Okay, I just finished reading The Lightning Thief. (Did you know that George Washington was a son of Athena?). Anyway, I got an idea for a new fanfic about brawlers who are demigods, (and minor gods, too), so here it is. I will make some pages for the characters. This is Eevee's fanfic, just so ya know. :) The thing signed me out, and I didn't realize that until now.


From first look, Diantha Hunter looks like an ordinary human, but if you were to hang out with her at her apartment you would know the truth: she's a goddess who lives in the mortal world to judge the mortal people's choices, and defend them from pure evil. However, she is summoned to Mt. Olympus after the roman gods attack Bayview, and hold Dianthe's half-brother, the "Dragonoid who doesn't act like Aphrodite's son", captive, and she heads to the roman palace, along with her god-like friends, to rescue him. On the way, she comes across many roman characters, both good and bad, as she takes the roman gods down!

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