dan Kuso?

Jasper: Yes him to and Shun, and Marucho, and Runo and all of them. :P

Dallas: Will I get to meet them?

Jasper: You already met Dan, remember? There are so many people Dal Dal. So many awesome people. This means you are awesome too. People from all over the multiverse are in it!

Dallas: How many planets are there?

Jasper: A crap load! But for now you have me.

Jasper leaned over against Dallas’ shoulder. Dallas started to move away but stop and sat there. He grunted at Abel who was going to say something. Abel stayed quiet.

Jasper: Okay Dal Dal. Where is your room?

Dallas: It’s over there. (Realizing he just told Jasper where he slept)

Jasper jumped up, pulled Dallas with him. He headed for Dallas’s room.

Dallas: Jasper, wait I need to show you where you will be staying.

Jasper: I know where I am staying. I am staying with you. Kin sleep together, in the same bed. We call it a nest. All the blankets and pillows are gathered in one spot in the kluqua… er… houses. And the whole family sleeps there all curled up together.

Dallas: My father wouldn’t like that. What is he comes home and see us.

Jasper: Tell him I didn’t want to be alone. You won’t be lying. Don’t worry Dallas. I won’t do anything to you, that will hurt. Well maybe a little. (Jasper laughed)

Dallas: Jasper no.

Jasper: Your room is…

Jasper left Dallas at the door. He went over to the bed and just killed over.

Jasper: Comfy …. Come into the bed with me Dal Dal.

Dallas: No…

Jasper: You popsie did want you to be alone. He left you with me so he must trust me. So should you.

Dallas: He doesn’t know what you are like yet.

Jasper: We are kin now. You don’t have to worry. I am too tired. Remember what I did for ya? I absorbed all the Darkus power from Vito DIO. I am tired.

Dallas: I guess that is tiring.

Dallas walked over to the den where Jasper laid. Jasper moved over and curled up under the blanket. Dallas stood there for a while and Abel told him not to do it, but he did anyways. Dallas laid down too tired to argue anymore. Jasper snuggled up to Dallas, resting his head on his shoulder. Jasper was extremely warm compared to the outside world beyond the covers. Jasper fell asleep almost instantly while Dallas stayed awake. He leaned over and picked up that book that he was given by the bloody master of Jasper. He opened the book.

Chapter 3: Breakfast TimeEdit

The following morning, Dallas woke up to see his dad still missing.

Dallas: Pop?

Dallas called out to his father but got no answer. That was until he heard footsteps on the roof.

Dallas: Pop...

There he is, Professor Kunagiri. He is standing confidently on top of a broken windvane. In place of the rooster (or a phoenix in the case of the Machina Manor) is the professor's antennae hair waving along the direction of the winds.

Kunagiri: What is it, Professor Basil?

Basil: (on the phone) We found a green phoenix Bakugan in the woodlands of Wardington. We suspect that you might know it.

Kunagiri: A green phoenix?!

Basil: Yes, apparently it's a Ventus Bakugan. It has slender yellow eyes and appears to be harmless.

Kunagiri: It must be...

Dallas climbed up to the roof and yelled out

Dallas: What on Earth are you doing up there pop?!

Kunagiri: Just a moment, professor.

Dallas: What now?

Kunagiri: Can't you see I'm on the phone, Dallas?

Dallas: Why go up there?

Kunagiri: Phone reception. They get crappy everyday.

Dallas: But pop!

Kunagiri: I gotta go, professor.

Kunagiri switches off his phone and goes down to the roof and dragged Dallas further down.

Dallas: Oww pop!

Kunagiri: Breakfast time.

Dallas: But pop, Jasper is still here.

Kunagiri: ....

Dallas: Pop!

Kunagiri: I said it's breakfast!

Jasper crawled out of the bed and opened the window. He looked around trying to figure out where was the best play to sunbath. Jasper could hear Professor Kunagiri talking to someone but didn’t pay much attention. Jasper crawled out of the window up and on to a tree. At the top he stood up and let the sun hit him. Jasper looked down and made a muffled humming sound but no one was around to respond.

Jasper: Mr. Sun is awake now too!

Mr. Sun: Hi Jasper! Hug Me!

Jasper: Okay Mr. Sun is scary.

There was the sound of a portal opening behind Jasper. Aniju jumped out looking better than the night before but she was covered in scars and dry blood.

Aniju: Jasp Jasp!

Jasper: Ani Ani!

Aniju: That sounds weird...

Jasper: Can’t really do it with your name. Sorry my dear.

Aniju: Yeah well, anyways.

Jasper: What are you doing here?

Aniju: I came to see if they have thrown you out already.

Jasper: No, Dallas so far has been kind to me. His Bakugan is shit and his parent is always vanishing.

Aniju: Crap, I had hoped to leave you with a more stable family. You need to go back to the mind set you had before.

Jasper: I can’t go back. Not after I lost everything.

Aniju: But now you have something. Lots of something and someones. You can’t be all blood thirsty anymore and protect them.

Jasper: I will try. However I am not the innocent ignorant helpless pup I was back then. I have seen the worse the world can dish out. There are bad people who do bad things to people out there.

Aniju: I know I have ran into many of those.

Jasper: Are you sure you don’t need my help? You sure do look it.

Aniju: No Jasper. I can’t risk you. I don’t want to undo all the hard work I put into you.

Jasper: This family is the closest thing I have to my old family.

Aniju: Jasper you still do have a family. You have me and Dante and Davey, and Slasho and Coop Coop. All of Ivory is your family.

Jasper: I know Ani Ani… But… I hardly know everyone in Ivory. It’s so big…

Aniju: Yeah there is a lot.

