Bakugan: Destroa is a fanfiction based on some completely new Brawlers. You might recognize one character, he was in an actual episode once. This has an alternate ending, however.

Main Characters:Edit

  • Mathew E.- The hero of the story. He is a Sub Zero Brawler.
  • Polaruss: Mathew's guardian Bakugan.
  • Shadow Polaruss: The copy of Polaruss given to Mathew after an encounter with the Sub Zero Legendary Soldier, Elementoid.
  • Jason G.- Mathew's best friend. He is a Toxiss Brawler.
  • Darkonoid- Jason's guardian Bakugan.
  • Marucho II- The illusionary Marucho after Polaruss made him human(he still looks and acts the same, though). He is an Aquos Brawler.
  • Seige- Marucho II's guardian Bakugan.
  • Nevan Nupold- A laid-back dropout from a faraway village. He is a Darkus Brawler.
  • Soularoid- Nevan's guardian Bakugan.
  • Katherine- A teenage girl that appears later in the story after Tayghen's upper half was severed from the lower half. She becomes a Pyrus Brawler later.
  • Wayne- A mysterious young man who appears later in the story. He is a Ventus Brawler.


  • Xenon- A Sub Zero Bakugan
  • Doctor X- Xenon's Lackey. He is a Sub Zero Brawler.


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