The town was burning. Humans were running away from the inferno, pokemon and bakugan were trying to put out the blaze, but it was not working. Women were getting dragged away in hideous clothes and chains, and horses were running for their lives while greek men threw their spears at them. People were trying to run, screaming as they were trapped like insects and killed, and I swear I heard someone whisper, "Cassandra," and guess what? he said my name wrong. It's pronounced Cassondra, not the way I'd assume you'd pronounce it, Cassandra. He did it again, as someone grabs my hand, and I turn over.

"CASSANDRA!" It was my master, who was shaking me. I perked my espeon ears, and I slowly open my eyes. "It's pronounced Cassondra. I like it that way, it's prettier." my master laughed. "That's the wrong pronounciation, Eevee. It's Cassandra, like in sand." "Cassandra, like in on." I yawned. "Is it breakfast time yet? I'm really hungry." "Um, yeah, Cassandra." It turned into a playful argument, until we got into the hallway, when I asked, "Master? Can I tell you something? It depends on the future of Bakugan city, even though you might not believe me." "I'm listening." He stares at me with his reptalian green eyes squinting. I make full eye contact with him, which I rarely do with anyone, and I spoke in a clear voice, "I had a vision of the future. The greek army will invade and destroy bakugan city. Men will be killed, women will be slaves, children will be kidnapped, horses will be captured, and everyone else...." Then, there was a long silence. Finally, my master sighed and said something that I would least expect. "I believe you. I had that same vision. I've had that ability for a couple of years."

I nodded, but before I could say anything else, Runo came in and smiled. "It's breakfast time! Now, you're holding us up." We had no choice but to go, because Runo can get scary when she's mad. It's like the Queen Of Hearts, except she doesn't go, "Off with her head!", but it still scares the living daylights out of me, although, it's pretty funny when it happens to someone else. It's almost as funny as my chihuahua back in the US, Stormie-boy. He's so cute, it's hilarious! I got to the room and transformed back into a human. I have the ability to transform into an Eeveelution. As I sat down at the table as my friends greeted me. Theresa greeted me first. "Hey, Cassie-chan!" "Hey, Theresa-san! I replied, when Kayla Havennburg said, "Hey, Cass." "Hi, Kay-chan!" I waved. I turned toward Amanda. "Hey, Amanda-chan." She just put up her hand. I sat in between her and Kayla. After our Prayers, I put my hand in front of Mira's plate, and go, "Challenge!"

"Oh?" I put my hand on top of my other hand to show her what I meant, but Mira is a Vestal, so she doesn't understand hand games. She doesn't even what juiceboxes are, because they don't have juiceboxes on Vestal. Mira took my challenge, and put her hand on top of mine, but we quit after of minutes and she went back to talking to Spectra, her brother. Finally, I got up. "I have an announcement to make, and it's bad news for Bakugan city!" No one looks up. I stood up on my chair. "BAKUGAN CITY WILL BE DESTROYED BY ACHEAN FORCES!" The room was silenced for a moment. Then everyone, except my friends, my master, and his brawling partner, Dan Kuso, roared with laughter. I screamed in frustration, covering my ears.

"A piece of advice," Helios giggles. "DON'T BE SUCH A CASSANDRA!" I was boiling now. I shouted at top of my lungs, "IT'S PRONOUNCED CASSONDRA! NOT CASSANDRA! CASSONDRA!" And I jumped off my chair and pushed it in loudly, then walked out of the room in a rage.


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