Jasper: Then why are you in a war with only 13 people?

Aniju: When I am battling against over 100 people? Numbers don’t win wars, skill wins wars. Strange my enemies keep recruiting. I haven’t lost a signal comrade yet.

Jasper: You are a good leader master.

Aniju: No I don’t think a good leader would brag friends into a war that does not concern them

Jasper: But you have good friends how are willing to battle alongside you for what you believe in.

Aniju: Let’s hope he’s the same way. (Points up to Dallas and Kunagiri on the roof)

Jasper: Oh hopes so. Look he gave me his necklace.

Aniju: I see you are making new memories with your new friends.

Jasper: Oh can I ask something of you?

Aniju: Alright.

Jasper: Can I barrow your camera?

Aniju: Alright, no point in taking pictures of war. I want to leave no memories that these bastards ever existed.

Aniju reached into the hole in her chest and pulled out her camera. She swiped it on the clean part of her clothes to get the blood off before handing it over to Jasper. He took the camera and slipped it into her pocket. He smiled.

Aniju: Well I got to get back to Gundalia. Barodius is finally manning up and being a leader.

Jasper: Oh what happen to make him turn to the light?

Aniju: He witness the fall of Gundalia first hand.

Jasper didn’t smile but he nodded. He understood what it was like to lose a home and everything he once knew and loved. He bid Aniju a goodbye and she opened a wormhole.

Aniju: Be a good little Klimatjie for me.

Aniju disappeared inside as the edges faded away closing the hole. Jasper heard Dallas’s father yelling about breakfast. Jasper slipped back inside where he eyed all the bird Bakugan. By the time Dallas and Kunagiri arrived back inside, Jasper was sitting on the floor surrounded by Ninja Bird Brigade. He was teaching them how to play Bob Stones, but in this case who to use Bakugan instead of rocks.

Jasper: I put my hands like this, and you try and guess what attributes I have under my hands. Guess one or two Bakugan.

Abel: This seems rather hard.

Spinzaku: I guess two Bakugan. And Haos and Darkus!

Jasper lifted his hands to reveal Noah and Fenix. Spinzaku started jumping up and down because he had gotten it right on his first try. Abel grumbled.

Spinzaku: I won! I won!

Abel: Lucky guess.

Spinzaku: Awe, don’t be mad because you suck at this game.

Kunagiri took his labcoat and wore it. Then he hurriedly went out and bid everyone...

Kunagiri: I'm off to see Professor Basil. Be good while I'm gone.

Dallas: Alright pop.

Kunagiri walked a few steps to the porchyard and suddenly bumped into a pink-haired young lady. She dropped her glasses and Kunagiri picked it up for her.

Lysie: I'm so sorry, professor.

Kunagiri: That's okay. Listen, I have to go. You take care of Dallas for me.

Lysie: My pleasure, sir. ^_^

As Lysie walked towards the entrance of the manor; Kunagiri looks back one last time before vanishing in the next gust of wind. Outside the gates of the manor is Mizuhiro, Lysie's older brother whose dressed in a butler's attire because he works in a cosplay cafe.

Mizuhiro: Seriously! Some eyesight that professor has.

...and back inside the manor...

Lysie: DALL!! X3

Dallas: Lysie!

Lysie: Hey, how's it going?

Dallas: Nothing much really.

Lysie: I really miss you Dall. You've been gone from school for an entire week.

Dallas: In this form, I don't think I can still go to school.

Lysie: Eh?! Why not?

Dallas: It will be hard to explain the changes that happened to me.

Lysie: Aww. That's too bad. I'll just teach you here then.

Dallas: Oh. I feel like a VIP.

Lysie: Say, where's your mother?

Dallas: Mom? Well she....

Lysie: Is she working?

Dallas: She left pop a few months ago because they quarelled over my safety.

Lysie: That's so sad.

Dallas: I hope pop gets her back.

Lysie: Anyways, while both your mom and dad are gone; I'll be here to cook your meals and teach you the stuff at school.

Dallas: You're here...but I kinda miss everyone else.

Lysie: Don't worry, they're fine. Although Mr. Clay is worried about what happened to you.

Dallas: That creep. I wonder if he's still giving people an "F" on Vestal Technology 101.

Lysie: He probably does but he misses you.

Dallas: Fine. I'll drop by school one day.

Lysie: That's great! Now what would you like to do?

Dallas: Well I...

Something hit Dallas in the head. It was his father's Bakugan Spinzaku. The little bird made a crow sound and smiled at him. Dallas picked him up. Jasper pocked his head over some furniture.

Jasper: Thanks for introducing me Dal Dal!

Dallas: Oh forgot about you.

Jasper: You suck Dallas.

Lysie: Who is this?

Dallas: Oh that’s just Jasper.

Lysie: Hello Jasper!

Jasper: Hello whoever the Hell you are! (Waving!)

Dallas: This is Lysie. We used to go to school together.

Jasper: School? What’s school?

Lysie: It’s a place where you go to learn things.

Dallas: Have you ever been to school Jasper?

Jasper: No, the tribe teaches pups.

Lysie: Huh?

Dallas: It’s complicated. Jasper lives here for now.

Lysie: Oh your father adopted agian?

Dallas: He was kind of forced upon us.

Jasper: Your father is a weird parent. He’s always leaving you... alot...

Dallas: He’s complicated.

Jasper: Everything is complicated with your family.

Dallas: Yes it would seem...

Jasper: Hey your father said its breakfast, which I am assuming he meant breakfast time, but he left before we even had breakfast. What’s up with that?

Dallas: Oh he’s busy.

Lysie: I’ll make both of you something to eat then!

Jasper: Finally, someone who is productive!

Chapter 4:Edit

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