"Bakugan: Darkness Rising" Is A FanFic Created By "Skawo1" So This Is The Next Part To "Bakugan The Medipan Tribe" After The Confront With Prime. The Medipans (Meh-De-Pin) Get a Terrible Curse And They Grow Dark Powers that controls them. Now Dan And Co. Must Solve And Break This Curse Before Darkness Takes Over Every Of the medipans.


  • As Darkness Controls The Medipans The Zukians plans Are going perfectly but the thing is they didnt do this Someone else did. Now Dan And the others are working on defeating the zukians and breaking this curse.


Dan Kuso: Leader Of The Brawlers. He Loves To Brawl And Does Whatever It Takes To Win.

Bakugan: Pyrus Titan Dragonoid

Info: After drago evolved he became more stronger and has no problems with his new powers

Marucho Marakura: Creator Of Interspace, The Brains of the brawlers.

Bakugan: Aquos Swift Onaron

Info: onaron evolved. it now has many tactics to slice and dice to defeat its opponents.

Shun Kazami: Dans Childhood Friend, A Ninja Of the brawlers.

Bakugan: Ventus Sky Swian

Info: Now that swian evolved its wings have more strength and it has extremly fast speed to outrun its opponent.

Ken Issun: A Medipan. And a new subterra brawler

Bakugan: Smash Rumplexx

info: It has more strength and can cause double the power earthquakes

Skawo Acron: A New Darkus Brawler

Bakugan: Darkus Doom Phanzor

Info: With more dark power it has amazing power to wipe out its opponent.

Aeon: A New Haos Brawler

Bakugan: Glow Lightron

Info: It has more abilitys to stop its Opponents Tracks


1. Another Mission

2. Chaos Power

3. Dawn Of Evil

4. Spooky Forest

5. Relic Mountain

6. The Cliffs Of Relic MT.

7. Under The Mask...

8. Shadowreavers PT 1

9. ShadowReavers PT 2

10. Evil Revealed

11. Code Eves Secret

12. The Power Of One

13. The Medipans And Mag Mel

14. Unleashed

15. The Spiderweb

Known BakuganEdit

Known Medipan/Zukian MechtoganEdit


  • Onaron Has A Simularity To Taylean.

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