Bakugan: Dimension Attackers is a video game based on Bakugan: Battle Dimensions. Like past Bakugan video games, it does not follow the plot of the anime.




New FeaturesEdit


Just like in the anime, the player is able to collect BakuTech for use in brawls.

List of Obtainable BakuTechEdit

Leveling Up BakuganEdit

Bakugan level up in this game using what is known as the Status Grid. By collecting EXP via winning brawls, players can use them to purchase stat boosts, equipment expansions, and abilities on a circular chart. The skills a Bakugan learns affects its ability to learn other skills and opens new paths on the chart — unlocking Gale Asunder for Ventus Van Falco, for example, opens a skill path that leads to Vortex Explosion and other more powerful abilities. One chart exists on the Status Grid for every one of a Bakugan's stats, and only one chart can be completed at a time. This is done to ensure the fact that a Bakugan is not over-powered early on in the game. The Status Grid is expanded after meeting certain requirements, and players are lastly able to transfer or exchange EXP between charts, but at the price of losing a previously unlocked upgrade (EXP used to unlock a stat boost on the Velocity Chart can instead be used to unlock an HP boost on the Defensive Chart). Players are able to regain these lost upgrades, but for double the previous amount of EXP.

Multi-player FeaturesEdit

List of Playable BakuganEdit

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